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Copyrlckt 1MB, »T t>» rmk Qaetn PoblUbUt C»BfMr (Malt«a). 

Founded by 

NEW YORK, MAECH 3, 1906 

r VOLUME UV.-No. 2. 
I Prloa, 10 Cantt. 



Maboh 3- 

Miss CIipFr'5 

Aoecdotes, Personalities anil Comments, 


ST1GE FOLK and Some times OTHERS 


Another renlon of the mirjy stories told 
concerning the staff usually connected with 
•> place of amusement tn a small town, was 
related by an adrance agent of a company 
touring the middle West 

He had written to the local manager of 
a theatre In one of these towni that be 
bad only half an boar to attend to all mat- 
ter! connected with the one-night perform- 
ance In that place. The reason for the 
•hortneaa of time to apare waa that be waa 
obliged to make certain train connection! 
oot of the place In order to get to another 
point that game day. 

in view of tbla be aaked the manager, aa 
a apectal favor, to arrange to have the dif- 
ferent men necessary for him to tee. await 
the arrival of the train at the depot, and 
there transact bta buiinesa. 

On alighting from the train a man of the 
usual country town type, advanced to meet 
blm, at the aame time Inquiring If be were 
net the "ihow agent" 

"Tea," waa the reply, "I am, and I anp- 
poee yoo're the manager of the theatre." 

"Thftt'a me." acquiesced the man. 

"Well, I aee yoo're on hand, according to 
my request, and I'm much obliged, for It will 
Mve me atopplng over night," said the agent 
"III go into the baggage room there and ar- 
range my business with the transfer man, 
then I'll aee the others." 

"Locked," tersely exdnlmed the manager, 
"an* I're got the key." 

"Where will I find hlmT" aaked the agent, 
and when Informed by tbe manager that he 
attended to transfer business, the traveler 
began to realise that be bad perhaps en- 
countered one of those men-of-many-calllngs, 
so often met by the adrance man. Then, 
looking around the depot platform, In quest 
of tbe others he had asked to meet blm 
there, and seeing no one except tbe mana- 
ger, he said : 

"Did you speak to the bill poster, the 
atage manager, tbe newspaper representa- 
tive P« 

"Fes, I told 'em all," Interrupted tbe man- 
ager, "an' they're all here on band." 

"Where}" asked the agent with a smile, 
now fully realising the situation. To which 
queatlon tbe man, with an answering smile, 

"I'm him 1" 

Among the quickest wltted of vaudeville 
teadllners Is Baritone J. A Id rich LIbbey. 
When be drops In at any of the haunts of 
those In bis Hoe of work, his confreres 
usually expect a new Joke, or an old one 
cleverly retold. When be makes what may 
seem an Innocent atatement those who 
know blm well seldom "bite" at It, for 
fear of "getting tbe laugh." 

A few days ago, during a little flurry of 
"tbe beautiful," he stepped Into Lletse's 
music store, and found a merry crowd of 
vaudeville performers discussing tbe acta 
and turns of some of their professional 

"Speaking of acta," exclaimed LIbbey, 
after listening to the others a few minutes, 
"I've a bully new act, called 'The Twelve 
Snowflakee.* " 

"Ah," said an Interested member of tbe 
group, "that's s great title — bow did tbe 
act goT 

"Great I" answered tbe big baritone, "that 
Is — until tbe sun came out" 

Barry Helms, tbe magician and Juggler 
of vaudeville fame, tells how be "got even" 
with ■ local peat during a depot wait at a 
amall junction place, where one of the lead- 
ing Industries consisted of ft "a!iell game," 
conducted by a one legged adventurer. 

Tbe company bad tbrea hours to "kill," 
and It took bat a small portion of that time 
to exhaust the local attractions, which son* 
slsted of two hotels, five saloons, a few 
stores and dwellings. 

Borne traveling men played the game with 
the one legged owner of tbe shells and the 
mystifying "pea," which Is tbe name ap- 
plied to the little rubber ball used In this 
Interesting pastime with the shells, They 
did It more to pass away tbe tedious time 
than with any hope of winning, and small 
amounts only were put up. Naturally most 
of this. went to the dealer, who In this way 
made enough to secure frugal living and an 
occasional drink, besides laying sway a trifle 
for future reference. 

The little group around the barrel, which 
strved nn table, was soon increased by Helms 
nnd his friends, some of whom contributed 
In the aggregate quite a nice addition to 
the wealth of tbe one legged proprietor of 
tbe gome. One of them was so very sure 
each time the shells were manipulated that 
after a abort time he found himself sepa- 
rated from something over Ave dollars. 
About this time Helms thought he would get 
In a little of bis own floe work and get back 
aomethlng for bli friend, so placing bis 
finger on one of tbe delusive shells, he said : 

"Bay, Mr. Operator, I'll bet you f 10 tbe 
pea la under tbla shell." 

"Put your money down on tbe barrel 
then," said tbe owner of It, and when tbe 
magician bad done so, the operator added : 
"Wby don't you mske It $10 more, w> long 
ss you're so sure.'* 

"Done I" said Helms, "that Is If you'll 
let me lift the shell myself." 

"That's easy," exclaimed the operator, cot. 
erlng the magician's "two tens" wltb a 
twenty dollar blU. 

Then, as Helms lifted the shell, disclosing 
lbs "pea," tbe owner of tbe game gave a 
great gasp and turned pale, for he himself 

had the little ball deftly "palmed" In his 
own band. Quickly realising that be bad 
been outwitted at bla own game, be con- 
cluded that discretion should be bis cue, so, 
without protest, he betook himself away 
from tbe vicinity, while Helms bsndtd to bis 
friend tbe amount be had lost 


Bert Hudson, tbe Jolly comedian, observed 
during his travels some odd notices tacked 
up In a little "oppery ball" In a small mining 
town. These warnings to audiences- were 
badly printed and poorly spelled out on cards 
of oil sixes snd aorta, A few samples are 
below appended : 

"Do not moor the pyana as It Is two 
costly to be ntflly shifted." 

"Penut leans an bogs keep out. If you 
mas eat penuts awaller the Holla" 

"N'otli. No intockaycated pearson In this 
Hall * Nobody allowed to stomp feet — Clap 
hsns lasted. No wlcello — no tobsca spltln 
no protein speaking 

"ht smokln over tbe pyana an nobody 
don't take any lean on it as Its pads for. 
Ther Is two match imokln round this music 
stand anyhow an all are warned to keep off 
it only the muslsboners. By order of tho 

One matinee day, Isst week, a young wo- 
man approached the box office of one of tbe 
theatres obviously wltb tbe usual Intention 
of buying tickets to the performance, but at 
tbe same time wlsbtrg to know where tbe 
prospective seats might be located. With 
tbla In mind, she asked of tbe treasurer: 

"What have you gotr 

"I've godt a very deaty bad cold I" re- 
plied tbe facetious treasurer 

Robert Hardonay, who has been "making- 
good" wltb "The Telephone Girl" Co., In 
tbe West, tells sn experience In a small 
town where the company broke a long jump. 

The dressing rooms numbered but three, 
Into which tbe company divided themselves, 
tbe male members being crowded Into one 
of them. Hardanay arrived late and found 
only one small lamp In the room, which 
gave Insufficient light to make up by. 

"Bay," exclaimed be, to tbe local "prop" 
man, " you'll bare to get me more tight than 

"Well, then," waa the man'a reply, "I'll 
her to git ye a lamp from over home, fer 
ther ain't no more here." 

Before be could return, the actor had 
"made up" In the half-darkneas, and had 
gone on In tbe first scene. With lamp In 
hand, and not knowing that the curtain 
had gone up, the man came on from the 
wings and aald : 

"Mister, here's yer lamp," then suddenly 
turning and aeelng tbe audience, be stood 
rooted to the spot until relieved of his em- 
barrassment by a youngster la tbe front 
row, who yelled : 

"Hello, Bill— goln* with the trouper* 

"Don't know ylt," he quickly responded, 
"they hain't ast me ylt" after which he 
rnded his impromptu scene by making a run 
toward the entrance and disappearing. 
a i > 

An Old Park Theatre Programme. 
[From the collection of A.I. Foitaie.) 

rait Night of MR. COOKE'S Performance. 

On Friday Evening, Dec 28th, 1810, 
Will be represented Sbekespcare's Tragedy of 


King Henry. hb. btanlet 

Prince of Wales miss dxlamater 

Duke of York hiss gssnasj 

Richard Mr. Geo. P. Cooke 

Buckingham. ica. xobebison 

Richmond we. aiupaos 

g°«°« KB- HOOO 

**«"*• .KB. HA1XAW 

Lord Mayor mr. dbat 

catceby hr. claddc 

Tressel. ub, mobbill 

Lieutenant un, thobnton 

Si* nI «r* MR. DOTLt 

SS9S li **■ M'BKBBT 

Rilsabetb jtrs. btaxxiy 

i-adv Anne una. kabos* 

Duchess of York hbs. hooo 

To WmcH Witt Bu Added thb Comic 

Opera or 



Fltsroy HB. CLATTD1 

Bsgatelle hb, Robertson 

J*" 00 * MR. 8MALLXI 

paroy. Utt , BEAT 

father Luke KB . dotlr 


Kathleen » . . . .iota, olduixoh 

Nights of Porformancea Next Week, 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. 

I is 
New Mlshler Theatre, Altoonm, Pa. 
The New Mlshler Theatre (I. C. Mlebler, 
manager) was opened Feb. IB, with Eleanor 
liobson and her company as the attraction. 
The opening caused the greatest enthusiasm 
among the tneatregolng people, and the 
bouse was sold out at sdvonced prices. 
The new theatre building Is devoted to the- 
atrical purposes only, there being no renting 
space. The exterior ox tbe building Is In 
French style and on classic lines. The front 
is of Indian limestone and ontl-vltreous red 
brick, laid In Flemish bond, classically deco- 
rated with ornamental terra cotta, tin eaves 
of tbe building having a handsome heavy 
ornamental cornice. Tne decoration has been 
richly and Judiciously applied, and the facade 
Impresses every one by Its beauty and dig- 
nity. The general architectural style may be 
claaaed aiXoula XV. In an observation of 
the front, generoas attention has been be- 
stowed upon tbe entrances to the bouse, 
which are notably spacious, there being 
twelve doors, glvlog an open space of at least 
thirty-flve feet for entrance to aod exit at 
the front of the theatre. This theatre stands 
alone on an open apace, wltb a ten-foot 
court Intervening on both sides of tbe build- 
ing, along with Its most accommodating front- 
age on Twelfth Avenue. The lobby Is thirty 
feet wide. It Is In elaborate French style 
of marble and mosaic decoration. The floor 
has been handsomely inlaid with mosaic. The 
celling of the lobby U fifteen feet high, and 
of remarkable classic ornamentation. Tbe 
main ticket offlce Is to the right of tbe lobby, 
with an emergency office for Important ad- 
vance sales directly opposite. The spacious 
lobby— airy and Inviting— leads directly to 
the auditorium with Its fine foyer and ample 
promenade. The dress circle and balcony are 
reached by twin staircases, rising from tbe 
foyer on both sides. The house Is so construct- 
ed In Its entirety tbat tt has been pronounced 

by department Inspectors as one of the safest 
and strongest public bulldlogs In their ex- 
amination. Extreme carefulness has always 
been eierclsed In tbe matter of Are protec- 
tion, the theatre being provided wltb a fire 
line of fourteen hose plugs, twenty-four Rex 
machines, and a Grlonell Glass Disc Auto- 
matic Sprinkler System. To provide this 
system, a six Inch water main has been run 
Into tbe building A steel asbeatos curtain 
rovers >he entire atage proscenium, bung by 
the Improved L. J. Couch method of such 
automatic construction of mechanism tbat 
If a fire should occur on the stage It would 
Instantly operate, and prevent any possi- 
bility of It reaching tbe auditorium. All 
tbe seats on the first floor and balconies are 
upholstered la greea Moroccollne, tbe carpets 
are all of electric red. and the draperies are 
of silk plash, wltb gold fringing. The entire 
decoration of the auditorium Is carried ont 
after tbe style of the Lonls XV period, and the 
body tone of the decoration Is of apple green. 
Tbe ornate front of the balconies, tbe boxes 
and tbe proscenium are In cream and Ivory, 
with architectural form and decorative detail 
wrought la gold. There are four boxes on 
tbe lower floor, with a capacity for eight 
persona each, and alx boxes on the dress 
circle floor, with a capacity of six each. Tbe 
drop curtain Is In admirable harmony wltb 
the decorative design of the house, repre- 
senting a scene entitled "The Reception of 
Marie Antoinette at Trianon." The seating 
capacity of the new theatre approximates 
nineteen hundred, and la divided Into orches- 
tra (the entire first floor}, dress circle (tbe 
entire second floor), and balcony (the entire 
upper floor). The stage of this bouse Is as 
nearly complete as the other portions, and la 
carefully supplied with conveniences for tbe 
actress and actor. The stage proper Is 42ft. 
deep, 84ft wide, and 70ft to the gridiron. 
It la absolutely clear, and will permit the 
handling of tbe largest productions. There 
are a series of twelve dressing rooms below 
the stage snd four above, all completely 
equipped with hot and cold water, and with 
two supernumerary rooms, similarly equipped. 
The toilet and ventilating arrangements are 
excellent throughout All the steam and 
ventilating plant, motor rooms, etc., are 
encased la stone wall, fireproof material 


No. 40. 
Our cartoon this week presents toMej 
and characters from "Gallops" now ramUng 
at the Garrlck Theatre, and Ethel Balry- 
more and company in "Alice SJc-by-the-FlR," 
and a scene from "Pantaloon" at the Cri- 
terion theatre, Vaudeville Is representee) by 
Therese Dorgeval, Paul Conchas, Harry At- 
kinson, Mr. snd Mrs. Gardner Crane Ind 
company, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Murphy And 
Mathews and Ashley, all from the bill at 
Keith's Union Square theatre. 
a i » 


The picture on our front page represents 
Alice Warren, a talented young actttss. 
Miss Warren has been a member of Lodll A. i 
Fhlllpps' Stock Co. for the post six jWrs, 

during which time she has become a fjeat 
favorite with tbe patrons of that plait of 
amusement, where she Is pronounced W be 
one of the most versatile actresses on tbe 

a 1 1 



W«.hln«1on._ At tbe New NatlooallW. 
H. Rspley, manager) this week Edna Hay, 
in "Tne Catch of tbe Season." Laat Week 
William Collier, la "On tbe Quiet," bad Hou 
business. Sam Bernard. In "Tbe Roltlcling 
Girl," March 5-10. , 

Columbia Thihbi (Lnckett 4 Differ, 
managers).— This week 'The Sbo-Qun." ULst 
week "Tbe Prince of Pllsen" bad eicelTlnt 
bouses "The Clansman" March 5-10. 

Biubco tseitu (L. Stoddard Taylor, 
manager).— Tbla week Bertha Kallch, , In 
'Mona Vanna." Last week w. H. ThompaOb. 
In "Tbe Bishop," bad fair business, Yit 
much less than be deserved. "Before Ad 
After" March 6-10. 

Acadbmt of Music (John W. Lyons, mlfa. 
ager).— This week "In Old Kentucky." Lilt 
week 'Tbe Boy Behind the Gun" packed tie 
house. "The Eye witness" March 6-10. 

Mariano THBiTEB (F. P. Sargeant, man". 
ger.— -Tbla week Flske O'Hara, In "Mr. Blar- 
ney In Ireland." Last week 'The Woman 111 
the Case" bad crowded houses. "The Choir 
Singer" March 6-10. 

CHiBi's THBiiBi (Mlaa B. Wlnnlfred Dt 
Witt, manager).— BUI tbla week: Harry Ed- 
son, Joseph Hart and Carrie De Mar, Keta 
Bansln Troupe, Mullen and Correlll, Jack 
.Norwortb, Stale? and Blrbeck, Milt Wood, 
and the vltegrapb. Capacity bouses all last 

Lyceum Taurai (Eugene Eernan, mana- 
ger. This week the London Gaiety Girls. 
Last week the Parisian Belles bad excellent 
bouses. Miner's Merry Burlesque March 6- 

■JSKSfti WMnlngton theatres bad 
kei l>'r'bdaj matinees, and all were 




Miss Carleton la hero shown In the lead- 
ing role of Cyclone, In "At Pike's Peak," In 
the cowboy costume, during the second act. 
An Incident occurred In GfoTersTltle, N. 7., 
which gave her a nickname, which Is likely 
to cling to her for some time. While she 
was playing Midge, the newsboy, tbe leading 
role- In 'The Child of tbe 81ums." she made 
her way to tbe entrance, waiting for her 
cue. One of the stage hands, much absorbed 
In the play, seemed to resent this, as be 
thought he had aa much right to see "the 
show as anyone else, and pushed her ont of 
tbe way. Her cue came, she went on tbe 
stage end played her scene. After she came 
off tbe stage band came to her and said : "I 
beg your pardon, Mies Easel, but I thought 
you were one of our stage boys, 'Pickles T' " 
and her nickname now Is "Pickles." Aside 
from these parts she Is also playing with 
great success, Alabama, the slave girl, In 
"The Slave Girl:" Nellie Mason, In ''The 
Belle of Richmond;" Sue Newson, In "SsnCy 
Bottom ;" Georgie Walton, the fisherman's 
daughter, in "The Fishermen's Daughter," 
and Zoe, In "The Octoroon." She Is now In 
her second sesson with tbe Myrkle-Hsrder 
Stock Co., of which Eugene J. Hall Is mana- 


Portland— At the Jefferson (Cahn 1 
?.?."!' m ' I1, ?! M ) Harvey * Gage Co., pre- 
5?,Hn*i. repertor7 ' » ttract ed good business 
during its engagement Feb. 19-24, except 22 

! ™ 'i.¥ r ' r i?'" w " the bollday attrac- 
'',°°'i wl ' h °>»tluee and night perforaianccs, 
E5E n , s & "PPredatlve and goocf sized bouses 
£■3 "^""S P, re!ent s "Strongbeart," 2H. 
27 Marcb'^ " StKt C °' ■ ' ook,M, 

Pobtlahd (James E. Moore, manager) — 
Murray and Lane and other vaudevllfe teat- 
ores ot merit enterta ned capacity houses 
nV 9 ' 2 H 4 ' BooUi *«* o< 26 Edward 
nin? .?, d 'ST"?.' Edmund Day and com 
and ? HI l he T^,r,? cay .>. Tr i u I ,e ' S^™ " 
Ma'reSerVt. 1 'cmL'"""- ""> B " Mn ** •">* 
t£.'I z Sfi ,! ,am « E. Moore, manager) — 

Denver. — At tbe Broadway (E. P. Me- 
Court, nianager), on the night of Feb. 19, 
the Denver Press Club gave Its annual show, 
before a well filled honae. Two burlesques, 
"The Troubles of a Lion Siller" and ''The 
Great Deform Convention," were given by 
tbe members of the club, under the direction, 
of Margaret Fealy and Will Chamberlain. 
Good music, written by Barry Wllber, a 
member of tbe club, waa a feature, Mrs. 
Otis Spencer, In song and character, got a 
grent hand. The proceeds of the entertain- 
ment will be used to entertain the Interna- 
tional League of Press Cluba In this city this 
Hummer. The management donated tbe 
bouse. Night of 22, Alfred Relsenauer 
pianist, assisted by Cavallo's Symphony Or- 
chestra, gave a cencert, to a good house. 
Dark next week. 

Obphecm (Martin Beck, general manager). 
—A good bill had line business last wees. 
BUI for week of 26: Marshall P. Wilder, 
Eight Allisons, Vernon Tronpe, Wynne Wins- 
low, Sullivan and Pasquelena, Murphy and 
Witlnrd, Henderson end Ross, and klnoarome. 

Taboo Grand (E. F. Mc Court, manager). 
— Paul GUmore, In "Captain Deboonlare," 
pleased good houses last week. Week of 26, 
''The Old Homestead ;" Primrose's Minstrels 

Bhpiwl (J. B. Clifford, manager). — W. B. 
Watson's Oriental Burle&quers had a good 

Cobtis (A. B, Petton, manager). — "Hooli- 
gan's Troubles" pleased good bouses tbe past 
week. Week of 25, "The Girl from Sweden ;" 
"Slaves of the Mines" follows. 

Cbtbtal (0. I. Adams, proprietor). — The 
following bill did good business week of 10: 
Richards, tbe Kldaers, Empire Comedy Co., 
Flora Wentwortb and Harold Kelly, Thelma 
Deverne, tbe Musical Reeds, and pictures. 

Novblti (Henry Lubelskf, proprietor). — 
Meeker Baker Trio, Four Gragdons. the Two 
Laurels, the FlBbers, Swor and Westbrook. 
Marr nnd Evans, Arthur Lane, Morgan and 
Crone, and Edison and Adelle pleased good 
houses week of 10. 

♦ i » 

Uariiiifftorj. — At the Strong Theatre 
(Cahn 4 Grant, managers) Ellsworth's Ober- 
ammergau, Feb. 18 (under tbe auspices of 
local Aerie Eagles), did well. Harks Bros.' 
No. 1 Co. opened a week's engagement 10. 
to a record breaking bouse. Cosgrove Stock 
Co. 26 and week. 

*. .? *-a™«eria Rust cana." was ev. 
ceptlonally well patronized during Its en- 
gagement 10-24, giving the best of sltJsfac- 

ZfflBiJN famous old Portland Theatre 

building has been purchased and will be dp 

fnWaSl'S f&? way t0 a ■*S2r5tag bank 
f,?h,™ ffl « buJldln ?. t0 be erected in the near 
f n ^ r \ Manager v ?ameB E - Moore, of the Port- 
and, hopes to be quartered by next seas^i 
Jn the magnlflelent new van/evlllf ttSSS 
to be erected for him by the Portland Ra? 
fm Bank trustees, on Preble etr«?. wllhin 
gJP*-*j M present location Tne exen 
vatlng for this building is already well ^ 
vanced. The theatre will have 7 a Salfne 
capacity of 2,000 and an addltlona? iffi 
proacb , from Brown street. A. b w«t 
ESt, t J eatre architect and designer of the 
Keith houses, was In town recently confer 
ring in rega rd to the new vaudev ilU ttsssS 


t ^ r n 0l H — , At tne Academy of Music (Ot- 

to Uella, local manager) "The Chanerones" 
gtve two performances Feb. 17, t o verVjood 
BuBlnes. *The Mayor of Tokio'' followed* iu 
Mr a good performance to fair returns 
n Sfr O . C0Unty Chairman" came for a two 
attSK eD ?°« e S ont ' opening 20 to a weft 
F&2S32* '•DockBtaders Minstrels" March 
3, Adelaide Thurston 5, Marie CahUl 7 "The 

nlng for Offlce" week of Feb 2« 

Acim— IWilkersoa & Hassle, managers) 
—People (or week of 38: Oscar SKS.. 
(alone). Wllte and Johion, ChtJ v In 
demon Abble SchoOeld, Babe Lau'i Milton" 
Frankfort, sod Molle^Abbott. Bnlitow™ 

p^w Drro " , . <,u <J ' t M - Buton, manager) — 
Bookings for week of 26: Johnson and 
■SS OrtCQ Sullivan, Three Rent" Clark 
and Graf, Elllnore and Hayes, Florence n»r 
S2; Tennr Walker, and Charlie Rent" )r 
° M , <" tbe strongest attractions for week 
XLnl wa! ^S l rl8h Mllllonarle," a bur 
&? Pnwnted by Johnson, Grant, and 

«."i„ Bu8taM ,"„ WM unusual j good! 
_ M«r niTm » fg A. Crlnnlan, manager) _ 
People for week of 26: Emma Wallace Edith 
Duquesne. May Kirk. Marie Bell, May "'pierce 
finf'v,, *"S MW All « Buft, The MsJ 
ford' 9 SZ% Adi "! Klrk ' Nellle "urn- 
KtS'Jin >. M *' Ll r'5S a 'ou. "Captsln Rec- 

March 1, Adelaide Thurston, 6, 'Toe Con- 
vict's Daug hter" 10, Mildred Ho lland 10 

rJr^ffiSS C'«T— At the Overholser 

So...}" 11 8 B i- ' •"' pleased Feb. 16 
•Shadows on The Hearth," 17, had good 
H23"" 3tjS Old Cross Rosa.." 8 l£ 
Pi e *S? d - ml Bs,I i Harum" 20, Tim Hurony 

US'V 1 " 1 !'" "• Indian Ternjle 

}£".'£. "'I ?° b . . ugllt toe cntlre '»»« House 
for this attraction, "Dora Thome" 24 

.""on (H. A. Carleton, manager) —Week 
hLl 2 ?? e " a » h « Great Bunker.Tnna Lonn 
and Frank Condan, and Good buslners was 

«i > 

Chjjslm FiOHUAit has arranged to have 

John Drew open the neit season of the Em- 

•St^aS*, N .^ . York ^ M " uae Adsms will 
follow hln In "Peter Pan." 


r,ir\ :~**t 

Why not double tflPjp': a 
the beauty of your V|i' H 
^_/hair? Double the MS-" 
[length, double the thickness, 1 
J double the richness! Hall's * 
I Vegetable Sicilian Hair Re- 
\ newer certainly makes hairff 
1 grow, sometimes to a most 
1 remarkable degree. And it 
I bring? back to gray hair all 
Ithe dark color of former 
lyears. Make your hair 
Ibeautiful, doubly beautiful 

/ For the whisker, and momUche we m.v r 1 
fa Dye known ss BUCKINOHAM'S DVK. 
^^ It colors Instantly a rich brown or a 
rtg^n*. softbltck. „ 

1% K.P.llALLdCo..Nuhu,,N.H /SrVvY 





;The Name It 
on every 

me It 




List Fiit to Mm Uj- 

Never Slips, Tesrs nor 


Slttpl. pair, Silk -Vic., Collon !3& 
hlAlled on receipt of price. 



CEO. FROST CO., leltn 

Boston, Mm., U.S. ». 



What fs ir that you aspire to In life? 

Health Is tlie lirst Ion. Rubber heels 
prncore more health to tbe sqtaaire luck than ->iiy- 
tlilng In evidence. That's a fact 1 — my teacier 
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I dislike to admit that rubber heels are a benefit, 
but I have to. Gome down to buslneM ami U* 
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Off wmOTEffilLY SKMS^i 

AAdfleafem* to corrup! H* abUeimn . £^3, breec w and winni ^ „ is fteM ,j. 
-~...„ w*»" » ••.■■•;«..- .- wl H> Hjea*™c needUs. 

oRenesamf Gfar>aeter>s from "Gallops* ai the (farPick rj?eafre . 

. Behvcrnlova And 'duty ." _. „ . „ 

Aecen* from * Amw I* *?/£# Criterion tfyeitre. 



Playing a* Cross Purposes 

"Alice Sil-By-T^e-Ffpe TV p«*ptexin£ question of pweirf&l &uH?0rity. 

&}lfye Criterion Theatre. 

.Paul Conchas 
Kiiier Wilhelms 
MIlitMy HerealM 


T^erese Dorgev&l 
"■ i_ «lebral-£d 

French Soprano. 

. presenting "A Yankee's Loye Fop Dixie . 


Pickings from Kex'fJps Programme . 

M*KI>«ws Mid Asbley -Comedians . 

Gardner Crane AC* 

Wand M«M*rk Murply fn'n/e&a) Slti)it" 



MaBOH 3 


Words By 







Music [.' 





U Rl 










Words and M01I3 by JACK NOBWOBTH. 




6th Ave. and 81st Street, New York. 


Cloaks, Suits, Waists, Millinery, Gloves and Muslin Underwear. 

OL«. n._l OtlfUision ol oor nsuss lk>n 
fitlOfl UfiDT. VasepSioM tor stag, and HM« 

Quanta orders, couplets Moess, c» to Eeio stjias 
Lowast Cask PrUta far Doslmka. rnm.u, 


Uedo from the Terr bast On, an nlaok enameled. 

cl&uj mads for procssstosnl r~ 

psrtments f~~ 

Comb and L_ 

doable action lock, with two soya, I 

Onr COLO cream, oxprssair prepared for ike The- 
atrical Profession, guaranteed to bo abeolatelT pars tad 
never booomo rancid ID aoj oUmato. Put op la pound 

o tne Terr Mit no, sn msor. enameled, apo 
o for protssuoisl taw, same > B*T wtta eon 
tor ansae Paints, Poilin, f% sen, 

LfffcSawSSs 39o. 

Sorsw Top Tin Cam at «»c.| iis'J pound at »fte, 

All null orders most be scoompsnlsd by mousy •**•*. 
None eent 0. 0. D. Omr Hew Th«*trles>l c* t*lcg «• 
sent free npoa rsqaeavt. 



in DM Erclmlre- 
Isbr fit Bart Risks. 
Wo osTt the largest 
tad Host Equipped 
Wo-ks la the World 

YOU CAN make money 


Ths lncrsBilng pop ul Brit r of Rell.r 
Skating bni op »n*d » larger Held than #ywt 
bsfers for tbli popnlar ftmniimiil, Cst 





cAL cn^L 

StNDFCR catalogue; . 


.aS.* Popular Prlesa 

Oatalogtt. Free. 


ISO Stmt. St., Ota an.. CHICAGO. 





I and llaelo.1 OompoelUono. We 
tag* .nd popal.rlee. Addreee 

Inonrnt siusio no. os, Ssoj 
|m hii kuu> sui csksit, m 


A. KRET6MAR, 418 K. 1MB SL, N. T. 







FILM ,~ J75 











OOH, with ELEO TBIO Bo sad Rheostat, "* 








SUN ..IVAL LIGHT 112.50 


AS NEW $9.00 

AS NEW 17.50 

FILM 4iCts.roo R T. 

Landers' Charge, 18S. Deer Hunt, 117. 
Procession, 169. Automobile Race, 204. 
Mysterious Knight, 151. Man the Life Boat, 
602. Sapto, 324. Bailors- Drill, 247, etc, 
etc, etc 




Rex • Star Stereopticon, $2I. B0 



Leap Frof. 60fL : Like Scene, IUI7, €3 ; 
Street Scene. Indls, 60; Blby Show, 178; 
Minlatore Itsll war, 76 ; Coasting In Norws/, 
120; Siod tlat Busj, 107; Elvlnj Lucy, 
05 ; Train with Fire Engines, 68 ; Baltimore 
Fire, 830, etc, etc. 




CONDENSERS Z$. $ I. ZA I. ««, 


, $5 Per Set 

S. H. SORB SETS, '" 





Iver Johnson 
Sifety Automatic 

Hammer, $5.00 
Hammerless, (6.00 

Extra leofth Barrels, 

SOC. per inch. 

Pesrl Stoclti, $i.»j extra. 

No Fear of 



Safety Automatic Revolver 

because the revolver hammer never touches the tirine pin. 
This safety principle, found only in the Iver Johnson Is due 
to the fact that the lever -which transmits the blow from the ham- 
mer to the firing pin is never in position to do so except when the 
trt'wr is pulled all the way back. AH hardware and 
sporting goods dealers sell Iver Johnson Revolvers 
and can verify these facts if they will. 
Send for aiutirattd booklet "Stois.^mailedfrtt vllh descriptive cafaiocm'. 
Iver Jobnsoo'i Ami is, Crete Works. 166 Rtrcr Slrtcl, Fttckbtrf, Man. 
New Yobi Or rics : 99 Oauiber. Street 
Faclfle Ooset Branch: 114-M 8t . San Francisco, CaL, Earopean Offlce: Plckbuben 4, Bamburg, Oermanj. 

mra n ave for sale ajtd lease 
Advanct, Prlvlligi, Baggaga, Stock, Mirry- 

Bo-'Round and Automobiti Care. 
60ft, loaf. Desirable for Show and Carnival Com- 
panies, aessonable terms. Write lor parrteulars. 
Ho. 1210 MonadQOCK Bnilding, Obioago, HI. 

IT fflli FIT FOB IT- 
SELF LV &ffl D1Y, 

It spina sugar Into oottaa 
candy, soy color or laTor, 

Agents Id all ■■iiasssa 

cone tries. 

he oonoi emir ei„ 

MWost sth St., New York. 


** BIG.SELLERS. : - ° 

CONTAIN SONpS-JC'.ES-p.wr^ES tip. 
75' per: 100,-^.62;! -;=J00,0. 

i-;y?L£S io^Noco.:;c:s- *r/:?zi=7 

vEHMA"i tiROS "'' •if!.'?- • i ■-:-.- . 

I Sllkollao TlRhti. 03.00; Worsted 
Itlatbta. 9a. ul); Cotton Tlchti. 
| $1.00; Silk Tlrjhto, from 03.05 up 
iHhlriB to matih nil tame price 
Isu tights; Pompa '46 cental 
I «rs Sl.OOj Elastic Supporter., 
I 91.00; Cloth Sapportort. 35 cents; 
rjsnd for catalosao and camples 
of tights free. Positively a, de- 
posit required. Satisfaction goaran- 
Medormoncy refunded. 8PICER-BR0S*, 
8fl Woodbine st, Brooiljn.N.T.ibpercL. 
■ grot. dUconnt on all ughta and Bblrta. 




For Parks, Sozruaor Resort* .to. 

HanUm Cap oo i ty, 26 tons. 

Eansiac 81 , 509 In six days. 

With propar oare will last 2fi m 







Morrison Show' Print : ,,; ; ,-i 


37 Kingston St., 
BOSTON, BAM., c. I. A. 


Silkelene Tights, 52,59. 

Worsted Tight*, 13.00. 

Cotton Tigbtt, JLOO. 

Equestrlsn Shirts same pries aa 
tights. Aspoolsl discount ot in 

S,r o«nu allowed on sll goods. 
Its ■ a trial, thst Is all « sat. 
Write for prloes on anrthmg 11 
Knit Oood. una. 1 — 
qolred on sll orders. 


famous Tloattlca: 





Sirred. PrtcssrK 
sonable. SpsoislDln- 

In- Boos, ftr Leal- 


•!!«loth»» - *" 1 ™" j 
-U roa .1H bare asotlmr mtkt. w. h.« I. far lg I 
a3MnJ.K.errthtns far bants, bar otalif »d a*- i 

rwan«Hoi.TPHa,co.. omaaBMa.ffllltalt J 






sr sad OXF0BD h OlEV, Canal and Adam. Races 
a» proration, frank Hrar, prop., cbjcaqo. 

piXACE IICTETli, 101 S. Clar* St., OnioagO. 
fioropean, t8 per veec: «ith private t.&tii. it. 
Bggg H. B. HOMJHBBY, Prop. 

prep-. 31 Fast Newton St , Franklin So,., cor. james 
St American plan. Conveniently located, nner- 
reiled tabic. Every modem convenience. 1 o'clock 
dinners, 7to$nperwk. Tcl.ailUTrentont. Qoick 
i onch connected. 


Lafayette Chambfii, 97 Hay ward PI. 
One minute from ail theatre*. Theatrical rates, 
as per reek and np, tingle; M and up, double. 

PRUDEIITIAX HOTEL, U and 48 Bank St., 
Kswark, N. J. H. A. GREENLAND, Prop. 

Knropean a nd Americ a n Flan. F lo e Boon*. 

The Mof-brau Houm 
107-109 S. Thirteenth ■(..Philadelphia. 

K.Plao. Rooms $1 per day up. Special rates lo 
u-e profession. Within walsaog: distance of all 
principal theatres. CHAfl. FRA, Manager. 

TRAFALGAR, 115 117, S.T.,nr. Keith's, 
load, of Music, ***■ 

Bkj Iltr-ll. B.1S, fl.I„Dr. HBHKK 

Acad, of Music, Dewey. Rooms 60c. 76c, $1, 
o tj week. W.D.HANyi PAN, Prop, 

vTsbash. '. Madison, CHICAGO, 
O. C. Yaagban, Prop. Strictly 
i American Plan. js-16 slngie; 
STO g'do'nMe. Vaudeville patronage Invited. 


HOTEL ST. DENIS, 139-138 West Market St., 
lod. Convenient to all theatres. 

Indianapolis, Ind, Convenient 
Bet; Llttie Hotel la Indianapolis. 

Acton 1 Rates. 

WABTTED-For the Band of the Sfith u. s. in- 
fantry, B-flat Bass, E-Hat Bass, Solo B-rat Clario- 
net, 2 first B-flat Clarionets, I Second B-dat Clari- 
onets, Piccolo and flute, Solo E-flat Alto, Solo 
Trombone. Sober and re'. able men, '-not mar- 
ried." Musicians will be promoted to non-com- 
rnlaslon.accordingiothelr ability. Band haaslx 
months' engagement at. union price, starting 
April l, until Sept. 30. 1OTJ. For further Informa- 
tion address Cesar Toraielln, Hand Master, 2fii & In- 
rantxy, Ft. Sam nouston. Teias. 


for sny instrument or nnmber of instruments 
Bongs, words and music, sketches, etc. Send stamp 
OHAfl. U LE WIS, ja RtchmondSt., Ola cin na tl, o 
FOR SAXB-One aoft. Flat Car, A No. 1 con- 
dition. Price (3&0, on tracks, In savannah, na. 
one Cross Cage, price $loo. Harness, Band Suits 
and Small Tents, Marque. Address , 
- fil'N BROTnER-S, savannah, da. 


tOopyrigbt), 8 different books, i«: All kinds acta. 
gORPHET'S SCHOOL, 837 N. lgth St., Phlla,. PS. 

quism taught. Trial lesson and full particulars 10c. 
PROr. LINCERMAX. 703 N. St.. Phlla., Ta. 

SHOW PRINTING ! All kinds of Dodgers. H«r- 
aids. Tickets and mil line of small work, quick and 
cheap. PR ESS SHOW PRI NTS RY.Johflflonburg, Pa. 


Films, Machines, Stereopticona. Cameras, Lenses, 
Song Bildes, new and second hand, bought, sold 
exchanged. Bargains. Studio for dim anni slide 
making, coloring. Special Flag and Fire Films 
expert repairing, free advice, long years' expe 
rlenoe, prompt dealings. Fberhard Schneider 
oerman-Am. Cine. A Film Co.. iob- K. 12th Sc.N.Y.C 


New muDflgement, new equipment throughout. 
American or Uuropcnn. limes to profession- 
;ii«, $1 per day and up. 

25,000 FT. OF MEW 

OUT OR DKAD JUNK. Motion Picture Sup- 
plies snd Constriiellon. LIST FOR STAMP. 
1M Thlrrl Ave., near E. 14th St., N. Y. 

Performers wanted at all times. 

DR B. TANNER, Marlon Wis. 

John Leuard. write ______^____„ 

FOR SALE— A money mnker novel ly, the 
Twentieth Century $100 Cmphnplione> -<>o 
KiHordK, 5ft. Horn, with hn*s and Rimre- drum 
effner, for $130: worth fclOO. Ad. II. LANO- 
IIpnST. M West Kinney St., KfWart, N. J. 

pecially nrrflnged for dnnem fir nkntlnj; rink. 
As tioodiiH uew. One humiivd Oollnrs. 

l(f»L-klan>l, Maine. 

i.aov MtiSIClANS Wanted for a Ladles' Or- 
chestra, plAylnif Concerts for Lecture Courses, a 
Strir.qy nigh Chutf Lyceum Attraction, opening 
about Oct I, 1900. Want Cornet Soloist, Plnlr, 
'Cello who can double. It possible. Write quick, 
as advance circular must be gotten out ai. once. 
Send on photo and notices, which will t»e re- 
i urned If I oan'l uae yon. Send lowest salsry per 
week. 1 pay expense* after Joining. Open In 
Penna. Address A. Lynn Shaw, 10 N. Second 8u, 
Ciearueld, penna. 

AT LIBERTY FOR V. T. C. Woman for 
Top>>y, woman for EH/a, Emoimr, Ophelia; Child 
ror Eva, Boy lor Harry. Specialties, experience, 
ability. Prefer car nhow. Can Join on wire. THE 
BBKOHRKS, S out h Lyonw, Mich. 

AVAnTfED— Partner, lady or gentleman, with 
1200 for dramatic sketch in vaudeville, new, novel 
and original. One who slugs snd dances preferred, 
and understands vaudeville business; wotud con- 
"■idgr clever amateur. Only those ineanice busl- 
nessneedanawer. Henry Bernard, den. Del., week 
of Feb: gt Mew Bedford, Mass. ;, Lyon, Mass . 


IN ThE MOBNINO. Recipe. 'J> fts Address 
0. BARLOW, 211 Monroe St., BrooHyn. N. V. 

KELLAtTS FLVINQ LAMP, Psdeatal, Nickel 
Plated Taoie and Lamp all complete. $20. Send 
stamp. Prof. Hoffmann, Highland and University 
Ave., Cln.,0. 

WANTED, Position as Valet by Young (Col.) 
Man; some experience, can inrntsn best ref. 
J«nnes M. Per ry, Zi>:> Comm&rco St.. Dallas, Texas. 

WANTED, to sign with Opera Co. for three; 
Coot, Waiter and Porter ff»r Spring season. Best 
ofwrflrsBcei. A.J. Clay, g^F.rvaySt.. Dallaa.Tex. 

WANTED— Baritone, for hand, to doable 
rtage or orchestra ; a cstowe l Buen Sinner, 
tbnf" enn cnkewHlk end good dancer. FOR 
KALE— Tent, 60, with n -JOfl. middle piece; 
Set of Tom Scenery, la oil ; Set of Tom 
Scenery, in water colors, for sale cheap. In 
una shape. w. G. DICKEY, 

Manager Terry's ITuclo Tom's CabJo. 
.Care of Midland Hotel, Omaha, Neb. 

WANTBD, For Minnehaha Falls Park Pavilion, 
Straight Musical Act. man and woman or two 
men. Those that have Moslcal Chimes, Musical 
Oiaises, Mandolin and Cottar, Xylophone and 
(trass. Three months' engagement. I furnish 
board. State a'l in letter, and whst salary yon 
waat. Harry B. Qroen, Mknager, Mluneliaha 
Falls Park Pavilion, MlnucapollB. Minn. 


Character Comedian, Gen. Bus Woman. Rep., 
one nlghteror Tom. strong ibeolsltlei. Wsnl- 
robs, experience and ability. Joint eng. only. KD 
and MARIS MACK, March 6 to 10, fit. Johns, Kan. 


All persons an cautioned igsisst in- 
closing money with letter* to as, 


Wo nre in receipt ol complain Is from 
many who ha™ lost money by scclina il 
throngh the mail, which Jemonstistas that 
that method ol making remittances 


If Postal Money Order, Owl or Dratt is 
sent and in stolen from the mail, a ditnlioatn 
can be obtained and there Mill he no loss ol 
money, bnt there will lie a loss of time, 
wbioh may he of iho utmost importance. 
We will trnaranteo nil poraona against Ion, in 
sending us remittances IP THE LETTERS 


_ ALBERT J. BORIE I M«n«tt;.r 

WANTKD, for 


Compptcnt Wild Wsrc I'eoplr, and nny n'-t 
siiIiiiMfl for otsrs nren:i : Vm» of Slrr-nslli, Jin 
J Hsu wieaflcfic, lluiinera, l(nmmr>r Throw- 
ers, [Jaipens Vaultara, Itoxem and AthlHefl 

of every description and every roiinirv ; 
Troupe nf Jnpniifso Tnmblfru, Arabian I'umf)- 
g* Oownajra, Itopcrs antl Kldcr«: n rtand 
of ipn I'Icrt»s, experi^nrwl, rossssetesu VVork- 
men; Agent, Programmer, Rnilroiid Con- 
tracior, nm Cum* Mnti, Itaan tlaniipr, man 
to put on and hnndlf si. in Shos-, Side simw 
Fea lures. All leghimiite prlvllegon m tot. 
stale plainly nil you nu and will do. and 
nnmo low.*!, salary, or don't wrlie. Drunk- 
ards, (lisorgnnlzers (INtnrl»orrs red lighted 
first offense. Positively not tlcDta ndvnmed. 

('apt. C. W. RlflKK, Pres., 
2Q2."i Walton Way, Augusta, fln. 




TRIAL STREET PAIR, to he held on Msrch 20, 20 
and 31. For fnrther particulars write 

L. A. PEARSO N, Cbr 'm. Com., West Mllion, O. 

Open Time, 

Powell, N«j>b»., 

For First Class Allniefl.iiiR — I, *_', :: Ni^lil. 

Stan<ls — for March, April nnd May. "r 
draw from, 2.00,(1. Sealint' csii., IMS. 
Address HMAlIN'AltD SPAT, Manager. 

Even thing that Wears Hair or Feathers 

This month special Angorn Kittens, HAM Im- 
ported ADilrca^berg Rallers, K-'-n: Tame Men 
«eys, }?; Poodle Pnp*. $r.r.O; Uesican Doable Yel- 
low Beads, fo/.o; Homer Pigeons, 7fte.palr. 

We Buy, Sell and Exchange. 


DAYTON BIRD STORE, jtjt 27, Dayton, Ohio. 

— »WssTM» 


Voungmanwho Is clever at. luiltatlng dif- 
ferent voices, animals and mechaniral 
sounds. Lonp engagemcnL to tight party. 
Photos returned. Address 
3S7 souih River St., mike* Barre, Pa. 


"Mother Loves You Just the Same" 

Is Positively the itrfatesl liM«'rl]il]ve 

ltallml hetnir siiuR on the. \iuerii-nu since. 

Words and Music in- I'UIIU IHUHNSiiN. 

Ol'KAX IIIIJj MI'SK* PIT!. 0(1., 

2124 Kill ton St.. Ilroolil.vtl, X. V. 



PARTNER WANTED. EDcrgetto joung man for 
manager and bookkeeper. Performer* and Musi- 
cians In all branches communicate. Experienced 
Agent, wrle quick. 

HARRY WARD, Box SB, Carthage. Mo. 


It's All in the Front. 

Our patent fronts gives front to your", businesH 
and gets you the money. Always ready. Easily 
handled. Saves you -.0 per cent. PITTSBURG 
SCENE PAINTING STCD10. Mtf 0442 Penn Ave., 
Pittstmrg, Pa Sce ne ry fo r everythi ng. 



Who can double any thing in braes, except drum. 

Long season ai Electric Park. Open May 1. 

0. K. HOFFMAN, Dijon Theatre, Montgom ery, Ala 

I old TRUNKS. Strong Trunks, Theatre j 
/Trunks. Bargains always. MYERS, su N. pjth ) 
I St., Plilladeiphla, Pa. 10 years here. Bays or ) 
( sells soy iiuantity, cash. Trunk and hag liard- 
* wars Koid 


Proprietor CaBklll-Mundy Carnival Company, 
plenae give CLIPPED your address, and Im- 
portant mall will be forwarded. 

Half Sheet Portraits 

Prom photo, t&.OO for first loo. Also Reproduced 
Crayon Portraits for the loMy. Samples to any 
address for loc. Address 



Who fatten organ; hIko linuo and Violin 
Player. St.ite salary nuti nil you do, 

RAY ROBINSON. Harriet. Vermont. 


also light low comedy parts. Middle aged man: 
Cft.aln. Can sing. r. H.— Will pay fare to the 
extent of 15. Address <i. Tl., Boje ltd, Togns, Me. 





Containing nittsirstlons from Original Drawing* 
by P. KJchards— 26 Fall Page Canoons, reprinted 
from THE NEW YORK CLIPPER, also Dramatic 
Chronology, Deaths In the Profession, Anecdotes 
and Matters of interest to Show People. Every 
CLIPPER reader should have a copy. For sale 
)>y all newsdealers. Cants per copy, or 
It wilt be sent, ponpaH, on receipt of price, by Urn 
pnbiiahers. Aodress 


47 W. Mth St., New \orI*. 





Union Etavator 



SI. 25 per do?. 

$2.00 per ta. 

Prompt Shipment. 

& Machine Co,, 



• IJSKltlO KVHS." Ureal So:. k lilt. 


CAN. 1 ' Song and Dnam, 


Marcb. tking aod Cliorai. 


flayed by Brooks' lunne Band. 

"nu; glorious high ball-' 

tirtnklDK Sons and Ohoma. 

CoplrH Free to Hie rrofe...loa. 




Reached best by the 

New Jersey 


Fast Time Koek Ballaat 

Sapcrb Pitting Swvlee 

O F» I U IVI | 

A lxtaltivo cnr« nf tlin ilnu'l a res- I 

tnntloit or liHiltli. I 

AUtrt\.tninDti'r>uiliii-tt^lh]rri'iiiditr|)hnloluit, i 
talth.itit j 1/icct'n tli'tf'Uilon from biiiJnoH. 
O i r rr- f.- r»- a i-i n r. if 1 1 :n t. - -,-t n .n .lbl h, 

We Offer a Free Trial ^ampla \ 

lditt»n anil rnrntullm writ wtthont unr 

Datable iunrk* Ooaj<l«ite iirttwiy. ■ 

Address. D. C. Cm US K*.rtlcrd Building j 

41 Union Squa.r* New York Cilv f 


Substantial, load, pore 
in tone, easy to tuns sod 

play. Photoi, references, 
catalogue, with fall in- 
formation Bow to 
Play OIsmsos ■aoosM- 
ruiiy, wUl be sent on re- 
eelptonoc. A.Brsaueisi, 
Olastophoas Mfg., 
m ftotbnah ATsnne, Brootlyn, H.t. 



0B ST0EABE, . . , 

He pain ana Altnauoa. Hade. 




Illg proditi: DtjititT- snd 
Agents, wrirc for whole- 
gale catalog or the latest Pozzies, Novo. lies and 
Pocket Trlclts. CN1VKRSAL HUPPI.Y CO., HI La 
Hallo at., Chicagt., m. Ratabtislied iw». 

WANTED, Med. Performers. 

Musl de sober, and change nlshtiy. .state lowest 
salary. COLUMBIA MRU CO.. 

Box 71, Klkwood, Iml. 


Song and Iiance Ponbrette, Chsrat:tera, Ktc. i p 

inallHOi*. Jniuon wire. 
TI IEATItlOAb, Horr., Sou th Lyon, Midi, 

fJIPIP MANY NB1V THICK a Hist csiinot 
JlAllll a >> ,r4 ,,Hd •'■KOffherc. *;io Uandoun' 

iiinuiw Actonly»7fio. Ono hnndredothsr 
Itargalns. loo«, Bargain Hfieei fot Hiantp. J. H. 

UAKTO, Tfii flu. Capitol Ave, In dlanapollVuJnd. 


(Jross Cage, Band Suits, Large and Small Tents. 
SUM UBOTUKRB, Savannah, Oa. 

Several floe Hotel Cars for rent; in line condition. 
Address MISS McMAHON, 

WeUlngton Uotel, Utileago. 


10(1 imatl and two large ones. 91 note or itampa. 
9. RKOKNAQKL. Sacbf. Munich I, Osrroany. 


0. HIIINMILXU, 118 W, 
20tb St., N. Y. Tbe up-to 
MAKKK. tieDd .tamp tor 
new Pgjw Ll.t. |li.t wit 

Dl AVC HEW «- 

I I II I a\ iloDkls am 

I Url I U app:icatloi 


■PIE Oatalogne of Plays and 

— sod amatonts, sent os 

A n n St. Hew Tort. 


Wild Wett canopy, clroua Be.te, polet, ntateji, tu 
Uaj free. PKARLVAN. Nnttn.llle. N. Y. 



ft WS*T Mtk .TBBBT, BBW TO Bit. 

PVAN FLEET, ■ - fr 


0L&IS B mas, 12 OIBTS PBB FT. 


Films and Projecting Kinetoscopes 

Exhibition Mudsl Klattoscape. $ 1 1 5.00. Universal Model Ktnetoscope, $75.00. 


Another Kdlaon lieaidllnar, 


No. I'.Stl'J. Code, VAI.COI'H. I.ngil. «TOn. < In.. A tlOitlO. 
MYSTKHIOISLV l| \ STklllOtK 111 flo IKll HI.Y IK Mllllnr«. 

bkai tikii.i.1 nntin-TitVTF.u. i'iiiirotiH<piiu'tu,y FKitr.rT. 




The Train Wreckers. 

No. ti'A-M. 4t.tif VVn.rtl.OttKU, l,»i»K!li M'.rt. ClLf.xA. ItfiBi 


Sequel to "TBB cbeat mil bobbeey; 

setirl tor I. nt nt catalog, audi llluairatsft Circulars. 


■Ail. OFF1UK and KACTORV, llllA«(lt, N. J. 

Chief). Oale., 30. W abaih Av«.B*. 

It.w York OAce, 3t talon Hqutr*. Cable Adilreii. aarlllan, Hew York. 


aCl.IIMC 1SBWM< TUK KINETOORAPB 00., .... <1 K. tilt SL, No* Y.rt. 

■Wl HHU. PhTER BAOIOA1.0PI, I««-ll« Hlaalon St., Baa rraaiil.oo,Ual. 


OltH;iV\l. l-'llmH nn. I OIUUINAI. |<'ln>- 
pruSf M;iga7.1iH-» iiii'l .Mih'hliiCM, w«* rcrutu- 
muiid : 



.Smoker PtssHt, Sinnll I tool, nboni nr.n fret, 
; n- Tor work intendnl, ?'jr,. All urlgtnnl. 

SPIlCIAT, BABlIAffT: An KiIIbuo Bs> 
•■hine, bnmd new, v. 1 1 1 ■ Tnkciip and nil At- 
inchmeiiiH, nnd I .it'll) tect fit line Klltn, for 
V 10, 

l-!o,tilp your nim-lilae with our "H[M l '-lfll" 
trri|iin n.l 1.1'iiKe.s for Million pli-lureM mtd 
Si ereopl irmis jH.fill pnrh. I'Im uuy nlnadurd 
m iv hi lie 

Edison's Train Wreckers 
is a Winner. 

Uuy the Illueriipira "MB. BIWT IN"— M'm 

a Kciviiini'r. 

I'alhe's "Till-: IiKSKUTIJlf' Is senNnlltinal. 

Pathes Passion Play is Perfect. 

We nre IchiIith in I'hllndelphln. We nwii 
Hie naly i:\4i.tsivr. Kinn*. thm's Iks 
ri'iiHnn,, unil our giinraiili'e 1m l"JKl. line. 

No rnlehponny nuMlinds nre lined to Irnp 
I lie miwitry-" ^vi-ryililng Im njieii mid sshhts 
Ixuird, lliai'K Hi' 1 rcu.Hini for mir plii'iuiirifiisl 

MACHINES AND FILMS WANTED iiii:v ami: hihih. 


338 Spruce Street, 


Clarionet and 

Boili High and low pitch. Well op la the bnsl- 
nefui. Will locatoor travel. I.ais nf tloniestcail 
Carnegie Baad. AtMrexs 

(i. I'CKKK, »ox mi, K. pjuahiirg. Pa. 




Two Managers, also Four Operators 
for loilBg Picture Show. 

New York snd vicinity. Most hsve good experl- 
eoee. 0]>eulog new locstloos evi-ry day. Also 
want Rdlson and Fmticfi Machines, Kiltnn, Opera 
Chain* la uoantlty, AH must lie good as now. 
Htaie fall particulars, salsry. price, etc. 

PI WUKKtt. car-' Of tJLIPI'KK. 


Through the Matrimonial Agency; 775, Tbe 
Guy Oecclrcra; 7uU, lllgliway Bobbery; 
Liu, How Jones Lost Ills Itoll ; ayO, The Ua- 
expectpd Wedding: 47:>, Kesuiivd by Hover: 
f.7-4, The Voutig Trnmpa; ;ifR), First Nluht 
Out; SCO, Ou a Vacation Trip; (180. The 
Blackmail tit's Daughter; HLTi, Fnn On a 
Farm: fXIO, Tlie Adventurous Automobile 
Trip, Btc, Ktc. li. Ili;i7, Maker of Htereop 
tlcona. an*j K 2»d Hi.. New York 



l.oailic r Man, I<eadltig Woman and Pull Acting Co,, 
stage director with sbort rut scripts, man with 
Moving Picture snd HI. Hong Machine. Pn r«r 
mote doing t|>erliifies. Pay your own. PhntA, 
lowest salarv, all flmt letter. Hoo/ers, thin is poi 
sob. Tickets'- No. M.C. IIAYDKN, Beardstown.lll. 





a no .nalce ynn .i Vnntnic. It von have a 
SONt.oi IKMlKltcKin worllianythlits, 

,-0» nlioiild vti; ynulit II.'i lake 
■ii.u-.ri.'- wlieii yitn 1'itti "i-i'iiro oitr mtv 
lc«*«at small rosl. Hniilfor ntir SPfCIAL 
■Jffm 10 INV1M0HS bof..n>:i|i|.lyIii K for 
i:jihh,i'/wi///*« >■■.*. tlA^nltUlM M 
y.i.'riH .sr.tlHtf. VVt> udvlw if |M1.-llU- 
bie or, TREK. We luroriNiraie 

■vuHMH 1 1 & VAN MATFR, 

<4ansQ«r* v 
I'onnetM* ,'uj-tfivni A ?*Umi BhksW H 

VAMnGTON, a. c 




Itucknway Flffirli ihln coming Ht-nmui, In thr 
iniiltcr of rlsliorK, will l»'at all |ir«vl"'M 
records 11irp<' to ntti'. Kvcrylhliig pohitn UiIh 
Way. N'*w Much of nli«uiiilni[il.-i. iu>w ferry Iluo 
mrtM Jiiniiil.-ii ltn,v. Mhorli'tiltig Hie dlflaiirii 
by one-lmlf; new I'le-lili: llva, urn/. Heal Hi- 
fiiulpincnt tin old roiidn, choiiii rnleH, etc., 
etc. The h. A. Tlioiuiison Kcciilc Ballvriiy Co., 
bunking oa iito itiuviIh or gumi Hprndnrs that 
ure surely going iintui to MiIh i-iuning ilrcnt 
Ori-nu Iti'Hort, la run Juiirl Ion with Oeorge *.'. 
'1 1 1 vim. Ij.w Hjn-ii i money InvUlily In irnns- 
forming Wurd Avemm, mm lln- Iloiili'vnnl 
lo 1 1 ii* Itiiord Walk. Into u voi-liiihb! Knlrv- 
land, a Midway I'lnlnin'e, n County Knlr. 
No ndntfiwlon term, 1'iv In nil. Tills com- 
puny wtiii hos u ihioiIkt nf spiiccH far rent 
for all kimlfl of privileges. N« jmrceutngtis 
lo iioy- Nlinjily ground mill — *lfi i>er fmnt 
foot, with discount, iicciirdlnu lo clrctiui- 
shiuces. IJImtqI hrrms. l<'or full piirtlciilnrit. 
uMi'ly at llir> brnin'ii onht* of ilm tiniiimnr, 
cnriier of Wsrd Avenue mid Hoard Wnik, 
ItorkiLWiiv lleni'ti. or m the innlu nillcn nf th» 
Km Mi-oiidwny, New York Clly. 


II.MIItl- IIMttON, Munnii.'i, 
rut svii.i.i:, i:\. 

Desirable Open Time In larch 
and April. 

No Itcpcrloiri! I'mnimuy mIiicc November. 





l.riri'A MrNKtl. Wi-rllii llnlnl, l.linn, rililo. 





TflltUrt, Hbll IT TCIIIIIK, I'tl HlllglC S:»Ci Illlt.V -Mill 

l-'lrsi I'uri l.ntlli's for iJnrh i *mir opcnlnkN 
Liidlcs for Hloirk wnnli'd nl all limes, 

JOK Mil, I. Kit, Prop, mid Mgr. 


Buys 4 Acre Chicken Farm. 

Kuitiil HI r.otM. Hmall hruiw mid bnrri, near 
I'ity. XI'Kl i-hhU, tiulimi'i; *I0 mnntlily. Oill 
!'7l l^'xtuif'ou Ave., 7 I hi HI, AIho .■vcjiIiik- 


Willi liir'i' iiiinilrcd dollarii, lo (ahe half In- 
terest In a vsudevllb* or n*|H>rtiilre show, 
under munis. I Ijhvo fwryllilug new — never 
Hi't hi*— mtd Uie finest tlmt money could liny. 
Address C. KOCKWELL, 

MontpeHor, Blackford Co., I ml Ions. 



For remainder at winter ssasoa and Summer, 
under unt, People In a» lines, who double In 
brasM: also Ladles and Children. Can use some 
good ipeclaltles. C. W. OOUCN A OKI). MILTI- 
MOKK. I'ntpH., Waupaca, Wis. 


f.on. K. t. with .iofi. 
Mid., <ill. H'.. iir.i-; 
cost tan). Also ii - 

rect. Ciirrerit l>ynimo amp i enpflciali; mai n 

for MovlDg Picture MachlDA, »T6. 

V. T, OILHON, U-w.'.go, II. V. 



Mabch 3. 

m«*k attd Soafi. 

has aw bad Minnie Harrloon. at keltk a 
Union Souaro, introduced another ope of 
tboae MM nre coon litt« of Hftf it > "in TU- ■ 
reft, entitle* ."Marlu' Day.". VUnte Jw 
Fbom If. WrrsUHK & Moss.— Fib* O'llara. i^o coaHdintcntediou; tli«, ;wg Ble-woJcDsa 
now Blaring Id "Mr. Blarney fropt Ireland; "(^d "By*. -Lkn J&*a" iMPM ."?■* 
Is flliclpc n W4jn.'«i trlrtfi HOiiif hits pub- Y «aj «)p*f fust Door. "Awkowier and 
Mm hv M. Wltionik ft Sons, fli-' medley -vlu I* Oolu' ''» D*» ^ e . n , "V,, 11 ?, 

r«mes Bound?" 1JW»J Arnold Blondi-ll. the 
-Inclne coined tonne, has tainted much com- 
ment with Hurry Van tlaWl novelty soup;. 
■"Making Kyrs." whlrli the ha* been "Inglng 
for nut would*. "On 1b«' Batiks of Hie 
Rhine wllli a Klolu" b another on* «f her 
his bit*, and Imm lu preparation lip wm «■ 
wine '-Movln' nay." The knlckeriwcker 
Umrtatta, with llohle'K Kukk«rl»M-ker Bur- 
losuiic C«.. lit oue of the clever**! mule ipiar- 
icttcH In the wheel ibis year. Tbe>y nave In 
the |mnt/ ah well ah Hip present. *-ored trr- 
mrudouslv with tlii* inanit *onjr hit. **"*" 
"fill the' Sun shines. Nellie" and "Making 
Hyea." mid will next Introduce the new 1*1* 
I nil. "Where ilia Morning Glories Twine 
Around the Door." The BiJiai UAM> Four 
are receiving favorable comment, and are 
taking umar encore* nlghlly wliU their now 
They arc singing Harry Von Tllxcrs 

mi hi.H.iiifnl l.illiulk: "U"lipn> Mir Mum- 

Ilg tills p«0- 
... Tlii' MOtf 
was arranged far Mr. O'lltira, by o*-ar Lurk- 
atone, mnslenl director »C tb" idnrw. and la 
composed «if "K* lie Kearney." "MaryCnnnry. 
"Nong*-T»at- Tita Ma Back In Ireland" awl 
• Norab-Flojnuom." "<m Die Rocky Bond to 
IMiblln" is Hie 1 1 tie of n ami;* which hills 
It. Kfibralni. in>ni|HiH.*r or "Hello. All Rlnht. 
<iod-by«," '•IiiJiiii Gal," eli\, ban written 
especially r«ir llnrucy Oltt— W. of the "A 
Hirer Hond In IMiblln" To. The WW M an- 
by rbi«jf|jp.r Bwrtrw Tin* pmr *»unjr. whiclt 
beam pnu'lli'iilly the MUM title U ibe pliiy. 
l>ronilKe0 d> climb tvltli It to itopularlty. It 
watr flVrtlred from Mr. r.phrnlui'tt nmnii and 
liii'Tui '7.zn of tb« winie name. The Docmada 
are ainulne "I J.(/vo Ton AH the Time" and 
"The Prettlert <Jal lu Horneo." Ihin C'»lllnN, 
conilu vocaliHt. In uleaihifr hU aiidletu-ee very 
muck with the wltmark namljcm. "Why 
Don't Yon *Ju1t< gul(, l|ulC **»"upM Ik the „ 

Captain, of Y\n* Army" and "lirnft. tiraft. new and beaullful ballads. "Where Oie Morn 
Oraft** 'Hie J'ark Hlalern are dolaa well tnr Glorle* Twine Around the rm«r." "Walt 
Ti-ItU "Cupid U (be <'ai»hi)a of llic Army.' - 
In Bly Merrr Old«n(>bII«'* nwl "Norali- 

I'loradora." Ilnrry Tylor bag - enlarged his 
repertory hv tlio addition of "Ilelio, All 
Illglit, <jootlby«V' ami "Kate Kearaey." lid. 
Mora (dug* "Star 'of My Mfc" and "'flawe 
. MongH My Mother Vaed to Hliur." with credit 
to DlmacJf and Ihe mm**. With H«tl liar- 
ley, the pojuilartiy of '"Hie llonejiuoou." *'I 
JiOA-e You All the Time** and "(He Man Moon" 
la aiaured. The (rli«h coaieilluu, John T. 
Kelly, mow <n vaudeville. Ih feiituilng;, i'h.IHb 
Dana* c»»mh: t'eltltr conoeiitbui. "Mei'otnilek.'* 
Jo»cpbInc iMn-i-i uinde a decided lilt at the 
Trent Theatre. Trentvn. X. J., with flie tliree 
Wltmark aiimberK. "Stur of My Mfe." '•Hello, 
AU Hlultl. (Toofl-bye." and "Will Yon I*>ve 
M.e In DecemltfN- na Vmi l>> la May?" Marie 
Barry Is fenutrluK Kim-exHfully, from mift 
to week. "Hi»'n .Vfc 1'nl,"' "In My Merry 
Old&nmblUV' "Hello. All llliflit. ijuod-uye. ' 
and "Tbosc Soncn My Mother i'twA tf» HlDg." 
Rochefurt :i luI May nre doluc well with t lie 
two WituK»rk itn inborn "Only a Mwhhku frnii 
IIouic. Sweet, Iloooe," and "Tlioso Bona My 
Mother 1!«ed to Muz." ImiIIi of which they 
ate fen i mil] k In their Ktieclalty. 

U<;noi4*H Aito.NSO^ will dlrcrt (he tonr »T 
Olive Van Wagner, who Is to preaenl Ota 
popular melodies of Prance of the sixteenth, 
leventeenlii and el&;liteenth centuries, to ac- 
cooipaiilm^Dt of tho elaveclu, and In the <•'<«• 
tame of the period. MIkk Van Wagner haa 
- met with great mcceaa in I'arta and l/>ndon. 
Nit her sojonrn In this conalry will he cot 
short on account of engagcincnta In the Kng- 
Ibth metropollH rturltijr rae enatdne aeaHoa. 
Hhe will bo nccompn&ieri ou the clavecin by M 
Robert Lnrlat-Jacob, u pupil of the fomoua 
pianist Dlcmer. 

notks nam ran Asks oitba Co. — 

Irene Ijtngfonl, who lx Hlnsltig th>- part 
of Mile. rom-Fom, In "The t-Vrtune Teller," 
with the Aboru Opera Co., In the Houthwe»f, 
deserves credit lor licr plueky action ia 
■landing to her operatic g lim * under clrcuui- 
ctapces which nould haye put many n sirens 
uian out "i the l-uuniujf. ltoctautly -.-it 
Huton Rouge, ha., a heavy uiudow Ka*b 
fell on her right, arm. fracturing her wrlat 
In two plncea. but «lie not only continued t» 
play, without miKalng h perforniance. nl- 
rbongb In vnry eroat pain, but n few nlgbu 
afterward «Jic was suddenly called upon to 
play the prlnaa ann&H role, owing to Him mid- 
den i I II Den of Grace Orr Myera. nnd ac- 
quitted herttelf to the entire waUHfacHon of 
tbe management und her own greut credit. 
NftTKS- t-aoii THK Y. C. Al,LKV Mrari.'AL 

After many deluys, owing lo the nequisi- 
tlon of additional ground aud adjoining 
property, tbe Arm of Jos. W. tttern k Co. 
Dare broken ground for their new building. 
The new quarters of thin Hrui will be located 
on Thirty-eighth Slrt-ei, between llrondwny 
and Sixth Aventio, IIiIr city, and will raatritt 
of a 40il0(i, alne tilery, tiivjirnof, utecl atlv- 

The new building will m adequate m 
every appoin Intent. «nd will be one of tli* 
largest and Ml completely wpilppeil laimte 
pliblluhlng plnnlK In in* world. The MM- 
cess and rapid r\*<- of this firm tx well known 
to the mudloftl uud (■heitliicnl profenvloiiM, and 
to the nultlalcd it brief history of their «uc 
i-chh and nuisnlliidc of lluir lulereKts In the 
muslenl n'orld todtiy tnuy be more or leas 

It whs jutit a Utile over twelve yean ago 
that Jos. W. Slein. n composer whoac effort 
K'howed promise, mid Kdw. H. Marka, an 
author of lyrics, nucIi u» "lK*':enibcr and 
Slny."" nlready fiivomblv regarded, united 
their erortu In n ImiIIhiI of child life, en- 
titled "The Lout Child." It \va» an ivatau- 
taneoua hit, nnd the original Idea of Illus- 
trating songs with sterettptleott views, de- 
pltilng tbe vnrloitH vcoiich in saugs, was 
first UHed by lliem. niitl hns iiuw grown Into 
an Industry wltlcli employs t hoint:tiidn of per- 
formers poriuuneiilly anil prolllnhly. I'Ue 
Idea of an lIlusLruted soac pro veil so novel 
and attractive to the iiitblle tbnt the Kurresn 
of "The IaisI Child ' was overwhelming. 
Orders poured lit, ami nlmoMt luuudiiied the 
tiny concern. Kncouniged by Hie mscccm of 
their llrst elTort, Messrs, Marks and Stem 
wrote scverul luore wu-cei:«ful songs. Imiud- 
tn« "My Mother Wan u l.ndy." This was 
foTlowed by "Thi- llouejmuuit" it ltd "Ilaudi- 
enp Marches," and the world- fa unnis •i-:«pa- 
lilta Wahw»s." These gave tin; house ;i line 
catalogue lit pulnt of nellliig iWVrer. 

Turning their nttenilon to tbe Hold of popu- 
lar ballads. Stern & Co. fmtn pul>1islic<l such 
hits a« "8he Was Rnil In OU Kentucky," 
"The ttlrl 1 liovcd In Sunny Tennessee," una 
the successful tullail- of Max M, Witt, In- 
chiding "The Moili and the liaaic." "My 
Mills (.Jeorala Rose," nnd sougs «f Minima 
It. Uosenfeid. »ucli lis "Take Hack Vour 
'lold." "1 Hon't Cure If You X«v«r Come 
Dark," and many others. All of llieao 
HUceesaes were published lit the olttcea 
of modest idxe oei-iipieil by the concern at 
that time, in 45 KM Yweatletb Strevl. Rut 
In IbtWI these i|iiutiers were fouud lo he 
li.:ulep'ati'. mill they ueiin'tlliigly moveil lu 
liielr own lire story Imlldtug at 31 Haul 
Tweiiiy-IIrst Ktn»et. wtiero It wns t'luught 
that ample Kwce hml btvu prneliod for at 
U-aat ten years. Vet. In less ihntt half that 
period It wns fouud Mint the hnslness was In- 
creasing at vncli a rule tlml men the entire 
bttldhig wns not HUfllclnit. and their new 
smielui"'.' Is tbo rcstiU. In their Tweniy-nral 
street hiune they wfelHknl **** and lust ru- 
men in 1 CTBceww W by kmHi rniafv *H Reginald 
lK' Koven. W. T, Francis, tlttstnve Kerker, 
I.tidwlg Knglaiid«?r, Ham II. Smith. I'rcderle 

Until;!-)!, t.'eorge W HolHin. MSTH MlltOU 

llovlv. A. Hnluwlii Sloune, Clare Kcuier. Cole 
and .lohuso'i, II. W. IVtiie. S. It, lieary, 
Alfred Solinait. Iienjutnln llupgood Hurt, 
llnrwllr. and llowcrs. Arthnr Lamb. Henry 
Slcgel, Silvio llclu. l-'i-nnk Tiiunehlll Jr.. Lee 
Orean Smith, l^uls .1. Mini In. Rola-rl Rccker, 
Han Hullivnii, tlfftrgn IlromlUiirsl. Mouna> II, 
llDHenfeld. Robert It. Gerard, aud almost 
every writer ■ »f known ability. To mention 
idl the hits they have puldlvhed would bo mi- 
i-ofsiMe in so brief u sp-icc. but noioiia' Uiclr 
s(ht Mtteceasea wi*rr : *l)nwn In I'ovcrly KuW," 
"Kvery Race Hns u Mag Hul the Coon," 

•Tm Going Tor Lin- Anyhow 'Till I Hie.' 
"Mv Castle on the Xtle," "Nobjdy's Looking 
But Ihe thrl and !)>• Moon." "Under the 
HhuiIsw 'five." "\Hiy Don't Yon Get a ljfldy 
of Your Own." "You Cnn't. Kool All the Peo- 
ple All 'he Thue," "Wcm'i You Bo My Little 
lllrl.* "You're Not the Only. Pebble on tbe 
Beach." "The i ilrl 1 Invert In Sunny Tennes- 
see." nnd u score of ottom. 

They nre at ihe present day among the 
fornuiovt publishers of opcrutlc. high class 
and popular music. The operatic, orc.hosfr.uT 
nnd popular bits published by this house dur- 
ing the punt, entitle litem to their well- 
bwcl HobrUpii't of "The House of Hits," 
and their catalogue lit every branch of IH' 
ml coaipitHlttons Is remarkable. They are 
alsi> solo T'ailod States agents for Hawkes & 
Sons, of Ijomlou lutiiri ami ori-hestru cata- 
logue, aud are cousliintly receiving -the latest 
liuro|iean successes. 

Some of the ajwmtk successes, the pub- 
lishing rights of which arc controlled exclu- 
sively by this Unit, daring the past two or 
three tieufKins, nro ns follows: "The Catch of 
(he Season," Do, Kovcn's "IluppylaDd," "Pe- 
ter Pan." "nuwpty Thimpty,*' *"11ie Isleof 
Spice," "A Madcap Princess," Murle CahlH's 
"II iimiliwii** "Tin) Sauibo <:irl," "Wiusoaie 
Winnie, - * "The iMfee of I>uluth. "Uidy Tea- 
tile.*' "Tbe OIIIcs Hoy." "Cloverdell," "A Son 
of l««t." •(.'ouilng Thro' the Itj-e." "Red 
Kent her." "Nuucy Hrowu." "The Mocking 
Rlrd," etc. rtc. Among the popular num- 
bers now loading lu the Sicrn cata- 
logue, all of which itre Kitccesafully In- 
terpolated in the current musical comedy 
and vaudeville offerings, the whistling 
public aud protmhly more familiar with 
"I»*erie," "ludluns Along Uroadway." "Little 
(ilrl. You'll Do." "Mllu" "Aud the World 
Uoes on." Paler Piper," Shauio ou 
Yotu" "Everybody Works But Palher.*' 
"When tbe Uurvvst Moon Is Shlnlug On 
the Hlvrr." "Polly Trim." "Kgjpt." S WaWH 
the Kvonlng Breeze Ih Slghlus Horn". Sweet 
Hoato:*' "l»-iwu Where ihe tJllv'ry Mohawk 
P'lowa." "Whi'ii the Sunset Turns tho Ocean's 
titue in tiold.' "You're As Welcomo As the 
Klowern In Mar," "lu Sweet Lovelaud.'* "I 
Like Ywir Way," "1S0J: Medley*' "Let Ma 
Wrtle What 1 Never thired to Teh," etc. In 
addition to this, they arc ouc of the largest 
manufacturers and Importers of musical 
ntercbnn-Jb-.e nrd baud nnd orchestra Instru- 
menu la ihltn country. This department, by 
the wuy. hits been established only nbout 
three yiurs. yet. It Is one of the most com- 
plete of Irs I;. m! In America, an entirety 
wholesale busHies* being done In the sale of 
every 'muslenl Ins'.iumcnt In demand. Their 
J 5n page llUisirmetl catalogue of the iner- 
chnndJse handletl In this department has 
been prono'tuced by experts as complete In 
.every detail. 

llefore the. next nguljr seu»on !<tarls In 
the tins will V well settled In their uptown 
ijuarter*. with branch offices lu Chicago, 
I'.oBtou. Smi KrnitcI«eo, l.oudou. Australia. 
r'raneo, Oeruinny nnd on 
the English luimtago Is tpoken or sung. 
With these fueUUles tu look after ever> 
branch of the music publishing trade, nnd 
with a fine staff of writers, arrangers and 
pianists In their professional department, 
they expect io be nblo to give more atten- 
tion to performers mid the profession In 
general, than has been possible to do in 
their present limited quartern. However, 
until their new building Is ready for occu- 
pancy, the profession at large and iLo many 
Sersonnl friends of Jox. w. Slern end Kdw. 
i. Mark*. canlprlBlog the Urui. will And then 
ready ami competent, it furnish the beat of 
everything In the musical Hne for the Khott 
period (bey will remain nt their old building, 
lii ISnvt THcnlj -urst Btroot 

ing ' 

Tilt tli» 8m Shines. Nellie." and tbe novelty 
winner. "Making Kyes." Howell and Enter- 
koq wrlln that the two songs. "What Yon 
iJoia' to l»o When the Rent Comes 'Round" 
nnrt "Walt 'Till thy Sun Klines. N'ellle." 
ham made lerrtllc hits for them during the 
iiaNt waxon. are still the hit of their net. 
Tbcv hav'j in preparation the new ballad. 
"Wii*r.> the Mornlug Olorh-s Twine Around 
the Dinar." which they will feature for tbe 
rest of the Men* The larAntte Quar- 
tette, whlcl) muxtsts of Lafiivnt''. Gordon. 
RiiIhm and Butler, who nre featored with 
the "No Mother to ttuldo tier" Co., nro 
doing justice to ihe ma nil wmg, '"Walt 
'TBI Ihe Unit Mhloo*. Nellie." Tliey are also 
receiving u* intieli applauBe with Hie novelty 
song. "Unklug ■»■■• 

raai c. m. CtupEi. & Co.. ciib-ago.— 
I'o/ter and Poster ore singing "IHram tJrecn. 
Ooisl-bye," over the Orpbeum rrircult, and 
rejiort Ihat they can not he heard on the 
chorus, because of Its popularity with the 
(Wl'ery. Itesaic Crawford Is singing Cliapol's 
new lh»wvry song Iili. "Jlminlc." «»Ver the 
Oniheuni circuit. Forl>es; und Forties re- 
port that they arc meeting with unpre- 
'■edented aacaVH sluglng "You'll Never Miss 
Hie WMcr "fill the Well Rhus Dry." The 
Three Mitchells report that they arc making 
a hit with the ballad. "Tho* You're Gono, 
You Am Not Forgotten." tlarry Rich- 
ards continues to score with "Hiram On'»ri."* 
in the "Hotty Toltv" Co. Rilaa Shepard 
iw making a hit ailli "Jlmmle." the gal- 
lory always responding. t.'larn riesi Is 
alhti s.*orlng big with "Jlaintla" Jeronje 
I>e Clorque repurts that "Jinaaile* 1 Is wlnulng 
him it reputntlun. Hull nud Coboru. who 
appear lu a sketch, nre ft-aiiiiing the hullad 
hit. "Tho" You're .Oone. You Arc Not For- 
gotten," as well as the coon song, "Yon'H 
Never Miss Urn .Water "till t>e Well Runs 
I>ry," also the Bowery Success, "Jlmmle." 
'ITie Vckin Zouaves arc fss'.urlng "Tho' 
You're Oone. Yon Are Not Forgotten" 
over the Orphcutu circuit with tremendous 
success Ihe ■M<-ssengor Trio are also 
featuring tlik great ballad, witli much 
::ucces(. over Hie circuit. When "The ^Vln- 
nlog Uirl" Co. resumes Us toar. "Deacon 
Jones" fChirpoJ'K latest Babe song) will bo 
the featured sung of the sliov, being sung 
by Caroline Holt. Tlila rube soiig equals 
(!hnpcl's former song hit, "Hlrani Oi-een, 
(Jood-liye.'" In every respect. 

I'eom TIklk k, JIa.;s:h. — (Blroy. Haves and 
Montsoruery. In their singing sketch .have 
Introduced "AYbeu Jhe WTiJuaoorwill Sings, 

Coubdy Co., presenting "Cinderella. —This Margaerfte" nnd "Bve, Bye; Mr Kva Bve 

company hsa heen iilnyinc Mississippi. Aln- .-—Ti >.j -.«.«.; im _- a*SZ^. ,,. __ 

bama and ueoTgia for the pnst two weeks, 
and has been making money for tbe mann- 
gera. . It never, as yet, foiled to please tbe 
packed bouses. The company numbers thirty 
people, Including the big chorus. Manager 
Alley lias let the contract to proroliiciit 
eostumers for wardrobe for his two SquunT 
opera companies, und the costume* for "Cln- 
derella" and "The Bogua King." The ex- 
ecutive Kurt la as follows : Caaino Amuse- 
ment Co., owners ; Y. C. Alley, general. mnn- 
eger: Frank Deddow. treasurer; Harry C. 
Smith, bnstneiu mannger: 11. C. Meat);, 
agent : Frank Dold. electrician ; Henry Slai- 
felle, properties : Joe Combs, stage mana- 
ger: Khmer -Uood, musical director. 
Ciias. K ILvnun " 

ut**' and pronounce them sk beiiig the greiit- 
wt encore winners they hove had In years. 
Sfaulfy «nd Wilson are using "Somo 0n»! 
Thinks of Some One" nightly. Philbrook 
and Reynolds have Introduced "When the 
Wllppoonvlll Kings. Marguerite.'* In their 
act. Lytton and vales, ihe sluglng duo. are 
f»»aturlng "Someone Thinks of Tionieooo." 
wva areat euiwss. «co. B. Hoyt Is singing 
Lew TVtickvtadcr's hlg song Tilt, "UncbrS 
Quit Work. Too." Johnny Carroll received 
four encores at the Montsuk Theatre, for his 
rendition of Hclf & Hager's "Colleen Ihiwn." 
Joan Baxto.r, with the Verona Mnr stock 
Co., writes the publishers Umf 'Til &' Wett- 
ing la tbe Gloaming, Sweet tJencvleve." and 
'Somepno. Thinks of Someone" am the two 

Notks.— .Inmes Aldrlth best abngs In bis repertory. Medctalne Rw> 
line rrnyer inaMlif dette, the eoujaiio, Is featuring, with success. 

Sluipsoii. who Is using he rtume song mi.Ii well known people us: Hownnl and 
the "PrlniM. oi VUmb t.lrls. n a i Cameron. Kitty Both. Sarah Herbert an 
feature 'he ealls for "Just Otic Ward Pinkey Williams. Thev report Smt success 

with, their usual success Hinging "Oreainlng 
Lore of Yon," "Would You Care'f" nnd "Cen- 
tral. Uln Me Back My Dime." Frank I>. 
Bryan. Ihe nulhor of "11 Makes Me Thins. 
of Home, Sweet. Qouie," 1ms been creating 
a sensation ihn past week with his big song 
bll at Keith's Theatre. Philadelphia. i'a.. 
with Ids ten American Obis, ns Is ul-n i.'iip:i- 
dah Simpson." 

with * 

cud _ . 

of t'ousolutlon" tbroiighoul the cuuulry. from 
iirofeatdoual siugers, have been uuuieroua the 
last few.. weeks. This soug will likely be the 
one successor, both In populurlty nnd selling 
quantities, of the ^reul song. "Violets." It 
Is just the song that singers have been wait- 
lug for. aud lo slug It anywhere, whether 
lu concert. niliiHtrt'I. or vaudeville perform- 
auces, nieaus uu outburst of applause seldom 

fiven to Klusers. tlenuro and Tiailcy ure mcet- 
ug with their nanul muicess sluglng "My 
tfiVtn" Henry." as \n ulso Tascoil. the eou-u 
sbouter. who it- making u feature of this sot^. 
Louise I.a Hoolh is meeting with success wltb 
Ihe two iKtiiiilar coon numbers: "My Lortn' 
Ilcurv mill "Central, Ulvc Me Back M.y 

Fkom Soi, Bi^HiH. — The loam of Carver 
and I'oDard are using "Get Huppy," by Ray- 
mond A. Browne: "Come JHu'k. by Henry 
Clay Smith: "Hood-bye. Dixie, Dear." by 
William 11. I 'dm. and "I've Such a I'unur 
Vceiinir Wlu'ii I Ixiok nt Y'ott." also by Wil- 
liam ft. Pea n. Mnl lory Bros.. Brooks and 
flallldiiy. who are uluyers of all -grades of 
music, from the strictly popular to the high 
class, nre niuklng a hit with "I've Such n 
Fnnny Feeling when I Issik nt You" and 
"Come Hack." Billy Clifford's feature num- 
ber will be "I've Such a Funny Feeling When 
I Look at You." Adellna Ituattiuo, who, la 
compimy with Alice Stevens, does a novel 
act, ban arranged with YVlllinm II. I'enn for 
"si song seem.' 1 based ou Mr. Pcnn's chnr- 
arteriole Spanish march. '''The Mutauoi'. - * 
Kelly mid Uulcll, who un> playing the Key- 
stone circuit, eulerluln tlielr audiences with 
Itaymon A. Browne's Jovial ditty, "dec 
Happy" and "I've Such n Funny Feeling 
Whcu 1 Look at You." The Two Salvatorea 
open with S. Clarence Kngel's new lnstru- 
aiental number, entitled "The Tourist." audi 
they i-idlni it U one of the blls of their 
act. The llowuid llros, arc uslug "The 'Tour- 
ist." which they say Is u very vuluable Addi- 
tion to their repertory. "One of Ibe Boys," 
Hvelyu Bloom's now churucter uiurcb. Is the 
pi-oiulncnt fcalure of Ihe many programmer 

Someone Thinks of Someone.'" Chria 
Wlinleu was sueeessfnl lost week at the Dcwov 
TJieatre. when he saug "Someone Thinks of 

■ Faost run Uoi:kk of UxfuUGkV — Among 
Ihe. Perforniem using "Binrllght." "When 
»Bjr*. ■Vllh His Nose, l^ads the Band," and 

Just a.Lltth- Rocking Chair and Yon - ' are 

»»* m !i ^°,. mn ip- i[ «b(i Hudsou has added 
Marllght to her repertory of songs, nnd It 
Is going great. AlbV (Hlbert. who. la about 
to Irfjcomc h vaudeville feature, -will sing 
zrB.bott, Morn nud Drlslane's new song 
■I 1 /.' • IBS* a rjlUe "ockmg <-'lwlr and Vim.* 
Alice Y\arrei; 1ms reheurscl -'Jnrtl a Mttle 
Uocklug Cliair and You," and will put It on 
In place oC "Keep a Llltle Vjaaw Corner In 

55* I J°? rt > r 5 * e/ ** Wln ' f n, ni McDon- 
ald and Up taatro lo Theodore Monte rcuds : 
"We put In -Slartlglif this week, aud It Is 
a si ream for ns. tlie beat yet stueo 'Bine 

it It'.. »°5K. |B ^ PO , ,,nrd *"'» feature "Jnst 

a Little Itneaing CJialr and Too." Cooke unit 
l j a ,. ,1 Cl ; u,iIn « "I'ndiBc Your Own Cauoo" 
^h!t 'LSf™ *»niHK.dy to l^vo." Matthews 
stid , -\sMey recently introduced o uew soug. 
by Drtslaue and Morse. Oue of the feature* 
of a recent Pnstor bill were Tyre aud Jer- 
uun. Hiey Introdnccd "Wicu Mow, wllli 
His Nose, l^-ods the Band." aud "Just o 
Little Rocking Choir and You." Pierce una 
Ilosyn are still featuring "Starlight." as a I 
Tndlnn niimber. Cavanaugh nnd Harris ire 
uilng 'Just a Uttle Bo.iing Chair and 
Jon. nnd Miss Lancaster has added 'I Want 

of "Devils Austlon" Co., writes us to say 
-she never hud two better Pongs thnu "Star- 
Yon " * JtUe n °« lr, 8 Chair and 
The Kn.Tirs Bisn of Cuundu, are in their 
thlrtv-eeeond week of their thirteenth tour, 
jrblrli Is estimated to Include 'J5.000 miles 

•n an,?!* t0 ''° 1, * t "■■ Hmth to "■ ""If. 
Hie Kilties nre now ch rotttr to New York 
u.y. where they are hooked for four weeks 
beginning March 1l\ Their manage? writes : 
i.usluctw this sca«uu has been good nnd bad, 
but haj. been exceptionally gooof^uce Cbilet- 
nnif.- We are countlug on making B good 
flulsh before closing our tour In Belleville. 
tun., on Mny 1. where we will uike a w»|l 
earned n-st of four weeks, before starliu- 
our_ Summer eugugement." oiuruag 

MUUti' ■" 


Co.. of Providence, It. 

raitc)«co, Loudon. Australia. pr«iuliii>iit fen I ure of the muuy progrninoiM |„ has mude arrangement f« i.« I™ i'*; 

,y and every country In which of inualciaitH of this city, and the theatre In : Canada by W ll 8 ^EEttr&*S£F2!2& 

L»«(uago Is tpoken or sung, procra minis. treal ' mB "' "imueuj, iiyu- 

_ TIIH llAUBY r«t TlUM CO. — LM 

Hun Shuw, who is oh the Kolth circuit, dlir- 
i\ recent week at the tnloii Square house, 
aaug Harry Vou Tllu'Fs (icrman drink lug 
song. "Ou the Bunks of the Rhine with n 
Stein." Her reiiiBLIon of this song and her 
dialect wns so clever that her «iudteoces were 

not satlBlled wllli one or two eucores 

i'ui: Biv Itoot-jis Mtstc Ptii. Co. hOR been 
reorganized from the linn r«riuerlv kiiuVS 
as nimckom b Sella;, wlih Mr. 1 fawn i an 
mmmr. ii.c tirm fvlii iuv C a ESS S 
bits in Its catalogue, "" 

xuis CitAMBiiBj*, the American cornet 

*'?**; l^W wUo u UMdcr eugigement ion 

ifter bJa Laudou scasoa 


rather and Five Otatldreai SofTared For 

Xwo Yeara With TVrvthl* Ketenaa— 
W»mierfol C»xa hy Ou tlcnrn. 

"My Inialiand ami five children were all 
afflicted with eczema. They had it two 
years. We used all the home remedies 
wc cou!tl hear of. without any relief, and 
liicn went to a physician and got medicine 
two dilTcrciit tunes, and it got worse It 
affected its all over except head and hands. 
\Vc aaw Cuticura Rell1cdic , ? advertised 
and coueiuded to try them. So I sent for 
$1.00 worth, consisting of one cake 01 
Culicitra Soap, one box of Ointment and 
case vial of Fills and \vc commenced to 
use them. I do nut know how to express 
my joy in finding a cure, for two of my 
children were so bad that they have the 
brown scars on their bodies where they 
were sort Mrs. Maggie B. Hill. Stevens, 
Mason Co.. W. Va.. June 12. 1905." 

As axxouxcesiexx of interest to the mu- 
sical world Is the fait tbnt Mine. Mauteiu. 
famous ui the Metropolitan for her Favor- 
Ita and "llier rotes Is to moke a Spring tour 
of the Mouth nnd Middle West within a 
short time, supported by an English Orand 
tipcra Co., wblih will include: Mine. Noldl, 
Sig. " Albert!. Mme. Allireeht, Slg. France*- 
coni. James F. Bnncb. Robert D. Cavendish. 
Hlg. I'outnna, VIoht De Costa nnd Slg. Jo« 
Aeiigue. mualcal dlrectop. Her repertorr 
wilt Include: "U Trovatore," "Faust" and 
"La Favorltn." 

Caul Il>Jin:it axv. violinist. Is making » 
trans-ront'.nental tour, under direction of the 
American Lyceum Cnton. of Rochester. N. Y. 

Fuom thk V0tCSST Butas On. — Tbe 10112 
list of singers using "Out In An Automobile. 
reiiort gi-ent success with this song, and It l« 
being featured by Marie Alba, Le Boy and 
Walry, Beeves and Kenny, Bob Carllu, Char- 
lie (Janu, May Belfort und many others. 
f*4ua Aug writes the Vincent Bryan Music 
(,o. that she Is featuring their new coon son;-. 
Futttled "Wbut's the Lsc of Kuockln'." and 
Ibat it is ii hit for her. "Ulgbt lu This old 
Town" continues to be n big hit for Ch«i*. 
liOder. "Buster Brown" Co., William Wild. 
J alia York. Fox and Grey. Pbilbrook* and 
Keinnlils, (Jus Kenton. Harry Clay Bluncr. 
Kckl nnd Wood. Jas. McDonald nnd Joe Hart. 
Holcombe. Curtis ft VM are featuring, wilh 

5 rent success. Vincent Bryan's beautiful new 
escrliitlvc ballad, entitled "Once Upon a 
Tune. Jennie l>c naan writes that "Out In 
An Automobile" wns a hit for her at the 
Howard Theatre. Boston, She will continue 
to use this bb her feature song. "C. O. P." 
continues merrily on Its way, aud Nat V llh 
writes It Is going ua big as ever. May IM> 
mont made a hit last week at the Howard. 
Boston, slugiug■ "What's tho Use of Kuoe!;- 
Iny' It Is also being sung by Weston and 
Jturrav. Charles McAvoy. Martin Sisters. 
Lew kawKios, Nichol Sisters and others. 
The Bootblack Comedy Four report great 
success with "Once Upon a Time. Vincent 
Brvan haa come to the fore wilh a new easaJc 
song, entitled "The Poor Old Man." Kddl* 
Fny will put: It on as .1 big number In "'1110 
Hell and the Olll" fhow. Xflt Wills Is 
singing It throngb tho West, nnd writes that 
evervbodv went out whistling It. This la 
Vincent Bryan's first. Attempt at writing 
melodic*. Beouer and Gaudier made a bit 
at Keith':, sioglng ''Out In An Automo- 
bile." "Once Upon a Time" Is being featured 
In McMaboa's "Wntcrmclon Girls" act. Fred 
Katnlll will open with a new act In Beading. 
and wilt Bins "Don't Soy Adieu," a beautiful, 
high class ballad. 


— mrtai A. Hollenbcck Is using with much 
HuecesH the new song. "When the Mockhi? 
Hlrds ure Biughig In the Wild wood :"' Jumcs 
F. McDonald has made a hit with the novelty 
song, If Williams and Van Alstyne. eutHlcil 
"Cheyeune ;'' Thomas Henry. In "McFaddco'is 
Plats," has lntroducbd Gumble's novelty 
roM song, "Jcsaaraiiie. which be claims Is 
better than "Josephine, My Joe :" Mluulc 
Harrison Is using tbe new mocking bird 
wing: Jessie Mac unll continues to use "In 
Hear Old Georgia," supported by the eullro 
company nnd her ahow girls. In "The Street 
Singer;" Melville en| Stetaon are using 
"Silver fJccht." to great advantage : Mluulc 
Llncidn Plxlcy, of T 'The Factory' Girl" Ca- 
bs ulso uslug ''Silver" Hcela," with much sui- 
i-ess; Itenuter nnd Gauglcr recently Intni- 
ilui'eil ihe new coou song, "Jc&sftmlnc,** anu 
reiHirt It u inwlllvc success. "Happy llelnlc." 
the hew orchestration, is composed and iuwj 
arrauged by. J, Bodowalt I^nrnpe. the cuni- 
po«pr nf "Creolo Belles'" -and many other de- 
cided tills, and, of course, not only Is the 
piece Itself: of great merit, hut ll Is ar- 
ranged as only Latnpe can do It. Jerome II. 
Reinlck & Co. are delighted with tlie siipcrss 
of the new "mooklng bird song," by Arthur 
IV Lumb and Beorlette B. Bliinke. eiiHH'-d 
"When me Mocking Birds arc Singing In law 
Wild wood." While this ballad has only been 
on the market a utile over two weeks, it Is 
In great demand, aud rapidly becomlug popu- 
lar, and at present looks as If It will be cvrn 
more successful than either "lu the Shade. 
of the old Apple Tree" or "In Dear old 
Gvnrglii." two ballads published by this linn 
within tbe hist year. i*be slugers claim that 
till* Ih the best song they have Used In years. 
Aljeu May. (he song Illustrator, of the Mtuid- 
nrd Theatre. In Philadelphia, Is using this 
song with extraordinary success; while Str."- 
lev and West. Howard and Howard. Empire 
City ijuurtetto, Holcombe. Curtis and V* cbh 
BrocXrnaii. Made and Ijawrem-e. Jes.ile Mae 
TIall. Kelly and VTolette, Altec Jennings. 
KiUltciiuc Kelluer, Jen Latonn ond a si-ore 
of others arc meeting with equal success wH h 
this coaiposltlon. The slides arc considered 
the beat that have becu offered for a popular 

Akthub Siiattvck. on American pianist. 
one of the favorite pupils of I amlMiHit J who 
recently performed In Paris with the Lamon 
reut Orcliestru. under ihe condnctorshlp of 
M. Chcvlliard, the Tschnlkowskv- B-ftat minor 
couecrto with Hoeccss. has signed with K"- 
doiph Aroueon fur a tour In the United Slates 
and Canada, beginning lu October next- 

Notes mow tub i'arkur Mtmu Co.— 
Amocg the moat popular numbers of tbe mu- 
sical farrc, "'.overs and Lunatics."* lu which 
Ford aud tiehruc arc starring, may bo men- 
tioned : "My Owu Bov," '-Caroline," "Dal * 
My Style of Man." "Slv Old Fox/' "I Rwl 
About It In a Book," "Would Vou Do Vl 
fduel). "The Lover*- Ouarrel." "Alilomobl 1 ; 
lug,** and "If You und 1 Hud Never Met. 
The ulay was written by Walter Colcaian 
Porker, aud tlie musical iiumhers are pub- 
l&aVod by the Parker Music Co. The new 
coon song. "Ufa Uusli the Can," is making 
a bit. and "I Am Lonesome For You. PIilc. 
Is belns teeelved with favor by all cls^sri 
of audiences. Josephine Davis Is sluglng "' ■ 
Jenluus of Vou," ou the Poll circuit: asd 
Don Healy bad thorn all whistling It wb-u 
he sang It at Kelth'a Unlou Snuaro Tlicaire. 
Madam De Kolbe has also added "I'm Jealous 
of Y'ou" to her repertory, and lola.P«naen»f 
says It's Hie beat Boug she bus hadrtor muuy 
eeasons. ¥* 

Uavilto.v S. GonnoN' wrllen : "Rene Warb- 
burn reiwrts great soccesi* slnglug Harry Reg- 
era' latest hit, 'Don't Bo Angry,' as nre 
elao Ton-ia iiimlon. and the Tliree Knnn 
Kroa. Avery and llnrt ore making a siuvesa 
singing 'Dis Am 'IJaiicipation Day;' the Diw 
Berenaders ore pJnglng 'Carlloa J-ou. '" , 
Mnjcsiic TtLj. 'Yotniirlted Cloud.' and rcT- 
nikann aud Wniliy, 'From Ifigypt to the 4um- 
land." *' . 


t^TOrggg^, &QSU&, qiLIBPEB. 

jUpfld of Players; 


Orpfceurn 8rock Company, featuring 'Frank 
Holland, through the central States, Is leav- 
ing a reputation peldom equaled hy nhowa- of 
tola calibre ; fifteen people are. carried and 
ill high elans Npecniries. The i <t|mi. 
jnw on Its thirty-fourth week, has runny 
r.pera house 140JMM la Its credit, nud return 
dites WW ,rfiei1 ,n demand. P.iyle and Cm- 
erson, la Uiflr clever .JuggMng nci.iirc the 
vaudeville feature, and met specialties nm 
introduced by iln« Orphenoj. Comedy Qunr- 
into, Morris Smltli, Frank Holland. Joe 
Henley,- Harry Hodges, Merle Freeh, and .La 
Hflle Adelin, the "Winsome Parisian noil." 
•dargnrlte Duinvnldc 1* milking many friends 
:n Die lending roles, rind Marie -Frock Is ai 
pnoulsr US' f«r In the ^-ntbrcttu.nnrrs. other 
[irorulilr-nr. raetnhers of the. Mat -Inriiide: jo- 
Kph Il.'tJ-'i, Wni. Lennox, Harry Hodges, 
Morris Bnilth, Unliert Emerson, Hdward 
Doyle, Da Ills Metrln, Richard Ttrawiey, 
joe Fit rriar rick. Not a- Lennox and Josephine 
CnmU All arc well rind happy, and 10* she* 
In enjoying a prosperous season. Joseph 
llenlev ie directing tne prndimions, and J«»i 
lltxpritrick Is mtislcnl director. The season 
timn n: Sandusky, 0„ Mm- 12. and opens 
at Mansfield, Casino Park, any 28, In '".Hum- 
mer slock. Tlte company Is nWKHOi by Ld* 
hard Dovle. 

Tiiir mtLOWiNO wirr. nlgncd Whnlen 
Bros.', rriahngors, rend* on folliiwiv: "Hurling- 
ion, Vt., Feb. .19,— Tha Marks itros.' Uo„ 
wlia May A: Hell AlarkH, broke ibe Now Eng- 
land elivuft record (which was bold by the 
Strong Theatre, Burllligtou, Vt.), Fob. lb." 
- J(n;.A\n (Iraiiamk .b:m JolncaV'A Itomunce 
of -Coon' Hollow" (Eastern), to play tlie old 
ma«i .vice 1 Albert Hyde, resigned. 

Notes frnosi "Tim Scoht/h llBvaxdE" Co., 
Job. J; Cohley, manager.— Wo are .Wintering 
In -Ft. ■\V6riB,:T«. -The entire outfit to be 
used Ibe com nig season *is entirely new. The 
aew thftfh light plant hasf-Just arrived, and 
ma hullt especially for us. We play two 
dates in opera homes, nt Dallas, on March 
CO. and Ft. .Worth, iio. Tueseure boiaettila- 
men's convention dates. Our sdasoti under 
canvas opens at Gran bury, 'i*ex., on 'Alareh 
id. Ok privaUs iMM jJorofliy, ha** been 
ihorouchly overhauled Inside and out. The 
following people have been encaged: W. L. 
flntnlltoi], stiperJntenrleut J It, j'. Kelly, se<:- 
rriajT aadrtrensnrer; W. J\. Harla, gttoeral 
arpoi ; Wm. A. Grlgg. singe naannfn-r; J. C. 
WillH.-h, lender of hand nnd oidnaUl : Ufa. 
Km. A. .(irigff. (Jrui-e Melntyre. B, «. Me- 
Intyre, nilly fltirke; Ilblmes and La Glioma. 
W.F.IIney. V.. W. -Jam* II. J. AtmJT r H. H. 
Myers and (,'lyde ftbomtM. 

M.\x l.j.ovti, who Is jtl.ivlnff Ihe female re* 
porter .with A. ,11. Woods' "'Tracked Aroiuifl 
Ih? Worltl" f'o.; Ran btvn enjnn*e'( fur next 
wown lo play the lending .onitbreile r«le, in 
ont* of Henry W. Snvpsre.'s musical comedies. 
Her work has been hlglily junheHl. . 

WiiriJt playlHK Hurlincton. Vt., William 
Itlcbnrds, k-ndinc man with ihe Dot Knrmll 
Co.. wna ihe frwM of liietitennnl. and Mrs. 
lyoklea at Fort Cthnn Allen. Mr. ItiehanU 
recdved ti numN'r of souvenirs from Ihe «f- 
ik'frs and men of Ihe Fifleeriiti •CivaJrf. 
whleh I*i now stationed at lht« fort. ' ■ 

J. Fnrn ZisfwnrniAV snllert Sppt. 2ft, f«>r 
Rnrope, to arrnnge for the nppennince-|n !1iIh 
•■oiintry next aeoapji of Henry J I. Irvine when 
he will pmbnhl.v appear at ilie jNew Amster- 
dam Theatre. New York. DorothT Baird, Ida 
wife, .and. Frank coop<-r vtlll jippear wltn 
hlnj. appeflrlng In "The JtedlH," ""The Ij-oni 
Mall.", "fleeknt" and "lliimlet." 

IlArtZETtA IJr Laii; ore in their 
iwenry-sixth week with Chns-. H. Tnle*a 
"Devil's Auction" Co., meeting «ilh sneeess, 
playing CtiaoH. The -imp of Dnrknesft," and 
Going Gone, the "Allelir>n^'er;* , also doing 
rhelr pantomime comedy onrobatlc act,' 

-Votes fbom HentfiioWs Jolly Pirn- 
i-iKCKBS.— Tbls company, -under the pfi-sonnl 
raaHigement.-of ,T. K. flmttrav, h;ia been 
playing to capneny In Indiana for the rust 
four weeks. At t'rnwfordsville tbe 
probably did the largest business ever done 
hy a repertory .company Ilicre. Each night 
the police had lo keep Ibe crowd nr.-flv, and 
it was blniply a aotl out us soon us the ad- 
vance «.-aie was on. It was our drat appear- 
■MBJ In i-'rawfordsvllle lor over ten years, 
but they all remembered the- ' Jolly- Paih- 
nndera. This Is one -of the most favorably 
known popular priced attractions on the 
load, and this season 'Manager Rentfrow 
claims to have ihe best conipany he bas-ercr . 
had. It Is headed by Cdra TDatrton Mitchell, 4 
who ,le a great favorite in every town we 
hate ployed. The -Sunetaro Jans are still 
with the company, presenting their wonderful 
apts. J Olara and Jack Lynn, in *heir funny 
comedy sketches, are also making good, as 
•veil as Master HarryKlng, who la one .of 
the cleverest child actors on the 1 stage. Our 
band and orchestra, under the direction of 
F. F. Collin, in one of ibe features of the 
company. ■: •■, ■ ■' -- » 

Nona from Blond in* St Lpos'a ''JIip .Van 
wtNKi.n" t,'o.— /ITilu romintDy rinsed uuex- 
peeU'dly TnoNdiiy, Feb. 0, uti nccoimt of ibe 
^erlou^ illness and aubsciiuenL death of Airs. 
Leon. At this time lliere are no deQulte 
ntaus for reorganization, though the company 
may go out In a fe^v wcekH. ■ 

Frakk L. nmjMt will produce la Balti- 
more, March 8, a comedy drama, by Ivy Ash- 
ton Root, entitled "Mozart's Romance." A« 
its title Implies, Hie great composer is the 
central tlgiire, a role Iloivard Kyle will nlay. 
After a couple ot weeks on the road the pro- 
duction will be brought Into New York. 

Fraak It. Dark Is now in his thirty-first 
week, under miiungeme'ut wf Dick 1'. Sntton, 
In the West, nnd reports business has been 
phenomenal everywhere. He will remain 
with Mr. Sutton nil Hummer and next season, 
playing nil the heavies. . 
- Kl.vw 4 EituNuKR announce that shortly 
Ibey win he aide to present. their attractions 
In the principal chin of Enm*. 

CHAUI.UH KnoiiaiAN will present "The 
bQuaw Muu," In Lnndun. Jin?., using Fingllsh 
actor.-s for the ilrst net, which occurs lu 
Kaglnnd. and Amerlcnn netors for the other 
n«-is. Vila occur in the West. 

"La i*iRTn," a three Art comedy, by Vic- 

S ^HA C nK C i lQ,€d '5 i e,son at *• Academy 
CaWfe . C . h i co * ' Feb - ■*■ ■« lifts slgnea 

yfiSMSE a c r e * te lht s*«*« part 

;f.Me»e»SnowDak^ In "kly Dixie Girl" tV 
for the reat.of the season, whirh opens at 
banbury. Conn., Ftb. 21. -. 

..r» Joc J& PPE** niptaita mannifpr of the 
"Desert#d at tiie Altdc" Co., wrllei- "Tbl.H 
company i a enjoying* a*Tf-rv immvnmmTiu*- 
ton. lie ro*tw: FKber, m.inn- 

f5 r vn-' i-.P!" 11 *' D|U| S** 1 muniiger; Cdwla 
W. Anil Nell Rarroir. WkBam nte Jack « 

fejSS&JSX? V V,llk " r - V: '\»™* %&*, JS llan 
Win. Jench, Fra.nels Cameron, Brndlnv Hogs- bave beei 
S.*":,. J ?. n i" J \ H»'{t'«l. J*e«iiurd TriMlale, VTjip. 

B.-Fl. SoTimtM a^d Ji't.ta MiRr.o-vrwtll 


ttpttg early. next awuwn: *>t , tt»- Waldorf 9itpw.- 
rjeatro In their repertory, and Cyril Matlde ahow, 
fwi" W nlfml Kaiery will replace them on if the 

Notrs mom fan lliaCF.rKitClMVAR ir. tl. 

,-*OlM. , G«yrr, the mannxer »£ :,thh 

... fna, .un,tll a yeu^ago, Lug raonu«r 

_.^.„, «... — „.. „ .he Oeyer A Orhrwold Bbow. Thirls tfce 

Si r%? , 58 ! tno moath* enMgaaMnt at Oeyer Show, "Ten Mgkra In a Bar Room." 

IST.^f, lj£?«S*V^* tw ' l- rk ' -S" tor P* r > We .*» fl ve been out rmtr-flvn. weehx and have 

SH JS l r ,t^ h r f,r ,'- a ?C* ^ ork « n sng*- w>. Intention i>f clnslBg. It Jaa nwraa show. 

7frwSS£&J?223L m T&'L J* "«r*»llw of r.,rlr pronto laid » band and 

iL 1 WttkVN writes: -Nfliher my wife ■■ * ■-■'" 

Hiyllls lioMwlck, UllIcVvnldc.Annn 0. Tnrn- 
£.**? VJ 11 ** , .Orte liwU Jaaey,' Jewell Dar- 
ren; A. II. Stieud. carpenter; Terry lioltrn. 
M°l ,c . r, 1 i r s : Wm * ^iurh, eterrrldan; tWwIn 
w. \all, singe manager, rtie company la 
booked. »p until the mldle of May." ! 
■ H>:i-bkkt BocNflw has been encaged for 
•W-hen MiiRhlbood Was In Flojrcr," and nlsb 
Hcleir Hmvulng. 

l»N.v 111V Is now Mr* Oacnr lewi?ohn t 
having hrcomn 1 lie wife of Mr. Lawlsonn «**-v- 
ernl wertr* ago. at Chicago. The inarrlnse 
was kept a secret for n tune, 

Utmru Wrxaos reporta the death ot 
her father R v.- Hc.ike!. at Jsch«onvllle. 
Irin.,.l'eb. II. As the hoaplral Is under strict 
quarantine for smallpox, the body «-annot l»e 
removed for burial for pome time. 

OX ihe eytiilnjF of VUK, 14,iitthe. Able 
Op-ra lfoiisi., Mnftton, Pa., i!i.« K.»-k and ldis- 
kin Lramatlc HartXar, of Uifayelio Colle-c. 
elaged Us KBanaaJ oiMwlidcr product Inn. It 
was a two act mualciil nimedy, by Thomas 
Blaine Donaldson, of the Mask ami Wig 
Club, University of Pennsylvania, who bus 
written and staged ihe .sock and Hiirikiu pro- 
ductloDs for four censons. The comedy was 
entitled "Napoleon XIII." The Sock & Iftis- 
klii men will produce It la one or two other 
cities early In March. 

Lahotvei: aso Lew- write that they have 
Joined ■•HonllgauV Troubles," and Report big 
oocctee. Bw, l*nrlvce plays Hooligan, and 
Mlas Lee Mrs. Squills. 

ilK.\aiCTTA Cao.siiAN* will present "As Yon 
Like it." In London, Rngi.. this Spring, and 
laior will make an uniomohilo tour through 
Kurope. Miss Crosman's company will 1* 
English with ihe exception pMlenrr Wood- 
ruff, "who will May Orlando. Maurice Camp- 
bell will shortly sail la ruakr arrangement 
for this I'ompany, .and for the production of 
"The Utile, Gray Lady," in I^ondon, In April. 

RicitARD t\ Mai-hios, Dutch • coiuedtnn, 
writes: "l close with, fiubtnskvs Bros.* Wnl- 
lack Theatre Co., on March." (after a twelve 
weeks' special engagement), ta play ihe Ger- 
man comedy role, iij *|[ome and Ilunor.' " 

Donna' &>!., who Is plrtyfng Dorn, In Row- 
land * Cllfford'g "Dora TborBe" Ca. (South- 
ern), rejoins mnema In the part. 

NoTEH.'riio.u Tin: Conbov-Mack Co. — Pot 
Conroy, ihe favorite Irish comedian, sup- 
ported by ihe Conroy-Mack C»., under the 
direction or Geo. C. Kdwttrdd, Is In bis twen- 
tieth successful -week, producing the laughing 
success. "Ilognn'a In Snclety," and is booked 
up until May. Mr. Couroy has a |mrt. just 
suited to bis style of work, and Is supported 
by n defer company of comedians, singers 
and dancers. Harry liidih is the retire-tenf 1- 
llvc ahead. Our Inst. f%JMfn "ad. proves 
Tjik Oij. Rkljaui.i: to be die real thing f«.r 

CiiAiti.ES Cartwrioiit has been engageil 
by George C. Tyler, in produce the plays In 
Mlennor Hobwm'a repertory, and lie will also 
appear In some of- ihe plays. 

Cn.inxRS FjsomtAN bat signed contracts 
for n di'nmptl/ntlou of "The (fous^ of Mirth," 
hy Fdltlt WUurton nnrt Clyde Fitch. 

( \Mbsoni nor miself me wilK the 
Jjt >wiut agcre^atlnn. ft.> am la our 
idjctrejiLIu week, nilli the llllt Slork Co., ulay- 
Jug Ihruugli IllllndK. Al Windsor. i,ovlrigt«'n 
MM llaiumond w play .'il to S. R. O., and 
have be*n nsked frw return. dates." 

"Tjip. Tit\NcpSA TnAtt.." which , ham been 
playing -on the rend for sr short lldie.'has ,, 
been withdrawn, hut may be presented next mmi-p' 

William C.xhu. with the lotemalloDRl 

orchastra. We are lu .Texin, niul hav 
crfrerW lawn., Illinois, .Mi^.nii, Knnsas. 
ouiabonin. IikIIhii TerMtory and Arkna^H. 
'Jhitfi* bus Ihwu very new change^ umong 
ihe people slum It nnranlxf-d. 

Wm, Fi.sku will .continue lOinreKftnt/'Leab 
Klivelina" this senwm, ntid wuI^mimsM for 
Ihrrr irerfcaral Uio Academy of 'MiikIc, New 
York, In April, passtfily presenting" "Heckey 
ih .laat week. NexL year- a iww 
piny by Lnnpion Mitchell, "The Kftff York 

where an operatr 


— Next eeason will he enlarged nud constat 
of two rln^s and elevated stage, and will 
iKuignme lis surh yenr nt Detroit, Mich,. 
May 20, nntl proem mnnv hear and novel 
changes. As iMiiai Fuio|iean headline celeb- 
rities will be ihe frnnire. All the principal 
people it* now engaged, nud inelmfe: Mile. 
Alnnta, Mnnd ami Lillian ltiirli:ink, eques- 
" u "oes;,ilio Ii,viiall» . Brpn., the 
.Hfjh, tha)Jj| Uovs.Tominy Haves, deoua 
\\ 'ill. .Clark ami A« WrHn Burt, wigghn. in* 
trained stallion, viiyuamo:" Leslln'M irourw 
oi.., French uu^hIIcs,.. tho l*> r ' 

Si tttaraSf mJ&J ***** «"" Bertha 'kalbh will niflko iMf 

joint appenrnticc In 1 
Hme Hdh.-KrII : 

'Monnii Vim iii-i " 

atiwrmtmix, wnn iiih coiiijmiij, 
»w Vork FVh*S8 lo open .; Bjirhig 
lenpcdls. in *'lUn V%n Winkle." 
;i.r.iM. nf "A rvior Relation** en., 

tnrien Sariinti. received lis premier at the 
J ben ire des Vnrlcles, l'urls, Im lo, proving 
a.£rent .suwofls. 

Joii.n Piiiui* Sors.cs new opent, original- 
ly cbrlstoned-'Tho Free Lnhce, has 'been re- 
named "King. for a Day." *Che cast Includes : 
•lo«eph Cawthorne. Albert Hurt. George Toll- 
lann, W. II. MacDonnld, Felix Haney, Nella 
Bergen nnd Jennnettc Lowrle. 

Mrs. Macaice Oral- bns been III for sir 
weeks or more with appendicitis. In Paris, 
lr., but in reported to He Improving, Mr. 
Mrnuls also said to be In an improved con- 

The Bpster Brown Amdsbyidxt Co. has 
(ngaged MntH^ Lockotte to ctTnte the part 
of Mary Jane, a new character to be In- 
troduced In "Buster Brown" next season. 

nan. W, Scott vsn Jruktr Lvo.vs fSrorr) 
•ft Ja -their -'twenty-seventh week with the 
Adam amid.Cn. 

llAHfty Bradley Is dangerously 111 nt the 
Perk View lintel. New Tork Clly. Ho was 
compelled to leave "In Old Kentucky." 

Woao combM' to tls from Calcutta, India. 
that McKee Uanklu has leased Ibe Theatre 
Royal, la that city, for Nance O'N'ell, for 
the last eight weeks of tho, year, following 
[toward Thurston, who bns secured Hie same 
house for a short senwm. which closes on 
Nov. 3: Miss O'KttLV Conipunr w4ll pro- 
ceed there oh the birmlnailnn of Ihelr lour 
or'the^taies. ■ 

"Leak Ktrstcny.i" wns produced at the 
Diieach6 Volk Theatre, Vienna, Aus., Feb. 
1 1. With great wkcess. 

J. Malcolm Dl'jm: lus retired from. Hen- 
rietto Cro^man's company, belfig succeeded 
by Edward Mackay. 


play will proonhly be seen next, nil in New 
Volk. " 

NOtES FROM Tin-: Olaman Stock Co., W. 
R. CUiman, manager. — We nre In our sixth 
week,, njtd nre booked' solid for the next 
twehty-seven weeks over our old territory, la 
.NVbi-.Tikfl. Smith Dekots, Idnho nnd Mnntunn. 
-We Carry nine ncilng people, with two vaude- 
ville^ realur*s. Onn roster Is as follows: W. 
It. Chimin, maunger: L. N. ClHinan. c'licial 
business and chn meters: Basil Newman, 
Archie Lee. Paul Cnm-phell, Arthur Adman, 
hlnhel Ilnrrlnctoit; Huhy -Davenport nnd Baby 
Clitiiuii. our star. Uu-ln.^s Is excellent. 

"Mfss i'0(*Airovr.\s," the latest play, l>y 
It. A.- Ruiucl, lias- Ijcpii secureil by Khiw A 
Hrlnngcr. ■ The ]dny was produced by ihe 
Bos«i«n Cadets a lew weeks ago. 

Hkn'kv B. Ir.vtvd has slgneil a ennlrnrl; to 
appear In this country under the mannge- 
.meqt of. Nixon & Zlninierman, following hla 
engagement at- the Drury Lane, London, 
Eng., and a tour nf the Kngllsb cities,- ■ 

LiEBLRn & Co. hate secured a Bite at Lo- 
cust and Twelfth Streets, St tonfs, on'wblch 
they will erect a theatre; Tbev also intend 
to build' theatres ia Ave other Western 
cities. Kyrlp Bellew will probably rnanagi! 
the prodnctlons. 1 

Twf-o. V. Rrnvip Is In his thlrtr-elghrh 
week with the ."AVhen Women Love" Co., 
playing Bin. Roam-jr, the j detective, and re- 
ports ■ business civellent through Missouri 
and Kansas. 

Roster of the Bowman Co., supporting 
llnd Abbuti. In repertory: (loo. Bowman, 
owner; .1. A. Weaver, business manager; 
Mae Abott, VeuefB Snider, Madge Bailer, 
Margurer Barrett, Ethel Barrln'gton, Mason 
Orcgg. Jack Lockwond, Ilnrry Stein, Loa 
Pettcrson, Geo. Manning. Fred Wolf, Harry 
Miller, E. N. .Pound, % GnUiexIc, J. A. Wea- 
ver. Geti, Bowman and Fred Clayton. Busl. 
ness.In Missouri Is' good. Mr. Bowman'gave 
-the company a banquet nt the Ncwcomb 
Hotel, Qulncy, III, Jan. 28, which was en- 
]oye<i hy all the company, Mae Abbott la 
quite a favorite with the Bowman compnnv. 

IIowarp CANriELD \* recuperatloa; at ills 
home '.n Boston, after a serious illness In 
New Orlennn. 

WaoGmials & K!:Mi!.n have received a 
cablegram from Annie ItussMl to Ihe effect 
that owing to hc-r great succhs in Bermird 
Shaw's pity. "Major Ilnrbnra," the mana- 
gers of the Court Theatre have eiiended her 
engagemeDt there for another live weeks, 
which they had- the option of doing; under 
their contract. Miss Itunsell will therefore 
be unable .to sail for America until after 
March Id, on which date Rho will close her 
-London season. Mcwrs. Wngenhnls & Kemp- 
er have accordingly canceled nil cogagerueat* 
made forber ou ihiw Hide, prior. to Boston, 
lu Which city she will be seen in her new 
play ou April 0. ; - ■ I 

C11A.S. IJ0F.Y wrlles: "I om In stock at 
the Sinr Theatre, Ft, Worth. Tex., where I 
am engaged to play n line of heavies, under 
the direction of Kugctie M. Purklsa. We are 
packing the bouse every night. The 3. R. 
O. sign Is out very often." 

IIbxiiy W. Savage has secured the Ameri- 
cau rights to Piti-clnl'u opcrn, "Mme. Butter 

Frances Bei.iiomt, formerly of "My 
Lndy," "Florodora" nnd Chnrlea llnwlrev's 
"A'MessnkP from. Mors" Co.. was married In 
Purls; France, on Feb. 10. to tldron Aabhttr- 
1011. a Brlilsh peer. 

Mu.i.y HctLLON boa signed with the Bryant 
Corned v Co., for the .Summer sons. iu, in reper- 
tory, under crtavns, for oharucters and- si«- 
clallies l>elwecn ibe nets. 

will probably appear ncit season In a new 
piece, -by Victor Herbert t-nd Henry blossom, 
udder the manngi>uient of C. B. Dillingham. 
■ MAbnn Adams has ndnptcd Augusta Hcnen- 
del. who will be educated nuder her care. 
The latter K n most promising member of 
MKh Adams' comnany, and b dhly eleren 
year* old. 

.TnrnnoftT! Moitit, father of c oldie Mohr, 
formerly ft choriis girl, dleil at Allentown, 
Pa.. -Feb. M, na^ fcltty-ta*o. 

F:owARn J. .Mown** l« serlon«>ly III (n n 
sanlmrlum In New Y-irk City, tils lint dp 
pMrance en the- stage vras In "The Prodigal 
Boh," at the Grand Opera House, New York, 

getting along nicely, nnd "will so*ui be" hack" 
with the compnny. 

Tim i^omkuv. "Maud Muller," Is lielng re- 
constructed, and with new printing nnd h, 
new production, will In- an attraction for 
next season. 

Blanche Brian, souhretto forCba<\Blaneya 
"Millionaire Detective" Co., was injured In 
Memphis, Teun, hy ihe falling of n pumtl 
froia tbp fly gallery, the panel striking her 
hack anil shoulders. Fortunately no nonsa 
were broken, and after a week's rest Miss 
Byrue resumed work, in Wheeling, W. Vu. 
She was presonted with a magnlilcent bad- 
<iuet of roses fiy the local 'T. M. A., No. fil, 
khe being u member of HufTuio Ixtcal. T. M. 
A., No. J 8. 

Flobcxcr CoRiiiN (Renulc), who has beeh 
very 111 with tuberculosis, Is greaiiy lul- 

E roved, nnd her physicians entertain strung 
ope of her complete recovery. Mlsa Corbln 
Is being treated at tbe I! bode Island State 
Sanitarium, Wallum Pond, It. I, Two rif 
her plays, "The Lost Witness," and "The 
Daughter's Oath," are meeting with success 
through the middle West, .having Wen leased 
exclusively 10 Prosby's 'flayers. ITor th'a 
past seven yenrs Mlsst Corbln has been at 
the bead of her own company, producing n Ins 
new copyrighted plays from her o*n pen. 

W. H. McAlars-r? writes from Plymouth, 
Fa. : "We have reopened Smith's OperiL 
House, which was an old popular uoiir£ 
having been closed fourteen years. It Is how 
named Majestic. Theatre, and aeala over 
WOO. 'The ''populallotils 18,000.": 

Notes tno.u tbe Stewart & De Mars I!H- 
pertory Co. — This compuay W making go>H{ ( 
end also playing to guod houses, soiueilmos 
displaying the 8. R. O. sign through this 
territory. We arc beaded for Ihe Hi nek 
Hills. Our little mascot. Bahy la Roe. Ia 
maktug a big lilt lu her singing and dancing 
■peclafiieH, and In also very capitble la her 
tines for u child ot only Ave years old. < We 
receive Thr Ci.ii'pnn every week, .and never 
fall to wait eagerly for the next Issue. 

Das ttuixivAN wi-ileM that the team of 
Sullivan and Hue-bo cr, dissolved partnership 
Nov. l:*, I!»04, at Peoria, HI., while playing 
Weast's Theatre. Mr. Sullivan Is now with 
"The Wizard of Oz" Co., Western, and Mr. 
Huebner is with fleo. M. Cohan's "Little 
Johnny Jones" Co., and both report meeting 
with the best of success. 

Damon Lvo.n , writes : "After mv tour wlib 
When Knighthood Wan In Flower, I Will 
rarer vaudeville with a clever eomiMjy sketch, 
written by.ia well known author, and will 
Introduce some high clas3 soags, Rngllsh and 
Irish. 1 have received some xefy flne no- 
tices for my acting as tbe young King of 

Parqualina De Von, tho Italian trage- 
dienne, Informs- us that she was nev.or a 
member of the "Henrts Adrift" Co., as she 
resigned, her role, during rehearsals. t 

• Notps poosi ;A ItuSiAX JBukftt Co.. Don 
Macinlllnn, mnunger. — Wh nre doing a nfci< 
naajjirwi In' Nr.rMiern I'exnp. nnd met with 
prosperity lu Oklnlirnnn nnd Indian Terri- 
tories. Tliis Is our twentv-elgbth week, 
nnd wo have covered! the muntry from Chi- 
cago, opening In AilgilHt, to Los Angeles, 
Portland, Scuttle, Tncomn, Boise City, Den- 
ver, Omaha, nnd ns far 8011th as Northern 
Texns, jii-ii we are oow on oiir way Norlh nidi 
Kast. Duiicnn l'cnwardeu .and Harry Der- 
lmnl were initiated Into the F. 0. K. Aarl* 1 , 
ni Perry, OJcln., rccpntlr, and a swell bnii- 
•juet followtd "tbe work." These two new 
bbrda make, iih 'Mix utmug" .with the com- 
pany. Hnl >!.',\YiLeon nnd Almce Connort 
replaced Jnck Hawkinn nud Nettle teaman a 
ft-w weeks since. * Harry Wilson Is winning 
laurels with hm nov-dty .dancing, which lie 
introduces in the mill-act. 

Martin Q. .Millioas, ngent of "A. Foxy 
Tramp" Co., writes that nfter resting at 
Akron, O, with a severe cold, he hi hack a*t 

Notes from no La Verna JWoobe .Stock 
Co.— Vivian Naftxger closed, and Is attend- 
ing a seminary, at Aurora, III. While there 
qhe will tnke .1 thotinngh course In music, 
nnd-wlll rejoin -the cohipony in Jun*. dur- 
the Summer vacation of -the aenilnary, and 
mm ma to her atpdles In .Jteptejiiber. .riUwln 
Strong, who recently closed under -'the;' ninii- 

ageraenr of D. D.,l<evls, has JoItimI fttr leads, .SuwdJe .nnd Mipii iii'iiu'iu, liillm biutd. Herri 
and will lie fenttircd, lu cniijuncilun-.wltli -nnd IIIeM Uuhtawro 
MNs Moore, and we will inako "Di*. Jekyll {uian of tpystery. Pal !!«,»>>»«*—»» 
and Mr. Hyde" '• one of our feature bills. At ^tblnKB moving; Cliff Orr «nd bis family 
Hutsuuvlllo recently Mamiger BntoK gave us wooden heads, Ilnrry Fnmroun, Illusions and 


piny. In vm* mean- 

'.Mitlnue thlsHesKun 

... in... 1 ucxt. KeARon will up- 

[tear In u modern 'd in ma. 

• Pr-Atti, R. Ri.vvn, .if ihe .Chicago Stock 

Co., was shot In the Mg, while nrnylng Ih 

Linton, Ind„ Feb. '2\, by a man In ibe nu- 

dieiice, who resetileil home guying remftrl"* 

pbont the town. The' mihi macie hb ei»oapa 

in 'the confusion, hut li Is slated that ho 

acted 1* lliouglf he were Intoxicated- 

Lottih 1041NUORR-WHK compelled to close 
her n>usuu on uecoimt of U-phoid fover, con- 
tracted some two woflka agnv Kfia will re- 
tuitin lu Springfield, Kv., until abln lo re- 
sume work. 

Jay KritMrt'c will tfinrAuslrnlla nextsea- 
■oa robirning to America. luMOOTi 

TUHOnotiH JlotijBUTsi will atlpiwrt Kyrle Bel- 
lew next season. In 'The Right of W«y." 

Ai.. II. Wilson wllLlMt.sei'n ln;n new mu- 
sical piny, rlUote In the Alps," pext penson. 

Thomas" .lnrcEttSiiv. with his compnnv, 
will h-uvv New Vork F.b, ™ 
tour In MJntiPn) 

I.m: J. KgU 
Writes: "1 WiiHJiilifiu to the St. Fivm-ls .Mrm-, ai w:cilf;i. Knr , on Feb. y.:, to have 
mi operntloii on the cords of my ,|eft Jog, 
which ■ were contracted from rno\imaU»m. 
The operiillon was sucfeaafiil-'ln ever) 1 way. 
1 will he in good fhni]M' 10 lake the road In 
about two weeks. ] have every comfort that 
money nm -buy ami Ihe bertt-Of treatment, 
olno siirroiinrtt'd by a host of friends to help 
me in hen ouly'flie ftitnshtne of life:*' 

Ciiaiilks F. IiKitflni, miiinmer of Ihe Dorrls 
Opern Uoti^e and Mast. I.uko Piltk ThRulre. 
riM'idx, Art*,, Jafornis us' that lie Irfnow 
nwiicr*nnd manager of Ihe Phrenlt RUT Post- 
ing plant having recently l-oii^M Ihe wune 
from F, W. Hiw:hnn. ^Ir. Herger. Iins added 
ninny new hanwts. nnd greatly liuproyetl Ihe 
plnnl since In- purchased il. 

Vim. n- IjbjaMan L'liit.ui'.s, oulv idilid.of 
Philip R. Phillips and his wife (Lllilnn 
Itruee). died .tVb. 18. 


Notes tuom WirwA-N's CM: at Slioiv.— 
V W, wiittman, president of the Wltiman 
Medicine Co,, .of l.iinLivillc, Ky., iiiui Hoiih- 
tun, Tex., has Juot i-oiurued fmni a Qfiy-iwo 
weeks' tour covering, a distance 'at tweniy- 
rve thousand miles nnd taking In tweuiy 
StateH, He carried hla entire coinp-my. In- 
cluding tntirj mid oi-cheatra, bntll he renchud 
lint Springs, Ail;., where bo joined ,tha 
Butts, located a siiiiatoiium, nnd purtlnily 
re'iited up after bis strenuous tour. Tin) 
boohs show his sales In exceed thirty timii- 
snnd dollars, bcln^ la-excc-w of ,any uvnsbn'a 
work durlnt; hls~ten yenrs* exjierlenct on k thh 
road. .dr. Wlttninn Is now organizing for 
his opCnltigat WdlUton, 0„ March 1, which 
will be bigger nnd better than laMt year,- A 
tent pavilion, scaling live thouHnnit peppln, 
will be used. A complete bund and orcboa- 
tra nud NtntT of pliyslclana will in? curried., 

OcRUtlc Onu Co. — We are now on tha 
Tallahatchie. River, Miss., nnd to any that 
huslneaa Is goml would hardly lie oxpreislng 
il. .Btulneisi.iR at lis lop noh-h, ploying 
H the boat's caput ;ty ulgiiiiy, In on« lown. 
Phillip, Mi9R. l i{tie bunt wns (Hied wlib col- 
orcd- poouie. Ou'y four while peepw lit the 
house besides the performers, nuil It wus ho 
crowded that we bad to turn tham a why nnd 
refund- 1 lake! s* nuxt. anjajhia perform- 
auc»i. AGe nre carrying UilcLy prnple. Th* 
roster Is as follows; VtttwrM-Hew Orr, pro- 

{irietora ; : Kola Kennedy, tteasuror; Cflptliln 
Conncdy, master of transportation ; Harry 
Freeman, general manager; Prof. Louli Au- 
,dre,. band leader ;l'rpf..(Jeorge Fnrrut, band 
lender No. ii;. Prof. Arthur winters, oro nos- 
tra leader ; Art Cerrl. nssistaiii stnge mnnn- 
8er: Mrs. Kvellne Herri, wdrdrolw; J. 0. 
rady, .electrician ; Prof. Louis Andre's band 
of ftfrceti nrnn nnd Rlx women; P. F, Fitzger- 
ald. Cliff Orr, Harry Prcemiin, Jim Drtnfol*, 
Mnrvln lAt, Arthur Berri, Art Wlbten, 
George Farver, lively ne Herri, Katie Tdggltis, 
Gertie lthlnehart, (ioldlo Ashbrook, Ji-sslc 

dtaa%8 : •■ ^ 'W^-^".'! 1 Brp "" Ahfl 
"rh mid Aertciiii^, JJurt. Wlggl 
tallloii. VHyuamoj" I^mII«'m 
__j^ uo-HileV,.. tho jVwbo.i,.. aitto-chi' 
Hope, and Howard"* irniipn of tmlned horses. 
Dr. M, tl. 1 hi crow Ih ithe tijiu^trlnn direc- 
tor: W. II. Fowler. hnpAmhRter : Jack iWle, 
nij^tc-r canvat nnd irnin, and Andrew Mi\o- 
kay, junnitger. •*■ ' » 

N<rrtM plow tup.; anovs, 
Cortwui.uuTWi.— A very fine list of arena 
Inleut hns been aeetired tha coming eeflson. 
Among the' miuiy cclebrltiei engaged" llhd 
ivmtructcd for on*: The Potter Family, Kit* 
tie U'rueger and lllnnche Ililinid. eniien. 
ttlennea; Marry Uln a,nd wife. Clenmini-i 
und McAllster, C. J, Saannrln. with hlH rnnV 
teT.rfcr-.lrui J'niuoua Ty-BeiK ihe Alpine 
fninily or three wnincn »nud ope man, mm 
F. Snntin. with bis trained bulls; De Carlo 
•od-KtoW nnd Frank Mnymml, elowna; 
Suglmoto Troiipn of. Jnpn. nvo Incumber; 
tbaliVuir Maivellei*. eceenlHc dancing nn • 
Herbert, the frog man; Clam Komi, nietmuo 
rider; John Carroll, rquestrlnn director; 
Christ .Zatu, ftiiperlnienilent of.thii meung- 
trie; .Park B. Premiss, bnndmnsterv with 
thirty inen^nul Fred Jewell, calliim« hinyer. 
New>ngigcniqnff4 have liilely been uimbi 
wtlh otheH, in. hiding Cecilia Fonuna nud 
IBM Karl, Wm. II. aUrka. ihe Mnrrell Fam- 
ily of live, bicycle nud wire net ; John Ah 
blon. prinrljuil cl.iwii,,iincl Prlnei' Mungo. 

! NitTtw fiiOM Vni'v.irn HimH' Wu.n West. 
--Capf. ir.'ft, (Bitlyj Mchok T 'the Napo. 
Ml of nil animal l miners," ban been rn- 
Mgef hv Mnntiger Clnrlt rfor the coming n»n- 
son, Cnpl". .N.lchola la now nl fflnWr Tditnt- 
ter» In .)k!«ihoin>i, nnd lirtn In pranarnilan b nii 
net ihni will tuiihnihiPdly sland alone next 
aeoMoo, as ft Is the only act of its kind yet 
tttleropt'-d. 1 it i-onslfltfl .of tWCMV?uve long 
bortiM- Texas stei-is being ediiraiet) to pnr- 
form one nf (he most dlrtlcull renin mo (nf 
hitempied by any nulmal trainer. Siieclul 
Vnper bus been nrderetl, fen 1 urine Cnpt. M* 
cholH-and-hlH i-dnrntrd steers, anil It foltftia 
iheblin ot the ihnnriRcment to give (Mm hec 
1111 much iiiihilrltr In the nirnl dlstHiln m 
possible, cnllliig ilu> iiltojdloii niVtbe fniraeri 
una niia-M> Ihe line bm>il of cattls 
nud Hie (llillrult fonts thev perform. The 
ulcers an- from the famous "S'-ll" ranch of 
y<muger UraUiojrfc..whluli Ih coosldered m on* 
of tilt* largest and heat anuliiped "ontflta" 
In the Territory, 

y,i:<;n ANii ./sctf hnve signed wtlh Al. F. 
Wheelers -Now Model Hlmw,' tills *Mng tho 

third Heamm, and tliey are nt his Winter 
ipinrloM bienltlng lu n novelly reniitre net. 

Dh CAi(i.f» AXl. HtOWW write; -t'lio flfth 
of March will to .m|r ItfiL- W'flt.nn -Wie 
Muiilvpn Conslrtldft circuit. ,. where wo brtvo 
been (Mr tea aoauakajlff Ifstfcs. ntul we nghln 
open, wi'.h ihe vp&Mm-VWo Bhoww, to 
produce oiirnewnud novel norinl bar act." 

■Jack Acai.r.r hns eloasd with tho Frod* 
erlck Lnrralnc Co., and linn nlgned nn awab 
fi, 1 ". "JR" B i ,,f ^'"'-'ih "AlllsiilV IasjHl«Moa] 
Dick ShoW, tinder ciinvfts." for llfp cpinlng 
souasn. The siiow opens nr Honurnont, Tet,, 
Mnnh fi, currying iwo earn nnd fort? r 1 "'- 
fle. Including Arbvinrt im'n famotiM Cd'wi 

enl. hiHt week al K... 
lent nnd printing, also 
""id for the movf 
outfit will Im 

llnud. Mr. Awijvt Hpaui. Inat week at Kan'- 

Jias City, ordering n tent and printing, ah 

cdntrnclliig with the nillrtmil for the 1110 v 

mejiln or tho show, 
nbvi.-l one. „ 

•JB^ pno,T I'^wgRB Bill's tllsfnrle 
p wild West nnd Groat Fnr |M Winter Ounr- 

ers at Canton, O,— -I3vi«i nt this early dnv 
It is a Acenc-nf contliithiiis liiisiic and activ- 
ity. Tin- enl Ire nlmw Is being completely 
./jverluiHied, -UlKler, ihe pomonnf aupervialou 
of Mnjor Llllle nnd Ms manager, Oscnr J. 
Krniise. Over no* hundred men are In nijnr- 
lera, und n«it om; of ihem ia IdU during tbe 
eight working hours of the day. Hn WH 
caw have bnsi added to the tralu aud are 
'u the Isrgi* cm- sheds, and three new roaches 
nre on rho way. .The. two now sevsntyitwu 
foot udverl Ih Iijk ram nre In .the point Jfipu 
belhg letflered. Two car lo.ida of dranlht 
IipfMN i ( h«v«> ,Hi« WflJor'H stable on 
Ms Ohio slook fnvra, ahd ohe mftra car load 
of sndmn Imrses hi due from bis ranch In 
Dklohomn. , The nhow wilt bo ranch larger 
this yWt thnn ever befrtre, and The entire 
nrnnlr'norfnrmiincn chflhg>d. It In Ihe oftlv 
Willi ,1V eat of fltiy i.iflgnliuiie in AiBBrba 
now. and the only Wild West and Far 'Hist 
ever organized. All the ntreet MHufa uni- 
forms will be new, Mnjor Llllle haooyar a 
half bundled utr.-nigo people from Ihe'Tilflst 
0* -their way here, und his Indlmjn will uum- 
ber over aiie Inuidi-erl and llfly, tnul ills v*rv 
pick of nil ihe ihIjch. Major blllie returnoil 

■ Wlnler i|ii.iriers from Wa-mlngion Inst 

the largest opening that his Iiourc has ever 
had, nnd. he wanted us for a return dale, 
but our bookings were such that we could 
not give htm the date wanted, but booked 
with him for two weeks In September. We 
have ndded a picture machine and Illus- 
trated songs to our npeclalty list, business 
hasi been linn with im, and return dates are 
otTored us nearly every place wo have played, 
while Ibe "ghost" preaulbulnteq every Tues- 
day. Our mater la as follows: La -Vcrna 
Moore, Myrtle Branch, Kfllo Hunter Nafta- 
ger, Llttlo Lucllo ltraneh, Foster Iluti.'hlns, 
Klwln Strong, lid. II. Ilrniirli, (i. I'd. N'nft-/ 

bin i-k art; Cliff De Coumey, liaudciiiT manl- 

Eulator. )V0' give a two hours' show. We 
nve two weekly visitors. One la tbe "gen- 
tleman ia white," who conies mound every 
Tuesday night. The oilier, every Frldny, 
Till! Ni:w \0RK Ct.iiti;!:, 

• urriMi Kphson Bifow Noims.— Pace and 
Downey, In ibclr rcdnud tdnglng and dancing 
ad, aro cL 111 making good with the idiow. 
This Is ihe ninth week of thbi sticewnrtil dhow 
on Lung Island. Mm. T. Wagner, prnfrs- 
fdonnlly known. ns Vlrgle Luwls, celebrnted 
her -blrlhanr Hiitnrdny evenlflg, nt Centre 
Morlchea. U'liin llowed freely, nnd she was 

geV-i'iU'Vt'lTdwnrds and Karl LnnW"Wc"pYoy g i fl"'*!! with a gold walch sj bar himbsnil 
au eogngftneRt of rtiree wcrka nt tho, Ales- s\.y r *P&S&±M™MJ l !& t £3B& 1 &* 

z:tr Thenh-e, New t'nutle. Ind., conimenciog 
March VS. We receive four cajbgRtf of Tun 
Oi.n l.'p.LiAm.K every week froni the Western 
r.'ii cm. In Chlc.'iKo. und therefore kep posted 
on things Iheatrlcul. 

Notes pnoit OuSKt'S BIT ,Vas Wisklh 
Co. — Wc opened the season at Waupaca, 
Oct. 7, with (he following roiter: C. W. 
Ogdco and Geo. Ulltlmoro, etiual ownem: 
Mrs. Ogden, Hlhel Ogden, Francis had ilttiu 
Marlon Ogtleu. It. K. Itlnl, Ed. Vounghnu, 13. 
Woodls, Frank Tope. IL Bye. F,. Elswortb, 
Joseph Himoenfell, J. Ncol,<AIrhi Lawrence 

jo^cpu Denacnmi, j, r»etii. jikiu i/nwronce -»-•—» »»-rtn — v «.;"'"v'z'.l " " :-•• ,v 
and Gale Hnmllton. DuBlness bus been fine ^W.^ 1 - « n n ^ w l eU I^aHWA* TV» b .1 r i" 

from tho time wo opened, with good prosperls 
of Ir remalnlug so. We open under our tent 
lu May. 

Frank Leo writes that he Is In his fifth 
senS'iu wllh Al. W. Martlu'n "Uncle Tom'» 
Cabin" Co., lu the title role. 

AtxKrrr Fadkl, arlvrince agent for (bo Do 
PewHiiiiletle Stock Co., wrlteM: "Wo con- 
tinue lo do n nk-o buslneas in the Mouth. 
From Die flood of answers to mlr receni 
I'Kit 'nd.' we Hccnrcfl dcslrnble people to rduitd 
out our orgnnlxnilon. We have played one 
return dure 10 heavy pniropuge. apd'tuiraral 
more to follow. Our vaudeville contingent 
Is of umiNiinl excellence uud mugnlludc for 
a stock company, und embraces : Minnie liu- 

Sree, buck nnd wing dancer -. Ibe Frl4S 
Uicrs, Juvenile vocalists ahtldnnccrs: Thos. 
K. Do Pew. verantlli' entertainer: ih--- Hold 
ens. muhleai net : J. A, Osimi^ip, coon shatter 

IttxiAULC gets to us one day tale, hut It Is 
olwavH welcomo hyour flrcalde.. itnsMr: Dr. 
J. >f, C'olidou, nmnngcr and lecturer; Mrs. 
J. M. Condon, (ronsuier: Dnn M. Bulltvaii, 
Irish anil Dutch comedian: .Madge Herbert, 
bullods nai[ crgautsl; l^<- Herhert, hluchfnce 
romcdlnn; Prof, JClrkpntrlek, mnglc, mnrlnn- 
t-ttcg uud Hplt It cabinet. 

N0TJ:S I'lllfM Tim Modrrx Hlmkkt Co,, 
uudor Ibejiianngenieiil. of W. R Gardiner.— 
We onn report a very xiicccssful sonson going 
from canvasjlo opera houses. The coniphny 
consists of a. I; Davidson, owner; Will H. 
Gardiner, mann«er nnd pianist: Dr. W. F. 
I.nrljnn- flluiTnlii Frank) lecturer; IlndclirTo 
and Belmont, rifle experts, nod Jntncs Lcltnu, 
eccentil.' camidlau. Tut: Old mxum.v. Is 
n regular ratler. 

Tin: Mn.i.Ai: Itnon., with Ihelr dloramn, 
oivened m the HOMrt circuit, nt Ene, IM., 
" feature, nnd fhelr novel me- 

ind Knliilt, Hldlnl. the wsf/ii wiiere bu liml bemi in lbs intariwt or 
its. tbeinan HmtMum K ■' " fo1 ' '"*» poriictunt Ion of iho buffalo, 

i ,. N " Tf: " FROM Al., F. WllKRJJGU'S HtlOWH.— 

All*rt (jflHtob is re-engogi-d as nrlnclnnl hlng- 
Biid anrl talking clown und eouesfrlim wlili 
His ahow, this iMiing Ills third heanon with 
this uggrpgiillon. .■ 

^■Tanflii,'. wrllcn Ihnt lie hns signed with 
Csiapholl liroe,' Clmm tn piny- lbs cnlilnpa 
for the coming san aon . TO enlllnpo |« n 
now one, nnd one of tbe finest on tlie road. 
having a rnitgo of thlrtyiwo kayo, After n 
visit with his purcrita nt Ml Kan., ho will 
ifnvo for Fiirihiirg. Neb., which Is Camp. 
bell's .Winter liendouiirlern. After 11m Htilri- 
mer Hcnaon lie will he tmen In validcvlllo with 
JUm brolbef nud slsier (Hiiywnnl nnd Hay- 
wnrd).. ■ 

his Wild West -Www, nt MiMUlatL Ft.. 

where li open- March -I, , - 

II. F. Hahk bus: signed ns lender of Iho 
Ainerlejiu Pnv lion Khow Hand, an has also 
Wm. II, JWell. coriiniiht, will n, Itrowu 
will he ndvjtiii-f biiHlnesn mitnager : Clinton 

l\JX MU :< M H zz ii,tv: v - ll,,rt mpuomi,!, 

. ink^.re.Hver. "lis memben ho fur ace : 
Herbert flflldeii, leader orchestra had "yor- 
nct: Clyde l*rnijc}«inboftei,0/C. TlrirneH, 
BM1 h?&L rhlward nnd Chnrldtte llecves, 
Me Ida Ownns uiul A. W, Owdes. Th« cofn- 
hfinyi will '-travel In two epeclal cars, .ahd 
w l , .i , "'', , J l J /"* % ttaM- '^h ( «nt Is HOxPO. 

•(jUin. WiifTEa UtTiRtKRA of Dam w. Pcr- 
Hhe, uh.iiaton .ltdplds. Mich., eamo very 
near bclltg: dostroyed by fire or Feb.- U'. 
Air Perrinc iepdn« Hie dee lb or his trained 
War, Clue, nnd also Male H that neit Hiiin- 
mer Ids show w'H g» out ns ofNUft, 
•,I*EWia Wivkr, Albino, wilt travel wllh 
Hie G.dlnini' Hlmw, seiiaon or iflftfi. 

.rTilH \mh ihww,* Know will opaj their sen* 
son liny Si «t Wnrron, It. |, Hugh J, Lee 
will be the ngent mis year, nnd -Mlckle Lynch 
will ho In charge of canvas, 

JkfaKSWP*** ♦ vItl ' iav « C''a'8e of. tlie 
iiuhlli;liy deinii'Liiieiit of the lldnutm * llalley 
Circus on Ibfj road the coming touting. Sea* 
sail. Mr. WelUha baa been connectecr wltti 
this show fyr many years, and Is one of tha 
beat, known preis agents In Ihobualneaa. 

ring to nmtcli, wore a gift from W'llllnm nn, 
ncy, our aUvntuo innn. "Tlie ghoot" wall.-s 
every Knndny uiorulmr, and evao'ene is 
happy. Itonter: Wagner k JHcobs/iiroprli-iora; 
Wllltum tlllmey, udvauce; page and Downey, 
ilunccn-; Vlrgle Lewin, lliiislraieil nongn : Hniu 
Wiigiioy, inuooIogiieH ; ('Una. Myers, .electri- 
cian; .Arthur Green, pianist. 

Nrvj'KH rnosi MKprcisn Co., No. 1. 
— Wc continue lo play to fine biiafncHi 
through Central Iowa, and Ibe weather Is 
flue, considering the time of year. Al llnstcr 
wo. had the ,8. It. 0, card out all week. The 

Kan. Mr. 


Htrouse retiring, . and George c. 
taking the managemont of the 
company In hla place. 


were (He piobrnr.i In nome plaei-s.'' The Cnno- 
dian weotlww ban been line, und imtliiea* la 
excellent with ub. 



PACE 70. 






oomi»*n yi • ; 

?W&mriggbr n 


A Miring Lyric end lleaullfal MMlt „,«—_,..,, 

.'. . i * ' " ; A Greet Soldier Rang 1 
;• EIGHTEEN HEAETIHL SLIDE* n»r . i...... . .>.,, ,.,.„- ■ HIT II I *^v. 

Theatre, Cicns gmlli, X. Y. . . _^__^_;_____^__^_^_ 

Big Honey in 


. (Tne Una 700 
He ererywntre) 

64 Lakeside Avenue 

' "A Song for a Cent? 
•raws ' the crowd, arid you get pennies . by the 
quart. ' Coin-Slot Phonographs are automatically 
operated by electric current Small cost to run. 
Big payers in penny vaudeville houses, fairs and 
resorts — wherever the crowd goes. Wrjte for 

Orange, N. J. 

CARD 3ctaJBe*a 

Just Opened 100 New Shades of 

Th, Well Known "DANIELL SATIN" 


BROADWAY, 8th and 9th STS, N. 7. 

One Minute from Astor Place Subway Station. 



■Ami. 1. B&Tion presents 





WASTKD-P.OFl. la oil br.nt fail eg the MINSTREL Bl S1NE«B. State partlre. 
less la first tetter. Tlvtse playlets; braea tjlven preference. I par boaro tbotelf). 
SO SPECIAL BUft Addre.s all communication, to 

IAIE8 SOBIAH, ears ol HefoUIe B. Bajnond, 
__ 110 W»at 34th St., Hew York City. 


J3 1 K/% 1 E. PROCESSCO. 

|_ PARK ROW BUI SJ?!HG.N.Y. A_ | r ,. f< 
hli cts. SQUARE INCH- ■* ■ QUlS 



trorTE HIR OATALOOrja. LODTB TITtK. "P«TM r.." IK »«huli Ar... Ollcaro. 


IME CRANE costumes 

m Tree, i mmnh| ItSTllLWeSOlY 

BLICHLY WOBN TJurle-niie, Evening, Street 
GH-LN'. 1»M Brcedwar. "»» York. 



COSMOPOLITAN NOVELTY CO., '.'It N 811 St , Ph ladel pMa, PS 


To hands oor New Improved 
Hmuy otne tod stool. Llglu- 
nlog change, qnlck seat any- 
where. oapeoliy, any person. 
Stool stands nH Inches Digit. 
Meat 4); by 8 to., made in Oak, 
Golden Finish Pollened. 


oeaSgiS... W.elniiitl,0. 

Fin Magical 'ppanlBS, 

Grand End ol Cantor?, folly 
Mnstrated. book Csta- 
iocub, aao., free br mall. 
Catalogue of Parlor tricks free 

aURTlNKA A CO.. Mfrs., 

Its sain Are., s.t. 


ProfeMlonalcopt. earsSw 
far card or i< cm: pro- 
gram. Pros cuius or 
plays, salnalr.1 lolccaete. 
Mill ROSSIIES. i» 
Willi In, ton St., Chicago 


90 C p n er 8 .Q0 




', Preserve your Complexion I 


adams Royals . Cold 

1 CtSAH,preps\rtdetpcdaUly(br 
t the ibMtrkctl prottwion, if a 

1 Efrtt UluiMe scqilaltlon for 

•llwhoieqttirettrjt makeup. 
1 A (mall qutnthy fibbed Into 

toolkit, before applj-iriilTtan 
1 fiir.n c; Tirn-l'ii, w '1 • :»'->■ ; 

Itjiely prevent snr poatlblt ' 

injury to lie (kin fretn iietr 

I QM. Wilt BBt ClUlt STOWl. of I 

ailr. Guarantee! to keep 
i !B.e.nlit. r. Laaletvlitt a 

aeHca>«, mahtre iktla, who aa-e auffeted iron the 
• irritBlloB cuued ay *>m« pal pis and powders, will < 
i readily appreciate the tMilta of tali pteparatloa. ' 

Pot tie r«a>orilofmak«-ap It la wcqwiLea. 
' FuH haJ)-tx>urd r«cl««e. pr«P*'J. 80c. A 

lriaJi!ieiartoart>Bddr«t"«irtC4Hrto)15e. ' 

P»rdridg*5 A Bteokwell, 

2 Mis|t.;i.'i^. DETROIT, 31. CH. 



Bamt dowQ Dec. 17, and tojro fesi not had a drinis 
or a muricaJ comedy alBcevtiia Om». Tbe popala- 
Hon of Lorain li 2S.O00 abd t.50,000 1b paid oat 
erery two wcih. iddressall open time to J.W. 
HcOOftHlOK. 416-4U »ap«rior St., Toledo, 0.. 
lessee ot Empire Theatre, Lorain, 0. 

Musical-NOTICE- Artists 

For 8aie, Organ Chimes. 

1 Bet of t>et.eaii*8, 27 notes, cbromatlc, no 
double detb floor rack. Used ono waaon. 
Co«t. BHr. WIN sell for «.75 rtuh. UAKRY 
MAWVELU (.wcaeral Delivery, L'nlrbury, Mb. 

H0Lr.ll. 'IO-l>ATB SKETCH uBAM. 
Doallos nail alnglcs. Man, Al baritone tjing*r ; 
lady, all uround Both work In acts, 
burlesfjuca or any partti cast for. Would like 
engntccmuDt with tint l-Iubs boat Bhofr or 
MUpBay, for aeosou. 1'ertn. add.. 


Gen. Del., Aberdeen, MIbi. 




Adoreat S.O.P.. 817 Jeiereon st , Waterloo, Is. 

Wait.!, laafJi Violin, Slock, Bsrlesqui and 

Vandeviiie. Salary fit-. Wanted, at all times, First 
Part Ladles, stater Acta. jab. it. BARTORT, 
J Aodltortam Theatre, Norfolk, T». 

State lowest. Must double piano or organ. 
Wat MARHfcTTO, Merccrbarg. >Tant°ln Co.. Fa . 


Wonttd (orMoalcsl rroductlons. VaudeTlIle. 
PdbUv: UearlDga. City Apneorancea, Coaching, 
Etc, Ap. Forrtstsr. V20i Uroadv.-ay till 8f.ll 


To Let. Four Fllmi of complete new tIows. 
BometblDK rjew and Interesttne. Addrvsa 
J. BARBA, &0 lnrlDK Place. X. r. 


sad rakes. Also coalEtilAN with Specialties, 
tilalolowest; you gctlt tcre. Add., n. Lammeil. 

sto vol. Tin ctreci.,siou mm, a.o. 

On! Ud Masse T.»l and Awning to. 

Budolph and Union streets, cniCAOo, III. ' 


■ LACK TESTS Omr ■pecimltT. 


■ma show pa]* 


For Clrenses, Wild West Snows, Blstk TtntA 
Cassy Tops, risgs, Kldd A Baker Lights, etc 
Sad for IS DSge price list of second band 
7tt and Wyandotte. Kama, city. Ma 



Poles and Stakes. SEATS, Pises. Etc 



Agents for Kiinra patent circus liobts. 
■ 1 61 w. Wsehlngton St.. OBIOAOO.ILL. 

Circus Tents 


20 Tears' Experience. 

m aid ■ Woodward Ats, Detroit. Hick 



Largs Stock 80ft and Coder 
New and Second Band. Writs 



•d^ccssdis to tbs T. W. Nobis Co., Tent Dent, 
Detroit Bag sad Hit. Ox Detroit, Mich. 



And All Others 
Seed fir UnilC. Icllli til. Wasted 

Special Attiatltn Given He FTtlessloi 

Western Uniform Co. 

'214 8. CISRS ST. 



FOR BAI.s. CHEAP. CO Roaenfleld Phouot*Taph«. 60 
Ro>enfleldDropn and Machines of all kinds Apply 
BCRTOS. 84. Third *ve., near ^tn Ht, V, Y. City. 


M. BFVENPORT. box -J03. Newpott, Vt, 



wa have made tho cure of Blood Poison a 
specialty. Blood Poison Permanently Cared. 
Toucan be treated at hereunder Mm*fniaj^rity. 
Capital taoo.OLX). We solicit the nosl obstinate 
cases. If you have exhaufted, the old method) 
of treatment and sill) have aches and palna. 
Mucua Patches In Mouth, Sore Throat. Pin- 
plea. Copper-Colored Spotf . Ulcers on arty part 
of the body, Hair or Eyebrtwj MfewajQt. writs 
for proofs of curt j. 100>p|gs Book Free. 


1111 UKelC Itant. cali.rj, I1I..0. >. I 




Cares all 

Dlscbarges In 

48 Hours 

EsvaesiHsil. "■ - 

wMT.ll. i 




The Payne Theatre 


Just Finished And TJp to Date in All Its Appointments. 

Scenery and Equipment of the Sett. 




So Book Where the Money Comes Easy. 


I would also like to hear from STOCK PEOPLE In Al! Branohss, Well 
TJp in Bepoitoire. Those with Specialties preferred. Also a good BTAOB 
DrHECTOH for Summer STOCK. 

Sead program., photo end l.West aalarw tat flr.t letter. I pap everything. 
Addrsss all toamnnlrstlosi So 

lalBY IcKAY HABBISOI, Igr. The Payne Theatre, 

»-.i »W DECATCB, AfeA. 


... A1V1VXJA1V TOXJR... 


A Repertoire of his latest Sneoesseg, . 


Wainagore in the Soatbern States K Lndly Bead Open Time. 
Always glad to hear from Reliable People. 


Address ROfeABD A. o J BORNE, Martin Hou-e, 40in St and B'wsy, S.T.Cjtv. 



Barebauk Sommersault and Champion Jockey Eider (with own stock;, 
will arrive in the TJ, 8. A, March 1, begs to 






V.T»atttetl, AJltistx-el ~E*&-v±<o-vix\&v& 

Two Black face Comedians, Al Juggling Act, Bubs Singer, Solo CornetUst, NOvelly Feature 
Act, for Street Parade. Long engagement to rlgbt parties. * 
O. LOTK SILVER, Nt-vr York \ 

Address LT I 

Minstrels, Traverse City. Ml' - ''- 





MISS LILLIaN TV8UI», Prop, and Est., Bon Ton THaatre, P°"»' 


edrActa. Lady and chlldreu audience 
Sloserd. Bend lowest first letter. 

Goud BiDglei at 0Di:e. Flaunt and illustrated 
POTTS A THOMAS. Sljoa Theatre, Canton, Ohio. 


\/ff£ArJ?/Ot/. P/?Wr//V6 6- t//6/?AVrMr^ 


|pr\'G iSTAGlrMONPr' AS* 
|BOOt\ OF tXJTcj &O r 



*"» TMtti 


40X ^tE*jaxi<a,IaOxa.cioxi. "^p^T.C 


PHOPESSIONAL ADVERTISEMENTS. . . Ze. Sd.. Slasile Colano Inch 

BLDO.. wbtra adrortlwmenta will be received. Copies oa Ble. 

J. HENRY ROWLEY ' "lii«Wtal C«,JW W. .*, Sw i'^ 

e» m mm w s. elAl A ) M . f) ilsuiijcr IJIJou Tlicslrc, Pal S THaj * *■ 





The Sensational Cycle Marvel, Sailed for Europe, Feb. 20, on the S. S. Kaiser Wilhelm II. 

Month of March, Albert Schumann Theatre, Frankfurth, a M, Cermany ; month of April, Apollc Theatre, Vienna, Austria ; to follow Budapest, 
and Apollo Theatre, Nurnberg, Cermany. laoh Theatre booked for four weeks. Booked Indefinitely by my exclusive European Sole Agents: 


ClMul—1 tl Tn fliIOitli.ii to tli* Klnnew 
or All Nations, to be directed by Charles 
[larkiasoD. of oper«tlc renown, at Mask 
Uail, Maaagcr will S. Heck in bu*y pre- 
paring the amuacnient feature* for the mili- 
tary carnival, to be given nt the armory, by 
i!k> rii>t Regiment, O. X. (».. April 18, mid 
to last ten duy« Buckskin. Ben's Wild West 
has l)"cu secured, and other concewdotiti are 
In ,i formative state. 

OitAXb Opbba Flora]-: (Harry ltalafortli A 
lulin H Iliivllu. managers). — K. 11. Solberu 
;tnd Julia Marlowe, Ken. liG, lo "The Tamlnj; 
of the ft-hrer." "Borneo and Juliet.'* "Twelfth 
Vlght" and "The Merchant of Venice" are 
listed for the week. "Babec In Toy land" 
•jiEived to splendid business lant week. Ig- 
naclo MartlDcrtl and Katherlne Bell were 
the lively Infants. The chorus girls proved 
an exceptionally pretty lot, and the "grown- 
ups" in front evinced as much pleasure a* 
the children. Olga Xethersole March 5. 

Walmt Stbekt Turatiik (M. C. Ander- 
son, manager). — "The Beauty Doctor" Kcb. 
■J.V Laat week the Nixon & Zlnimermuu 
Opera Co.. with Frank DesnoD, in "The Office 
Boy." did tremendously well. The revival of 
the Daniels hit was indorsed at the box office. 
Marie Barry, ns Eupbemln. and Katherlne 
Xetson. la the role of Claire I> Lune. were 
enthiHu The P**i Mortons, la "Break- 
lug Into Society." March 4. 

Him is son's OHM LIotjsk (George 1<\ Fish 
k ,L- F. Fish, managers). — The rorepaugh 
Htbck Co. has again been remodeled, sttd 
Walter Edwards makes Ids debut a* leading 
iAiiu, In "The Proud Prince." Mb, 23. More 
than ordinary interest attached to lint In- 
terpretation of Ucerbohm Tree's version of 
■'.Oliver Twist/* last week. Jessalfne Rodgers 
u>ade her first appearance In the leads, as 
Nancy Sykes, while Laum Plorpoat was an 
Ideal boy. Gilbert BIy*s Faglu proved a ctevcr 
>'hi meter study. Harry Kcnwick was Bill 
SyKeit. Charles Buruhaui, anotlicr now stock 
member, m especially good an Mr. IJrowu- 
luw. Business averaged good. "The Wife" 
March 4. • . ,„ .. ., 

IltxeK'r? JJfkba Houhk (Hcuck, I enue-ssy 
& Stair, nianngen»).— Barney (lllmore. man- 
aged bv John H. llavlln, in "A Rocky Bond 
iv Dublin,"' Feb. 23. "When Loudon Sleep:*" 
was received with enthusiasm last week. 
I'm nk Ktlday and Lillian Yolkmuu. In 'he 
leading roles, were actually cheered duii'tu 
ibe moat thrilllue moment* of a play well 
su»i.alned throughout. "The Factory SUr* 
March 4. 

r.ji.i jiiua Tram (M. C Anderson, man- 
ager ).T-Mlle, Martha i-'lorlne, with *ier 
troupe or lions, pumas, leopards and Jaguars. 
It* given top ulaee on Hie bill Feb. 23. Eddy 
(llrard and Jessie (Jurdoer. In "Dooley and 
tin- diamond;" Gus Wlllhun*. Foster and Fos- 
ter, Charles I^onurd Fletcher. Trio Sciplo 
Artrcnauil. Hie Three WeatouB, nod Goodwin. 
Lester, Smith and Dale (the Avon Comedy 
Kvurj, In "The New Teacher," arc other 
enlvrtaluinra. Tliere were the usual crush'."* 
loot week, and among the really good turn* 
were : Charley Case, the monologue man ; 
Mucart** monkeys, Willy Xininiermau, and T. 
.NeihOn Downs, "the King of Coins." Madurue 
AverySirakosch received many encores. 

Lyckum TnEATBi: (Ileurk. Stair k Fen- 
nVsKy, nuiangeni). — "Fast Life la New York" 
liVb. K "On the Bridge at Midnight" re- 
newed former successes lart week. Frank 
Weed. Catherine Crego, Don Heed and Mattlc 
Kdwardd were lnemocrii of a cupable com- 
pdiiv. '•Tlie Flaming Arrow" March -1. 

I'lMPLtt's Tiiimtsk (Hubert Mcuck, inait- 
lareri-— The Broadway Gaiety Girln Feb. 23. 
iTMik Carr's Thoroughbreds, with Cun- 
ning, the Jail breaker, especially featured. 
l»ut up a good eliow, to good bu^lnes* last 
wet-k. "A Good Kou for Tour Money" and 
'Tlie I'tikm Men" were the burlesquew thai 
took well. The Laurent Trio made tlie hit 
of the olio. The Jolly Glr|s March 4. 

STAXU.\nD Thkatuk (C. B. Aruold. maua- 
Ifrj. — Tlie Gay Masqueruders Feb. 25- M. 
itf. Thclse's Castno Girls, in "An Unwilling 
Klna," with vaudevlllt?, drew big crowd* larf: 
wcek. Tim Heuly made a great impression 
as no IrUh comedlau. Belle Gordon \z still 
uueen of bag punchers, llnl Godfrey In with 
lite cumpaut, playlrg^ his sketch. "A Very- 
llUd Boy. ' Klec A Barton's Big Show March i. 

Music Hall.— Marie Hall was the soloist 
at the concerts of the Cincinnati Symphony 
Orchestra Feb. 23. 24. 

Otism? or Tin: Loanv. — Krom Mt. > ernou 
ruBies the telegraphic story o£ the marriucc 
i»C two Clnclnnatlaas, Albert Lewis and Mary 
McDoiiough. both of the "Human Ilearta' 
Co. ...... Manager John Warren -nmouni-es 

May 27 as the opening dale of the Ludlow 

I.UKOUB Minnie Dyker gave up an oo- 

i Icipnted '.Tireer In opera to wed George 
Hantcy Wlppert. of Arllugtou llelghts. n 

l*lMJ|>a|iil| suburb On the laut day of 

Ssrah Uemhardt'a brief local cogngeincut 
■she was preseuted with an Immense Inure! 
WTejitn and clnster of American beauties 

frgm local French societies Corlnu*' 

Moorelflwjon will aing at Mazie Homnu h 

rarewell tfincert at the Grand 

"arlo Fisher appeared Feb. 23, as a soloist 
irt rh>' first concert of the Mozart Club.^. 
Iittf ' Hchutnon, u protege of Cora Kahn, will 
ialft the cute role of Thoaias Franklin Mor- 
ion Jr.. In the premier of "Kidnapped by 
Beity" thr new Laurettc Von Varscveld-F. 
lloeffer McMecliaa comedy, ut the Odeon. 

Marelt y The All Tarnu* Minstrels give 

u shoir at the Auditorium March G. and 
prcHRnt Baby Virginias, the four year old 
fbl Id acrobat. 

NirrEH. — The Culnmbus Amusemeut Cv. t 
uporalors uf the Hmptre Tliealre. nt it nieeting 
of the Htockholdcrit. Feb. 22. sold the len«o lo 
Geo. t?. Urlln. who will remodel tho honi"-. 
Frauk Cunip. lending uiau ut the Um- 
pire Slock Hot. has resigned, and will noon 
join the Vanyhau Gmwr Stock Co.. at Cleve- 
land Kdna Kerr, a chorus girl in Chnrley 

Urapewlu'K "it's ! : li to Yon, John Henry. 
Co.. who wax operated on for appendicitis nt 
Protestant Hospital. Feb. 8. died 24. and the 
mvfcfBB were held at Trinity Church, by tkw 
Actors" Aid Society, Sh Tlie body was shl|M»ed 
t» li'-r form»r ltome in Philadelphia. 

Dnyton — AE tl>: Xntionnl Ttmnirc (till 
Burrows, manager) "The Factory Girl* 
played *o Mitlnfactory hnsluess Feb. in-SI. 
"The Beauty Doetcr." wllh an excelluut eoni- 
pany, played cnuncity bourn** 22-2}. Com- 
ing: Botb Melville, In "Sis Hopklus." 2«-2B : 
'The Four Mortons, in "Breaking Into So- 
ciety," March 1-3. 

wCToaiA (C. G. MJlier. manager).— A good 
crowd witnessed Bom*1U- Knott, in "When 
Kulgatbcod Was In Flower." Feb. 21. Joseph 
Wheeloek, in "Jimt Out of College," did 
splendid business 2K. "The Teuderfoofdrew 
fairly well matluee am! night 24. Coming - 
"Ul-lSi," a fiouiedy of toys (local). 2u, 2» : 
-Ian. K- Haskett and Mary Mannering. in 
"The Walls of Jericho." March 1. 

SoLUiEiis' IIomi: TflBATHK. — The John 
Thomas Concert Co. pleased a good nudleaec 
Feb. 21. Cumlug: "Our New MIuInteF* 28, 
Alloa Packard, cartoonist, March u, 

|)il->\ (Lewis, Wheeler & Curma, man- 
agers).~-A plcaslug programme caased the 
attendauce to lucreaM: for week of Feb. ID. 
Week of 2d: Mar and Miles. Guy stent. 
Fred aud Daisy Thortoa, May O'Dell. and 
the optlscope. 

YonaffHtowD. — At the Park Theatre fLcc 
Xorlon. manager) "As Told In the Hills." 
Feb. ID ; "The Governor's Pardon." 20, 21, 
and "Too Proud to Beg," 22, all enjoyed very 
good business. "When Knighthood Was in 
Flower'* was well presented 23. by Vfrglnln 
Drew Trescolt and company. Miss Trescott 
won much favor with her audiences. Hactett 
and Manaerlug 24. Chester Dc Voude Reper- 
tory Co. 20 and week. 

Geaxp Opkua Uopkk IF. K. Aloaugh. man- 
ager).— Anna Kva Fay drew well week of 1». 
and occupies the house for the current week. 

GiTKTt (Jos. W, Webs, manager). — Ir- 
wlo'f. Big Bnrlef-que Co. plii'ed to good busi- 
ness week of 10. this being the opening week 
of the new playhouse. Scrlbner's Morning 
Glories hold the boards 2U and week. 

Xotks. — Hugh Kane, of minstrel fame, 
iolns Voget's Minstrels »on. and tccna wtth 

best wishes of his many friends Harry 

W. Codv, formerly with the L'nluue Theatre. 
Akron, is now advertising agent for the 
Grand here. 

■ -- ■ ■ ■ 

(.'lev eland. — At ihe Opera Hou*e (narrv 
D. Kline, manager) "The Virginian" week »( 
Feb. 2«. "The Shepherd King" had goi-d 
attendance last week. 

Colomal (Drew * Campbell, managers!. 
— Henry K. Dixey present^ "The Man On the 
Jtox" week of 2d. Vaugbau Otaser Slock 
Co. presenied "Men and V>omcu." to copacltv 
houses, week of 11). Margaret Augliu nett 

I.vcccm i Geo. M. Todd, muuagcn.— "Girls 
Will Be Girls" week of 211. "Tlie Ulu-:k 
Crook" had good receipts week of l». "Toai. 
Dick and Harry" next week. 

CtxvEUixn (Geo. M. Todd, muuageri. - 
"Too Proud to Bi'g" week of 20. "titst«?r'M 
I^ist Fight" drew crowded housei week M 
ltf. "On the Bridge ut Midnight" next wafc 

Kkitii'-s HI. A. Daniels, manager). — Btli 
week of 20 includes : Ntua Morris and :oui- 
pany, Cumnrus nssttH. h'ord and Wllsou, l'i II 
aud Nettle Peters. Lludeii Bcukwlth, Mox- 
Smltb Duo, narry Atkinson, and Bailey ami 
Austin. Capacity houses and sitlcndld ^!1!« 
rule hen-- . „,„ . 

T.TBic (15. It. Lang, manager).— Bill week 
of 20 Includes: Ferori's Animal Show. Gar- 
nellas. OUMlo HlHters. Somera and VWam 
ttobert Wlngate. und Kelly aud AdaoM, 

BT.*n fDrew k Campbell, managers).— run 
Tlioroughbreils week of -**". Miner's Meny 
Bni-le&iuers week of 1». Broadway Gaiety 
Girls next week. 

BMi'llii: (Chas. W. Deuzluger, manager i.— 
1T» Bowery Burle«iuers week of 28. Sam 
Scr'.bucr's Morning Glories, week of ID. had 
good receipts. European Seusalloea next 

loit-do. — At the Valentine (Otto Burnt. 

manager) Kubellk Feb. 20, l > reHH Club Shot\- 
•JM. James K. Ilackctt and Man' Maunerlng 
2d. Al. G. Field's Minstrel'H 2S. "The \ Ir- 
glnian" March B. 

Ltchvm (Frank Bert, manugen. — Harney 
Gil more. In "A Rocky Road to Dubltu." eaiuo 
to line business 1U-21. Havcrly's Minstrels. 
22-24. pleased gicotly. "Josh Perkins" 9ft 
2t. "What ilappeuiHl ro Jones" Marcli I* 

ICmpiki; (Abe Shapiro, manager). — The 
Bowerv Bttrlesnuers gave a show that hid 
fair business I» aud week. The Kurupcau 
Sensation Co. 20 and week. Al. Reeves Co. 
March 5 aud week. 

Arcadk fll. H- Lamken. muuagcrt. — Jae 
Broomstick Witches were n strong feature 
na the bill 11) and week. The bill for 20 
aud week includes Spnuldlug, Marlow and 
Vlunkett Co., I»ora IVIIctfer. Coyue'H Pan-' 
tomlme dogs. Stuutoii Mediuu, Mayuic Rem- 
mingtou and Pliks. Warteuburg Bros, aud 
the TetngToph. , _ , . 

Bukt*k (Frank Bert, manager). — Ttetrn 
Had Boy" 2»-21, drew good patronage. "The 
Factory Girl" 22-24. "The Little Ilomestenil 

honto*. iikh derided to ugalu o|H!n (he donr.- 
oi lb? bitter place nfiei* >uimr lielng dark for 
rhe piisi Iwo vi«nittiiiK. Hie reni>e»Ing will 
oreur n'urntt M'ireli X 

llmnflcM. — At Memorial Out^rn IIoukc 
i 'Harry L. Bont'is. maiijger) "t.lrls Will ![.• 
Girls" pleaxed a well (llletl Iioiihc Feb. SB. 
"Our Xew Mlnlstrr" pm-ketl the honst* 28. 
pverv seat being wild at advance xtiln. '"The 
TenJerftHit" comes 20. 

OttWltii'M (GitH Knn & O. G. Murray, imr.i 
agcrsl. — BuhIucur eonllnues good here. 'ITir 
lilll for IS and wivh Include*: Mt>llevlll.> 
un<l cnffBtttmr, Annie Goldlc. and Lewis mid 

tidumhui At the Great Southern The- ■_ , u-2S, "Shadows of a Great City" March 1 

aire (O. M. lleffner. inanager) friends und 
niemhers of the Kalglitsiof Columbus lilted 
Hie aiaiw Feb. 22, to witness the annual 
tuluytrel show gireu by tbe members of the 
order, who ucmiltted ihcmselves lo a very 
Tcditable manner. "LtMle Lord VMm 
roy*' was produced by the pupils of Miss 
Cluienbcard, for Ihe bcneJIt of tlie Home for 

the Aged Deaf. 23, to a fairly good houw, 
"Just Out of College" drew welf 24. "The 
Tcuderfoot" 28. Marv Muurerlug uud Jaincs 
K. Huekett March 2, 8. "The VIrlgluau" 0. 
•.'baniicry oleott 7. 

■ Kmi'IBt: (Priestly Morrison, monngcrj.-— 
"'■■ipt. Barrimrtoa" was produced by tbe slock 

wmim to fnlrlr good crowds, week of heb. ,. T1)C ■mrm lbms— ijih nil 

II). Mrs. Flake. In "Lcab «?™fcJ5 ffl Orcbcatru 0. vaudeville (stage hands* bcoellti 
■apaclt^ houses 22. Week of 20. * Glltlcrlug « ...V nrUEP 0. "A Bunch of Keys" 10. 
«*lor^l: , * week of March ,i. "Out of tbe rold. ntj n (Thomas k J'ults, nuitmxcTa).— 

Uiiaku OpbUA IIousk (W. W. Prosset. man; w -eek of Feb. 20: Genevieve Rutherford, the 

Aibcons, Baby Gertrude. Jean Beauregard. 

uew pictures and soogs. 


Ut. Uala.- At the Century i P. T. Short, 
manager) "Cueckera" wok a tine drawing card 
for week of Feb. JS. "The Wlwird of Ox" 
25 aod week. "The Uou nod the Mouw" 
next week. 

Olympic (P. T. Short, manager). — "The 
College Widow." hist week, played to gpn- 
ersllv fair Iiouwk. John Drew. In "T*e 
f«ncey." has good prospects for 23 and week. 
to be followeaby Grucc George, In "The Mar- 
riage of William AhIic." 

Gaiirick (0. W. Floyd, manager). — Bertha 
(iaiiand ended her two weeks of due business 
24. In "Hweel Kitty Ilellalrs." which made h 
decided hit. The week of 20 bids fair to be 
the record breaker of the season with Con- . 
atanee Crawley. In ' Idylls of Shakespeare." 
20-28, and Mine. Sarah Bernhardt March l-Jl. 
The advance sale of scale for both stars was 
tremendous. Tim return engagement of Mrs. 
Flake (In repertory) Is looked forward tn 
wllh much Interest. She will play here next 

Guand Own* Ilot'SK (John G. Sheebev. 
manager). — The week of 18 Primrose's Mlu- 
strelsi proved excellent. The opera. "l*a«il 
Jones." with Rose Cecelia Shay. 23 und week. 

iMPKiiiAt, (O. B. Russell, manager) — 
"David llaraai" eujoyed a splendid week, fol 
lowed by the ever popular "Sherlock Holme*" 
23 aud week. 

Haymn'h (Wm. Guren. manager). — trni- 
lowlog "The Wnyof the "I'mm-gressor." which 
did good biiMincfti. come "The (jneeu of the 
HiKhlauds." whicli hiJ- fair to do tine 23 n:id 

Gavktv JO. T. Crawford, miiuugei').- Al. 
KeeveV Show scored big. Mr. Beeves divid- 
ing honors wllh the famous Nelson-Fumum 
troupe of acrobats, IS-24. Tlie World Beat 
ers-23 and week. 

Stavdauu 'Lev Relcheubucli, manager). — 
Following (lie splendid week of tlie Innocent 
Maids we have the Dreamland Burlesqiiers 
week of 23. 

Commuia (Mlddli-lon Jfe 'late, muuogersi. 
-The following are Included lo the bill for 
23 and week : Navajo Girls, Thome and 
farlcum. Kva Westeott and company, Keuo. 
Walsh and Melrose. Tom Brown. Dick Lvnch. 
the Manning Trio. George and May Wood- 
ward. Gladden nud Luvlne. Marion and 
Deane. and Hh- klnodrome. 

ONM tlton W. Sluurt. mauager). --Sun- 
day and AVednesday evenings the German 
stick Co.. und Saudiy ufteruoons. the Choral 
Symphony concerts enjoy good houses. 
a ' ' - 

St. Joseph. — At Tootle's Theatre (C. 1". 
PliUley, maaager> "Bnstcr Brown" i return I 
had big business Feb. 22. matinee and night, 
Gnu* George. lo "The Marriage of William 
Ashe." 23: Lewi* Morrison 24. Kyrle Bel- 
lew 2S. 

Ltckim »C I'. Phllley. manager). - -"N«- 
iKslyV Claim." 22-24. opened to fair business. 
"Lured lrom Home" 2->, 2d. 

bniC (II. Waller Van Dyke, manageri. - 
The Vnu Dyke Stock Co.. In "La tlgnle. 
drew satisfactory linslness Inst week. "Car- 
men" week of 20. 

CitYSTAt. (Fred Osmioa. nianasrr).— A 
s(rong bill packed the bouse at every isr- 
formancc week of IS- The bill for week of 
I'.". Include*: Brooks Trio. W. G. Rogers. 
ffeca nod Camllle La Jess. Marie Glrsril 
llnrold Kclley aud comiinny. and fosmon's 
moving pictures. 


KanwaH CHTi ail the Wlllu* Waal Tlie- 
alre (Woodward k Burgess Amusement Co., 
managers), last week, "The Wlsard of Oz" 
opened Suodav night, and cun tinned four 
night* and matinee, to capacity MM 
Montgomen- and Sloue were as enthuslaslit- 
allv received «s of yore, und tliey were abl) 
assisted by Belle Itobluson. Allene Crater. 
James K. Wrsley aud Beit Dean. The liro 
duetloi' nnd cnsenihle work weru up lo tlielr 
former standard. Tlie latter part of the wrek 
Kvrle DrUfV, In "lUrHes." created the saoic 
good Impression he made las* season. Tbo.'e 
In Ihe couimuv deserving luetitloii were: K, 
It Holla ml. Frank Connor, Hullle ltu-*se|l 
and Olive Windham. This week. "The 
Clausman." for the first time here. Next 
week will he divided between "l*andful" uud 
Lulu Glastr. In "Miss Dolly !>ol!ars." 

GRAND (>tr.iA Hol'sk (Hudson k Juduh. 
malingers i. — IjsI week. Yurke and Adams, 
lu "Banker* and Brokers." met with a fair 
degree of ana"**. Yorae uud Aduius were 
clever and the company large. Thin week. 
"San Toy." and nexl week. ,! Davld Hnnim." 

Oui'HKLM (Martlu Deck, gem:ial munageD 
— -Last* weekV bill scored big: Tbe act-* 
were : Carlisle and Baker, plunlsbt. vocal- 
ist* und wmiioseiv ; Joseph Newman, lu his 
owu sougs : ("curl uud DIaiaotid, in Spunli<li 
dances ; Watson and Morrlacy, stngcrs uud 
iIjuicm: Lewis McCord and company. In the 
sketch. "Hie Nlrbt Before :'* Air. Grunt, as- 
sisted by Kthel lioag: Bice's pony, dog and 
monkey clrcui,, and the klnodrome, showing 
the latest rnovluu plclore, "The Wolf Trap. 
Bill this week : ivulson. Hutchlns, lidwards 
and cooipany, Chris Bruno aod Mabel Bus- 
sell. Ferry Corwav. I.l' Bruu's Grand Opera 
Trio. 'Happy Jack Gardner. Harry Le Clulr 
aud !-• Brunln. 

GiLLltl i..U'i:i:a Ilut'SK (K. S. Brlgham. man 

ager). — Ijist week "Lured from Home" 

proved to it- u melodrama of exceptlotiil 

merit. Wlllli Granfer did splendid work. 

■- and Little Wanda Carlyle. a child of seven. 

repertory, week of Feb. IV. pleased big crowds dc^rves praise. This week "The Way of the 

at eleven performances. "Two Little »>alfs Trnnt-gruwhor." Ncit week, "Fighting Kate." 

AcniTouti'M (Woodward k Durgess Amuse- 
ment Co., managers). — Lust. week "Sberloe'- 

PiuiPI.K's Thkatub." The seeioid week of 
i lie l^lton Stuck Co. «iw a ih'etdi'il Inrrenir 
In the attendance. "Thehnn" was prmliu'cd 
und Mplcmltd work was done by the hiiHvldunl 
nh'tiilteitt. TIiIk week "The Galley Sbive." 
. Ct.iritHitX'js.- -Sarah Bernhardt will ni>- 
peor at Cnuvcnllon Hull on Ihe night of Fell. 
28. lu "Camllle." The house has i»e<-n prat* 
llt'Slly sold out. and It Is safe to prcdlel that 
"in- in the tnrgesl. If not ihe Lin,-'-!, audi- 
ence which she will eneouuler tnirhig her 
lour, will be played to here. Arrangement* 
were made l i-t u.>ck by Mr. Gorham. Hern- 
hanlt's represent at Ives, for the pnrchnse af 
a teal, from Baker * I^s-kwoial, n IikihI ilnn. 
Tbe lent will is- llrsl used In Dallas. Tes.. 
\lareh 20. and after that will he used «£* 
elnsivcly for n Suntliern tour mill siipple- 
mental tour of California. Hie lent will seat 
six thonsand ts'ople. and wilt Is* titled out 
with folding clmli-K, arranged In sels of atx. 
There Till! lie n complete stage. UUdBE. 'Hie 
new tent has been contracted for on a reuial 
until Ihe amount aggregating Ihe price of the 
tent Ik paid. For the llrst day's use gtlUH 
will be paid, nnd after ituit sii.'o n day. until 
Sm.OOO Is |Hild, when the lent Itecomes the 

Iiroperty iat lieriihardi's managers. .Mine. 
lernhurdl'i season, which was tirlglually to 
have been twenty-lire weeks, has been extend- 
ed to tbirty-uvc. through the addition of the 
Callfonila tour in a tent. After her engage- 
ment In Convention Hall she will strike 01 
reclly South, going to Pnlm Bench. Fin.. Is-- 
fore she doirhlcs bsek to Texas for the lent 
season, tn Tulm Reach she will appear In 
the dining room of Ihe Royul Poncluiin Hotel. 
A stage will be mil In one end of the room. 
About 2.000 seats will be sold, on subscrip- 
tion only, for <"> each. 

NnrlairlHd. — At the Baldwin Theatre 
it;. II. oiendorf. manager) "The Yankee Con- 
sul." Feb. 19. gave a splendid iM*rforninm-c, 
to z. top heavy tiuiite. -'luiHles.'' 21), played 
to capacity and plea*.ed. Kyrle Bellow's 
work wos greatly nppreelnlcd by the au- 
dience. Ilowe'g mu\'lug amn (return en- 
gftgemcul). 22. drew Iwo good houses. Kva 
Tangunv 21. 

On .Mf:i; (Dr. F. W. Hlenier. laniiuger). - 
Week of IP, fair business, with the stork 

STin (G. II. Olcndorf. mnuiigeri. Viimle 
villi- Is filling iMs house nightly. 


Marlon.— At the Grand [C B. I"err>. 
mauager) Mrs. Flake played "Leah Kleslma" 
lo a packed bouse Feb. 20. "Girl* Will be 
Glrla matinee aud evcnlug. 22. drew bljj. 
Henry R> Dlxey. In "The Mua on the Box.' 
M ; "What Happened to Jones" 20, White's 
"Faust" 2N. 

I nnton. — At the Grand Opera Hoase (M. 
C. Barber, manager) the Guy Stock Co.. In 

.„......»....- .,■,->.. I. ,.t li'..'i 11) lilnflbf/t l,ll> IT.11M M 

_j pcriorojaocvto. inv u»i^ ""<"- 

2*i "Tbe Darling of the Gods" 27. "sweet 

"• March -. "Uncle Josh Perkins'" 3. 

Clover" « 

"The Man oil the Bux 

S. Caotou Symphony 

: 'ger)- — "The Beauty Docior" entertulued 
fairly (food crowds Feb. ltf-21. "A Son of 
stanf* drew falrlv well 22*J1. Havcrly's Miu- 
mk 20-28. "When Knlglitbood «aa in 
I-'lower" March 1*3, "Sis Hopkins'* C-10. 

H|Qii Btbket (Chas. W. Harper, manager). 
—The Black Pattl Co. drew capacity howaes 
Feb. 19*21. "Dangers of Working Girts 
phmU'to good crowds 22-24. "The Oover- 
nor'a Pardon" 20-28. "The Factory Girl 
March 1-3. "Wliv Womeu Slu " o-7, "A Mil- 
lloualre Tramp" 8 10. 

/.anesvllle. — At the Wcller Theatre (J. 
G. England, manager) there were four nighti 
of vaudeville, oiHsntag Feb. 1«, *wn 
raft Perkins*' did fnlr business 17. Black 
I'attI Co. 2.1. "Josh Slmpkios" 24, week of 
26, vaudeville. 

\orri;. — S. A. Wcller. owner of the Heller 
TJicaiic nud torn* «f the old Scb"Its Opera 

Holmex" drew big houses, which thoroughly 
enjoyed the good performance. Brroll Dim- 
oar. In tbe title laiit, was excellent, yialbllde 
WciBog. as the adventuress, cumc In for tin 
lion's share of the applause. This week 
Lewis Morrison. In "Faust." Next week, Jo- 
seph Murpby, 
C'ESTtnt TiiKATur. fJ. J. Uarrctt. maoa 

ST). — Last seek the Dreamlnod Burlesuu>:rs 
ew big bouses. Jolly Zeb waa tbe hit of 
tbe performance. This week tlie Alcazur 
Beauties. Next week. Watson's Oriental*. 

Majestic (Fred Waldennau. manager). — 
r.i'.jr week tbe M'orld Beatero drew good n1- 
tendanee. This week Wine. Women nnd Son? 
Co. Next week, Hoble's Knlcker(s.'ckrrfl. 

Mtiuieaiioils. -Ai the Metropollhin Opera 
House ft*. N. Scott, mnuiigeri Lew Fields, In 
"It iluppeued lu .Vonlluiid." Is the offering 
for Felt. 25 and week. Thouius JelTerson. In 
"Itlli Van Winkle." March 4-7 : Kyrle Bellew. 
In "Rallies." S-lll. Lulu Closer. Ill "Miss 
Dolly Dollars." played to fair houses Feb. IS 
and week. 

Buoc OI'i:ua Holsi: tT. L. Hays, malin- 
ger 1 .— Thomas K. Shea will be seen 2o and 
week. "Fight Hells." by the Byrne Bros.. 
tollows. "fluster Brown" played to crowded 
houses 18 und week. 

OJil'mxu (Martin Beck, geiioral uiuuu- 
geri.— BUI for 2." uud week: Auuuul visit 
of the Orpheuni Koad Show, with Ye Colonial 
Septette, Mcrlun's dogs, Jules mid Ktln Gurrl- 
sou. WlUolia Wluter. Sisters and Brother*; 
Ford. Edgar lllsley. Cumpls-II uud .lohiisnii. 
und tin: kliiodruliH*. I'lne liustness is and 

Lvct:i:n tl. I'. Sneer*, aiuuuger). - "Tin* 
Courier of Fortune 2*i and ww>k. ■"The 
Christian" next week. "All the Colllforls of 
Home" played to good business IS nnd week. 

AcitM-ouiiiM (P. T. Baiinoli. nmuager). - 
Berthu Gul/tind. hi "Sweel Kllrv BellnTrs." l*i 
the attraction 2d and week. Mine. Sarah 
Bernhardt drew line lutslness 22-21. 

Cviori, (John Kllloit, miimiKen. Hill IWr 
2*1 and V««k; The G reels Bleycle Troupe. 
second week af lluekeye Slate Ijaarteili', 
.loseph J. Dowllng ami Myra Davis, ihe lltdi- 
lands. Miisti-ul Nulou. Lmil* Bales, and 
Lumpkin. Huslness was very bum W and 

1)kwi:v *SV.' A.-Slng'-r. miinugi*ri. -Kaiplre 
Buriesuuers U the iitlruclloii for 2o and wei-k. 
The Chetrv BJiissoms next week. Miss S«W 
York Jr. drew more bnslncss ilfnu ronhl Ue 
Mceonimodnted 1S timl week. - - 

nt. Pawl. A I (he Mell-o|ioillill) Optra 
House il.. N. Ki'ult. mailligerl Lew Fields. 
lu "II Happened In Nordland"' (IUmI lime 
here), had good business week of IS. and 
uliiJCij lataifir aT Lulu Glsaer. In "Miss 
iKdly Dolltns." t-uiues 2d, for the mnr, hyrle 
Bellew. 'n "Riillles." March 4-7 : Thomas Jef- 
fersou Jr.. In "Hip Van Winkle." s-H«. Mami- 
aer Swtl left for a ten days' bookluir trip In 
Now York. 211. 

Gu-lMi iThcu. L. Hays, inansgeii. --Tlioliins 
K, Shea, who was new to Ihe ihentre tmblle 
of St. Paul, met with Hie most slgual s.ic- 
bhbi In his repertoiy of plays week of Is. 
and big bwiws were the rule. He pn-st-ntisl : 
"lUchelleii," "Olln-llo." "Nup-di-on the Great; 
"The Bells." and "Dr. Jekyl! and Mr. Hyde." 
In all of which he appeared to grenl nd- 
vuiituge. and miide a dlsllucl lilt. Byrne 
Brothers. In "KIglit 1MW W»*4 ttf 53: 
York* and Admits. In "Blinkers and Brokers. * 
week of Murch I. 

Htak U. C. Van Hon, manageri .The Km 
pint HurlcMipjerH, with dally ii)iitlin-<-s. hml 
fuir ttl guisl business week of Feb. IS. Week 
of 2.V the Cheirv BIosmmiis. mid week »( 
March 1, Merry .Mnldcii*. 

Lhti'flKi'M (Charles Fn-rck. manager i . 
Business e'ils very good week of 11). New 
people for Wi*>-k of 2d: Menu Kurle. Jnllmi 
mid Julian. Frank McGfutilss. Vlrglniu Ilay- 
ileu. liurrnlue Sisters, with Kdlsoii's lutesi 
iiiolloti pletuivs, Holding over: (Hilton and 
Huylr. Alfred Anderson. Grace De Camp, 
llerllc Von Hunk. Kittle Rjinsom. Theresa 
Keaip. Bei-ile Wlliurd. Mabel Carroll. Itnth 
L.lvuh. aud (iroce Mnlliews. 

KMfiHK (J. C Van Itoo, muniigeri. - llusl- 
ues« was fair week of IP, The only neiv 
face for tnafe ol 2H will Is* Olga Wiiiganl. 
All others bold over. 

- a 
llalath. -At the Lycetim u\ A. .Marslmll. 
inunageri "Kerry Gow" am the bill riata, Si, 
22. Tj;w1h Juiiicm 2;:, 24 mid multure. In 
repertory. "I'lfi" PatT!: Ponf'!:" Ml. I". 
drew large aiidlcu<*es. Tile IHks March I -'J. 
"Paris bv Night" r»-7. Savage's Kngllsh tlisirn 
'''.'. V, HI. 

MCTroWiMTAN * Wm. Isillgstn-et. uiiina- 
-^i i.-Hi-llly ie World's Big Show did big 
MatoBM vtcrk of Feb. IP, Miss New York 
Jr. week of 2(1. 

Blior ( .1 .<■ ,\| [i I tin n 'I. manager i ,— Bind- 
new Is to cnpaclty nightly ut bolli perform. 
auces. I'linuer Nines nnd his trained pigs- 
assisted by MoHisr Ji-.ies. with Irahicil 
iblckeus. ducks u;id i-Igcous. gave a good 
sliow. People for 20 and week are: Kvuiis 
ami Avails. Alice Alvo. Buckeye Stule Quar- 
tette. Manhittini 'IVIo. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. 
Morrell. Joe Ailmou. Kehnelder's ilrclieNtra. 
tlarry Wlluiol, Jus. M'-Clellnn, and the mimv- 
Ing [il'-nires. 


i-Hlinot iih* al.^eeiliie or «rensy 
i IT | as i. To Mult 


him iifvcii :i yreni In Kin. I) sooihes an Ir 
rlliifiil siilfili-o -m ipili-kli. 



. ** [RADC TV> I 

FROSTILLA • Sin : W> look upon ihk gnirlwl ft 
all toilet article-' us simply woiulerfnl. H 
lm» Ih-i-ii In aw In our home for yearn, nnd 
we could noi k -.'i on well wllhnui II. Mv 
wife l> very loud of doing fancy work, bin 
before we loiiriivd of Proslllln Ihe work of 
the home iniidc her bunds so rouuh In cold 
wen I her that she eoilld mil handle silk or 
worsted. 'Ilieu she would resort In n Ireai 
ineul uf giycrlne on retiring al night, hm 
thi* «bj slow nnd ofter painful. With 
Fi-.islllln II Is simply lUM-eKsnry lo minim 
the hand*, aud In a few minutes It dries and 
ihe skin becomes as soft and smooth us i 
tribes, jnfl slic can take up her fancy nmrk 
al iniv time wIiIumk ilelay or nnuoynnce. 
It. F. BoiiAimiM. 

Said Evt-rywhira. II your diilir hu not got 
It )and 25 cant* for bottlo by mill, postpaid. 



A novdur to be shaken into iho thoes. Your feet 
(eel swollen, nervous und damp, and get tired 
Mill*, if jou have aching feur iry Allen's Foot 
Kaae. It resit the feet and make* new or Hghi 
shooi easy, tares achlag, nwolluu. iweating fen, 
iitlatemand rations spots. Relieves utilUiintnn, 
corni anri imniona orsilpiio andglvesreai and 
com'ort. Tryltto-iUy. Hold by all l)ruggt«ls ami 
Shoe IHuiM.r i' Don't accept any Huimiltute. 
Trial package KRBR. Address 


. AD. 

PACE 70. 


are the only kind you can 
depend on. They're ex- 
quisitely flavored, smooth, 
subtle, and aged to please 
the most critical taste. 

Seven kinds— Man lialtan, 
Martini. Vermouth, Whiskey, 
Holland Gin, Tom Gin, York. 

G. K HOl'BLEIN 4 BRO., r-S 



Block Ha nit ra, Pomer* and Uuta on hftnrl ror»aj«4 
•InievcrjrlirftneliofthnAtniiJipmfintBqalDens. fleadf* 



o«ue (Hi of Dram 


■lift (_, . 
.Trat-e u* I'rrnlinii nf all klmli. 


613 CLM 1TREET, 3T. LOUIS, MO. , 





Tin- l'ro|i«r t'Ht h 
for all Thoaira 
Kxli-, Henri fwr 
I'rlirea anil t«U- 

Hugh E. Glark 

NO. »7 Vlrlt I'iirh II ., Hoi It.-iler, IV. 1' . 


Al.l. "KlfVIl COnKDIAM. 

Mnt. Ueii. ur net NiRirur (|ulc» muij. «oi..-r 
itli*l rellnl'lr. l-ontl iln/DHcr mii iinlinr. Lo»,Mnrn 
iwhrjr. .HiMoMilim. AilDrwa ..„„.... 

MM 91. WKST 8.1IISKT. VT. 

For fifty years a staple 
remedy of superior merit. 
Absolutely harmless. 




•■-■,, I n , 

THE FRANK QUEEN PU8148HIK0 CO. 'Limited.) 




HATURDA.*, MAROH 3, 1900. 

Advertlieroeot,— 12.80 per loon, ili|M «t* 

AtlvertlaeiiMiitl it! wltti bordir, 10 t* 
f pnt. eitra. 


One jear In ailwnce, 14 i ill monllu, 1*1 

tbree ini.ntlia, fl. Korean po»Ui« extrt. 

Mingle, roplw nlk I* »ut, pmipilO. m i» 

nipt of Id renti. 

iiirr Tirma air* OMfc. 

"tiih nijmHi i» iskw'ii ♦»"y wrinn*i» 

uiiiniiiiu. Tlw Inal four (ailverlUliig) paire 

(111 TO PHHS8 on Mturdiiy «t 1 1 i. « .. «oo 

tlie oilier p»«e« OB MOSDAX «r.d TUEHDAY. 

•riir Iformi t!lo,l»« I'romplly. T*M- 

.liiy, «4 10 u'cloolc A* M. 

I'leiK remit lij expreaa, money order, 'duct, 

r. 0. order or rogliMred letter. All cub •»- 

doted with letter le «t the rlak of Miiaer. 

Adilrr.a All C»«lmnlllP«tlo«» »• 


47 Weat 28IU Street, Near Tort. 
Rejlelrreo" {/»We Aiidre«, 'Authomti." 


of Tun Curren ■ locaied at Room 604, 
Aeblaod Block, Clilcago, William P. Birin. 
manoser nud cortenpODilent. where edvertlie- 
monte end lulmrlptloni ere meleed »t our 
regular ratee. 

Located at 48 Cranbourne St., London, W. C., 
John H. Carney, mnnnjer and correspondent, 
where advertisements and aubacrlptlona art 
received at our regular ralei. 


BALI and iwtail, at our agents, Brentano's 
newa depot, 87 Avenue dr i opera, Pam, 
France; M. LlHenlhal, Frederick Btraiaa 
101 {Terminus llnte.1), Herlln, N. W., Oar- 
many; Diamond Newi Co.. M Trado, Ha- 
vana; Mnnlla Book and Stationer* Co., 12« 
Katolta, Manila, I'. tl Albert k Son, 187- 
18U King St., Sydney, Australia. 

THB NICW VORIt Cl.rPPCIl pnbllahos 
o«ir one edition, anil thnt la Anted 
from New York. ■ 

billiards, voau btc, . 

S. J. fl.> Jert»y' City.— thi ba^.po«»t*« 
on the. stroke you describe in yobr qBery. 
must be replaced on n line belo* the. deep 
led °pof. and an near the spot fta poaattiia, 
liut roust tmt be frozen to the ball occupying 
iiial spoi m ibe ilm* 1 . 


"Novicb."— The deafer In obliged to teU the 
I'lirabfr of eards be drew, provided be la asked 
before a bet Is made. After a bet la made be 
can not. be compelled to tell bis "draw." 

W. J. O., lioulsvllle.— The penalty for a 
revoke Is mt ttie option of the adrversarlea) 
iih follows : At The end n< the band may take 
ihree trick* from the revoking player and 
iidd to thrlr own ; or deduct three points 
from hi* score, or add three to tJbelr own 

K J. R. rrederleksburg.— No one suit taken 
precedence over nnolbsr. Two flushes, of 
nirdi In different Hiilta, 1ml of the name 
ili-nnmlnntloni«, ere of ei|nnl fitrenfith. 

A. J. M„ Nana. — Any ulralghr fiiinli Ib a 
rnval Allah, The latter term flnd<* no pJac<* 
In'nny standard nuthorlty upon the gnme «f 

■ >■ ■■ I . •' r . 

il. W. I.., Nnna.— See answer to A. I, II., 


II. I,. S„ Portland.— The jwrcentage U In. 
favor i.f i iir iiiihIi. there being nine enrdit to 
till from or against eight cards to till from 
f"i- n hi might open at both ends. 

If. H» Svrncii'HC l. II Ih right. A luust 
n-how his entire linnrt when called. U. No 
plover i-nri score any iiolnts inelded until he 

Iiiim lakrnii trick. ' 

J. II. ft*., t'lnclnnatl. — B Is compelled to 
•tlve A u allow tor ibe money be has In tlie 

I. Vi, P., Fort Strong. — Another deal In 
noceHRflry to decide the game. 

MiH(i:i,i.\\i:oi x. 

!■'. \V. K., Chicago. — Oonuult un atlas. 

.1. J. II.. Chicago. — The best recorded ilme 
Is OJs. seconds. . 


No n«pl!e» br Moll <" ■ Tel««r»pb. 

luoneau o» wH»nt»»oun not eBTBL 

Sli moth!! . "w». W/«NN0T MND 10UTH 
HI Uk(V 01 ML JW4W 


W II.. SlmtHML— Wn have M kiiowledge 
of Ika wliwmliwim of Ita rirlir. **«•».» 
letter In on i'«i» mid »'"' "'" ndverlliw It In 
Tim i'i.iitbii Inter Ilm. 

A, >l. M., Iliirtfnrd, 

W, II. I'., Unvolipoil, 

\ln». A. • V. II., Rin lllelimnnd, 

Mink r. i„ M. l^iiii". 

.1, .1. .Mill.. Hnltlmnr*. mid , ,„ ,. 

1'. I', i'.. Kiimmi. "Hop nwwef lo "• Um 
M.ralraih ,.„„/,.. — ,r yon will »*nd ymir 

ndd«M» m Kill pirward mm »nd ilniw i'"« 
ili'Blrc. . 

••lloliiN.'llnire.— Tin' nullity would depend 
upon IH merit ol tlie m't- ., . . ,_„ 

,M. C, W.. Tolwlo.-I. A. llirlerborg. 17fl 
Olllnrlii Hlreel. I'lilinito. S. T. Ik «•"■ 
llmer. 4H .Nnamin stiixil. Now \ork 4- 1 ij . 

Mm. II. II. II, I'luMnte.— Referent* to our 
route Hut 1" I'll" l««lie > vl11 8 lv(> >'"" w1 "" 

'"i'l Il'u.' Hrmitiiu-.— Addrew lllehtrd "Inn- 
lliony, ear* of the Amerlinn , Dranuii IhIm .lull. 
Ill Went. Korllolli Hlreel. New \oik 1'lty. 

II. H.---Xni iH'ln* |KiH»o»aed of lilt powei 
to limk Into Hie fllliiro we can nol deelAe 
Hie nnemlon. Thin- ulono will lllve Hie nil- 

In nol oil Ilea toml 

Wnli-li mn route 

A. \V. ( llritolilyn. 

,U !.:'T ,, .rsom»,S l . JOBHh. 1. We >mrc 

mi record nf thi' riemh of the party, 3. \.«*. 
uttf Is on the ronrl with u burlesque com- 
pnny. ;i. She In Mt-n. lieorge \\. Itlcc In pri- 

tt I).%'ellrteel.— A Ih rlgbt. Thomns W. 
Hums orlglmiied the title role, the other 
party unniecl never npneAretl in the play. 

IV J, W,. hclndi. — 1 mid 'J. We ennnwt uu- 
doriiike to ItiHlruct i-nv one In thu iliitiM 
of n onslilon. KxiiWHHWf Is necessnry. 

.1 J. 11., Allegheny.— t'onaiilt n lawyer. 

J. J. C, lli.moii Unrbnr.— Tlie nnnounee- 
iiiciit has not lH»eu made. 

II (I. S., Norwich,— The itarty was horn 
Nov. tl. IWR, ami l« Htlll alive. 

M. .1. T„ Pulnskl. Wauh our mute UkI. 

K ()„ IVni-ln.- Letier In still unrlntmeil : 
»!• will mlverihc li nijelu. 

•■Oi.i> TlMKlt." New Yrtl'k.-- Uuve Wanilmhl 
iticil Nov. Hi. 1K*». In New York t.ily. 

\v. M.. I Vie wham, wriic lu ftotwri raw- 

l'*„ I- 1 , tl., Teenlim.'— 1. Addwiw the Altmitey 
tlulientl w I'lieii sum' wlu-vo you wihii l« 

nliiv. •!■ Hlsi'vn MUD In I lie iige. 

|'„ Mcc, Sclieneriiidy.— No regular huu*' 
ilovnlvtl In ViiuiU'vllle, Iml vimilevllle shows 
ii r» HiimelliiH'ri put on. 

I'. K.. New York.- Mnki> appllcnllou to Ilm 
miivui' or citv comul! of I'Hcli town. 

S, \. N,. tieiiion. A(lilrens the Kilterprlw' 
.Music Supply <'".. HI Weal Twenly-elghth 
Si i til 

■■I'liial's.." t'oi'lismiuiiti, Address »'. 1- 
Mills, -HIT Wo-i P'oiiyilrst Si reel. 

11. I,. M.. I'hUniWidiln. Address the pur- 
•rile the plecen. 
1... Ncwiii'k. The witsmi liefiirt! 

im it l.ONDOX i.i:i n;it. 

9m*i, oril «>WN •.■OHRKMroXliKXT. 

rtainii-r Bnrenu, 

■IH on nlmiiriif Street, 

l,eleenter iVquiiVe, 

I, <. ml. HI. \V. C. 

I Tu. 17. 
Nat I*. ihiodwhi'H eugngement nt ibe 
HIinMc-dHiry Ivrtcnn Inst Haturday night, with 
it production of "A (Jllrled fool." The play, 
iioT'.vl»h«iandln(t ltn Miceewi on the other sloe, 
didn't mod with the local critics' ap- 
proval, ulthoiifh Mr. (Inodwln was cominend- 
cd tiy nil for his able performance, and mo 
whs Jessie Hatemnn, who pluytf the prln- 
clpnl fpmnle t-lianieter. The crlttrlnnu were 
sn hostile 1 hut It. wjim prni'tlcatly decided ■) 
unep I" withdraw the Carleton comedy and 
revive another piny lu Mr. tJoodwIn'a renev* 
lory. At preMent writing "An America n 
rimen" Ik hi rehenrsal, and will bo done by 
Mr. ijoodwln ami coiupuny on Thursday ncxi, 
"A OlMiUi l-'oul" holding i he statf' of the 
Shtiftei-jbury till ihen. I ' union plHygueiti 
vhw "All Anierlcan Citizen" some live or nix 
years mm, and I um mid thut the play wus 
warmly received. Mr. HomIwIii whm support- 
ed then by his wife. ■Muxlue Klllott. If that: 
fall* to jileuwe "In MlSHOuri'* Ih In reudlucMs. 
There whk a great gathering of Hie mem- 
bers of ilie theiitrleiil profesMon It His ila- 
.|eMiy'« on Tnefdny. nrteriioon, when Itcer- 
Itolnti Ti'i'i- gave ii profi'SHlontil luntlnee «if 
"Nero" The hniiRe was Itarked from stnlls 
to pittery with un audience 11ml followed 
i he piny with :i pcnilliir iind latenne Inlcr- 
cut that only players con show. Among the 
well known people present were: Cmritt 
VVyndhniit. Mr Sipilre «nd I.ady Itancroft, 
Mr. and Mrs. P'ornes Hobertaou, Mary Moore, 
Mr and Mrs. tieorge Alexander, 11. V. P>- 
mond, Marlon Terry, Courllce rounds, mi. 
and Mm. Wt'.'iinn Orosamllh. Edwnrd Terry. 
Oscnr Asebe, Lily Brnyton, An Moore, Irene 
Yanhronali, 1'i-ed Terry, Julia NellsoD, Ar- 
thur Itoherts. Arthur Ilourebler, Violet Yan- 
hrongh nnd John Hare. At the conclusion 
of l he performance .Mr. Tree came before the 
curtain nnd addressed a few words to his nii- 

"The Ilelle of Mnyfnlr" Is Iho title selected 
itn- the new musical piece, founded on "Uo- 
ineo mi. i Juliet," .mhI which will be produced 
ill the Vaudeville late In May by I'tlno May 
nnd eempnny. The new miiNleal offering, 
by Basil ilood, Chnrlen Itronkfleld and Irfallc 
Stunrt, Is divided Into two act*, ihe Hrat of 
whteli will be n clmrlty bnxanr - -a fushlon- 
ulile ojien fair In the country—and the sec- 
ond net. the M'nttenu drawing room In rlie 
herolw-'M house. The story differs from the 
orlurlnal one In thin way. thnt In the musical 
version Ihe ending will be n very happy 
one. Arthur Williams and l<oule Poundanre 
cast far two of the principal lends. "The 
Catch of the Season" was !o have been with- 
drawn from the stage of ihe Vau<ievlIIc n 
week nito, hut the ilemnnd for seats was so 
heavy that Ihe eugngement wa* prolonged 
another week. To-night will see the Inst 
performance at thnt house. 

"Cinderella" Is having a glorious run nt 
Drury Lnne, and the one hundredth iierform- 
nnee murk was reached one day thin week. 
'i in- ndvnnce hooking, or sole, qn we say In 
; be Sihich, In very Inrge. Arthur Collin* 
hnH matte <irrsngements io do "Cinderella" 
lit Purls after lis run at the l.nne, hut with 
ii Kieneh enst. 

JcsmIi* Mlllwnrd. the well knowu Kogllsli 
MtrfW. n'ho has been In America for many 
years, Is, In the neur future, to appear nt 
Ihe Seals, In .Stanislaus Stnnge'n "Tlie Sclmnl 
for tlnnhnnds." Mlxa Mlllward will have 



K. .1, 


>li'K M Clilcngo. Wiitch our ri«l ( P 

It. S,. KalixiiM Cllv. We do nol kmnv 
or nnv pliue where lliey mil be obtain* 

A. H. C. Chicago. 1. Thei- eiili h 
dressfd lu enro uf nny of their mad con 
panics. 'J. We have uo record of the III If 
Inivluir bi'i'ii tmiHl. 

a. 1». r.. HrWgi»|sirt.--AiUln'ss the nwri 
mt* of Die -Anierlcan iMiimilllsts Chili 
West KorMelh Hlri'ft. New York Cliy. . 

V A. t'.. I'lilcimu. fanny Oavenimrl died 
Sepl. '-'it. ISPs, She was nhmti forl.velglit 

? "|' S i'l. If!!' Mlihllelnii-it. The copyright ha* 
pot elplreil ■*-«!•■ t.'r 



Charles l-rohmnn owns ihe play. 

the siipnori nf Krnnk Cooper, Clarence Blnkl 
ston. fmicl Mntthews and l>oloros Drummoud. 
It Ih not unlikely that the piny may lie gotten 
Into nhnpe for a premiere on Mnrch :;. 

I'iiiirifn Prolimitn has decided to send "The 
Moimiiiln Climber," with Huntley Wright In 
the tllle role, on the rant! for n few months, 
It was not a llannclnt success at the Comedy, 
■•ml many nre of the opinion -that Mr. Wright 
Is more nt home In musical plays than In 
Hint Iglit comedy. 

A week ago Wednesday wns the anniversary 
of the hlrth nf ihe line lleury Irving, .tiul a 
number of wren i lis were hild over IiIh prnrc 
In wv-tiiilii-i'i- Ablvey. Prominent among 
there wus one entnposeil of lilies and 
white t-liiysiiiithuiuiintH, Itcnrhig n card on 
which wns well ten : "In uffeci Innate ami ever 
loving I'i'ineiiiliviiiice of Ills hlrtliday, from 
Ills v>lil n ltd MorrmvlUK friend, J. l„ Toole," 
The same day Mr, Toolo was yIhIImI nl. his 
house, In llrlghtoii, Hy Lnurence Irving, who, 
on Iielinlf of himself mid his hmiber, II. it. 
Irving, presetit'cd Hie veteran attar with ihe 
wil i flu.' i in hi, f 'ii l ii ml . mi) hi nvil noverclgli 
purse nnd nm trilling which ihe lute Sir Henry 
wns- I-, i'n ciiiy at the lime of Ids dentil. The 
soveiiilgn pJUiaj' and lnatcliliox were irlren hy 
Mr. Tixili" lit bin old frlcinl ns a Ulnlnlny 
present nil Fch. n, ISPI. 

Thi! work nil tlie two new theatres oil 
SUnfleslnirv Avenue Is Indng pushed very 
rnpUtly. one of the new ImtmcH will he al 
the corner of Wnnhmr Street nnd Shaftes- 
bury Avenue. It will, In all pmbulillllv. Is' 
leased liy Mnmigcr Yedreniie. of tin* Court. 
The seniiut Ihentre will be slluated nl the 
corner of Unpen Theatre amt Shafleshury 
.'venue, nnd II Iihh been leased from Seymour 
Hicks In- elm I'le" r'mhmmi. li will lie culled 
the II lets Theiiire. 

I.oiiIh HrnOllcKI, from Imlv's mid the Km- 
itli-f. bus taken Mnnrlce Fnrkou's. purt I" 
"Tlie Mllle Cherub." The hitter Ik mil of 
Ihe east KfttlltPP of IIIiichs. The role Ml 
been Htlghllv nlteipil to milt Mr. ItrndllcM 
iiiol ii new smig has heeti Inlrodnrcd. 

I visited the Ahlwyck on Snlunliiy lani, 
nnd found the pretty house well filled, "nine: 
hell," while not n brilliant show. Is enler- 
Inlnlag lo voung and old, nnd the nntslo, 
mostlv of American origin. Is tuneful to ihe 
ear. 1 wns disnppoluted nt not aeelng Kl- 

flame part. 
'continent. The ._. 

_ engagement, while nor deflnltely 
settled, is not far off.* ' 

ESrla, Waller, ;li aald to have received a 
▼err (emplfnfr offer to go. to America next 
Fall, but, as he hn» the Imperial on hl«hand«. 
he hasn't, given the offer, much lonalilera- 
tlon. fchouM a likely tenant f^.ihft Imperial 
come to ihe front there is a possibility tont 
the actor-mftnnger may croHs the ocean at tne 
time stated. 

Already Oswald BtoU Is making preporn- 
tlotiH for a big Raster production nt the 
Coliseum, which, the DUM department of toe 
hoime states.- will be one of the sensations or 
London. Victor de Omens, author of rovnes 
at ilto Chatelet Theatre and Kolles «"eerw, 
I'arls, has been engaged hy Mr. atoll to p»; 
rine'e the revue. -Mr, de Cot tins, helped by 
special artists, baB been studying the chnruc- 
tcilKtle* of London, nnd writ lag his hook ac- 
cording to the impressions gained. The char- 
iietiT of the piece that he Is now contemplat- 
ing Is Ihe humorous side of London life, hut 
■MCtftOe on n grand seals, opera, bnllei. pan- 
tomlDie nnd musical comedy nil enter Us 
scheme. The well known American rnmvdlnn. 
Tom E. Murray, will play the chief part In 
the revue. He lias been away from London 
so long thnt his return will be h novelty In 
liself. He Is what I would term ft smck 
favorite In I/indnn. I nm further Informed 
by the t'ollsouin press bureau that the revue 
now being prepared will employ the services 
of three hundred people. , 

Stafford and Stone are In TarK nttcr a 
successful South American trip of several 
months. They 'andetl In that city on Mon- 
day Inst. f*ondon will see them early In ihe 
coming week. ■ , . . 

"An exceptional mead of praise In duo to 
Ihe nrothem Martlne, who, ns Kiwteamie 
sorohots, stand lu very high favor with music 
hull fretiuenlers. With great groce and v gor 
ihcy acrompllsh sixty somersauHs a sixty 
seronds on e rebounding tiible. Ii Is pleas- 
ant to watch the altitude mid the physical 
iid-eurncv of Ihls display. " So speaks s Llver- 
ikioI publication, under dale of Keb. II. 

I'lerro and Malzee, and Mooney nnd Hol- 
bein, recent arrival* from the States, culled 
during *he week. They sull for Sonih Af- 
rica to-day. The Macnmightons. and Alice 
Llovd, two Knglish star acts, aw oft for 
South Africa on the same ship. Pun to-duy 
from thnt country are: Meloi Hermann, vnl- 
innre and Hoi-tou, Hurry Ciilvo, and Maud 
Courtney. ■ 

Cnron and Herbert ,-ire still In "The I'neen 
of Hearts." at the Court Theatre, Liverpool, 
and I hear excellent reports weekly of their 
success in flie pantomime, widen is one of 
ihe most profitable of this year's provincial 

|>: H (■! li'll'- 

A reeenl visit to tlie Vnlnce was produc- 
l Ire uf much good, the show being u vary 
nleusliig one from rise to fntl of curtain. The 
dill Included : Tlie Jncohl Troupe, acrobatic 
fAinndluns, whose tuinhllug sad liesd to head 
hiitancliig wns very acceptable, tlliidys Areh- 
hmi vm well liked for her dancing. Lillian 
mill Vera, nnd Mslor Chnrlcs gave nn luter- 
esl lug *hnochtit I'.-.iiIbiL tun. The Culuce (llrls 
:u-n!n did their single act and made thely 
rusliiiimry lilt. Leipzig, now lu Die last ta 
IiIm four weeks' stnv nl this bmise, again inyx- 
tliled Ills audience with bin marvelous hmiil- 
ilii' of coins, cards and bllltiird balls. Conn 
and Conrad's toil on the pole cume In for :t 
grout iiuinv liuighH, and they filled In ieti 
mhtiiie.i to ihe satlsfnctlou of all pt-oscni. 
.Marie Huliiiou, who (or some weeks past bus 
been nt rhe Umpire lu the review that hou-e 

Iml on, gave excellent lmpersoniiflons of well 
mown KukIIsIi utage .celebrities. Arih'ir 
I'lnyfiUr nnd Kate Culler are still on the 
hill with i their burlesque melndrnmu sket-di, 
"Hfro and Heroine." The sketch and players 
v.fiii verv well. Mnsou and Keeler, in 
■•Hanked ftv Ci'ook," were h pronounced hit. 
Thr sketch' Is such a good one thnt It ought, 
and will probablv have, like u eat, nine lives. 
i*. 11. Chlrflwln, "the white-eyed Kaffir," wus 
on the hill, but dld'nt appear on the night 
of my visit. Mas-Andres, eccentric French 
ducttlNtii', in a burlesnue of it I-'rcnch review, 
closed the show, bar tho pictures. 

I have before me an Invitation from the 
mnnngement of the Hippodrome to intend 
the opening, on Monday next, of an "Inex- 
plicable" mystery, entliled, "Menetekel." The 
houafl Is responsible for .the following ex- 
planation of tho new creation: "Mcnotekel" 
Is operated by somo Influence which the pub- 
lie tin* vet to learn. When tho curlnln rises 
ii lioiird Is seen on u fully lighted Rtage. Tills 
board connUis nf a simple wooded frame (six 
feel bar seven feet, hy two Inches!, nnd Ik 
rovered wllb white pnper. The frame Is sus- 
pended, entirely free, on two pieces of Hiring, 
tii'ter a short speech by a lady and gentle- 
man (hy name, Mr. nnd Mrs. IConornb). 
■■Menetekel," li must be understood, ns a 
word, cnrrlea with It great significance from 
a lilbllcAl standpoint. At the feast of Bel- 
Hlmznar, which he gave In tho seventeenth 
year of his reign, A. M. iUtlU, he observed n 
mysrierlOiiH handwriting an the wall; Iho mys- 
terious handwriting consisted of hieroglyphic* 
which were oventually Interpreted by Daniel. 
A ball Is placed upon the ltourd or (Tinue — 
It Is* blnck nnd nlioul the slxc of an ordinary 
cricket hall. It Is then commanded to write 
the word, "Menetekel," or whatever other 
word Is desired, either by the lecturer* or 
the members o£ the audience. In order to 
prove thai there Is nobody concealed, and 
ihnt there Is tin absence of mechanical In- 
fluence. Hie hourd is made to swing. Partner. 
so that there may be no collusion between 
either the lecturers nnd Ihe hall, nod also 
the audience. .Mr. Kouorah leaves the singe 
nnd asks somebody or anybody In the audl- 
uni-e to mention to htm. In an undertone, 
either the Initial of n word— the remainder 
of the word to be completed by some person 
In nnv other part of the house — or any full 
ward 'required. Ah noon as the word Is pro- 
nounced Hie lady lecturer orders the bnll to 
write, which It does. Afler havlm* written 
two words Ihe sheet of white pnper Is lorn 
from the bonrd, disclosing a clean sheet. Ant] 
no the inyslerv goes on until we find thnt. 
after whispering n word to the lecturer, the 
bnll writes Iho word without any sign or 
signal whatsoever. . . , . _ . 

Mr. Morphy, of Morphy nnd his Band. 
called recentlv. He Ih looking the local Acid 
over, hut hntn't anything nlllelfll to announce 
us yet. 

There wns qnlie a bunch of Americans in 
(llnsgow Inst week, and after Ihe shows nt 
lilglu hlowoiila were enjoyed by Raker and 
1 ,vnii, CoU'.hh ind Hnwley. .lordnn and llnr- 
vcv, niPl Mr, iml Mrs. Mike Coiiwmv. l»ur- 
lug ilie week, Lelnvd, of Comvnv and Inland, 
hurt his ar.kle, and Coawnv was ibilged lo 


ItlJge" 28- March .J. (o|. 
hu.loeHH for.oaa BuIlT 
THe VdUirteer Ot 

nianifer).'— 'Toe 
Florence nindle;.' 

■"•'» *\i$?2 SSrZith m Soon manlliii- SmAVt Set" eeVMnrch 3. Florence ninolet. 

Thet«l.mthlninew jlilitM n~P» v m ,-1-he Street Singer," entertained ,Jn 

"""■ , fKPSZJS In *hn connlrv ihey rticd lioii«« In.t.woek. "Funny Mr. DooleV 

rccenilog, no matter in wnni "»"■' ' ,,.„ h « „.h »„ k ' 


" re n.bertn-.ll<er, M n of Wl.taalcal Wfl*. 
He uniry Lnne comedtan. died nt 4-nrlw.e 
inat week lie wna ■WSiSSU^r-^SS? 
lllrciia. He waa born In .New *•'»'»* 
hit nmile hie llrst uplienrance M llencler I 
"'reus, Undon. with ilia fnther nt the nue 
or lour rein, and became n tine tlown. 
"■/he dSn la announced of Biephor,l«c. 

I CO, business rannnccr of tlie Circus and Ulu- 

'nheTneu'SlSre revue will to M 
••Venus; BMW," and Is the work ©f Oeorac 
Croftsmllh, who was also respenslhle for 
-lloguei, snd Vagabonds." M»it »f J 
nrinclpalH who were In ihe cast of the latter 
revue will be reen In the new one. Hie date 
of Its Initial performnnce Is not stated. 

Frederick Ireland, the manager and n- 
ventor of the wonderful automaton, *I'.nig 
mnrelle," which Is now creating a furore on 
the comment. Ims signed a ihree years con- 
tract with linn Tlcber, of the Apollo. Vlennn, 
to manage and produce musical, spcelnclc 
" sensatlennl prodiicllons nl that. bouse, 

Mnrch 5 and week. 

PEoruVB (F- vC. Nlxon-Nlrdllnger, mnn-i- 
cer).— Ilownrd Hall, In "The Millionaire Do- 
ted Ive,'* 2d-Marcb ». Patrons found "Arrow 
(he i'nclllc" to their. liking 10-24, nnd turned 
out In good numbers. "At tlie World'i 
Mercy". Mnrch 5. ..-. , , 

IthASrit's Ancii Strfht (H. H. Seblef. 
finger, mnnager). — "The Confessions of 
WlfVl 2d... -I'l'ho .Itunnway itoy," "»' 
-^ of thi 

substfuiied for "The Sign i 

. . which wan 
o Four," la*c 

cl(lc* r March fl. 

'IIawt's Nf.w Theatrr '(John W. H,in. 
raannger). — "How Dflgter Butted In" 26 and 
week. ''The Rye Witness" met with nn. 
proval. to nlea business. Inst week. "A VYIrV« 
Secret'' March 3. i . 

FonnrA unit's (Miller k Kaufman, maun 
gers). — The stock ofTerlng the current woek. 
ztt, la "The World," . with George w. linr- 
hler, John V, inee and Wlllette Kershaw m 
the cast. "No Wedding Hells for Her" wns 
given hi un excellent mnnner, to good In i'l - 
ness. Innl week. "The Hretit liltimond Itob- 

venrs was singe manager nt the old tlnleiy, 
la Ihls cliy. Air. Ireland and "lOnlgmorelle 
nre ut the Circus Buscb, llorlin, nnd the 
ilgure Is meeting with the same phenomenal 
success made la the other continental cities 
visited The Merlin engagement would be 
prolonged bur for other dates that eannot he 
canceled. In Jim* Mr. Ireland severs his 
connection with the figure that Ims brought 
bin money and fame on thin side of the 
wnrer. In the future It will bo under the 
uuldnncc or another enterprising American, 
who hss nl road v hooked return dates. In moat 
of the places visited. „ r 

I dropped Into the Al humors on Monday 
nlfthl. 'I'h- ballet, "My I-ndy .Vleotlne, 
'ipened the performance, and wns follow*!! 
iiv Vnooln, whose work bordered on the 
niarvelnni. Herbert Clifton, a new find 
In. the mimic line, gave Imltdtlnw . of 
several well known lingllsh favorites. 
He possesses a verv high soprano voice, 
nnd his mimicry was very good, llosino 
Case!)! and ber midget dogs still con- 
ii-lliute to the Alhambra bill, and their en- 
;enalnlng powers don't lessen one lotn. 
ITrbnnl nnd Son. acrobatic equilibrists, fur- 
nished the heat act of lis kind I have ever 
witnessed. The younger I'rbanl, about i*n 
vears of age. did the work of an ordinary 
strong mua, and he wos loudly applauded 
mid die .'red for his greai reals of strength. 
lie handled his father, u heavy uiuti, us If 
lie were :i small object. The nci was the 
hit of ibe evening's eniertalniiieiif. l.ulln 
Sclblnl was mil n Ihe bill for Mome rea- 
son. 'JThe "t'rhitnora" bioscope, which 
eiisil.v heiuN the list of Ihe picture machines 
In tills roue. fry. showed some new and most 
Interesting views. One of the new ones was 
"A Voy.'ige to South America," showing life 
on boned the iloer "Clyde." and till princi- 
pal poriM touched from Southampton to 
Rueuos Ayres, Argent hie, Mouth America. 
"1'rugiuiy in the Andes" was the title of 
mint her Mi't "f Interesting sights seen In 
crossing the South American continent, as 
seen from n railroad train. A picture of 
the luunclilnu of the new Mrltislt warship. 
"II. M. S. Ureiidnnught," ut Portsmouth, on 
Feb. 10, was also one of the new<virws. At 
i i.e tlnlhh of ibe picture show, there wns'u 
big round of applause, The newest bullet, 
"Parisians," remnlns the some big hit It was 
when first presented some weeks ngo. and 
t'.s run WW ne a long one. Tho PlTO White- 
leva, In acrohatlc atunts nnd ferns on u 
wire, were quite good. Ilunluess great. 

Muntnrgu. the lion turner, la whose me- 
nagerie, nt L'Orlent. Prnncc. n little girl wns 
killed ten days ngo, bns been sentenced to six 
months' Imprisonment for manslaughter. The 
tragedy Is Raid to have been really caused by 
the fonllNli act of a pensnnt, who poked the 
lion with nn umbrella m tho moment thr girl 
entered ihe cngO to begin her dance. ■ ■ 

line of the events of the week occurred on 
Wedncartny night, when Manngcrs Kendle A 
Koravtho, of the Theatre ltoyal, Cloven c Oar- 
den, gave a SI. Valentine's ball. AH the lend- 
Im theatrical folks in town attonded, nnd the 
affair was voted an exceptionally smiu-t one. 

Paul Clnqiicvall!'* clnltn against ihe Itlrk- 
enhcml corporation. In rexpeci ta Ihe. accident 
to his motor car when emhnrklng on the 
steamer, "I'liiughton," on Oct. 1 m 2, lOOn, bns 
been Mettled for $1,000. 

lii-own and Navarro, In their cnpahle offer- 
ing, lire one of Hie hits of ihe present Tlvoll 
■now. Their laughable (,'btnese love scene Ih 

The Columbia Trio, the new combination 
I apnke nf In a recent letter, are going along 
nicely. They n*ent tho Lyceum this week. 

— 4 «» 

m\sii,vtMi. ' 

Kkith's (II. T. Jordan, manager). — Tlie 
hilt week or i'O conslats; of ; CI|iton Craw- 
ford, Murphy, Nichols and company. Leon 
Morris and company, Kmmn trancls, ibe 
Wiltoos, Mr. apd Un, Mark: Murphy, Thomp- 
son and VIdoen, Balancing Stephens, Mernard 
Wlllinms, C.'ellna Kobe, Mom nnd Dale, T«- 
nrkana and Walhy, Aletlrath Bros., and the 
klnrtoffraph. , 

Ki.KVKSTti Stukkt Oi'KOA Houhi! (Frank 
Ihiniont. manager). — The two burlesque*. 
• Miss Alice's wedding" nnd "Count Borle 
Po.CAHtelhUne." drew Idg crowds last week, 
ind ru-e continued for the current week, in 
audition to the regular first part 

i'\sr.M> (RllnH, Koenlg & Ivederer, marin- 
gers>. — The Now York Stars, with. Will Sog- 
ers, the larlnf thrower, as nn ndded feature, 
iirt and week. I The Majesties provided n 
lively ahow, and drew big crowds last week, 
iinlden Crook Mnrch ft. 

Ili^oii ((». W. Itlfe, manager).— Williams - 
IdeAls lmj ■March 3. The Merry <Makciii 
proved that their title was no misnomer and 
enjoyed u prosperous week 10-2-1. I'nrlslun 
Relies March K 

I.Ycn'M (John O, Jcrmon, mnnager)/— 
Jersey Miles 26-Mnreh .';. The Trocndero 
niirleso.uers did nice .business Inst week. 
Parisian Widows March tVlO. 

TaacMWBO t Fred Wilson, manager i.-- 
The l.'ioplnns 2(1. The Tiger Ulles played 
to prnsnerous business the previous week. 

liox ton. i Lillian Tyson, manager^. — This 
house has uhRudoncd Ihe dramatic etock feat- 
ure, and will he hereafter run as a straight 
vaudeville honec. The bill for week of 2« 
anffUta of: (larvlce's ponies, the .lefferMons, 
Dennetie Sisters, Kan Irvine, Ferguson nnd 
tvarrcll, Wllgus sod Worden, .lordan and 
Morrlx, Col. Magnus, Burns and Stanley, 
t'lorencn Hunner, Xod Selnon, Moos. Hertsri. 
raw und Schuster, Vervnlln Hnd Itoblson, nnd 
moving pictures. 

'^Dtitii l(t:HHiist. H'.A. Hrndenhurgh, mnaii- 
uep, — Che Hen nt v Show cbntluneH as the 
feature In the curio ball week ot'M, In nddl- 
iloii to .MatziMil'H (third week), Normnn 
tlreen, living* skeleton; Jnmen Msndv, Iron 
skull num. mid f. H. Smith, nnislchtr. In 
the theatre are: lilvuna Trio, Kllsahctk -Mil- 
ler, Wothrrbee and Kulfner. St. Julian, Col 
lint nnd Fields, Mnnegnn, Cotton's donkeys, 
und Lubln'a elneogrnph. 

Xothh. — There hna been quite n sh If r 
mnong ths drnmntlc editors on the local 
dnlllis. Asa Steele has resigned from Thi- 
i'\i>i\<- Lcilfja', innl will he succeeded by II. 
T, Craven, of The ttcooril. Sir. Cmven'n 
position on The fin-out will he Dlled by Her- 
man 1,. Dlcck, a member of the local slnff. 
Kred I.. Donaghy hns resigned from thOKinff 
of Tm /'«6l/c htdtn to do advance work for 

Uobert It. Mantell Philadelphia l/idge 

of the Theatrical Mechnnlca' Ansoelntlon 
venllzed n neat mini from Its benefit at the 

Chestnut Strcot Theatre on tfoh. 1.8. 

The Inst of the Metropolitan Opera comnnhy 
performance!! win, he. "Faiwt," nt.the Aeaoemy 
of Music, on the' hflcrnoon of Murch 1...... 

The Inie (leorge Unrm-k left a $10,000 estnie. 
but no will, nnd at Ihe ranucst of his widow, 
tellers of sdmlnlsiniilott were granted In 
Wm. W, Miller, mnnager of Korepaugli's Tlie- 
nlm llerrbn Hhnlek, of the "Happy- 
land" Co., bus been Ihe recipient of numerous 
social niientlons during her slay In town. 

Thomas f>rew, of "Ills Majesty" Co.. 

la laid up ns the result of Injuries received 
on ihe 17th. by a premature explosion of gun- 
barrels used In Ihe production. 

piiuinii-u. -■■ At (he Nixon (Thoa. r. 
Kirk, manager) Wilton l,ackaye present a 
"Tho Pit" nnd •Trilby" week of Feb. i'C. 

I'M in a <-i i<ii in. — There Is u dearth of 
inivi'iib'H at the thestrfrH this week. All the 
down town houses have hold-over attractions, 
with the exception of the Climick, whero 
Klenaor itobson Is the change. HuslnsHs eon- 
good nt all the nouses, the mlM 

Jane Onker portrays the character of the 
bnrefootcd heroine in the latter Piny. Last 
week IC. II. Southern and Julia Mnrlow 

weather so far being quilt 
Ing un the nttendnnce. 
(lAituii'ti: (Frnnk Ifowe 

factor In ke^p- 

rninn. nintingPl's). 
ny March 

wark litoue, his wife Assisting ut the piano, 
■lliiinks to Hart let t and Collins lor a curd, 
irlvlhtf me an 111*** <»r the mniiy fnelnl ex* 
uresslona mt ihe I wo artisls. 

I heir from ihe llrlilmia iHHiasloMUy 
'Vhev in- til the Apollo, Herlln, fur the mouth 
of ratnmr?, end report nieellng wllb suceeas 
su.'ii as lliey luitl nt the Knjrin l» this clly, 
McHounbl mid llnuthigtoa npened ut Man- 
rlii'slera week nuo, und I um Informed thnt 
their iHuil lu Ibis country was ipi.le sails- 
fnelorv In all i:u:uer:ii'd. 'I'bey have been 
• in the continent. 

*'l.n Mntoglrl" will be one of the many 
Rnlttrea tit n speelnl mat luce perfortnanee to 
lie given nt ihe Wluiergiirlen. Herlln, III aid 
•if the sufferers uf Ibe African War. I'hr 
Crown rrlnce and Prhieess of Uernmiiy. nud 
other dla(lngulshed people, will nttend IW 
perforninncc. ., 

The tramp "cyclist, Itltelite. Is constantly 
■iddlng new business to the net done hy the 
liitrher-llllvhlc Trio, alill one of Hie big curds 
nl the Bmplre. „ . 

llenlnmln J. Men-er, late ot the Jelnnys. 
Minted tenm. died. In Leeds on leb. s. after 
sevenreen weeks' itlnens. from Bnlloplnir vofr 
aiintntlnn, nur. wns btirlM on. the 11th, at 
Hninham Tufts Cemetery, Leeds. He WW 
Id hie twcatyplnth yenr. Arthur IHMJ 

_.. monngor).— 
Kleanor llobson opens litt. with "Merely Alary 
Ann." On March 'J "The ftlrl Who lias 
KvervUilng" will be seen for the llrnt lima 
iocnlly. "Mra. Leinngwell's Hoots*' ended on 
24 u Iwo weeks' May, to excellent huslnestt. 
Ktliel llnrrvmore March ,1-17. 


K. 'Aiinioernittn, mnnagersl.~- Sam liernnfd, In 
"The llollleklug tllrl," proved u finjtuloT **•■ 
tracitnii, und begins his second nnd Inst week 
Feb. 2H, wllh all the prospects of continuing 
the eninelty business done last week. "Man 
nnd Superman" follows March "., for iwo 

Lvinr (Wfiigiir Shubert, mnnngefs!.-:-I)e 
Wolf Hopper, In "Happylnnd," hns mnde a 
dlstliKi lift, and drew big Inm week, lloih 
the star nnd Marguerite Clark rec«»trn lilglitly 
ovnllnns. Tlie engagement ends Mnrch 10. 

Klirnu iMxmi ,t /limner 
— Wm. tllllette ends n fortnight*! 
::. lu "Clarice." The alteudauce the previous 
week was good, M^nxlne Klllott, m "ller 
tlrent Match," Mnrch !*•. 

riit:sTSr-r (Nlxor. & /Innuerninn, niuun- 
gcrs'.-'Min-tc Cnhlll, In "Molly Alooiisiilnc," 
Vs hi h'«r second und hist week ending Miireh 
:t. 'Die Hinr Is ns ciipllviiilng as ever, nnd 
pletiscil good slseil aiulleucea the pivyIoiim 
week. ".lust . Hut of College 1 * Mnrc.ll fl-lTi"r (Frank Howe Jr., uianager). — 
-Ills Majesty" is lu Its third nud last week, 
eiiillug Mnrch n. The aLteudniiec Inst week 
was uood. Ih-gliiutuic Ihe rVMl week, priii'- 
lb-ally n new cnsi avlll be sew In Ihe priHlnc- 
1 1on. Blanche It In if nud Kuuie Krlc^snii will 
he rutnlneil. nnd ihe uewt'omerH will Include 
.\ mm Intuthlli). Illclinril !•'. CnrrulL llitrry 
Kelly a nil Vnn llensselaer Wheeler. The Inmmi 
Iiiih also been rerlsed hy iic.irnc Tottmi smith. 

I'Mif. tR ii. Mxtin-Nlrdllnger. uinunger). 
— Kellur begins n \\\>> weeks' stay lid, 1 Hiring 
the past fortnight Ftskc O'llikcti, lu "Mr. 
Blnrney from Ireland," enjoyed prosperous 
huslness. "The Snltiui of ShIu" March 12. 

Hit.vM' Opkba IIim'hi; (0. A. Wegpfnrili, 
mnnagerl. — "The County .Chairman, ' with 
Maclyti Arhnckle lb the lending role. ,ls here 
fir tho current week. I'rnest I logon. In 
**RiifiM Rnstus," played to cnpnelty Inm week, 
with receipts renrhlng nearly llo.OftO. 'Mte- 
hind the Mask' Mnrch ;.. , 

uui.vHD AvKSti: (Miller k Kftufroan, rann- 

played to capacity business, and tbtlr nci 
,ng waa excellent. 
JlKbAseo (Oeo. W. Summla, mnnager).— 

.Mniniii'ci Anglln, la "Zlra," rcliirna 20, for 
u week's engagement, I..»hi Heptcmber, 
when ihe piny wuh first produced hen, tanuy 
o( the pntrona who would hnve liked to see 
this rilnycr nnd her notnbly successful piny, 
were sbscnt on their, vacations, "Tho Dar- 
ling of the Clods'* closed n two week'n en- 
facenient. 24. to good patronage. "Ttw 
rliica Chap" next week. 
UH.IND (Hnrry Davis, mnnager).— Mana- 
ger lmvis provides another good vaudeville 
on ten a In men I for the pntrona this week, 
which Includes: Delmorn nnd Burrow, Nlchol 
Slstora, Three Alndi-npa, Hello Stone. Colonel 
Stone. Mnriln Bros., .lullnn j;itingc, .Inmcn 
T. I'owers, HnrrowB-Lnncnsier Cnm|innv ; 
Oulgley Brothers. Annie Abbott, Smlrl and 
KesHner nnd Hie I'lnemntbgrnph. I*But 
week's bill wns very good and drew ropaclt..' 

Af-vis (K. M. ciullck k Co.. roanngeis),-- 
Andrew Mack, Ilie popidnr Irish comerllnn 
lu "The Wny to Konnrtirc," 2ft and week. His 
singing Is always very 6bter(alnllig. I<aHi 
week, "Hnsler fSumr played a i-etnrn en-_ 
gngement, and packed the house. "Tesfls 
next week. . . 

Oavktv r.lns. K (ttr, manager).— Bice & 
Itni-tan's lllg (luletv Co. 2(1 and week. Cbas. 
Unrtan. the clever comedlnn of the coipnany 
nud piiyirletnr of Oils show, holng s rltts- 
burger ft s'li'c In pnek the luaiso all Wgt ' 
The show Is nlwnys iiopnlnr here. Bert 
Maker Is also protnlnent. The Psehkoir 
Troupe of Hussion dnncers, appear nt ever> 
performance. VuA week, the Clay MnflJ 11 '; 
mdoht ynvc n guM sliow, and were rewiiriieu 
with very liberal pjltronnge all week. In* 
't'rociidei'na next week. 

[limn (11. M. thtllck Ik Co., nutiingera). r 
Uenrge Slduey ipMHUw 'B rt HW !«>' a »«" 
ml Jon." 2*1 n ml week. The cant Is sfronr.. 
and there la ah excellent shltllig chorus- 
Last week, "The Snitirl Hel" dirt fmLMri 
gnvo a second sltow. "Mcl-'addeh's Mots 
next week. 

AcAiikjiv nv il'i'HIc (H. % Wlllla-flH J'" 
inhnnger).— Miner's .Merry BurlfWIutMr -» 
and week, giving the pntrona choice WMJJ8J 
o limbers, catchy fiongs, lively dnnces, Mt«fi 
all-Is and good. Wholesome .comedy. ' i'' 1 "?., 
Is an extra atlrnctlan, and Is nn. act at jg 
mdst Iwwlldorlna chnracttfr. Uat week Tn«- 
Lontioh Clftlety fllMl nnrkftd *tie L Wiine.."" 
prnvNt lo lie orle ot the, best lntiglilfig.«*' *^ 
of the aeaaon. Tat White, the comedian, i* 



rMDOoslble'.for mitch-of the buccctb of tlte 
Jfis Carr's Thoroughbreds, next week. 

B«l»iiUif'(K. J. altCuMffh, mnnager).— 
-On the -llrldgc ut MWnl|f)itr n ploy with a 
nint that ncrer losea Its griu oti the uudlenro, 
liml ft ■d«ttl(. , ;rriiWlil»hmttt! ■ tbnt la remark- 

ibr l» IwP M J 00 * w,,ek * J * a ' ,t w «* "■» 

Mse'llnTI. In/'Tho Hirfret Singer," did well. 
nndpfifSKa the SoUhc patrons. Illnck Pattl 

Co. licit we ek.' } ^ ■ ■■ 

HnrrlsiiUrir. -- At the Ljreum Theatre 
tjf Itch*, 'manager) Sophie llrntidt. in "A 
Madam Wife***] ' wfb, 20, was n biff BWGfajt. 
35 jtaw Miii" did fill 21, mid a. l. 

HlteWd'n nloVlug pictures hnd big buafueua 
Si Herbert Kelccy nntl Kffle Hhamioli made 
u fall hit 20. and "The Isle of Bout HoUg" 
dosed th* week 24. to record breaking buul* 
iicss. ■■ "Little Lord. Faudtteroy" cotuca 20. 
■•ytrs. Letlirag well's Dootu" US. A. L. Hbcpard'H 
moving picture* March & 

upkha ilbinfl fM. HelB, manager).— "A 
Dcsnertite Chance" dm good business 10-21, 
mid "The Two Johns 1 " v una to crowded 
iioimea ■'&W. TM Chnmplln Stock Co. week 

!&»■.— l'rof. AT. 1'. McBilde, of this city, 
who directed the mlhstrels for the Atlanta 
rliv Blki, 'I', 20, w*«J presented with a hand- 
some gold ' if n tefi ox. hl» Elk frlundr*. The. 
„iic»ivwlu lie repeated tit Carlisle, Pu., alia 
this city, i'l»i- tin' leeucllt of Elks In theae 

M\,'tt Charles. l*ove1 1 has gone lo New 

Sdik lo loin -the. Dni-rium ft Duller force*. , .'. 
Th" A .L. Hllepard Moving Picture Co. laid 
nT here 24. 

— ... ■ i ■ .— .—■ ■ 

Uhtoim. At the Xew Mlshlcr (I. C. 
MlKhler, uitttlngor) the attendance has been 
hia ever since Ihe opening of (lie house, 
which occurred Few. Jo. with Kloanur Hob- 
Mm "My Wife's Fatuity" carou 11), "in a 
M'omniia Power" 22, "The Two Jolilm" 21. 
nnd Kc'oey nhd. Shnuhoii. lu "The Lfarlltnlng 
rondwbr,'' 24, nil doing welt '"Hie i*le 
of Dorig Dong" "0. •'Sltuple Kluion Hlrnplo." 
■.'7, '"hie Klernal City" March 1, "The Ten- 
derroftt" 2,"Thn Irish Pawnbroker" 3. 


ttMtler. 'tnonngeri. — The Chcattr l>e Voiide 
Stock Co. drew large audience* lit and week. 
j:nima. Hunting- Co. 'id and week. Myrkle 
nnd Harder Htock Co. March and week. 

Sin r,.— At tlio Acittlwhy nf MuhIc, Trrone. 
'The Tie (hat Utnda" cinic in. "Tlio Heal 
Widow Uroffa"S2 f nod .lolin \V. Vogel's Mln- 
■treln 24. 

Norn. — A descrlpt Ion of the 3» w 
Mlnhler Tbeotre will Op found In ancithcr 
column' of tills week's Iwttie,— (Kd.'Clipi'bh.) 
i i • I . ■ ■ ■ i ■ ■' 

York. — At the York Opera House *D, C. 
i 'in/. maiiftKer) "I>c«erled at (he Alter," 
Feb. IT, gave a good show, to a good house. 
■"Hie Hhow afrit 1l'„ pleoncd a very good 
niKllence. Kntherlnt Piirnell Co., ,20-2-1. 
*Hpie to fair business. "The Crime of Dh- 
; tq" ;'H. -Utile l«rd Fauntleroy" 27, "TIir 
Two Sisters" 28, ".Mrs, lyefllngweirs Bootn" 
Marfh I. "An ArlM-tiirrartc Trump" 2, Flor- 
ence 'Hamilton*, In "The Renntor's Wife," H; 
■■jl"i)t»v ll rt nllioiij" fl, "TIip Tenderfoot" 7. 

PAiium TiiBATHB (Wta, D. Pyle, manager). 
—The bill presented lout week wan well rc- 
. i V( »i ft inrludpd : .lernlnipt and Ilenfrew. 
HirryB. Leroy, Wrn. II. Van Elern, the Tann- 
i n, >lr. and Mrs. Chat*. U, flanioiond, aud 
the klaetograph. 

-- — i ■' * 

tteriinion. — At the Lyceum lA, J. Duffy. 
nwtiagcr) "The Murrlaae of Kitty" Feb, 'Ji. 
"'in. Collier .Mil I't'h f. "A MoHsnge from 
ftliht" 't. "Tho Madcap Prlnceas." Feb. 22. 
wnh well rccclred. .lunics K. llackclt and 
Mury Mniinerlng, 21 , hud an overflowing 


A<'AbKMV iA. .1. Duffy, mahuiicr). — "Me- 
1'ndtlen's FIuim*' 9I0>*H. •'Ouwii of tie White 
Nnvctr Murcli l:t. "The lloiise of Mystery," 
I'Vb. 22-21. hud ffood Iiuiimch. 
* Hi-Ait (Alf. 0. llerrlliutoli, niumiger).— "J'hv 
lilno million tilrlH «-i-i'k or 20. The UmIb- 
Kiutley Co., lP-2't, liud lurice Limine*. 

1'Aflu.Y (J>«n l<\ Alet'oy, manager).— A 
viiiiuVvllIu i-ompiiiiy, lieuded by Weeden nhd 
IiIh iloua, week of 2(1. Duslnesn cohtliiuen 
;: hh|. 

■ ■■■ ■>4.-^.. — ... i 

l.nm-UHl.-r. .11 I |,r L'ulluii Upr'in IIOUKO 

(I'lntH. A. Yuckur, in:uin«i'i'i "Dvtertcd ut the 
Altar, drew a (rood hotiso Feb. 111. "The 
Sliow Ulrl" did well 2U. "The Grim pi 
litilHANf*!*" canceled 22. "The Itoae of the 
Alliiiiiiht-u" hud hlx UiiKliiefs 211. "Utile Lord 
l'minileroy" hud two good Jiuuwk 24. Kntl:- 
rru Pnriifll ■ ■ . , i i-uiupuliy, In reperlory, 2<1- 
"Miu-ch 0, nxentt 27. when "Mrs. LunwrniTl'll 

Jlola" will jit) IN 1 ■,■...•! (nl 

Family (lid. HMnyt unieiugcr).— Cm*- 
i"iu. (Uii'iirtliHii liiWude: Dttrtlell and Col- 
Hiih, Mllhtr.llros., Koiiourd Druw.. Alice l.llJ'J- 
wn, Tom • niiil (k'rile (lrlmi>t<, llnhy Uwouu 

:iml cOOipuOy, illill mtivllij,' plrllirPM. 

M*le.— At Hie MuJt'Hlle Tlieutre (.Tolin L. 
gllaOOi tunuiigeri "IVIieii Knlphthoud Wbm In 
Mowcr.'"Feh. T>, Virginia Drew Trescott ns 
Mnry Tmlor, wltli.tliie Hiipport throughout, 
Inn) very liirge utleiidiiiii-e, and mniiy cui-talu 
iuIIh were r«i«Mlwl unci gracefully reKpond- 
ed to. At. 0. ri'-'Ui;. MiimlrclH. uiutlnce anil 
evening, .'24, perftirined to lurge bnunaw. 
HunrleliA CroKman, In "As You Like It," 2«. 

Pur UraoA HSlflim— Large uiullMi, rontl- 
uoe aud nvenliift, tu> cheap ndmluMton, with 
iliif vitudcvllle, Mill 20 mid week, IfrunelKto 
ItiiUlliiK CO., In "ller l-'rleud from Texns." 

I *AHI\o KivAi'i.M; HlNK Still dl*UWB lurgC 


1 , ' - ■ — .» 1 

VVIIkcN-llHrrc— Al the Neabltt Thenlre 
'II. A. Urown, iiinnuger) .luuiea K. Jlndcett 
and Mury Muiincrlng hud ». It. O.. and "A 
MudcHp Prliiccsh" drew a good huuse InHt 
wevk. "'I'lii' Murrtugc of Kitty" 2'i, lecture 
.'1, Wiu. Collier, lu 7 'Ua the Quiet," 28: "A 
alMMura from Mars"' ilurch 1, VuriiI'b Min- 
strels .1. 

GllANIt Oi'i;ii,\ Hum; Ml. \. Drown, limn- 
nger).— -Ln«t week, "The Douse 0/ Mystery 
luul fair , crowds, uud "A Desperate Chunci' 
drew 8. It. O. '•Ouwii of the While NlnvuT 
en How of FlaU" Murchl-8. 

■ 1 11 " 1 


I i I nfl i I 



Ue«ioii._jlr», .Lettlo Cnrlrr. In "AilrM." 
It In Iranujit nnd Hoy Invhi. hi "Mrs. 

tn»U nci\- bllla Ui treek or lvt. au. oiurr 

cIlllllBW ' ' 

JfiSSSPJ 1 ^ : V" '!■ !■•• »* ">' W*« I "Voiini 
liimilo,' nt lh<- Urnnrt otxn IIouu : "Jullii* 
Fit ''''.."'. "" ! Clrtli! MqnuTC: "Iloaedille." 
Jl" 1 .? Uranj"- """I "BmucMlgliU'of a (ireut 
\m?, nt the Kcwtloln Wqimro. Krcv thefi- 
in in U11 city icputlcu nlit hwoMa la»t 
nock, alul on lVn»!ilngtoit'« lllrtbtloi "oil 

BUlU (lilt k*j.« 

Jiimio.nt (Jno. II, dplwolTol. niBnoner).-. 
Mr.i. l.«lle fjrter lejlns o limited cnpiHe- 
ment. In reuHtorc on Pelk 2tl. "AffrSr 
will lie Ibt lilll for llic llrnl two n-eckj, to lie 

WM8; •■Mel.'ntlaen'o 

l:».l,ii,. ai tlio Alile Oiicrn llouie (W. 
K. Uetwlllpr, tuftimgei-t Sock and Itiukin plnj- 
n, l.«lt,yone Htudents. Feb. 14. wns fl com- 
Mlflc Mtieees, In evei-y MMHct "Tlie Crime vt 
■JulxMiti" ami "iTie Tie Mat l)lnu«," 1". 
I>»tli olnyed to fnli-ly aooil bllslneNB. Kclree 
"lid Slinnuon, In "Tkt, Mulil lilll g t'ondiielor. ' 
dill good liunhiewi 21. Kirk Drown Co.. fortlie 
reit or tlio week of II) drew large nnd ex- 
I'i'liilonnlly well ittrnNcd Biiillencci. nt tivo 
nerfoi-iortuecft eueji duy, their oueccfKi belnit 
diir lnr«ely to lln? HtecoMlCul niiinner In 
wlilrll lliey bundled plnyN of a lilirber rlnM 
tlmi, ordinarily i.ruduml by n repertory eom- 
IHlny. ceorgtn MliiHtroln -'0. mff. ChirlM 
I-.. KlmiiKu. i,R»lnted l,y Hie very liest Inlent, 
)n "1'he JIeH«lnIi" 27: I'loiem-e iinnillloi, 2*. 

In "Beerct Hervlee : Die rtnnnwrty floy" 

Mureb 1. "jkh. r«nin|Woir« Boon" S, "Mi- 
tlf I*rd Fnnntleroy" ^. catliorlnc ■ rurucll 
Mtork Co. 5-10. 

Wllllnmsport. — M tbr r.yeomlng Openi 
lloime ll„ ,7. pi,i<. mniiagert Clinrle, K. 
' itimplln Co, did Immense TmslnenH t'eb, in- 
-I. "Tl,e f'rlnre ('Imp ' enneeled 27. 'TI,o 
I'ntrt of Chlento" mrr.ll l!-.t ; Vitidcrllle ">■ 
J. noli, Allen, In "Tlie Tonat of the Town" 
".; Porter j. \vhlte 10. 



PACE 70. 

followed later by "ZrtHu" und "Du Bnrrv, 
During the past fortnight Paula Rdwarden. 
in iritieess lleggar," scored u decided suc- 
cess and attracted capacity business. 

Paiik IChan. Trohtnan. Rich ft Hnrrla. 
maiugerfcl ;.— For the current fottntglit May 
Slff n .»"'. rehew °W *ctpinlnttincen witli 
"Mrs. liiavk la BMl 8 She ftllowa a fort- 
punt of Hue bunlncfcH aud Increased pm>n- 
iKl/ te.. B ** w | Kdeion. In "Strougheart,'* 
WU!Ie Collier comes 12, la "Ou tho Quiet." 

IJou.ib StiiLBT (Isaac D. Rich, mannger). 
— Vlllltiin II. Crane enters upon his second 
SI" lD a ' w '. TClt of , " ll,c AwHcan Lord" Feb. 
20. The play linn |jm cordially received ijy 

rge nntl cut 1 

Dirge nnd cutltiisluiitlc aadietirca'." "ilkanor 
Doiwon irlll follow In "Jlerely Mary Ann" 

and ' ine um wim nas Mrci-ytiiitig." 

Col-oxtAL (Clme. Fruhman, lllch ft Harris. 
Mnatcttl.— Frank Danlcla, lu "Hei-gcn:il 
Drue, ■**«*-»■" '-•• — l.-.-i — — -> ~i 

The Ulrl TOO Has Mvelythlhj 
— C1U (Clme. Fruhman, hid 
■a).— Frank Danlcla, lu 
attracted large houses and pleased 
liiiuiciiMly durlnp tin- ftrwt liolf of IiIm fort- 
night's stay. On March T,, Illchnwl MansHi'ld 
will begin his atmual euKUgeuicui lu MMf* 

Uohtox (Lawrence Mccarty, manager).— 

way Down Kast" lo now In the second and 
Inst week of its annunl vlult to thin houa?. 
Uunang dm been very watlBfaetory. and llie 
ploy In an popular an ever. It will ho » d- 
lowed Murcli .1-24 by "The Pearl nnd the 
!'• in pk Id.'- 

Majkbtic fHtuIr ft Wilbur, laanagcrm.— 
Two wen of cauuclly builneas have been 
credited to (lie biblical play. "Mlzjiuh," .iad 
proBperlly prouitics to coollnne during tbe 
remainder of thn engagement, the end of 
which la not announced. 

iJuims (Stnlr A Wilbur, manager*). — Kolb 
nnd Hill, appearing In "I. O. I'., open Moo- 
day aftemoou. Feb. 20. for a week"* engage- 
moil. Muiiri K. Wllllamti, a loeul fnvorHe. D 

Iiroinlnom In (h« east. David HlggluB m- 
oycil a reek or excellent biiHinetw with "Ills 

For week of ilnrch fl, 

.ant Dollnr. 
Kternu! City." 

(JtiASD tivKHA Houai: (deo. w. Macca, man- 
ogcr).— "Young Duffnlo, King of (lie Wild 
Went," 1* KchcduJed for nine iter foi'inaur nit 
thW week, following "At the World's .Merer." 
which held prolllahle pokschsIuu la«t week. 
Next Mik, "King or Ilia Oiilum Itlng." 

C.isri-K Mqijaiik ( UoMton Hinge Koclely. uian- 
agertt). — ■'Jnllun Ctesur" will ho the offering 
ot tile Htock forces (bin week. Johh l-'rnlg 
nod Ullhin Ki'inhle will jduy the leads. "The 
Secret of FultchlneHc" uleased the pati-oiw 
Inut week. For week of March o, "The Futnl 

]-:ni'nti. i Uii.f'in.v MoiIkou. iuuu>)per). — 
Howell II untie] heads the Htock company, In 
u ivvlvnl of ''lioactlnle." for the current 
week. Urnce Atwell linn been upcclnlly en- 
gaged for i iii<! pioductloo. "Dorotliy Ver- 
non of HSddon fliill" attracted One patron- 
age during the pnat week. Mary Hall, In 
(he title role, udded to her already largo 
popularity. In rehearsal for nest week, 
"WIipii We Were Twenty-one." 

Hi: wi.ihn H'ji'.uii: ((}. I,. Lollirop. niiiim- 
gerj.— The Lolltnip Ktnck Co.. MMMd he 
Charles Miller nnd I'hnrlottc Hunt, will pa 
neen the eurreni wefk In "Henrcbllgliti, of n 
Brett Clly." "Kluc of the Defttert" whm the 
bill which illifi the house lnnt wppIc. NpxI 
week. "New Knghind Folks,"' wllh Hurry 
La Marr. 

KHIflCH ffl. K. Kelili. uiunuger).— Hurry 
Houdliil, the "king of hundculTs, Is Hi.* un- 
derlined feature on il well blllaiK-ed hit! for 
week of Feb. 20. The Murroimdlng show In- 
clutk 1 * i Hour) anil Ylvlet Alt en, the Four 
CoIIiiIh. rhu Iluruiuiiy Four, the Ortaiieys. 
Post uud ItiiHHcIl, Dud Hinder. KutherfiK! 
Illoudgttud, (tun 'Drtino. Die Weave rs, Uurrlly 
Sisters, Mr. uud Mim. Lneler, Hnoiiii. Gruve 
Loiinnrd, mid new motion ph-luroK. The hoiix 1 : 
wn. illicit lo Hs ii'Kul iiipuclty all Inst week. 
The indBl pnniouiiifd favorites were: Frank 
Hi-vmt'H "IVuee CojigreftM of American Ulrla," 
Jul ii C. Illoe ii ml Hully Cohen, and Prof. 
Wiiodrurd'H trained nntmuN. 

HinvAiit- H'ui'l D. Lothntp. biislnosK munn- 
Korl.— The bill for week of Pel,. 2(1 Im one nt 
nniiMiml excellence mid iiHrnes; Konta, Nor- 
ton nnd Nicholson, Kutle Ilooin-y, Aer'nl 
Hmlths, Harper,. Dewnond nnd IttirrlH, flurry 
i.n Mnrr, CUM. a»d Iw Ahearn. HocVh bull 
lerrlel-a, Curdoftiile Hlstera, Mile. Nelrolu, 
WIIhoii und Mae. MeOloln und Smllli. Moin. 
rcrbrr, I lie HowiuilMcojie, nnd the Dowmtl 
llurlesipters, In Ibe new uongrest, "2," fur 
Trouble." During the punt week Hut Iioiihq 
watt crowded lo lis utmost capacity. The Wn 
MiiwhIIm heuded a tine bill. 

Palaci; IChds. II. Wuldron. nuiiinger).--- 
ltose Hydell's Neiv London IJelles Co, th ih« 
ntlriicllon here for week of Feb. 20, follow- 
ing I lie ''olih-t! Crook Fxtriivnoan/a Co., 
valck enjoyed a week or lino huslaeas. 

I'oi.rsiniA (Hurry N. Furren, ronnnger). — 
The llrlgudler BurtflMumii hendetl hy hdwnnl 
llnves .mil Adelu I'liluiei*. provide the current 
ciiii-rhihimrnt. The Fny Fouler Co. (fiive » 
rim- alioWi and Ultraeled bijj crowds lust week. 
Tlu> umuteurs hold forlh »n Friday nlgblx, 

Lrcnrai (O. u. Datebajlan wuiuger).— 
The nirerlnc (or week of Feb. 2(J Is (tie 
Diilnly JUtclmsH Co. During Die, pas! week 
grcul crowds were present: u* wliiiess ihn ex- 
cellent hIiow given by the Parisian Widows 

At-Will ft Htoxk'r tfVflftOU (A. D. White, 
iiHiniiger). — In llie curio lialls, second and 
lln-il week : .luxcplilno Myrtle Corbln, the 
fixir-legued clrl : '/An, Darniiin's original 
"What Ii* Itf" Jolin Ttll's marionettes. >lar- 
zottl, erphnslonlit nnd dislocation!*! : Kitty 
Wtit mid Dun (Hllett. leh'puthy and oilnd 
reading ; Prof. Illjey, one mun baud ; Trlxlc. 
ipieen of snake rhnrmcrn, und Den Hur, the 

fJant Hiuikc. In Hie WW theatre are ■ 
'uneU'a Mlnnirel Muldn, inlrodiirlug Pearl 
In-hiff, Ida Campbell. Irene Youna;, Mabel 
J,oekhurt. Merlatn Muriel, (jrnce Ma/.elle. 
FdHh Melrose, hottle Ulttncbard, Evil Walk- 
er, llnrrv Powell, ('hurley Clarke, Ueo, I»*os- 
tci'. Charley Knrrell und Cotton nntl Hcott, 
Joe Hm !'1miii, Lillian Wco liters. Archer and 
Cm telle ami Win. Ilevcrly. The holiday 
Wd!K cniwils were euormuus ut (his rcsoi'l. 

Wai.kku'k Mi'H>x*M (L. n Walker, maun* 
(fir).— t.'urlo luill, week of Feb. 2d: Mile. 
< 'Ilium], sword Hwallower ; ModIiiuii Jack and 
Murttiinn. hii|)uleiuelll net: .In men Morris. 
clecii-Ic skin mun, uud Dr. tiuilih. the simp 
king- Stage ahow : Nellie Hurtford's I!1k 
DiirlcJ-qiters. Olio — The Tumors. Mr. and 
Mrs. Felix Martin. Dinin.-li Lorlug. Deuc 
U'Dar, uud Ulnuch Havoy. lluslness Is Due. 

Nickki^uihox fO. K, Cherry, manager). — 
Week of Feb. 20. curio hull: Murtba Wngrn- 
fiibi-er, "Mnld of Magnrn Falls Itnpldn;" Joe 
Crnmec, liumnii ttlralfc : Frank Dwyer, wlro 
walker ; Arthur Steele, cartoonist ; Prof, fthcr- 
ii ;u i s trained ikigs. and a beauty couieHt. 
Httigo «h"« : KiKter mid Warren's DurlcMinc 
Co., In "The Furniture Mun." Oilo — Muxlc 
ilnrdner, Madeline Stewart, Adn Htern, .luck 
Suiter. Dert Warren, riarold -Murray, Cecil 
lllukc AMec Melvlu. Delle McCnrron, llarluti 
litdcrkln. nud Helen Adatns. DmdncM con- 
tinues 1>I«- 

NttTKa.-— Huuday eoneerl tills Feb. 25: 

llitnton Thr-itn Drludainiiur. Weed's bull 

terriers, Dixon and llnlmes. CouUmi nnd 
lliighcs. vontiL' nnd Ilrooks. Carter and 'fay- 
Inri ttii'i /.--I' in and To'mnn. Mix well and 
Ford, nnd Frnn-'HII winter". ITitntoin 

tfu-itwrr— Fire *Mow«t8. Seymour nnd tllll, 
tojbv und Muv. (liudwkk Trlu, Urook^ Brviv. 
Toledo und f'ike, MUihlc Hurrisolt. Jaates 
Mni-ruy. .Ichliclt DraL Uw neifonlef. The 
Ilulliruokfi, nntl Frederick. Globn .Uw- 
yi.'stiV-Jncliaen Fatally. Ithoda Hoyni. Smith 
nhd Fuller,, l'ltlds und Word. Mnddox and 
Melvln. r.u Mnrr and t-lvnns. Murphv and 
Froncls, Hownrd.and Howard, Peter Urlflln, 
und Piiyiou. Younp nnd Mttrrell. Ativhvnlv' 
ItfM— llostun Munlelniis' Churtlable fund 

benefit roticer* The new Mu«dr Hull 

y.o'i la now open "Wonderlnnd." a 

lien* atutifietneut park nt llovcre llcncli. Is 
nesrtng couipletlon, und will be opened May 
'lu, Floyd 0, Tituiiipsuii 1t« the gencial raau- 
ijHr of the otiterprlw!.. ..Manager Isniic D. 
Ill.-ti. of the II611I". Park and Colonist, wnu 
the recipient of ninny well wlshera on the 
oeeoslon of hi* seventy-ninth birthday, which 

was celebrated lust wok The uok show 

at Mechunlcs' Halt. Feb. 20-2». was well at* 
tended. . . .The Paul UrlenelT Dnsslnn Players 
will give ii series of special matinees at Die 
Purk Theatre, Tor the fortnight commencing 
March &...,.. Mme. fCmma Calve and her 
concert company appeared at Hyinpliony Hall 
Feb. 24, before an Immense audience. Tlie 
Flrat Corps of Cadets will present "Miss Po- 
cahontas, ' at the Trrinont Theatre. March T. 
as a testimonial lo II. A. Darnel, Die auUior 
of twelve of Iholr successful productions.. . . . 
The Anniversary Number of Tiik Ct.iri'Ku 
made a big hit Ih this city, and newsdealers 
reported tucin "selling like hot rakes." 

II ii Hi— ,| — — .. 

l-oivcll. — At the t.'i'.wM Opera llouse 

i l-'ny Bros, ft Hosford, ninndgcrs) tho vuude- 
villi; sensun cloaid lual week, with mi excel- 
lent bill nnd good butducBs. iMeasrs. Fay 
Dm* ft il ■jMtord uuld the bouse to Culm ft 
(iruut, who will inuUD. drama for the fu- 
ture, the current attraction being "As Ye 
How." for Feb. 20 and week. The Sunday 
concerts have pleuwed tilled houses. 

AcAliriMY «f Itrahn (Richard F. Murphy, 
manager). — "The Senator," with Alexander 
Von Mllxel and Evelyn Yaughan In tile lead- 
ing; roles, wftl given by the stuck last weak, 
to big buslneia. Tlie cotupuny gave excel- 
lent support. "Tbe titcnuil Clly" la this 
week's attraction, with Isabel Fletcher, who 
return** to the Academy for the remainder 
of the season, in the leading role. The 
house Is (Died twlec Simduv at the concerts. 

HATitAWAV'H f Frank 0. Mack, resident 
niunuger). — Another all star hill aud capacity 
lent week. 1-Mdle Leonard and company and 
the Patty llrotliem were big Kucceaties. The 
current list Includes : lll«>. uud Pievost. Five 
Mowutts, Fdgnr Alton nmt company. Dlick 
aud .Ioiiur, Maddox and Melvln, llawlboi-nc 
and Hurt, Cndleux. uud the rltograph. Tlie 
house Is filled to overdowlng nl the Sunday 

llosTux U: II. Tebheits. uinnngcr). — Dusl- 
ii""« conilnues to eupaulty, with M, It. O. 
even bias. The hill lust week was headed by 
tlie VuldlngH. tmpev:o gymnasts, who were do- 
sonlnu of **|>cclul men I Ion. "The (,'ountry 
Slorc' and pniateitr stock company an big 
mugiiL'tn. Currenl : The uiovlng iilcturea of 
the I'ltKrilniJiniiiH-ii'Drlcii light will be feat- 
ured, nud the othert ate: Atplia Trio, (l«o. 
Adiitiis. Fritncls aud Dodgers, Alex Drlsson, 
and the Ponton bioscope, featuring "The 
llitycle Thief." Sunday concern, to H. It. D. 

rgUFUht (Harry A. Woodward manager-. 
--'Ilila house has been renovated to make it 
larger seating capuclly. The nl tractions will 
be burlesune. the Ihcnirc liclug the ono cuter- 
lug to this class of uMuscment, und tlie H. 
It. O. sltfii Ih dlspluyt'd several eveitlngii of 
Die week. Una Mulluuiby wan a big socecm 
with custer Hougti last week. Dill for 20 uud 
week: Dollle CDlTor(l> Dulsy Durleuuue Co. 
and olio — May Wilton. Annie Cook. I5va Clhi- 
i-iii Dentrlco lluttinway, Hazel Welsh, Annlo 
Clark, Lkilllu CIIITord, nnd ihu favorite co- 
incdlaii, lltirry Hurns, and bin burlesque, "A 
Night hi (lu*Hiig HoiiHe." 

AnrAt>n (On \\. Curey. ronnngi'rj. — Dnsl- 
nr-u has rjeon ov-'JIont (bo ptisl. week. 

Ml;-.iimv. — Hurt on Wllllunis hits retired 
from the Academy of Music Stock Co.. nlso 
ficin Nil* pi^fi'nslou, and has gone to his 

form In Hustcrii Mulue lyonald Meek, 

of the Koverln Do Deyn Co.. left for New 
York City Iran. 1"». At (he lust meeting of 
the Lowe!! Bin, No. 87. Mr. Meek wuh re- 
ceived us a itu-mber, und presented with an 
elegant KbV charm by the Uohcmlnn Club. 

West Luffy aercred his eonuecllun 

wllh the Aciidemy or Music Htock Co., nud 

returned to New York Clly 111 The new 

Km pi to Thealre, Plltstteld, Mass., manage- 
menl J. (I. Tcbbctts, of (bo local Boston, had 
Its opening Fch. 12, uud wan tilled lo over- 
fliiwlug. Tlio jut r ronti Included 111 tnnyorand 
cllv ciMtnrll The cnlerlnlners were: Dnle 
und UoskI, Illi-e Dros.. Uiura Onhvny. Swift 
und JtiirkU-v. Chudwlck 'IVIo, Kurt to nud 
IhiHse, nnd Ilusti-n(ml songx, by (?lins. Jones, 
ntnl niu vim? pictures of "Unllles." The house 
Is unsleled ufter Hie i;ngllsh mushv halls, 
having In rife promonndes, und Is lilted wllh 
every Modem convctilciiro for lite comfort, 
nurl safety >r putrotis. It-Is flnlKlied In rosn 
unil grcDii, v.-liti green carpet* nnd draperies. 
(mil seats 1100. The dressing runms have 
hot und cold water, nud u lounging room 
4-oiiuected. Tlie scenery In eleguut, nnd la 

the latest :iuiJ best tliroughout Tlie 

linglcs tire prepurlnc for n elnss Initiation 
of over one hundred new njemlttrs nt their 
next meeting, und 1'kldlc Ilurkc and Pan Mc- 
Cnie, ot the Ilulhinvny staff, me to present 
(heir original "Mack nnd Ills Master." 

inii niv4-r — Al the Acadumy Of Mush: 
(Culm ft Grunt, niumigers) Francis' Wilson, 
In "The Moiintuln ( 'limber. ' r'oh, IP, was en- 
joyed in ii fair slxed uudlcnce. Adam (hiud 
Co. uinde Dh hiltlul niiiieuninco here 2P-2-4, to 

Si* 1 1- liiislucm HoNslc Overton und imuny 
Hiumons, voubrette und eunipdhin, respec- 
tively, are clever, nnd Ihclr supisirt' ts good 
ttH(Hii,'liniil. Phelaii K(oek Co. 2U nud week. 
Muuditlllll ii Co. Mm oh fi- 10. 

Savoy (Al. Hnyncs, miiiiuger). — L;>»t 
week's bill. Headed liy Hm Military, OcP'Uo 
uud the iiti-1 with tlie Dnton, was a Mtron;; 
one, nud drew capacity houses nt all per- 
foununces. Dill week of Feb. 2U : Dclln I ■\,x l 
Charles (Juyei* and Ueth Stone, Joint Ardello 
and her Inlcy Dinks, Homers mid Luw, Dllly 
Link und Wllleli (.'harleru, Halmols Tm'ine 
nf acrobats, tieorge If. Alexuuder und klueto- 

siinuuv'u (C. K. f!ook. umuoger).— flowl 
lionscs were the rule here last week, with an 
lulorestln'K hill, headed hy Una Kdwitrda' 
Kehuul Doyn and Mils. Hooked 20 and winik : 
Kni It.ivcii (,'ndets, lillroy, Iluynes und Monl- 
gouicry, A'liimliii • Tn viur , Wunderlnir Min- 
strels. TenJI Troupe of Oriental Wizards. 
Peter Die <Jreut, Ihwobert Duo, Muttroc, Mack 
nud Lawreuce. and o|illscupo, 

DosT(r\ (Cilia, HehlesatngiT, loanuser). — 
Wii'k or 2(1 : Omar, Mck'eevor and Katilry, 
( ooju-r aud Cramer, Den .loliusou. Frank 
Morion And Hob HomM-vlllc. fcnthcrwclghi 
wrestler!', miicllna till lomors. and Orfentul 
Dm-leNi|ti(-rrt. ItiislnoKs is very good. 

NlOKKl.oirt:oN (M. V. O'llrlen. iiinuiigcr'i . - ■- 
Oood shown nnd goml business ruled lust 
week, lilll week of 2'J : Cordon Slst»rs. .tobu 
Muck, Kny liml Taylor. Auger and Dcuno, 
Klsle Ilulunl, und optlscope. 

Lynn, — At tlio Lynn Theatre (Frank (i, 
Harrison, luutugcr) tbe Koe Htock Co, played 
(o tine busbies* week of Feb, IP. Tlie Henry 
Clay Durunbee Opera Co. MnrWi 1. Hubert 
ICdeson. Hi "Hiroiigheart." 2: Wtu, II. Crane 
C, Jerc McAuliffc Stock Co, 0*10. 

Ai/nirottitu (Hurry KatKes, mnnaffer). -- 
Last week's bualoc-u< was the largest of the 
season, hill week of Feb. 20: Do Muths, 
Nanon JucQiieh. (Joruinu nud West, Irvine- 
(Tuiarou Trio. Dtandou nud Wllar. tho vii- 
loge Choir, Kamo'ti Kngllib Pautotulmo Co. 
and the vllugraph. 

(Jrsi (f'liarlen W. Khenfe, mnnnger).— -This 
hotice eomltOM lo piny to big audiences, 
Dill week of 20: Dave RtnteUa and Orace 
Lyouui, Dddle t<nd Mac Meobtins, Helen 

Jen-ell. John WMaien. Letv Terry ana Jhntnie TrttArtr. TttAtfafa (V. w. Lo'CUtt. ttikfl- 

l.ntig. Mb the movlna pictures., • k , , after*.- ---Vouoit Rufftilu" catoe. lo nig attend- 

SALKM Titunl, Jflftm (Utiirao -11. Cheat- ufttv, Dl-24. "The llutmi of M)aler.v" '-ID 

ham, iiinimgeri, — Tlte Dnnlel it. Ityan Co, 

played in cnpaclly mislnesa lust week, trnnu 
Myers nud hvr slock company, f^r six days, 
opening 2tl. 

i NoTta. — Muttnger Hurry iCatxec. of Die An- 
dltorlum. bus under consideration n probosl- 
IIM to UerniiH the wnuiigiM' of Oracle FmiUcll 
next season. She frill no out on the rond 
with ".Mrs. Muriihy's tsccmid Husband," a 
three get farce rotUcdy. 

■ » - 

VuHii Adiitu-*. -At the Cinjiiiv Thcnlh' 
i.tolm F. Sullivan, manager) Cosgrove Stock 
Co. did excellent bu«lnc*s week of Fe. IP, 
excepting 20, when Henry Clay tlnrttnbee. In 
'■t'luvcrueil," came to fair business. "The 
Mi Do Oray Lady" 28. Lawrence D'Orsay, lu 
"The Kmbaaty Hull," MiD/ch 2. 

Ft a- tl. Mo.vo TRSATH law, P. Mcadc. mun- 
flgeri. — nuslne-s sllll continue)' to be first 
clns« nt this Mill week of Feb. 20: 
Joe. Myra nnd •'Duster' 1 Keaton. Knunett 
uml McNeil, Cludk Maunders, lie Yeaux nnd 
He Yeaux. the Dntdena, Khatdo. nntl Die vita 

fraph. Vaudevllto will be suspended March 
, when Jeffenon 1K> AngelU will appear In 
"Fantnna." Mnnnger Meade held another 
aucconaful nuiktcur ulght Feb. -*i, and tl. 
mnde a big lilt. 

Xoti:h, — 'Die Frnleriuil Order of Uuglcu 
will hold u snored concert nnd pictorial te- 
proilucllou of "OUerntntnergaU." Its poopln 
und plays, Sunday nfteru-Kin and evening, 

March I The stuge tncchunlea' itukm 

has elecletl llie fifllowlng ulUcera to serrn for 
the ensuing year: Preslaunt, Tbotnun Hauley : 
vice president, Jamca P. Kelly, recordini- 
t-ccretury, JuHeph P. Farley, flninrlal secre- 
tory John Pcndcrgau! ; trcuuurer, P, II. 
Muck: «.'vgf"int Ht arms, l<ouln Noel, execu- 
tive committee — Thomas HiuDcy, 1'. II. Mack, 
Joaeph P. Parley and Jamca P. Kully. 

Hiiri.iirfioiit. --.\i ilu- Court Square Thea- 
tre hi, o. (ilhnorc, mnnnRer) the chlldron 
front llie Drlyhihldc orphanage gave a con- 
cert Feb. 20, whlrh brought In good returns. 
"Lincoln," lu whlclt Uenlnmln Chapln uo- 
Itcars lu Did title rule, did Hue bualness 21- 
22. "Clov^dull" 2D, Dlnnebe Walsh 20, ,lnu 
Knlwllk 2ft. Moxlue. klllutt March 1, lllcliarri 
Mutisileld 2, V voile Otillbert (I. 

N'uw (DI.IDIBI1 (P. F. Shea & Co., mnnn- 
gers).— "The Holy Clly," 10-21, appeared to 
the patron*. l-*d. Young Html* Co. week of 
20. , 

l'<i|.i's i.l, c, t'rldille, reshlent manager). 
— DiHid vuudcvllle packed the hoime Inst 
week. I'd. Keynnrd nnd Ills talking nutoiun- 
ions, Htnttli nnd Fuller, Prof llei'tnauy'a 
(togn. Neff ntid Miller, Mile. Trojn, Ihirros 
l;inM,, Plnrco und <lpp. nnd elccti-ogrnph arc 
picked to cntcnnht ibis wrek, 

Nixny.v IP. F. Hhen .V Co., inuueuers),— 
cturlt'fl Huimway CDrts, 111-21, outclassed all 
Its predee«*saorH and "stood them up." Tlio 
Durg Misters nnd other principals were good, 
the chorun comely, well trained uml exquis- 
itely ciisiui'-cil. uud (he whole show elubor- 
nlely utftgcit. >'nuhy Fulr lhirlcsu.ucrs Feb. 
'.'(I-2H. Clark's Uunaway Utrls (relurn) 
Murcli 1-R, I'lii! Shorldan's City Hjiorts ,1-7. 

Nuiua.- -All who wished to see Clark's 
Itunaway UlrN were unable to gain admls- 
sloli, no Diey will piny a return dale il (he 

Nelson Theatre March I .'! Carl W. 

Hcholtx, liiunln'. nt Cult's Theatre, has 
Hslguud tj devote 1 his llmo lo u business 
preposition, nnd will be succeeded by William 
II. Mitchell. ...Waller Hbcan, of the Court 
Hipiure Then ire 1h>x '.tlli-e has ruslgtusl. , . . 
Daisy Qaty Is playing wild "The Ucuuty nnd 
the RaMl' Co., which Is playing ht llie West. 
iiuzel Hary is with (lie Viiasar (Drls, In 
vuude vlllo, nud i.uiite (Inry Is pluylug Irani- 
Initio, with u Indies* orehoslrtl lu New Hen* 

ford. Minnie, the fat llussluii faulty. 

him been on exhlblllon til Die food fair, which 

wns held nt tlie Armory last week 

Lvttion 11. lluwo'* uiitvltig pi' tines ni-e to ex- 
hibit In ton mulnhult unite Meraurlul Church 
PnrbVh Hoiiho Feb. 2H. 

Kriv nedford. — At the New Dedford 
TlM-a IW ' Win. II. Cross, loniiiiger i Irmin 
Mever«i Co. CUM week of Feb, fli, to good 
biielnesH. Week of 2u. Jcro McAulIffo Cm, 

mTHAWAY'N TllHAYHH (T. D. llnyllos, 
muiiuger).-- Csunl good Imslncss for week of 
Hi. lilll for week of 20: Patrice, Kddlo 
Leonurd, 1'ull v tttoH., Walter C- Kelly, I'M. 
I'osier nnd uog. Klska uud King;, Irene Leo. 
and vltnc;ruph. 

HAVOY Tnr.ATiiK (Iliirk & Durry, ion tin- 
pers). — Csital pocked houses, Din sUiek cunt- 
nany producing "Hewure of Men." Week of 
20. "A Womun's Knemy," 

Norn. — D. it nufllnffton. u roruter tncnl 
manager, bns tiled n petition of baukrupcy. 
i ' . 

l,u«rcticp,— Al the Opera House (Omul 
tit i .'it Ii ti, iittinugersi the Myrklo-llHider Co, 
held Die h<iarils week of Feb. IP, lo good 
business. Hhi'iuird's moving pliiuros luul good 
ltoiiM-i 2r>, liiehtdlnir mnllucc. Hooked week of 
20. Hareoitrt Cptiictly t'o. 

('"in,-- mi, (Al. Hnyncs. manager).— -Dig 
business roiithiueM. Chunulon proved u big 
iiniwiiiK card week of 111: Hooked week of 
2tl: The Military OcleDe. Hlxuu and Holmes, 
Mosher. Houghton uml Mushor, Lltlluu Hliuw. 
(lutes ami Nelson, Clnroncn Hlsicra, Hooker 
und Corbley. nud kluetogrnph. 

- " -'■■ s 

W«n<cwli*r.— At Die Worcester Thentre 
(.las, F. Hock, lesldeul mnnnger) Itklmnl 
Muiisildd will utipcar In "Ueau Hruntmcl," 
Murcli 0. Hubert DdcMou, lu "Slrunglioiirt.'' 
ti. Friink Diinli-iM. In "Hergcultl Urue," \i). 
"The Mduciitlon of Mr. I'lpp," Feb. 2D. At** 
lu rge ullelidaiice. "How llcnrls Are llrokeu" 
hud fair pntroiiugn 22-21. "1'he Chimes of 
Normnndy * 20. 27, by sludeuts of Hie School 
of Oiwiit. 




Tho first doy, mat Imre and night, being for Hm 

benclll of till* Odd Fellows' llotnr. Lust week 

the eonipuuy produced "Under Dm Hed Hoc." 

lu I'xtvtJcni returns. Mr. Jurrclt and Mr. W.'l- 

Dnms carried off the honors. 

Pa iik (Alf. T, Wllpnt, nmutigei-j.— Week 
of Fob. nil Mr. nml Mrs. FM. Dsmonde, in 
"In Allien ;" Hem's Trotiuo of uerunts, Vio- 
let Hulc, Ilyron and Langdnn, lu "The Dude 
Jiolectlve;" Ilarrlgan, the Juggler: Kliubull 
Und Ootiuvan, Ilu- chudwlck Trio, lu "Hunk 
Hoover's ITulldiiy." uud the klnctogruitli. 
IluslucMM excel Ion l. , 

I'm. i'h D'htlM, W. I'lmd.:, resident ijijumi- 
t-Ht-i.— Week i»f Mi Vhglnlu Karl und her 
".l(.!iniil'> :" Hlunrl, the mill'' 1'utll: Itossou- 
SlldgetH. Felix. llnrrv nud Co.. In "The Doy 
Next iHJor:" Three Navitrros, Hnyiniiu mid 
Fro nk llti, (he Three Doses, nud the elect ro- 
kruph. ItiisDiess lo almost coustutit cujuu-Dy. 

pAi,Aci!.--Wwk of 20: Alvtireifu 'I'rlo, 
Hiirkhart ilud Derry, Hun MMlumbley, Hal tie 
Hlxey, tbe Two- Daleys, mid Hm btirlesmie, 
' t.'asey's luvuiitluu." 

■ Tiiwninn.— M Hie Tn mi i. nt Thcarre ICHhU 
A Cross, niniingprs) "The Old Clothes Mun" 

Proved s rcry pleasing nitrnetlon Feb. 2(t, 
iicptinl's moving pictures did My business 
hficrnoiiii and evening 22. Henry Cluy (fair* 
bnbec, hi "Cluvi-rdell." March -1. 


and week, "The Ulrl of tho Hlrects" follows. 
Tni;vrnc It'.v.M. (II. C. Kgerlou. rnatu- 

ger),-—Tlie Dainty , Parep t?u, .bad ■ good M- 

rulpts ltt-21 Tbe Fny Foster Co. 20 *Dd 
week, the, HiTwiulii is next week. 

tDKttUK JjlATIttKAl,. VllAHCMH (0. Gail- 

vrvaii, iBWlnavft. — Tim mrmuticut l»*rihcu 
Mntk compiuy. In "]," ltenun d'Argenr." 
drew fiitKlionaes ln-24. "The llerrhant of 
Yerilew" (lu French) 2U and week, "Lo Petit 
JnrHtiPi" ncxl weak. 


manager).— The prrraancnl Frehelt atock 
tniitpatiy, Iti 'Leu Jules tie In Patornlle." hud 
fair attendance 10-24. "L'ltnrtlnet"- 20 and 
frock, "Lea ISrretirs ilu Mnrlnge" next week. 

WiNimon it. m.i, Kubeiik, tho violinist. 

Feb. 20. 

8ta sliv Ilaui,. — Oernrdy, tlio 'eel tla t. 

MltK'll 0. ■: 

Not*.— Tlte Dominion Park will bo the 
latest addlllon to the Summer ranuil* In 
Montreal. It will be situated on tho banka 
or Ihe St. U iti euro Diver, wltbln thirty 
tnlnutcs on the mis from tho heart of the 
city. Tho nuiutgeiuvi't have secured an Ideal 
spot for ibelr enterp-rlac. IL A. Horsey, wko 
built the Twin City Park, Is the president 
and manager or tlio new company, whlrh 
augurs well for the wuceess of the park. Cov- 
ering tirtoen acres of ground. Dominion 1'urk 
win ho ott ii lurjfcr ncalo than Ibu Twlu Clly 
Wonderland, upon which plnn-i the new park 
Is facing bull!. Among the nttrnctlons Hint 
are uuw i" luir built, are the acenlc railway, 
chute Hie chutes, the infant Incubator, tho 
Johnstown Flood, the old mill, myth city. etc. 
Them will also bo free vaudeville attrac- 
tions, k Urge dinning puvltlnu, nml a reu- 
lunrani. Uloctrlc lights will ptny un Import- 
ant port in tho nltmctiouH. Tho park will 
be opened on Muy l.\ 

HI. .lolin.—Ai the Operu Homo (A. O. 
Hklliner. innnoftci') the Wnttc Comedy Co. 
dosed ItB oogageiueitt Feb, I", presenting 
"Tho Mvhioi-loits Mr, ltaKles," lo good busf 
tir-HH, Two otisli prlxea were given 17. ono 
for the boldnr of tho lucky ticket, ntid the 
oilier for the "Jiohtellest innu preslint." Ton 
Kdnard Fills Co. opened n return cngage- 
motii of three weeks Hi, to good buslaaan, 
presenting "The Ittijnh," iktra Iloolb, Kvelyn 
V'rnnclf, lid. ISDIa nhd Deo. Turner deserve 
meniton, 'J'lie company did not play 211. 314, 
when "Tbe Devil'* Auction" was the attrac- 
tion, but rcnuoTwl 20, The Kills Co. pre- 
s.'iiiml "A Htrciiuotts Time" i.' Madanjo 
Albanl and cnniimiiy 2S. 

YuitK T'mj.MiIi: (It, J. Arinsltong. innna 

fefJ.— TU* New Vork Ojiera Co. wllhdiew 
is advcrtlaed ofTctlng of "The Little linko," 
i'. 17, and repented "Jack nud the Ueau 
mm lk." "Tlio fll rl from Purls" and "Ilia 
Teiepiioiip Hlrl. The cbmphny elwred lt» 
engagement here 17- Kdward P. KUlolt juvo 
his reading, "imvld llitntm," in, to n crowd- 
ed bouse, ihlH lie lug the fourth of tin* 
Spencer Slur course. The Ifcmhm Itlonl Co. 

2.'t. 21. 

Siith, — Wtlhor A. Sltcu, muuager of tho 
Cnsiport end Calais, Me., Ojiera Houses, wna 
in town 10. uccoinpunlerl by .Mrs. Hhen 

, . ■ -,»■— 

Ttironlo, -At tlie Prlueeia Theatre to. 
il. Hhej-jMrd. inniiugort Kdtiu May, lu "The , 
Catch or Die S«»«oD," came to packed Iioiimcm 
Feb, Ill-it. IHehnrd Mansfield, In repertory. 
22-24, "Little Johnny Jones" 20 und week, 

Ohand ( DnL'si', (A. .1. Hinnll. inaon- 
gor).— Week of Hi "The Sultin of Hulu" 
drew big; busings. Al. II Wtlaun 20 and 

M^.iksti'- Tiuiniii; (A. J, Small, tnann- 
gen.— Week of III, the IiukwII «nm„ In "Vho 
Great Jewel iHyntery ," enine In hlg busluesK. 
"CtUder'H JjisI l-'lghl. ' 20 and week. 

HllRA'H TllUATKH (J. Hlictt. uiuniigor).— 
w.i-k of JP a gum) curd nml H. It. 0. Card 
foe week nf 2d follow**: Tm Furteitn Orches- 
ira, it'ifT Hros., Mity Duryea nml W. A. Hur- 
lltner, Allen pierce, Hurry Tula's "Motoring." 
Iloey nnd l.'o, Fltsglbbons-MeCoy Trio and 
Ihe xliictiigrupli, 

mi TusATttK (F. .!, Hlolr, munugcr)."- 
Week of 30 Hm California tllrln drew big 
Ijuiltiohs. Dululy l'nii'o l.o, 20 und week. 

Mamukv MitMie Ham, (Stuart Houston, 
miiiiugcri, — Kubcllk 2M. 

a ■■ ' 

WlfiiiliM'g. Al the WlunlpirtfTlienire (C 
P. WnlldT, imitiiiger} T.lttlo Joliuny Jones" 
opeued la n lillge Itmise Feb. IP, nnd the sale 
for 20 wuh nlso lnrgo. "1'irr: PutTI! Poufl II" 
21-24, pleuscd. 

HliMINlOX TlIKATHn fl>, Douglas, jiinmi- 

nri, — itiishii'Si In Kiileiidlil. l''ullowlug; for 
week of lb: Hculrlcn Molii-n/.b- uud com 
i. Mar 
tli'ljeiuiii anil I'pvry, W " 
, „ia Throe Doundlinr (fordo 
the kluodronu 

patiy. Ia-w WcIIh, HiirueH nnd Weyersoti, 
vi'Icjiih tiiiiie. (ii'll'-iMti and Perry, Whitney 
ami Dror'-v, Ilia Three Hounding Oordotu* nod 

... F, Itnrho, resident 
luger).— Week of 20, "Muldlcm of Fur- 
™ U'eek of MtlMl B, "Tlie Cllmbeiv," 

Ilutiii jNnsii \ itiirrowH, proprluturs). — 
nig aDcodiiilen here. Following for week of 
Ht: hijnii Hluck Co.. In "pnrn D-vll line:" 
I'Hiiinim ((icgg.i. iloi'iK-rt. ilu 1 frog tiuin ; Iuu 
HiisHi'li. Moray Long, und ujuvlug pictures. 

TNuiir; (Nimh St Duiroirs, prohrH'tors'l. — 
I'siinl largo hiislncss. Following for week of 
10: The Huvoya, Al. Chi-mtul, Deri While, 
Florelin Hunfonj, 1,-mls Duymuu, and uiovlng 

wi l ■■■■ — .— 

i *ft*n . Ai Hi" OuiikI (J. !■:. Turlon. 

iiniiiuger) tho HiiinmerM Slock Co. opened 
Feb ID. for a two weeks' migiigoturul. "In 
New York Town" 21, Clinrlca Oiupcwlu 
Mareli 1- 

IlKMNKTT'H ((.'. W. DoMMML imitiiiger ).- 
DIM fur week of 10 wuh under auspices of*, who doimled Hit* prorctids to it hhhiii- 
uient fund. Dill week of 2'): Curler and 
Wuh-! 1 * Co , Due and Hrbscbe, Kloln uml 
Clifton, Pill-in und I'lirn. Undo und llerliunn, 
H.ilt;lit uml Tti'itims, uttfl Curolhie Ituveiis- 

Notk,--- Malinger Dt'iiucD tms letiscd Ids 
Hi. Tb(i:nns lionsi) In Murciis nud Dunn, of 
l-lilladeiphhi. who will contluuo lo run It 
as n vaudevllb* house. 

m mm #■ — ■- 

llfinilli«iM,—At rii.i Hniiid Opcru Housn 
(A. It f,oud«'i, uiunagerf "Tlio Kuial Wed- 
ding." Feb. 17. drew Tnrgo nnd well pb-uspit 
houses. Orphans* Festival flueal), 22, hud 
th* cihtDinnry Imniens*' audience. "Over 
Nliigiirti t'nlls 2-t, "In New York Town" 21), 
UT, 7, U'n lib lo Villi, John Homy." 28: "111* 
Sign of ilh'tiVoiur" Muiili 1, "Tho (Jlrl nt tlio 
Slreetn" 2, II. "Tlie.lieririHti Gypsy" ti, "Little 
Johnny Jones" 0, 7, "The KuucuHom of Mr. 
I'lpp" (t, », "Prelly Peggy" 10. 

Hmii (J. (1. Anpltilun, miiniigei'i. - -Week 
or 20 llifi iilll will Is- : Cresceiil: Comedy Four. 
Harry Tlolinnn, Cole uud I'leiiiena. 'lorn 
luivii's, Mtlclv und Fux, Cuscy und Cniiicy. 
Jiiculm tipd Hardell, and Ken"*, 

(Hintvit. -At tin? Dikii'li Theutru <P 
Oorajua. niunitger) 'lite Fuyu will piny n 
1*1*401 'I'D'.' week of Fch, 20. 1'eggy from 

Purls luul big I el ill IIS 111-20. Ixreill eon- 

cert 2-V-24. 

Hi:'. Mi oi-i.tiA IPm:hk (II, J, lllrdwhlslle. 
uninsger' "A (flrl of the Streets" 22-24, 

NuTt- Dt'ii. fF. Urlsroi, a local buy, Is* 
mannger of "A Olrl of Hie Htreola" Co, 

At tho i 'nrtiiim Opera 

_. (H. VI. Citrinnn. munnger) "The Dor 

ll's Action" tilled un- house. Feb. HI. 'Tito 

II r 1 1* v 1 1 1 «• . - 

IfnUM (S, VI. Ciirmnn. taunufrer 

tiin.trrtil. At IDh MiiJ-sIVm 4 II. l). 

lirisiks. nitinngerl Stale concerts Feb. Jt». 
Pittsburg Orchestra 2U. AttdidntH'u was 

food. Dfgby Dell, In "Tlie Kducutlun of Mr, 
■ipi.'." 20 and week. 
a i -un.MY in* Mt sic (Walter Greaves, mun i. I'l.itrl.'* Onus' win, Id 'It's Pp i<> 
ion. J'llin Henry,' itp|iejirei| to piii keil 
|ihii«'h 10 21. '"Hie Htillnii *f Huln" 20 and 
weok, "I. ft. V." next. 

1 ntnl Wedding" drew well 20, vaudeville 
Mora It 23. "Tim Hlgtl of thn Cross" 20, 

Miii kH lire-!., l.'o. March .". and week. 

SI. (.'flthnrlnps,- -Al the (''mud Opera 
House HTutrlPH H. Wilson, mnnager) Jim ■ 
tin's "V, T. (*." played to capacity, niu tlnne 
and eviilnjf. Feb. 21. "Over Niagara Falla" 
'.-:!. 'Th* Herman Dipay" March r«. 

'Axmoi.s, hypnollal mid mind reader. Is at 
Inline. I » r"i in ring t» presettt n new magic nci 
In viiiinVvfll.-. Tuts lu bin llftli mtML 


%6feK OilBPElK. 

Minou 3. 



THE GROAT HOVKI.TV ACKOBATIC A.OT 1.-IIOM TUB FAR FMIIT. Juil llnl»li»il II! neuhe' enn;afj>>a.en. Willi On in Irra 

Clipper Post Office, 

'■ in order *d avoid ntatakea and to 

lnaorr th« prompt delivery nf t*k*> 

IsrUers adrerilaetl in tfal* iwi, «m 

VBVclopo ulalnly- atlilrcaaiMl muil bo 
■oat for eacb letter, and * wnttca 
o*d*r for the letter, ■letted "with too 
foil no oar and address and the II no 
of aaitaeaa followed by ibo ■cat***, 
am iiio be. enclosed. 


Arm. v 

Pleaae mention the dote tor a 
ft**) of tie GMPPBB la which 
leit ew goat for were adrortlaoo* 


Alma, Ml lie 

AheiftG, In?* 
AnOeinou, Kiln 
Atlicrtoa, Verne 
Addlajtim UatH-t 
Atitrmti;. Miss 


W loon a 
A»ra. Lillian 

AH. 'H. UoiMl ft. 

A*l(iois, Stoo 

Hitrlcn, nor 

Bonurd, Mas 

Beard, VmIs 

Btyley, Oraivs 

Burton, I.. 

I loot b, Hope 

Mucher Manila 

n*nl, Oo Id In 

KnrtPlli, Dais/ 

Bcdwii, MilU'l 

Black Co, .Violet 

Hrltlin'1. Alice 

Ben 11, Norma 

Miilln, Afnex 

Bnd^ley Mrs.TM 

Jlnrton MIbh ltoyiHnwlltorne, 

Beldlnl, Kiln Mnno) 

Mrortfrick Jt^Nla!l!A*en. Callle 

Gilmer, Marie 


Qrolncr, LlUfe 
ilmmioii. Itn 
OHmr-*, nncp 
Owner, Be-ry Q 

Hunter Clem II. 
Hoi men, JHiMwr 

Hijfi, .Amelln 
Hninliig. Mtdiot 
Hunk. Mti. I. 
Hifiwn, Qerllu 
llruwes. A. 

Ilr.rrl'. !■ nunl-" 

Inward, Oleney 

IlM Mi. I'll. 

Mrs. II. ft l r . 
llnlry, Kllti 
llarfc, Pom 
Hull, Eniroit S. 
Holland, Nellie 
Hill, Emma 

Brynn. EdytheM 
IturnnliU- Ixnlwtl 
Bjythe, Htrtlii 
Baldwin Therwl 
Bell, I-poao 
Ben.ll, HatltflL, 
Hurk, Oruce I*. 
Blast*, .Marlon Nlfrl 
UHiloi, .TtMhlo 
Clayton Frltxla 
Carlton, YVIInia 
Clark, Dorotliv 
ClJfk, MH;n;i 
Olrnte, (Jrnjcii 

J-M *i:* A. 
Clare mo nt lli'lt'ii 
Crawford, .ln-i.' 
ChnJwIck, (.ill 
C win in* y 

. Pbjllll 
Cenilrlan, 0. 
C'sitw, Hvelrti 
t'trtvloti. I.'mi 
Carleioii, Nina 
Cotlon, , 


roniiell Ln ]tone 

« J in ■•■•'. I. Ull, 

Curtis, Alice 1*. 
CerUMor. llellcii 
* latter, Amilu , 
Canon, i 

Cprmn, MaryK. 

■'lI'Mlil. 1,11,'llf 

Ileum'. HnLrtO 
Unto. Olor.e 
He Kreko. rJatrta 
Dwiarr. Loulao 
Dunn, Viola M. 
JkiwTiiTiir Bvrtim 
nuke. Irene 

Donovan hMM 
He M-.ui, Kva 
Doiviim. Mary 
Drew Klnlmi ai 
Dl»y, MMiim- 
D-litnn Madeline 

ktcIjii. Com 
Krroli Qay 
Kmcrwn, Mlllltf 


Mr*. C. ImWu 
Karle, Julln 
Kdinondn, Ordco 
Ktliimlo, Naeml 
KeruriHon. Alice 
l-'ullw. Olartyn 


P] In toft, 
Vny, Aut»n Eva 
jrnrnmn, lllfX 

: . l-'lorenee 

Mrs. A I ht. 
Ftteh. Alloe 
tllMh, Mae 
linltcrnuii, li»»rtii 
orecn, i>nim- 
n-illaml, ni'i'lha 

cum, \Uy 


llarklnn, Mary 
lleiifliuw, Velli. 
Howard fleorulu 
Irish, May 

Oslclta, .Mhl-i.i 
Ober, Orla 

Ohol, Mm, di«. 


Mr*. V,. 
['hlll'rook, A1J--J 
Pluln, Atm« ' 
1'flljre, Mattel 
I'etcw, Helen 
roweU, May 
Pain.-, .Tow-Jib 
Powers, Ireirt 
ItOWe, Mriy 0. 
Ilaymond, 4race 
II r Wit, Mattel 
Ryan Mr-*. Tii m 
ltnmn-v f'lurul.. 
Rao, Dorolliy 
Ray, Fmmn 
Rtielfdi Jean '£, 
Rnnner, May 
KoUIn* Thomt 

Riulellff, Mr«.C, 
Ito<:kw(N»1. Ida • 
II leh, Bertbn, 


Hciiimi'iT. " 

Mm. 3. \V. 
RnriHey, Mlllwi 
Sereranee. . 
. -luuvirat 


Mm. FiL It. 
Seotr, Cnrrle 

Korlaon Theliiia 
Kernnn. f-nitM 
Kelly, PpMtuoml 
Ketieiier Mm. n 
Kinsley, Julln 
KitHiedy, Betle 
Klmbdll Floren*' 
IvwJey, IvIiijl 
KltiK. KllcalK-lli 
Rltiroy, Kva 
l-Undy, A1le*» ' 
l.nviTliiir. UnlHy 
l.nMin* Unmtlty 

I. II Trull 

Ii>i«i. Mae M. 
I.i. Kraliy, Murk 
I.ewlH Cnjirlcrit. 
I.nwrenre iinlr-y 
r.f* Vmi, riu-Hj. 
I.'mvIm. Ada 
liK'l-ilre flertlo 
MmWu. Iiiii-y 
I-ee, Btelln 
Lylten, Nellie 
F.n Van KIokmIo 
I.invieni--', Atitii 
l-uck-a-nod, Nell 

lieon, May- 
La llnil.y Millie 
LnParli awm 
i.i'incti, t'ii'i.'i Jeniilo 
I*->|-ditnii I^renn 
Mnrlow-. Im\ 
Mill. 'i' MnUiiHi; 
Mnwin, I'aulu 

Mnriln, Theiva 
Mncurr, Mine. 
M..U it fun I, 

Mltchotl N.-Mi.'ii 
Mnnnlrit luSbW 

Mncke, Mrx..l.It. 
Madlaon, Ornoe 

Mr-. Roti l. H. 

Marlell, HmIIo 
Mortu. NortiM 
Mtirifiui. Kltly 
Miir.. Muxinu 
Muy, Unlnnli 
Murry Kllutln-ili 
\IIIIott 1. 1111. in 
Mooie, Juliet . 
McMorrl*,. ' 

.Nnson Mnr,le K 
Niuvn. Ura, T. 

Bentrlw ^t. Olalr Luclllo 

ill Hie 

Nniirti! Daisy ' 

a-iliIi, Arthtu 
Atwoon, Jan. 

. Mimical Duo 
All * Pcyaer 
Allen, Joh. 
Aiaerty Hatty 
Amour, Mai A. 
Abeirn, U. 
Atmire-id, Pre*t 
Auderaon, 11. .1. 
Amlirnuii, D. A. 
AxmiToritt. Kre*l 
Ani-n. Wtlhur 
A'luuiw, MOaO 

Allen, AI. 
Ailams, Bd. V. 
Aililou, Tom 
American Meat 
Opera Oo. 
Aiidervoii DanA. 
Axtcll, Mr, 
Alplia Trio 
Allen. Joe 
Awll. Wou 
Arnnltl, J. >\ 
Altlo, Mnx 
AiiKer, Cuid tleo 
AINU. tJ. H. 
ArrrtRtroiie « 

AU«n U -Srlturne 
Bell, Joau 
Unrke, John F. 
lilniiP, J, 
Ilerteli, Audy 
Utitm*. Frank 
Baxter F. Owen 

f;i:.Ml.l'.MII.\ , .S LIST. 

f*wnn, Ollte) 
fimtih Mri-..loal) 
filiflw, Lillian 
Himnrler* AniistJ 

Mrn. Rort 
Rlone, Beth 
Ktewart, ti-iiti.' 
Nndw, lllnncliel) 
Hlantey Oerlrd. 


I I'M.- M. 

Hhlrley Bahy A. 



scon, i;vn 
Hiilhorlimd Jnnc 

NhlVlli, -i"H|.- 

Htewiiri', flattie 
SlrninoiiH, Alkv. 

Thome, Mannta 

Tutor, Bthel 
I'rllii.', K*liin 
Veroni'e, i'"!iin" 
Vmi Ilnreii Maiy 
Verne, Nelllo 
Wood, Juliet 

Mra. Feel. 
Willi, Ktnllctf 
Wnlirrif, MU>« H 
Wrljiltt, ].ll]|,ni 
Willia, lUrrlcK 
Wllann, Mmid 
Wnnl (letierlTO 

Wntirt-r, Itmli 
Wllllauia. . 

Clara J. 



tt'eat, KiiBle 
Wnlnfi, Marlon 
Wllkea, Ada 
WllllaniH, Mny 
Wiley, Stelln 
West, JokhIh 
ttalHh MnTomll 
WllllatUN Pantile 
Wilier. Iliitfll. 
Warrleld. Mui-le 

White, itiiii.) It. 
Wteiilier, Cliirn 
Wuytie, Vlvltiii 
Wlllla. Mica 3, 
York,. Julln 
Z*?liey, , Imnv ' 

Mra. Diirid 

Bnyley, Crlclttnore, John 

J. WlUniJ Cimnlnjtliiim, 

Biiekneiv' Artli. 
Mall. Dr. W. II 
Burt, » J ifii 
IluchblKder .Itil 

Onpt. .Tack 
Bunnell, <k». 
Buldt-r Chat*. If 
Blake. Clmh. 
llaxier, K. n, 
Buru Frnnk A, 
Wroeka Herbert 
Barton Se t irnu 
Ileii'iiott'P Allow 
linrrv, John 
Burton, Ohm 
Helnlr, Wiilt, 
Itlniliiv. Joe 
Bell Dick ' * 


Qe». W. 

Cliofluelte Actliil 
ClilMa, Oeo. A. 
Clark, (loo, 8. 
Ctlfford. Frank 
Clark, IlHIIe 
Cnnliiiinii WtlllO 
Clnrk Cli«s.(ik'i 
Crlmowua ft 

Cniirn>u, Tmtor 
Cnniiliie CinwW 
tUnrk. K-hrupi 
Caah, w. ii. 
Chaam, Umtn 


" . Jonu l». 
Quk. Burlekti 
Coltnn, Prmik 
OorUett Jtl-k .1, 

Bo.vil, Warren Oreaay, Will 
BrleRt,.Q«>. L. ,Co«hy, Rich, ij, 
Bolnwnt. Juo lOIIfton, II, H. 
Belta, Itertit. it CarMii, J, W. 
linker, Robt. jCoaaon. Frank 

Drown, Ileaclifl, 
J/n-rman, Fred 
Buckley. It-rr-y 
Beyer, ' Ben 
Purfer**, Max 
Baniej^T. Hoy 
Minn. Frank 
Bernard. David 
Rfilier, Jaclcob 
Ifcmalle. ■-- ' •■ 
linrr ft Kvnn 
Bee™, Ihrtry- 
Jtnlloiitliic, 't'oni 
iiuriK Harry 
llenem Musical 

Itnrttvi, BoM. 
Bc-lee, <lw. A, 
Rnrtnu, Jerry ; 
Baker, Myrou 

, Horry 
Boyce, Clftttnn 
Beaeli & low- 
ers Ml n it. 
Beeker, Jim. 
B*Tt«'nwi.' 11, 
Brown, a. M. 
Itvliifiiil,' llttlplr 
. -Onnt. It, D. 
Badou, - Frank 
Boyle, Oniric* 
Bnnly, W. A. 
1101. Ben- Frank 
Bnriell, Harry 
Hnrneyn, Three 

Byren, Matnner 

initlii, -It, H. 
Bealy, V. U. 
Bowera P.*Iw;lM 
H.intuln. Mr. 
ColbJ'.CbfM: R. 

Olamaii, llnuii.. 
■Ode, Omriie 
Cone, J, W. 
tjarr, < Ji-oitp.. 
Owi»er, (Jetirgo 
Canuody Jn«. F 
Parier. Hulert 
O»lo Oea.aNcllIu 

Ofltier. Barry 
Glnyton rrmik,l 
''■\ iliiw. . ^, 
Crlqitniaa AMack 
IhHiyne'A. M. 

Capt. Jncfc 
Qoei*r. Ooo, 
Clifton, II. It, 


C«>ok, F.'rt,' 
.CortheU- lierlrt. 
PoMinllav Wm.. 
Cameron, Jr.». 
Carpenter, \v.r>. 
Crald, John 
O-Hilter, Mir, 
Corbley, "JW. P 

I •lllirun, T,I'>m 

CnlmilJ, UT. 
i.>jgper ft. 

. .' itfirflusuii 
Cofihoy* at Ketesy 
Connolly AHoon 
. cmnpbelt, 3, 
r.inncra, John 
OiuKpn ft 

D« Vern 
Daimon. Miles 
Jumnldiwo Aim 
Url*-roll.O. K. 
Dareni-orC ■ Al.H 
U-nlor, AI 
Uawaou ft Booth 
Duryea, I'M- 

win Jr. 
Deveaux -ft 

Dotes U 

(1. fihermaii 
Dngelorl, 0«». 

Prof. J. «. 
Dtnforlli, W. A 
lie Pew Thoa.K. 
Lllxoa, Bower j 

ft 1)1X1 

Dirmody (Club 

- JiiidEli'L't 
Dooalda, Btdncy 
Uanleln, Vlndl 
Derereaiix, .lack 
UNHU Bros. 
I vive, Oeo. 
Dnnnelly, J. J, 
Drake Jnftn TJr. 
liiiy-T, iM. 
ll'ilnn, Jan. V. 
iI'umI, Jaa. ll. 
Hill ft Ward 
Downlntt; Walt, 
Dntton, Wtn. 
Dec, Roy 
Helton, llnrry 
ItonnMnou Geo. 
lmrrell. K.ltfitr 
Downey ft 

DiMRrV, Toto 
lie Ronaell Juan 
Dlniift Troiino 
Dtvoii, M. L, 
Bewnr, Prof. 
Bavin, Joo, H. 
Ilnflriaon 1. W. 
li.'.wrt. Victor 
Bale, Frwlerio 
Donnelly Ilyroul 
Dandy, Jean 
BbvIn. liiMi.'i 
Doyle Patay II. 
I'.llla, Jaa. T. 
ICaatnn, P. A. 
lliniilre Com. 4 
Kloell, Harry 
Kverelt, II. 0. 
I'dwardi, llnrry 
MtlnKt'i Jltllail 

kiiw-xkI, Iturriv 
Bvtina, Anlmr 
l>lwiir(lM,'A. J. 
I-klinan, Harry 

i'.-" ft Allle 
Rlllnl, OI»». 
Kniery, Jay 
I'rink, Frank 
Frlek. W. 

I.'remont ColWII 
Fuller, Win. 

Br; Harry J. 

relilman. Arlh. 
Fpwler, I'nila 
Fiillen Oliai. M 
Floyd, Rtln-anlll 
ran Frank- 

Un K. 
Freneh, FruukV 
rict-'her Chaa.L 
MIW. Wall.9. 
Forrell. Cliff 
Fulton, Will T. 
I't.'i.Mr.u' llnrry 
Froat, Harold 
Fijltou, Arthur 
Fountain, II. J. 
Feritewin, Dick 
FlrxliuKti. ft H. 
I'eruiiMcHi A. 0. 
Ferry, W. J. 
Florence, Win. Bllly 
Flaher, I'UII 
Fatrinan. H. H 
FjiylilO, Aitnnls 
Freeman Harry!. 
Fowler, Jului 
Fox, Frank 
Faiixlinwe Aril, 
Oreeno Uarrlsou 
Riitlitelt, Win. 
il II. -.-ii, M.' 

tllluiotir & 

I, a Toui 
nanlner ft , 

NlgWMaT, The 
linylerd, A. K, 
iliirvle, Kihinnl 
Ciiniiaii ft Weal 
Gordon, Kobt. 
tinralde. Jan, *■ 
Gtittliold CliBBi 
(eoculmitn, l.ouU 
Green, Clina. M, 
Gulutea, Ij. C. 
Gleiioon, Joii'i \. 
Grailwcll, A. 
Gohteii, 0(o. P. 
Ulbvon (riiv. 

Muriitiy Co.) 
Greene, 3**, II. 
Goldle, Albert 
Grotly Trio 
Groenivay, Hf. 
Go Men fleo. P. 
Gernun ProflM. 

,. Lawrence 
Gould, K. ' B. 
Gardner, 'Jack 
GoBKena Willi. 
Grndy, Jan. P. 

Don ft Mae 
Grieae, Mr. ft 

Mr,*, lav 
Grand I, Robt. 

W. P.(ARent) 
tlnrela, Pedro 

llnrcoiiri, Frnnk M'nnn, Danny 

' Clrotii. Mftxlert, AT LIRKKTV P1R8T WKKK. IN MAHCI1. AoMiaim 
ABOALj^AU BB\ UftMAlM, Ml AVesI iHth St., N. V. t or all N, V. Age 

Harttei, Oeo, 

Ilnyiuon A 

, " FtmtutUo 

HI limn n, Geo. 
nney. Q«or(f» 
llollai-d. K. .1. 
Hajnmond, J, ll 
Harrlfl, C, 
Itnnnn, J. 
Howiinl, (leorge 
llar-lr, acori^o 
llartmnn RnaHel 
Hatha way ft 

. . ' Baymond 
flowed. Jl, II. 
lllllo A Rchrr 
Html. Dr.>rey, J. A 
lleani, Twm, A. 

J. ' Bernii\-d 
ITcnoar, Aiiii.iiel 
Itanford, KdwUi 

Jan. W. 
nolf, Geo, W. 
HeiYPon, Mr. [■'. 
Hnrrlnon, C. II, 
llnmmiatone ft 

Sralth Co. 
llolmef*, V. M. 
Hill, Murry K 
Uanls ft 


HuRhefi. many 
Hownnl. Bert 
lloyl, II. II. 
HugticK, w. n. 

Horn, Fd-Ue 
llotnan, Chun, a 

I tin.' .in. John 'I 
llnv**rly, TOin' 
Ihilounihe Ilerhl 

Hyde. Albert: 

ii'iiit'Ti, llnrry 
llareourt Frnuh 
[faruey, Ben It 

I h-r.trt. Tom 

llnndler, Oaenr 
Hill, Fred 
llollnni], Monto 
llonron Allnrrla 
llnteli. Aim./, i 

Heiklen, Hert 

a.m. I) 

Prof. Pre.) 
luffi-iinn Chester 
lllllnril. ChaH. 
InilU'fT, II. n|. 
Irwin John ll. 

I lulu. IT, i '.mil' i 


I in .■■'.■■.. Ctldit. Ii 

I nee, John K, 

foaeiih, Hnm 
loo-ier, 11. M. 
faekaon ft ltri<n 
fnhiifon AWclli 
/neoti,. Fred 
lolinaon i I..- 

mil J 
Jnrven, Bob 
Joliniton, Jna. T 
Jeavou<«, TIioh. 
JonoM, i 1 - ,|. 
Johnmn, 1 A'. * 
Kelt lor. Jo.< 

Kllltf, JOH. 

Kim:, Itiihert 
Klnuey ft 

Co., Wa. T 
Kiiii:, Burt L 
Karl, Adam 1„R 
Ktibter. Wnl;. 
Kavnnnnli, K.P 
Klnrk, llanlen 

Kopiie (Jumerl 

Kocnu'i', (11 to J. 
Kennedy, linill 
Kelly, Oho*. J. 
Knlll. M. J. 
KelWi, Jlmndn 
Kane, MorrN 
KuBon «l*«w1i 
Kelly, M. .1. 

KIlifT, ltotit. 
Kane, Lurry 
Kelley, Wnrd 
KrOeiwr Olio J., I'li'ti.'il 
Klliifdoil lies I. 
Keho, JmiMM 


crmi Troiijie 

^Motlte, Win. 

•aue, llnrry 

-eon, Dan. 

xiwery, tleo. 
U Veil Prank 1' 

.nralne & 
, i. n nln. 

l-ainliert. . Ollh 
U'Swr, Loult; 
[MkTi Fred 
ijeouiin), J. ]■'. 
f,n 'Man* Horry 
l.ntiilie. Fre<I 
l,itne. Frank 
fxoul, Harry - 
l-ewla, Tom 
I^avln Percy II 
U Clair, Will 
Lone; ti Oolloii 
(•ownntte, Oacar 
l.nuwiii, A. 
lrftalle. Fred 
l,con:ml ft 

I!. If: ll 

1-orenc. — 
U'vtnc ft 

I-onc, Prank tt, 

l,u Mi.utc. Hiiiik 
Lynch, tlrem 
U Rue. llwi'rys 
Lnnilrvy. Naji 

Murray ft Muck 
McGiiheti. A. B. 

Monroe, fteo-W. 
Marrow, Jhh. 
Mnek. Walt. }j. 
Mayo, Cut 
MeCall, W*. 
Uonme, Men. W 

\faru-il Tfonnt 
SfcQiolnA Stnltn 
.Moui!m<e AtOA. 
Mack, Wa, 

AIlfelieM, S. J,. 

ATeiiiiatcr, Mr. 


Merritl, P. H. 
.Mil tun ft K.iNcr 
Meyers, G. «. 
Meyer. Mark 
Moore, <leo. P, 
Meyer, Mark 
Mttrttn A - 

R Id* way 
Melrllte itownrd 

Ml'.JlilU. \M\ 
.M.-lvln, Patll 

Mayon, John 
Murray, J. I.. 
Murray M. L- J. ft G roll j 
Ml r ken, J. 
MeyrT'i, B. M. 
Mfirccllo, J. 

Prof. Lnfrom 
Munrot', Goo, 1". 1 Tv/lin- 

J. ft Alh-i 
Mareenn, Ben 
Meekllnjf. Win. 
Milton. Chns.W. 
McKoeveri Jon. 
Murotiy U ■ . 

MeBonnld, MlU 
Mix, Clayton. I- 
Myrtle, At. 
Mai-her, Jnn. 
MnKtier, Thoa. 
Moore, Ralph A. 
Union ft Fllhuni 
Meyer, SInrk 
Mealy, SIb. 0, 
Mundoe (Jinn!.) 
Monn, 'iiiiiii hi 
MeDnitoiiKh I'd- 
McDoimld Italiid 
Moore. W. H, 
Muri-hy ft 

Mllonn. Pout' 
Mnckle, Joo I. 
MnrnoH, Four 
.Ifoore. Tom 
Mnllen Cliaa. J. 

MnultbyH MunUr. 
MeKny, Walt.. I 
Mlllmnn, 3. 11 
Munnrll, .1 Prank 
M.irrlH, IV. B. 
Miiniilnp:, i.i',i 
Mtron. J.'"i'i,'i 
Mnekln, BUM*! 

Itclmn, 1. ji. 
Ki.'.Ulf ft 

Ralaon, u Ii. 
Itke'jt tkm Sliow 
Rmtii. Artltnr 
Itiwaell, V. ]'. 
Itleton, II. 
Rlddoek R. B 
Rowrnoa, M,'. 
Rtcnhy, H. ». 
line, John fl, 
ilenk. Walt. 
KnnreJ, Bill 
Seymour, 11. 
Smith, wnoiUK 

SieniF, A I 



Mll'in. JilllHH 
Miirty. Jim 
.Murtiliy, Prnnk 

N'ewton, 0. M. 
Norworih iu*'k 
Nonlen,. Wtu. 

llnrry. I. 
Nawn, Tom' 
Mchi'l**on t John 
Neff, Will F. 
Nenvaro Jonejilt 
Newtoa, C. II. 
Nolon, G. 
Nulwii, Bntlllnu 
Nye. Mr. ft 

Mr*. Tom P. 
Nonnn iii-..:. 

Aniui'. Co. 
Nelxon, Chun. !•'. 
Newninn, AI. 
Neerotlo, I. R. 
Newmni. II. II. 
Nibble ft 

Nalon, John 
Oiiel, Henry 
o'Lnnelillu Mn.l. 
(VBrten. Sjrtnta 

OrmomlH. Ttio 
Oliver, K<1. 
OMItnni, 0. I. 
OrniiB, The 
Overton, Hurry* 
L'owern, John 'L'. 
Patterson Vevno 
Palion ft Perry 
PnlffC. QWaO 
Pntton, Fraii!c 

my. .'* 

OlArehce O. 
Peter. Oreat 
Powell, «ho. M. 
Potter. WwifK 
Parr. Dick 
Plleer. Han? 
Powell, *j*uirciie 


Potter, II. It. 
Plncery. Louie 
Pryorw. The 
Pnrker. K-lwlnA 
Penney, G. A. 
IMttemon. Vent 
Phclpa. Kuffcnc 
IViwera, Jolm T. 
ivruchl. C, D. 
Plnlllin-ikK ft 

Probyn Win 
Pryer, Chu*>. 
"Tlce, Fred Cm 
.'earl, C. C. 
Ponieroy Chuxli. 
Perry, Ed. K. 
Qnlnlan, ;KdHlo 
Qululau Bivi. A 

netttfrew ft 

Iteede, Jack (i, 
Raymond, It, It. 
Reynold*, Fred 

tloruinti, Hilly 
tltillmette Mr. 
(lllwm Prot.AW 

Mauri it 
Onrlon j.ik. Jr. 
flrahmn, Jim 
GnUluiere Arth 
Gnfnion ftPollock 
«)eoD|ts C. O. 
Gorinni) ft Went 
Henry, M. 

llUllllllff Ll"lYl!»l* 

Iltiftan, Roy K. 
lloetet, A. T. 
Hamilton Wlloy 
Ihltrhlnmn J.K 
Hnunle KwingA 
llo.rlK. Harry 
Hernial la U. II. 
Jlnrrin ADvf/it>B 
llnrrla, ltof>t.II. 
Heath, HertVrt 
llotnltton. Him. 
1 1 Id man Capt-S. 

Mom, Jeronio jRlchflrdwa. 

Millar Broa. 
Murium, W. A. 
.l.iri'lM'Ui, tliijli 
.tuck. Aiulrew 
H an l*i Trio ' 

tloiiroc. Fi'iinit 
Morton, Jan. J. 
MUen, .Tiiliua 
Mack. Diet 
Mont rone, Frank 
Mellon John A. 
McDonnell Mike 

Mnrtellc ft 

Miller,' FraukU 
Ulller, (Jly.lo 

Medlntn ftSmltl. 
Moire, J, Thoa, 

Nlerrltt,. Hnl . 
Mullen, J. 11. 
M Ilea ft Nltram , Seen C. 

y;-i. (MusA 
Reno, O. J. 
'lice ft Ba/tOll 
lolterta Di-.Od. 
RohluHon, Wall. 
Huaaell, IJd.1. 

toire, D. A. 
Unynor, J, ■■. 
Rutter ciiati. H. 
Rldeale, Fmn-t 
Roach. Dan 
Ruaaell, Frank 
Rluitsfdorf 1. 1 1 in-*. 
RitiwcH ftO'Xell 
Row, Jnck 

""OJT flhow 

. liinm! 

Roldnfon. M'rn . 
RbpMIi Fre-l P. 
Heed, Lefiy 

ttehihe. Win. 
tohlntten, Thou. 
Rich, Orom 
ItutleilBL' PllnyF 
Ryan, J. M. 
Redfletd, - lA^d 

r«oflnlon .lohn W 
Kenrer, W. R 
Smith ft Dell 
St. Julian Hairy 
Htu'iliK Frank 
Koliys, Hleirfrled 
Hnow, A. Ni'Uiin 
Htnntnn, Wall. 
Wtniiley ft I/elloy 
Shesn, AI. 
Seymour, Daro 
Hpearn, Joo 
Hhaw Galla- 
gher Oo, 
5*omera, Curtis 
Reunion, J. 
Ktntamnn, Clina. 
Hnndow. Young 
flnow. Hartley 

J -- « .:i--* — - s . M. A. 


Kdwnnl F. 
Stahl, It. 1 •■■.*•.. 
Hnndmnn f/ou 1) 
HolMU/in. Ado riornoy,' John 
ftnfer, Henry rurner, Frnnle 
HpnnKler, flelh rhoinn-'on & 
i-t. Auliun, Mr. FitrHI 

Hinrkweniher, Tyler, H. I 

llnrry A Thurber Plilll|tll 
Bmlth. Wni. C. Turner, " 
HMrN Trio Ten 

Stanton. Dr. TnlleyV II. V, 
Strhea, Ilerninn Toy lor, Colin IJ 
Hnarka. John II. Toom-, it. !■:■ 
Sklnnkl, Roht. Tnte, Huh 
Snwyer ft Tliomna, .ins W 

Hoffman Taylor, P.. V. 
.Swealninu, I'riink. \Vel*M A 

Wlllla P. Van FoMNt. 
Strnnite, .Inch Mnrc 

Stewart, Mr. A Vntdnre, .l»ia. 
• Mm. C11I Van ft Viol-. 
HUTuta. J. ft*. Vlit Slick Co. 
St, Julian, M. Vail, Kdwln 
Stownrt. B. Vice ft vTow 
Stnnlny ft [V lll".<-r.i,:i John 

■ Lo Hoy Via, K. 0. 
Mnek, Wall. Vack. Prank II. 
Sullivan John b Vernon BenJ.II. 
Rmltha, Aerlnl Vroelnnd. Prof. 
Sclblnl Aihi. vmi Von <0r>mr«1.) 

benti, 3. It 
Kioddiir*l A 

Sheprarrl Co.. 

balo. O. K. 
fmlth, Fnutk C. 
Snow, J''-". J. 
Miiart, Mr. 
Somcr- 1 *. . 

Marlln A. 
Sleren-i, Hnlanc. 
Snyder, Bud 
Shullli, Win. 0. 
Hlrli','. Wnlt 
Sumner, J, H. 
Htnnfonl Mnnrle 

Wlialen ciirfKt,' 
Wenonii ft t'rori'C 
Woiah. (V»l. H. 
Wsilaou Chaw. II 
Wnldron, doc 
Wit rile Predoriek 
Weltwl, R, K. 
WilHon, Fre-1 
Wnltflcld J0I111T 
Villa & Rnnsley 
Winter, Perry 
Woods ft 

Benin i'J 
Wylile, Ml I Mi, 
M'oojnifr, B. O, 
Vnponcr, Km 
Wilaon, AI, L. 
Wolfo, ■ II. J. 
William* Beriird 
WUIIninn, Iyn;au 
Wfltden & 

01 add Isli 

vmbair, l. j. 

Wntl. Jna. A. 
Velrfh, Lonlfl J. 
Whntnn, Ifitn 

Wnlaon. Chnn.1*. 
lVTiltllcT. H. 11 
Wllhnr, Burt K. 
Wnterhnry 15. M 

O. K. Jr. 
Wert, Jas. n. 
White, Colton 
Wood II.RuHsell 
Tnrlton Wblttler, Rolir. 

Teafller. W. (Wllllama. Walt. 

Toy-". M11nle.1l 'Walton. Jn^. II. 

Tucker, Jan. W Wild, Win. C. 

Tlilfiuirsh, Ford -Wen vera, Aerlnl 

Tide, flin fWlehe,. 

Traaiell, rUny prof. Qoirt 

Sommervllle Bori Somen*, 31. A 
Smith. I-*, it 
HomniorK Martin 
Hchr.cfer, l>r. 
Ijmlth, Roy- 
Sheohnn, M. J. 
spin 1. nyron 
Sexton, Wm. 
Schuyler. <Ieo. 
SefKni, Hnrry 
!4on»rft. Martin 
Tliomaen .Mark 
Taylor, C. 0. 

fbnHber, Arth, 

Taylor, Colin C. 
Tnylor, Ralph V 
Turner. Otii 
Tnrllon ft 

Welter, Prat*. M 

Frank F. 
Walker. Jitme.4 
Wornlriifl' Vernon 
West, De Fnrem. 
Wllvon. Wnlt J. 
Wllllama, R, T. 
Winn. Peter 
Wll-ton, Hownnl 
Wood, Fruncet: 
White. Fred 
Wll»on, .in.-:; 
Wlllx, A. M. 
Yneklny Leon W 
Younjt, Ono. i*. 
Yorlicy. Hnrr.v.I. 
Ynlnrkey frln-'c 
Ynimc, Bdwlll 
Vanl, Ceors-- 

/I mi.' 1 1 ft 

Zlnrll. Wm. 
J"nrrow. Dlek 
Zlnco, Chan. \V. 
Zerlrt. 11. r.. 


\Va\ti:ii, Uatt rerformersfor a Meillclae 
SIii'w. Yot) niiiHt l»v KOher, for hooze don'l go. 
If you skiy miiier, your imsiiit*,^ mind, a bet- 
ter nlnco in work you'll never ilml. Itntnkoii 
(loctorH, nlao, aave your ttlnmnH, for Juat cot 
rid of one of the ninul: notorlout trnmpa. Yew. 
we nre doing huftlueaH nil the time, for the 
Ji'inili has left 11 ml the wenther Ih line. 
Artdre h h OHO. T.A VKTTE , Hen Klejin D. 

ajror-ia HAM wanin eu«gemcnt with Bond 
company to play light or heavy parts ftlioit, 
dark. Can join Immediately. Addreia J. W. Hanita, 
wtj*; Rlfllimona St., I-oodon, ont. 

troa SALIC, «aa— B-flatAH«8&z»phone and 
r-aiu in flnt olas* condition, C. 0. Oonn make, 
liiotit keya, etc . uaed two mnntha. Hlilp 0.0.1). 
D«ponltexpiea»cii!Lr*r«" with prlvlle((i. ot exit uilna- 
tion. Earl Wllion, 424 1'onter St , ll»rrlahiirg, Pa, 

lHirSIGAL ARTt8TB.~ror Sain, 1 Una Lyre, 
wiiti tipeclal rack: one »et Oow BoiIb. Bncioi-o 
mumped envelope for prine and na* tic-ulttrA. Ar- 
thur llorella, Mimical Comedian, Koluilt/. Theatre. 
/ft neHvllle ,Q., till M arch \i, th-m Greeajtung, pa, 

SMALL CAPITAL TO inVJCftl*— Want "to 
hear from paitleM with dov Idoan and aroiiBe- 

m-mt (liHic-'M; Hthi'neu, attraciioiiB, ettt.; naltabiu 
for flrnt olaaa parka; muanfaciurem or tlevlcon, 
writo niHO. Address 

A. HEL8MERR , R. 8. 46 La Halle St.. Chicago. 

WAIfTjTQD, For Washburn i d*Almn*fl Famous 
Trained Animal shown, man to play Rube *nn 
tho Ilippoorome Track and do a turn In the con- 
cert, a (rood boss hustler that underaumda get- 
ting the aiiow an and olf the lot and can iiandie 
hla men. And one good live candy butcher. All 
moat be noner nnd reiiahle men; aay ill in first 
letter : no time for useless correspondence. Ad 
dfw Washburn A h'AHia, Corona.L.I., NewVork, 

WANlBty-Comeily Juggler for Tit too Aof. 
\\ >nld take yoiintt • u 01 ei inan If tight. Address 

WAJrTBD t . Band and Orchestra lion. Two At 
Ojmet. Troronone, OtarJon*t, tiarltonc, Tuba, 
Aitos, Flnto and Piccolo, Kttat Bibs. Must play 
string. Those not. in orchestra must .double stage. 
Limit, $10, Rehearsal!) bxiRln April in; season 
opens May 7. No tickets sent. This is a canvas 
t'Cktre show. FCIckers drnnliards, gamhlera, 
mashers tare stamp, send photo, with instrument 
in hand. Travel uy rail. Can use good boas can- 
vas man. No long correapoo deuce. American 
Pavilion Show, Moriiaon Show I'rt., Detroit, Mich. 
Regards to all that, lias contracts. 

wa.mkd, "iier." with Medium Capital to 
Launch Grand "V< Act Irish Romantic Comedy 
Drama Kntitled "The lrlnh street Singer,*' Posi- 
tive Buccors and Money Maker, cart got FJegsnt 
Lino of Paper. ExoeprJonally Grand unporinnity. 
1'artlcolai-a A. H.O., Elkhart, Ind. 

WArlT's;i>,for lawery Broa.'Show.strongSln- 
gle Aut. For 8a«, 12 lengths of Bine Beats, s tier-* 
alga, $0 per length ; 10 lengths of Folding Uauk Re- 
serves, 19 per length; Cook Tent ir.ioi, *ig. Win 
hay Tent, 30-(t. rounil top. sad one 20x20. Address 
OEO. B. LOWBRY, aiiehapdo^i, Pa. 


HeraolieU-8puunsn make. 24 Hurses, 4 uharlotA, 
Large Military Ba d Orjftn. Doable Or. lader Steam 
woRiiie. Used one season, flood condition. 
Bargain. Address quick. WALTKR R. JAV KNS, 
WoU.Bridgewaier, ll. 

Tile Wrights 


Foil CO. lor nKAUTS OF TKNSKSSEK; Coiue.lUn 
,iui Soubrclte; ma»t ilo AI bpoolaltle,. 1 n*j 
.11. lil.e .(in .u,l 1,,'lRtjr, first lelt.r. fi,i:a 1; 
wnioiiT, na souili From St., Minn. 


Rink jot> until May l; then good SDnuuerwork. 
I'rerer A, e. of M. MusIcIbui. Oilier Mnilolans, 
write, lluit make good. Address W.T. COX, 
4tMOochran St.. Hallas, Tey;. ■ 



$50,000,000 St. Louis World's Fair 

Wo llooictil Ute lir.-nt Si. i.oiiIh J*:siioaUlon, and Offer 
Von Nupitlle-4 of tw.iry Kind at Kxtrean-ply Lots' frlees'. 


2.t,DOn,00f) Tloketa. prlDled for use at the 
Expoalllon that hure never been naod; put op 
2,000 to a roll ; ooneei'tir tvely nomrberedi Hoiiooi- 
InutlOQe: 2c, 16c, V^, 60a and Cnmpllmettlary. 
Dinoreot colon. Prloe per thoaiaad, la imall 
quaotltlep Ifie. In lots of CO.iXKj ISf 


Theao lamps cnn.e front the Kspoaltion, and were uaod, bat are tested and 
are sereiecnblo. They ar* oJfbl candle power, 100 to 110 voltage; put up 
250 In a barrel, iirice ennh • • Re- 
in small (-nsnilties, each 0« 

100,000 same as nhove, brand new. In fall ease lots, each , . -10c 

35*000 Incandescent Laro)>s, used, natural colors, ruby, greso, amber 

ar.d opal. Aro teiteil and are servleeahle. price each lOe 

SO.OOO name as above, brand new, pries each Mo 

1 0,000 HARDWOOD FOLDING CHAIRS of aoaaooed hardwood, with the hest malleahle Iron flltlagni simple In 
I'ojistroeilon. Htrnng, durable and comfortslile. Will not warp; are far 

auperlor louny other make; hrsnd new. Price, In dozen lots $0.£o 



We own the crest Electrics! Tower uaed at the Exposition a* the Deforest 
Wire1es<* Telefrraphy Station. It le WD feet In height, eo feet square at tbt 
hnae, and oan lie carefully taken down. A splendid amusement feature. 

tSCADa^U I l/*UT We own the 10.OO0 candle power saarob light 
dCAntn t-ltan I used at Expoaltlon. It Is the lameatmade. 

IfOOO UNIFORMS lihie hVw, $*.w 

Write for our Special tWO-psge Cstalogoe No. S678. It contains a oompleto Hit nf all kinds 
nf IJlertrictl Snpirlii-:-, i«-neral aniuaeinpnt material aaeb as you are constantly rmrcba-dnK. 

We have lor aale Fire Hose, all kinds of Fire-fifthilnjr Apparataa, Mleotrlnal Saiipltes. 
Flaga, Buntln-;, Furtiitore, Jtoui-t.oiii Goods, Uonimlsaary Hopplies, Plumbing Material. 
Machlncrv, sad In fact e-/erytblnar "under the nan " We ore) constantly buying inaterlnl 
i.t hln-rlffs' and Receivers' Nnles. 


MitlnM 8ttur*ty 2. 

•m-T toih at 

Evanlng B.15. 
Davlfl Bel.Bco presents for the 2d. yea. Id N. T. 



In I jal.r of '49 or 


DAVin UKi, asoo preitmu 

"THE 0IRL 0? 


ii, jhim, on iiTis .(■ u;. . 

mi iBi's 6 mm its. 

O'Urlen sndBnckley. Treloarand Edna Tempest. 


Mr. anil Mr-. Chas. 8. Hammond. 
Pltllbrooksand Reytioiar>. The Emorsons. 

Col it,* Le Page. Montague and O'lisra. 

Huber's '«■" Museum 

WAaTBi), at all times LIVING FRuDiaiKS, 
Trained and rare animals, novelties of every de- 
scription for Onrio Halle and Theatre. Address 
J. ll. ANDKKSON, Manager, as above. 




A 1,1. .10(111 AUKXTS. 




it TEBB10E OiEDEH, Bow T«rk, 

BHiii Ht., ne.r 'riiir.i at., 



____ Blohest Actor In the World. 

ADGIE and Lions. 

OIUUH linos.- < jiHiifs, cur of n.i.ui. 

10 WEEKS, 00MHEN0INU bEO. '.', 



En route with Hyde'« Bloo million Ulrta. 

Of RlKh (II... v.„,l,-vlllr Theatre., 
AH ADpllcatlon. far rime Must be Addreued 
to C. K. lillAV, Hooking Manager, 

Maje»tlc Tlientre Building, clilri. K „, ill. 





Golden Crook 
Burlesq uers 


Burlesq uers 

Geo. in it mm 

Feb. 20, Oolumhln Theatre, 8t, Louts, Mo. 






DAINTY TAUBE 00. In.apce of >e«*on. 



.ndnolnIIIRg.OIfVIHB. ■ ' ' 

The arlitocrallc Tramp Jnggler. 
Next week- open. Addrean rORTLAND, I'.. 


En tome with 11168 NEW YORK jrt. CO. 


47 W. Mtb. ST., NEW YORK. • ' 



Enormoni .nocosa In England. Addreu 








Keatorinjr. "To Dream Yoa're RIrHJh Hcsven. out 
lt*s H— Wnen You watt up." Written lor me Ny 
Mr. Oeorgc p. A lexander.- 


We aro now occupying an entire bnUdlns; ofTonr 
itoors, and when yon are In Philadelphia, enlist 
our oniues and sbow rooms. There Is always 

sumeiiniiR'new to interest you. ' -' 

SAM'L STERN, 100 N. 10th St., l'lilla., I*n.. 


1 OK 

WiDtennnte and Black's Show 

Perrormer. doln. more than ono aot: ynxicians, 

S refer tltoao doubling H A O. lV.uon ehow, WILL 
PEN AT H0BHEL. Nb3. L APKlb 18. Niime IW- 

eat salary. Addreai BARRY wiirrKRMDTE, 

R. B. No 2. tot AHUeon, Will 





fleu. Stock or un. Nl.hter.. 

Addrena JENN1N0S' II O'BL, Uu lDvlUoJl'' . 


Cliocolato Vending Mschinet one ayndred.sllgld'J 
used . fttf.1 each; all or part if taken at onoe. 
EXKtJL'TOH.fiSftOalPS A y*?., nrook lja j*Q.-, 

T j join Popular Comedian In an tin tod.te V.nde' 
wine Sketch. Addreiu VIIOS. JL HUITI1, 

'0en'lit«l.,RjT«cuM,N- Y - 

March 3. 





M in CUpper'* AnecdotM. Etc 

AtToin-Park Theatre Fr-o^amtne 

.... « 

.... 45 

.... 4a 

r rca' Hkclch..', . 42 

of the Weekly Shor*-— Blast ratiou*... 43 
Hgne of Jos. TV. Blcro & Oft.— Sketch 40 

!!! 47 

ffSiA 1 uOBir 

'Vorn'tf PlAyew.. ...... 

XIUMtJifUCiIM ..... 

T:n*er' the" Trtits. 

uticctes Aiuwewd....... .. 

utfrljoadoii' Letter. ...... 

Clipper Post Office 

On iiio Boau ••>• 

viUevllfc Ilout* «&••• 
Cbarlas's. Plana.. 

The JMtlcc Fund.. 

.vOaabit Modern To*™.. 
DAitbs in 1 the Pro(«4lon . , 

Our .Ktuvpcan tetter 

r.alsst Ef Telcgrafcb .... 
W 'tlW Boots list... 

andlence -at'tUe MiBjeatlt.'; :.-. .Joseph Hart 
aud Carrie Do Mar beaded a tioo bill at 

Chase's: Two crowded houses .witnessed 

thp London (Jaletj Ulrle at (he Lyv-um. 

BocmXi Feb.' ST.— Ma. Leslie. Carter 
opened at: the Tremont, In "Adrea." to u 

paek&d hou*e May Irwin, at the Park, 

In ''Mrs. Black la park," received n warm 
wek-orno. ,,....• . Popular priced ntt tact loan 
amnu well mti "t. o. T/.," nt the uiobc. 
and "Young OuflaltV' at: the Ornnd Onera 
UomcV '.The h-iIrtrtTi-r* doing spt*-mlldly 

gjjjjjjij Route Cist 

fhl. Il.t I. Udl up ■■ -.c.rlr «■>- 

cumif n. l« 1 ■ Doaallile tu awke a llsl 

of Taaderllle bo.iklttl-a. To Ini.rr itt- 
..rtlon In ilil. ileftaMnictil lbs »■»' 
of llir ttie»tr« or park, na we'll u ,b- 
illy or lawn, MUST accom-Mtar «aob 
bookluw ..'lit «■- 

ia n-e: Win. It. Crani,, lu "llie American L„r.l. ' .\i>i.,ll. Annl., t:. ft. H., I'lm-nn; S'iMir. 
;....-.0,.«J nt-lUc. ILolll»: Khmk UuiiIMk. In "SutitwiM Ai'ln-t. M"lllr. .vw. Kortolt. }«.. al-Mar. a 
S; 11™)'.'' o! tho Colonial ;."'Wn.v Dwu l!u*t." -}<*-r * «.-olllu». ptji.u. turu'-vllle. a. »MI«r. 

.511, 31, PD ...ii., . Thp ilMmnll,. ut,«-t 1i.,iimiu riiw.1 Aili'Iilrt Ttk>, IturirmrKol. OilOHltu. WW, I 

. . . 07, 0.7 
...... «T 

... v :53 

. . . 08, 50 

.. sv 

.. 42 
... 12 
... 12 

42, 35 

i-HnaH ttonte 

iff Cbi^*>„wicr .'.'.■,'.', 

Willi inc Hill Poatew 


Colorado ■<< ' 

YcjmuDt. ...... ........ ...*...., ....... 

District of Columbia 



(Auwajw**. ■ 



M^llR-rtOtO. *-. 



OkpsUii. ■ ....••■-.. ■ • •. 

New York State i 

IfKllaaai.v. • .'. 



Kansas..-.., • «• 

.soalh'Carollnii. t 

North Carolina 

New .Terner- ■■' »' 


Ul<*l»an !••■ 

Total....:.. • ■ 

HIIUOlB. .' • 



lona. .:..'• i." "."•"• 

KiK::-v.:::r'.-v.::::::'.v.::* '• 


Mp4(ra»)ka.,..; • 

Uwitje-y...... • 


Alnfiuina. LoiilHiana 

uregvu, Ueotxltt 


Mpudnj Nljrht's tJp«uln«« In *U tbe 

jfllK Mio.v 'l'invn». 


oS w*"' and'hio'vaud'ivnie ami bVirlwoMo^ houses 
.60 «tr^ tilled to , the limit. 

"CisciKsiit, Peb. 1 27.— K. II. Sot hern and 
Julia , 'Marlt»w*» ' irure fated to strike about 
the woftt hlftht flilti winter for tJielr open- 
Injr In ".TaraljBjf of, tlio Shrew." at the Oraml, 
but a bltf advatitn sale InmircR a miccersuful 
week. .. . . . iTho Ifol-opanph Htock put on "The 

Prond Prince,*' nt Bobl«fion'K< t to ijood biiBl- 

iiftss Barney Ollrnore illleil Hcuek'n. 

where ho was nter\ Id "The Itocky Bond to 

Dublin."; "The Beauty Doctor" crowded 

the Walnut Street "Pant Life la New 

York", had a Ku'iie^rnl start at the* Lyceum. 

..• The Broadway Oolely Olritt packed 

the People's. . . . . .The Uuy Manqiierodem 

were greeted by large audlenccri nt tho Btuud- 

anl The Columbia 'a bill packed that 

t-tuns villi:. Feb. 

-Wrlfht lx>rluor. In 
61 • Hi "The Bhopherd Klug," oiMrneJut iMaaiulej'a, 
• • ' H to fl good hoatic ...... "Arizona." at the t 

*..'. 53 

. . . r,a 
. . . c;i 

... 3S 

A* Kitlllnir Off In Attvndaiioe U *«- 
" ilvi,-iili)«' on the CoaRt, Mld«cn«oti 

l*fi.n|n>rl1y („iil Inn Inii- 

Hfiectai Dteimtchc* tv Tuc Nr w Yukk CLlvi'en. 
»t'.IJ*N FiiAfJCiHco. f*'«l>. -T. — At the Columblu 
FHmwa l-oterbj bt-gau. M, u two weeks' eu- 
rafaetDti In "'Hit.' ,Streu(tth of tho Weak," 
oneulllf to- large Imslaeet". 

Mwhtic. — "The Proud Prince" Is given 
ItitHAveek. by thi* regular block cuaipatiy. A 
'■rOuTdcd houtie vm» ou baud ut tho opuuiug 

C'^fiFviiMA— Ti» Ikltlinore Beauties uro 

tllTH thlii wrvh. 

'QnunK Ofkua liOJftfb — Pollurda Mlluu- 
tlun Opera Co., In "The Belle of Mew York," 
uuf'pod 'J'>, for one week, with a good bouue. 

NJDW Ceni'mai* Tjibathb.— "The Que«u of 
t\)ti Convk-la'* In the ChrrflUt offering. Ituul- 
mis « has bveu very uckhI. 
■ aiVM'lzAH,— "The Girl' with the QtUtfl Wftt 
la this^H attractlbi). 

lAi.itAMnu.i.^- M T he -Fatal Wedding" Is this 


sonic, drew-E crowded houae "The 

Flaming Arrow," nt tho Avenue, did not give 
the Hunday matinee on account of the scen- 
ery belug delayed. A big crowd saw the 
night performance. .... .The Jolly Girls at- 
tracted trig audlenccti, Suinhiv. at the Buck- 
ingham. .. ...A good vaudeville bill wat» of- 
fered at HopkliiB.' tieveralactors and 

munagcrx were anestcd Sunday, ait a rcfiutt 
of the order to dlscontluue Sunduy jierform- 

Kansas' City, Feb. "i7.— "The Clansman" 

..„ opened' a week's ciigagemeut ut the Willis 

. 50 Wood Sunday night, und scored an entbusl- 

• »d astlc hit. before a big house "San. Toy" 

had u big Sunday matinee, and Hold out at 

night nt the Grand TVo big housed 

were on hand to see the new hill at the Or* 
libeum. lu which Watson. UutchlugH , aud 

Kd wards were the hradllncra ...Lewis 

Morrlsoc,- lit "Fuuat,"' hud two tine houses 

ut the Auditorium .."The Way of the 

Transgressor" packed the Qlllls twice,' and 

met. with decided approval Win?, Women 

mid Rong, at the Majestic, -and tho Alcazar 
Beauties; at the Century, took care of. bur- 
lesque seeker's... The Fulton Stock Co. 

wive "Tho Galley Slave" &t the People'H, 
Kansas City, .Kan, -.: , 

., or. 
.. 19 
.. no 

.. 30 

.. io ■ 

.. HO 

.tiimn: mi, ami. 

rraui bin.. 

Vot.t Oj'biia lli>iifli;,— Tliis lu the second 
»veek uf VlUie Isle of-Hplee." 

Oni'iiLcM. — Bill for the curnrnt week. 
OWltltftf 25': Tlic Seliloum. McCue uud C'shlll, 
Hniiniiiiiii the Ureut, Al. Curletou, Lllllun 
llhrfchiirt ural fonpUT- Hoouey Slslei-s. Slier- 
'un uud IN; Forest, l.oualre aud Doi-eio, and 

1 Ik: blogrupb. 

--rlltll week of W. The Uots. Mrs. 

Prorldcnee^-'At the Providence Opera 
Uvtttu •(Felix U. Weudelochaefer, uiunHger). 
"As Yo Sow" Iwd n MeMfffUl week Feb. IP- 
1*4, with three uio'tluees. Bcujumlii Chupln 
nils ihls week, with "Llucolu." "The Mltlo 
(JruyXddy next week. 

StamsBT. Tiieatuk (K. I\, Uostwlck. mau- 
as'jri.—The Independenl house was lighted 
all tho week of 19. three uttrnrllous being 
billed. Arthur Kubenstelu. the ulunlbt. 
pluveil 111. The Thalia Theatre Yiddish 
foiiipauy gave "Wo Wlldo" aud "The Sedur 
Night" 20, Ul, uttructltig good houses to wlt- 
uesu their excellent work. JerTei-sou Di» An- 
nlw, HJHtit lu "Fimtotin," wuh well pulron- 
Ized. 'llie Bostou Cadets play "Mlso Poco- 
hontas" week of 20. 

Kmi'iui: TiiBATiit. i is pi i/. & Natbuusou, 
miiliagt'rs) . — "Mora to bo Pitied USA 
Scorned" reached . the Fmplte IV. and euter- 
tnliied good hourie». David lllgglns, lu "Ills 
I-anl Dollar." followed 20. IHske OTtara, lu 
"Mr. lllariiey from Ireland." nest week, 

- Kcitii'h (Charles Lovculwrg. man- 
ugcr). — Huiidlul. "tbe hundctUT klug." proved 
u drawing card of wonderful jiownr l . * - — f . 
rin> programme 20 aud week Is headed by 
l'Vuuk D. Bryuu's PWW Congress of Auierl- 
euu Olrlu. Others are : Henry aud Alice 
Taj lor, Thonius J. Kyau uud Mary Ulchtteld. 
Waterbury Itrolhura und Touny, Bobby North. 
Dan Oiilulun aud Heeler Muck, Keuuedy uud 

Maf. :*. 
-..I-. «. 
a. lair & Tts.l.n. llftyronrkot. Chicago, 20-Mtir. 3| 

(1. ii. Il„ Itiiliniiupolls. i'i'IO. 
Atlnlr. Art, sJitrrlcfc, Biulln.tou. In., S0-M>r. ft) 

I'ooi.h'rt. Cclnr Kat.lilw. G-IO, 
Aditlns ft BtlwnnU. IHJon, De4 Moines, la., sa-, It ; Dijon, DiiliuilllC. ." "»- 
Ailnnirt. Hi"., lkMu'i, &\a.v*.. SO- Mar. ,t. 
Ailmiili.l-Tiiylor, HhewlrV. Fall Utter. Mans.. 20- 

Mar. S. 
Addist-n 3c Llvliiyttiin. IllJ-m. Battle Creek, Uldi., 

SR-Mur. !i; WJmi. Knluiinua^. (>-10. 
AiPAiHt .'am lb*. 0. O. 11.. Itidlanainill-'. 2it-Mar. n. 
Ahi'nin. 'Iiio ycbiiltK. Zuiiet-rlllc, O., 20-Msr. 0; 

Slur. Hutiil.ti.u, Ckii., 310. 
Abt-aiu, Clint, k Joe, llowunl, Bwiou, 20-Mnr. .1. 
Allmon. Ji<c S.. biJh-ij. Unluth. ltlun., 20-Usr. ;i; 

iMuilnl'iit. Wiuni-hcu, Onii., .'-in. 
Alba, Alia*. DuluUi. Mluu., 20-Mur. «; Wlnul- 

peg. (Jau., rite. 
Aliiluo Kaiulls*. Kinplre, Fruukfoftt. Pa., 20-Unr. B 
Ahilin Trli), BoKluii, lAnvell, Mu-jh., 20-Msr. H, 
Alinit. 'jjlle.j UIJuai. SuiK-rlur, Wis.. 20-Mor. ;i; 

t.'uluvc, Mluiieu[iullt*. .--lu. 
Allen. Iahiii mi J Bertie, l'ljmi, DulutU. Minn., 2U- 

Mar. :i : I'ulque, Branikiii. Cau.. .'■■■ M>. 
AlllbuUB <»). Ur-ibeuni. LK-nrer, Vol., 20-Msr. 0. 
Almoin!. Tom, V amity. PulUvlllc, l'a-, 20-Msr. 3; 

.l"iinii;,v-. Umelloti, 0-1O. 
Milam. HcrlUn, tiilLTiiullumil, (-"lili-uwu. Slt-Mur. H. 
iUnu, The. Bijou. Oaiiluii. 0., 26-Mar. :i. 
Aillsous, Tho. Colonial. N. Y. C, 20-Mwr. :i. 
Allea, Kv«. l*.l>ou. Norfolk. Vu.. 20-Mar. :t. 
Allwii. Henri * Violet, K-jltli'ri, Bostou, 20-Mur. X. 
Ailcji. K<lj-ur, t Co., Uathuwny's. liowell, Maw:., 

20-Mtr, :.. .^.„-..> 
Amerljwiii'NtwNUoj-s' (.imrietlc, Chutes, 8ui» l' run.. 

Cal., SO-Mur. 3. 
Amerlt-us CviuwJj Four. Doric, Youkerc, N. i., Jo- 
Mar. S ; Tempi Pier. Atlantic City, N. J., 3-10. 
Aldan t lliirlley, NoUlnplniui. Kng., 20-Mir. H; 

iHJicwter, o-iu; MinttwBf, 12-lf ; Olesgovf, lu- 

Andiirm i FeM, Majestic. Chicago. 20-Uar. ::. 
AiidcrrtHi. Oiiliiuc, l"an Ulalro, Wis.. 20-Mar. "i. 
Auderson, Uluis. V., Aeiar. Norfolk. Vu.. 20-Mpr. It. 
Ardellc A l*slk, r-ycvaui, Luwrvnce, Maw., M> 

Arinaii'il 1 \VUl! WIJou. r.u CrOKW. WK, 20-Mor. It. 

ArMn-l.n Fn-ur. KeUlt'H. Frovldelicc, 20-Mar. 8; 
Kelt.**, N. V. C. B'JO. 

Arclu-ri Ciiftellc. A. .V; S.. Boston. 20-Mar. 8. 

Arto A Delaiar. Kuuilly, Carhondale, Pa., 20-Mur. 
3 ; Ksifllly. Poltatowa, (--IO- 1 , „, , „ „, 

Artrunuiitl, Sclph-, Trio, Columbia. Oiaclaustl, 20- 
Mar, y, 

Arcarb. Slif., -& Niece, Uiumorlict, Ohlcuifo, 20- 
Min . :t. 

Arnold. Orgarlta, BIJou, l*a Crosse, \Yls., 20- 
Mir. 3. . 

Aillaxtoil & llelHton, Mujestle. Uoustou, Tei.. 20- 
Mar. "i: M identic, San Atiloulo. ".-IO. 

Arclier <& Crocker, Cnrrlek, WUmlugton, Del., 20- 
Mar. a: iiajtwutowti. Mil.. r--io. „,„ 

Anoouil, iJrueo. L'nluuc, VVIimlpvie. Ctiu.. 20-Mar. J. 

AlVMirn, Alfnil. Ti_>ai|,te. IVlrolt. 20-Mar. o- 

ArMtitiioii Cvnie-Jy Pour, Kellli's, ProvlOence, It. I.. 

lt^>a l ^l-ay Ousrtottc. Snu Fran.. Cal.. SO-Mar. 10- 

HrcnimnH. Muvlcal. Star. AuTjRta. Ot.. 20-Mur. 10. 

UraJCoMs. Ttie. 0. 11., Fltehbnrg. Muss.. 20-Mar. 
■■■a II., Brockton, Ml*. - . , 

np-ouwlh* Witches. The. Ti-miile, Beirolt. 20- 
Mar. '■'>■ 

Krwfc-i Trio, Cn-sut. St. J-« Mo.. 20-Mi.r a. 

Bmm; Uarry A„ Proctor's 3IU1 St., N. 4. C- 20- 

ilfmm' at' WUi-K.1, 1.yrtc. 4-ocslilto, Ms.. SKMU»« 
- ft; Sovelly. Denver. Cal., 3-IU. 

iirr-n'j px-tce ct-sjLBwa.' Keith'*. Piwmeft •*■ 

■ -.-, 20-Mar. 3* 

llurtc Ur«»s.. CttsUt 1-vtralt. MI-'li.. vti-Miu. t. 

BUrtcs, .rin-yllni.'. Crjxtal. Drtftdl, MlHi., Si- 
Mar. 31 Vlttitmri*. Pa., .•••l«, 

nnm-i &. Slualcv. Hi'U T«-a. PhllM.. 2". Mnr. ... 

Burton A Unvjiw. Teiajde, Ih-trolt. Mich., 'iO 
Mnr. r,; Cook's, Itocliwler, S. V., O-IO, 

ilnru--, Harry, Piiiplo'*. UhnU, Mass., 20-Uar. 3. 

Itnuh. Frank, giro's, Itntralo, 20-Mar. 0. 

Unrktinrt. I). . Hrsdenl.un-li'H. I'hlls., 2fl-Mar. 3; 
Valaor'n, lUwton. 

Bneknir. Hehuoiann, Fmiikfurt, rier.. Mnr Ml. 

BoiBttU-, Tommy. Park. Rrlf. Pa., 20-Maf. t». 

Btirlon *: Bnrlon. F.oiy. Clileagit. SO-mm. !l : 
■fllar. Slllwankw. MO. 

Ilnn-M-. P. Daly. BIJon. I'-mi tUnlre. Wis., 20 
Mar. 3. 

ItiVekcre KUtp Qnariettc, Diihilti. Minn.. M> 
'Mar. 3. 

ftwiK ft llcrmenii. Rinnlro. norw-ken. N. J.. 2*1- 

'"'*•"• *■■ « 'mm 

A Ulanch Otpaeam, Portianoith. C. SO- 


Carlos, CIi:;-j., 


Onrlii Bros.. Mexico, Mes.. 20-Mar. 

i Uciniiiy, Family. CarbonJalc. Pa., 20- 



.Mar, 9, 

Aura. (Jouk'u. leoclieater. K, Y.. 20-Alur. ft. 
Astntm, I'lic Fntnlly. hmuaslei'. Pa.. 20-Mar. ft. 
Artht.-ii k Mirtluc, Lyric, Itlchiuwad, Vs., 20- 

AlkliiHoii. 'Uw., Oeui, Council Ulutfs, la., BO- 

Atkhiwn, Hurry. Kvltb's, Cle*-elau>l, O., 20-Mar.ft 
Au-IIuh. Tchs-Iiib. Miiji'-tltc, IT. Worlli. Tex,, 20- 
Mar. :i: Ma-Hllc. l.lltl« Muck. Ark.. 3-10. 
Auer k IK- Oiiso, tlraad, Victoria. Cau., 20-M*r. 

»; urmiii, rmajaWi c-to. „. , ..„,. „ 

Aubcrl. U*s. Oriilicuiu, l-iw Angeles. Oul.. 20 Mur.!l 
Avon Comwly l-'our, Coliilubla, Cluchiuatl, 20- 


no and troupe, urowuca oi.utrelll Kl 

'injetyOlrls,, Nellie Moutgomery, Ituny Jack- fl Kd'. Oruy and the Bo Aiioa'. 
so(|; und the unlrJitllHcope. wlhtmins'ie« Tiikathi; Itiwrgc II 

urn fir 

■lose Kydcll uud her toil- 

NqiEt*.-- a memorial concert in qiu or .nu | ](ir mgauBtn— 
nAlU who ure k-tt fur fevu being well pro- d n 'guSm gave tliolr usual pleasing enter- 
1RH fy -' wl ? M PF& , ,u Bteluwoy llatl on raJaSgi lfi-JW. Tbe Bon Ton llurlrwiuon: 
MjtWuy evehli'K, l p i-l). i!0, for Ileury Holmes' 
fauilly, the lute talented vlollulst uud luusl- 
0.011.', -AH the bust musical luleut In town 

nupeareo liana Suu, tbe well kuowu 

UiOtitrullJ'' aud deplcior of sceucs from Japan. 
WM a giicbt la this city last week, vn route 
for, •' Jopau, uud 1 ho Fastem homlsphere, 
whence alu; Bulled last Tuesday. On Sunday 
nvnulog, 11, she wuu the honored guest of 
tuw IcJcalJupuncM* Soelely, which gave a bau- 
MueliUt.ths Pacljlir Club In coiumeinorutlou 
n[-1h0 tl.&BO yearn of accesslou of the dy- 
utlsty of' 1 Japan, the, present ruler or Mikado 
being a descendant. It wus u great honor lo 
' WwtiMfVlO fltieh a feast, as few foreigners 
HH nsked to allond such ftujellous. She wus 


25 und week. Hurry Bryant's Big Show bat. 

Notes.— Dark ebuugc hiuipK ure belug 1n- 

stulkd ut tint Umpire Theatre ..Frank 

Daniel!- In booked lor tho Providence Operu 

House 12-14 Wlllluiu 11. Crime 16-17. 

Hubert Kdosou'tt "Stroiiglieurf' 10-21 .. .^.For 
tho - Ailwe Slock Co., Heleu itvlmer. Tom Wtar 
William II. Turner aud ISdwurd Meander 
huvu been re-engaged. 

» i > 


Mur. 3. 

Avery A Pearl, Ouloty. Sjirlni-Oeli], III., 
3: Crysul, Milwaukee. WU„ i"--H>- ., 

AvoIopi. The. Orplieum. Ilesdlng, Pa., 20-Mwr. 0. 

Axlell A iloir, Ptoiit-t'a, Ortur Ituplds, lu.. 20- 
Mur. 3; BIJ-'U. Dubmjnw. 3-10 

Hants, four, Trfiil. Titsilon, N. J.. 20-Mar. 3, 

linker A Lynn. Empire Tour, Klig., 20 Mitr. .it. 

llulley A Austin, Kelili'i*. Olevelawl. 20-Mur. -.. 

Ilunkx. Cliuik-v, BIJou. Dcs Molucn, lu.. 20-Mar. ; l 

Hurry, Mr. A Mih. Jlauale, Ucltli's, N. V. C, 20- 
Mar. 3; Ketlh'b. Phils., 3-10. 

MCM Trlu. M-on-'M. ForttmiO. Mc 20-Mur. J. 

Itaudvi-I.u Velio Trio, bjrlc. Terrc J unite, lud., 
20-Msr. :i; ttljoii, Bvanavllk.% 5-10. " 

DaaW. SIJ. Proctor a, Albany, N. ^.. 20-Mar. .1. 

BoffWI & Luvlmi, Family, Sioux City, la., 20- 
Mur. 8. 

Ituruoldr. Dogs & Cuts, Haymarket. CUk-ago. 20- 
Mur. 8/ 

uariK'ti't, MuhIcoI. Family. Carbonibile, Pa., 20- 
Mur. ft; li'iin-H'-. Pottsiown. 3-10. 

BnriicllB. Tlw; Oloh..'. St. Ulll*, '.'U-SIir. 3. 

Hiiiee. Loulo. Unique, >flunne«polli, Mlun., 2s- 
Mor. 3." * 

Barrow.- Laucuster Co., G. 0. 11., Pittsburg, 2A- 



N. J., 

Uji* recjnlopt of u testimonial ut ihe bamjuci 
uit)l'-wi.s culled upon lo respond to a speech 

WliiniiiKtoti. — At tbo Grand Opara 
lluwe (J. R> Baylls. manager) "The Crime 

of Duboseq" drew u fair house teb. 11) 

-Under tiouthmi Skies" did it good btisluess Uellclu re Bron.. Mujwtlc. Ilouslou, Tex.. 20-Mar, 

Harm;*. Miuurt, Trent, Trenton. S, J.. 20-Mar. .t 

llnlei, I.oulii W» Unique. MliiiieH[K)lls, Mluu., 20- 
Mor. 3; OraiiO. MUWUiketi Wis.. 3-10. 

Be- Alton, The, Kellli'u, Provltlcucc. 20-Mar. B; 
UowuriJ, llostoa, 3-10. 

Batford, Al. <i. ic Uaam Music Hull, Oloucexter, 
Miirir!., 20-.VIar. 3: Aiuerlcnii, Utlca. N. Y., 0-10. 

JU'rerle-'. Wsi.. A. & M,, Boston, 20-Mar. 3. 

Bfiinelt & Huvllle. Family, Puterson, *■ 

wUof sho did very nicely. " 

linn una, "itur OrfuDtal 


fhr trip to Ja- 
_ ouutrleu Is for the 
rpo*-o;'pf bflterlug her act. us well us ob- 
wlnln'g ' personal views uud Ideas of colors. 
"kMb and geu-fral laudscapes which .-he will 
UjO on. tier return <to Amtirlca. She Intends 
to, iireaent one of the finest sets in vaudeville 
'>t- the American Htage. Her lutentlou Is to 
he tubauu't four months. 


FHOM i» llli:it POINTS. 

UuntDoaa Itcpurtrd Umcellent All Along" 

' ' ' ,. ' the Line. 

" I'd iLAnicLrir ia . Fob. 27. — Attoudaave at the 

tbeulr-jB contluues big tilouoor ltobsou. 

tn'"MVr*:ly Mary Ann," opened to capacity ut 

Ihe Oil Pflck Coutluucd attractions dolug 

well were: "ITappvluod," ut the Lyric; "The the Cheetuui Street Opera 
Uoiite- 'Tdolly Moooshlue," at the Chestnut 

2J. "Itolii'OHd Juck" was well attended 24. 
Hooked: William Collier, lu "On the Quiet." 
20; "Side Tracked" 27, "Happy llooJIguu 

TJucr-sTAiiKti'M C-AiuiUJK (W. L. Dockstudcr, 
umuugur).— -For week of 20: Vussar .Olrls, 
Kclley und Kent, Muiv. Doherty's twelvo 
show white poodles, J. K. Murray and Clurn 
i.iinc- ■ Howard uud Ilowuid, lloldaworths, 
Acker and Crocker, and H> kluetogrupb. 

LTCROM (Daniel Humphries. luuuaKcr).-- 
"The Mlllionalie Detective" did good busi- 
ness 10-21. "From Hugs to Hlehcs' was 
well ultcudod 22-24. Booked : "A Huee for 
Lire" 20-2H. "Tho Kyo Witness" March I -3, 
"The Bov Behind the Gua" 3-7, "An Aristo- 
cratic Tramp" 8-10. 



ft J., 

Wlcblia.— At tbe Crawford Thentre -E3. 
h. Murlllug. u»auoger> "When vYotODO Lu« 

, runic to go-id huslness Feb. 24. "David Ha- 

™^tl Wm. OUIeile. In "Clarice." at the Broad. rillll - -js. Mine. (lelcilu 'Modjeska March ,2. 

...-,.. .*IJls MajM»tj," to Its uual week at the Taunt AuWtwWOW iliO. Tolers Sons, 

Wafi-jt, bad ti fair house "The County Dro ,, r | Vors).— The Ariel Quartette packed 

'JWhuiuti'' opened splendidly ut the Grand ]*-„,' uoutw Feb. 22. Mamlu Shorldau Wol- 

OSam House Hollar had a filled house fof ^ ^ ypyood a week's engugemout 20. 

urtlle" Park, uud Duuiout'a Mlustrels packed ,|,| ]C Auditorium wus dark week of 12, ou M> 

the yieieoth street Opera House. . , .. .The t . 01int „ r ( -j C uentn f h. O. Toler. 

btoR-t P/oOuctlous at the Standard uud lore- bijou (C. H. Olesou. manager).— reoplc 

ptiUKl/s; the other combination houses. - or wce -- f «(j include: Hart Trio, Had.H 

Kcjltby anil the burlesujue houses, had good i iM8 \\t t Kiorence I'otuom, Kthel Maas'y, snugs 

bUBlaejifl, . . tt nd plcturea. , . M11 _ tlll 

CinpAub: Feb. 27,— "A Yuukee Circus on ltbic (L. \V, Wilson, manager).— -rac i b I 

Mara" ybened ut tho Auditorium Baturduy. tor week of I'd Includes: Tho Alets, Hill- 

2l..bQlng ono of the best uttractlous ever Kdmond Trio. I3mma Cotrelly, Oeo. A. Ker- 

ircHerJt#(f here Arnold Duly, lu "You B haM-, soug* and pic tures. 

... .MuJmIIl-. Han Antonio, 
Bell & llIcburOH, Family. Pateraon, 

Mnr. 3. 
Itt'aiiKiTe, Jcitu. Itljon. Cuutoii. t.) .. 20-Mar. 11. 
lUTim-'* CtnTja. Ytctorlu, N. Y. C, 20-Mur. .".. 
Uenilcr, Mtai'lrc, boa Jlolues, la., 20-Mar. 3; lu- Mullne, HI-, 0-10. , , . - 

UeukwUh, MniK'n. Kcltb'a. Ck-rclusd. 20-Mor. 3. 
Uo-Auoa, Tlic, Keith's, Providence, K. I.. SO- 

LVIlii'tiin & Moore, Oraheniu, llklu.. 20-Mar, ft : 

Alhaiunrs, X. Y. C. 6-10. 
Ileruanl. Frunk, Staoilard. DiiTeniiort, la„ Mar 

Dt-rma, Vnl*-rle, i Co.. Orjiheum, New Orleans, 

BeTfui-ils V?'.'. Interna tloiial. Cbleago. 20-Mar. ». 
lllreli, Hlieu'M, llun*alu. 2tt-Mar. 3. 
IJItiiicy h Ohspmau. BIJou, Kvuusrllle, Ind., 20 

Eliihm' a' Olaytou, BIJou. La Crosse, Wis.. 20- 
Mar. 3. 

"Bl. 0;" Crrstul. ■Frankfort. 1ml. ;• 20-Ma*. J: 
Crynlal, Klkliarl. 010. 

Bill. ItlcvolL'. La Salle. Keokuk, la., SO-Mur. .1: 
MHvVa. CltlciiKO. o-to. 
IJcu Ulrcurf, Family. HlorersTllle 

ft Y., 


-»,v«r oJtj.'rcll,'' uiiidc u big liH ut tlio UP; 
rlA, 1 as did Hubert Waalon, nt the Oruutl 
Orajru. Houdc. and "CbwikerB.'' at Me'K'k- 

<■?& wblL'iL oiwuni Sunduy Uwt "«*! 

"Toe Mvu anil i|bo Moune," at l-oivcr's. una 

NU1TH CltllUSJ. 

Charlcat.n. — At tbo Aradoior of Maal,! 
(i-nae. n. Mnttbcwu, umoulter. Jame, ONalll 

ti)^i\«rund'tk''lVniiililu." al tb«- llll- 'iga-tj «u4uTuif'lrcuT'lir Kraroolil HttKk 

my^'vJffSSJirS'JSS. !^&^yA- •■»»■■ uurr -* ca ^ 

brttr>: 3*o ■ Prince of India," at the Co- 
lOflUll "Coning Thro' the Bye." at the Chi- 
cajM Qpara House, and "Tbe Umpire." ut the 
■'tEgine, scprj to luse aoue of their popu- 
mVv, and uro ha-vlug big houses. 

^J'ABBjycto?), Feb. 27, — Edna May, In 
"Tlie Catch of tbe Season," had a crowded 

audience at the Now Natlouat "The 

Nho-Gun," with John E. Heushaw, had a flho 

'ipenTng at the Columblu Bertha Satich. 

lo "Mupua Vaano," was welt received at tho 

BeiRSCd.V "lu Old Keutucky" packed the 

Vcfldetny of Music. ..VlBke O'Hura.- n 

"A^,.B(iiruvy from Irelaud," hud a capacity 

Co. 2U-March 3. 

Colombia.— At the Columbia Theatre (P. 
L. Brown, manager^ Adelaide Thurtrtoa, Feb. 
"0 bad a full house. The Wblto Muhutma 
week of 20, giving one. olght. March 1. 4o 
"Tho Little Dnicbess." "Buster Brown' re- 
turns B. ' 

->■ • 


J- .ii i Ul 

lllreli. .iVlm. Hlicu's, Buffalo, ft t„ 20 Mur. 0; 
Sliou'a. Toronto, Cuo.. CIO, 

Bioodauoil. Kntticrtue, Keith's. Boston. so-Mar. n. 

blomlell, l&lnanl, & Co., Orpbeuiu, Utlca, >. 4., 
20-Mur. ft. 

blauipbln i llebr. Ktnnlrc. Fresno, Cat. 20-Mar. 
II: Union. BakenorU. »-lb. ■ ■ - ; 

Block, Vlujet. Poll's, New Huven. Cons., 20-Mur.ft. 

Ulaik Jt Janes. Hathaway's, Lowell, Muss,, 20- 
Mar. B, 

Bob.-. CrllM. K'Hlli'H, I'hlla, 20-Mar. ft. 

Bolnne, IV. A. ,V Citinllle. Majestic. Oljlcago, 20- 
Mur. ft; 'irumi. Milwaukee. Wis.. Oiu: 

Box, T«l i:.. tiiar. Astoria, On., 20-Mar. t, 

Bouu«r. the 1'alklug Uunc, Empire, Des Moluva, 
la..20-Var. 3. , • ' 

Brolwt Trio. People*.. Cedar Its plus. Ia., 20- 

Brijwii'liiV. Welii & Co.. Keith's, ft Y. C", 20-Mur, 

ft: Keltu'a, rrorblence. B-10. 

ttni'l- k [Jainlltun, liiur, ln<i>ld|-e, Minn., 20- 
Slur. ft. 

Brewer. 0»wir, Acme. Norfolk. Vs., 20-Mar. 3. 

Bruno A liimeii. Urpbemn. Kuu.ut Clly, Mo., 20- 
Mar. a ; t^rphi-uin, Omabu, Net*.. 0-10. ' im 

Bryant it Ha-rlllc, l'blllljpa, Hlcbmoiid, Im). 20- 
" O. 11., Grain! Rapids. Mich.. MO. 


Rrh tot's roiilc*". Atlantic Cfty, ft J., 20-Mar. ft- 

Brooke. UitUt!. OrplierUm, Bkln., 20-Mar. ft. 
BriiBOi), AI(-t., Honft-ii, Lowell. Maas.. 20-Mur. ft. 
Brlttoua, Tli«, Apollo, Vienna, Ana., Mnr. 1-UI. 
BrlKbt Urw., Oxford, London, Eos., 20-Mur. ft. 
Brown. Harris it Brown, 0. 0. B., Inillsuupolla, 
20-Har. S. 

Charlotte. — At the Acodemy 'of Music bmi-uow k Wiley. Auditorium. Lyuu. Maus„-2D- 
-' ■-i/nbujB- 
rhc Ly- 

tun runic tu gtud business Feb, 8ft 
mau Tnlui 24- 

ljrii'liii-n, Mnek A Ik'Im'Uit, (lolliain, Bkhl-. '-H 
Uar. ft. 

Cauipbell sttrt-i-... tHyinplc. Chlemta. 20-Mar. ft. 

Oarlor * Vulers Co., lh-uuott's. JaHI'Iuii, Can.. 20- 
Mur. 8. 

Curllu A Otlo, Mohunk. Sohvueeludy, >. V. 20- 
Mur. ::. 

Carsoit Urns.. Poll's. WaU'i-hnrj, t\»ini.. 20-Slur. 8, 

Cu»iOy A Cruiiey. Mtur. Huuilltuu, Pioi.. 20-Mur, ft. 

Curer-' A Ilurvs, Keith's, Provhleuev, Mnr. ft-lo. 

Cuffery nisi (Jruul. DoveniKirl, In.. 20-Mar. ft. 

Cnnncit HMtrrs. Young's Pier, AUutittc Oily. >■ 
J.. 20-Mar. ft. 

t'-irroll. Job nny, I Uy market. Pitlcog-i, 20-ilur. .1. 

Cdrttleii Tmu|ie. Aiiiplilmi. Uklu., 20- Mnr. ■*. 

Cute Family (4), BVay. ft St. Unls. 111.. H> 

<Mhtet' h Pollard, Temple. Delmll. Mleh., 2ll-.Mnr. 

; ; Hi.'.-it^, Bnffulo. .t-tu. 
I'.-ttiiiM'iile Sltslers, lluward. HdbIuIi, 20-Mar. X. 
CkiTunu, Orpheuiu, Ctlcu, N. Y-. 20-Mor. II. 
c'liUrctV' Hog*, Orplicitm, Hkln.. 20-Mar. .!*. 
Cu.liw Oonti-Jy Four. Novelly. llklu., .10-Mnr. S. 
CHiitlrfd A (Jarletou. laleruullouul. C4ikuv>, Jt- 

Mur. ft. 
Cuarkc Lynn * Fay. Vlulorla, ft Y. C. 20- Mar. 

Ti ,Uru4lrig, Pa., a-lu. 
Uurrulltuii A llo-lges, Orphciiui, 1\ eMi City, Mo.. 

OMm, 'llathiway'H. 1-oselt, Masa,. 20-Mar. ft. 
itaron A Furiinui. Pell's. New Ilavuti. Conn.. 20- 

Pfluilllc, illlc. BIJou, l>vculur. 111.. Mar. tl-10. 
Haw, Cliurlle. llopkliw\ IsMWrllle. Ky.. 20-Mur. :i. 
Cuiulllo A Fona, New Family. Ft. Wayne. Ind., 20- 

Csiiillie Trio. Novelty, llklu.. 20-Mar. I. ' 
l/lirlriioiituT, Uirts., BIJou, Irfi Cn-MSi', His., 20- 

ifar. ft. _ , „ 

Oka-atrkk Trio. Park. \Vurve-ilor. Ma-x.. 20-\lnr. 

ft ; PaatoFs. N. Y. U- 310. 
CUIldcrs. Oroct-, Pastor's, N. ). U. 20-Mar. H, 
t'liiv-li ". t - . il 1 -., 1 i;i r'.ft.T .1. (.'oun., 20-Mur. ft. 
cnirani. limy S- II. * S.. 9, V. C 20-.Mnr. ft. 
Clark. Chan,, A. te ».. Bust mi. -fti-Mar. ft. 
Oli, Im., V.vii, I'wpte'N.'11. MaM., 20-Mar. «. 
ijlanitci' Slulera, Oolniilsl. Ijiwreiwe, Maw.. 20- 

t'linc. Maagli!. In tenia tlonul, Iftileago. 20-M»r. ft. 
Cllff-ird A Itnrkc. Miijentle. Clilcago, 20-Mur. ft; 

t*. u. II.. ludluiiumilla. -1-W. u 

Clarke iv Trmi-h-. Illjon. Qalaey. 111.. SO-Mur. ■'; 

l.a «ulle. Keukak. la.. r,IO. 
titirrord, bollle. PeoideV. Uwell, Mio-m,, 2i,M«r. ,i. 
Chirac, Hurry Corson, ft Co., Orpbeom, Itkln., 20- 

Cltirb-1 John P., A Co.. Family, Pulersou, N. J.. 

Clarke, lilw'arO & Co.. Moobi's. I'ortluud, Mi*„ 20- 

Clarke. NtTlfrcd * Co., Ila-riuuriel, UblcuKo, 20- 

Clarke' .Vnnlc. Peoitle'a. Uwell. M«hh., 20-Mur. !', 
Cltirk A OruO', Auilllorluiu, Norfolk, **».. H- 

Coo|i"er AltoWnsoil, Kellh's, N. Y. C, SU-Mur, ft 
Colwin. tires!, I'niiillv, thHiM 1 , N. ».. 20- Mnr. J. 
iXuicUb. Paul, Keith's, ft Y. C. 20-Mur. It 
Collun A flcoll. A. A H., llwtou, 20 Mar, J. 
• -oliiiuoliiKH C). Hurlfonl. Uoim.. 20-Mnf. II. 
Cooke, Bob A AntiU-, Purple's. Utwitt, Muss.. 20- 

Otann i Baiicrofl. O'Hnra, Blieaumloab, Pa., 20* 

i'owh-y, Jus. IL. JHji'u, hiiiiHliiit. Mich.. 20-Mar. ft. 
Outirllelirii. 1YUI., Proctor's MU fit., ft Y. C 20- 

lawswrll A I'liiin*. Tre*li» Circa-. Touring M-txleo, 

Orukley Jt Mcllrlde. Imperial. Hkln.. 2ff-Mur. ft. 

Colniii, JoNCulilac, I'oll's, New lluvoti. Conn., 20 
Mar. l>, 

0-rM A tliMfiiH. tftilcuao. 20<Mur. J, 

Colliy ii'Bintly. Orplieiini. Omuha. Neb., 20-Mur. J; 
UriilicBin. Kiiiimbb Cllr, Mo.. O-IO. 

Ooiibor, Kcleiy, ParuHy, Hcraiitou, l*u.. 2fl-.Mar.-t 

t'ollul Troupe, Kellli's. Huston. 20-Mar. ft. 

loin's lhrK-i. Arcade, Toledo, O.. 20-Mor. ft. 

ConnilHs. Uullmrhm, k Co., lm|n:rlal, Hklu,, 20- 
Mar. ft. 

Cook.- *> Mint Holbert, Kmiilre Tour. Bug., 20 
Mur. BJ, 

.jib k Ms.. ... 

Collin. 1 rirUlt-, lli'iiileiilmrali .. . 

Hole ft Clemens, star, Hulimtoii. Can.. 20- Afar, ft. 

Cole « Joliiison, Cototilitl, N. Y, 11.. 20-Mur. fl. 

Corlrleya. 'I'hu. Allanlle (Jartlnii. ft 1. O., 8*1- 
Mur. S. 

Co- Fauilly Qiiartelu!, WusIiIukIoii. Kpokuiie, 
M'asli., 2if-Mur. I!. , 

Connelly, I'latnu, Sov Family, Ft. Wayne, lad., 

CoUin'i'B Co'i'iie-Iy Donkeys, BradeuhurgirH, I'hlla.. 

20-Mur. ft. 
(■■-iliiis k Masstry. MiJasthi, Oiieago, lO-llar. ft. 

I'nwsy * I'niin', AiupHlon. Itklu.. 20-Mar, 10. 
Crnlin'. l-uiiu A Craluo. Staub's, KtloKVllrs, 'I can., 

Uraw'tord, 1 Cilfloii, Kultli'-*. Plilla.. 20-Mur. ft, 
Crock«r's Kdoeuteil Horm-s. iwmaglae, Mleh., Mar. 

1-3; jimtm llurboi', B-TI i.'ulihvatcr, s-iu. 
Oram-. Mr. A Mrs. Gunlnor. Colonlul, N. T. 0.. 2«- 

Ciasjiillt Coincily Four, Star, llaiiilllou, (Jau., 20- 
Mar. U. 
Curtis. Margnurltc, Mooiv'a, Portluntl, Mo., 20- 

Cultys*. Hli Musical, tiiu-mottouul, Clik'u.'-. 20- 
Mar t*. 

Curtis a> AiIiiiiih. Puuilly, llatcltoo, I'n., 20-Mar. 
ft: PbiuIIj, Cur Loi i«i ii 1c. 0-l«. ., .„ 

(■■ill,.-, If.. Urphciim. Los Augeles. Cal., 20- 
Mar. ft. 

Daly A O'Brien. HIJou, Dubwiui.% lu.. *JU-Mur. Si 
Bljo-a. DM Molw-s. In.. 3-lU. 

Daveiiport. Leuu. tlrand. Jollel, 20^mr. ft; lut- 
llS. OloOBilMgloU. 5-10, 

Dayii'lle. Madw, Lyric, .loiillu. Mo., 20-Mar. J; 
Un'twiau, Webb City. -"-10. 

Davis. 1 11-.1. U., Youn-c'S Pier, Allanlle City, ft 
J.; 20-Mur. 0. 

Duvb A MueCaulev. Poll's. HartfunL (brmi., 20- 
Mar. :i; Poll'". Sprlni-Oehl, Mass,, 5-10. 

Hnvcy At rhltlliw. Kellli's, Uoniou. 20-Mur. ft. 

Dar, Ocg. W., Uollinm. Bklu.. 20-Mar. 'I. 

Durrow. Mr. ft Mrr>. Blaurt, Fumlly. I'oIIhIowu, 
IV. i 20-Mur. ft; Pu*l«r'M. N. V. U, 5-10. 

Davis A Walker, Allooua, Pu., 20-Mor. tl; Wllkw 
Burn-. 5-10. ..... 

D'b 4: DV. Family, Luifcuotcr. Pu., 20-Mar. ft. 

Ciiii'ji-iiM, Leu, Crysiul, Loxaiiriiiorl, lud., VU-Mir. 
«; Orrstul. Prinilifort. 0-10. 

Day. E-luinud, A Co,, Moore's, Portland. Me., 20- 
Mur. il. 

Uswsuu A lVlilUlcUl, Olymide, Ho. Bend, lad., 20- 
Mar. ft: lutenmtl'mal, l.'blcaao, D-IO. 

Dnvles, Toai. Htnr, llainlltoii. Can.. 20-Mar. ft. 

tint-ran Bro*.. Polls, n'om-Htur. Mu>a.. 'Hi Mur. U, 

Daly i. Murphy. Olympic, Vo. Beml. lud., 20-Mir. 
»; Joffera. SaglniW. Midi.. tVl4 

Tt-'t-emlu Jk 'iierii. Muas A tStoll Tour. 2t)-Mar. J1. 

Del Oro. Lulal. Tt-ui|.le. Detroit. 20-Mar. ft. „ 

Di-hoorv Ac Durroll. ti. O. II., I'lttabiirg, 20-Mur, 
3; Tiiaplc. IT. Wayne, lud.. G-lu, 

t.iv *-. Curtis, Yule s, Kansas City. Mo„ SO- 

De Vi-idu A /Adds. Oljui|dc. ChleaKo', 20-Mur. ft. 

Ire K« Trlu. Poll's, New lluvea. Conn.. 20-Mar. .1. 

Dp Orati Tflo. Lliulre, hail Frau,. Cal., 20-Mar. *J, 

Di- ek-rrts. Keiirlotts. Mujealle., 'fw., 20- 

, Mar, ft; Majestic, llouaton, 5-10. 

Dt- Vrie., Henri. Orplicum, Bkln.. 20-Mir. I*. 

De Blakera Dogs, I'ltuflvld. Mass.. 20-Mar. 2; 

Yroy. N. Y.. 5-H), 
lX-tuiar A D.-itir. Orirleuiu, Daveuporl, la., 20- 

VeWn, Jus. T., Main Hln-el. Peoria. III.. **"•■ 
Mar. 3: BIJou. Qulne}'- B"«J. 

IV Wilt. Uurua & Torrance. Oiluolvl, >. i. C W 
alar, ft; Orpheum, llklu., n-io. 

nenuciie Slalom, Bon Ton. Phlla.. 20-Mar. ». 
Ihr-^lutlia, The, Aadtlorluut. Lyuu, Uaas.. 20- 

iHilmero 'ftlNters, U, O. \L. lutllauuiiollu. 2t)5lur. 

ft: OolninWft. i.'lnclnuml. 0*10. 
miu. Al.. Aiuerlean, ITtlco. V V.. 20-Mar. .i. 
KMiii ft Uf, II. A H.. N. Y. C. SOMir. s: 

I'melnr 1 * 5Stn HI.. ^, V. c. r-m. 
IV Ati^Mlr ,V Ulii-iii'ire. i ■rplieiiiii. SpHiigfleM. Mo.. 

•Jtl-Mnr. Si Klwirle. Watert«a. *«-l". 
In- U'—ott * K\eelu, tlrand, Tacoma. Wi-sb., 9a- 

m-niie.' Kyihipy A Co.. *n.uii|dc, iTilcnsro. 20-Har. B 
I Bui". Knn, iil>m. Cuiii-n, (».. 2«M-vr. R. 
[■MM 4 HolnH**. U"1.w1m|. LuwrenO'. MtaV.. 20- 

IHx--aVr-M<ki. .Majestic, nraab-a. Tv... 20 Mur. 
B: MnV-ille, Ibmili-H. *V1«. , 

Dixon. Bowers ft DUoa. Rmi-lir. Piitewoii. N. J.. 
20-Mnr. ft; Kinplre. Il..»wtei.. X. J.. «-IO- 

Dixon A Aimer. Hftpklua*. Memjihln. Teiui.. 20- 
Mnr. :t; fttliuuW.i. Hi. Ir-ra>, ft-to. 

Dluiivml A May. Kui)dre, Han Frnn.. Cal.. 20- 

Diiiiiv-nii Comedy Four, l.yrle, Lhn-aln. Kafe.. 20- 

DlanintB.. Ja.:k, \o\elty. l»enTer. Col.. Mnr. IM*. 
IMuiTiitt. AniiiM A Co., Mflinvk, .^clif-nr-'tuOf. 

ft Y.. 20-Mnr. a, 
Dt-nr-k ft llussell. OrrUeuui. Ml. \ornoli. N. \.. 

20-Mnr. il; It, II. . Hyraiiisv, «-ll». 
Ihilnu. Buger ft Hello, Bljun. tnliivteltig. Midi.. 

20- Mir. ft. 
D-.-fflile. Irt-alU- T., KwWUj. Stoeklou. Cal., M- 

liolii-rly'i rawllar Oiirrlck. WlluibiKton. Del., 20 

Ihill. ' Alice ljudmi, Bajmarkel. Oikago. 20- 
Mar. ft. 

Dolierlr. Lillian, Proctor"-- 2:hl Ml., ft V. Oh 20 
Mar. Jl; Knijilre. Pstcra-rii. N. J., fl 10. 

Duracvitl- Thereto-. Mtiryluml. Bnlllsioro, MtL. 20 
Mar. H: Wi«.'s. BuiTula, ft-10. 

Dollar Tfiiiiie, Cu-*h'. I.tmr-'nee. Mauri.. 20 Mm 
Bl II. ft ft. Mkh... 3-in. 

iK.wns. T. Nobmi. Hupklii*'. UiuIj-vIIIi-, by.. 20 

UrW.'ju-i. Nuwtoa, ft Co.. 111km. A-,.uletoii, Wla., 
20-Mur. .1. 

irraiair Louise. Vleb*lu. S. V. C„ 20-Vlur. 1) 

llrfw. Mr. ft MM, Sidney. Kelth'a. N. \. Oh 20- 
Mur. ft. 

Iruryen A Mortluior, Kliva'c, Turout-.., Cau- 20 

yiav. u 

Diihii. Arthur. Imperial. Bklu.. 20-Mur. i. 
(Uiiiluir'a I-ijulin- Porailos, Wnuner'a. Moltav. 111.. 
' 20-Mnr. ft; Inlenuilloiuil, t.'blcsgu, ii-lO. 
biituomts (ft). Proctor's (t»lh ML. ft Y. O.. 20- 

Inilllultr-Jeay Tconpe. Moore'-, Ponlainl. *J-?., 20- 

ICarEr UmoUqri Maw**- inutuio, 20-Mnr. I : Siur. 

llumlifon. Hau.. , , ,, 

Crle. Alona, Orlil|i«m. UL Panl. Jltuii. , 20-Mar. 8, 
l,.:keil A Ih-rif, Empire. 1'utornoii, N- J., 20-Mar. J. 
Kdaoii, Harry, Chasa'a, Wai-lituaioii. B. O., 20 

Mnr H 
Uluvidsj Davis * 0«.. Majealic, Uktcugo, 2rt 

I'.litiom Hlalers, Allwmtra, ft Y. 0.. 2«-Blar. II. 
Iftlluoo ft llayaa, AisJItorlnui. Norfolk, Wi.. 20 

Klitrlilip 1 '.' Press, lluyinnrket. Clilengo, 20-M»r. ft: 
Arcade. Toleilo. 0.. tr-10. , „ , ,. 

Rlgonos. Ua. Tichy s. Prnif. Ann,, ^far. t-IJJ. 

Rtgawal tSft Proctor's fiStl) BL. N. T-C. 
Mar. ft : I'm-lorM 125th MHwL S. V 0- «•„, 

Klmo, Pete ft Allle. Bljva, Slarlwrtlp, Vis., 20- 

Klllolt' ft'OvKjt, Ilayinarkot. UhhMft 20-Mur. -■ 
BlMWaftjM Four. HIJou, >\liiiil|*-a\ <-«"., f* 

KiihnVr. 'Julius, u. o. il.. I'ltisburg. WMil i ft; 

Mini's. HinTah., 5 10. ., , , 

l-IIU-K-nvlun Trio, Orpbcmii, New Orleans, La.. 

WSIW '^ » - 20-Mar. «,. 

. 'd-io 

Kjton Sum, Maws A moll Tour. F.iig,. W-Har. "L 
Kllfl Hft»M.. Lyric. Terru lluutc, I nil.. 20-Mur. IL 

I' Jack, Atlantic UunJeo, ft .. O, -0- 

Mur. ft. 
Rly A Pel-er. K«IU«'s, N. Y. C. •Al-Miir 
Kutenou. Jus. i> Dolb. Pastor w, ft 1 

Mur. U. 
Kmuictt. I*ia,eiie, r-awtuckat. It. 1., 20 M 
i-'.iiimi-n. iiiut-l,-, A LV, Pn-lur's, ft 1 



nV 0(1 


KniitlW'. 6'uicily Pour, Umpire Tour, I'-iis., 20- 

Kiiiplro 'city Quarlclle, Colonial. N. Y. C. 20- 
Mur. ft. 

Kn la-iii ur* lie. Ilnsloii. Her., Mnr. I-III. 

F.piis J* Urellu, Puuilly, Potlslowu, IV., 20- 
Mar. ft. 

I'.nilu A Hunr-fiT, Cry-, i ul. Itoek Isliiud. HI., 20- 
Mur. ft. 

ICslerbrookH, The. New u'Huru. ftbemiidoub, Pa.. 

!•'■•■•■■ ft, 
l^iiminle. Mr, A Mm. Va\„ 0. II. hoivcll, Mumh., 

ju.Mm-, ft: Ki-lth'n, l'rovl<l-'iirc, e in. 
|i;Miii-i'Mldu Hlvlerx, 0. 0. H., Indianapolis. .Mur. 

I -viii!- 'ft I'tuiiH, lllkni. [luliilli. Minn., 20-Mnr. I| 

Uslitue. Wliiiil|a-g, Can.. 0-10. 

Kyiiiih 'I'rlo. IlirHlonliui'sli'i. I'lillu., 20-Mur. !',. 
RwujH, Clius. ft. Proctor's riSili ML, W. V. C, IM- 

KraaM. Mn. 0, u>sli«, uih a An>h .sib., 20-Mnr. 

ft; Ilowuid. Boston, C'l«. ' .. 

Hvors. Oeo. W.. BIJol. DuIjUiiim', In.. 20-Mur, .1. 
Partvll, Ciiiia.. A. A »., Hujrtan- Stl-Mar. II. 
ray. John, Hewer. Utlca, N. V., 20-Mar. ft, 
I'udiillc urulicslru. Hhea's. Totunlo, Cull., '.'0- 
Mur. Il U. 0. II., I'll tabu is. 0-lo, 

dey A Fiiy. tJiiunelt, Itleliiiioud. lud., SO. 
ft; lltjuii. Keumnllle. o 10. 
. arrurl's AnliiaU-i, l^yrie. Clevulaud, 20-Mur. ft. 
I'nliloft Fare. Oemicll'H. London. Can., 20-Maf. ft. 
l-ecri-io'a, ImiHTliil. Hkln.. 20-Mur. ft. 
IViKii.-n A- l-iirrcll, Hon Tun. I'lillu,, 20-Mar. ft. 
I'Vi-juiw-ii A PnxHiiiolV, < hand. Juliet, III.. 20 Mur, ft. 
Verla-r. Mans.. Ihiwurd, Ba-mIuii, 20-Mnr. ft, 
Feidlimii, llarrj. Moore's, Portluiid. Mc. 20-Mur. 

ft; la'trUton 9-10. 
I'lokls A llunt-on, ifi-antl. Vlelorlu, Can.. 20-War. 

ft; tiruiid. Yancoiiver. ."'-lU. 
I'll -i. Bnniey. Ornad, Murluu, bid., 20-Mar. ft; 

Mi-ln XL. Peoria, III., CIO, 
t'ltxt-intrutiMiCoy Trlu. Whcii'i, Tooiilo, Can.. 20- 
Mur. B. 
I'li-hl-. A Ward, K-n'iiey's, Itkln.. 20-Mur. II. 
I till. Im. Olrla, II. A IL , Bkln,, 20-Msi'. ft. 
ITtiHliiiiiioin-, Ml. A Mrs. Kobe, Vlnlorla, N. V 

(I., 20-Mur. 0. 
i-'li-M- A Tower, Yule's. Kansas City. Ho., 20- 
Mur. ft, 
P)-iirr a Juhiwoii, IHnpLie, Hi-, Moliu-n. In., 20- 
Mur. ft. 
PlM-eiix Troupe. Proclor'* fiSlli «t., R, Y. 0., 20- 
Mur. ft. 
Piemen A Miller,, Bon Ton, Malt Lake, U„ 20- 
Mur, ft; ii n-io. 
Flynn. .1<jo. Keith's, ft, Y. C. 20-Mur. ft. 
l'Jel.-;ier. Clius, f... UticwMfl, Cincinnati, 20-Mar.ft. 
I'l-ii'Ine. Murlliu, Culuuilrlu. Clncliniull. 20-Mur- ft 
Purn-itB. Munlcnl. Mala Hired . I'Ourlu, 111., 20- 
Mnr. ft. 
Punl ft Wllsiai, Ki'lib 1 -. Clevelaml, 20-Mar, «. 
Coy A Clark. Pna-iur'a, Ail-any. N. Y.. 20-Mar. ft. 
PW A Ward, I lib Hi., Phlla.. 2DM»r. L 
I'.mlei- A ("u-ter. i^iliimlilu, Clufluiiutl, 20-Mar. ft. 
"Kuiir K.'11-oiw,'' AHiaiubra. N. V, 0., '20-Mur. ft. 
Prrilo ft ban*. 'I. 0. II.. ludluuapolls. 20-Mur. If; 

Oohiiiil-lii. Ciiielinmtl, n-io. 
FmlH'l A Huge, lll|-podr<siio, Mudon. ling., Mar. 

I'ritli'rliks. Ttw. rVttllf. Mcninion, Pa.. 20-Mar. H. 
Priiielo, ICiiiiiiu. Kolth'i. Phlla.. 20-Mur. ft. 
Prank, Murvi'li.ii-i, ft Dub, Colamblu. ml Louis, 

20 Mar. 8: Itn.-mnrki'L Chlciigo. r-ni. 
I'runklyn ft Wttlluee', Youus'S Pier. Atlantic City. 

V.. I.. 2fi-Mar. I!, 
I'lvia-eJII A r.oclri, Kiuplre, Hoboken, N. J., 20- 
Mar. ft. 
I'rmi.'li A ltiNJs-.-1-B. ItoHton, I.onell. Mum.. 20- 

Mur. ft, 
l'iunkfoi-1. Mlllou. Acme, Norfolk. Vs., 20-Mar. ft. 
(Jonliii-r. Herrrgc, ft Co., Orpbeuiu, Mt. Veruoo, 

N. ft, 20-Mur. 3. ■ 
(Jul Uglier A Barrel t, Novolly, Bkln,, 20-Mnr. ft; 

Doric, Yonlieri. '"-IO. 
Guylonl. Humle, Orplieom. Hult Luke, C, 20-Mur. 

Hi urplieuia. Dcnwr. Col., D-IO, 
iJiir-lncr A Htoddunt, J'roctor's. Novrurk. ft J., 20- 
Mar, ft, 
Unyloi' ft Oraff. 1'uiiilly. Pollavllle, Pit., .(1-VIir. 

:j: Family, llaahflun, My. 
U.rdiier. Jacli, Orpueum. Kautna 01 ty. Mo.. s<)- 
Mil*-, ft; Oiuutni. fjinahs. Neb, r,-lo. 




PACE 76, 



MJlBCH 3. 

flnrrtocr Cnlldrrn. Ho. Brn<l, Inn\, W MM 1 r. i Lou* 
riftn. dm,, r,-io. 

rt.rrll- Blstwa, Keith'!", notion, 2fl-M,r. .1. 
Hartley* Piralw, Hon Ton. Pull... 20-Mftr. a. 
Intitwr * Vincent, riwtot'n SIM in K *• O., 

2i| U«r. .1. , 

ri.ll.lfr* Mnnko.v», Orphonm. \jm AngplM, C.I., 

(lainoln/. lit l.rrlr, racr-lnnA. M-Mir. ». 
Otinrlln A Shirk. I'nmlly, llnltlelon, Pn., 2,.M,r. 

3; Fnmllr, Cnrlwmlnlo. .'.-10. 
OnnlriT & fioM-n, dull", IHimmMftnn, 111., 20- 

(l.nnm ft Thonl, lllnnorlrflm-, rnniton, nag., 20- 

<l«li"rn\ Frnnrl* H. * St.. N. Y. C, 20-Mtr. II. ' 
O-rrni*. Mw, WJmi, i;»nnm, O.. 
(lennrn & nnlloj, Umpire rilomnn, N. J.. 20- 

fllnrti Milrlr. Ojnlnl. SI. Jnwnh, Mo., 25-MW. 
.1 : Cw-tnl, Drnvf r. n-10. 

QljaUr* A r,»i™», nnrriok, Bnrtni™, i«.. 211- 

(IIMM« OnHnor. Cnlnrnhl.. rmirlnnrlll, M-MW.9. 
IHIIrrarr- .5 ("jrroll. Vnlo'n. Knn.nn CIIF...MO., MB. 

CllliX'.'nm. I'nmllr. Cnrhnn.lnlo, Pa., 2«M.r. n: 

(lllnum. WMlMli Pnmlly, I'-lrr-nn, S. J.. -»• 

OfS&l 'ilnrn™ & Mnnlinmr-ry. Stl-Ml-'". Pill 
luwr, Jlnw., 2'1-Mnr. [II llnlhnwvX Lowell. 

miner,', .lllle, * Summer Olrl«, VaUnf: ". f. 

P.. 2fl Mnr. 3. . m * on 

r.lllMle. Vlnln. * Co.. Trr-M, Trenton. N. J.. ."- 

uiK'o rVriin i«fe < ll r ,0 J."".'!' JfHisriiJ: « 

ninwei»lll«. The, (Wnnlnl. N. J. <>■■ «•»"'• ','■ 
fllw uimi-ln, A bnmlirn, N. V 0.. '•!"■ -»u. ... 
aimrnj * lu.iell. Wlnnlrjen, Can., 50-M.r. 

3; BIJo.1. Wlniilpoc. .Vl". 
r.ln.« Urn... liijwlln, Plile-m, M-Mnr. n. 
Bol.lle, Annie, KVw Pnnillr, ft. WW*, ""I- »* 

rioiovnV Itlolinnl, I'rorlor'n, Alhnn', N. T., 80- 
DoMnflMN qnlnletle, Orphenm, 1TIIM, K. T., M- 
firrtfreV'* HemteWMl, Poll',, Hortfnrrl. Conn., 2»- 
ilnrltoli * Oh««n. *■*•**• PttUnWI. M«»., *>• 
itmiwVsnrnlt. M.JeMle. Chlcniro, "fl-JInr. B. 
term, * WW. A.nlllorln.n, l.rnn, Jin.-.. » 

ooSKi.'W * M » r - 1>°"""" , 1 "' "''."jf 1 ""' c """ 

"CIMnr. a: Itljo". Untinlliw, in.,"-!". , 
lloMM, Hon. Kullor. [•rooInr'H. M«i«. »• '•■ 

miVl. *Aif.',"nrnlioHni. Omnln Ncn., 26-Mnr. «. 
fir"?. K.l»nr.l, Krllti'n. 1'rorl.lmM, II. I., »«• 

grSTjS, i*ja». n »i r"«liln I "•'"aV.r" r ••) !, • 

ilrnnrt Oonm Trl... II. #JhJ*%' 7" "Jfiinr 8 
n;S^.rn , :n. , aon.»!:K VAffel 

ii^K. 1 !C , ornuoS ,, ^:«.n.'!j:-v.: a 2M.r:'-:.i 

nijnu. wini'iiit*. w. y».| l f r, 2* v f . .,,, «». 

lllUlWMr ft W«ll»n, iMHlRl. X. \- C. -UMftP. 

Ihli A MH.-tlil. Hl>m. NnrfoLk, l&Mjg**} _ 
llnlnpn, Sul., Kirm tv. IVilmkon, N. J., <i»- «« f- [• 

jRlrtt jjiw...: * IK f»- 11- *>■ "*"" 1 - ,n ' 1 - 2 "- 

ItaWOD A Willi*".*, Altmiil'' »»iinli-ii, X. V. O., 
||ni!tiii!5e * »»n. riiitlmH«y'H, Lowell, Utm» 
Ma^i.'&'np *MW. <'lm«-'« Wn-hlMton. r>„ ft, VI- 
Ihyilpii/vinilnlii. Ori'livimi, Ml. 1»niil, HI""-. ««• 

.\tiir. ;t; Ki'itli'". S. t, *'•■ Wft „ t .... 
Hnrwuri. ItnlH.v. Kmplw, IMIrhMMi. N. J., ■* 

llwwA Wttdttdta, I'-nx ffnmlf<r. M>ii*'..y«- 

llncLi'i- I,c*lcr Tvlo, riwt«rri |LM St., >. V. U., 

Ilmivry A H<vim\ \.yrW, It., WWIlir. D. 

lliirppr.'lVxnwn'l A: """Ih, IIowhM, 1m.moii, J«- 

llnlalit A 'J'liowiiK, llwmotl'", I-oihIod, Can., 'J0- 

niimmnnli. MA » Hi* 0lM». »<■■ Pl«lM^t N - Y - 

Hnli! ArlK 'OrpliPiim, MlwiMpnlli, Mlrni., UM> 

llBlinnrk ft CurqiiPlI*', ToKHfllP, PuhmIc, K. J., 2«- 

)Iiiir«'tk>n«. tl.'Qt II.. I'nrlMiionlll, O., aa-Mnr. 3. 
ilt'rtHTi, MOM,* H™ '■'*"■ l*l>H"»- 2«-M«r. 8, 
licdly. nnnny. K.-HI.V. I'lilln.. - ,, ;»" r -.J 1 l ' ( .,„, , 
Henry. V.«mw. VV.-ii-t'M. 1-p.irlii. ">•■, - ;« nr - *• 
llmirll, JWW II..N"vHty. In-rjv.-r. o»l.. SilMHr ;; t. 
Mn-nlit H.l, TOrtHh 'I'ithI, WOWfli N. J-. -**- 

iltNti, 'illji»ii, Snpprlor. win., ifl-Miir. S; Pnlqw, 

MliHWitiwIlrf, Ml t 1 '" 1 - ., rt , «« 

Ilnrrmfiiin, Ui-r,il, OrplieilTH, Nnn Priin., Cnl., 21- 

ilir. :t* rin.i.H.m. !/>« MwiNi ffcl* ... 

Ilrrnnnii,'liiWc. rtilonlftl, S. V, <)., ^it-Slnr. «; 

mil Itiin-, Ml!*.. 1**1* „ , „ 

l!mi|i»riton fc ifcuP. Orplicum, Prnvor, 0M* ( Ja- 

Ftabv,* John, Krtld'n, I'Mli... 2tVM»r. fl. 
Jlci'Hci-i's Jtriji^, Hopkins*, Momjihlw, 'li»nn., J«- 

ITomcCft'riirnK KMfM, KcUh'H. ClrvMnml, 28- 

Mar. :l; Mih'n. iMilln.. If I*. 
tlrriimny's l»«im*. IMII'k, Mprlnsflrltl, Muwn., 2tl- 

llrfnm, fra, BUnl Jjntaw, Mich.. M4Im >i 

MJah, liny ruy, ft-ni. 
ttlnen *■ IiMiiliiiiimi, I'mi-U.r'H, Nownrk. N, h, 

.'H m.ii'. :i. 

ninmnii. ftet, Hltlncy, N'ovrfly. 'IWkii, IvMV, 2rt- 

\liir. Ill Nmcliy, lieitrcr, «"«t., ft- 10. 
HIMrnin. li'i'., Milln Si., I'ihm'Iii, III., 2lt-Mflr. .1. 
Illll, Miiny K.. ItlJ.m, KvmwvllK lint., SU-Milr. ft. 
Ull.lrt. MIIp., ft. II.. Ci^Iiip lt.i|ililn. In-. "itl-Mnr. U. 
HluKliin .V Ktinr. Ulyiitplf, I'liU'iitf'*. l*<1Mur. Jl. 
Iiw-kv-liii7rcti> Co.. UnynmrkiM. Clilfnco, 'JOMnr. 

:t: i '..: ( mi, '.in, m. imku. .vio. 

II.v|;-KH"ii Co., llopkliir)\ UiiMvlllr, ICy. . S0- 

Mir. :>. 

nnunlnl, Miirrr, KolihN, IU..I..H, ^i\hir. It. 
H.Hvitr.1. Hiiitj. TPi'iil. TmUM, S. .1.. lilt-Mnr. 3. 
Mnwnnl A llmvanl, Ourrli'k, Wllmlnirlaa, IM.. 

-J'VMiir. :i. 
llnwlcy «i !.i*| In. Olympic, niilcntto. 2«-Mnr. 3. 
Hawanl fc Nuriti. .Mltiimbni. X. V. O., 'Jlt-Mnr. ft. 
ll.ii'i A |,iv. KIn>aV, 'I'.ii'.niiit, I'.ni.. 'Jlt-Mnl*. 'I. 

ii.ii'-nMiiif, Curt In & Wvuu, iMHtnr'M, x. y. 0,. sit- 

Mur. :i. 
HalllHW, 'liivlnr, ncj, Iii-miii. lil.lii., lill-Mnr. ft. 
Ilnlmnii, Knrry, Slur, llniiilhiui, t'lin., I'll-Mni'. ft; 

I'lirk. Krl.', I'm.. >V1<t. 
IIHWIRTli IVi«s Js Ifttttfit. '1'ivnt, Trillion. N. J., 

2'IMnr. (I,, i|Mm K.'Irl.'H. X. V. 11., l!il-Miir. •". 
Ilnwnril A UtiilH>rr»ril. Illjini, llitunltml. Mo., 1!0- 

Vlnr. ".; Ulympli-, niU-»im, C-lrt. 
IlilWiinl A Ulnnil. Xnvcll.v, llklli., 211-11 HP. !l. 
HrillhiprK. Tin', Miilt*»lli\ Clili'Hdrt. 2U-.Mar. ft, 
Hum-- i | ,••«[»*. I'ltmily, Mnlinn.'y t'lly, l'a„ 'U\< 

Mnr. ft; Kmiilh, Slimtrakln, .VIA. 
H'ft.u-i. Mr, A Mrs, Xl.-k, Stnr, MimHp, lad,, 'id- 

Mhp. it' Ill>>il. Omtiiu, ti.. ft- m. 
lty.l.' ft llpiillt, [■'ainlly, Mnlinimy City, I'n., S* 

Mm-, :t: l.'ii.iill.v, I'oitnvllli*, ti-tll, 
MylHiKls (fti. KlmnV, Mmllixiii. Win,, illlMar. .1. 
Imhw A llyini. llnymflrkol, Clilonito, StHnW** "•! 

rnhmililn. Wi Unitx, *.IU. 
ii-nmli'. Ibns It-tu Tub, i'lilln., l*iV.\Ur. :i. 
JUHttw A Siii-<Ii-I, Si fir. Ilainlli<ia. Oriu., S; 

i i'ii;itii.ii ii. Clilt*nir«i, 5* It*. 

. i. .,,,!.■-. .Niimiii. AiKlllnrliiiii, l.ynn, Mil-.., -<:- 

Mm. ft. 
.Imi-t'u, Mnrk>. U. II., Iliirlfotil, Umii., L!H M«r. 

ft; New Itillaln. f ■ 7 ; I'lllMl.'M. Miws., VlU. 
Jniiwii, 1 1. -it, I'lirtaM-i-linre, \V. V'w., art-Mnr. ft; 

ItlHtKN. .*•!•'. 
.It'wcll, llt-lfii. iJi'iii, l.ynti, Mhcj-., atl-MHP. ». 
.ictYiTKiMi*, The, linn Tim, i'lilln., Sn-Httr, ft. 

,Il-|llilll>Crl ,V .IfWPll. Ilrhi-I i'Nll, Molll1<>, til,, 84 

.Mar. ft. 
.li-iilitup. A Ikiirnov. il, ii, II,, IV-llr-vUtc. I'n., 211- 

Mnr, ft. 

.IcwcII'h MunlkliiH. Kivnt'p'H. Itkla.. 211-Mii)'. ». 
.Irtliiiwii. Cail'oll. I'ni,-ltip'rt 'Jftil Ml,, 9H*M«r. ft; 

KftlliV. rii'v.'hniil. r, in. 
.Ii.lillmai A WrllM, I'lMi'lt.rV r.Mli St., X. Y. «.\, 

L'rtMiir. .'!. 
JoIhimu. Unwiirarl a i-mviln. rmttliy. nwHttm, 

I'n., 2ilMnr. ft; l-'mnlly. rnrl*a»lnli>, A-III. 
.Iiilni-nn. Ilom-y, Ai'mli'iiiy nT MumIi*. Ni'wbuiv, S. 

Y.. art-Mnp. :;: MWiii.'ii.wn r. in. 
.Iftlinilonc. MiMli'nl. ltnrvH^fonl T»HP. Kiir., SI* 

Vlnr. Sill 
.loiilDti A Morris. Hull Toll. I'lilln,, !tft-Mnr. *. 
JnhiiHi.u ft (Irmil. AKilllorlma, Norfalk, Vn,. 1711- 

.Unr. ft. 
Jnspllu Trln, Rmplre, I'aitTimn, X. J., 2\] Vnr. 9. 

,Tohnn, Johnnie, Moore's, MMtkh; iM-MfSr. 8.' jkrto{, riitBtett * Oo„ A«nlk Taleto, O., 28- Pljpfotl & tiflflHW P«tof8, N. T. a, 86- 



U&mK SllSf %'SiiX r^fll. Mi*. M- Pl^l» MJj^. Orpmrtij.rjui Ansrlw, Ott, 

Mnr. 3. „ ' -Jar, ft-io. 
sinrtdnt, niphinM a. o. n., IMIm. in., 2iMUr. 

-ft; O. II. Kcwoncp, ft.lfl. 
MflMTM Hop**-!/ fllrK Pro^tor'n, Alhan/, .N. Y- in..', >»»i .-.....-. \r-"-"^ 

m-Utr. .1. I' (en* & Malwv, Kinplre, ■ JohnntiMiniw, H. A., 

MnnnlriK Trln, Oolomnli, St, r«m*, SO-Mir. ft. Mar.. 13-Apr. 21. ' «■.»«. * 

Mnrwir. Jmom, nrnrfonbiirrt'-. !TW!l'»J3W»f'> H™*tt r . fl .?i!fi 'W ,f i im ^J] l:ln r'L^* i* r * n" 

Pirror & rtpn, mtl'H, nrMerror^ Onnn., 28-Msf. 

B; tr»MM% N. Y. O.. ft-10. nft t 

rierwj A'llcr, Sliw'fl. Toronrn. Cnn.. Srt-Mnr. 3. 


Jnlliiri, TlKO., Sotrltf, Bkla., 2-fl-Miir. 8, 
Kftroo'a i'nnfomlmp Oo., Audi tori lira, Lynn, hfiM,, 

2fl-M»r. ft. 
Karp, Mr. ft Mm. Pat, HarmirkPt, Chlran, 20- 

.MflT. Ii. 
•Hmifmnnn Troupe. Tempi' 1 , Detprilt, 2d-Mor. 3. 
Kaufman, Hei-n, Alhnmhrn, r-nndon, Fng., 2d* 

.Mar. ftl. 
I'Rllnorpkl Urn*., Family, Patenoa, H. J., 21- 

M«r. ft. 
Ktirlrlll, Altiert, Anollo, NurriT.bnrg, Oer., Mir. 

Kenna,' Cbuln, If. ft fl„ X. T. C, 20-Mar, .1. 
Keno. WulHh ft Melrrw, OolilioMt, HI. L<i\il«, .Mo,, 

20-Mnr. 3; (I. O. II., InJIannpnlH, r.-10. 
Kenton, Dorattiy, Procior't, Newark, N. J., 2A- 

Mnr. 3. 
Kent4ti8 (ft>, RlehmonA, No. Adam*, Mum., 28- 

Mnr. ft; rroctor's r>8th St., N. Y. C., «-J0. 
Kern's DoMk O. O. II., ImUlonnollM. "ifl-Mar. 3. Mnrots (H). Keeney'n. dm-mi t wgv -• « ,. "•■■• •*'• . 

Kelly, Harold, ft 0o., Crystal, St. Jo.vph, Mo,, MirTiPll*. The, Orsnd, Hammona, Inl., 2«-Mir. poiter & Palmer, Palnre. *ffr»reenter, Mm., -"»- 
■25-Har. 3, i| LoulivUle. Ky., MO. „ Mnr. ft. , M _i _ _„ 

" ItHMCtrl Family, II. ft S.. N. Y, O., 2fl Mnr. ft; potter A Hnrrle, IlenneltX St. Tfloraafl, Oan.. 28' 
l'n.«tor*«, N. Y. C. Mo;- „ fcTar. ft; BIJrhi. Bay Ctly. Ml/h.. .J- 10. , - 

Uirrtln. Paw A Perele, Bijou, Runw, Wis., 2a- polk ft KoIIIbb. YouniCp Pier, Allnnllc City, N.,J„ 

Mnr. S] Unique. Seprmygori, B-lfl. „ Mi-SM Mi „,, ,_ 

Mnnrhilpre, The, Cook"*, ltorJieal<»r, X. Y„ 5ft- pour ft RnwHli; Ifelth'n, Tto«tton, JfT-Mar. ft. 
Mnr. S. I'nWell. Harry. A. & rU Boston, M-Mtr. 3. 

Marr ft Frnn«. Olty. Proekton, Mum-, Sft-M»r. ft. iv.ititpr. FA*;, Purtr, nannlhml. Mo., Sfl-Wtr. ft, 
Munftittinn Trln. Blioi). l>uhiln, Mlnri., 2ft-M«r. ft. Htamlnnl, fvkln. III., ft-io. 
Martini A#rlaL f*ry«tnt, Milwaukee, 2fl Mar. a. 
Mantle Trio, Pairp, Npw JInren, Coi-o., 2fl-M«r. 

ft-PnU'-i. nrl<lfrepnrl. -Vlft. 
Ufa A Hull, Temple, IVIrnlt, 2flMnT, H. - 
Mariln nron., R, O. II.. plltHlmre, Sfl-Mnr. .1 

Mnfiiprr, l.nnm. Dewey. Urfn. N. Y-. Ufl-Mar. ?• 
Mncln ft l'oi. Hnmllton, Cnn., 23-lUr. 3| Ben- 

ni-n*n Jionrlon, r»-I0. , _ 

Mallory Brot-., Brook* A HallMny, Victoria, N. Y. 

C, SH-Mnr. 3; Amphlon, Bkln., r.-IO, 
Mae ft. Mm-. 0. It., BennlHiitrm, Vt., 2«*M»r. 3. 
Mariell. Ollto, l<lefll. Ilohokpn, N. J„ M-Mir. .1; 

Itornl. Ilobeken, n-in.- 

'- ntsln.i 2ft-M«r. ft. 

I-leree, V. Mftrlon. Mr. ft Mr.*., i-yrlc, Irt I>odEP, 

rirlaeofei, The* ' Hopklna, r«oatflTil1e, Ky.. 28- 

ripree'ft Koiilyn. Imperial, Bkln,, 2«-Mir. 3. 
Pluck ft t'lK'k, Notional. Knnfla» City, Mo. 

Mar. fti ftlar. Toneka, Kon., ft- 10. 
powers A Freed, Mlwlon, flail J'ran., OaU, -8- 


Kelly A .ishby, Mom ft Tborntoa Tutir, Kne,, si- 
ll nr. 12. 

Kelly, W. C„ Hathaway'", Now BNIfaril, Marts,, 
■.'il-Mor. ft: Colonial, N. Y. a. ftlfl. 

Ki-lly ft Adamii, Uric, OletrlajtA, 2H-Mnr. 3. 

Kennedy ft Qititreltle, Keltb'it 

ProTldfui-o, II. I., 

■W-Mnr. 3. 
Kelly ft Beno. Fmplre, MMM, Kit*., Mar. fi-ftl. 
Keailnu ft floexlwln, Vaiidelle, CHiIeagn, *M-Mnr. ft. 
KeonRii, Kilwln, ft Co., Polt'H, PrldEfjiort, Conn., 

2d Mar. Ot II. ft M„ N. Y. C B*IO- 
Kelly, Mam ft Ida. O. II., Poimrilie, Pa., 2fi-Mnr. 

ft; Pnrk, Krle, fi-tO. 
Kelly A KeHey, Ron Ton, Syracntt, N, Y., 28' May A Miles, Orpheum. Pnrtwnonth, O., 2ft-Mar. 

ft ; BIJou, Whoellns. \V. Yn, ' 

2 ft- 

Mnr. II. 
Ktpp/, nijnii. Pea Molnon, la., MOBM ft. Troupe, 0»a*e'a, Washlagton, D. ft, 

IM-Mor. 3. 
KInjpley ft f-ewla, Empire, Hohoken, N, J., 28- 

Mnr. ft. 
Kippllnn, Plorrnce, Mimic Flail, Olouewter, AIohm., 

'Jd-Mtir. 3, 
Klmhnll Bros., Yonns'a, Pier, Atlantic City, N. /., 

I'd-Mnr. ft, 
Klein ft ClUlon, Bennett' R, Loiifton, Can,, 21-Mor. 

Si Kmplre, UnlHiken. X. 3., f-W. 
Klein A Klein, Cryntnl, F.lkhart, Inrt., 29-Mar. 3. 
KlelKl, I'iiiil, Hopkins', Mvrapnls, ToTin., 2t1*Mar. 

31 Orphoum, Xew Orleans, U n r,-l«. 
Kloc* MlHterx, llaymnrkei, Chlcnco, >(\ Mnr. Of 
Kiu» ItnM., Hnrrli't. HiirllncHiti, In., 2H-Mar. 3. 
Kokln, MitfiioDctte, Orphemn. 1am Ansele«, Cal„ 

20-Mar. 1ft. 
Knntire ft Chnplnln, Umpire, Rockfonl, III., 20- 

Mnr. ft; I'lom'a, Madison, Wis., 6-10. 
Kohler ft Marlon, American, Utln, N. Y., 2fl- 

Mar. 3. 
Koala, noward. Bontoit, 2ft-Mar. 3. 
Koppe, Ktmlty, Pi tenon, X. J.. M-lfar. 8. •-- : 
Knlllns, King, 0. O. II., Urand IlapldH. 2fl-Mnt. 

3; Main Htreet.. Peortn, III., fi-10, 
KiiPtln ft Hushc, I'roclnr'H 12Mh »t„ X. Y. O., 20- 

Mar. ft. 
La Tour, Irene, Family, Onrbonilate, Pa., 20- 

U i!lalr ft West, Amerlean, ITttea, N, Y., 2«-Mar. 

»; Star, Itnrallton, Can., 0-10. 
I.nTcndiT, tieo., Onrrlck, ClurllnKton, la., 20> 

Mar. ft. 
Lawrence, Al„ Olymple, Chlenno, 2rt-Mnr. H. 
I.iiWM.11. Chlttow, llljon. Hay Clly, Mich., 20- 

Mnr. ft. 
Idi Marr, llnrry, Howard, kloatnn, 26-Mnr. ft. 
Ladell, Harry ft Annie, Kanitly, ITnxellon, I'n., 2<f- 

Mar. ft: Family. Carbon-dale, -fl- 10. 
l.uvi'iniiT. tii'ii., Oarrlek, Unrllnatoa, In., 'M- 
Lnmhert ft Pierce, Orphoum, KaunaH City, 3lo„ 

tin Mnr. 10, 
I.iiwmou ft Ciirtla, (I. O. II., Grand Kaptdfl. Mich., 

2d- Mar. :i. 
Uwatn ft Xaiinm, Novelty. Ukln., 20-M«r. 3. 
i-nti'ii, i-;.i.. Mrpbeum, llklu., 2'1-Jlnr. 3; Album* 

hru, X. Y. C. n-m. 
I.ntinii, Mile., i:'ii!iiM-, I'ntvrmu, S. J., 20 Mnr. 

ft; Bmplre, HohnJattl, ft-K». 
I.n .TfSH, Then ft Cnrullle, rtr., [.!.. Mo., C-10. 
I .il nianehe.' Marie. PvttavlIlP, I 'a., 30-Mar. ft. 
l-iiiH-nJUer, Tom. illjnii, Calumet, Mli'U., 211-Mar. 

3: III Ion, Miiniii.'llc. ."",- lo. 
I^i Vine, Chtmmii Trio, . Aartltorlnm, Lyric, Man*.. 

20-MHr. ft. 
UllNiWU, llardle, Majestle, Waoo, fox., 20-Mnr. 

ft; ItHjestle, Ft. Wurili, D-IO, 
liiMini, l-'noik ft Jen,, Itoehealer, N. Y.. 20- 

Mnr. ft i Odonlnl, X. Y. C, Ada 
J.iinvHiNt ft Pnnlette, llljon, Cnntni), O., 2ll-Mnr. 

3] Colonial, X. Y, «'., A-IO. 
l.ti Vnrdo, llljon, Clinton, Manx., 26-Mnr. 11. 
t.umn-it's (WkniiWri, Mnjentlc. ftau Antonio, Tei., 

2ft-Mur. ft; MnJes'.Ie, Ft. Worth, ft-10. 
I.n Croix, Pnul, Anilltorhioi, Cniw May, X. J., 20- 
Mnr. ft. 
I.n Drew, Paul, Manhattan, Norfolk, Va„ 28- 

Mnr. ft. 
J, a ItenoN (3), Wennt'B, Peoria, 111., 30-Mnr. H; 

Crymiil, lti.-l. iMlnnd, (1*10. 
I.lnvd, Herbert, Hippodrome, London, Kna., 20- 
Mnr. .11. 

Manilla Twlnn, I.ynehhurjr. Vrt., 2fl-Mar, 3. 
Maoart'a Monkeyx. Itljon, l->a n»v Ille, Inch, 2fl-Mar. 

ft ; C. ft. Jt... lndlnnnpoll«, .110. 
iraapma, <!ol., Ban Ton., Phlla.. 26-Mir. 3. 
Mnd'IfiiH. The, Manhatlnn. .Norfolk, Vn., 2ft*Mnr.3. 
Mnrl.m A Ih-aiio, Columbia, St l»nlfl, 21-Mnr. 3; 

Oljmplr. Chteniro, r.-lft. 
M:in:.'M'. Laura. Deavy, Tltlen. N. Y-, 20-Mnr. 3. 
Mat hi pup, Jiirzllnp;,. Family, l'ntt.«tftirn, Tn., 20- 

Mar. 3; Nansnn, PftH*town, r.-IO. 

, .mgo ft Lee. H. ft «.. Bkm.. 26-M«r. 3. 
Powom ft Tlieolinlil. Orphlnni. SrrloKflpM. O. 

Mnr. 3; Phillip"*, Blebmoad, tM.. fi 10. 
paver*. Mr, & Men. John T., Mnjeaile, Dalk-i, 

Tor., 20-Mnr. ft; Mnjealle, irnvsinn, ft-10. 
pnweta, Jnn. T., ft Co.. 0. ft. II., PlltJihrirc. 26- 

Prt-IIM'PI 'l>o(r«. Proefar*!-. Newtek, X. J„ 2«Mar, 3 
••Prince, of -pliaon" (Jlrln, Proctor** 2ftd Ht., N. 
If. <).. 2ftllar. " 

Probst. MnjesMi?, Chleaito, 20-Mnr. ft. 
Prior ft Morris, Of 
Mnr'. ft. 

Oomlmie, Spokane, Wnnh., 26- 

Queen ' ft' no«*a, Orphenm, Webb City, Mi>., 20* 

Qiilnla'n ft Mack, Keltli'fl, rrovldeneo, R. I., 20- 
Mar. " 

Mnlhanc. Mne, r;mplre, lK-fl Molnf-i, la,, 2«-Mar. 3. Quiccley Km,, (I, O. Il„ PHlPhnrn;. 2ft-Mnt. 
MeAroy. Dnn. Proefor'H fiSth Mt, N. Y. ft, 2fl- Arcade, Toledo, O., {M 


Mar. 3. 
Mct:nnley A Bonnvan, Dm Molnea, Ia„ 20-Mar. ft ; 

Chlca-ro, 5-IO, 
Mcllahon ft Chappelle, Xorelty. Bkln., 26-Mnr. 3. 
Molnornor, Ja». A., Family, Pottarlllo, Pa.. 20- 

Msr. 3; Family, lla-detnn. i»-10. 
MeOird, I-ewla, ft Co., Orpheum. Xew Orleans, 

1. 1.. 20-Mnr. 3. 
MeCarren*. The. O. O. H,, Orniid Rapldn, Mich,, 

2d-Alar. ft ; Bljon, Knlnmaroo; 5-10. 
McCarthy, Myles, ft Co., Olympic, Cldeap), 26- 

Mur. 3. 
ilePonald, Jamea F.. Mnjeatle, ClilcaB«, 20-Mar. 

3{ 0. 0. n.. Indlannpoll*. B-10. 
UeManon'i Mlnatrel Maids, Xovelty, Bkln., 20- 
Mar. 3. 
HOKUMM ft Reed, Family, Lafayetl*. Intl.. 20- 

M;r 3. 

ftlcOloln ft Smhi), Howard, Boston, 2ft-Mar. 3. 

BleOee A Cidllna, Mllwankep, wis., 20-Mar. 3; 
ShehoyRnn, ft-10. 

MeOlnnls, Frank, Orpbcnm, .St. Paul, Minn., 20- 
Mnr, ft. 

MfClrllaii, ,Ifi*>., BMon, Dnhith, Minn., 20-Mnr, ft. 

•JletSineft cinint. Krtiptre, FfBefOlt, 111.. 2RMur. 
ft; Kmplre, it.ickfnnl, Bin. 

Sleilrath Bnw.. KpIHTh, I'lilln.. 26-Mnr. S. 

Jlerrlif, llayraund, American, I'tlcn, K. Y„ 20- 
Mnr. 10. 

Meyer. Ren., nrplwmm, Ctlen, X. Y., 20-Mor. 3. 

Jlelrllle * ateteoii, Amphion, Bkln., 20-Mar. K. 

Uelroy in,.. Kmplre, llo«:kftird, III., 26-Mur. ft; 
Flmo's, MaOlnon, win., D-IO. 

■Mcc-i.iiiir., The, »ii-iii, i.tiiii, Mksm., 2tl*Mar. H. 

•MHville ft Aaelle, Penide's, ICanrMU City, Kan., 
28-Hur. 3. 

Melrllto ft r-rtnwny, Majrostle, Hot Mprinys, Ark., 

■jr.- vi, ir. »; m>,-. I).-.] i in, 'i,.\., n-io. 

Meier ft Mora, lloynl. (Mdbam, Ens,, 2ti-Mar. ft. 
Veer* (ft', Mhen's, Toronto, fun., fitl-Mar. >| 

Arfaili', Toledu, O., 0*10. 
MHItarv OetaCn*. Colonial, I.tiwri'iicc, Mn*>-i., 2d- 

Mnr. 1. 
MIIIh A MorrlH, Olymide, ClilcnEO, Mnr. fi-lO. 
Mlllerolilp Mlnters. I Inward. R«winn, 2»l-31nr. ft. 
liitPhOtln (8», Kelth'H, Pmvldcnee. 20-Mar. S. 
Mlifhell A Urownlns, i'ry«tnl, Marlon r Ind., Mnr. 

It* 1ft. 
Miller. OaTile Hell. Qrend, Mnrlon, Ind., 20-Mnr. 

8| Lnfayetre, 5-10. 
Mid. .-I. Corn. Kinnln*, Des Maine*, Ii,, 20-Mar. 

1 1 Iniliintrlal, Molliic, 111,, G-10. 
Miller. Kllfnlieili. HradciibnntirM, Phllu.. 26-Mar.ft. 
Mllhnnn Trio, Keeney'a, Bkln., 20-Mar. 8 ; Co- 

I'Hilal. X. Y. ('.. MO. 
Mlllanl Ilros., Olympic. ChtcnKO, 20-Mnr. 3. 
Mi!!« A I.ewlfl, ICmpIre, Des Mnlne*. In., 20-Mnr.3. 
Moore. Tom, II. ft B., Bkln.. 2it-Mar, .1. 
Morton. Jnmea ,1., Kelth'H, Phlln., 20<Mnr. ft. 
Mor.nrta, The. Fmnlre, Bol*e. Idn.. un Mnr, 10. 

Mnr. ft; oriihenm, New Orlenns. i.n.. 0-in, 

I e -.v i ■.. Mamie, Dewey, Dtlcn, N. 1'., 20-Mnr, 3. 

Ih> liny ft Cliiylnn. II. ft M„ N. Y. 0., 20-Miir. 3. 

I.e Hriin iiran.l Opem Trio, Oriihenm, Knniuin 
Oily, Mn., 20-Mnr. ft; Orpbenm, New Orleans, 

U' Mitre ft La Mnlre, Pnrk O. Il„ F.rle, Pa„ 26- 
Mnr. 3. 

Ln Cintr ft Hurt. Marylanrl. Ballo., IM*. 20-Mnr, It. 

I.e-tlle. lii'n. W„ Orand, Iliinilllrin, 0., 20-Mar. 
ft: PhlllliM. Rli-hmnn<1. Ind., :.-n. 

r.:--tir- ft Dnlley, Proclor'n :.sih HI., N. Y. 0., 
20-Mnr. ft, 

Lewln ft Burr. Sehnlire, FJrnnsvllle, O., 20-Mar. 3 

l.ciiiiiui ft I-Mwurds, KelthV, Full Hirer, Mnas., 
20-Mar, ft. 

Letdle'H Porcine ClrciiH, Fnmlly, N, Y. ft, 20- 
Mar. 3. 

Lewis UPorula ChnrtepH, Majeallc, Clitcnffo, !■•!- 
Mnr. :t. 

' 2.1a St., N, Y. 0., 20- 

Leonhnnll, AL, flpniiPtt. Rlehmontl, Ind., 26* 

Mar. ft; Ornnd, Mnrlon, ft- 10. 
LelKhliHia (.it, Alhambra. N. Y. ft, 20*Mnr. ft. 
Iioon-ivd, (Inn, IIIpisMlrume, London, Kng., 20* 

■Mm . ft, 

Lee, ir.'iif, New Ite'lfonl, Mnaa., 20-Mar. 3; 
Hheedy'H. Fall Itlver. ft- 10. 

Lenore ft St. Olulr, Onrrkk, Hurllnurior, In,, 20- 
Mar. ::. 

Le Dent. Croat, Domlulon, Winnipeg, Cnn., 26- 
Mnr. ft. 

Le Par. Collin. Pastor's. N. Y. C, 20-Mnr. ft, 

i.i'V,', Mr*-, .liih'rt, ft Co., Ynle'*, RaiiHAS City, 
Mo.. 20-Mnr. ft. 

Leoiinnl ft lister, Phlla., 20-Mnr. 3; Family, 
MUlvUle. X, J., .'.-in. 

Letoitii, Fnmlly. llaxleton, Pn., 20-Mar. 3; Fam- 
ily, Curlwmlah*. ft-li). 

Llndnny ft Ctmli, Phillip*, Bkln-., 20-Mar. 3. 

Linn ft ii', Ailaiitlc Gardvii, N. Y. C, 20- 
Mnr. ft. 

Lonilne Hlwiern. Orpheum, Ht. Pnul, Minn, 
Mnr. ft. 

Ixiiiilinnl Bron., 0. II. , Oeilnr Rnplita, la, 
Mnr. ft, 

i.niy. Ilrox., cr.vf.tiLi. Delmlt, 26-Mnr. 3. 

LiikPiix Hi, Alhiiinhrn, X. Y. 0., 20-Mur. 3; 
Fmplre, ,',i.'i i -ni., X. J,, CMO. 

HiUy, Kdiin, ft Co., Pruetac'ri 2!ld St., N. Y. C„ 
2d-Mnr. ft. 

Ln.'ler, Mr. A Hi*. Pre»l„ Keltli'a, 
Mnr. ft; Snvny, Fall Hirer, r,-H). 

Liu-y ft l.iii'ler, BIJou, Unhmine, In. 
Temple, I'l. Wayne, Ind., ft-id. 

Lm-i' it- Luce, llnyiiiiirki-l, ChlCAHO, 
t'olunihlii. SI, l.iml-., r, jo, 

Mowstts (.-,». llaHinwiiy'-t. ls>wo)l. Mn*ri., 20- 
Mar. 3; VlPlorln, N. Y. ft. .110. 

Montague'* Cock-iloo Clrcn*. Orrln Bm«,, Uf-tLk*A, 
20,Mar. 10, 

Morton. Jns. J., Tmnerlnl, Ukln.. 20- Mnr. 3. 

Mototlrl, Orpheum, Fmiikrori, tlrr., .Mar. LSI. 

"Mnlorliiff," Shen'n, 'l'orontn, Can., 1*0 -Mnr. ft. 

Morrell. Mr. ft Mra. Oeo.,, Oiilnth, Minn., 
'JOMnr. II. 

Morrb*. Nina, ft C*v., Keith's, Cleveland. 20-Mar.ft. 

Mnrrl': ft Mi.rri-', iln-cii Tree, Olympln, Wash., 

■''■M.i 10. 

Mnnlrnse, Vxintw, IT. ft P.. K. V. ft, 20-Mnr. ft. 
MurrlH. I^eon, Clrcn*. Keith's. Phlla., 20-Mnr. :'.. 
Mahtelalr, Kiliel, Dewey. UiI.mi, N. Y„ 2fl-Mar. ft. 
Monllore, Vwtti, Hnrrlck, Biirllnclon, In., 2d- 

»an ft. 
Monney ft Hollieln, F.mplre, JohnnncKhiirfC, R. A., 

Mir. Pi-Afii'. ft. 
Mnrrlw ft Kramer, Keeney's, Pkln., 2ft'Mnr. H. 
Mitrjihy. Mr. ft Mr*. .Mark, Kollh's, Phlln., 20. 

War. 3. 
Miilvey ft Wtirde, Ornnd, Mllvvntikc-e, Win,, 2ft- 

Mftr. 3. 
Murphy A; Ainln-fra, fl. 0. tl„ Syrncnse, N, Y,, 

20-Mnr. ft: Cook's, Rnelieater. ri-IO, 
Murpliy ft Nlehols, Keith's, I'hltn., 20-Mar. ft. 
Muna.v. Fllanhelh, Olymp!«\ <!lilpn(£0, 20-Mnr, ft. 
Muridiy ft Mnpoo, Clunle. Sn era men to, Cnl., Mnr. 

l-:i: Salt i in..*. It., mo. 
Miiliey ft Wtrdu, (Jraml, Milwaukee, Win., 2tf- 



Mifdrnt Fh-e. Royal. Keeney's, Rkln., 2ft-Mar. I 
Nawii. Tom. ft Co.. Victoria. N. Y, ft., 20-Mnr. i 


Itaymoud'ACftTerly, H. ft B„ Bkln., 26 Mar. 3. 

Itnnttttn ft, Lyman, Gem, Lynn.,Mnwi,, 20-Mnr. 3, 

ltnr, Fr«i, ft Otu Proetor'a tSA St., N. \. C. 
20-Mnr. 1\; Gotham. Bkln., ft-10. 

namspv Slstcrp, flalctj, aprlngQeld;. Hl..26-Mar,3. 

iiasins ft' Bank*. TK-., narrow, Rnj., 20-Mar. 3; 
Tlr., WMHt a-IO; Hipp-. Brlnliton, 12-17; Re- 
sent, Salfonl, 10-21. 

Rawson ft June. Mantle. Chlcajm, : 20Mnr. 3. 

HaynO**, At, Cnalnea, Altoona, Pa., 20-fliar. S; 
WllkeB-Barre. fi-10. . . ,. ' ■ „„ 

nackeit ft ITamrd. Grand, nrnfenenil Ktis.. 20- 
Mnr. 3; Orand, Bftllon, B-17; imn., York. 10-24 

Ranoil, Kmplre. Des Molne*. In,, 20-Mnr. ft 

aWmooi, Midi, Kitnon'h, Obleiigo, 20-Mar. ft. 

Undo ft Bertman, Bennett's, london, Cnn., 20* 

Ilndhn,' Proctor'n 2ftrt St., X. Y. O., 20-Mar. B. 
Radford ft Vnlentlnp, Alliamhra, 1'nrls, Fr.. Mnr. 

Ranf, Clande, Onlety. MprlniltleW, 111., 26-Mnr. 3. 

liavonnorofl. Chnrlotte, Bonnrtt'a, Ixintlon, Can., 
20-Mor. 8. "_ m 

llnfllw, UMMHOU Mr., Family, Pottavllle. Pn., 
20-Mnr. S; Fnmlly, llftielmw, ft-lft. 

RntvlM A A'on Kniifoinn, Majeetlc, Bnllas, Tex., 
20-Mar. ft ; Majwrlc, noneton, Mfl. 

Rne ft UruM'lic, Ilenaett'-j, 1-ondon, Cnn., 20- 
Mnr. 3. 

Iteeils, Musical, Bnrl, Pnehlo. Oul., 20-Mnr. 3, 

tlellT Broi«.. Shen'M, Toronto. Can.. 20-Mnr. 3. 

Ileiialer, Helen, Fruplre, llonokeu, X. J., 21- 
Mar. 3. 

HenilnKbiii, Mavmo, Arcade, Toledo, 0., 21-Mar. 3 

Reno ft Rlcliarils. V'ictorln, X. Y. .0.. 2fl-M«r ft. 

Red Un Cadets, Full Rlrer, MnBtt., 20-Mar, '.*. 

Reno, Will ft May. Ornnd, Milwaukee, VI*., M- 
Mnr. ft. ■ 

Rcntfrow, ft JaiiHen Family, Butte, Mont., 20- 
Mar. 3. . 

Reded ft Hndh-y, Lyric, I.IneoTn, Xeh,, 20- Mar. 3. 

Reynard. Kd. F., PoII'rt, Sprlngfleld, Maws., 2'1- 
Mar. -:. 

UeniK (ft), Andltorhim, Xorf»lk. Vn., 2d Mnr. S. 

Rood'* Terrier-.. Howard, Bomoti. 20-Mnr. ft. 

Redronl ft Wineheaior, Amphion, llkln., 20-Mar. IL 

ltpdlr-dr-e. Floyd ft Co., l*ouna**i Pier, AUiiuIIl' 
f'ity. N. J. ( 20-Mnr. H. 

Rlee ft Prcrosi, Ratbnwoj'B, Lowcl, Mans., 20- 
Mar. II. 

R tec ft c*dy. Orpheum, Omaha, Xe., 26-MftT, ft; 
Orpheum, Kanans City, Mo., CLIO. 

Rlaltn, Family. Cirondaln, Pa., 20-Mar. 3. 

Rlanoa (4), Hippodrome, N. Y. O.. 2il-Mnr. 3, 

Rlnltn Qimrtetle, Ponlnnd, Ore., 20-Mnr. 3; An- 
lorln, n-IO. 

ItJim. Albamhrn. X. Y. C„ 20-Mnr. ft. 

Rice ft I'llwnr.ii, Funm'ri, rtilcnco, Mnr, " 10. 

RMmrds. Hrent. Mnri; Pilehlo, Col, 20-M«r. ft, 

UlchnrdH ft Chappie, i.<<nr Tree, in.. Mar. 1-3. 

Rlchiirilnnrt, Latr-Mler ft Co., Noyelty, Stocklnu, 
Out., 20-Mnr. 3. 

Rleoono'n Hoi-ach, Fmplre. Hohoken, N, J., "20- 
Mnr. ft. • 

Rlchanla Slater*, Onpltnl, Helena, Mont., 26-Mar. 


Wee,, Pnnny. Olympic, Cbioann, 26-Mnr'. 3. 

Itlpp Bros., Proetor'a, Newark, N, J., 20-Mnr. 3. 

Rice, Fanny. C. O. IL, ln.llnnnpolle. Mar. fi-10. 

Rossow MldKet«, PoH'h, WorcePter, Ma**,, 26- 
Mnr. X 

Ro«er, IKvne, Filmlly. HnsroHnn. Pa., 20-Mnr. 3; 
family, Carhontlnle, Mn. 

Ron* ft r*wl*. Kmplre, Dudley, Fnjr., Mar. fi-10; 
Rmll Tour. 12-ftl. ! 

IIr*i-r«. w. C., crystal, St. Joneph, Mo., 2fl> 
.Mnr. ft. > - - 

Rooney, Untie. Howard 1 , nnntnn, 20-Mnr. 3. 

Honiioy*. Illdlnj, II. ft R., Sft-XIar.' ft. 

Rooney ft Beni, Gothnm, Rkln., 2ft-Mnr. 3: 0. 
0. IL. Pltlalniry, T.-10. 

Ro»eo Bron.. funs. TTnKerslown. Md„ 20-Mnr. .1. 

ILiMiison. Clhel, Amphlmi. Rkln., 20-Mnr. 3; Em- 
pi re, Pnior*on, N. J,, A- 10. 

Ronos (ft). Poll's, Witft'OHior. Mn*a„ 26-Mnr. 3. 

Rower. iMwnril, J'nmlly, Curbondole, Pn., 20* 
Mnr. ft. 

llilKscll ft St. cinlr. Lyric, .loplln. Mo., 26*Mnr. 3. Genevieve, llljon, Canton, 0., 20- 
Mnr. ft. 

lhis*-el, I'll H ft Carrie, Grand, HnrolTron, (>., 20- 
Mnr. ft: Oiiilifiitn, MniiHilcld. 3-10. 

Russell, Phil ft Corrle. Grand, Hamilton, O., 20- 

Russell ft [\>4t, Keith'*, Boston, 2ll-Mnr, 3. 

Ryan. Tonmiy, Dewey, Ctlua, X. Y., SA-MnT. 3. 

Ryan ft Rlehlleln, Kettli's, Prortdencp. 20-Mar. 
:'.; Purk, Wnreester, Mn**., .1-10. 

Savoyw. The, Unirtne, Superior, Wis., 20>Mar. 3; 
Unlniie, MlnneanollR, Minn., ft*10. 

Snntelf, Great, Toppkn, Kan,, 20-Mar. ft; Kn.n- 
snn f'tly, Mo., ft-IO, 

Samuels, M„ Oryatal. Tywnns'rtrt, Ind., 20-Mar. 
"• Crysial. Frankfort, ft-io. 

Nfiynon. Roan, NotiTenu Clrnne, llr-lslnafoa. Fin., 

Mar. 1-ftl. 
New York Newsloy*' Quartet, Oarrlek. Wlimlnir- 

ton, Del., 20-Mar. n, 
Nelson, Fred, Bon 'Jvm. Phlla,, 20-Mnr. ft. 

NcleeiH, Mile., HowntM, Itoslnti, 20-Mir. 3. J Snnfurd ft' I tn rl I'n'ieion '* Vl "ft II HnnUnn i»i" 
NefTft Minor, Reading. Pn., 2tl,Mr l r, ft; Lowell, V^t.tiilff^itA^ktir^ 1 ^ ' 
Nrvvmnn, ,lo-.epli, Orpbeurn, New Orleans, Ln., 

!N-Mar s. 

Nona A Xlnn, Intenmtlonnl, (lilcnRO, 20-Mar. ft. 

Mhli). Fred. Poll's. Xew Hnvi-n. Conn., 2tl-Mnr. H. 

Xurloii ft Xlekolson, llowtird, Ballon, 20-Mor. ft ; 
II. ft 11., Rkhi., Mil, 

Nonli, Buhby, Keltli'a, PtOltdMHt. It. I., 20- 
Mar. 3/ 

Norni-in, John ft Resale, Doft-ey, Ctlcn, X. Y., 

M.3IU ;■; sffiJV-. Mr,. Mll.on, n. • a. Bkln., 20- »^^.£^™'^>^K"s^r\; 
Mnr. ft. 

20-Mnr. 3j Norworth, Jnck, Cliose's, Wo*hlnglon, D. ft, 20- 
Mnr. ft. 


llostoii. 20- 

Snndor, Pnul, (iriiheinii, Donvor', f"o!„ 20-Mar, ft, 
Mnlerno, Alhnmhrn, X. Y, ft, Sll-Mar. 3, 
Snel. Joftpphlue, Kmplre Tour, Kajt., 20-Mnr. 31. 
Si'lierm'M Podin ,t Ponies, SbrlnerV, Detroit, Mlrh.. 

2ii-llnr, 3, - i 

SelilllKonPs Pmianrlfin Band. Whltnev, l-'ltchburc. 

Mnss., 20-Mnr. :t: Novelty, Rkln.. fc-in. ' 

S,'rnnir,iis, The Hljnn, MariniPttP, .Mich., 2fl-Mnr. 

It ; Rlhiu, iRltpemlnp;, .v in, 
gejtt, llike, Orpheum, l*orlsrnoutli, 0., 20-Mar 3. 

Lncndns. Tfie,.BIJo«. l'.n Crosse. Win., 26-Mnr. 3. Mfca, 'n«V, Poll's, New ITnren, Coan,, 20-Mnr. 8, 
Lynler A Cooke, lll>ni. Roekford, HI., 20-Mnr. 3; (Vlen. Helen, Rlalto, Pdtnlrn. N. Y.. 20-Mar. lu 

1.1 1.., I i IkliL' j.L_.|, tt" M .... 1,1 rf-k->._. u ft^k.- ■.^..k.- w..... -_ nn ^ .- 

DHoii. UahkoHh, Wis., . . 
Lyons, Orneo, Ailaiitlc (Innkn, X. Y. ft, 20-Mnr. 3. 
Mux, ni- Kivlcr Oi., iMlin'i-. Uimiou. Nnir., 2d-llar.ft. 
AIiiiiii, Mr. ft Mrs, Diimly, Cryntnl, ih-truli, 20- 

Mar. ft. 
Miti'HiH' Rmlliers, Ritnist'onl Tour, Kmr„2fl-Mnr.ftl 
Miiuti'll's Marhmcltes, HI>oi, RulUc L'nvk, Mk'ti.. 

20 Mar. f. : Rl>m, Jiiebion, ft-W. 
Mu \ Sin Kit Duo, Kcllli's, Cicvi'Un.L. 20,-Mar. 3. 
Mitrtsi Twhif,, Kvim-viii,-, liiii., Mnr. 0-li), 
Mnrlltmettie ft Mylvesler, Idea, MnnltowoP, Win,, 

2U*Mnr. ft; Hl.l»n, Kcimiliii, .Mn. 
MoXWrtf, -Tw, A i\\, TI ft M., X. V. O., 20-Mar. 3, 
Muek* (2i, BIJioi, Knlaiiianou, Mleli., 20-Mnr. .1. 
Ma.-U ft Intent, Fdlle, Dnveiiimrt, In,, 20-Mnr. ft. 
Mnrki ft Aldit, Soliiiiiinmi's, Frankfort. Ui-r., Jlnr. 

Slavic. I'Mitl... Kellh'a, frorMenop. R. I„ 2rt-Mnr. S 

MntKonls, 'I'lic, llrnileiitiiirgh's, Phlln., 20-Mnr. .1. 

Mnssey A Krauivr, IViineil's, HI, TlKimaS, Cin., 
20-Mnr. ft; Fnmlly, Lnticnsler. I'm., ,110. 

Mneilohoiufii, Kthel A., Treiil, Trenton, N. J.. 2'1- 
Mnr. ".. 

Si«tns>, Clem ('.. Castle, Rloomlnirtoii, II!., 20- 
Mar. ft; Finptre. Reekford, ft-iii. 

MiisierM, Llnrlv ll„ iMinlnlon, Wlnnliietf, Can., 2ll- 
Mar. ft. 

Mntihstlnn Trio., DnlnUi. Minn., 20-Mnr. 
ft; l'n,,|i,\ Wbiiilpec. Cnn., ,V10. 

Mncnrte Slsiers Oil. Imperial, llkln., 20-Mar. H. 

Mai-site Trio PolPa, Xtiw IUt«ii, Coin... 23- 
Mar. 3. 

. ' F .i..(., aiciL-u, niitnu, (jiuiini, ii. i., *i-,u 

Ormneys. The. KOltb'n, Boston. 20- Star. ft. 

Otto bow,, Iwutat Deimit. Mid., 20-Mar. a 

Olom Family, Majestic, Dalliis, Tex., 20-Mnr. « ; 
Alnji'sllc, lloimtoii, :.-in, 

Olte ft Di'nn, Marshall, Midi., 20-5lur. ft; naiu- 
lsninl, Rid., fi-io. 

O'l-'aU' Jnp Troupe, Maji'sile, Cklniito, 20-Mar. ft. 

O'Brien ft Buckley, PnMor's, X. V. 0., 20-Mur. ft, 

O'lbiy, Hilly. Kewiwce. In., 2U-M«r. ft; Cnstle, 
llliM.tiiliik-toil, lit., r.-io. 

O'llell, May, thkon, Dnytuu, O., 20-Mnr. ft, 

Paricr's IhiiRi. Umpire. Palurson, X. J., 20-Mar. ft. 

1'iillv Uros.. Now Ibitforil, SfanW., 20-Mnr. 3. 

Piitrlce ft (.'.i. f Hatha way's, New Bc-lford, Mass., 
2«-lliir. ft. 

Pnillls The, Moore'*, Lima, <l„ 20-Mar. Tl. 

rnmu Bnw„ Proctor's 2.1U St.. X. Y. 0., 20- 
Mar. ft. 

Pnhuror ft HnMiisoii, Peopk''*i, Kunsnn Oily, Mo., 
211-Hnr. 3; Yule's Knnsna city MO. 

P(irlsl), RIJoiu .rnchronrlHi', Mich., 20-Mnr. ft. 

Perry ft Mtcfljfa Gem, Lytin, Uasa., 20-Mur, .*:. 

1'ekln SVilnvi'W, G. o. n., UvmnJils, Tenn., 20- 
Mnr. ft: Orpheum, New Orleans, La., fi-10. 

Pclletler, Dora, Arvmle, Toledo, 0., 20-Mor. ft. 

Potcltlni: Rros., Keith's, X. Y. C„ 20-Mnr. 3. 

Point, Fred ft Annie, Ornlieiim, Hit Lake, IL, 
20-Mnr. ft, . 

Perle A Dlnmont, Ornheuro, Xew Orleans, 20- 
Mar. ft. 

Peter*. Pbil * Nettle, Keith's, CIctpHdI, 26- 
U»X, 8, 

Seymour ft Diipre. Amphion. Bkln,, 26-Mnr, 8. 

Eta-monr A Hill. Moom'n, Porllnnrt. Me., 26*Mar ft 

Hemwi. Ohns. F., Pastor's. X, Y. 0„ 28-Mar ft • 

Gotham, llkln,, ' *°' ,,, - r ' •'- 

Seotonin 14). Orpneniu, Ban Fran., Onl., 20-Mar, 

ft; orpWnm, Bh AnjKim, r.-to, 
Sears, Ucnnett'*., St. Thfinjiw. Onu., 20-SInr. 3. 
Seymour's Dotfs. Bljon, Fhnlru. x. Y uh-Mmf 'l 

T3ft M,J '' ™«1R KB rtiTcr, sk5TI«; 

'"ftSSSSa */ >P i '' l> "' f ' , '' ^Plieum, Han Fmn., Onl., 
Slsirt A Slii.i'ty, Fulton, I.niipiiHter, Pa., 2«-M-ir 

.1 ; <l. IL, liustoii, ft-lft. 
Show A Black, lion Ton, 1'blla., 20-Mar. ft. 
Sherry, J. W SnToy, U'luiulHit.. Ind., 20-Mnr, ft: 

tteimett, Richmond, fi-io, ' ' 

Slinon-OBriliior «>., Alhnml.rn, N, Y. C. Sfl-Mnr 1 

VLS«2rt& """"°"' • r "" WB? *) 
(^•p terT^';;^,^. Tc*-& 

Sln|H,nf«ll>, Mnic, »b«->, ttnfTnla, 2<l-il»r 3. 

»* "Until,.. (Mima, cm,/., io-ttil" ,i 

i' n }7 t JHS Irwnnw, JMtSk SSjKr. .1 

Rmllhi,. An-I.l, tIo«,r,l, nonloi,. 5«.)lar. n; r„ rt 
vviirccsier, o-jo, ' 

Rn Mn'r.*ft. F "" Pr ' P,, "' B ' 8 P rIn B flt '«-. «"■.. 20- 

^O-S'U'r'Yo. 1 "' fl " °' Ir " ^^ * n,, **#** >l,ch " 

? °jfe lr a * 0rpT, " tm ' ^'"beapoili Mbn., 

Smith, P, n., Brailenbarsh'i, Phlla., 20-Mar. ft. 
MUmt Jowepb, Kimlly,' TaterBon, N. J.'zZ 

Mar. 3. ,- ft !...!.■• 

Sonun ft Law, finroy. Fall filter, Mas*., 2S*M«r 

ft ;- Colonial. Lawrenre, 0-10. ' ,r " 

Hcniiwiek,- Beatrice, Proctor*K, Albany, M. y 

20-Mtr. ft.' ■ ^^ ' 

Splasetl Bros, ft Mack, Proeinr'a Mth St., N. Y 

C.,' 20-Mar. ft; Proetor'n 2ftd St., N. Y. ft* 

5-10. ■. ; . ' 

flpiIlpr-Plttmno Trio. Glymplf, Chlcar), 28-Mor 3 
SptMle'MlnatNlH, VlctorlB, X. Y. ft. 20-Mor t, 
Spniildlnjf, Arcndo, Toledo. O., 2n->lar. j. 
Sie?"ens. Great. Ketiira, Phlln., 2n-Mar. 3. 
Stanford, Btliy. Snlrm. Salem. Mas*., 28-Mar. ft* 

O. IL. Newport, B. L, fi-10. ** 

Stlrk, Lisle, Lyceum, Nloftarn Fall*, N. Y. 20- 
Mnr. ft. ' 
StrWtnrZoiiiUM, Touring Prnnee. 
Stockton A Leltnd, Manbnttnn, Norfolk, Va., 28- 

'Mar. 3. ' * 
RtaTens, rviwln, OlympI?; Chicago, 20-Mtr. 3. 
Rtnnroti ft Modenn, Areadc, Toledo, o,, 20-Mar fl 
StrakoBch, Mwe.. Popkin*. Loojnllle, Ky., 2d- 

Mftr, ft. ' .J!/ 

Stork TMo,- BIJho; • OMiktish; ' ivl*., 28-M4r; 3. 
Stein Rretto, Sniamnrider, r.lherfelfl, Ger., Mcr 

1-1.1: Apollo. CoIhCbe. Lfl-31. 
Stlrlc A Mn r>an, CIrco Payrel, ITaraaa, Cnbt. 

20-Mnr. 10. 

Stnley ft Blrbecb, Wiobc's, Waihlngton, D. 0., 2d* 

Mar. 8. 
Stebliln*. Si, MaVf>ttc, Chicago, 20-Mar. ft. 
fllnJil, Rose, ft. Co... Shon's, BnlTalo. 20-Mnr. 3. 
Rtrmo, RoHe, G. O, IL. Pittsburg, 20-Mar. ft. 
Tnnmantan Tronno Harnna, Cnha, 20-Mar. 10, 
Stone, Col., A. t>. H., Mtimifj 20-Mar. ft. 
Stnno, Guy, Odeon, Daylnn, O., 20-Mnr. 3. 
Slripleion ft Chnrny, Crystal, Anderoon, Ind., 2ft. 

Mnr. ft ; Crystal, Kokomo, fi-lfl. 
St. Jnllans, The, nr*denhiir«Va, Phlla., 20-Mar. 3. 
St. Leon ft MeCimlek, RIJou, Danville, HI., ::,- 

Mnr. 3. 
SnlllT*n A PasqiiPlIna, Orpheum, Denrer, Col., 2ft. 

Mnr. 3. 
flutOn Bros., ITaymnrlicr, CThtcngo, 20-Mnr. 3. 
SOrlner, Florence*. Bon Ton, I'lilln., 20-Mnr. ,1, 
Simmer* ft Wlntern, Lyric, Cleveland, O., 2S> 

Mar. 3 ; Detroit, A-lft, 
".innny Hoalli," Bpodintr, Pn., 20-Mar. 8; Golhnm, 

Bkln., 0-10. . 

Swlckanl. Mr. ft lira., Gotham, Bkln., 20-Mnr. 3. 
Sweet, Clias., Majestic, Chicago, 26-Mar. ft> i|, 

O. II. . Innlnanpolla, C-10. 
TAnnen, .Iiillns, Victoria, X. Y. C, 20-Mar. ft. 
Tasmnnlan Tronne, Harnna, Cuba, 20-Mar. ft, 
Taylor*. The, Keith'*, Providence, R. I .. 2ft. 

ilar. 0. 
Taylor, I-eila. Kelrb's, N. Y. 0„ 20-Mar. 3. 
THsler, Wm., Orrln Bros., Mexico, Met, 20- 

,Mor. 10. 
Tetnna SlHtera, BIJou, Knlamn-too, Mich., 20- 

War. ft; Bijou, Battle* Creok, IV*IO, 
Teed ft IjixcII, Oarrlek, BiirRnglon, In., 20-Mar, 

.1; Thtson'*, Chlcratro, MO. 
Thompson's Elephants, Ampbtfin. Bkln., 20-Mar. ft 
Mania ft Payne, Atlantic Gnrden, N. V. ft, 2«. 

Mar. 3. 
Thornton, Fred ft Dnlsy, Odeon, Dayton, 0., 20- 
Mar. ft. 
Thompson Sisters, Howard, chleap), 20-Mnr. 3. 
Till. John, Family. Passaic. N. J., 20-Mar. 3: 

A. ft S„ Boston, i.- in. 
TnMri Sinters, Proefor'ri, Alliany. N, Y., 2C-Mar. 3. 
Tolo, Shea's, Ratnklo, 26-Mnr. 3. 
Toys, Musical, People's, Hannibal, Mo., 26-Mar. 3. 
Torhay. .Oothnm, llkln., 20-Mnr. 3. ■ 
Trojn, Poll's, Hprlntflclrt, Jlsus., 20-Mar. 3. 
Trovollo. Miipn'**, l-nlTnlo, 20-Mnr. ft. 
Trrfney, Kitty, l > rocior'n, Albany, X. Y., 20-Mor.ft. 
Trelnar, Pastor's, K. Y. O, 20 Mar. It. 
Trolley Car Trio, Pnlace, fi. Y. ft. Mar. 0-ltf. 
Ty-Belt Xlster*, Orrln Ilron., Mexico, Mer., 26- 

Mor. TO. 
Caher, Claude ft Fntiule, Patulty, Pottavllle, Pa., 

20-Mnr. :: ; Family, llruelton,. D-10. 
Vasee, Clarice, Orpheum, Ithln., 2ft-Mnr. 8. 
Vnn ft Aklpn, MoUwt. Schenectady. X. Y., 20- 
Mar. ft; Sbeeriy'rt Full ttlrcr, Ma**.,; B-10,- 
Van, Billy, Kimvlr-*. l'ntewnn. N.'J., 2»-Mnr. 3. 
Van.Uiene. Aiisnwto, It. ft. IL, Bkln.. 20-Mor. ft. 
Vnlraore ft Uoilou, Alhnmhrn, . Pari*; ; Fr„ 20. 

Mm. ft. 
Van DM A Beau. Keeney's, Bkln., 20-Mar. it. 
Vcrjion TroiijM', (irphentn, Reaver, CoL, 20-Mar. 3. 
v.riK.ii, IlopUn*'. Memphis, Tenn., 20-ftlar. ft; 

Columbia, St. Louis, t>-10. 
Vi-r Valine ft Uobfnnon, Bon Ton, Phlla., 26* 

Alar. 3. 
Village Choir, Auditorium, L,ynn, Mn**., 20-Mnr, 3, 

Mnr. ft. 
Victor. Carl, Keith's, Boston. 20-Mor. .ft. 
Victoria, Vesln. Colonial. X. Y, ft, 2d-M«r. 3, 
VI. -n ft Viola, Family, Mlllrllk, N. J„ 20-Mnr, ft; 

Lawrence, Mnso., fi-10. 
Vou Wcnr.1, Mir/i, Orplieum, New Orleana. La., 

Mar. ft- 10. 
Vass ft Shunter, Bon Ton, Thlln., 20-Mar. 8. 
Von linuf, Oeo., Family, Cnrhontlnle, Pa., 20- 

Mat. 3. 
Wnnl ft Curran, Trent, Trenton, N. J., 26-Mar. 3. 
Wnterbtiry Bros, ft Teanv, KoRh'a, ProTlO*nc«, 

20-Mor. .1 ; Kmim, N. K «'., V ID. 
Watson ft Morrlney, Orpheum, New Orleann, 26- 

Mac 3. _. 

^Ynl|er ft Bfnmllt, O. H., naMlhyn, Pa., 20-Mar. 3; 

O. II. . Cnrbondale, 0- 10. 
Washer Bron,', Ofysrnl. Frankfort, Ind., 20-Mar. 

ft; Crynlnl, Elkhart, B-10^ , 
Warden ft Shepm-:1, Arcade, Toledo, 0., CO Mar. 3. 
Wn twin's FuroiyorL Keith's. N, Y. C, 20-Mar. 3; 

K ft S.. N. Y. C., filft. 
Walker. Tcnny, Anrtltorlrtrn, Norfolk, Ya., 20* 

Mar. 3. 
Wall ft Bradley, Unique. Superior, Wl*„ 20-Mar, 

3; Pulque, Mlnnenpollo. Minn., 6-10. 
Wncncr ft La Conda, Weost's, Peoria, Ht., 2B< 

Mnr. 3. 
Wall, Jimmy. Orpheum, Minneapolis, Mor. 4-10. 
Wftmo, May. People's. Lowell, Mas*., 20-Mar, 3, 
Weather*. Mills, A. ft S.. Boston, 2ft-Mar.B. 
Welsh, Chns. A Jennlp, Crystal, Frankfort,. Iad„ 

2A-M«r. 10. 
Welh* (4t, inppodrome, X. Y. C, 2fl-Mar. 24. 
Welsh, Haiel, People's. Lowell, Mass.. 20-Mar. 8, 
Welch. Lem, Manitowoc, WI*., 20-Mar. 01 Ei« 

rnnaba. MO), 
Welch, Jnoi^R ft Cel|ji, Tyrle, Ft. Dodire, la., 20- 
Mnr. ft; Family, Sloilt Pity. ,V10. 
Welch, Joe. (lot ham. Bkln., 20-Mnr. ft. 
Wotaon, Mux, Four, Prciclor'*, Albany, X. Y., 20- 
Mor. 3 ; fl, 0. H.. Syraciine. ,1-10. 
WetiTer"*, The. Keith's, Itoaton, 20-Mnr. ft. 
West on* <.1>. Columhln, Olnehmall, 2d-\lnr. 3. 
West. Ford ft Dot, Prooior'n, Albany, X. Y., 20- 

Mar. ft. 
Whltesldes, Rthel, Chute*. San Fran., Cnl., 2(1- 

Mar, 3 : Vlcmry, Kna Jose, ft-10. 
Whhely ft Bell, 0. 11., NewcnsHe, Pa„ 20*.Mar. il. 
M'holen ft West, Stoll Tour, Kna;. 
While ft Johiinon, Acme. Norrolk, Va., 20.Mar. .1. 
Wlinlen. John. Gem, I.vnn. Mao*., 20-Mar. 3. 
Wills ft RtUMft- Proetor'n, Newark, N. J., 20- 
Mar. 3. 
Wine ft Milton. Keeney'a, Bkln.; 20-Mnr. 3. 
Wlbnw A Warden,- Bon Ton, Phlla.. 2ft-M«r. ft. 
Wilson. Trio, Hopkins', Memphis. Tenn.. 20-.M«r. ft 
Y.'llHon. LlMle X., Majcfltlc. Hot. Bprinfi*. Ark.. 
20-Mnh ft; Majentle, Dnlln*. Tex., ft-10. 
Ikoff. Bnby, Tntin, ft Co., fichu! Ir., Znnrstllle, 0., 
2«-M*r. 3; ot-phlmn .vprineflcld, fi-10. 
BllllniuM ft- Gordon, Beti'H, Kacanaa. Mlcb., 21- 

Mnr. ft; Idea, oahlmsh. Wis., MO. 
IVllllnms ft Mclhnrn. Park, Klkhart, lad., 20- 
Mnr. ft ! Pnelor'n, N. Y, ft, C-10, 
Wilson ft Bne, Howard, Boslon. 20-Mar. 3. 
Wlher, Ollter, Cryatal. Detroit, 20-Mar. ft. 
Willllams, Cud, OotiimMa, Cincinnati. Stt-Mnr. S. 
Winter. Winona, OrpheltnJ, Mmrtpapolla. Mlnp.. 

Bfl-Mcr. ft; AfajMlk, Obloairo, B-10. 
Wltrter, MnrBhall P., Orpheum, Denver, Cnl., 20- 
Mar. 3. 
Wilton* The, Keith**, rttlla.. 20-Mar. 3. 
Williams, Mr. ft Mr*., Olympic, ChlcajTO, 20- 
Mar. 3. 
Wlllile, Sim, Yonns'rt Tier, Atlantic City, X. J., 

2tl-Mnr. ft, 
Wilriomi, The, Atlantic Gnrden, X. Y. ft. 20-Mnr.S 
3S'"»L Ilrtrile., litibilh. Mlnu., 20-SInr. ft. 
JUhMtc, nutiert, Lvrlc, t.'kvcland, 2d-Mar. «. 
Wliili* jt Lnrkiii, llljon Piiinlly, Ft. Wayne, Ind., 

20-Mnr. 3. 
Wonlew,., Kalrn>, ft <io., Orpbenm, New Orleatu, 

20.M fl r. «, , 

World ft K!,i S -t.iri. nooklns' T/mlsTllle, Ky., 20- 
Mar. 3 ! Hoi.kliiM', Memphis. Tenn.. f.-l«. 
W.irl.P* GUMiity Four, (J. 6, IL, ladlatmnolla, 20- 
Mar. ft. 
SH * Vnrd, O. IL. Hartford, Conn., 20-Mar. ft. 
Wood Bros,, PceksHHI, X. Y., 20-Mar. 3; No- 

Adams, Mass., fi-10. 
Wtdknw»kr Tninipe, Orrtn Bro*., Mexico, Met., 

2(l.Mnr. 30. 
WorniwnoiPi ITi-jr*. Mt. Yernnh. N. Y., 20-Mnr- 3. 
Mandnnj. Feclefick K., Xntloanl, Kansas City, 

Mo., 20-Mar. 10. 
Wormser Tute, Llneoln, Neb., 20-Mnr. ft. 
Vtohd, Milt, ClinBP'H, Wnt-hlfiBton, D. C, 20- 

Mar, ■], 
Wc-oOwari*. Tlie, Colntnlila, St. IamI*. SA-Mar. 3. 
leorhnii. Geo., rrysral, Delrolt. 20-Mnr. 3; So. 

Bend. Ind., Mil. 
Ycrsrt Karlna Troupe, CrrlB Rroa,, Mekl«, M«-. 

20.Mse, IO, 
Yamt, Tot^ Untoo, Can.. SO-Utf. 8. 


<ii •:- ■ : 

TH13 &&&■ ^QjstK OWPBJCR, 

Vtiivi" * Veigtr. ^UitettEirted, Berlin. .Ger.. 2(*»- 
BSr< Hi 

Z, ?S». 

UK.. Uoltnim, Illln., Sil-M 

lUHMK x;.o...-' 

nut, Dari'toi, 

liknrn.Jije.Tl. *., 

K.S<*&i rut', Naliou'.l, Ko»:iai City, Mo„ SO-' 

fen! Jordan, Beno Troupe, Plllls Olrcua, Cape 
X| a. A.. Ull-A.'r- »". 

a.. au-Ai>r. au. 


Wis., M-Mar. 3. 
, Can., i-G-Mar .1 ; 


w (ircat. — 
Urtineiie' Loudon, MO. 
zlifuuer.^Joliu, Hopkins', Memphis, Tcan 

flffftya. WIUV. Hopkins', Louisville, Kj., 2«. 

aiSffnUl. Al. <fe Pearl, Gem. Superior, Wit., 

supplemental List — Received. Too 

LM for ClaaaUlcMlon. 
AnioH's OiHttwlUoa-JJi; 8*- AajaU. » ) Bit 

linrtoa, Ran,, CS-Murcli S, Neodesha c '10- 
IJMitunN OMMluQM (WM It. Beaivn; liigr.) — 

Utfncr. Uu».,.C-8,iCvrfWTtl1e 8-11.. : 

•'lk-l| .Bo,»'*— jBast Strond«lmrii, Pa., 28, Bangor 
Murch f. Stilttnctoo 2. Mount Curtnrf 3, Tanm- 
■ius 0. A -i»i i,nii.i u, Hbbtiaitiluah T, Reudlng fl, 
York 9. Colimibhi 10. 
Drew. Julm (Cliarlcs .Ptvhnian, mgr.) — Chicago, 

HI,. Mar«'h 6-1T. , 

"Doru Tliurne." A. Howlund & Cllffr-rd's (E. W. 
lirllBtbi «i«K)— CoTfllitK. 0., Mst-eli I. Tutut 
I'lMsaul, W. Va., 2, Irnnlon, O., .1, Awhlaud, 
KT-. fc HuntlURluii. W. Va.. U,, CbarhMlou 7, 
Mlddleiwrt. 0... S, aMsjuu 1), WelMou 10. 
"Jlurumi liraru," Southern (Jar Hlnimn, uigr.> — 
siitik-iiviiic. 0.. March n, Ouebovtoii u New 
I'iillMik'IptiUt 7, Diirburlon \ Alliums w, Koches- 
U'f. I'ii., U.t. 
"jolly Aamhtui Trunin'* (11, P. Franklin, w.J 
—UhUf, Aria,, March 4, Detulutr, N. Mux,, 7, 
El Paso, Tex., 8. Sitij Ankmlu 10. 
Kfimnly ContMx (ft A. Keouedj,' Qigr.)— Illon, 

N. Y., 'Jtt-HUrrli II, 
"Lam untl the Aluuw*" (Henry B. Ilurrlf. tour.) 

^-Ht. , Ia*iIb.:Mo., 0-10. 
Mitchell, Charlotte — UuvurbJH, Mass., iHJ-Mifch 

■VFIUbburtf 5-10. -. 

"Rip Van Winkle." W. A. Filer's {Joe Becker, 
mrr i— DlnKlBB, Ar(2;, March I, Blabee U. Naco 
3. Tac*>» 0, Temp*:?, Mchh 8, P)it£blx 0. 
"fcien of tlw KOur" (Colnrvbtll Htrtttoo, niirr.) — 
Ga-tfiflllv, Pa- S8, Net* Caitlc Mu^ii 1, 
Fralikllu 2. Coanetiut. 0., 3, Jtinivitown, N. ¥., 
3. Krl*. P»,. 0, Ajjlitabaltt, O., T, Oil Ottj, Vn„ 

"t'ticlc 81 HubUw*" (C. B. Frliarom', iu«r.) — 
Lamar, Mo., b, Nevada 0, BAIalla 8. 

UMii', rurier J. ritowlHiul A oillfuni, mgri".)— 
AmmMra, p«., 0. IwinBrrl; iwiiiwiiliiT Ltw 

|ji«.h-.. 'U f ,.,,.1.. 1 -. 11 il'mi... .. . ... 

F^wia suteoii,.Fiuiij nitc. ^ilrBlu■, Bermro 

f,i 1! i"; ii iT r ' - BuwwHKin). do i-iiU 

drom?' " Ie( » l11 " nlld Kl > m , SB! lll« klno- 
^MiitSTK' Tiicatbb (C. E. Draper, man*. 
Jul rrtct. Uil mek of ^tl : KdnnrcJ Da» l! 
SSS? 1 EHS" TC 11 ! 1'roUBo,- ItawBon «ml 

Mn i r.cwis Andrews nod HtM, nVttWW 
li™ 1 ? "'"' «■» 1hc.H(iHI 8 t ors „ D a t |,e 

HJtMAliKEr Tiimtbu (\V. W. l'rcman. 
UM ireek Ml lip lo ll,o uaunl tunrt. Hill for 

and ralB. Adnlr n»,l Data, Mm tSSSm Uoll 

. oUnulc Curnjll, Klllutt and Holui, Cook nnd 

ticm itut isoek wag rood. Dill for 2li and 
S9r'<tRtft » L-lar»a. 4 Co;, llell and lllrb- 
M ^Mildred cHlmore, Knlluroakl BtiM., 
Bennett and Bnvl/lc, Joicpb Sohmcra und II- 
luaUrfttcd kOQglt. 

,*■ > , a , 

Jcrtpy Oitr.— "A Wife's Seertt" had 
fa cicellfot wet* ot tlie Acniitmj- codhi* 
lr«b. 24. "TDo Otafler," with "Hau" Ward 
and Luiry Dalj-. at the BIJou. had hry- at- 
irndaiKo, Wjlllana' ideals, at the Hon Toa 
wet Willi n eordldl rewptlon from a'cll sl- 
tended hotiaAfl. 

AS*""! 1 <*'""" B. Hendenon, maniserl. 
— "Ihe Wliow Olrl" iB and week. "1'ho llui- 
awaj-a n nesl week. 

Bwot: fJohn AV, Holmes, proprietor). — 
"At the tVdrld'H Mercy" 20 and wtofc. Er- 
nest ilogan nett week. 

Bon To\ ( T. W, Dlaklns, raarragtr) .■ 

i i i 

Ciswoohapu TUkatub (J. A. Brown, mi. 
rujert.— Keuturea lu aud week: Stroud tad 
liilmouda, la akatell: ilavllor, -matonlgftlat; 
CoruiBTi, rliiy maulpulnlue; Bill; Mebln. 
eami'dlaii i >ITib,l IttTaalKrl, llluii rated attic, 
oad motion plcturva, 

Hull, nibmitor) Nellie Stuart. In "Hue* Nell 
S Dmrr." pltj-ed to eapm-lty Ml K»b. 
l 9fr ..J't 1 '?""' Roberta, lu "The Htrcnktli 
of the tteak," 211, 24; Mmvliy and MaeV, fito 
pernWmimctB In "Arauad tho Town." ft. 

Ltnkirrr (II. \V. Blahoii, ninnngi-r).— -Thr 
Ht* 1 *! .V 01 -?, °>- •IrW eanaclls- homes In 
'By rtltlit of Sworn," werk endlut Id. Blsb- 
op* companr of nlajri 
ITIuce," l(M!3. "Becat 



March 1-4. Han H, Marks has aeaulredifall 
cunlrol or thla-hoiiie,- and tliu excepUottulj 
vohhI bill offered fur the otienlBa: wacit uMer 
Jla manajMhent, pmred i (Teat wlnoef; H. 
It. O, being the' m lo hi cveiy performailoa. 

So" to follow. 

UiLi. ( !:<t. 

,or«. In "I1w Proud 
lecauso Sho Laved 111m 

llouion, niauagor). — Altrac- 

tigEJk Wm. nid"ii.vau: L^'nnd" Lace" KS C ,V l^Slaf'^SW^* -»-'» 

the Buttln BrStWr»; aali'lte ^rtodtome ' - !!! ™" <e Mp - Bsr °' 
„,™S5!. 5 , 1 *«!*wk Tjie.ituu (Marvin .Ilamell. 
manager).— "Camllle" is. the oUrrcnt atoek 

CuUBiitTO rnnATnt: (John B. Iloguo. titnn- 
■jct.-'lllra London Siccus" Is. the current 
offering. "Llgbthous.3 by tBe Sea" ahpettloU 
lo-.tliy Rjilrolte ot this liou»e last wcck/aiid 
guM baalneaa niaulted. ". 

JJorLV-a TiiKATSH (.lowph lllgrlio. loan- 

, ,u EiHt Lyanc" fouad much favor week 

M ¥o"r-r d re « C »°n " John 1 A • Babne,. of ,ba »»• *• '■* """^ **«* "& 

Acndcmy, will ngaln be with the Iron smij. 

. teSB!""* - M Balr*« Opera Home (Fred 
,1. Williams, manager) l.'oie t:ceella Shay ii|'- 
reared lu "l^iul Jones" l-'cb. Ill, lo a fair 
lionae. • "Mltle Johnny Jones" nnnearefl BO, 
t» Kood bdatnese. line: sirtson's "U. T. 
(:." M, ■'Knsl.l.yiine" 2l), "A Hunch of Keys" 
March 2, "Peck's Had Boy" 3. 

IIuol- Thmsth (ll. J. Itohson, manager). 
— H, It. O. prevailed luat week, with the fol* 
lowing; : Cliff Detin and coDiuaay, Chloeaa 
lAwsnn, Two Macks, otlth und Stlth, and 
C. 8. Humphrey. rtA ".v 


'linn : Kil'u-l Whit. 

Mabel lloM-nrd, 


. Hebrew* come- 
autl her pickunlnnleK ; 

aa 'tbo season opens. This 
... Barnes' twenty.flrat. eeiuwa 

with tbnt corporation "Hap" Word 

and Lucy Daly received a royal welcome 
from the Elks at the BIJou, night ot 30V... 
1'. r. Proctor Iiok berured oil eligible iiohI- 
tlon on the heights, und will hiilhl a liaml- 

eomo bouse A. M. Brlggcmaun, «t Ho- 

bokca, tiaa olno bouMit a splendid plot, und 
will commence hullillnr operations at cute. 
Both bouaes will be devoted to high class 

Mabel Howard. Illuatraicl aluacr: the Ulo- 
wns. preaentlna;, '"Ine BorglaPs Kir f tbe 
ward Trio, acrobats, and the blogrnpb. Ca- 
pacity busmeas i-ulea. 

Port Wurtli — At (IrMllwaU's Opera 
Houae (Phil W. Orecnwall, inunager) Tim 
Murphy, In a revival of "A Trxaa Steer," 
drew a large houeo b'eb. ID, and reeponded 
to aevern I curtain calls. souaa'a hatlfl 

NoVTitV'tfony Luliclskl, manogerl.— Peat- Kl* M l. t !lS.! ,u ?, l ? ! :S u . , ' 1, !i , " c '' ol . c . olt T. l, -'v 
tires 2tia.nd week : Vouicllo and: Slaa, Roman ?. olu »«9w. W- 

of ID. 

•PiracAuwto Tiiutih (Harry if. ltcdi-ee, 
niaiiager).— .11. lleevea' Big Show will (uruiah 
tlieainuiiemeat this week. Tbe liuropcan sen- 
sation, with Kid Herman aa uu added attrac- 
tion, drew will week of lit. 

|!>llv Tni.Aitii; (John A, Pcuuvaaev, man. 

Hoboken— At the Lyric (II. P. Soulier, 
tnanagtr) I-aul gnlnii, fob. 23-28. lu "Tbo 
funny Sir. Doabey " "Chinatown Cliarlto" 
March 1 •». "The Opium Flcrid" 4-7, "la Ony 
New Verk" s-10. Martin's Uncle Tota'a 
Cabin rared well last w«k. 

ISlll'uil] (A. M. UriiKgemun, nroprlclor>. — 
For —" 

._ up 
good attendance. 

UDB0t"'8 Tumi in: (Sid. J, Euaoll, mana- 
ger). — Tlie Troabiiaour Uuik-syucrs fufnMi 
the hill this week, assisted by a good Hat 
of vaudeville uttructlous. 

ISIUIWAIIONaL Tlll'.ATlii, (Al. U. l'loiir- 
uoy, uiauagei).— Business Is good. Bill iveek 
of 25 : Maggie CHiie, Bertha .Ullsou. Zlngnra 
&W3 'lTlo, Cautlokl aud Cqrleton, tbe Seven 
Helloiils, Dawton and whitiicid. Cook aad 
Miultann, Nena aud Nina, uad the Mix Mu- 
blr-al Cultys. 

■■^ , &!S>1r i ^ i ^rV^ ■: "f'^c^iffvaMUe Wis'p^iesv: 
KritWWT '««««,■ nigt.)—N. \, city ed_bere y-eek of _2r... Last week.. Jam™ T. 

jiger).— The New Century BurleHtiuera are r, or S 1 -''* o( lrcl - 2fJ: Itlccobonn'a borsrn, 
Mi* week of 20. Last week the Mertv N 'i Haioea, Byern and Hermann. KlngnlcT 
Maidens lived up to their nuluc, and pliaseil ?? a Lewis. Kreacelll and Lewis, lielen 

"Coialnc Tliro' the ilye'* (Geo. W. Lcilerer, nisr.) 
— ailaaw, Illy Si), luJefmltc, 

Is.' Angeile, Jcffersoo (Hbobert Bros., mtra.l— 
Ilarlt'ord, Couo., ill, Great llnrrlualou, Jlaas., 
27. Biaolotloa, VI., 28, North Adaaia.' Mass., 
Marel, 1. Albany, N. Y.. 2, 3. Troy G, Oaweso 
a, deaeva 7. Ilbaca 8. Ullca b. 10. 

Ldwaiuc, t'uula (Ulinbert Bros,, mare.) — Cort- 
lanrt. N. Y.. March 3. Itbaca 0. Coratnt 7. 
Uailelou. Pa,. 8, Uabaaoy City 9, 

Black Crook Jr. (Harry Hasllnga, ragr.l — 

Uijee A Munloclc Brcs. — Center Baraatead, N. H.. 
211-28, I aruilnjiou . March 1-7. 

Cortoa's (CI. 0. Prarl, mgr.l— Washlntloo. K 
* Bomevflllc. 8, Perth Amnoj 10. 

Uarcb ' 


Ol ll film .Villi LETTIJH. 

raoii ota 6w*f. i^akkuposngNT. 

Vntna itrar-aan 
, ef the ««av. Vorlt );iip v rr, 
noon-a dim Aiblaml BlDi-kT. Cltleaayo. 

i-. T At'A V *SS ". 1 " t ,Ml! 1 "" ■'»• openlnr. 
IS -*f Aaelltarruiii. on Haturduy nlgbt, Peb. 
;4, of lhoniiimiu A Dundy's New York lllii- 
PWM Co.,'lo "A Yankee ClrcUa ou Mare" 
before, au nudleneo thut packed the big play- 
?n,!? : V , In t'W":. "Peetade bus, ever been 
Keaeuica la this city, and lis success Is as- 

BWDJI 'I'llt-ATM- (Wlli -I, Duvls. innnn- 
r>.,— :111c Pearl und tbe Pumpkin" began 
'ok 25. to ct-ullnucd good buHi- 

Hemlcr. Choa. and Klorencc Gregsona. and 
the knlttgrupii. Business Is good. 

NortB.— Pred ttlBcham presented at iho 
Lyric, natlaco Peb. 23, an Kngllah version 
of "Die* Tnrpln's Itlde to York," and Ihe 
death of Bonny block Beas. It. C. Tervie, 
lata of foe "Bhuphsrd King," essaying the 
pan of Dick Turpln. The outfit has BKi'lal 
scenery, five peofiin and iwo tiorsea. Pro- 
perty Blaster Charles Dl»», of the Lyrle, 
mourns the loss of bis brother, a member 
of tbe Peekavllle tire denartiaeat, who lost 
Ills life while rescuing a number of profile In 

the landslide In lint locality. William 

E. Pryor. of in ui city, and Alma H. rtul->, 
of Kanaas city. Mo., members of "When 
the World Blcepa" Co., woro murrleal by 

tbe Mayor at the city hall Peb. 10 lin-uin 

Weffert. lata with ''From Rags to Pkbea." 
Joined "Secret Service Sam" 21, taking Iho 
place of Ethel Martin, who goes with 

n New York .production .Ed. Cook 

nud Will Burk, at one time eoBDeeted 
with the Lyric, are with Mltehells All star 
Co., acting respectively sb advance aad blu- 
er, touring Massachusetts and' Co&mctl'ut. 
Atlantic City.— At tbe Savoy Theatre 
(Ffed B. Moore, manager) Blka Mlmtrela 
(local) drew two big houses Feb. 19, 20. 
"The C'rlmo of Daboscq" had fair attendance 
21. (This company disbanded here). '"The 
Lightning Coaductor" bad. cieeUeat patron- 
••peat two afcpwe 22. Billy Kerwud's Mln 
jlrela did well 23, 24. "Mm. Loujngwell'H 
Boots" 20, Daulel Ityau, lu repertory, rest 
or the week. . , . 

Yoll.Ml'tl PlgB 'lin.inii. (W. li ShaeVel- 

ford, uiauager). — Vaudeville , huB ciliigbt on 

hero once more, and the week of 10 proved 

Neaark — 1'bc Clansman appears at the a Hiiro illuilftr. Auaounced for week of 2(1: 

Floyd Itedlcdtfc and her midgets. 1'rof. D. 
M. Brlslol'H trulocd horsea, 81m \Vlltalc nod 
company. Polk and Collins, nlld the Carmen 
Hltiicis. Fruuklyu nud Wallace, Klmbull 
BrutberB, aeorge Davie and tbe klnctogrnpn. 

ring perforuiere ; Carherry uutl fjtaniun. pre- 
senting "Slluple Sluioll and Ihe Noilliretlci" 
Armoiid .Meluotte, vnrnltst: Waller Dciomo, 
chariictor bnpersonnlur ; Adams llrow., alug, 
lug ami Inlkl-ig rouiHllans : l-:d. lie Moss. In 
lileterlsl melodies ; the Wlieolerd, ectentrlc 
comedy Jiifglers. nud the Novelty pnijoelo- 
acope. Hiisluess Is s. K. 1). 
...?> M,,|ll,: (.Kucks & l.'urlaou, in'aan-nra). — 
11111 20 and week:! Moulter. Leo 
Worlcy, Jeiiuls Ituberls, In pictorial melodies: 
'lorn and Jerry." edncaleil ponies: lllff and 
llnus. aci'obills. und Umpire uiotiua lilctures. 
BllBlness Ih good. 

Xuikh.— Albert W. Stllni'll, the oldeat the- 
alrlcnl mauager null bill poster ou tbe eoast, 
nn» beeu appointed di-orkcopvr at Ihe Mac- 

douougli Lauder Htoveua lias beeu cu> 

pged as leading uiuu fur Blahon's Ceutral 

Theatre, San Fruuclsco August Htlnrlch, 

musical li'iulur of the Lllfrty, gives uu after' 
boob wllb Richard Struuaa, Feb. 23. 


9nn DlfKo.— At tin- iHlrt i IKuJwc ; 
ny>nftfffton))nor«i)c« ltutwrlri. In "The Blrf'okta 

At tin. in!', .Dutlgv & w> Hit, 

— l*« Ktik-rti. Id ''Tbe Slrraf t| 

of the Wr.ik," did fplrndlil lnialapsfl ¥th, \7, 

Derwiu, 7»uly mid Murpliy. dW Htork 'Wo, 
nod -the l,' v -tt(- siriicru uitled lu plcuHloif; 
guoij uitt'tidiiiicf. 

Loni-on CttMl HCBBCil (U'iiiimn Sweeney, 
rnnnatrcr), — BuhIdcab u jooil hetv. llie uaunl 
Httmottooa 1» the curio uu aiid tlieU'tre arc 
Klvr.'u this wtrk, and (rood butf.iictjt, contluucu. 

Cmrk SrrtciT Mu!;« (Louis M. Medfes. 
uinQticer). — Curios und viiudevllle make up 
the hill As iisiiHl ho re tbiB ircek, 

ATTEn math.— "The Colleso W'tdow" fol- 
iow-s the Cvo Greet Flu vers at tlie HtuJ.'- 

hnker ."A Yankee circus on IJnrB" lu 

t'vlduntly here, to Htay. 'WUtnra Buck- 

liolB" was jrlveti nt Powei-s' SiJiiduy lilfLit, 

-'B ''Din VcrsuuriCne Olockt'' ('VThs 

PiiQkcn Bell") will he given at .PoiWfc' Mod- 
daj ttatlnetvhy tlie r.eon Wacfasiier Ocriinn 
Co.. ..... .v.Kyrle Bollew presents "Wittier," 

«t M« OrHnfl Opera Houm-, following Robert 
ll. Jlunlcll'H < i rijfHj:*Mi.i..'Lit. 

V. H. Prlno'ton Minstrels rlr, ""Tbe CoitnYf 
ciiHliraaa" 28, LHlpuUuu Uperu Co. week 
of March 5. 

Pickwick fPalmer a Pulkenon. hibdb- 
rcra).— fttll Kb, 10 and week: Miller. Ren- 
Uav, Miller, Duuuiltt and Joo«t, Frank and 
btWb) BeTerlr. Hud inovlng picture*. Bual* 

&(JMS WDn COOtl. 

i i » 


r, HrfE? 1 ' — M tbe ©rtrult Opera Housr <B. 
C. n bltiMy, muuor) fUoMM HlnMi] up- 

peared lu "Don Carlos." "Mck*rd III" sod 
"Beau Druniuiel," Feb. IUL'1. All wero elob- 
oraiely fltiijj.'d. and packed \immn ruled. 
Joseph und IV ui. JenVr>wu closed (tie week, 
tn splendid buulness. Oltpt Netbur.olu week 

Of '-!(>. 

wJ&FfiKJfr ft ? u,r * miDMcrl.— Nit M. 
Villln, in -The puhc or Duluto." pluycd to 
packed bouaes, lfi-i-4. The eocaremttit nas 
25?, S" kl hc "lost sotlsfyluf of tbe (Ksson. 
Blckcl, WutsoD and Wrutlio week of 20, 

r-ATAYBlTB <Dr. CHUM!, lUUrrlr- 

Tin Unantone Stock Co. prnivnted "Hupho." 
to good sited liouten. 18-til. The miuu V-6ta- 
pau>. In •"Thd Octorotm." 
Whitney IE. D, Hlalr. 

1. 'The Womuu Muter" ..v. 
CjJMU OlDTko i7. CuhW Theatre Co. 1W. 
."The Vnhkcn Consul" March 1, Crwntdu 
Clwkc t, "Tin- Old llntnHfmil*' 0.' v; 

MAMgnG tChas, It. Klacbcr, nianugvrl.— 
Cnpt. Ulccardo nnd l.ifi Hodb wenvtho bond- 
Itnorw woek dpcutug 1I». lite bill hleo'ln- 
rlmictl fViiipi and Dt.uii'1. rnntlnl, ToariOB 
Austin*, llnrry nnd Kati' Jnckkno, Mile. Pat* 
leii aud Mm Majcbtogrupb. juuildbtsj was 
very stttlartictory. 

(nANOJtim f frank Uo Rcuur, manager).— 
Bob Howtclt'a Itluli n-illvr Bell.-a was tbfl 
-"eoiuiii wouk opt'tiTiijr li». The otd* hnlnd 
WAltL-r Mi:iiii.i> und Stella 9t. Clair, Inti 
Mills. Dm Mirer, the Itc Loya. Chan, and 
llnltle \ r erdler t Hose Mnnlui, Phil and TUnl* 
im Klnuiley. lailu l.nwioii. Lillu Uu Mar, 
Kthpl Itttvavll, uud t'nv Ucltuar. Uuulnoii'lH 

Cuuwn (Kpshdn k Hon, nmiiwgereK— -"A 
DHtenin Ostne" wu« the mrttli ralwr w«{k 
»f IH. In the olio: tteymour aud Hlauchard, 
.foe E-'ox. I.IhIo BitKdr. Clara llnntoon, Atvlo 
DuflhliiKton, Cora Wludell aud Itlts Couitku- 
I'lin. Duslucas Is irood. i 

Utah (K. N. IHttwIddlc, maiia«r».— -A 
Hero in lta«," by the atock, week of IB. Th« 
olio: ltoHv B. Mitviieli, .lurk IleiUlngtob, B*S- 
alo La Monde. Nellie Willi. m-, Ida Ctrrmi, 
rioldle May, Chua. Uoey add Uiiguno Porklss. 
DuslncHu is Uooialnif. 

Kan Aniunli*. At tbe Orand Opera 
IlouHv tHId II. IVclri, laaiiHgur) Hotisa and 
his bind, tontlmi- unly F-'fi. in, dellgbled 
ntip of tbe largest audlenci-'u "that erer nn- 
•sirinUIrd lu tbe Opera House. John Orlffltli, 
in "RtVburd III," playrd 10. Lyceum attrac- 
tion. '.:•'. had very lame bnslueiw. Crvttou 
Clnrkc, I'l, - - 2, In "lleuucalre," played to 
very pood inialnesa, 'llm Murphy. In "A 
Texas Steer," 24, VYI1U Musical Comedy Co. 

" MAjnaTic (I.. II, Fllcbugb, manager),— 
Tin 1 followlug bill Wuh plured luat week, nod 
vltni^aed by good iiudleuee*. Tbo Ira 
Monluos, conloi-tloulrtla ; Hluatrutcd i 
'Joru Ripley. In monologue; Mr. attd 
Geau liiiilicH, In "A Matrhuunlnl tiubsl 
tutr;" [fardlc Lungdou. ^-ocullit; Morrlu 
Mnnlty und Dolly Htcrllng. In toag and 
danL-e: Captain George Auger, und tft{ LIU 



«k of n. 

ljiHiihs, tn "jii.ii, iTj,.. 1 7liin l Killer Up-ro 
>ate." Bill for Ml beginning Vtb. Sb: 

IrJ Kl'CODd ' 

IVeaurk Theatre (Lee Otlplengvl, iniiutiKcrj 
tUIi week. Blanche WulHb, In "The wotu- 
nii In tbe Cflae," received hearty cmloixe- 
meiit from fair HircO nudtrnees, week of 10. 
"Tbe Sho-Oun" Is unuouucod for week of 
nUreh 0. 

■ liMPinn (II, M. Hyumo, mnbHger).— Tola 
bouse la dark tbC Urm half uf tbe current 
week, nnd for luat bnlf the Jewlrib Tbeatro 
Co. will occupy the Htfcgc. Cyril BcOtt, .In 
"Tlie Prluco Cbnu," uittue a very. faTi»r»ble 
imirrofslou with inlr undtetn-cs, week of IH. 
"Winsome Wluue" Is billed. week of March 

1'mn'TOjt's (K. V. Proctor, niuuuger).— 

iioitt. WOa Jeffreys, in "The Pusclnutlng Mr. 
\ilBdcn«.'lt," follows March 5. 

PuWHiu' I'jtKvniK (Hurry J. Powere, muu- 
|>ger).— -ri-lie JLIdn mid the Mouse" vontluues 
u prtnperuii* run. T1>e fourth and lust week 
Lvran tubs. at, inni to meet (bo demand for « 
^'"tB. txtrn -mutlneea will be given on Tuetf- BJllM , 
uuy, 'Iijuryiluy'ima lTrlduy : Iho ruKulnr mml- HtK" 

Sees Qtt.WednvsUuT and -Haturdav will uHo frolic's, dogs, Green uud Weruor nud th« 
.Jjhm -John Ih-mr MMn Marco. D, In Scbtfol. Boya aud School: Girls are. the niore 
Be Lauvcy." . ■—,:■,. . ■ ..» ■ prominent fenlurcs this week, niUVifJlU 

. ArturoKii.M.— ThouiDson ,v Dnhdv'H Now ^d Hassan, Olltc "Youug und brotlicr, Doro- 

prcseutlug »a Yankee Circus ou Murs." 

Bills, of good uuulily continue to hold the- 
-y Tir— 

fancy "here.". Geo. roller- Oolden, 
'relic's, dogs, Green uud 'Werner and the 

( nmilcD. — At the Camden Tbeaim (IM. 
w. Taylor, manager) "From Hugs (o ltlcbi-s" 
epened up the *ran here, to mtlrfHctory 
buKlriewu. while CbJIL T. Aldrlch cIo»ed Uio 
week, -.villi 8. R. 0.,,ln "Secret Service Bum." 
runt Mr. Aldrtcli li moving ulong Into pot»u- 
larlty. his lightning changes show tbat he 
lias not lout uoy of bio old prowest! On 
tnpls In : "Tbe Eye Witness" Feb, 2«-2b\ **A 
llarfe for Llfu" March 1-3, "Au Arlstocmllc 


und the vtunluTllle nud cli*cua fenturea which 
njude imIi | a. success In New York. Clulre 
i ielloi, with 'kcr.tralued Uons, irnd Barlow's 
eiephuuta wemstroug -fen Lures. The esgugu- 
uieni Is Intleilulie. 

McYicKJtn'a Tin:.\TitR <Oeorce c. Warren. 
rnuiingcii.—Audrew Miitk, In " The Way to 
hinuiare,* did well lust week. ■"Checkers" 
opctu'd n two weeks' stay Huuduv. .J6. 
tmSfffft** '■ r » , «* l rnw (Guorge W. Ledonr. 
tuitna^r);— "The prince of lodla" continues 
nn .Y lniuiciiac audlbmvs, and the present 
nd cations uro that It will remain *be at- 
iraeilen for tho rcninliider of the season. 
„,.V nt:AliU Vt *' inA Hncau (Lymau B. Glover, 
manugeri.-- "Coming SW tbe Bye" begins 
ii» third week, Monday, 2y\ with lio slgu of 
Haulng popularity. 

GAtiuicK 'lURAnm fSam P. Geraon, mann- 
E^irWSfl 1 ^ *WT-' b4nUb M, his second 

?!..«.•«" ' y°" Svtsxr van >vm " <° * c ° u - 

tiuimtlou of tfoo.l nUcndunce. 

Mci-ijttAKBK Tjiisatuh (ft. III. llarnieyer. 
nunuKcTj.—Tbe Ben tJrcet Players begin 
mSBSl M - ■ l «'° WO© engagotnent la 
ouukwiirtircun repertory, the preseiitntloiis 
bo Mxm In the iSllxubethau style. The 
K. m •■ 1 i,-. , .. U0 'i ryt m ** v ' ni luriadc: "Mue- 
A,i,.\i K u t "'-'I'diunt of Venice." "MucU 

rL. m \ N olh1iig" und "Twelfth Night.' 
teui-.lL. ffiHW "olhu.— "'l'hw Glugerbr 
K Wj5fl lu,il !***• Itoliert U. Man.... 
T,.?,il\ u *SB 51"**: ***** ln Shhkespeakwitt 
Itfiu ory , Sunduy, Hi,, with "King Lear" w 
7w . ' ^e'suuie piuy wilt be given until 
!,i yj^.K. Jl| E ut ' ««fi "W-bctb" will be put 
in ".n~i hc .. re . B , t of »•»« week. Kjrlc .Beltew, 
'i llaplce." March 11. 

oJi* 5SI4! t hwt«b (M. ll. Sluger. injinu- 
vlkaJS*. V? u * >,rc b *? un "a thirteenth, 
week Sunduy. bet,, jm. yAtl buslnew still big. 

««.*>! NoBTtiKiiH Tukaiiu; (FrcdC. Kberte, 

ttiv Kciiiuii uud Kloo brothers sddllloiiul 
Butjluess Ml excolleiil Inst week., Gnico 
V'tin Studdlford Is auuouuccd uL this bouse, 
Murch 1-'. 

CDLVMtn.a (Mi .J. Jacobs, inunager).— 
"The Choir blugcr'^ makes u bid for fuvor 
here this week, aud ulded by several clever 
spi'dalfsls, should receive good . uiuiitlou. 
"After Midnight" stirred the curious In 
large numbers week of 10. "How Baxter 
Butted lu" week of March 3. 

m.i.Nj.v'H (J. II. Buekcu, muonger). — 
Another Blnticy show, "Across tbe PuelUc," 
will regale tlie putroo's with c^cltmcat tills 
week. ",V'> Mother to Guide Her" received 
a fair share of Iniiducbs week of 10. "Tuu 
All-ilouiilre netectlvc" week ot March C. 

WAJAitf ANN'S (W. 8. Clark, manager). — 
Tlio ltcntz Huntley Co. presents "Ladyl'euz* 
er" mid "A Night's Prollc" nnd Im uddltloti 
Lit Belle Munich Is feulured which should 
hJit Ihfv Ibe clientele for this week. 'J*bo 
Tru.iH-Altiinik'H succeeded In druwlng and 

I'lt'iiHiii;; tnr;;ij nudlcnces 11) to -4. Tbe Blue 
llbbou Girls next week. 
1Sou*i;s. — Vw tbe further 
patrons of t'routor's, the munagemcu. _ 
arranged uu Intermission tn the progiuiuiuc, 
lasting ten minutes. luulrumentul rmlulisia 
eutcrtiilu incuuwhlle, und tbo lunovullon li 
meeting with favor. 

3, "An ArlstocraGe 

>i..«uiiiWli.-- ,\( the Lyco'um 'ITieatre (fcl- 
toy \ r>raie uiiiueger*) kerssn'd's MluBtruls 
came Feb. lO-'Jl, (allowed by "Child 'Bluvcv 
Df-taw York" Wi I, "Chlnutown Chiirllo" 
20-^8, "Two Johns" March 1-8, "Storo- to 
be I'ltled tbau Scorned" 0, Martin's "U.T. 
C." U-7, local concert 8, "From Ituars lo 
It Mica" 0-1O. ^ 

Jacouw.— "T\k Ituuuwuy Girls" *J3, "Hap- 

Ey HoollsHn" 'Jl, "Ben of Broken Bow" ^U, 
'ockstndcr's MluutrclB -7. 

Lob Ait U 4-ir- — At tbo Muson Opera 
Uutl.,.? (II. C. Wyutt, mauuger) Florence 
1 t»lier is, preseutlng "The Strengib of tho 
Weak," clowd n very successful coguguaiimt 
IV ii. 17. "The Bleeping Beuuty und the 
Beuat" 10 and week. 

Hklami-u (John H. Blackwood, manager). 
— "The Little Princess," by the stock com- 
puny, drew well week ending 18. "A ritremi- 
ous Life," by tbe stock eumpitny. lt> und 
week, wllb "Tic Admirable Cricbtou" under- 
lined for 'M uial week. 

MoKuucu'n IIUKUANK (Oliver Morosco, 
nmunger,.— "The Man from Mexico" wua 

, ujdijust'ri . — "Whr 1 
Girls Leoyu Home," with a capable coninfaUT, 
bud crowded bouses, lH-2i. fielma llermao, 
ln "Queeil of the Convicts," week of M. 

SBFSI (J - H - M«o«. ttonaaei-l.—LuHt 
VHTI bill was Uret class, and 8. ft. 0. ruled. 
AtiraetiiHis for week of atl lueluOe : AlinM 
Annam, the BroouiMtlck Wltcben. Ibirion 
ami li rooks, Currec uud Pollard, tho icnuf. 
uianu Troupe, Lulgl Dell (fro, Macy und Hull, 
Otto Brow, and the klnelogrunb. 

Aviini'k (UreM & Csmpliell, managers). — 
iho M sjaattaa offered au enierlnlniucnt (bnt 
cleaaed Xsrgi- houses week of JB. Colonial 
Belles week ef m 

CniwTAi. (J. J. Nusli. lununger).— The Ln 
Moluo Trio uud ChurU-H uud l,<im. Harris 
wero the leuding hits uf lust week's well 
hfiluoccil bill, und gooil liuslueas ruled. Al- 
tructloDB for week of ..'t) Include: The Bnrte 
Brothers, Mr. nnd Mrs. IHuny Mann. Luia 
Brothers. Geurge Ycumun, Oliver WIILrer, uud 
the kluodroinc. ' ' 

firand. itnpids. \t tbo }i t ' W PoH-era 
(Harry 0. 'Soonwra A Co., umnHiersv Ohtn 
Nctheruole, tu "Hnpho." hob. 10. Hg»Q lo 
8. II. 0„ us did. "The Virginian," »l, nt)iotng: 
, 7 .'? , ' tf V b „ W , Wm ' wi Jefferson, lo "Tiio 
UIvuls," March a. 

KAJwnc (Orlu Hiulr. mauuger).— "In Gay 
Now York," Peb. 88-B4, played to crowded 
lioiiscs. Cotulng: Nat M, Wills, In "Tim 
puke of Uulntb," 2ui.6: "Wbeo the World 
Bleeps' March 1-3, the Four Huntings <-7. 

Otoni Owai Uouhb { Churchill «. Duvls, 
mauugci'B..— Vuudevltlu iiMractloos week of 
|i>b. 2ft luclude: "Augluct," |jy, Greenwny, 
King Kolllns, Latrson aud Cuitls, tho Slc- 
Curvers, umt Peter ,1. Hnttib 

Bhitii's (Mrs. W. B. Hinltb, manajrer).— 
Tho century Girls, west or IB. nlaytxTio ex- 
ci-lleut tiiirluess. Coniliig: The MiukoUcs lio- 
Murch li, Colonial Belles -111, 

fret tun. - 

it- Glugcrbreuil (Prank, -tiba Iters, munuger) Geo. L'.vans, 
n'rt B. Manlell Tho Huuawayo," no, lO-Hl. bnd guod bi 

S£? l jFf] e } t ~: ,li in*}Tw i iu""TVe"BViie'oTAv 

x last week did well. "Under Sou" 
°t' e, > p d u week's stay Sunday 

Under Southern 

bkles' „ 

Ae , X iJ- JJ^il ''"C'bert'Kmmel-; 
u r L , hH - I^mi'lb TneATiiM (BlUabetb Babs- 
ner ■ loauager...— 'fWlmt llnuiH'ued to Jones" 
?ttSKfMlW W W I'luyers' Block Co. 
"HjflU drew well inst week. 
-ollmsuh Thhatwi (Weber Bros., nian- 
•Mareliluir Through Georghi" opened 
-5. '*8lnidows of ii Grcut Clly" 

!«r*> •■ 

nwevICa stsy-,,. 

BJjjJ Usl w * t,k ' '*"'beu tbo World Sleep 

*j£f u m£& TiiMinn (James Browur. uinn- 
S2Srf!l9 B «r8l«r'H Dauchtcr" is this 
HiT'USn. Lu,,t »•** "xraeked around 
rl'M 1 ' Pleased good crovtds. "AVhcu 
London Sleeps" uext. 

..^CAcr.MY nviiiiam Roene, toanager).— 
uaugera of Working Girls" opened Budday 
SSSSS?! i : h 5tf"* wco1 !, Selma 
faSt!SI?S f l k B CoutlcLy drew heavily. "The 
WOVtTKBrt PaTdob." follows. 
wJ&9L39&* (William Bocbe, mans- 

At tbo State Street Tbentrs 
_-. bunl- 
neuts, Howard Hall, lu '"Ibc MUHounrlrt 
Betectlve," W-'J4, did well. "Gay New York" 
M-afft, "No Mother to Guldo Her' March 1-3. 

TKUflr (htdwurd Renlon. manager). — The 
bill forlltl and week : Tbe Four Bards. Ward 
nnd Curruu. Harry Howard, Htuurl Bnrueu, 
Herald Sauure Quartette. Ltbcl A. Muc- 
ilonougb, Mola Gillette aad Co., nud tbe bio* 

TAYtOR (ti-y.HA Hocsd (Montgomery 
Muses, manager). — "A Daughter of the 
Itevolulfon," 17, played to fair matinee biinl- 
ness. The house wua dark ln the pveulu;;. 
Muy Irwin, 10, plnycd to big business. "LIU 
lie Lord Puuulleioy," TZ pleased medium 
il/eu bcttscB. I.liifiui Bluuvclt -'t. Dock- 
itader's .Minstrels '28, Daniel Sully Mureli 'i, 
"The Sternal City" .'!, ".Mrs. LeOlngwcirs 
lluuta" tf, Yvetle Gilbert lt>, 

a ,. — —, — 

Patrra»n. — Ai the Operu House (John 
3. Gotiscbltis. manager) Clara Turner Stock 
Co. hud fairly good houses Feb.' 10 and 
week. Lew DockstAder'u Minstrels 1HL Kirk 
Brown S(ock Co "7 and rest of week. 

ISMPJitfi (A. M. Bruggemau. managerj. — 
Buolu«9 lait week was big. Bill for week 
of Jti-: Gensro nud Bailey, eckert and Berg, 
JoEselln Ti-lo, Dltoo, Bowers Hnd Dixon, 
Parker's doge. Daisy Harcourt, Mile; La Una 
■nd 'tho klnetogranh. 
* II. Re'i- (J, 

ttowley, manu 

neus last week was good. May Howard Bur- 
fintM Co. week of SC. Star Show Girls lo 


LTCfiult (G- M. MeManas, manager). — 
"King of the Opulm ning" had fair louses 
10-ai. "The CbMr, Singer" war. well «»- 
eelred 22-2^. "A Wife's «ccret' r 

■ n. m ii presented lo truod huslnesu week etidlaic 18. 

beimflt of tho -wbeu We Whs Twcuty-oue," by lbs it mi 

uusffeoieuL bus eoiupauy, 10 aud week, drew well at every 

perfonuuueo. "Juuulta of Hun Juan" 2duud 


Guanu Oi'i;iiA lfnirsn (Clurcuce Drown, 
mauuger). — "The Princess ot I-ulcbt'R" dn>w 
tlitviiNiutl crowdM week eudiuL* 18. "A Jolly 
American Trump" IP and week. "Ai Crlpiile 
Creek" tiudcrllued for ^« und week. 

Oai'Jincu (Martin Bcvk, geuenil maua. 
Ker). — Features 10 ami week: Lulgl lloisl. 
uud his musical horse, Etulr; Unrowsky 
Trouiie. comedy acrobats ; J. trrauvla Dooley 
nnd lils duuelug ulrts ; Jus. II. Cullen. "Tbo 
Mua from the West:" Mind von Wunsl, 
Bu ion's burlesfiuc menagerie. Three Mitchells, 
colored ciitertaliiLTo: Snyder aud Buckley, 
mi.ilcHl conicdluos, und motion pictures. 

Unique, lUtaU A Zallee. proprietors). — 
Features 10 nud week; McCloud and Mel- 
ville, harpists and comedians; Hullen nnd 
ltogers. cumetlluus: Lew Knot nor, boon roller; 
the Great Carless, liaperffooutor, tbo unique's 
Pluyiru, presouiing "I'm Not Myself," and 
Uu.quc-o- scope, 

Novvurv 'J'linATftB (IS. Loverlcb, wanager). 
— "'I'he Mysteilous Mr. Itatllca" drew well 
week ending 18 "The Devil's Dolwgs," by 
1be stock company. 10 nud week ; "Tlie Road 
lo 'I'Vlsro" 20 and week. 

I'lSCll un 'a Trii.Auii; (A. 12. FJselic-r, runnn- 
ger).— Features Ih und week were, headed 
by Joe Huggerdy, blnce face eomedhiu, mouol- 
ogitit und puiodlst: "A Hoyat Reception," 
by Ji'lseher's All Star Stock Compuuy, aud 
motion pictures. 

lIorciiKi-.s fffsUias (Jesse White, xood. 
agcr). — "Tbe Roundera" continue for an- 
other week, IfMifl, with Lottie Kendall In 
the leudlnK role. "A Runaway Otrl" under- 
lined for 20 and week. 

Umpire Thdaiud (Billy Banks, resident 
mansger). — Featurca 10 and week; Morley 
uud Morley, tuuilcal act; tbe Oatlanrts, In- 
trodtclug shtulowgraphs: MIHte Carlisle, 
slnglDR and rtflnclnjr: Paul Bracliarrt, luunao 
enlgniu ; Laom nnnka, pletur' 
Polly Hum and Baby Hawl * 
"A Pink Tea:" 

ni-Tif In 

Battle Creek — At tbe UomI ThculM (15. 
It. NiuUb, maiiiiger, "Llllic Johnny Jouna" 
hint n good house Feb. 10. "Mrs. Tiiuplo's 
Telegram" pleased u fulr house IT. ,r Tlia 
Mtiu on the Box" hud u big liouso l:>. Iloso 
Cecelia Shay, lu "Paul Jones," drew «ul i!0, 
"i.Hhi Lyune" came to luoderutc tuilness UU, 
Crocker's horse show VWgL "A Uuueb of 
Keys** March 1. "Babes lu Toyliind" U, tbe 
JerTerfci.iis, lu "The Rivals.*' r# ; "What Hup- 
peiud to Jones" 7, Slutson's "t'ut-lu 'ton a 
Cabla" 0, 

BiJdit (W. B. Bulterlleld. lllllMS|lll A 
nleuslng hill week or 10 was upnicuialed. 
Hill for week 301 Howard Dotsou, MuuLcll'o 
nqarloiieltets, Addison und Llvlngstou, Flor* 
oneo Neluou, Musical Spruguellos, Cllueto- 


None,— Prof, Qltletla, bead of Iho oil. 
leltc Pniully. uerobulK. Is tit bis home lu this 
city for n few weeks' loo, 

Chants Forrester nud Jane Cuurthope, Ln- 
uionts cockftloos, Myere and Rosii,.dfic 
luiinlpulotors; Dauim Bros., bead and band 
tmliinclnr;; Swur Bros.. dsQcPrs; Ilertnrt 
Mttcbell, In nougw, nud klnetograpb. 

■ ■ ' S h i ■ " i j -* 

41n!ve«ti»i., -.\t the Oruiid Ou»ra House 
(Dave Wclk, mauAger) Cmston Clarke, aup- 
liorlcd by n capnblii coni|>aiiy, presfbtrd 
"MdfHleiir Ucuucnlro." ton well tdeusud All- 
dleiice, Feb. 17, uiallnee und ulgbL Allco 
Nielsen untl her conipiinv, lu "UouJ'usqyatb," 
drew ii full* und authuslustlc audleoco.-lp. 
41 Brown's lu Town" HO. 'Jim Miirppy. " 
".siionows of sin" Murch a, wills Cor 

Co. 4-0. 

NtyfU.— Dave Wcls vtutes (hut the Gilvn- 

ton lilPitrlr Park Amusemcdt Co. will build 

tin electric lxuk on tin: beach. He expects to 

biivc It ready for business by May 1. \%* 

— ■ ii ' m '■■■ '- — ■« 

uallaa.- At tbo Dalfna Opura Unuia (Gov. 
Auzy, manager) the -Aborn Co., In "ttoblo 
Hood," Feb. 10. pleased greatly, as did Tim 
Murpty and- Dorothy Sherrod, in "A Texas 
Steer. -1- and Souaa und tils band H 

M/.n.Mir \'\i ■iiuvji.i.v; TmcATDH (Nn than 
1'lntchi'k, mauuger). — Tho bill for week of 
Feb. 10; llcllclulre Bros., Pitulii, and MaJlo. 
Luvlnlu 1 >n Witt. Dixon uud Finds, Klniiooae 
nnd Harris, Arllugton and Ucston, and Ma- 

i a ' » 

fialncavllle. — At Brown's Optra Houia 
(I'huI Gallia, muuager) "David Hsrum," 
Feb. 17, pleased "Robin Hood" 
SD, BoiiHu nud his band i!l (matloeu). John 
Giiihth \ii\, local BT. 

Auaiin. — At Ifaueock's Opera Hotiia 
(Qoo. lVnlker, manager) Soosa's Bend drew 
a crowded' boupo l<id>. IS. "Tbo Woman 
utter*' March 0, "The Ynukee ConmiT" -ipi 
"The MnM nnd lUo Muiumy' 1 8, "Tho Heir (o 
the IIoomb." 17, 


1'oorla, — At l be Grand Opera House 

"Arbcoiui" drewfnlr attendtinee Fab. IT. "A 
1'nlr of Country Kids" hod good attendancs 
18. "The Ptnk Hussars" did well '-'<>. 

Main i+hoji;i Thhatuk.— • Bill for week of 
"■' ■ 1*1-11 iji- t #. Slslers. Cumerou uud Flnaagan, 
Miiulcul Furresls, James Dervlu, Jnmca >v. 
'IIhuiiiwou, < - \m". c. Hay, nnd klnodroou*. 

WhAMT's Tiii;atiiu.—BIII for week of 2Bt 
Hprngiii> und Mnck, IStigcno Henry, (Ed. and 
Hullu White, Witgocr uud Lu Coudu, and La 

Kttlanioauo.— At Hie Aeadetoy of Music 
(B. A. Bu«b, manaKsri "A Hot Old Time" 
drew n fait- bouse Feb. 10. Dustlu Titruum, la 
"The Virginian." played to H. B. OwH£ muuy 
being turned « way. Wm. Owen. In "Otliello,'' 

t285SS r.". ; "I-V UM lu Toyluud" March 1, 

lli'Mn Minstrels.!, 

HMwu (W. S. Butterileld, swuagcr).— -Dual- 
ness Is lli-st class, fulrly lining tiio hoiiso ut 
mch of the Ibmj or four perforuutnrert dtvllr. 
Tlie rosier week of l-Vb. 10 liicluded: '1'ho 
Miislcul hprnguellos. David I'tirrlxb, ventrilo- 
quist; Tufsn. vocallsL: West uud Ueuiou, 
wlugcry uud dancers: Hugh V. aud Bessie 
Lei', lu hypnotic Illusions. 

No/re. — The following ' 

run ton, --At the Grand (P. B. Poreiaoq, 
manager) "A Teias Buugi-r." I^eb. 10, can- 
celed. "Tho Hhudow BeMM the Throne." 
5i>, ws» well presented, to u fulr house. "Her 
Fulal Hla" ^4. "IIhi Islo of Hplco" 1,8, "A 
Dot Old Time" March a. 



Hlehmond.— -At Iba Academy of Munlf 
(Clias I. McKec, launuror) Eleanor Robion 
played ''Merely Mary Aon," to a very an* 
i-rcclullve audience, nod wni well reteirej 
j«-h. 10. MIsh nohwoo played "the Girl Who 
Hum IS very Hi! ug" (o a crowded hous* 20, 
IHchiird Carle, pluylug "The Mayor of To- 
klo," Irnd good n.'lunis, 81, "The Comity 
riiulnuan" -U, I'll, "Under (Southern Skies'' 
3*. "Ilntuply Dmnpi5" eiilln' wseft of "tl. 
uui-ksiudi'r's Mlnnrrels March o, "TJjii l'rlncd 
or I'llsen" d. Adelaide Thurston 7, Mario Cu- 
hlll. lu "MoMy M'/oiialilue." 8: Mudumo Man- 

■,, (I "Mi,, Ult" 111 

ala^SvTlat^K^ff'riul^.S.'a »%«!fl & * TfiM % 

Hon la staga maaager, aaa C. O. My, .Icu- 



Bafftnavr. — At tbe Academ. Uai Ptarl- 
atsln, nuiBajer)"Littlt Jobaar Jonf." nlansnl 
a verr good bouse fi-b. 18. HuatlB rarauaa 
came to capacltr 10. la "Tbe Vlralolan," ota 
uf tbe beat altrsctloas seen lu tula dtr Ibis 
aeasoa. "Ituilolpb aail Ailalpb" 113. "Kaat 
Lvaae 25, tbu Jeffersous, In "Hie lilvala," 

Kse, ujaaa- 
— ^gfor OHM" 
plnyed to good rfltnrns ull we.k. Week of M, 
"iTw lvimbar Olrl." Danltl Ityaa Co. Jlarca 

fa n ." _„ » |L" . . — . mg iHt, o. 1 . is the Ottr- 

aa, S'S;,, "FiahtlaB Fata" lirewirell utcfom i«, aa, awrta inanaKeri — bidsidk "an nannngi I'aui ilracliarri, liuataa ~.'3tmi Tnr*T«ii iha «.,k. m.n. n ..i 

lnL?y*- Willis Qraogor, In "Lareil from "King of tlie Opulm Wag'' hail fair TioriaM enigma; Laura liiinka, plrturs InllaVllat: _|5B JK»k ilf « ISStiS . aJ.W.'Bli - 

lioiBV ncsfc " „ T | 1( , f'udlr tjlagrr" a-as.a-ell m- Polly awl and nalir llawklna. In nlavlVt. M^ ». \?^«.ii?» »S.i ™.i?J i'"i, M ." ,1 te 

fJ^2"0*Smma (Abo Jacobs, nanagar eelreil 2=24. "A tVlfe'a'ttecref 2028, Qa» "A rink Tea:" ibe fcmjjim Stirt Cn?M* Sow* rSd , «».«, "BS& fasfalSS!? 

I ' 1 Sl\ r. c « B "e)-— fcnal vreek's bill plcnsnl Keiv York March 1-0. ami lag "A liel,rc«"s Traubles," anu tlie fCk .'»,. fWatwl»^irifflSS f ,jLl'2' 

"« attiradunre. urn ■rrcek UeglluilD» St.- I'aJitti' - (O. «. ■ Uuubar, taauojer ,-JJusl- cintawlognjA "• ,n " Eireii" u i bill '™M^"»UMW™S»" 




PACE 70. 



afaBCfi 3, 

DOD ■ Bit) 

ljg taint SamUon, jj the jjggjjjjj ot "By the Wataratloa Viae— Mndy lou," "By Bnaky Bine," "Any Btgg ■"«■<!■ 11VU.I HEtP YOPB *CT. 


■•■■■• . ■ ■ ■ ■ A 81i,rt Ballad vitfe an il' Hsren dUor»?,'Intfoancl!ig Some oi tha Oeod Old Vttnes. 




A Ballad World Ilia Altoatlou of All Coed Quartettes. QE! IT NOW. 


PBQmsiUJIAL sm&EBS t SflDd Late Pfo|jr«m8 lor Copies and UrcucsiraUons to Tbesa and OUior Late Hmnbers-HO CABD8 •■■ -, \ ,v. " ■ 1 '-'■• " 

HoD-ProfflBBiontls, send 20 cents for Regular Copies, and 10 Oestt for Orcnes rations viih Piano arc 

WAUTKR JACOBS, 167 Trvmon* S*r»»t, Boeton, Mass*. 

Hartford.— At Parsons' Theatre (12, C. 

Parsons, manager) local theatregoer wit- 
uessed the Initial presentation of Benjamin 
CJmpln'a "Lincoln, Feb. 19. It war tie 
weir known figure, bnppiij designed ana 
fctfrly "well 'presented- Hh Hartford Phll- 
harmoBic Orchestra (forty pleee*),, under tie 
leadership of John Spencer Camp, a popular 
lounl organist gave a highly creditable con- 
cert so, to a targe audience. The soloist 
upon .the occasion was Frieda Stcnder. so- 
prano, who6P efforts wore highly appreciated, 
By all .critical listeners, her. artistic work 
Justly- meriting the cordial recognition It It* 
celved. Cumann Na Geadlillge (the Celtic 
Society) presented Mrs. Helen O'Doanell. of 
New "fork, In a recital of Irish music, before 
an audience of limited proportions, doubt- 
less owing to the inclemency of the weather, 
n*; The lady gave an exceedingly Interesting 
lecture on the music of Ireland, which win 
listened to with, manifest Interest It 1» 
claimed for the vocalist that she Is tbe most 
Rifted Interpreter, of Irish music la the 
country. The Initial presentation of "The 
Mountain Climbers," by Francis WIIboo, ably 
supported by May Robson and others, 227, 
matinee and evening, was witnessed by fMr 
wired audiences. Tile Thalia Theatre Co., 
from New York-, 23, beaded by Yl.ldlnh 
ncfqrs, presented "Die Wilde." to good busi- 
ness. There war marked Interest among the 
theatric contingent of thin city In the excep- 
tionally clever work of the Yiddish spenbtog 
actors. May Irwin, In "Mm. Black la Back," 
pleased two large audiences 24. .Her songs, 
which are always n necessary adjunct to an 
Irwin play, Afforded great pleasure. Blanche 

Salth, In "Tbe Woman In the Case," 27, 
axlne Elliott March 2, 3. 
HAim-tnm Oreiu House (IT. IT. Jennings, 
manager). — The. high class vaudeville' pro* 
gramme which was presented during the pant 
week delighted the numerous patrons of 
this bouse, nnd business felt the Impetus 
Incident to the popular and attractive fen- 
tures. Minnie Kaufmaon'a trick bicycle act 
nnd. Alclde Capltalae'e gymnastic Teats of 

Srength are wortbv of special mention. On 
onrtnv. 20 (with matinee), "Knntann," with 
Jet De Angells nnd a large company, will be 
the attraction. An exceptionally strong 
vaudeville program mo wll bo given 27 nnd 
rest of tho week, Including Mario Jensen and 
Vernona J it .beau, Cnnrlos WHyne, and Oer- 

S'ttde lia ltoacbe, Mettcnlf Paddock and Al, 
Awards, Henson and James, ihe Great 
Alexandre, Wood and Ward, Charles Duncan. 
W.Mlnrd Newall, In comedy sketch , entitled 
"The Last Night", The vaudeville- feature* 
provided by the management of this house 
ure exceptionally strong. Among the "Fan- 
tana" fire Toby Claude, Julia SftntlerHon, 
Hubert Wllke, William Blalsdell, Robert 
Broderkk, nnd Frnnk Rustiworth. 
,.' Pom's (Louis J-:. Kllby, manager). — Ylr- 

«lnla FJnrlo nnd her Johnnies, and Ed. F. 
eynard and his group of marvelous talking 
automatons, were fen aires In the entertain- 
ment of the past week Hint were entitled to 
special mention. Capacity bus been the rule 
daily. Hill week of 20: Lucille Baunders, 
the Jackson Fnmlly, 'cycle exerts, the Dixit 
Herendtlers, tho Harry La Iloso Co., In "The 
Pallor nnd the Horse ;" Chassluo. Hbndow- 
yrnnli export ; Godfrey and Henderson, in 
n A Daughter of the Gods," and Culture and 

Margaret At gl in la promised at aa early date. 

ALH4KBR4,-— "Me, 11 lib and I" was clever, 
with' ft vberua of pretty girls, and made 'good 
last week. Manager Jas. A. ^aUgler offers 
"BusTer Brown" week commencing 2fi,- and 
"Foul Jones" next week. 

Brjou.— BIfle Fay comes week of 25, In 
"The. Belle of Avenue A." Thos. E. Shea 
follows next week,, presenting "pr. Jekyll and 
Mr. Hyde." Manager John K. Pierce had a 
good share of attendance last week, with 
"KaBt Life In New York.'' ... S" 

Sjar (Frank R. Trottman, maria'gec). — 
The Cherry Blossom* put on an Al.pnfotm- 
ance weok of 18, and drew the nana) well 
filled houses. The Merry Maidens week of 25, 
followed by the New Century Girls. 

Crystal (J?. B. Winter,- manager). — Busl- 
ncsa continues first class. BUI week of 20 : 
The'Mtzuao Family, La Viae and WaLtope. 
Anna Franklin, Aerial Mat-tins, MdGea^and 
Collins, and Little Genevieve. 

.Grand 1W, w. Gregg, manager).— People 
week of 26, Include : frill .and Mar.:«andi 
Mulvey and Ward, Bergcr BtOBV FraiOK Dahn. 
Irene Harris, Annie Leailc Williams, and 
Mills and Sanford. - ■■■• S; ■ 

Nom.— ^Dorothy Tetinant la conflned to the 
Knowlton Hospital, this city, where she was 
removed Friday, 10, suffering with typhoid 
fever. .-She la reported io lie doing nicely, and 
may lie ablo to leave the hospital this week. 

■■■■■■■ m m i m m -•» ■ ■ 

LaCro»sr:~'At--tlie La Crosse Thefttre 
(Vf. P. Oage. manager) Lew Fields In "It 
Happenod In Norland." Feb. 17, had WML (J. 
North Bros. 18 and week. V-" ' 

nuon (Al. -ScbubefpTr' manager).— Good 
busIneBs week of 10 with the following; Ernie 
nnd HbMHF, K. Daly Burgess, MIks Isdw«r<i«, 
Wll) Arraond, Ma Dell nnd Corbley, and mov- 
ing pictures. -Bill week of 2(1: jBtnton and 
Clayton, the Ln Cades, Orgertta Arnold, 
Chris. Chrlstopherson, and Will Armotid; 
n > 


Rlrby, maangera). The Century Stock Co., 
Jn repertory,' did ' good business Feb. 1P-24. 
••Miss Bob white"- 27, "The Isle of Spice" 
March ;>, Joseph DcGrosee 15, "Coon Hol- 
low" 24. - . 

. . »«> ■ 


■ New Haven, — At tho Hyperion (Shubert 
Bros., managers) "Fnntana" came, to Jorge, 
audiences. Fob. 10, 20. May Irwin drew a 
crowded bouse 22. "Lincoln" did well 2,1. 
Francis WilHon came to a large house 24. 
"The Redskin" (Initial' performance under 
that title) 20, Maxtrie Elliott 27; 2fl, "Tho 
Little Gray Lntly" March 2, Blanche Walsh 3. 

New iuvhn "Turuia: (O. B. Bunnell, man- 
ager). — "I, O. U." drew good hoiiscs Feb. ifr. 
21. "The Volunteer Orgnnlst" plcssod 22-24. 
"A Crown of Thorns" 20-28,' "More to Bo 
Pitied Tunn Srorneil'i March 1*11. 

PDM'fl ih. '/,. po]i, proprietor). — Ruslnefa 
I* oxcellent nt all performances. Hill week of 
Fab 20: Josephine Cohan, Ned Nyo-nnd hla 
Rollicking OlrlR. Fred Nllilo, -th« DoKoe Trlii, 
Violet Black, tbn Majestic Trio, ami Caron 
and Faruum. 

Ituon (S. Z. Poll, proprietor). — Liwt wcflk 
huslncss WAR exccilDot. Weok of ml, Prtll'rt 
Stock, In "Under Two Flags." 

Nottn. — The elegant now homo of New 
Hnvon Lodge of EIIch whs dcd1i*Atvd on Feb, 
20, 'and It proved n building which the IQIlfo 
may well he proud. The lodge was organized- 
on March 0, 18KI, Tony t'aslor being one of 
the, oviginiii wmuwhj Uoaa with raetj Eid- 
rldge. Dr. Kelly was assisted hv the Grnild 
Estcemod Lending Knight, of M'-rldon Lodge, 
find nil the attlcer* of the Htnto. Grand 
Clinplnln Rev. W. H., S.Baln^v, of tho Now 
York Navy Yard, was also In attendance. 
TM dedicatory address was delivered by Ar- 
thur C. Morelaod, of -Now- York liOtlge, No. 1. 
The musical part of the programme conshtted 
of several BBUR by lire, Arthur G; Wright, 
which were greatly enjoyed,- and songs by 
Bros, Todd and Hunle. Delegates were In 
attendance from the Hartford, New London, 
Bridgeport nnd Watorhury Lodges. About 
2.(100 Elks were on hand to assist in tho deril. 

cotton Clyde Filch lectured at Yale, 20, 

before a large audience Helnrlch C'onrled 

will bring Ufa Irving Place Co., from New 

York, for the benefit of rhe German seminary 

o( YnJe, at the Hyperion, 7. 

«i > 


Miiwaakrc. — Local theatregoers paid 
tribute to Mme. f.nrah Bernhardt and Olca 
Netheraole tho past week. Mme, Bsrahardt n 
engagement at the Psbst Theatre whs all 
that this great actress could possibly expect. 
Her audiences packed the theatro at all three 
performances, nud guve her an oration. Man- 
ager Leon Wachsucr was very onthuslastlc 
over tbo appreciation shown. 

Davidson (Sherman Brown, manager).—' 
Olca Netheraole, dnsnlto the fsct that she has 
not' been in Milwaukee for ilvo yaors, found 
that her admirers wore still to be counted 
on. Miss NotberROle did not suffer through 
her engagement being ' bonked opposite to 
Mme. Bernhardt, Several Umea during tho 
week people were turned awiiy, and while no 
figures were given out, a new record was es- 
tablished for the house. Miss Nolbcrsole's 
nrtlstlc work wna a delight to her admirers, 
who- were, enthusiastic In their approval. Tho 
rocnl ptesa was aho especially kind to Miss 
Nothenole. "Babes In Toylnnd" week of 
Kel>. 25, and "The Gingerbread Mmf.Mnjeb 

SnnnriT (Edwin Thanhausflr, resident man- 
ager).— Arnold Daly presented "You Never 
Cap Tell" nnd "Candida," Feb. 22-24. Mr. 
Daly and his excellent-company drew -close to 
capacity attendance, and won great favot. 

Pea Moines. — St Foster's Opera Bousn 
(Wm. Foster, manager) "The Clansman''. three big houses, Feb. 16, 17. 
ewia MorrlHon made his appearance, In 
"Faust," 23. "Mlsa Bob White" 24,' Grace 
George, In "Tbe Marrlnge of William Ashe," 
20; Yorke and Adama, la "Bankera and 
Brokera," 27. 

GaA*tn Oi'p-ra Uonss (Wni- Foster, man- 
ager).— "Nobody's Claim'' played to good 
biiHlness, 18-21. "Blnvea of the Mine" 22-24, 
"Side Tracked" 25-28, "Lured from Home' 1 
March IB. , ■ 

EMriBii OS.. J. Karger, mansRer).— Big 
crowds cjuioyed the very good bill at this 
house, week of Feb. 10, consisting of: Mu- 
sical Nolan, McCimley and Donovan, Dun- 
bar's goats, *'('vclone,° Orgerlia Arnold. Jos. 
J. and Myra Davis Dowling, Frank Walsh, 
and the moving pictures, Booked for week 
of 20 1 "Bonner." Hie educated uorso; Flaber 
nnd Johnson, the Four Grebe, Mae Mnlbnne, 
Mills and LlhvIh, Mhkiill aod plckn, and Ita- 
poll. ... 

■ Bunt) (Pred Buchanan, mannoer). — Tho 
Cherry Slaters, week of Feb. 10, attracted 
full houses at nil performances. Others on 
tho bill wore : The Four Marvelles, Carnp- 
holl and Brady, Kit Karson, Kresko and 
Connelly, Alien Lewis, nud the klnodromn. 
John L. Snlllvnn nnd company, Chas. Banks, 
Klppy mid othors are booked for week of 20. 
■■* » - ■ "■— 

liiiriiutf to».~ At the Grand (Chamheriin, 
""'■'"Kton h Co., managers) "Tho Shadow 
Behlud tho Throne" nlensed Feb. 10. The 
Four Huntlmrs 2J, "The Pink HiiRsars" -24, 
"Reiibon In *Sew York" 28, Mrs. blske March 
2, "Over Niagara Falls" 3, "When We Were 
Tweuty-one" 5, Morrison's Taunt" 0, "When 
Johnny Come, 1 * March. ug "Home" R. 

Gakbick.— This popular playhouse Is es- 
tahiibuiiig Itself firmly In theaifectlous of our 
people, nnd Is consequently doing n fine husl- 
MM. Bill week of Feb. 20: Art Adair, Teed 
and Laiello. Warneeke, QAlbralth and Knr- 
rell, Vesta Montrose nnd blograph. 

Notu. — Mr. Chamheriin, who Is rerupefnt- 
InglnCaMfoinlni Is reported much better, and 
anxious to get hack to business. 

/«mm°? p Knplds.— At Givone's Opera House 
i W J M . A 9.°U ,l ; r ' . ImBlness munager) "Mlsa 
Boh White," Feb. 17, plnascd a big house. 'Die 
Sibyl Summls Concert Co., 10, in Y. M. C. A. 
course, charmed n full houno. The .Tohneou- 
Harrtupton Stock. 21-24. opened to Mc- busi- 
ness. Hhlpn's Indoor Circus 20-S1. ■: "Babea 
in Toylnnd'' March 7, EL G. Field's Minstrels 
8. "Over Niagara Fnlls" 10. 

P»opj.k.'h (Vic Hugo, manflger). — Capacity 
biislnens contlDues. Rill week of Feb. 20: 
C'KHteltnno nnd Nichols' loop the gap, Lew 
Wells, Axtoll and. hie dog, %eine P Leao're 
and St, Clair, Lottie Munro , nud the hioRraph. 

Dsveuport.-At the Burtla Opera Houaa 
(direction Ohnntberhilu, Kludt & Co.) "The 
Little Outcast," Feb. 18, did well. "Tlie 
Pink Hussars" 22, "Why Women Sin" 25, 
"At Coty Corners" 20. Grace George, U\ "The 
Marlage of William Asbe," 28. S 

lCLirs (direction Chas. Berkell)."— Pro- 
gramme for . 10 , aud week : ,C>iaa. Ranks, 
Brunt nnd harano, Lens Kline, and' Profes- 
sor Hope, with his dogs, ponteB nnd monkeys. 
HWpl Inst week wan good. ' ' 

OnrMKON (direction Oscar Raphael) .— 
Por 1 '1» and week. John L. Sullivan and his 
company hsld the hoards, giving tw/o-' por- 
formnneMA each day, matloee nnd evening. 

For* Dodce — At the Midland Tbeatra 
(C. IF.- rederson. manager) ,Y. Y, % a. 
lecture coume. Feb. 18, had a big house. 
Howard 'Miock Co. week of 20. 

Lyric (Louts A. Hnnvey, manager).— 
Crowded houses and an unusually good bill 
wihi the rule nt his house lest week. Bill 
for week of 26: Mr. nnd Mrs. F. Marlon 
Pierce, James nnd Cecelia Welch, Stan Ar* 
den, u V. Hanvey, and tbo Lyrlscopo. 

At'PJTORitiM. (Albert C. Smith, manager). 
—The Flfty-slxth Regiment band and L. V, 
Hanvey, the popular manager of the Lyric, 
were the attraction* at this place 18, and 
good business was the result.' ■ ■ ■ - 
' m m • ■ 

Keokuk — At ttie ' La Salle ThsAtre, 
Reoyen A Dodge, manngers) good btialness 
continues nnd H. R. O. was tho order of 
several of the night performances Inst week, 
with Robertson's Dog Circus, Musical Toy*. 
Avol ho Bros,, Alton Robertson,. and th« b1o- ■ 
graph. Weok of Raft .20 tho hill Includes 
Edith R'chnrds, the flrent Bnrrlngton, llra- 
ctiln, and Alton, Robertson (retained). •■ , 
■ Ihwit Clir^— At the Opera Hoiase/^fc 
C. Rowley, mflnager) Elk Hinalreln Feb. 20, 
"Men of JImtown" March 1, "When Johnnv 
Comes Marching nome" 3, "When We Were 
Twenty-one" % "Over, Nfngnra JFalls'! .8. , 

Bdont. — Arlps Opera Houss {Wiley and 

Seattle, — At the -Ghjand . Opera House, 
(John Cortt manager) Bavtge's English 
Grand Opera Feb. 12-14. came to record, re- 
celpta la the history, of the organlzatJonr-^ 
S2o,40O.&O for ten performances. Nance 
O'Nell, in. "The 1'iiva of St. John," "Monna 
Varini," "Macbeth," and "Magda" and big 
business 15-17. Charles B. Hanford, IS- 

20, In repertory. Dark, 21, "Woodland" 22- 
24, West's Minstrels. 25-27, "Way Down 
East" March 1-8. ' . . . 

Sbapilb. (Johtt Cort, manager).— Balti- 
more Beautlea Burleaque CO.. had excellent 
attendance 11-17- High School G4rls Bur- 
lesque Cff.18-24, Williams' Imperials 25 nnd 
week, the Avenue Girls, March 4-10. 

Taiao. Avhnud. (Russell & Drew, mana- 
gers).— Feb. 11 and week the Taylor Co. In 
'.'The Little Church Around the Corner," 
had a line business. "Human Hearts'' 18- 
24,, *'Tho Moonshiner's Daughter" 25 and 
week, "The WhltecapB" March 4-10. 

SrAit (Mcivln O. Wlnstock, manager- 
New People week of 19: Josephine Gasman 
and her pickaninnies, Jones nnd Walton, 
Coastantlne nnd Lawrence, Dan Reklnw, 
Stqddard and Wilson, Pete Dunsworth, and 
moving pictures. 

QitPKBuic (B. J. Ddnellaa, manager).— 
New people week of 10 : Campbell and Stock 
Sisters, Smith nnd BUta, Inez Scott, Roselle 
Sheldon, Mr. and Mr* Phelps, Warren H. 
Stvtson, and moving pictures. 

PAJmoKfl (Alex. Pflntagc^ manager). — 
New people week of 19 : Wilson and La Selle, 
Cofnedy Four Quartette, Stamfleld, Miillnlly 
Sisters, Arthur Blwell, Woods and Woods, 
and moving- pictures. 

Sthand (Mose Goldamlth, manager). — New 
people week of 10 : Rita Russell. Lulu Hark- 
«p,-Eva Masters and Edith Fairbanks. 

Gaiety (Fred Ritchie, manager). — Npw 
people week of 10: Kitty Bradford, Alice 
Hart, Oenle Lewis and Mabel RogerB. 

PaiNCEan, nt Ballard (Fred Davis, mana- 

Ser).— New people week of 10 : Rossloy and 
■ostcllfl, FiRaro, Marie Laurens, Trlxeda and 
Robinson, and moving pictures. 

' ^ ■' - i ■ a ■ 

Taeoana.— At the Tscomn Theatre (Chas. 
r« H9 .Wt, rDanager) "Yon Yonson," Feb. IS, 
10, with Karl K. Mlccnell ns Yon. Savnge'9 
Opera to., Id "Lohengrin" nnd "Faust," 20. 

21. Tbe mall orders for the threp perform- 
ances of grand opera taxed the capacity of 
the house. Tacoma Amateur Dramatic Club, 
In "Shennndonh," 'JX Nance O'Nei! 34 *>5 
In "'Tho Fires of St. John" nnd "Mn^ln," 
S^SfSAfS^ B I" "Ingomnr." |»s.j|. 
hie HaJl.,28 nnd March 1 : ■ 

. GranD'Thkatbp (D, B. Worley, mnnoKer):: 
—Week beginnlfig Monday,- Feb. Hi: W. H. 
Barnes, with bin educated horse, Prlncesn 
JTrlxle; Deiphina and Delmora, the Rlalto 
Lunicdy Four, Illustrated song by W. R. Hart- 
ford, and moving pictures. "■«•««" 
Star Thratiip. (II. M. Owens, manager):— 
Week beg nning Monday, ft J Leo Wlllifnl and 

ulrl I Lett ftphlnd Me." 

■ Savov TjlKATiin (S. D. York. niiHr).- 

nl«bt, IB, an,) for the rem ot tho weok on-. 

SfiSOTRSi^ 1 * nni D, " m " n * K " l »' i* 
< i » 

AllKAViAS. .,'.., ,. r . 

o,5"<'n.1" t " I " c ?-^ At J thc Anaitorlum The- 
n(rc (IlrlKhrim & Head, nunaitors) the Elk„' 
Minwroia, mnmnd of nmotour ulcnt bo. 
lotiBlng to the local lodge of Elks, gave a 
porforinanco Fe, w, to tho largest amllcoco 
over packeil Inalilo ihla hotiae, poonln Ik-Idk 
turiiefl nwoy. The lodge war aml»tr>l by pro. 
fesslonn la sujotirnlag bore. Tho large erowd. 
judAlDg from ibe appliuiao, aeemed pleawed. 
to i I >r »B, 1 '« I «."»' »■«» carried out without 
2.™ ^", , Th !i. i 011 *? ™»II«m> » baudsoino 
H Sfifi* w i" *? ""' <MM& »' » fund for 
llio liulkllog of n hfindaomo homo for Ihe riot 
Spring, l.oiluo, which receives nnd enloruilna 
niany vl.ltlng Elk». "Hoollpnt,', TrmihloaT" 
-'0. pleaged. "Tho Wizard of Oi," »1, had « 
large and nppreelallve audience. ''The Vnnkeo 
Conaul" 2a, Mildred Holland" 24, Houm and 
bla llnnd t'5, i:hauncay Olcott SB. 

J&f'ty&WhS! (ir - '"• Mslh ""m- 

s *y , T A , fl !*. wl ),. w ** ITCcntod ID and woolt, 
nnd included Clover Conker, the Dutch 
Jiiggor; Mr. nnd Jlra. John Powera, In a 
f hieing comedv act; .the Grent Howlson. 
lllrd Warhlor and Mimic i Rnwln and Von 
Kairaan, la a comedy aketcb entitled 
Muab;" Curl and Johnson; rellned alnglno 
nnd dancing act ; The (Intra JuSnsS 
rronpe, graceful contortionists and child 
nlhlotes; R»« Hothows, Inn collection of 
now "ongfl nnd new moving pictures. Bill 
week of 2d ■ Liziio nn d Af Wllaon, Count 

D. Melvll o and Morale Conwny, ffarry and 
Kate Jackson, Singer's troupe of monkeys, 
and, the klnetoRcooo ploturep. 
>ntt"1S ^ k — Al ">» Cipltal Theatre 
(Chat,. T. Taylor, manager) Horry Ilerosfor.1, 
(55 ,., 1 ''.. ."i 11 .'" lr bualuwa. "Hooligan's 
Troubles," II). plonacd. "Tho Human sfavo" 
drew a top heavy home 20. "The Yankee 
Conaiil." 21, nnd "Tbo wizard of Oz " 22 
scored big. Mildred (lollard 24,. Koum's 
Hand 2rt, (linnnn'y Oleott £7. 

■ ^OT^•.s.— The managers of Sarah Bernhardt 
have been here for several, riava and sue- 
eroded In perfecting arrangements tor her up. 
nearauco at Ibe I'orest Park Theatre, which 
la sltualed In the aiilmrbs ot thla city, sit 
miles ftora the business part, nnd reached 
& tbe electric. cars. with a Ave minute ser- 
vice. Thla theatre fa used during the 8uln- 
raer for vaudeville, and will have to be cloacd 
In and healed with stoves for the occasion. 

March 6, ■•Camilla" will he her blU . 

llic Majestic la not completed anil will not 

K-.teldy tor u«e this season At the 

Blgb School Auditorium Dr. Eugene Mav Is 
hooked for March 7,' to lecture on the sub- 
ject of "The Loud of Rhtllalah and Sham- 
rock— Ireland from Cork to Cnuaownv." 

-'* . »»■ 

21, did splendid btlslneas. "The Governor's 
Pardon," 22-24, had good Teturna. . Coming : 
"The Irish Pawnbroker" -26.28, "Human 

Hearts" Mnrcb 1-S. 

Bworj (H. W. rtogera, manager).— BUI 
week of ll> gave good results. Bill for week 
of 26 : VTilllg and Larkln, Camllle and Fonda, 
Aonle Qoldfe, Orvllle Pitcher, Kmma Con- 
nelly and the moving pictures. . '. : . 

■ i ' 4 ■» 


«g»l»..Fel>. S8. lad good basin™, "xt. 
Wizard of 0z" cornea 26, Mildred Bollsol 
27, Soosa'a Sand HaroiT 1, "The h\if, 
Spl«"3, "The -Player Maid" J. "' 

- ' ' ' ' ' ,«i» i 


Baltlmorc — At - Ford's Opera House 
(Cbarlea D. Ford, manager) tho attraction 
opening Feb. 26 Is "The Prince of Pllsen." 
Last' week "Tho Stvo-Qun" drew large houses. 
Andrew Mack la announced for . one week 
.March r> 

Academy (Nixon A Zimmerman, managers). 
— Jollan Mitchell's "Wonderland" , Ib Mlled 
for 26 and week. 19. 8. Wlllard bad n pros- 
perous week 1B-24. "Humoty Dnmpty" next 
week. ■ ■ . , ; " 

AMiAtinii'a (Kobert E. Irwin, manager). — 
During week ot 26 Leo Dltrlchateln nnd com- 
pany, In "Before and After" and "Noeturno" 
(a new-sketch), will hold the stage. Bertha 
Enlich, In "Monna Yanna," did well 1&-24. 

AnnlTORtuM. (.Tamos L. Kernao, manager). 
— Florence Blndlov 26, for one week. In "The 
Street Singer." 'The Chaperons" was well 
patronized. Ocorgo Sidney will bring "Busy 
Izzy's Vacation" to this house next week. 

Maryland. (James- 1,. Kcrnan, manager). — 
Tbe vaudeville for week beginning 26 In- 
cludes John C. Rice and Sally Cohan. Mme. 
Cnrlotlo, Callahan nnd Murk, the Wolport 
Tr|o, Orpheus Comedy Trio, Lo Clair and 
Hart, and Torese Dorgeral. Large aitdlences 
at every performance last week. 

Hoi.Mti.ti STnr.ET (George W. Rife, mana- 
ger). — "Behind the -Mnsk'' opens 26. Clos- 
ing week of 24. "The Confessions of a Wife" 
drew tho usual big attendance. "In Old Ken- 
tucky" for :nett week. 

- Bi.ant.y'9 (Charles E. Blonev, manager). 
—"Big Hearted Jim" Is billed for 26 and 
week. Crowded houses received "At Plney 
Hldge" throughout the entire week 10-2-1. 
"The Eye witness" will arrive next 

Gaiety (Weber 4 Rush, managers). — The 
Trocnderos begin a wcek'a engagement 26. 
Rice k Barton's Big. Gaiety Co, End a very 
prontable week 19-24. The Jersey Miles will 
be tbe attraction next. 

MONDMub'TAL (James L-, Kcrnan, mana- 
ger). — The Parisian Belles will be bere 2d 
and weok. following the Utopians, who had a 
week of excellent patronage. London Gaiety 
Glrla next. 

rtijoii (J. I. Kcrnan, manager).— The May 
Howard Co.. win .-at this honso in.24. meet- 
ing with Buccean. 

n, !J STr" -Me "? rB ' llme ' r '- Kcrnan nnd Geo. 
W, Illfc, members of Itin Empire Circuit Co.. 
TJBWH m option on tho old Baltimore 
prid Ohio pin™ Hulldlng slto (Balllmore and 
i itlvcrt Slrcotl. mwn which Is contcmploti'd 
the. orcrtlrui ofnn-up4o-doto burlesque play- 

ni'J„1'J™ 0,> !' < " ltl<m ; , ".. ,l ! c recently opined 
Onyoty Theatre, controlled by the Columbia 
Amuwmont Co., which Is located In the same 
neignrtor-hflod. '- .. - - 

• . *' . » .' ' 

MOHllASn A. 


i* , !2i*9'' , t"'s!t t " S* ISW iVatre <i?:" 

«. irrandthalm, , n)Jllager)' , Oeofge-r31dney, lii' 
"flusy lazy's Vacptlon,'' Feb. 19, had good 
returns. "The Tenderfoot," 21-23. did well. 
'"The Eternal City." 24, was well received. 
Coming: Tho Great Lafayette 28. Kelcey 
and Shannon March 1, Howe's moving pic- 
tures S, 3. ' ' . 

to»OBB nonsn (Chaa. A.- Fainter, Paidwcah,— At the'Kenfockv it w r»«K. 
V!ftgfyr™f i *#t Nafghbor.." Feb. 10- ertj, manager) bSJmT %ffi fi jjg 

" Omnhs, — At Beyd'a Theatre (W. • J. 
t«fl!f*Jffi"H! r j! Ptlmrose'a Minstrels Fob. 
Whl.5i ^r", ," 10 ,?; Morcu l - 1 ' "Miss Boh 

„£' ,° j, 4 J 1' , r '"l u olnwr «• '■ '"The Clans, 
man" did fair business Feb. 16-21. Grace 
BTIftS. TJ* Marriage of William Ashe," 
linu large nudlenees 22. 

..aE,"""'?^ 0f ,'• »"!«»««. manager).— 
aj™ nnd Women," wllh <$. D. Wnodwarii ns 
Governor Rodmnn.nnrt -the honso stock com- 
pany had capacity every night and the four 
regular matinees fast week, while the travel- 
ing Woodward Block Co. presented -Little 
Lord ^ul'lcr«v" at three Ymeel.l matinees" 

.„?"'!?. ! 0, ,?■ Bre(,n - manager) "Bankers 

and Brokers" la the nttracllon 25 26 
■J'"™', front llome" 27, 28, Jos Mnrnhv 
feS-'i 2 4 " C t"„ »,-'„Voke».-|„- , ;.A PalT or 
in? ™a "i 4- . ''""If Morrison, In "icanst," 
did good bnslaess Feb. 18-21. "The Burr. 
lar s Daughter" had good houses 22. "Protlv 
Peggy" hail good nu<|loni:es 2.1. 24 7 

rS&ElL Al'. Grant, Wilson and Helolae 

OafflH a " d 1 ' Bt "" r ' an d klnodromo. aBlmK ' 

AtlDITOaiuM ,J. M . | M „„ £J n , . _ 

Hfl s "ran Bernhardt, In 'cimli °" la 'nT 
anred a largo audience 27. ^ * "* 

, . 1 . < m 


Lr,nl, T i|| 0l _ At jf 0CaO |«y-H Theatre (John 

Sm^Feb'in o?°»l«' "Th" Und o? Nod" 

^o e s'hephe 1 r n ,i rS K K d ' , -'° re '- *&£& U 

nltracted One nodleaca. . Sana Clara Klttlo 

aentetl the most laughable iiroiluctlon seen 
hern this season. For week of 2il . ""rfzoM " 
■ A™".™ Tbbatbk (Cbas. A. Siiiw; mani, 
gorl— "Queen of tka Illghlilndcra" waa tha 

BiicKlNdHAM Tjumtrb IWhallen Bros 
mauageral.— Tho Broadway Gaiat. Gh-ia 
cmwJ^'i* po '" !l ". f»"W and payed to 

19. presenting "Camllle" at matinee and "I a 

»,"S?, re "J " lrtt - "'«'"»* sood nttendanco 
nt both nerfotmancea. A large number of Jut 
of town people took advantage of the low 
"»;">d rales lo attend, ns It was advertised 
that this would bo Mlsa Bernhardt^ Tust JS 
peatnnce In Ihls city. Tbo vaudeville oer 
fairn»n» was eontlaued 20, to goSd patron 
age. Bill for week of 2(1 ■ Cliarlw Caia t 

Plroscoms, ^Avery Rtrakosch, World and 

ws^ZWah^mm>mm nnd iS? k""o. 

Notk.s.— The Board of Public Satetv tiro. 
raulgated an order 20, cloalng nil . theatreSTn 
tne city Sundays The order goes IntTel" 
'fct,2S. nnd will atect tbe Avenoi Hoi 
kins' and Buckingham Theatres * 

Memphis. — At tbe New Lyceum (Frank 
Gray, lessee) "Bett Hur" concluded a Verr 
snccenful engagement .week, ending Feb if 
"The Iale of Spree,!' IB 20, packed the house' 
giving satisfaction. Herbert Cawthoroe i wtj 
loudly applauded. John Drew came 2" li 
"DO Lancey,"'to S, R. O. Coming- "rf 
Lily and the Prince" 26, Sousa'a liand 2? 
Chauncey Olcott March 1, "The Heir to ths 
tioorah z, B. 

■ Hopkinb' (A. B. Morrison, manager) — 
The programme week of Feb. 12 was excel. 

BlJOP (BenJ. M. Btolnhnck, roahnger) — 
The Rays, In "Down .tha Pike," week of 2(1 
a i — . 

Knoxvllle_At Staub's Theatre (Frllz 
Staub, manapr) "The Eternal city," »iih 
Jane Kennork. , came Feb. 17, two pertora- 
ances, to good buslneas. Mary Marble la 
&ancy Brown," pleasorl good' houses 19. Mr. 
Intyro and HeatE, In "The Ham Tree," "(, 
had the capacity, giving excellent satlsta^ 
Hon. .Richard Carle, In "The Mayor nf 
Tokln" p.'t; Kilties Band 24, Oaman sW 
Co. 26-March 3. Snthern-Mnrlowe n ' "lii,a. 
nlng for Otlcc" 7, Low Dockstnder p. 

C«»«»»»onjm._^At the New Opera House 
(Paul R. Albert, manager) "The Woman In 
the Case," Fob. in, drew well, -ns did Mr. 
, ln i Jre „and Heath, 21. Richard Carle 2,, 
"The Heir to the Hoornh" 28, James O'Nell 
March 8, "My Dixie Girl" 0, Sotbern-Mar- 
lews 7. ■ 

- ■»■» 


Mobile.— At the'MobUe Theatre (J. Tan- 
nenbftum, manager) 'The Heir. to the U<h>- 
ran 1 came Fop. 17, matinee and h.cht, and 
the S. B. O. sign was displayed for. both per- 
formances. Ths play was by far the beat 
seon here this season. John Drew, Il>, fared 
well. Hanlons' "Fantasma" eame 20, 21, 
two nights aod matinee, to big returns. Tills 
nworlte spectacle ' wns warmly greei*d. 
"The Maid nnd the Mummy" 23, inatlDe.-' 
and night ;■ Melntyre ■ and Heath, in ' "Tho 
Hnm Tree," 28, mjtfIA"e*c and night; "Mm. 
Wlgga of the Cnbbage Pnteh" 20. 

Notbs. — The. New Orleans Carnival Co. 
oioned 12, 1o fairly good patronage, and 
wnck of IP continued to much hotter results, 
.laey will remain for the approaching mr- 
nival, and will stay for two weekn tongor. 
.......Colonel M. b.'Clnrk's CombioPd RaII- 

rond Shows will open nn engagement of two 
weeks, In this city, 22, on the lot corner 
Hoys I nnd Canal Streets. After having (lllpd 
their engagement, they Intend to toko up 
(.iiRrters ni Cnptpln Alha's, pasture, to re- 
paint nnd renew their entire outflt. This 
will mean much to Mobile merchants, as all 
of the supplies and lahor will have to be ann- 
plied by this elty. Nells J. Campi-ell, tho 
gfncrnl ngent of iht> show, who waa former] v 
with, tho Wallace nnd John Robinson ffhowii, 
lias proffered, nod bin offer has hpen aeceptetf 
by the Carnival AHsocIatlon, to lend to Iho 
two day parades his elephants; camels nnd 
other snlmalN In their ca/rea. This will In 
iiself be ii great addition to the already grand 
pageant* which will lie presented (he vlnltor 
to "Mobile's Merry Mnrdl Gras." Coloael 
Clnrk Is president of ono of the leading 
hunks in Alexandria, I«a., and. through Mr. 
Campbell, nays that after studying the South- 
ern situation, he considers. Mobile the most: 
Kifcleni point In which to establtsh tils per- 
manent Winters quarters When the 

new Lyric Theatre. , which Is now heiug 
erected, Is completed, Mobile, Ala., will have 
ono of the handsomest, most complete nnd 
up-to-date playhounen tn tho South.- The 
biiDdhig fs being creeled by local ranltaliflt". 
nnd iho investment will represent {100.000. 
Joe house will have a seating capacity of 
about 1.800, which Is about 00 per ceni. 
larger tunn any. other In the rltv, 
and will bo ready for tho season or tftlfl- 
11MI7.. Tho Lyric hae lieco leased hv flaslon 
ftoubrllt, a well known young man of Mil* 
city. The policy of tho house. will ho tbal of 
nn Indepeadont theatre. Robert A. Reiser 
will be tho New York renrescntatlvo for Mr. 
Nouhrlk. ■ 

Nelnin.— At tbe Academy of Music (Loni 
a Hoe*, managers) Albert -.Tavlor Stock. Co,, 
Feb. 10, 17, with matinee, camo to good busi- 
ness.. "Tbs'HaJah.or Ilhong," 21, drew fair 
Ifiislncss. "Mrs. .Wlggs of tho Cabbage Patch" 
2R, JameH O'Neill March 8. 


N«\w Orleaua*— At tho Tiilane Thefltrfl 
(W: II. Rowles, manager) "The Hair to the 
noorah' _proved a splendid drawing card 
week of Feb. 18, and gave hlg satisfaction. 
Mclntyre and Heath week of 25, and a bit 
advance sain awaits tbe popular comedian*. 

Crbscrnt Tiiuatrb (w. II. Bowles, man- 
affpr).— "Mrs. Wlggs of tho Cabbage Patch'' 
oidn land odlcc business week of 16, nnn 
won much well parnod appreciation and ap- 
plaume for tho splendid work of the com- 
pany, "ihe Main" and tho Mummy" 2R nnn 

CfitrBNWAi.n Thfatrd (Tl. fJreenwflld, mnn- 
nner). — Roble's Knickerbockers, week of J». 
aid. splendid business, and pleased. Tltf 
Cracker Jacks week of 25. 

Lyme Tiihatrf. (nrcenwald ft Baldwin, 
manngers). — The Bnldwln-Melvlllo Stock Cn., 
week of ifi, prenonted "Why Olrls Leatn 
Home," to big hufllueHs, and, a« usual, »1« 
fine satisfaction. "How Baxter Butted In 
week of 25. 

Grand Opera Rovhk (H. C. Fonrton. man- 
ager).— Tbo splendid stock company. g»r 
week of 18, presented "Mistress Neil" W"ff 
buslnesn, onenlnlr matineo snd night to f* 
R. O. "Old Heidelberg" week of 25. 

Frbnch Opbha Housb (F. Charley, man* 
ager).— The French; Opera Co. continues 10 
big business. The neaBon will close short v. 
and from reports of: Secretary F. O. Booain, 
It has been -a most "successful and profltabio 

Ei.TRit'i! Theatre (Wm. A. Miller, niana- 
■erK — Splendid business Nnl week of 1*- 
with the Fern nhl-Qy men e Co, as the attrai- 
Hon, In . repertoire, : giving ' hid' sa I tsf ad I eii- 
A change ol^ bill U promised fdr-25 and is* 
- Orpiierm. (Martin. Beck, general mnnaKe". 
--r-ocal Manager Tom Winston reports «g 
business week of 10, 'And the bill preR^ntPU 
was a moat pleasing one. Tbe Southern 
favorite. Artie Hall, Rcored .heavily, as dW 
Clayton Kennedy and Mattie Rooneyy J* 
Gette and Herbert's performing dogs. T"° 







Slides by Scott and Van Altena. 



2ML Q. Slest St., New York Cit5?> 


i I I' .JJWW _ 

For Sale, "My Cal Sal," 

A three-act rami coined; drums, 1j> Jf>. Hauler, 

hill for carnival week, 26-Mnnrti 3, Includes : 
Jo* Nowjnahh. I*ewl» MrCord and company, 
Valerie Bergcre and company, EBtolle wor- 
dette find company, Perle and Diamond, Flo. 
Adler. And, Watson and Morrlsaey. 

THratoDOHrjM <F. Bates, manager). — This 
little parlor theatre, situated- In Canal Street, 
wlili Its illustrated song* and moving: pic- 
tures, ta drawing Immense rrowds, and siring 
htg. satisfaction, with performances from 10 
A. M. to 11 r. M. 

HiNDAOLA'^n (John Cruso, manager). — 
This place of amusement n packing Ulftffl 
In dally with continued performances, the 
latest addition helnp a Bet of hooche-cooohec 
dnneer*, who are scoring henvlly as a Ride 

■PflNttT WoNDERt.\Nt> (At Flshnmborg. mnn- 
ngprt'. 1 — Capacity business la still oelng done 
at this one cent vaudeville parlor, situated 
In Canal Street, and Ihc hustling little man- 
ager is all smiles. 

Noteb.— Billy Trimble, the old time rata- 
etrel, how occupying the position of advertis- 
ing agent and. door keeper for the St, Charles 
Orpboum, has been quite HI, but Is convales- 
cing now. . ..Popular Joe Jeneveln, the well 

known theatrical expressman, hns added sev- 
eral new wagons to tafs force, bis business 
having greatly Increased.. ...... .AsslBtnnt 

Treasurer Lvno, of the Orphetim, Is back nt 
his, post. .... Joseph Bernard, the well known 

stock' actor, was a carnival visitor, and was 
welcomed by a legion of friends. 
-»»» — 

' ' ORF.GON. 

Portland.— At the Mnrqunm Grand (Cal- 
vin ttolllfe; manager) Nance O'Nell did very 
good Dullness Put, 1.1. 14, presenting "Fires 
of 'Br. John/' "Mngda" and "Monna vnnnn." 
Charles B; Unnford pleased presenting 
"The Tarplng of the Shrew," preceded by 
"The Old Guard," "Othello," "The Merchant 
of Vehlce" nhil "Ingomar." "Woodland" 19- 
21, '"Way Down East" 22-24. 

Efttt-tftt: i -Thfiatde (Milton W. Hcomno. 
manager). — "Tho Moonshiner's Daughter" 
bod two bio; houses 18. The Pollard Jure* 
nlle-Opera Co. closed tho Record and lanl week 
of lid engagomont afternoon of 17. The 
operas presented wore "The Gaiety Girl," 
"The Geisha" and "An American Million- 
aire." Business was excellent during the 
two wvkfi, "The Sidewalks of New York" 
hnd a good house nt its ono performance 17, 
"Human flenrts" week of 2F>. 

BAftr.ft'.i Thbathf] (Geo. L. Baker, mnnn- 

■ ger); — The Baltimore Beauties hnd two big 

houses 18. Tho Yankee Doodle Girls did 

average business 11-17. The High School 

Girls week of 2R. 

LYric TftBATiiR (Keating & Flood, mana- 

fers).-*The Lyric Stock Co. week of Feb, 
B. in *'A Brother's Revenge." 
StaIi 'Turatrb (Jnmos ft. Errlckson, man- 
ngtf )./--- The Jtavlland Trio.. Del-a-phone, 
tfdle Dolftn. John J. Welch, De Hosetta and 
F.xcfilla, Will C. Hoyt, and the Staroscopc. 

GiiANDTnBATitR (.Tamos II. Errlckson, man- 
ager) .-rAdolo Purvis Onrl. Mr. and Mrs. Ar- 
thur Young, Einmonds, Kmcrson and Em- 
ninnds, Tsuda, Emily Nice, Hnrold llofr*. and 

I'antacii'h' TnnATnn (John A. Johnson, 
manager). — ■ Gilbert 8aron,v and company, 
Cesar the Great and company, Lewis SlsierH, 
Thomas La Rose, Myrtlo FraakH, Leo White, 
and the hlograph.- 

• >» ' 


Macon.— -At the Grand (D. 0. Phillips, 
rnnnngtr) "The LltUe Duclies»" unterlained 
a good house Feb. JO. "Spangles" came to 
fair returns 20. "The Convict's Daughter 
21, !'.M6nle Crlnto" 28. 

Womutopk. — At the Woodstock Opera 
House, "The Virginian" will appear Feb. 27. 
J. Henry March 5, "Over Niagara Falls" fi. 

■ - ■;. ! -i +■*-*■- ■ 


JrnKud BeknoN, actress, well known thirty 
years ago as "Bahv" Benson, died in Lon- 
don, Due., Feb, 1, after undergoing a ■seri- 
ous surgical operation. She made her debut 
on the stage in 1870, when a baby, at 
Pittsburg, Pa., aged two and one-half 
yeara. She appeared at that tltno at 
the Grand Opera House, Plttnhurg, In a 
sketch, called "Humply Dumpty," with Tony 
Denier an -the clown. The woman who had 
takoa the 'tola of tho Walter Girl was a very 
lar?e woman, and just for the fun of the 
thing Bahy Benson was substituted. A mnn 
held the door open for her to eaier, and the 
tot .''pissed between his leg*, to (he great 
amusement of tho audience. She was after- 
wands billed ns Bahv Benson, appearing for 
(no first time After being thus hilled nt tho,B. 
P. O. Elks' bencfti. doing lightning changes. 
Among the performers were: Gus William*. 
HnrrUan'and Hnrt, Delehanlv and Heupier. 
RlinrlJnn and Mack, Jennie Engle nad Ella 
Wesner..- In 1874 she wa» with "Tho Black 
Crook" traveling company, and with her 
parent* she visited Australia. In London, 
Eng„ she appeared nt the Adalphl Theatre, 
ana, ivfta", a great success In her specialty. 
On another trip through Australia and South 
Africa she *as very successful. At Gra- 
bamstown her fattier, James Fish, a cornet- 
tlst,' rented an old barn, fitted It up wllb 
seoaery,. anrl putting on rt £«ke beard, went 
nroubrVtown with a bell, shouting lhatthe 
famous- Uabv Benson would appear. They 
remained there three months to big business, 
and then toured until tbt-y reached the dla- 
.cnonitt fle|ds.- The company was called 
Fish's American Troupe, and they traveled 
In n two wheeled cart, sitting upon a board 
anoTttpon the one big trunk which held all the 
wardrobe; together with the scenery, which, 
hy the way, was only two light curtains. 

BTKREOPTirnar—Uetni Frame; Pine Len- 
ses, Acetyl* 1 *"* iino fienerator; alen Oxy. 
Hyd. Jet, only $19. Harbach ft Co., 809 Filbert St., 
PhU*,, Pa. 

for 8ALR, Projectucope, U . P. and s..$tf; 
Pose Outfit, Silk Dress, Velvet Cloak and Slides, 
$12; terpentine Dress, 18; Black Art cunt, f is; 
Lor, of Tricks, 20 aildes for Dance, H. Enclose 
stamper no answer. Mm. Km. Carl, 1£i Court 
St., Hoe-heater, n . Y. 

•KKTOHKB.Travestlen, nnrle«nues,etc.,writ- 
ten to order. Only tie heat original irork fir- 
nlshed re prorensionais. 
. JOS KBRSlUW^MButtonwoodBt., Phlla, ra 

MILITARY and Concert Band in g-ood brand- 
ing want* Summer eDsajtemfnt. Addre»a 


WAVTttD,Fllms for sale. Corbet. t and Jeilries' 
lite fight flim. Fomoranulr. «nd Boxing Dugs: 
Tr*lned Doves. Prof Harry Smith, Gratz, Pa. 

TluNs: GondoLer, kcrrv Uo 'Roand, Ferris 
Wheel, Circle Suing, Katzenjitromer C**tle, 
Palace of Ulnslons, Hoaee Upside Down, High 
Dives, etc.; anything thvtdrawa. Min with the 
good* gets good concessions. LARQRtvr and 
BEST InCHtlon in very heart of city, surrounded 
by ah WELLS. Nearlv people (visitors) 
between April 1 and Nov. 30. Manager, Haw- 
thorne Park. Mineral Wells, Texas, Carlsbad of 
America. Finest water on earth. 


Warwick. K. T., this week; Liberty next week. 
Lyceum Comedy Co. 

made by Jennie Hensnn. In one town there 
was no theatre and only a few bouses, but 
Fish hired a grain loft, wont out with bis 
falHC heard snd the hei), nnd at nlcbt Ihc 
plncc was crowded. The ndiulsslon wns f'J 
nutl $1.f>o, HmiiN being brought hy tho In- 
habitants, nnd the performnnCf took place 
vlth a table for a stage. The troupe played 
sevco weekH In Ktnaberlv, and then caniR 
home, FUk bringing wllb him $100,000. 
Bnby Benson then hnd four yeara' Bcboollug 
In Providence, II. I, About this limn her 
father died, and she returned lo Europo. In 
lloiiln she relumed to the stsge, appenrlug 
in a German part. Later she returned to 
America with ivlt Clarke, as m Hunger, and 
opened nt the Old Bowery Theatre, this city, 
Dec. 0, 1897, In 11 German speaking part. In 
"Der Olncksengel" I "Tho Lucky Angel"). 
She made a notable HitceeKM In aouhrette roles 
In the German tongue, particularly In "Nnn, 
the CJood-for-Nothlnp." Her mother (Mrs. 
Charles Warren), of the tenm. Warreu ami 
risk, died In London, Bag., July 22, 1P03. 

AVION Lowby, late of the team of How- 
ard and Alton, died In St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 
10, from n pamlytlc stroke. He and Mr. 
Howard joined biiuils In 1678, and wero 
el diced as nm* of the oldest vnudevlllc teams. 
Mr. Alton studied to lie a fancy dancer 
under the tuition of Prof. La Orando Cow* 
per, of PlttHbnrg, Pa., and marie his first 
appearance at TrlrnUlc's Old Tbenlre, that 
city, ns Master Alt. He nnd Mr. Howard 
Joined hnnds in '7ft, at Clnclnunil, nod their 
first New York engagement wan »t Volk'a 
Garden (now the People's), la 1R7D, Later 
they played through Canada with the Mre. 
Henri 1'M'svion Connie Opera Co.. producing 
"Pinafore,'* Mr. Alton, doing the Middy, with 
hornpipe, and Mr. Howard dolnc the boat- 
swain, and singing. Mr. Alton lit survived 
by three sisters and two brothow, one of 
whom is Jamea Lowry, onn of the proprietors 
of the Merry Maidens nnd Cherry Blossoms 
Biirlcwiuc companleji. Interment watt in Ht. 
Louis, on Feb. 10. 

John H. PauuR, chief electrician of the 
Csslno, New York City, and Mnyor of 
Woodhrldge, N. J., died afternoon of Feb. 
23, at the Bellevno Hospital, thin city, as 
the result of an operation for Hpuenrt iritis. 
Mr. Palmer wnn for many years the electri- 
cian nt Ihc Garden Theatre. New* York City, 
anil before that of the Madison mvan Gar- 
den, lie hnd been, employer! nt the Caalno 
for two years. He was nt one lfw- presi- 
dent of the Theatrical Protective Associa- 
tion, and nnill ttm lime of Ids death an 
active member of thnt organization. He 
was nbour, ilfty-flvo years of age. Hm widow 
and one son survive hlui. Kmiernl services 
were held at. the Masonic Temple, ihls oily, 
on Httnday. Keb. 25, _, . 

Dr. It, it Smith, n Iwftirnr, died recently 
at Clearfield, Pa. Tho remains were sent 
to Wllllamsport for burial. IIo I« survived 
by bis wife and nne child. Ilia wife, Mrs. 
Alice Smith, of the Trlxle Monroe GL did 
not receive the news of her husband's Main 
until after the body had been burled a week. 

CUBA Ha vex O'llniBN. of the well known 
vnudevllle team of O'JJrlen nnd Havol, dl«il 
In Now York City on Kelt. 22, after an Ill- 
ness that extended over two years. Win wns 
forced to unrinrgo a surirlcal operation, nnd 
did not rally from It. The funeral services 
wore held nt the O'Brien home, Ifln rail 
Sixty-ninth Htreet, New York City. Mr. 
O'llrieii will continue the vnudevllle team 
under tho same namo, with Kfrlc Lawrence, 
of the Lawrence Sisters, in Mrs. O'Brleu's 
place. MIsm Lawrence hns been appearing 
with Mr. O'Brien since Mrs. O'Urli-ri waa 
taken 111. 

BONA Kebr. a choms girl with Qm. A. 
Grnpewln's "H'a Tip to Yoiu John Henry, 
Co., died nt the Proatestont Hoapltal, Colum- 
bus, O.. on Feb. 24. after an- operation for 
appendicitis. The body-was sent to her home 
I11 Philadelphia. t ' *>* _. 

■ A roMStUNtcATtoN from tho Dora wood- 
nifT Show Informa m of the denth of Floyd 
E. Wilson, n musician of that organlratloo. 
He died at Paris, HI., on Feb. 94, from lung 
N'vpr, after an Illness of two weeka Mr. 
Wilson was a cornet soloist, nud had been In 
the profession for sixteen years. Interment 
was In the Catholic Cemetery, at Paris, HI. 

with Traveling Compaoy as Assistant Props or 
AsNiB-ant Carpenter, witling tolola uidoo. Do 
small bits. JOC RAYMOND, Dnrin Thtstro, 
Yonkers, N. Y. 


*7.M) (nickeled steei)i beat made for Picture Ms- 
ctiin" orStereoptlcon: I.ens Protectors sou. 

HARBACtl A UO., boo FlUiertSt., Pblla., Pa. 

nitir CI1KAP.-A Spirit Cabinet and Act, 
M 1 ItntOQI Bell, Animared Horn, 7amb[>iii loe In Its 
Plight and fall Sensation. Cost ltd; yarn* fur Ais. 
A side show painting, 12.T20, good if unw, or Manic 
and Marionettes, coit f iw; youm tor 91A. A Minis- 
tare Theatre for Marionettes, front ana >nok- 
ground, c.q a. t'i'<: yours 97. S with order, balance 
1). O. D. Neil Sottinere, iw N. Hh St., care of Mrs. 
Dllfa. Philadelphia, Pa. ■ 

AT IilBBRTY-On acconm of show closing, 
Pescrlptlvo and Character Vocalist deed rep. of 

Baritone voice, tenor range, versatile, 
irdrobe. ~ 
Must have ticket. Address 

soogs. Baritone voice, tenor raDge 

Swell wardrobe. Can join at once. vaud. or rep. 

W. S . WILCO X, Gen. Del.,Coritand, N. Y. 

SIDR SHOW AIKII-New list jnstontT great- 
est platform nr side show ever known. The 
CatopLwka, with three eyes, three horns, and 
8x10 painting, t*'>. Devil Child and painting, 
•20. Pig Child and Al)tgfitor;Pjj,TTLi!i pdntlogrt, 
HI eacii. liight-tuus Organ, »ld; iut free. wm. 
NEIJtUX. * Van Norden St., N o. O ainiTU ge. Mss^. 

WASTKu- Onr-d street imieita ner, banjnor 
guitar player, venirlloquttt, bouhretto ; . sketch 
team that can pm on auts and piny piano. Also 
an Al physician and lecturer registered In Ohio 
and Penney 1 vsula. State ail in Itrst letter : open 
now. at Wei'Stoii, o.: J. B. Woodn, write at once. 
Dr. \. w. wni'AiAN, mi:; omtrai Ave., Cincin- 
nati, 0. \ ■ 

KK ATPHK II t.Mh W AST'I KM 1 Tulii ' and 

B<iuk Robbery, Train Wreckers, L*>st Child, Yegg- 
men, rucie Tocq'h *■ thin, P*H)lon Flay, etc., «te.; 
many flow FUiiiK foi nale low. 

UAHIUCH'S, Bop Klibert St., 1'hiis., Pa. 

WANTBD, ror Farce Comedy and' Vaudeville 
Co. playing a algbt stands, Onaracter man and 
Juvenlic man, also Oharae tor woman; all must do 
HpecialueH and cbaugn for a nigtit*. Co. ptys ail 
exptmaes. Tiukettif Yea, If nor ton far. Drunks 
ami people Tarrying ticket* ami dodgers, no. No 
children. Hiily Kilng, llarmon, St Law. do., N. Y. 

"AT LIB BRT Y, Wct. liTllark, VersMlieTerlal 
Artist and Aorobatlj Comedian; work in aou: 
change for one week; nottor and reliable; mast 
liftve ncket. Addross, WM. 11. mack, If aple HoiiHe, 
CW Walnut St.. Kansas Ulty, Mo. 

Al 'UoUII I V, .MIillliCINK I.KCTC UKll 

—Kali or tent. Strong otllce worker. Bweh dre-n 
aud Appesi ance. No booze or a "has bsen,'' but 
a reai niouvy getter. ilOWARO MKLVILI.t:, 
planter's Motel, ft. Louis, Mo. 

DOLTOa kkui-I'KUKU la viHCorisln 
Wanted at once. Also flood All 'Round Perlorm- 
era, 0*«ra honaes. All Hnmmer. No tlckeui, 
OOt oath wnou you Jolo. MODKKN KKMKDY uo., 
Suulvan, Wli. 

VKNTRir-viiriHT Figures, liiiislofis, Blank 
Art. wax Fignres Kadjum LVM-umes, liana Organ, 
I'aintiugri, Oaiatea Statues, Fort une Telllug UeatU, 
etc. W. HUa U', Vittuna, M o, 

WANTED <it ick.-a i o'jinedUu andflen. 
Itlz. man; wlih specialty preferred, aho a ouiu- 

pit'touo.; U.,Vt).; uli ibiiil'li.- siax'4* fi»r HiimnuT Co.; 

upon May l. Tiift, round top, Wft. middle piece; 
guod condition; for saio tne»p. Address, .1. 
OKltLSK.udauab, Wis. 

laoKLBCTRlc HTKiiKui-'ricmv, only 
V2!> (uewi; Houg Shoes reduced. 

UAltPACH A Co., fi)9 1 UUcrt, st,, i'hlla., fn. 

WAMTKU, Yoaog M*n as P«truier to take 

interojt in Moving Plctnro and Vaailevliio uo, 
Adrtrsss wiNNKR.Cuii'PKii onice. 

WANTED, to buy 2 cars or IsaM s curs; cook, 
pi'r/ormers, canvas man, prlvlictic tneu «nd ald» 
llww privilege; write; wh"ic wagon nhow for sale. 
C. O. BlUNULbK, Ureal U'cuiru K. R. Mi-jw, 


f'ront and Hack Heuuliig; each irloa Illustrated. 
-4QM-. Morphoi'sSJi ml, WIN. 12th St., Phllii., 1M, 

AlLOfHbdLADk I'lANlSTE, Orst class biiikIUnus; 
wouid tnifge uigiftiitir ur aeparately for ur- 
chestra. Thotires, Summer KeM*rta, llotels and 
Pnrks, utu. Have guid ilbrar; music. 



for any Instrument or aiiiuber of InRirumenui. 
sontf^.Wurdn and mustc, skctcbes, eic Send stump. 
UUAS. L.LBW1S,431) Richmond St.. Cinclonall, O. 


Win. Rcois, KiecirlcLsmp, Hheosutaud Jut, f,o&. 
_ IlAttlUCH A C -JW| FUborl .*•(., Phila., Pa. 

FOR BALK— Three Show Oars (wagons), 2 liv- 
ing and sie* ping, 1 flat, siutablu for Summer hiago 
aud general hamibg Swell outfit Board at home; 
save profit* with outfit. Bellortrsde. Write tor 
particulars. Heats, Slue Wa I, etc , for sale. 

L.H.COOPER, care of Show Cars, Troy. O. 

Band and Orchestra 

(For summer looej, Parks and Hotel*. Managers, 
Here in a chance, a select organization of thor- 
ough; experienced sod well trained musicians. 
Oresc care has tieeir taken lo the selection or first 
ca-s men. auawer quick to t'KUV Tushinsky, 
Director, 47 Conrt bl, hoeton, *la»w. 


Would like to hear from musical comedy where I 
can work in chords, slug baas. 

JAB, CilKST, New Morton Home, E-lP|P*. 

I ndges of £r*t -^laes vaude- 
ville material, «ueh n> Will 
II. Pox, Ferguson snd Macs, 
Fanni" FleidH and lAdla 
inamani Titus are regnlar 

Batrona of MADIMON'S 
ittDOF.T. f letter get Inr 

J tho gatu<- yourseir. Start 
Id with tho new at vm> 
ao.Vn- Hl'llliKT N4». 10. 
loo pages— jnst out. It eon- 
tains :n ureal parodies, o 
ezoellent monologues, 4 
sketches for two males, 4 
*kcf(-he« for male and 
foinate, new sidewalk Con- 
vercaii.njK, n sparkling 60-mlnute comedy 
arter-plrces.ueivBkctch for two females, hun- 
dred* ot new Hebrew, Irish, hutch snd 
blackface gage, eu-. price eniy ONH DM* 
lar PKit COPY. Back numbers o« ol 
print except BUDOFTTS 8, 7 and si will send 
any 2 for 11.60. s for »2, or bi'Ijorts a. 7.8 
and id for «».n. l. j. k. hkii., utu 

mird Ave., New York, 

(Agtnt for James MadlMn.) 

WILL-AM TOD Famous Comlnental R.R. Shows 

Want for Immedlat- enirsgemnnt, Iinnd Leader, 
COruet, Alto. Trombone, llnrltone. Tnoii, Trap 
Drums, Sut*er RonHi'suva<« Mao. Solior Working* 
men, two lltil poiterK. SIWIK, small salaio, 
On vao'irr peooietliat will stay ail aeaaoit warned. 
HHOW \Klhll 4 I.OIKH, Tlio'n thit have 
written, write again, ss oilier mall did not roach 
iiiv.'t.i iii!v--a Car. either P-agMge 
or Paaseuser; K'ds *how I'alntinis, Miniature 
Crtge*. Ilarnes. siland Organ, ere Addr^ne 
WILLIAM TOD, Allendale, P. C, aIoii., March t. 

New Western Play 



Rnqnln daiiov a IVOLFORI), 

Knlckerimckn Mm , N. r., 
Or W. A. IIILI.OV, 201 W. JIM Bl., N, Y. 


FOB *»«» I'lK I'IC (I M.V, 

Roy Dee 



Addreu rut. of ami I1ICAN 1IOTKL, CIiIchko, III. 


With printing p^erarred, hut f>an use others. Have 
three winners io let. Nat l'*t(ersnn nod Itntlalo 
Tragedy brokn all Tnetday and Weriuesday rec* 
ordrt on C. and (1. (lino 

W. A. DILLON, Ml W. 4.1d Hi , Now fCtfe, 



Best TiieatrcH, Knrope and Aiunrloa ; Ctnhs. 




10:il KROArttfAY, N. Y. 



f-ieaaon iMU-ou with Luclor's Mlnsfrels. All 
o»*n (imeefierMaTii in. ror Vaudeville, Hur- 
lesi|aeor Ifinnrrais. Week nf Usrcli a, Amerl- 
I'.ti TJientre, I Mica, V. Y. I'er.addii'S*-, 

l.i Main St.. I)-rt'y Cnno. 

Educated Woman 

Owning coinfort&Mo home, will take two children 
to train snd care for. Holloed surroundings aud 
in-eHlront cars Healthy local Inn wlihlu hour or 
New York. Inference* given nndreiiuireri. 

I. It I-'.. P. 0. Mix I Itt. Now York. 


.single Women, sister Team«, Sketch Teams, and 
Hovoi it An*! Nuwlnorooins 11 L It.DuwNKY, 
Trsym-ire Oaslno, Fniitklln snd Faca mh., BaltL* 
more, Md. 

WANTED, Good Ground Tumbler 

Wfio urn ilo twiaier. »nd mup mounr'nfr. 
Allures* JAUK WuLP. 

■ lia B , urn s i., Wbw vok. n. r. 


At l.ll»«s>r«y. 

Dome add., lfltrt ft «d RT., PUILA-, Ps. 

WETPUCC Cfi* written to order. Bcstoriglnsl 

ONCilincO- Lll«Mwork guar-nieed. Ssmpis— 

Parody and ft (lags, lOr,.; x Parodies. l.'> ii-ticn, •*(■<•. 


Hnyr DnOaTTlia thk midsioht kx- 
HUT? 9UUBIIIV pRRftB, 8-s«on 1009-7. 
£D. F. ADAMS x CO., lar w. 40th at., New York. 

rums, I'/ Mr. Haniei. 
author ot "Slaves of opium, 1 ' "A woman, in the 
t.'ase,-' "A GayCirouss, , ' , 'A vVltd (loots Ciii.-.e, 1 ' 
»'c. 'Jt.i*- play has eight chsrsciers, live grr*i com - 
edy psna aii'l powerful dramatic climax to each 
aot. I AL^ii HaVK FORSALRam-iRlcaUomedyj 
six peouiu in tnn cast; will Admit of character*. I 
played this play a tew weeks thin season with 
stotk paper under the title of "The lw Mstines 
SAY : Har llari*or, Me., (h>t. no. lisVi.— " 'T tie * v 
M-itltieeOlrl'iU p'ajeil hero lur ulghf. oreat 
H'liinfiu'ii'jn. Itnst. nhow tiern thia year." From 
tho til. Johns Times, i*t. Jehus, N.H., (kit. |1 \m.~ 
" 'The day Matinee Ctrl' drew a large home. The 
plav !•« hnghi and frmnv-" Halifax IhrnidiOct. 
To, ifwo.-" "me OarMatlooo Oln.' while of the 
rare leal comedy order, is of tlio hlshest class ntid 
de-ervoa good bus ness." It ml toll Me., pot. SB, 
wo.'*.-- 1 ! consider ■Tiisu*y Matinee Oln' the hesr 
musleal comedy f ever plajM." W. T. French, 
Howard Opera llonie, UoultoD, Mo. 
Ad dress M. K. HANl.liY. sot jt utn St,,KewTot> 


A v t or?-, and >1 n I* lanw 

For Hand and 8tngn, Acta of All Kinds. Woman 

for Juvenile and Characters. 

THANK UfhL K N No. CJ Pino S t., ProvldenCBjB I. 




Locate or travel, icxperlnncod In all Unas. He- 
UiihiH lltinagerH only. Add'0>K 

iiui-KALQ, jj, v..Oen.Dsl. 

A 8pl«ndicl Chance 

For the Right Party. 

We will se'l ourainnscii^iil |ilsr. It Is situated 
on His wHiei-fnuitS' s Hummer rmmt. Iteonslafi 
or » new tsorry-ge -rnund, an Ice mam parlor, a 
theatre iliat wlitt-cutAoo, Thlalnsli now; only r«n 
ouHsevs'iD, Hltustud Ins town of 4,000 tiihitlntanis 
with no othr*rsmusemont: owners want In morn 
to the olty. r»r furihor inrorinailon write lo DHN- 
NI.S A HwlTll.riiUiicoloaglie, Vft; 




PACl 70, 


Double Slide or Baritone. Put own. JolnnDwJro. 

King ur rnmipM ok, alarion, i mi. 



AiMfA W R OIIKH.T »H I I HIV T. x rVu n., T«. 


Sketch Team. 

MiiHiilocln/ioHauil douhif-i. Moveliyalsn. PANAY 
HiitNKRH d'il v»» «■*( m* 'eftitrs lir-tighCLlp. 
Pjgtj UB.qAa'fON IIIJItNBIlH.ArgsnU, III. 

Ventriloqiiial Figures 


A large stES Irfh Hoy wit i large ino'-th! also Life 
H K* walking Pigur«t>. f in or wtlto, Tiiurs/lsy. 
II. J KAKIRLri, HI. Putil Ilotui, k S0lh, st. and 
Coluinhus Ave, 

WIN1ED, Four Chorus eirls and soot vtHf 

Acl. All miiHt Ihi utile ti) f*lnif. Comirtny 
trnvel. In I'ulliiu.n <ur. Ad'Iri'NJ, Hmicor. 
I'o.. .Inn. A. Oulvlli, W ur. "A Btll Bu ,r" lln 

Wuled, lor Siroji 17, San wllb Muring 
Piolare ■lohlai or Oaid Kijlclin. 

. ; g Applo Hinifit. Tornt-,too, f.'onfi. 

Joe S. Allmon, 

niaek Face Talking and Hinging Comedlnn. 

. Regards to Mstos and Ka rufst . r __,_ 

J. J. Sheridan 

MKncl lANTH' IIOTKI ,, Tolwln, 0. 

■AW anntftafl moo-H'N mr*io«l. 
nun Duuaina uo»t.ot ou. iwi-i. 

KD. F. ADAMS A CO., 137 V. »lti St., N«- Talk. 




Metropolitan Oprra Houxo (llelnrleta 
Coilt-MrtuBiiifger),— iTIic Optra bills Mr ■ the 
four I tenth week of lUo season. , beclunhig 
Kcb.-luVwere: SlouUiiv night, "Di*» WURtlr 
Dinger," with Holla Alien us Kva. Uibcnvlwe- 
the* cast was tijc tame w limt given. wmw> 
day night, 21, "II Trovaiore, cust rt« hwn 
Thursday, B% Isglnulug nt 11 L it., "Par- 
altal" was glvou Its fourth performance, this 
•cdnn, with Mr. Ihirgstnllcr n« PnrHlfnl-, 
SUM Prctustnd n* Kuiidry, Mr. Vim flooy . ub. 
Amforta*, Mr. t tori ix M-,Xl Mf W..itM Mr. 
Illnss as Gitmetnanz. tbtMw nigin, "Ia 
Hohcmc," willi Mr. t'ni-uso ns ItiMbdCo. Hra*lo 
Abbot n* Mlml, Belirt Allen im Musfftliu und 
McBflr*. Hcottl. Jourtur. Tiirvi*. HuCrlehe and 
Itoasl lb fuiullh>r roles. Friday night, :tt. n 
double Mil, consisting of "Hnent-el und 
Ureter tind lwr> not* of "II Hnrblere ill HI- 
Tlgiln." The former win east ns ijoforn. The 
call of thn In t lor Included: Mme. Kembrlch, 
Mr. Dlppcl, Mr. Cnmpnmtrl, Mr. Jourm-i nnd 
Mr. Itossl. HalunUiy nHeriionu, "-4, "Aldn." 
with Mine. Unuim in the itlic rule, ami Miss 
Walker, Mr. Citrnso, Mr. ('ninpttnurl nnd Pol 
rinucou la llielr faiulllnr role*.. Hnturtkiy 
night, Ttlgoloito," wlih Boats Abbot as 
Uflda. Mr. Dlppcl oh the fouka, Mr. tfrnUI Ilia 
lllgulcito, Mr. Journci. ilin Hparafucllc, and 
Josephine Jucoby Uic Mngdnleua. 

Mnuimiinn Thi'Rtrc (Harrison Ore? 
I'Ukc, manager).— Tim commendable features 
of Rupert Hushes' four net "piny of ninn- 
nera," entitles! "The Triangle/' which was 
glint Its Initial local production at this 
theatre on Tuesday evening, Fob. lii>, were 
fuuud lo lie entirely In tliu acting of It by a 
generally capable- company. As for the play 
lwclt, there wus nothing to recommend It to 
our niidlcnceri save lis moral. which cmplia- 
■ma the fact that a mutrlcd woman e love 
Tor any man other than her husband Is 
hound to lead lo much unhupplucss. possible 
•fecial oblivion and Inter destruction. The 
author bad it good Idea to work on, hut the 
luanucr in which lie bundled It wuh prolix 
luU lame, the lack of --kill showu lu the fash- 
ioning of the MtUatlotm being- most marked. 
Tb« dialogue lacked any seuibloncc of buoy* 
oner and wit, and the ucLlon dragged to a 
jfttat extent. One situation, wberc the 
husband confronts the lover with u leveled 
revolver, after ho Ma overheard a -love flcetis 
between his wire and the other man, ended 
lilUiuut rmv great dramatic thrill, nnd the 
last ucenr, inhere the husband utabu the wife 
at-'ttiQ dinner tnble, dtd not ring; true, nnd 
Ipjft anjthuBg- hut an agreeable InapresBlbn 
upon the minds of tbono who ntHun it 
The story Id the old one of the womnn lvho 
nlarl'h'S for riot-lei uottrlou ond moimj'i ohly 
to havo llin truth forced home upon her that 
Ion [a king, after all. She earrlei* on an uc- 
muhIiuuocl' villi a mint who admired her lo 
the old duvy, the huiband Untie out the truth, 
nud although too weuk to wrenk viruecauee 
npo\i thn matt be Btnbn Itla wife ut his own 
labia. She, dicing, and wlKhlug to mvu her 
huabaud, tclltt-a liuuly Hcrvuut with her tuut 
brejtth thaL bar ujueiul wound was aelf-ln- 
fllcted. Charlotte Walker carried with in- 
tepuo feeling -the role of the wife, and 
mi to her w'veml ciiiotlou;il scenea 
with crcdJtublc skill, her uctlug bclug uiarked 
bv'-fepreabloii ujtd currying louvlctloo 
I «:rdlnuud.OpU»eUulk idnycd the puny dupe 
uf u husband, nud nlude u capital study Of 
It. dolQK much boiler work Ihuu he ha« shown 
oh, the Nop'. York wluge durlog wverul recent 
uppcuruQcess. WilHutu Morris van the "other 
QHUb'! and ij' 1 wua blnccro In bin acting, al- 
though his appearance was ogahlht ulni. Wo- 
liaw Brnmwcll, always au laiereHtlug ilgure, 
OW .splendidly as a United Slate* Sotmtor, 
cfLerwurdu un aiubassttdor, aiia Cousuclo 
Bailey upi>enred In ud logeuuc part with Rood 
tfff;ct" Colin Compbcll did some excellent 
work ay a tiemiut. and Mr?. Goldtineh nnd 
May J»Bbel Flsk did wall wllli tbolr veH>ectlve 
cbaraeU'r». The cast: Harvey Forbes, ullllara 
Morrbj.-WllJIe'V Bnalee, Ferdlound Cott- 
Lchslk: Hod. Joseph Tult, Wlllluno TJrara- 
v.-ell : aidney Tboruc, Ouy CounHfs : Crofts, 
Colin Campbell ;■ the. Caddy, Vlelor Herman ; 
VtMid Van Duyp, Charlotte Walker; Mrs. 
IdtdfTu ■ 

libit, Mi's. OdtdfTucb : Alice libit, Confurlo 
Italley; Winifred Baddrley. May Isabel fmt. 
IUmh fttckof."l'up Triangle" began 2li. 
Irvlnic 1'lacc 'I'Hcntrr (llulhrleh Con* 
rle^i . mmiagwv).— "IphyLglm; «uf . Tourh" 
wai prestmiud Feb. ll>,.tiertrude Arnold .-und 
Kttdplplr'CbrhJtiani*. nraklag their furwell up* 

Feerunce lu : tlus principal roles. "Kvrlfe- 
'yrlU/'au old inusli.'nl ubmrdy by WHkett, 
JiiStlbluM, tnri MMiaeU-i, wua the bill, Sft 
wftb' Lena Abnvbauell in the prlqc-lpul ruh ' 
of' Emll Taueleeke, a inlbchevlouti ittndeui. 
The eupiwrtinif utujt liiclpded ; Pei^r. Uet- . 
■Mb Olio Meyer; P|pS' D,,pr *f' Curl . Kuuiicit ; 
ltuji,, Mua..UtiQselev; IJulalJii. Murle V. We- 
(torn; Thetidellnde, lAuti HunKcler; VJrlke, 
Qeorglne • Keuondorff : Fbgri. ..laoiues Hor* 
wits; 't-'i'nn- aoltuauun. Bert a Stuutler; flu- 
Banna, Jo liegyl i Klohlg, Willy Frey; 
SLb^veJoimnun Schneider. Franz Brian; 
NauKu. Barblor. Curl Weber : Frit* llauk- 
necbl, l.i'wlB Koch : Hobo. Krna Bruhn ; Jctt» 
rbcu, Slefauic Anuelo: Neitrlieh: Atiita Her- 
bvrt. "Movkcradi 7 ' ( Muei|vcratlc) .won pre- 
sented Suturduy, -1. with uti excellent cast. 
The aulhor, Dr. hudwlg Fulda. who arrived 
front Europe last w-peK. witnessed the per- 
fprojiaui 1 *?. The uluy 'deals with tho decep- 
tion aitd liypuerfi'y^ wbleli uiueh of society 
uiasqiuradi's. Boron Mux von Wltlenhoff, 
a retired ditdomutltit. In ovder to utunc for 
the blUri of his yuutlt. udopls tici-da Mubm-i-i 
a ».'hool tuacHer, daughter of the woman be 
nbundoned... Hue rvufessw* her Intimacy with 
Fdword Sclicillmrn, u government employe, 
nud ton of u privy cliuncellor. to her father. 
Iturbn von Wlfteuliott kwh to the elder Hcliell- 
harn, n BClM liypoerlie. and proposes the 
marriage of bIh duughter lo. young Scbell- 
huth. ThcluKer, una ware Ekni the bavonrsH 
Irt the school teacher, la llniilly MrwMdcd by 
his falhrr 1c agree, and be writes the girl 
a letter, brcokiug off Unto relations. Hhe re- 
ceived It tptit before Kite Is lo hf pruti'iiteil lo 
young Schellliiivn « a tur bnwntwfc and Htvpn 
nil urrunsements for the marriage, by de- 
notiuriug her lover liefore bis puretil*. Gcnln 
dccldcn to tuurry Kdwiird. If he will accept 
her as Lo first found her. Kihvurd refuses, 
ond ho lb thiven out of the house. The 
baron's nffrcllon for his rhlld Is lucrensed 
bv her courage, nnd ili-rdu flmilly decides, 
after a Mi-Jgjle. lo continue to live with him 
«u bit duuruTrr, regardiesa of ibe rriieliy of 
aoolety. Marie Relbcahofer was Lib.o von 
Toonln. Blslcr of Fratl Schelllutrn. and aetwl 
splendidly as the virtuous woman, muligned 
bv society. Hedwlg von Osternmna, atf 
«erda: Hurry Walden, as Edward, and Otto 
Ottbert, as Baron Wlttcnhoif, contributed 
their timiol merltorloiw work. Other* In iho 
euvt were: Vrellierr Karl, Krauz Klerscliuer ; 
,tsliellhiM*n, Tlermim Itiulolph ; Jobimnii, his 
wife, Ktlsabclh Arlatw; KUni Von Tonuln. 
iMarle Htilecuhofcr: Frnu Kebwatb, 'Marl* 
Kltrwbner: Kletlko, llermunni Cierold ; 
Minna, Aaua Sunder; l'rledrlcb, Jacques 

Timlin Thrnlrc f Sullivan & Woods, 
manager*. — "King of the Opium King" Is 
this week's allruclloii, with the following 
east: Albert von ^tauten, (ico, K. HoMn- 
pun; George Muecy. Chun. Keune; Wnh Sing, 
Hayry Huniailll : Ironside. John L. Kelly; 
Harry Tcek, Jos K, f;iurk: Chief Sharkey. 
Harry Stalth: Hop T»y, .r«*. .1. kinsman : 
Tobv Tucker. Geo. It. HotiglaB; Ah fclu, Louis 
Herbert: l*lill Keoit. Hagrw Vrtffi bntj 
I'cck, tt«n MrCarlny; Von I'oy. Harry JohW 
nen; U I'liug Wang. T«j> Ouy Whig: Ofllei>r 
1^-ary. b'rauk Walker; Georgette. I.yda Paw- 
ell : Belle Mucey, Marlone 1 -'run els : Mnguy 
Vt-ck, Margaret Hatch : Sparkle, lidwbin ; 
Iantemo, fielena Mnjave. Wno. M. Roddy 
hai -rhargo of Iho tour. Next week, "Th« 
llonsc of Mystery." t . 

Knvr York Thenlre (Klaw & Erlnneer, 
ruibugers).— "The Utgm Di-others In lnv 
Uud'' coniwvDced Its tifih week and l;i: : t fort- 
Lti-Ut Feb. -Jd. 

l*roctor'« Klflb Aveniie THi*n1rr (F. 

F. I ' llnll, muhttgrrj.— The rrwtor Btnct 

Co. nt tb In ItouHO in engaged during tbc prea- 
out wed: with another |>!aj now lo ibla part 
of towd, "The Mlssbbrinas. 1 '' a three net 
play, of MlsHotirl life' In. 'tbc creation, by 
.Vafo Gruto nnd Wade Mouutfort. It was 
clveti ItH "rlultiul iiroductioa nt. tint Cook 
D«U Htrtft-. lloehi'Hler, X. Y.. July It*. IWl, 
under th« iltle of "Out Tbar." and lia llrnt 
prodnrHou In t IiIm city nccm-rwl a^ Iho Me- 
tn>ppllK Tlmaltc '»n M, M. of Iho KMH 
ve^r, iiuiler the ilili> of "The MNiitirlniiH." 
The Rtoty tellK of n finally f-'ud, In trtileh 
Ciipl. Ilauloil bdK lieen killed HT. «>!. 'Jrtl- 
Inwny. f P1m* Soli of IHuuNnu W Main by 
Itradley l!o««, h hanker. *bo hUH' ruined iho 
IionloiiH, and who fcniK luat yimiiar-tJrtlloway 
will aelrny Mm. Sawag >mwa who 
Urvm AjBWa lionton, tnki'M Hm blame of the 
ninie in shield n Hi>n of Benton, who hnn 
nana faintly nceimed. A uiob aUacfcii the u> 
eiised mail, but "Ktorroy" J»rdnu hnhl« 
the wonltl-lw lynchers «t bny. I^nter 
he htirs at ptibllc nucllou a hor«e 
owned * br the ■Unni.tim. which Ik sold 
to catJsfy.a elnlni .or Hrmlley Upn. In th« 
Insl act Is n race hcciio In which lilrardeau 
pilots ih* Benton horn: to vitJory. Thi- ploy 
closew wlUt younif Itenton dcnounclug Bradley 
Caw, tha-real munlerer of Col. Hallow" r"» 
son. Qlrnrdeou, thua clcnrcil of tho jUom 
atincln.-dt't him becaiw "f hie w"lf imerlflci 
hi muklnic It nppenr that he had killed young: 
tin noway, wins the jjlrl of Ills heart, Agneft, 
The play l^ cuterlhlulugly written, and mt- 
talus the Interest WcIL The cliaracler ilrnw- 
lug 1h UN ei'jnmendalile, nnd the race HcnttQ 
Is cleverly hnudlcd. Un production at tills 
houxc on Feb. '^0 was excellent, the atufcn. 
MtUng* being pretly and the nctinit p rtJw n 
worthy. A- II. V'uu Burcn made a manly 
abd forceful hero, lilt* fine Hta*« preneuee 
Hlntidliia hlin lu Kood rtani. while lamn 
Young play-d Shelby Benton, u lb*ry Houilicm 
Toulh, with great wanntb. Ainellu Blnghuiu 
wan coruiueuunble a« Ajrnen Benton, and Hub- 
ert, Cunimliigii. ua "Stormy" Jordan, a .bluff, 
big heaiied huIoou Nfpnr. eoiHrlbutcd a Une 
nlere of work. Uerald (Jrlffla and H. Hudley 
Ilawloy won bonora lu their pHpsetlff rolo«> 
and .loacpli Ihtlly played a gallant Joiinianst 
of" the old hcboul with arlldtlc exuelleine. 
The casl : Mrs. Huntuii, Julia Blum: ; Shelby 
Benton, Junicn Vouns: Akhcs Bentou, Aoi''Ua 
BlBghnm: Jubal Karlv Benton,. Olive Mac- 
Vine: "Stormy" Jordnti, Kobert Cuuimlugs ; 
Kflhi .fordnn. Ileal r let; tioldeu ; Mart ltobertB, 
Herald Urifltet-Cut. tlnlloway, Hardee Kirk- 
latid: Uuvld (iallowey. (I. Hiidley Hawlcy ; 
Col. Xcbult'ii Taney, Joseph Dub ; t.'lay lil- 
rardeau, A. 11. Van Burcn: -Bradley Cu*s, 
Walter H. Clrecne: "Htiioipy" Wit, Al. Bob-. 
orlK- Man fettle Entettn, Eleanor i/ordbu; 
Klder Mpu. Benbua, W, Athwotd While. Next 
weck'H production will he "The Prisoner ot 

Vii-ioriH. Thvnlre (Oacv llammcrslcln. 
manager). — Bwlneni eontlmies trt top noicb 
here, and though the aeusou, lu aotne Unea 
oi ibeatrlealn. In couceded to hu\c naand lt» 
most pivducilvn point for the utinugerM. the 
b u riiteaa wre la us liirge. If not lurgcr than 
when the bviwoit wjiu at \lu buppoped height- 
There In a .rattling food bill here week of 
rcli. 'JO, which Includes : CUE Ilenac'B ClrcuB, 
a. positive vaudeville novelty. Introducing tlic 
UcVohltig Tuhle and the iinrlduule doiikey ; 
Mi', und Mtu Itobert bitusluiniOny. In nine 
act Midi, during which the foruie. exlilblta 
hie expert hug punching und his wife rendera 
vocal nelvctlonH: Tout Nawu nnd company. 
lp "A Touch of Nature :" ltenu and Blcburds, 
comedy uerubaiH; 11m- Spook Mlnsirele, mys- 
tery In plciures; Julius Tuiincn, ini|K-T^on»- 
tor: LouIho Brewer, a gifted -vocullbt ; Mai- 
lory Bros:., Brookx una llalltdny. colored inn- 
slcal enerlii Cuprlct;. i*ynn and Kay, sing- 
err und dam-era, und the vhugraph. 

Yorfc-rllle Thettlr* (Meyer It. Illmbcrg, 
icaiiMgerl.— Wllliaut J. Kelly, sun-ounded by 
a utock comimny of bin own wlecllou, has 
succeeded In establishing u clientele of pat- 
ronage lu Ibis East slue rtu'denlinl section: 
of New York, which, us Mr. Kelly \n pacuul* 
nrlly Ihleresieil In tb' vciituw,. Kbuuld briux 
him ampul retunm for hla work nnd«iitcr. 
■prler. 'ITiIm week "Tlw Udy or Lyons" In 
the bill, followed Murch 5 by '"1'be Belle of 

Clrelf Thenlre {l.'lius. A. WIHIavMt, umo- 
agrrK— The 1'arlnluu Widows Co.. Is the vUlt- 
Ing nttnictlon here this wtck. und Judging 
hs the Monday "upon lug." and the very, on* 
'leriululng show |trescnte*l by -u iuo>>t cupnble 
conipnuv, the "take" for the week should, bo 
satisfactory to nil concerned. Next week, 
Rwe Sydell nud the lAriidou Belles Co. 

Murray Hill Theatre (Wdi. T. Keogb, 

nuB&rerk — For.. Lb* T current vwh. ktstssBAj 

Monday baUnee, Feb. HO, Al. W, Mnrtin^a 
"■Uncle* TomV Cabin*' Co. played Itself Into 

funeral favorltlnni- ut loth performunrcF. 
^runk t.eo. Jb tbe title role, wia supported 
by an exeelleot eonpiiny, and a good perforin* 
apen ol this still popular play was given. A 
apeehilty ln'trodueed by Harry B- Leeter. did 
troll to enliven the Bobbing audience. Next 
week, "Smart Set.".. .' 

Colonial Tlirnlre (Frrey O. Williams, 
manager);-— The matinees hero- have been ho 
popular with the fetnule eleuiemi of thl* sec- 
tion of 1he city t but capacity nudlcuct-a ure 
freipteulty the rule. Till** condltiou of affiilrs 
bus bocn ueeomplluhed by Munagcr Williams 
cngufrlng the very hlghet-L stundard of vntidtv 
v|IIo talent In point of uicrlt, and glvlug netv 

w:i by Iilin In his varloutf theatres. Night 
nudbuoen arc ul»;o wry large. The bill week 
of I'eLi. -0 tiuuouueva iho se<-oud week -of 
Vesla Victoria, the liugllsb eouiedlcnnc, ohoi 
lu cbamcter King*, tunks auionr the best on 
ttio stage today; Nline. AdeluWe llernuuun, 
in her eliurinlbg feats of muglc: the liioplre 
(Sly Quartette, tulcnted VBcuMa: Cole and 
JolniHou. .who compose nnd rdiig their own 
Kongs iirtlsilcully ; the lillut-eruftl Troupe of 
Aci'iihiils: Mr. und Mrs. Oiardner Crauc, prc- 
*"'nllujf ti rinnedlcttu, by I|nlk Coufort Mlt* 
elicit. I'lilltled "\ Yuukee'f* Love for Hlxltr;" 
Be Witt, Burns and Torrance, In "The 
Awakening of the Toys :'* Mr. und Mrs. Ah 
lUon. pre^nlln? ">|hiuli; frum Mhiueseta : 
Hulbmviiy and Wulluu, wooden shoe duueers, 
inul l he viltlf-runh. 

Joe Weber's Mtmle Hull (Joseph M. 
Wc.biT, inniiugcrl.-~'M^v!iidh.'-'IViithHc, lu Ua 
ninth week, coinuieneliig l''eb. -0. wus present- 
ed In nu uhbrevbttcJ form, to permit of the 
neW offering, "The tjqumv Muus Ulrl of the 
lioldeit West," culled "u good uaturvtl awat 
ut the pLMiiiiur eruic fur utniospherlr melo- 
drattiu." This luteal burlesque Is lu one act, 
wllh oiupIc by Maurice LeO. und words by 
I'Mwii" Suillli. The two uluys, whv^e lilies 
Ilgure In the above citimou. are goetl ua- 
turcdly hnudlcd. liu-liullng their principal 
nla vers- mid the play sponsors. Marli« DreiMk 
be wu supremely fmiuy as "the girl" who 
mum iho I'olkn-Bol leeCveam Saloon, and 
was ublv seroudei! by BL J. Conuelly, In a 
*pb<mlld mnke-up. u« Jack Chani*e: Joe Welwr 
and Chna. A, lllgelow made hits In smullcr 
parts, and Lee llnrrlsou, «* Tick, tho 
burbMider. pectired ninny luiigiin. Bonnie 
Muulu had Hie song bit of I he new bhow lu 
"Boor Utile lied 1 'unwise." which won many 
encore.*. Tljf burlesouu will uedoubtedly odd 
much strength to the eveiilug*« nitertulu* 
meut. The cast : CmHalu Wiiibiakx, tiniest 
Lnuibiirl : Jnck Chuii'-e. J. Connelly: 
ItUHh 'I'nwklns. Joe Weber: Tuplelownn. tlius. 
A; Blg'.'low: Tick, Lee tlnrrlson: Snoring 
Jlia. Sam Marlon : the 1'nrsuii, W. l>ougliia 
Steviuwni: tbelllrl, Mnrl" Bressler : Scruieb- 
orltch. Muy MouHorl: Little Hul. lUmule 
Mngin*. Bniinna, Vbiru Kubelle; Sir Henry 
Wlustake. Selmn Ulnntell : Sir John Apple- 
Fimee, Uuulnte Karle; Big Bill, Kdythe 

Fielda 1 Thentrc- rOscnr Unmmer^leln. 
mannger). — IjoiiIh Mann nnd Clara TApinfln 
rommRneed their eighth week, In "JflUe Bon- 
bon." IVb. 20. Tbc one hundredth perform- 
ance will occur MnriMs ft Cbalelalno powder 
puffs will w; the sou^nnlra. ■ ■ 

I»r«rtor*a"11fTj-ffl(a1ilfc slrrrl The- 
nlre (V.V. Proctor, managerl.— A largi* airti- 
anec.pi*™cd to thoroughly enjoy the pertorm- 
onwN at this .borne Mouday. NM»> Ibo 
show, opened .with the comedy oerobutlc net 
of the Rljroua Brothers, foil wed. by Jobn- 
Huh and wellm colored singers and dancers: 
Oihnr Hlngli. the Hindoo Yogi, who mystl- 
lieti with Cli pmrentatlon of the Human but- 
terfly and dinar arln of a hypnotic character : 
the StrtsH-1 Br<ilhrr« nnd Alack. In "Scenes 
Inn fSfe." Indtilgiil In t-onie «l.-ver tumh hig ; 
ritnrlAs B. Hruw. i1inrl»«s II. H»pprr. JBIak- 
brtb lb»n-| • awM» I'hllllpK nnd June Mnr- 
lowe. trenied cmiKldernble mlrlli In n Inking 
ope ncL fnive, "Il's 1> !«► Vmt. Wllllroa ; 
Dun TrtVAvoy nnd Ills Fifth Avcnnc Ulrls, 
mm IH) hnmw by Rt"rm ; the Three lhimendp 
dl«ci>ursfd *s«t mti*(e, to atmlmise : l>ert 
Irfsdle. Robert t,. Bailey, William Mowry 
nud Miud Kmerr. creflted peab* of lauitbler 
by thfl jollity of their turn: Ihn Florcax 
Fnnillv likewise yeriirlng many plaudits, la 
their neat acrobatic work, and the motion 
pictures were continued. 

>.ndl*on Mqiure Thenlre (Walter X. 
Lawrence, •-manager!. — Winston Cliurchlll « 
bow nu a playwright which U made In Ida 
three net Aajdo-Aniorlcan comedy, "The Title 
Mori," nnxluced at thU house oa Tucs-lay 
evening, Fep. .L'O, for the first limn in tbla 
city, waa .far. from . unccessful.-- II Ib maJdca 
effort In playwrlgbllng, which was origin- 
ally nreseuted nt tho I'r-irldenee Opera 
House) Providence. It. I., on Jan. BO. clluga 
rather .ckwelv to. hackneyed lines la lite mat- 
ter of plot, hud Is derelopcd in a crude and 
gi-'iieralW uninteresting manner. Those who 
looked for brightness in Hie dialogue were 
doomed to dlsnppoiiitpicut, udr were the sliu- 
nt!ou.-i funny save in u strained thentilcal 
way, which failed to carry across the foot- 
lights. The story tells of bow an Kugllsh 
lord. Trcdbury. luasiitieratleH n* his own 
frh-nd, for which purpose he Impersonates a 
certain snobbish >xuug KugKsbumn named 
Burking, and In this manner Is lulrodueed 
In the -household of a wealthy American 
merchant. Johu Blnckwell, whose wife la 
hept upon securing a tlUe for their daugh- 
ter, l.'dlili. As Barking Is taken to be the 
Kngllsh lord Mrs. Uluckwull miikcs frauilc 
effort h to secure hllll for KdUJi. but that 
yntiiig lady promptly falls lu lov» with tbe 
ml kird, who Is a manly young fell»w. 
He lu turn fulls la love with Kdlrh, heller* 
Ink her to be it young nctrcss. and not Hie 
llcTress, wtit'ui he lias been -.turned against 
bv an I'.ngllsh society woman. Lady Tick- 
iter. When matters are dually explained 
I*onl Treilbury wins Edith, aud Barking se- 
en res the Lady Tlekuor. Tlie actlut: of tbe 
u i s e a, ton by no means' of a calibre to 
bring out many of lis good points, for 
1 i -:iuk i.J I Inioiv, as the res 1 lord, M 
tvti exiiloslve in bis utterances to be eon* 
vluelug. und Arthur Hare, ns ibe bogus Hug- 
HnIi nobtemau. over acted. Alurray Carson 
wupj good us u lawyer, Ffolliott I*aget scored 
n succt^M as the title-hunting mother, nhd 
iSum Kdwaids wuu rcuuluely funny as the 
wealthy American. Hhickwell. Dorothy He- 
veil looked charming us l-Mt-h, and played 
with good effort. The Murquls of Treilbury* 
Frank Glllmorc; Ilegluald Barking. M. I*., 
Arthur Hare; Mr. Jobu Blackwcil, Sam KM- 
words: Mr. Lawrence Pepye, Alutray CftvMa ; 
Uuy nsrkson, l-'rederlc Sumner: Hiram Pe- 
feir, Sam Bced: Kzra Swozey, A. D. WHk9-; 
TUdeo, tfeorge S. Stevens; A Butler, Maitlu 
Ilenl-y: A 1'ootbirtu. F. B, Hersoiae; Second 
Footman, I- rhlpps : Ldlth Blackwtll, Do- 
rothy Itevell : Mrs. Iltuckwell, ITolIlott Paget ; 
Lady Marjory Tlekuor, Aluy l'ardoe. The scc- 
oad week began -0. 

Mjijestle llicnlrc i V.m S. Flnberty, 
munaKcr^.— Bert- .V WIIlluuis nud 'Jw. w. 
Walker, under the umnugviueui of Melville B. 
Ituyniohd, gave iho (list p reset] tut Ion of wbn,t 
theprogrumuics term "a muslml oddity," -m* 
titled "Abyssinia." nt this theatre, on Taos* 
day idsut. Feb. ZV. wlih.u verj: large uudleucfi 
In attendance. The book and lyrics are by J, 
A. ahlpp uud Alex- iCogers. the mush; by Will 
MiiMou Cook uud Bori A. Williams, 
tluital lyrics by Kurl (.'. Joncsi uud Juincs 
Yuugliu. The production wus handsomely 
staged, and the misc en acetic rich in color 
iiud ■ pluodug to the eye. wlille -tbe costum- 
ing nus Lusteful and uuluue in design. Tbo 
action of "Ahysslulu" occtira in four scenes 
ii lid . n prologue. -Messrs. Williams and 
Wulkrr assume Hie characters of tourists, 
from, ICtmsaa, who reach Abysslulu tn 
r+ult to .Icrusulein. Ihistus Joblisuu. (<Jco. 
\V. >Vnlker> Is trying to Mpcud o plethora of 
wealth, und Jasmine Jenklus (Bert A. Wil- 
liams) Is helping blui to do so. Bejoud tbls 
there is no 'Ktleuipt ut plot, or incident, 
tt. wc uiiy except the urresf of both of the 
principals In liie mui-kel place, lp ai'L two. by 
enter of King Meullk II, one for ussuming 
ihc character of a king, and the other for a 
lapse uintemory lu paying for u vuse, :--.-r.L-.'j 
feotti h boolb hi the market. - Both, however, 
arc subsequently discharged. Then* la a good 
slued eliorus, uud nttich of -ibe mush: Is catchy. 
Tb'> hem -of the niuslcal numbers are : Bert 
WIHlums* "Merc It ' Comes Again," Ada 
Orevlon Walker's numbtir, "Tbc Lion and 
the .Monk," with it chorus of Abyssinian 
nibldcu*. nnd George Wal Iter's uumbtir, "Its 
Hard To Kind a King Like Me." Bert Wil- 
liams' principal .song, -however, was tbe op- 
plnusc wluucr of Ihc evening. To sum up. 
ibe productlpn of "Abyssinia." It Is, lu many 
particulars, the most pretcDttoua or any for- 
mer efforts of- thestt iwimlur colored 
edaiedlnus, aud It will likely be Inneb 
Improved- as the presentations conllut)';. 
The cast follow h: Jssmiue Pei-klns, Bert A. 
WIlllnioH; 'Bnsltis Johnson, tleorcc W. Walk- 
er: l-.lder l^owler. Chas. II. Aloore ; Miss 
I'rlnilv, Iiotlle Wllliums: Aunt Collie link- 
er, ll.'tttle Mclntoiih; Wong Foo. Geo. Cat- 
It u : )**reiitt, Mugule Dftvls: Lnclndu. Iji- 
vhila Itogers: Nellie, Ads tiuigesse: Buptnie, 
Aline I'ussel: Jsuie>s, t;rulg WtlMuuw: King 
M»nrllk H. R. Henri Strange: Tho Affu Ne- 
gus, ,1. A. Shlpij; Slinnibd Bollnso. Alex. Itog- 
ers: /.iimlsh. J. K. LlghlfooL: Ouireeku, t'luw. 
L, Moore; Sctnra. Mia. l-'osler; Hadji, Win. 
C Klklns : Tal Tu, Annie Boss : Vnrluue, 
llultle Hopkins: Allnnio. Katie Junes: Mi- 
nim. Alda Overtoil Wulker. 93m second week 

l -. .:;iir "U. 

•I'klrH Armc Thfnlrr fA. H. Woode, 

ntunnfeTri. — "A^purute Cltauee" wns pre- 
svu led Moudity. -U. The cust Included : Harry 
I*. Wntcrbouse. Harold Vosburgh, M. F. Ityuu, 
Harry B Yokes. Bob McCluug, T. M. Long, 
Bert Mai tier, George ■ W. Bugbce. Wllllnia 
Kerrey, Bave Colieu. Bert Jluttler. Frank 
Cliurctilll. Fred Lewis. Ucrtritde Bloa MagUL 
Huby Jennifer siuciule, .leetita Cleineut aud 
Mrs. Nell K.mvP. Bert Howurd Ih manager; 
11, W. Bass, business munuger; Ilea. W. Bug- 
bee. eiirpelitiT ; Wm. Fi-rrey, prups. Next 
wr<k. "The Old Clothes Man. 

MItht**i Bowery Tlirnlrc (Lihvln P. 
Miner, manugerL — Tbe Merrymakers ure this 
week's at tract Inn. Willi tin excellent pro- 
grniuinc. u lueludes: "lliiunlng for Jlsyor" 
ami "The Mayor.! Vaeallou," also nil Inter- 
esllug arriiugeuicul of inxcliiltles : l>lck 
Brown uud Tow Koblusoiu Slroiise und 
Young, the Bsposllloit ffvar (Three Alex- 
ander Brothers nnd Hrudy). In u iniiHlcut 
net. with (.HirHUiL* vurlailnus, und the Gccnt 
Sbvrnuiu uud Fuller. Next week, the L'to- 

Atlnnflo Garden (W. Kramer's Sons, 
Tnatlh|*i'rs1. — Allcu llaunou uud Motile V'll- 

' iTeltb-a fWeaircft;, VxR*Qb&4&t 

iiaiiagerl^-Panl Couclias held over for a 
ilronS week. mm*BmxMk 2d, making as 

lluiums and I'm ii?. colored slugfng and danc- 
ing duo: the Wilsons. In a rctolvlug-brcuk- 
tiwiiy ludder act : Mile. Llua und D'Zulda. 
contortionists ; t J race Lyou. xocAllsL Juek 
Ltllott. truor singer unu illustrated songs : 
the Corbleys. balancing perch act, aud tha 
Atlnnllcuecopo are iho nUriiclloua for UUs 

I)nly*n Theatre (Hnnlel Frohmnn, mnna* 
cor)-.— -Kills Joffreys, In "The Fascinating Mr. 
Yanderfell," began her alxlli dad laut/week 
Feb. L'O. STcjI week, Lnwrvnce B'Orsoy, la 
*TUe liurimtwy BnIL" -• "- ' ~ " 

nupt^rcd in their luughatHa "ketch., "WM 
Two Hearts Arc .Woof' scoring their usual 
aiEeW. Sain.WatKou'fl l^arnyard la as In- 
SsUnR and -amusing an animal art as a tar 
anil rims swuotaly. Mr. sad g-*/5™ 
tarry scored a trcmendomuhlt lu the cle\er 
moicr skit. "The VnnderbHt Ci in, ond won 
man v curtain r-nilf. The Prtrhhig Bwa-iu 
"heir norellrni-t./'AMtwlcal Flower Hnnlcn, 
deserve gtent credit. ***!&*2L2E?*!E 
in his monolaiaie. -"Cooper and llohlnson kept 
tlte nu.lleneeln cnntlnned #&*&™JS*2i 
their line work; Youug nntk Melville offered 
a b*at Hlnirlii-rnmlHnnelng arr.'tacctliig with 
fnr.u-. Browhlnir, Welp ond Frnnkel. in The 
Wlrh.w Wise," accouiiillalicd their purpose— 
tbc creation nf laugim. hellu Taylor was ft 
nlenidng 'nmMllenne. R| and Pleer did sotnn 
verv good acroI«ttc work. Geo. Ilnldcn. a 
maclchtn, possenseH a coo<t bnn-vletlge of U 
work. Tlir- klactogrnpb showed some excel- 
leut pictures. ■,■ 

Aeailcmy of 3tnslo (Gllmorc k Tomp- 
klns^mnuagers).— 'rTIie; Heart -of Marrlnnd 
wns prcseuled by Barld Belosco .Mondw, 
Feh, u*L to a crowded- bouse, with un excel- 
lent cast. Odette Tyler, us Maryland Cal- 
vert, sud RdBat Wallace lloppof, aa -Nancy. 
UcSnlr, had the principal female roles, while 
II. B. MacLcun, ae Geo. Kcudrlck: urrla 
Joliuumi, ph Col. Kcndrlck ; John K. Kcllcid. 
ns Col. Thorpe, aad Wallace Kddlnger. as 
Lieut. Robert Telfair, made Hie most of their 
oiiiHirtuullles hi theli rtrspecllre roles. Others 
lu the cant were: Prevost Sergeant Blount, 
B. J. Murphv ; Tom Boone, Wilson Melrose ; 
Lloyd Colvett and the Sexton. Begun Hugli**- 
ton: Uncle Dau'L Robert Mclntyre; .Ciplaln 
Ulgtitoii. Joseph J. O'Neill; Captain Blair. 
Clarence I*. FInkler; Ideut Huyue. i\cudd 
Thouiurion : Aldes-de-Cainp of Gen. Kendrkks 
staff, itobert M- O'Neill. Robert H. Mitchell; 
Bludaoe, C, Howard Talo; Corporal, May- 
berry B. Frlut; 'O'llara. Oskar M. hokie : 
Buggies, Jones C. Walter; Forbes. Arthur 
.Tefferls : Johns«u. Arthur Jefferls : Phil, 
Frederic M. Covert: Mrs. Cnlbotirue Gordon, 
Florence Foster j Phoebe Yaacy, Inez Plura- 
mer. Jobu Vf. McKIniiey Is manager of tbe 
tonr; Clarence T. Boyklu, business manugt-r: 
IHuuld R. Shook, secretary; U. J. Murphy, 
Htago manager, 

Loudou Theatre (James H. Curtlu, mua- 
atteri. — The Tiger Lilies, owned by rhe Cnmp- 
ln'll-Bniw Aujtisement Co.. arc prcseuted here 
thUj week, and met uiti heurty wppru\id. 
Monday, l'i'b. *i«. "A Temporary Husband" 
Is a llvelv first imrt, lu ^vtlefi Klcby W. Craig, 
In n funny thiieli character; Will CuntjlDg- 
liaiu. Will J. Cook. Gwi. Cussldy, Wm. Altcn, 
Josle Webb. Carrie Kzlef and Mabel Lord 
appear to udvuiitugc. The chorus Includes : 
Jeuuettc Sherwood, Lilllau Allen, Rose Ajl- 
leu. Myrtle Koster, yndto Depew, May Word, 
Lottie Leslie, Kathryn Vernon, Dorothv 
Murks. Ada Halt. Sadie abulcr, Dorothy 
Blodget. Mattle Colllna und Dottle Curtis. 
The Incidental muBlcal number^ Including 
"Texas Dan," "i^ieyciin*.V '<j. O. P." wtre. 
well sung and put ou. Tbe fullowing spe- 
cialties were billed lo uppear: Cunningham 
ami liord, Carrie Uzler uud Josette Webb, In 
'■\'h-. Actress uud the- Mold," aa act full of 
life und action;" Rlchcy W. Craig, In a 
sketch, with his- graphophone partner, which 
made u hit ; Wm, Cook uud Wm. AUea, come- 
dian*. The pictures were. well received. Tie 
biirles'iuc ly mimed "The King of the Coffee 
Fiends.'' with llleby W. Craig, as tfekUtt ; 
Carrie Ilnler, as i)ueen Mocha of Coffeelund : 
J^anctte Khc-r^'uod, us l.lln Java, uud Will 
Cnuninghum. AMU J. Cook, Wm. F. Allen. 
und Josle Webb lu sullublc roles. "Wbcu 
tin* Bond Playeil Yankee Doodle,''" "The Jaal- 
to,r." "My Suuilower Fair". and '•The.Dtenp- 
iwlnied Girl." by Carrie Eiler, wxre eomc of 
the successful numbers. A rousing tinalc 
capped the periuraniuce. Issy Grodz It* mau- 
ni-er: George Kuilar, musical director; AL 
Marshall, carpculet; IW Burmaster, elec- 
trician. Next week Ibe Ideals. 

Fustor's Theatre (Tony Pastor, mana- 
ger).— *'or ftei week of Feb. ^B; Holcombe, 
Cyrils and \Vt?bu nppciircd In their latigliuhle 
crentlou, "A Wiuier Session,'* repeating their 
former triumphs. Charles F. Bcmon, "liie 
narrow feller, 1 ' had n eentratlouul success In 
his excellent comedy and mualeal net. Gracle 
Kinmcit and coiaiMitiy, lu "Mrs. Murphy's 
Seeond Hushund,' scored, as usual, und 
hmghter reigned suureuie. Alllc U.lbcrt and 
her Six Summer. Gfrls made a favorable fm- 
Pi;"sslo». 0,'Brlen and Buckley, tbc clurer 
comlfjues. weh; a- marked cunuju. Treloar 
won much favur lu lira pleaabig act. Mr. 
nud Mi-s. Chas, ■ 1). . Hammond. In "Family 
Jars,** Imvc u laughable skit, which tbev pre- 
sent lu d clcvet . muuiier. PhllbroDka aud 
Iteyuulda tutide their uenal ' hit lu ">Bes 
Steuo." ■ others were : James uud DpS 
Kmerson, In Xtlsii comedy : Collls Le Page, 
In-siongs: Montague and O'Harn, In comedy; 
Grace - Guilders uud her dog, uud the vita- 

iHiCtr York Hippodrome (Thompson & 
Dundy, managers) .-— "A Society Circus" eou- 
tlnues on Its Kuecesiful way, the following 
acts appearing In the circus portion: Capt. 
•Voodward't! seals, Power's ctcpuohte. Mile. 
l.erls. ca.iK'ftrienuc; (Jandscbmldl's ucrobatle 
clown«, YInella's performlug slulltous, ibe 
Borslnis, rolling globe act ; Plying Dunbar^ 
uerlullsts: Four AYebbs, acrobats; M'uIfTa 
leaping hounds, Five Hticussons, ctjuestrlatts; 
Kulph Johnstone, bicyclist cxtraordluurv; 
the Four lllnnos. Silvers, MaTcelln'c und the 
George Botihalr-Gregory troupe of ucrobucj. 
lluber'a Museum (John II. Audeiwu, 
maouger). — Lllibem; a mun with two bodies, 
is still ihe feature utinictloii at this uopulur 
fuiuliy resoTl, nnd Is attracting marked ut- 
leiuloii. Others In the curio halls this week 
are: Myrtle Corblu, four legged woman; 
the Cliffords, sword swutlowcrs; Marluu 
Green, Uvl-ig skeleton : l«dy Olg.i, snake 
ehanner; Mile. Ml, fnt girl. In the tbeiitre, 
which m, pneked at each performance, the 
usuui execlleut blil Is given, with eood re- 

Ilrn-rr Thrnlrr (SulJIran ft Kruill, 
inimagi-rs).— The Ooldeu Crook Burlesuuew, 
under the nutiiugciaeat of Ifenrv C. Jacobs. 
Ls the atlrsctioa here this week. Monday 
afternoon uud evening found every seat UUeJ, 
and (be show. Judging from the uudieucc. Wua 
voted u success. The opening burlcttu. called 
"Forty-flvc Secouds ou BrOndway," wus fnH 
of snnp-and ginger. During the ucttou of 
am burlcttu several catchy and noTel niusl- 
cal numbers ivciv Introduced by Ihe conipuuy. 
Following this tt big ballet spectuele, culled 
"The Four Hea-ons." wus glycn with uiueh 
Butccsp, lutitnluclne; Ed. Alvora, us "SetKH* 
Alvorn,' In hla character whirlwind dance, 
and the Yolto Duo. Kuroneuu duueers, J'ho 
MIMR, cIcetrlcBl efrecis and cosiumes irere 
brnuilfiil. la the niwlcvlllc the following 
apiicurcd to good advnntaae: U. Morton, 
Plnger of popular songs: Brothers Bneh. Jn- 
man. Wakefield and eomjtanv. In a om- n;t 
sketch, entltlrd "Sporting Life;" Arlington 
and Drlinorc, aud Maryland Tvson. The per- 
fomianee euded with the C^>ldt*n Crook march. 
Next week, Unfitly Ducbess Co. 

t-rrintl Vpern House (John It, Ki>rlug<*r. 
ntuuugerl.— K, B. WIHard began what prom- 
ises to be n lipluudld cusugemcut, uppearlng 
lu "Th-.* Mlddleuiuu" Feb. •_*«. und for tbe 
rest of the week, excepting SaTurduv umtluri', 
when "The Professor's Ui\c Story" will he 
ghen. Next week, "Ibe College Widow." 
Umpire Theatre (Cburles Frtfbtunn. 
manugerL — Maude Adums. In "Peter Paw," 
eulered her seventeenth week Feb. ML T*he 
one hundred and flftleth performance will 
occur ML 

Fourteenth Street Theatre (J. Weslcr 
nn^enriiiest , nwn^r). — "Bedford'R II^ 1 
openeil lu Rovcnth week nnd lnrt fortJlnlit 
Fell. 20. 

Broadway Thentrc (A. TV. Dhwrall. 
maiingri'i.— i;i«le Jnnls opened her keveitth 
neck- Fob. M| la "Tho Vunderbllt Cup." -- 


— ^.run!, 

■ Ire (V. F. rrortor. manager J.— ^'IllTam 
Courtlelili made bis .Vc f-'TMr vaudetllie 
debut at tliln aouae. on Feb. 2d,- lu u . Httie 
play, entitled "Under tbc Third Drgree." -by 
Campbell McCulkjugu. In whivh Mr. Court- 
Ulgb plays acveu rbaruetets lu dU. nm 
Btory follows elowly that of "A Case ut At- 
son/' which van to- recently prodUi*ed In this 
city, and telln*of the attempts node by a 
?iew \ork Police Inspector to wring from 
James tVarner^ accused of arson, the con- 
fession of. bl« guilt. At length tbe raau's 
wife la bronght frtcc In face -with hlin. in 
dramatic tdawier, sud he Is told tint hit own 
rhlld wa«. destruyed: .In the Ure that be 
kindled. He t ben ronfesie* Mr.-Courtlclgii 
piavfrt the seven ^hanfelers wlfb erevoroM- 
Heoclue esjieclally by his fervid work us James 
Waraer, tue culprit; TIiouuih Brady, n police- 
man, played with good dialect, and Glo- 
rnonv Purdello. an Italian wltucs*. Tlw 
playlet was not written with nuy great skill 
In the matter of leading tip to dramatic In- 
terest, hut. It held dose attention by reatou 
of the characters Introduced, nud Mr. Court- 
lelgh/H work wnn rewarded with warm :ip- 
platuc Dnvc Lewlu, asslatctl by a 'com* 

. - oy a 
Iran* of nine people, nppenred In an ub- 
i*urdlty Mitltled "Working for Two." which 
Introduced some good niuslcal uumlters, till 
well rendered, and some funny situations and 
lines, concerning a Hebrew's unexpected vlsslt 
upon n ttoubrettc. Mr. l^ewls was decidedly 
eoecltvc In his work, and tbe offering meL 
with approval. Itadha, tbc mystic dunce, re* 
mains for Its third week. This feuture bus 
nppureuily impressed tbc patroua lu unusual 
manner, -nnd- )tf< really excelleut virtue bos 
been ttcogttlzed. Cbcrldah: .Blmpson und 
•The. Pl-lnce of . PJlsen 1 '- girls worked 
lndcfatlgdtfly to please -= 1n their entrt- 
talubtg specialty, ntid won w*dl deserved 
applause, while Gardner and Vincent, 
In * Wlunlng u Queen," au lutcrestlug spcr- 
taciilur fantasy, were promlucut contributors 
to the bill. Carroll Johnson's sluging und 
monologue were evidently looked forward to 
with great plensurc by many In the audience, 
nnd their anticipations were fully reallicil. 
If their reception of his efforts counced for 
anything. Tbe Hacker-Leuter Trio presented 
an act That. was full of surprises la tbe bi- 
cycle ridlig line, their, head to brad, balanc- 
ing ou the wheels caUlng forth storms of ap* 
jdanac. i;dua huby. lu her iatltatloas of 
itars, which she calls "Fifteen Minutes on 
Broadway," was made a favorite in quick 
order when her genuine talents at mlmlcrr 
were shown. Others on .the bill were: Barry 
A. Brown, cartoonist, comedian and enter- 
tainer ; the Parros Brothers, equilibrists, 
whore net Is a splendid one, and Fred Bay 
and Elly Collmer, In their exceedingly funny 
Sbukey-iie-areuD burlesque. 

Prlne<ft« Thentrc (Hi'iiry Miller, mun- 
uger). — Henry Woodruff made bis debut aa 
u star on Monday evening, Feb. U6. In Bltu 
Johnson l'oung's four act play. "Brown of 
Harvard," which was then given 'ts drat 
production. Mr. Woodruff was given a big 
reception, und he proved by his work that 
be deserved It, for Le guva a most '.reill tabic 
piece of impulsive, natural, uud, wltbal, 
muuly ueticf, in a play that was entertain- 
ing ulotig fiitolllttr und well worn Hues. Tbe 
story of collego life, with its good -fellowship 
aud Ita boisterouti fun, was developed along 
tbc old grooves, with the betrayed girl aud 
the hero, falsely suspected of being responsi- 
ble for her undoing, as its central Qsufea, and 
u boat race between the American college and 
n British crew us Ur- thriller. Although -Mrs. 
^ouug's shortcomings as a playwrlgnt are 
I'Onsplcuoua, It unwt be acknowledged that 
she ban given plenty of dudi und go lb her 
rfory, and hulas the Interest well from the to the full of the curtain. Thefc 
arc some Interesting pictures of- college life, 
nhlch uiuy or may not be well done, but 
which are noae the leas entertaining ucr&ts 
the fooUlgbU oa that accouul. and- there ure 
pfeuty af; bright line* und u well, defined 
utorj". which grips one In- spite of himself. 
The boat race wus well executed. Its progms 
being elererly suggested- by the worlc of. the 
spectulord ou tho stage, which showed excel- 
lent stage m&uagcmcnt. And. by tbc way, 
Henry Miller, who sluged the piece, deservea 
great credit, und wus brought out for a 
speech, along; wllh Henry \\oodruff. Bplh 
responded brleUr and bupplly. The story Leila 
or how Toui. ill-own. general good fello*^ 
sludeut at Harvard, uud aubfctltute on the 
'varsity eight, helps bis frleuds. unft Is well 
nigh ruined In consequence- It appears tbat 
Tom aortal Evelyn Ames, whose brother. 'Wil- 
ton, bad betrajed Marluu Tborqe. WlItQQ 
Sav tome foollsa 
cck from Tom, 
. „_pes It to Marlon 
Thoroc. Meantime Victor Col ton. a student, 
conspires lo rulu Harvard's coances . la 
the coming; bout race with KuglWd'a 
picked clgiit, ulid appeals lo Wilton 
to uld lilm. Uis plan U to buve Gerald 
Thorue, Mnrlan'B bi-ollirr, who Is tbe Btrokc. 
und best man. on the Ilarrurd crew, notified 
of hlk stater's shame und- disappear iiiee just 
before the nice, tbua- crippling llarvard'a 
eight. His plan works, and Gerald Thorpe 
refuses to row. aud rushes out Immediately 
to find bits slater. But Tom Brown, substi- 
tute, eieps Into bis place, und Ilarvard wut»- 
Lator TomV cheek Is found lu Murlun's y-ot- 
Kama by iier brother, who, jumps to the 
coutiitalou that Tom Is the guilty man. 
Thlugs look black, for him, but bo finally 
comes nut of It nil right wbcu Wlllon uc- his own guilt In the affair. ,ind 
Tom and Kvelyn ure. reunited. Mr. Wood- 
ruff pluyed the leading role with great clever- 
ness. h-R sincerity und fervor currying his 
acting fyrcefully acmss the footlights. Theo- 
dore l''r]''b'jp , us the fellow who irled lo rulu 
nls colleee'B ehanees In Ihe race, -.vnsfupltal, 
und Walter Thomas played the culprit, Wit- 
top Amis, wllh splendid effect. Albert Perry 
did suuh* prubeworthy work, und Howard 
Hetabmuk was manly and very miich ut vase 
lu hlu role. Willlau llosell scored u suceesj 
an the unsunn-ssf-ul suitor for the hand of 
Tom's Indy love, nod klrj t'mnk. speech (o 
Tom. In thn lust act. vat delightfully given- 
?.&nra Hope Crews hud very Tittle to do as 
Jlb'lyn Ames, but she did thai little well. 
and Ivule Lester wuu honors In tbc part of 
Mrs. Ames. Cathartuc Calhoun was also 
worthy uf mention. T4ie cast : Tom Brown, 
Henry Woodruff : Gerald Thorae, Albert 
Perry; Wilton Ames; Wulter Thomas; Clax- 
tou Madden,- Howard Iwtabrooke : John Cart- 
right, Douglas J. Wood : "Tubby" Anderson, 
Artbnr S&uw: Hurry Thurston William 
Iloselle : Waller Barnard, Joseph H. Graybll ; 
Warren Pierce, G. Haven Pcabodv : ITiorop- 
eon Coyne. Mason Terry; "Budd" Hall, 
Itobert otvwe GUI: Victor Colton, Theodore 
Prlebus : (leorgc Fclwyu. James Keating ; 
Jumes Van Iteusselaer, Wm. R. Audrcwt-: 
WeHiy Hodges. Homer Busaford; Arthur 
P.hikc, Barry Maulle; William Andrews, 
George Gernld; Schneider. Fred Thorav: Cod- 
dilngion, Dunlel Pcnnclt; Kills, P.lcliurd 
ntdgcly: Old Clothes Msn. Lenb I«fl Ba> ■ 
Poor Keeper, Howurd lfuE?eItou: Okf. By 
Himself ; Mrs. Ames. Kate I^esier; Uvelyn 
Ames, bnum Hope Cr**wv: Marluu Tliomc. 
Cntberlne Culboiiu: IWHh Bluclulr. litiel 
Murlhi ; Johu, ihe OniugeuiuQ. By HlrCself. 

Criterion 'Ihrntrr {Charles FrobJUUb 
muiinger>. — lithri Barrymorc, lu "Alice Sit 
bj-tbe-Flre" aud "Puntaloou," with Lionel 
Barrymore. entered their tenth and last <v«S 
Peb. 2U. Neit week, Pruncls Wilton, In "The 
Mi'uutain Climber." 

BIJnu Ihemtre (Uarrv B. Sire, mana- 
ger).— Bnvld Warileld. lu "Tbe Music Mail- 
en" Rtartwl his taent>-9lxtb week Feb. -6 
Tho live hnndredth performance will occur 
March G. 

Hnd-on Ttiea t re ( Henry B. Harris, 
mtinnjrer),— -Otis Bklnner entered Mb third 
week In "The Dnei" Feb. IP. 

New Amsterdam Theatre (Klaw 4 l>r* 
jmjML tnewtaernt. -— Pa* Trtntiletan-' •'J 
"Fortr-ave Mlnntee D'om Broadway," eutereu 
btfr afjiih week Vm. 'JO.- - ■ 

corner to Tom for u loan to imv borne foollsa 
gumbllug debt, receive'! u check from Tom, 
"rulses It," aud later on gives It to Marian 


,-. t |cn Tlicotrr (J. il. Wlrd. nuna- 

S.^ —Hurry Clar Blaner *"« H *«> here Moa- 
EimSECtS'M '" lht SB* pr«iM«tlon 
, B "v f S Vort of *»■ 5H n*lBrt llioOiin," 
i to." «« «»""* «r««.-liy f*»rt» K. 
ol.Vw,. Tin- show c»rr 1(10 bf»t or MlUfir- 

SMS* M& Minnnl.h! -ivM-nd Mr. 

ti, " I. siirrflnnded by nn ctrrllrnL compnny of 
i.n known nliiyer...- SrwrlnUl.s iir? «lw> In.. 
ElJSw Ph/Mlowloe. Willi iTjMj l-Wfi : 
urr. I'l.J fl hn'y. ■"!"> ■(ffcin") filth 
£5%t J -Wolf. TUf full n« : Willie Uf<\ 

^HE ,.3Srg W , Y.OBK ^OLIPEEB., 

2g .-.1L 5T '^2 •....■ ' ■ -•• ..J ' ■ ■ ' ■ ■ ■'X. v". 5?*j? 


JHjU PHTH! (Dudley Mc.\dow. manager!.— 

"The Kunawnys" la here awk of £8, -**•» 
tnouas Evans, the "ITency Boy " 

Ing fun maker. The company" is A JlfM « 

having n chorus of over nfiv. 

Wl I I .Mi I «..(■_'_- ■_' .. 

irKtoD- Gen! Stoessel. F. R. Stanton; A4- 
m'ffl Togo. Will Lonl*; Dr. Baratlnfiky, 
rat SBati Michael OrlofT, AM Man- 
£C! Detective Wiseman, Pier-on Kline: 
ESnrV Hunter, Frank Martin; Magistrate, 
EE Goodrich: Lieutenant leddo, A. Asn- 
ilro • Captain ftrl Constant Naka ; I.leiiten- 
■at Unto, J- Hyokufa : Quarterraasler. Ham 
Sltn- Boatswain, Arthur A. Ishlfcawn ; 
Ricl'r Chis. EmraeU; dinner's Mate. John 
n Rockefeller; flnnrcl, lannn Edwards; Or- 
Erti linker thicken ; Dora Live, Blanche 
Shirley Virginia, Kleanor Jennings- Qn> 
Side Van Dyke, Ortfn Morton; Mildred 
vSurhn, Fdlth Moore; Helen Hamilton, 
uvrilf OrRttAm.; Fanny Wnrd, Rosa Ollmoro; 
Ml* San, Pearl Tyson; YnM Bub, Wl* 
MR- Vw Tern, Addle Gallant: Rtyen Akl- 
moii Frances Fcnnell ; Madge. Melrose. Algy 
nnri «en Ken. Klrry Wolfe. 

lleraid sqaar* Theatre (Charles Prob- 
man manager). — George, M. Cohan started 
bU third, week Na\ Sft in "George Wofihlng- 

'^SarlirTheaWrw (Prank McKce. manager). 
— M Mr. flopUlnson" entered Its third week 

WaTllaclrti (Mrs. Then. Moss, mncagor). 
— \Vm. nmtftam began IiL" afneteenth week 
in "The Snnaw Man." Feb. 2«. Tbc one 
tiindrwl and ilftlotb perfonnnnce owtirred 
ai ihe mntlnee. 24'. ' , 

flurrtck Thentr* (Wm. H. fleynolds, 
manncer).— "Callons" opened Its third weak 

Ufa, Jjfl. 

fj'nnlen Theatre. (Henry W. KIM 
managpr) ,— Raymond Hltehwwk, In "'Ilia 
^ 1 HlIope^,' , commenced hla sixth week Feb. 20. 

Liberty Theatre (Klaw & Erlnn^er. 
maaagew). — Thts lonM is dark until 'fhiira- 
ri^y night, Marrli 1, when "The Redskin" 
will be presented. 

I.yrl.'- Theatre (Snm S. &, Shuhert, 
mnnnreifi!.— "Mexlenna'' atnrted Its fifth 
»e»l: Feb. 2rt. Christie XacDettM retnimed 
her place on fliat date, nfter (our days' 111- 
■nR nut of the east. 

r««ino (Snm H. k l.oe Shuhert, mana- 
pirs i .— "The F.ntl and the Girl" befan its 
seventeenth week- and last fortnight Feb. 2fl. 
Georgia Oainc has left tbe cast, being III, 
her part being played by May bMk 

.Ulner'w lllfihtii Avenne TUentre (Kd- 
win D. Miner, manager). — The Washing-ton 
Socleir Olrls week of Feb. 26. Next week, 
.'.{-iv Howard. 

Aetaseo Theatre (David Bclaftco, man- 
ngerj. — BInocho Bntes. In "The Girl of tno 
Golden Weai,'* began her sixteenth, week Feb. 

' krleUerhoeter Theatre (AI. Ilaymin 
& Co.. mnnagers). — Frltzl Scheff commenced 
her tenth week, la "Mile. Modiste,." Feb.. 26. 
r J.><-enm Theatre (Daniel Krohmnn, 
utib-ipiTl.— "TijeiJoii and the Mouse" start- 
ed Its iifteenlh week .Feb: 20. 

; .Harleaa.— At the Harlem Opera House 

iAlcx.'I.lchiegsteln, r manager) >'Mau nnd Sn- 
perman," with Robert Lornlne as thO.staY, 
•tpened In' a well flllrd houge Feb. 2H, nud.rt 
good flflvnoiicwic Is reported. Tbe star nnd 
corajiJitiy met with a warm reception. Next 
week. Blanche Watefa, In "The Woman In the 
CM 1 ! 

Wkst UNO (George .\. Itlumenthil, mnn- 
ager). — "Ittifiif* Rasing" wlta. lirnest Iloain 
e; tbe srar attraction, drew a good slxnrt 
audl-nce, 2d, and as this is Mr. ffngan's nr4i 
west Ilarlem npp>'Hrnnrn with tbfa play, he 
Bhould have a big wepl. The nhow Is an 
uhtnually pleasing one. Nett week, •'Lovers 
and Lunatic!!." . - 

MnnopoLts (Ilenrv Rosenberg. manRffer>. 
—Lottie Blair Parker's "0nde,r Southern 
SklB" began a return engagement under the 
moat favorable circumstances, -6, the house 
bereg packed) AH Indications point- to a big 
treek, ni tbe advance sale Is the best in xnnti 
time. Np« week, ".Secret flerrlce Sam." • 

Stati (Wm. T. Keoch, manager). — "The 
Child aiaves pf New York," one of Cbarlea 
F. Blaney's Iwst plays, drew a crowd that 
packed this boom from top to bottom at both 
performances 26. The piece evidently gave 
uWisfnctlon, fiR applause was freely bestowed. 
Several of the scenes held tbe audience, by 
reason of their novelty. Nest week, "Young 
Buffalo, King of the Wild West." 

rnocToa's Osc HuNoann and Twbnty- 
fifth Street Theatre (F. F. Proctor, man- 
ager). — One of the star Attractions of the 
wasoa. "Tbe Prisoner of Zendn," packed this 
bouse 26. It Is staged with now scenery and 
^stnmcs, nnd should prove a record breaker 
for the season. The dual role of Rudolph 
rtaneniiyll nnd Klnff Rudolf, the -Bed F.lph- 
herg." was enpltnlly prayed by Paul MeAl- 
llsi?r. nnd Beatrice Morgan made an uncom- 
monly captivating- Prlncesa Flavin. Others 
In an excellent cant were: nnrry IMIIUrd, 
Agues Bcott. WMIInm Norton. Mathilda 
Deshon. Georce Norton, Sol Alkeii, Robert 
i^otve, Robert L. Hill and Julian Reed. The 
vaudeville offer* : Keller and Vlolette. Shorty 
ami Lillian Dc Wilt, and Knrtls and Bitase. 

ALiiiMHRA (Tercy G. Williams, inannEcr). 
— It 1* the same old atory here, nlcht uftnr 
night nnd week nftiT week — stnnttlnB: room 
at a premium. Tlie preaent Week'f* offe-rlng Is 
a very atrong one. It Is headed by lOgo 
snrl hbi orchestra. It bflln*» their rtrsr. Ameri- 
can appearance, Rlgo was tinnble lo piny tho 
violin sMl on account of an accident to his 
hand. Others were : The Four Lukens, Ha- 
l^rnn, FJlnore Sisters, Loh'Ik A. r?lrhon, nrnce 
Hfirdner and corapnnv, Tloword and North, 
■tbe Ponr Heanons," Augusta fllow nnd the 
three Le|ghtonn. 

ttuvstn it gtiAiinx'fl Mvsic H.\rj. (Ben 
H'lrtlg, mannger). — Bnslness continues to he 
gl 'the best, the house being packed nightly. 
rw« week's bill Includes: Francla Gerard, 
J.oiiiM MonlroBe, Joo JLoxwrll and company, 
f-hnrlfs Kennn. Le Roy nnd Clnvion, M^agnorjl 
Fanollr, Billy. Single Clifford, and Delmorc 
und Iaq. 

Fahm.t TrtFATnn (AL Onken, manager).— 
Tno week opened with n tine hoa'ae 20, when 
;he foliowlt'p bill was presented: Leslie's 
Porcine Clrc.M. Torn Ray, Mnrahnll Mont- 
Cjimery, A mot. and Ourm, Hhodn. Beronnl, 
>iA(7.iimota .Inpa.'.-'sc Troupe, and Mile. Nydln 
IV Verdi. 

,. Gotham (HuIHvau ^ Kraus, mauaffera).— 
i be Trans- Atlantic Extr.— ogunza t'o. opened 
to n w.tvded btiuse 2fl, am. evidently ideaaeft. 
ii is a well arranged couipni . -, and althoiigli 
Kiinewhnt dlffereur from the i',mial Iinrles<|ue 
•-onipauy, tu-orcd a hit f«»r Its i-nmily and 
HHiera] pxeelleaee. A big week'w MmbMM 
N| ioulii result. Next week, Ri-ntc-Snutley Co. 

I u.\»'k (Sum Tnnker, lunnagert .-• ■ This 
weeks lilll offers; The Three Nonunns, Dick 
'■egk-art. the NorrlBes, l*nitl Lrt Vr*lx. MaJ- 
v [ne and Khontas. *.hc Van Aukcnn, and Man- 
n'ag and Flntitelle. 

nrooklrn.— At tha MonUak (Kdwln 
«f*U manager) "The Toast of the Town," 
with Viola Allen, fa the enrreat attraction. 
opening Feb. BO. Miss Allen doea excellent 
^ork. and la surrounded by a well selected 
janjpnny. Those prominent In the cast nm : 
Isabel irtlnjr. Fanny Addlwin Pitt and Har- 

as the lend- 
large one, 

Wiliftu Loalfif In *"TrilHy, v *''illd n" tSR 
business. "'VVaj Down iTast" follows for 
two weeks. • » 

Obano Orrrti House (M. T. MIddleton. 
manager*. — For tbe current week "'Che Vol- 
l',?*?* 1 " OrtiBtat* 1 will be here, opening. 28. 
Molflt Iloucb. In the leading female role, la 
supported by Elizabeth Mulvey, John E. Gof- 

firm bloSi fair lo rlvnl «.r»ma of irie older ones. 
This Increased ropiiallzntlnn U more thnn 
f p ia V d-nl the feienity grdwill of husuvss 
nnder the earefnl and eutclem management 
of. rjr neat Hhlpunn,- who has |am pln«*e 
proved his nhllity ns n "mannger. The flrrtt 
iras found Itself trr need ■ of more elbow 
room In the trnnsnetlon of ihe constanily 
lnererfslrjg; volume 'of 'htialttess. ' 
Richakd .Mansfhm.d will commence his en- 

Etrement at -the New Amtterdam Theatra 
ilth- '!!». In "Don Carlos." 
Muc, Vvftte CiiLBEnr appeared at the 
Lyceum Theatre aftetowrt of Feb: 10, la the 

>rld of Players, 

Isaac B. Ricn. for many years a Well 
known tftrntrlcal mnnaeer ta Hoslon, cele- 
brated his seven^y-ntnlh hlrthdny |''eh. 23, 
receiving niarty kindly r'ememhranreja frnm 
MrjMbt.n nnd out of the protession. 

Many new itteaires are \>> )tv Ittitlt thla 
season in Virglnin nnd Weit Virginia towns, 
If the prewnl plans are carried out. RnajMaa 
la Ajsured nf nntlnc a new house. The new 
fiddlers' Home Theatre, Johnson city, Tenn., 
opened Feb. 22, with "Tho Missouri Girl," 
matinee nnd nlitht. The hulldlng la said to 
hnvo cost *tl7,(Hsi. Tbe Masons, at lllnton, 
W. Va., will fltect a theatre at once. The 
Masons have nearly completed a doe theatre 
at Clifton Forge, Va. New theatres, ate being 

man, DMA 1 Use and others. 'Tens," last fffrt of a series of seven song recitals, wing bnllt at Mane*, Va., and at Montgomery. 

tSSs. dld ?. i 1 / teHP** N «* week, "No eathuslastlcally welcomeu after her long ah- W. Va. A Summer theatre is to be erected 

Mother to Guide Her" senee from Ataerlca. Mme. Gullbert, ir? the at Rlueflelds, W. Va., and the opera house at 

„ D '- 10t ' (Mrs. Spooner, director) . — Ilia interim, hns Improved In her an, ood It I» Abingdon. Va.. Is being renjodelod. 

reek, Never Again" Is put on by the house only Just to sav that today. In her line, she T"c OHmtys aisonu-i of New \orlc have 


Harold Kennedy and Augustus Phillips In 

the lending roles. "Tho Wedding March." 

with F4na May and Cecil flnoooer. 
"1J1 Ins " 

Ia<»t week, did a big bnslneas. Next week, 

"The Veu' \Ifl"(lnlonj> " 

Stands without a peer. She renders relhied 
and simple melodies In a moat exquisite man- 
ner that Is cnptlvnttng. li Is not the rcnnbslto 
of vocal talent which mAkes these .=onga of the 
pertndx of tho seventeenth and eighteenth cea- 
ttirles (Clianions Pompadour) nnd of about 
l*;vi (ChanKon^ Crinoline i so delightful, but 
the charm of manner, artistic lotiches, the Ir- 
reslsiahle itinur and htiunarnirnt . (J'rpa'/lcs, 

New Magdalene. 1 

HvbK & BnHMAVa (Nick Norton, mann- 
p. r). — August. Van Blene. the clever 'cellist, 
la the leading feature of the hilt opening 26. 
Others are : -M It ton nod Dolly Nobles. In play- 
let. '"ITie Days of '40;" the Riding Roonevs, 
tbe Grand Opera Trio, Raymond and Cnverly, 
Ihe Five Filipino Girls. I'onjro nnd I*o, Tom 
Moore, and the klnetogrnph. 

OftrHKCM tPerey fi. Wlltlams, mannger). 
— Henry De Vrlea, the wonderful character 
actor, appears for the second and laat week 
In his play. "A Case of Arson," in which 
h<! aeon'd a big success last week. Others oa 
the bill are: llnrry Corson Clarke and com- _ 

pony, the Piccblanl family of acrobats, Bel- th.> deepest impression, but they were all 
mau and Mcore, in "a Vauderillr Hurprlae;" thoroughly enjoyable. _ As encores she *ang 
Vance, Krt. retell, Mnek face nnihlcnl 

orgnnl?.ed under the banner of Local No. IS, 
of the Actors* National rrotectlre t^nloo of 
America. The organlrntlon took place in 
Hie. hall or the Actors' Nntloaal Protective 
I'nton of Amerlrn, 8 I'nlon Square, being 
crtllcd to order by Harry De Venus, notional 
nresldent. After a brief nddregs, James I.. 
Barry, gntnd notional deputy, oraanlied 
them na tx»tnl No. 1ft, of the Artara* Nntlnniil 

rramaMa iiinur and MaaaeaMl ftMWMt, rnem na t,o<ni .-no. .in. or ine *nm rtniaanw 
with a thousand nnd one other fascinating Protective Union, Chorna Singers Brnm-h 

movements and hlnilngs sl gestures. The 
Frenchman Is a master of the pantomimic 
art nnd the bnre suggeRflon of Ihe movement 
la much more eojojnhle thnn the fully de- 
veloped idea. Mme. Gullbert Is beyond nil 
question ahsolnte mistress of this. She sang 
twelve selections, elx being allotted to each 

Serlod, for which ahe wns approprialeiy and 
alatlly costumed, Perbapn "Cotloetlo" mado 


comedian : Cabaret's dog's, Herbert Brooks 
magician ; Taylor Holmes and the vltngrnpli. 
Kkbxry's (Frank A, Keener, mnaagef). — 
Lonlse Gunning heads The curreni bill, begin- 
ning 26.. Others: Kloven Gnyety Glrla, 

Addresses werV made by National Secretary 
|>w Morion, Naitonnl I>enuty Jos. I,. Bnrry, 
Nallonnl Vtce-1'mstdent Mtm Gold, of th*» 
Hebrew Leglilmnre Union, l^ocnl No. 7, nod 
President Max Salsberg, or Local No. 14, 
Which Is composed of the grand opera sing- 
ers at the Metropolitan. James S. Thomp- 
son la president, nod llnrry Rotnnd iwcretary. 

A kkw door lock has been put upon the 

mnrket which -promises to supercede all faa- 

, tenlngs now used upon theatre dnoti. It Is 

most delight- styled the "I'mergrncy Kxlt Thiorlock," and, 

" ok Its name Iridlcnior. It Is Intended to prove 

Its usefulness In all emergencies la theatres 

or other buildings where large assemblages 

congregate. In case of panic arlning from tire 

or other causos. & Co. will send out two conipanloa 
next season, playing "The Vanderhllt Cup," 
one to he headed by Aisle Jonls. 

C. W. CminTNur, of tbo Henderson Rtnck 
Co., wrltea: "By mistake, my name was left 

thoroughly enjoy. __ 
three old songs. In English, 
fully : "The Keys of Heaven," "A Bargain" 
and "The Woman That Waa Inimb." Richard 
Ilflgcmajt was an excellent accompanist, fol- 
lowing closely tbe peculiar handling of the 
_, trlekr songs. " Armnnd Forest, violinist, aaalst- 

_ lelds aftd Ward, Jewell's manikins. Green ed greatly In the pleasure of the cntertnln- 

Brothers, Morris nnd Kramer, the Roynl mem. hy nts excellent renditions of Handel's 

Musical Five, Vandlno and Dean, and the fourth sonata 1q four movements; Rondo Cn- 

KeeneyHCope. nrlccloso of C. St Saens ; Bercenso of G. 

UtrBMAi, (Wm. V. Grovcr, manager).— Fnure, nnd Zlegiienerwelsen of P. Snrasate. _ 

The current week's hill Includes: Arthur Mine. Gullbert appeared ngnln afternoons of out of. the roster published In 111 K CUMB 

Punn, in a aketeh, "The Messenger Boy;" 2«, 2T. 33, 26, nnd will be heard aflerooona of Feb. 10, Ibis being my eighth year with 

Catherine Countls*-, In a eonledy, "Wedded of 27 nnd March 2. the Hendersons. Our business In l-.ldon, la., 

by Wire;" Pierce nnd Roslyn. singers : RicimbP-Hatprs, a former dramatic crltle, week of Feb. 10, wns MM to he the higgf-st 

James J. Morton, comedian; the Three Ma- was stricken with apoplexy Feb. 10, ana over done tliore, ihe house being sold out 

carte Slaters, Smlrl and Ressner, Oakley and was removed to Bellevuo Hospital, where It before noou each dny. .lane GrlfJlili rejoined 

McRrlde, Fcreriis and his musical dog, and Is said his condition Is critical, as he Is an the company at l'idon, la., Feb. so. 

the klnetograph. . old man. He has translated ploys 

Sua (Archie II. Kills, manager). — Rice & from tbe German nnd French. 

Barton's Rose mil Folly C». ik the attrac- Kmita Calve was given an enthimlaitlc 

Hon opening 6; "Knights of the Bed Garter" welcome bv a capacity house afternoon of 

Is the fun maker. George Rice and Idrlla Feb. 22, or Carnegie Hall, assisted by: Mr, 

Vbier head tho ooauavay, and ihe Fight Cor- Von Kerr, baritone; Mr. Fleury, flutist ; 

tutlloH, ncrobniK, are an extra fenturc. The Mr. Pccrcus, plauHt, and Mile. Yermorcl, 

olio Is a large une, containing many popular vlollnlste. 

acts. Next week, the Transatlantic*, • Ciurlks Fiofimax has secured Wallack's 

Alcazar (Wm. T. KeogU. inanagcr). — Tbe Theatre for next season,, la which, be will 

Kentucky Belle*, lu "Murphy's Mistake," Is make ■several of bis productions, the first of 

tho hill for 98- and week. Next week, Jolly which will bo 'The Judge-and the Jury." - 

(iras* Widows. _- •■Baittland" will be- seen at the Casluo, 

greit deal of Important business was attenO- 
«d to nt this meeting. National Secretary 
Wn J. Mnrrey wns present at the mpetrnn-. 
lire: t'rsnk Connolly wns reported III, abd 
was enmpt'lled to go to a hospital and have 
n surgical operation, performeij, Wm- Reh- 
aaft, of Lneal No. .1, I'lrtsburg, was In Naw 
Vork, In ndYsnee of AI. Mortln's "Pncle 
Tow's • Cabin," nlnylng nt (he Murray If ill 
Thentre. flro. llnrry Cook, of Ixtcnl No..fl, 
Denver, attended <uir last meeilacr. All mem- 
l*ni eh the rViud are requested to nohd rhtlr 
r.ddress th teflegnte Wm. McCarthy, 8 union 

Local No. in, of Springfield, Max*.. Is la 
a very nro-sperous condition. At Itn last 
meeting. M. K. Willis, of Worreater: John 
F~ Cnrvey, of Fall River, and John It. Cur- 
ran and Michael Goodman, of Mrrlden, Ct., 
were taken In. The second ftnanai dance, 
which was held Jab. SO, was not Only a »- 
rial, but financial succesi. The bora of this 
local who ore to be With Illngllng Bros.' 
Clreus. this season, have received calls to re- 
pott March 22. Our ntxt meeting Is Feb. 23. 


Co\.m aso May have left for a four of 
Curope, and will not reiuin until 1H08. 

Knma Pot wild appear In voiif>vlte due 
log the Summer, presenting a new act. 

I*. F. KBtrn hns secured ono of Cbnn. C. 
Fuller'* homea In Wheeling, W. Va., Which 
wilt he remodeled during ihe Summer. 

Paul Cinqurvam,i win sail for F.ngland 
Mnreh 1. to open ct Plymouth, Bngland, 
March 12. 

Wm. l». RtTSsnu., acting manager of Hyde 
Park, Muskogee. I. T., writes): "Wo tyvto 
made n xreai many Improvements In Hyde 
i Park for Hie coming season, which opens 
April 21, and will rim until the Inst of No- 
Tomber. Wr have spent |1C>,0(M) on Improve- 
meiits of all kinds, making it oho of .tbe 
most, beautiful Summer pni-Us In tills par' 
ot thfi ; 'eoiinlry. The theatre has n sealln 

most, beautiful Summer pni-Us in this part 
ot the : e«Ninlry. The theatre has n sennng 
capacity of l.i'ioo, nnd In fully eiiulppedanrl 
up-ln-datn In every way. The 'Columbia 


R, J. MotVuN', who hm* $een 111 In a srnnt- 
tnrlnm for some time, as elsenrhere slated In 
these columns. Is now In Chicago, under the 
care of his wife, Helen Berlmm, this news 
arriving after the former Item had gone ro 
press. Hie health Is very much Improved 
uowi and he hopon to be able to resume work 
Tory Bltortly. 

MAKiHRH KtAVAito Uebtley writes: "Al- 
low mo to thank you for tho good results I 
received from the two 'ads.' placed In Tin; 
Ci.lPJ'KU. 1 received one hundred uud forty 
answers, n'njd hove one of tho best companies 

Nassau (G. J. Brown, manager).— "Antony March 12, succeeding "The Earl and tba I ever 'had on the rood .breaking 'all record. 
d Clwpntrar and 'ra«y nnd C^manrnes^ Girl.". ,. .. . ..'■■=* ■-■■C W. r^aMnyiitt, father of ClandoNetw 

and Cleopatra" tiud "Casey nnd Comanehei. 
anl the- two b ariea ejiaaw . ow a r ea for. week be- 
giuuiiiK 2if. In .lag olio are : - Diamond and 
Smli-le,. 'I'oledo nnd Price, - Kdgar i'uretuan, 
and Harsrcn's moving plotures. 

TKi.LKk's BltoADWAr (fj'eft' C. Teller, innna- 
gei*j .— *:The Collejre .Widow" week ■■■.of 20» for 
tbe first, time In rhls part. of town. The ad- 
vance sale Indicates unusually big houses. 
Maxine .Btltort bad- a week of crowded houses, 
ending 24.' Next, "Wooderlhrid," 

Folly (Bcttnett WUsob, mnnager). — 
"Texas" tells Its story here this week. "'.If. .Is 
tbe Hrst ilme tbe play hnfi been at this house, 
and Itn reception will dnuhtlcss bring It here 
another season. Ketinr mystified big nndl- 
euces all of last week. "Hap" Ward, In "Tho 
Grafter," arat 

■ GATWr (Jamep Clark, manager). — 'Tha 
Frolics of the Zoo" Is the Mile of the brand 
new burlesque which Harry Bryanr's Extrava- 
ganza Co. presents ihla week. Jack O'Brien, 
the pugilist, la a special feature of the show. 
He gives a boxing bout of ihree rounds. 
The chorus is large, and Is made up ot many 

firvat girls. Last week the.Bon Tons hurt 
arge houses. Next. Rose Hill's Bnrlesqners. 
' AUtmoft. (William' C. Grover. manage 

. E&pwtt Filda, the German playwright 
arrived from Kurnpc Feb. 20, and leHilK'tl'ht 
tbo- Waldorf Astoria 21. • Mter-:he will visit 
Culnmhla' nnd nartard universities ' fbr the 
Bamc niirpopo. 110 Vltawsed the flrst Amerf- 
can performance of bit; play, "Maskcrude," 
at the Irving "Place Thcnire, 24, . • *** .'■'..% 
■v The Oiutouio HorriirrV. gave 'Its third con- 
cert fc-'Carnegle Hall,- Feb. 20, whenrllaOdl's 
"Judas MaccabeuB" was, successfully rea* 
dered. < . ..- ■* 3-*«i*.*j ■'' , . •- , \ -. , <:t, 
' Ilstsnicir GeBiiARn/ a Bostoa pianist, np- 
r-es;vdiftt o reel tD I In Mendelssohn Hall, af- 
ternoon of Feb. 20. 

SwjWTN anb Company, the playbrotet-a, of 
1402 Broadway. hAvo Issued a very Inter- 
esting volume, giving a Hat of hnnnreds ot 
plays, with tbe cast and synopsis of each, 
which ' will he mailed on receipt of tnree 
rents to any proprietor or manager of a. dra> 
~itle company. 

died on Thursday, Feb. IS 
New Orleans, La, 

. Ison, 
nt lila home, in 

mttb the Bill Posters. 

- Notks rnoit Local It, Beston. — At our 
regular meetingj Fob. 1 1, In our new quartern, 
OUS ■ Washington Street, the report of the 
truatces- showed that., tho raoinbflr^hlp tana In- 
creaand, and the .balance Fu Iho treasury 1* 
larger than ever, . Toby Lyoun was ap- 
pointed steward In the Donnelly Bill Fasi- 
Ing plant, lira, Unrry Jewell, of the. Co- 
Jucibln, In back lu town from bis sucn-Na 
wllh (be "Baitllng" Nelson Co. Hro. John 
Halplu has been appointed advertising ajamt 
for "Wonderland/ the new half million 
dollar pleasure park la.Bpataal of construc- 
tion at Revere. Beach, llro. Joha i:ils has 
■■-* Bro. Rn- 

An exceptionally good bill Ispresented Ibis 

" It_ is .nutqe tip of Will Cresay and the manngemeat of Thompson 4 Dundy. 1 


Blanche Davne.' In tbe sketch, "Town Ball. 
To-Night ;" Melville nnd Stetson, Steely. Doty 
and Coe, Bedford and Winchester, Thomp- 
son's elephnnts, Seymour niid Dupre,.Rthel 
Roblnaon, and, as a special feature. La 
Troupe Carmen; Business last week was bjg. 
ITniqoe (Frank B. Carr, manager). — The 
Jolly Grass Widows this week, A lottg list 

Gypsy old 
rcatod,' This Is my fourth season under 

Osc*n lUMMruMTriN' announces that bla 
Mnnhattnn Opera House, New York, will open 
In, Ortobcty and that he has secured (he 
services or Jean and Edourird Dc Rr-i/ke. 
The scnle of prices will be the same n» at the 
Metropolitan Opera House, and the operas 
will be fittingly mounted. The season Will 
be of twenty weeks' duration. Rehearsals 

of pretty girls, headed by Mile. Jeanette will begin in May. Operas will not be given 
Gulchard, sing some popular songs. . The bur- In German, but In Freiich and Italian only, 
lesques are: T *The widow's Wedding Night" among them being "Tannbaenser" and "Loa- 

and "The Sign of the Red Light." ihe olio . 
Rush and Gordon; Hoard and Waters, Ruth 
Everett and Thompson nnd Laurence. Big 
houses Inst week. Next, tbe Washington So- 
ciety flirts. 

Gotham (Rdgar Glrard, managcrl.— Joe 
Welch, presenting bis "Studies from Life," 
heads this week's bill. Otuers nre: Pat 
Rnoney and Morion Bent, George W, Day, 
Brockman, West ami company. BIsserte and Feb. 
Sentt, Blanche Sloan, nnd the Vnmamato 
Brothers. Last week's huslhoss wns large. 

PattojCs (8. S. Allen, oiannger),— Mrs. 
EHa Reed Tayton Is seen In the title, role of 
HbbbV* this week. '"A Romance of Coon Hol- 
low" did well last week. Nest. "Jflst River." 

Novklty (Perry 0. Williams, manager).— 
The first Week of the newly renovated Nov- 

engrln." The orchestra will Include eighty 
musicians, nnd the. chorus will be large. 

Tub Volpb Symphony OncnkSTnA gave 
Its second subscription concert In Carnegie 
Hall. Feb. 22. 

Tiik Women's STaiNo OnciiESTn* BoetKTt ii-.-i'~;i.*"-'i:^.i; ""£«•. "«v "i"i.-i~;™««*r \,« »a. 
was beard in Its second concert nt Mendcls- JH*^L"gilr b 8L Bl .M ffiSSVi Si 
sohn llnll, afternoon of Feb. 22. WSLSM •* a ^' h ' c " 1 llM ! off011 " 

Ani:.<iuM N'r.i.sns' rhv^ a piano recital 

W. H. Marble, of the Flslfc O'Hara Co., waa 
« gue'f of Bro. Sandy Munro while la town. 
Bro. Tbeo Wherle entertained neveral of the 
members at his reflldence in Hoxbury, after 
the meeting. Bro. Dave GrlfHn, of E. 8. -WII- 
lard's Co:, Is In town, renewing old frlend«hlpn. 
Bro. Geo. Lewis In superintendent of tho 
Columbia,, nnd Bro. Frank Farren, treasurer, 
Theo. Wehrlc has entered his handsome, full 
blooded terrier, "Teddy," for the coming dog 
ahow, nt Mecnnhlcs' Building, Harry Jew- 
ell Is In advance for the New England tour 
of Battling Nelson. Geo. Collier, advertis- 
ing agent ot the Majestic and tJlolte The- 
atres, was given a most apreenhle surprise 
recently bv some of hln friends. Upon his 
rtturn from lunch he found a new roll-top 
desk and chair at his ofllce on Avery Street. 
)t wan some time before be could recover 

.. jl, nt Mendelssohn Hall. 

.•'LonRNcr: Rotcorra will he seen here April 
2. In -The Strength of the Went," by Alice 
M. Smith. 

TllR FglKKnfl of the late Atsrtlo W. Man- 
lev purpow giving a hABeflt for his widow 
during the last- week In April. Harrison 
finy FtsKe has generously donated tbe use 
of the Manhattan Theatre. Mart: llanley 

foundation, everything Is running smoothly, 
and the future Is Indeed very bright. Road 

lerohPM kindly sand their nddreas to Hnfry 
M Feyser, 11 W. DciHinm Street, Bo«ton, 

Notks Pftost Local No. 12, of Milwaukee. 
—Numerous ch'ingpfl have tnken plncn In our 
circles tlurlttg the prist season. At the prea. 
ebt time the following brothera have beeh 
BjnHad to the various wagons bv Roan Bill 

... and Bnrrett, McMahon and Theatre, Snriflav evening, Feb, _. 
f happen*., Camllle Comedy Trio. Lawaoa nnd but cntbuslflKtlc audience being present. Hii- 
ffmiUM Casino Cftmedy Four. Theodore Julian bert. Gorlus, baritone, sang with much effect, 

and the klnagrnpb. 

Lyckfm (LoiiIb Pblilips. manager >. — "Dan- 
gers of Working Girls" this week. Lnst week 
"Jim Bludso" played to big houses. 
« ...< ■ ■■.-- ■ 



Mile. Chhmeroy rhnrmed In her song roeue- 
flons. M. I*. Dare) recited two selections 
from "Cyrano de Bergernc," with great suc- 

lilta retired from that hoiiso and taken the 
paper nt the B'.jou in place or Dean Cameron, 
reigned Ban O'Keefe Is still hustling for 
tbe Star, and Is ou the door. AI. Couchlln 
and Arthur Dunn aro sill) with the David- 
rf-n .and Alhambrn, respet'ilvely. both doing 

MIle.B. Hum won many recalls with Bbod work. Brothor Bitnu la Just, recover- 

clever recltalloBs. M, Neulllet was auecess- Sl p*» nn Injury to hts arm ijnd shoulder, 

fill - In nmuMlng songs nnd roch allow. Mme, ik- the. result of. a had fall/ llrntliet- Pep 

Therese Durgevnl sang three cbnrmlug selt.-c- nerla at tfje Alhambrn, on the gallery door, 

i Ion j. In eacelleht voire, nnd npnearcrt to Iflf the Wtnter : . uck Lnrklns Is nt lhe r Ctys. 

v . the Barnum k Bailey Circus, nt Madlaoa jS advantage In n duett with M. Oorlus. til, nnd WW* Bates Is tinttdllnar llin prftnd. 

Bouare Garden, are rapidly approaching cpnv font* Vsrantle sang tour extremely funny Ittother A. Hchul?. has gone lo B oomldgtoti, 

pletlon. The date has not yet been dertnltely poUflrt t0 grmt u pji7auae, appearing thronrih Ml., for n viPlt to frleruls nnd relatives 

annouaced, hut will undoubtedly be during permission of David Betaaeo, Mme. Dorge- «oad momliots are ndrlsoil that affairs of 

the third week In March. The engagement rat, nnd Mile, Chatneroy appeared (lu Una- r*«l No,, IS ire -la n stood, healthy condl 

will extend over a period of nearly Oye tb£) i n soj/ntlf FfonmAm^icaUic, being liod.niid nre lielng hnaoni nlntig the usual 

weeks. Tbe new features sonired during tha n V4 > r y picnslng ' 

Winter for tho WfrtaeW promise to prove a i B illrh won much 

revelnllon to clrcusgocrs, flo arc lu formed Dorge vol ssmr 

that the orngrammo will off«r more uOTfl- ( ,uit ir de|i K nifullv during 

tlt-H ttittu have ever before been seen with an cntertaluiunii: nWcl with 
Aiuerlcnn drew*. Several new things In u|t- t|r«g Ir I'urle," a turn, 
lo-datn '•thrillers" are also prouilsnl. Tbe met with bmrlv uppruvn) 

■ «ue net play, inwlilcli both ii'l" 1 - *JT' nro reqticeted-to-rowcapottil with 

li Imuthiei nnd npnlalise. Mirio. VU\. .ttanl*r, reconllug m-cretttry. »* Mxy 

fur Jewel snag bom "Fousv* lalriryrf nwnfeat ffc-m RaeawetM, wm 4re out 

llv ilnrttig the ih-tiiMi. The tor the senron, will bo tflodly i-ccelved nnd 

'DYpof Death," which created a f mitre last "" Roiikb't ~r" Stoni; 
season, bU been retained, aud a youiig Amer- their nuuiiol hvneUt 

itelitNt. The tor tie senron, will bo gladly received nnd 

-'/Angiitis- tel MM at Mat ineetUiga. 

In one net, WbJea Natioxai, Hkciunaut afJr, J, Mt »tt.\r has 

loforuicit Tltu ruiTi:n Hint \Uv following 

is» Max Wisnjsn bad rhvn» itianitgiTs nave mraed laa alraaa ugrce- 

*1«uat Alii ' 

llletlt of lite NillJoi 

• of Hill 1'ifsfrs 

Icau girl Iuih Iweu secured to make tbe start- log of Feb. ai, «ad s Irirgu sum wns realised, hud Blllyrn of Awerlcai Loula h. Cook, Dm 

ling aerial auto flight Tula net will not, Tb<- vAudevltle nets liu-ludtd: Sumloy Hawk* hum t Bailey ; wm, II. GaMner, ilag. ■ulK.-irh : 

h'owevar, bo the top liner, and will *IWply 1ns, Baby minor-, tbc Empire illy Cpunrtoite, ''baa. Itlugliug. Itlnglitig I ires. | A. G. lllug- 

lo a meiUoy ef-inlrth nnd melody ; Jullua Hug. Forcpittiplt k S'-IIh 1 ; Ottu Floto, oreal 

j!'on-nnnter. Ijist' s-eek Robert Ijoralne. lo 
Man nnd mpttwmM, crowded the brtuse ot 
JHh performance. Next week, E. 8. Wlllard, 
lo tepettory. 

conslltute one of. several. startllMg sena«- _..... 

tlons. Tlila year's Introductory pageant la Tanner, la Imlvrttlohs ; tbc Young America Floto Shows; W. rl Franklin, W'rtllaeo Short i 

entirely new, nnd reprascuts an expenditure Qnlntelte. Gus Edwards, nhd Ileiii-l French. Oliver Scott, John Hol»In«w Ptiow ; W. ■ K. 

of $Sf5,00ti. The policy loaugumted laat "T«p JIItB JLvw/' noa- nt the Mudlson Fergitsoa, Cuminlns' Wild West: Fred Beck- 

aeason of ellinlnttlng the htxeel pitade Ha unto Theatre, 1ms been bought hy Hoary umh, Frank Robbilis' Show, and lid. C. Knapp, 

proved ao successful that It will be con- 11. Mehwyer, from J. (V IhtrT. It Ik Bold the Colo Bros.' Chi ed Show*. Bro. .Swa. of 

prdKblaS price was Mr»,Otio., tuteal No. i, Philadelphia, has notified Scorn* 

ItAiitSHAtRflJamiilflfly known as "Jfatebrs tary Murray that abotber show will sign In 

Mary," df*a Feb. 24, at Bellevite tiospjtol, »,few nayc. All members of tb> AUInhce are 

nged slxty-folir years. She had bten for mflny taqueated to show their cards when Joining n 

Sears, a wflU. known chatftcler along th^ am ,. 

Ireadwgy. inearrfl drstrict, selling matcbes, •wtih .N«. 2, New Tort, held r. regular 

mc-llor on Bunday, r-b. li, and li.d'i "- 
Utahdacre, w tb Wm. Kelly pttftTdlbg. 

Opera Co. will open tbe park. .Ml attrac- 
tion* nlny two weeks, with nlno performances 
a weefe," 

Ascttin Horn, while racontly playing at 
tho Academy of Music, Haverhill, Mass., was 
given a reception by .about one hundred and 
f.fty ot lb* local Elk*, of which he U a 
charter meoiber. In Ihe sketch, "After Many 
Years." Arthur T. Jrieohs got. uiHin the stage, 
nnd. In lvhnifof the lodge, presented a hand- 
some, gold bonded cone to Mr. Itoyd, and tho 
latter responded pleasingly. 

I.nuufl Tavlok, who fop arvarat seasons 
has bepn n feature of tho wen known oner- 
atlc vaudeville tentn, Adamlbl nrid Taylor, 
both here and lu London, has retired Irom 
nor assoelntlnu with Mr. Adamlnl, nnd la -no 
longer appearing with him. Miss Taylor will 
shortly appenr in n novel niut effecLlvn solo 
acl of her owu. for which, original songs have 
been cnrupa-ied, and special costumes have 
been prepared. F 

Mahtin and Quins, the original "Man and 
a Half," have returned' from Europe, aflrjr 
a successful engagement over lhe .Vmsa'A 
Htoll tour. They will open at Pastor's March 
Ibv -.-■■' ■•■' ■ 

■ Hal Monrrr writes: "I h aro had to jBfffi 
an lllnmrnlliig'for li while ioifJU"mi' elevfln 
weeks' ' engageine'iit » lu the ,Wa>rfi . beglbn|Dg?,nt 
Eviiusvllle, i lid., then Ilopltlns'.'- Anderson 
and ike.'Kohl k Castle circuits. I buvejjgd 
iL'iuosi. tiuc^esHfiil sensAn In the. cddst;nfld 
New. Orleans on the Orpbeum clrt , Hli...wUh 
•Mi' mid 'Mv-Foster finis' htid cnriftoolnp- for 
the newspapers', In most every city, Air.-.ll* 
•liwtrailng work has developed etrflnalvriy.'V 
-.FitAVR (VCnoi'iui, iho actor ami thentrfeitl 
rnflnnger, who wns acriiKcd.of the murder Of 
Charles H. Srblth, nnrl Mnri'r Wftlte'ts, of 
Mlnnenpolis, nnd James Young, of Orand 
Rapids, who were charged with Mni* his nc- 
contptli'CK, were acquitted nt Danville, ill,, on 
Feb. 22. Self defense was ihe base of the 

Crack Rvf.lvn Cahrib, of tbc Fay Foster 
Co., and Edwnrd W. M. Klbg, mannger of 
the Fontanels ltnllnn Hoy Banc, were mar- 
ried In Brooklyn, N. Y., oa Thursday even- 
ing, Feb. 10, on tbs stags of the Alcatar 
Theatre, by, the- Rev. John J. Lockett. 
considerable good booking. 

Cash k On int tare signed n contract to 
book their vaudeville acta through. B. S; 

Fni^Kie ..Gaicg, a clever JuveaJU come- 
dian, H.hrtlng' featured in the succenful act 
now being prciented by the Three araeeiZ 

BMBal aaaTBaaal jaalMB I 

•'The* Tri-ih About Tolnn," 
A novel of modern life In New York, by 
Bertha Runkle, author of "The Helmet of 
Navarre," has been Issued by tbe Century 
Comrnn?. "Tolnn" Is the Idol of the Metro- 

Enlltnn Opera Houne audlencea, nnd thoatorr 
i nn Altogether whimsical nnd merry chron- 
icle of a aeries of episodes In the iWet of 
entertaining and Interesting people. 
A Onlde-n UVdillnrr. 
Ma. and Mns. Fnm T. HobnsoN, the par- 
ents of Fred A, Hodgson, mnnager of the 
Orrltt Brothers Circus, celebrated, the 
fiftieth anniversary of their mnrrlttge on 
Monday, Feb. 2d, nt their home In Colling- 
wood, One., Cnnadn, In the mldar. of than 
family and a largo circle of their friends, 
F«ed A, HononoN, manager of Orrln Bros,' 
Circus, will nrtlvc In New York about March 
;:, malting tils liendaitarturH la tha CLlPfKR 
Jfiulldlftg, lie will book iienplo for the twsti- 
iv-ilkth season ot the show, comm>nbing 
April IK Mr. Hodgson nttPhded the golden 
wetlrtinw of his parents, which wns celebrated 
Feb. 28, nt Coinngwood. cannd.i. 
Ot II ANMVFm.aAHY Mt'Mfir.H, 

"Lnat week's ls*\io of Tub Nrw York 
Ct.iprRu was n mngaxttia of nearly sixty 
pngfft, In celebrnllon of tho fifty- third anni- 
versary. of that Journal. Besides the regu- 
lar tietVM fentui'es, thu nnmher contnlns seV- 
ernl score of pari rails of attars nnd vaude- 
ville people, ptluted on good paper, with 
short sketches of their talents, A full page 
nf pictures of Blanche 'kites Jn various 
scenes from "The Olrl nf the Odlden wont" 
nnd n. page group of Maude AdAms, Julia 
Marlowe, John Drew and fl. II. Sotliern ore 
attr/irtlrc feninres, Tha cover, In cAlnrs, 
1st striking and expreaslve nt the o'-caslnii,"^> 
,'Vfic York Uramlto Minor. 

"TUB I CliPI'BB'h A vnnHjmY.— ■ In*f ead 
of t|to, customary Christmas bitmher, Tun 
CLiPiT.fl ( saTes up for lis Anniversary, and 
ttielsMio of 'Feb. 21 marks the romroeneemont 
of (be ilfty-fotirih your hy the proseniatlnn 
ot it sixty, pogt' paper with a handsome cover 
In iTiiurw, nuil ti doxcu pages. In tint, of ner- 
trnitri ui'.jniiilug nu-iulivrr* »t the profc-.*h>'i. 
H In an Itttprnvuiucui uvi-r lust year's Antil- 
reranry Nunilii-r, nnd an Issue, to uc prmiil 
of."— la^rty, ■ 

"CKtiifi-aiutalioiu on tlutt splcnilld Anni- 
verwlry Numliep. Nothing like Tiik Oi.h Bi> 
UJMHi fup real rusuttH.*-- Walyku J-icotu*. 



. Tkr Advascs Aobnts Clcb is coBslder- 
log a place for a national borne In this city, 
the originators of the- Idea being: Oeofge 
A. Florida,' Charles Barton. Joseph Byttter, 
Martin Hermnfl. Hurry Yost, Beb nn. 8yB- 
nev Pascol, Fred W, Bnsey, Thomas Baflf 
■nan and Fred W. Meaka, 

about a weak. 


PAGE 70. 



March 3. 



Greatest attraction ever offered to the Public. Ascensions 510 to 5.000 feet above the earth made daily if desired, 

Draws Ten Time* more trtople to Hnrki and Fairs than ALL oilier Attractions combined, tncreaeei Traction Haul uml Gate Receipts over 5C0 per cent. Ships 7& &* lo "E- ■ 1 to amidships. Speed capacity, 15 to ^ 
miles pur hours. For dates and terms apply to 

A1USB1BIT 800KN6 ASSOCIiTIOH. Sole Agents (who famish everything in Amasemant line), 724*726 Chicago Opera House Building, CHICAGO. 

WARNlNO.—Dcm't bn fooled by parties who have small hot air balloons, calling thorn "Air Ships." The "U. S," Ships ate made by practical ship builders, and always "make good. 

Rehuan-ala March ZU Stage 

pany. Preference to thwc doubling hraaimiiddotLig.'peclaitlca. B. in J 

n. Leader nnd Moilcbni fur nil lue.romei.tit. Addrett, JOS. J, CON LEV, Gen. Mgr. ol car Dorothy 

Be*l of treatment and nccouoditkine. Addrcw w. L. 
HAMILTON, Fort Worto, Tex. 

Port Worth and Dallas, both 10c. parts. Of en April 

Rioe Amusement Enterprises 

IVoumujUuilftalTcaiu (male); tuoful people nii<jdoublebrasaordospeoiaU.oi: Clariooette and Slide. 


Van* tier mid full act iigootnpany. Preference to tawc dounilnjr braManddcfrjgr'pecIaMlca. B. inj 
O, Leuder nnd ■""' 
Fori Worth, Tex. 


AIJC IMfJUK "AlflvB* 2t. Yaodt- 

wort; atntolowett. AdJre»3 W. a. BIOE. caiuuf Air Djibo Para, lotliiind Muiii, Ft . Worth, Tci. 

4 WEBBS 4 

NEW YORK HIPPODROME 5 weeks, commencing Feb. 
19. Second engagement inside of one year. 

SINGLING BROS.' CIRCUS season 1906. 


strong Line of Parte, Feature Specially, siogio or Double, to do Paru. PIANO, Double Stag*; lady 
urgent, Onlytho bent need apply. Nothing too good, ^alarv all you are worth. Owed after tint 
rebearritl ir you mlirepreiient. 

JMoycl R. Brigges Co., 

EMERT TORBEfT, Manager, Harrison, irk., March 1; Bttesville, Ark., March i. 



vervatlle Leading Woman. Uoud Strong Juvenile M»u, Heavr Man, Woman for lngeuuFf and sou- 
lirette* wph Featare Specially, (Mini dtMi with Mngln< and Danclnr f*p°claitT, one Goo. B" e. Woman 
two uen. pan. lien with btn-ug .Speclaiilea: alt tint letter; alao photon; wilt not tolerate boozer* ; 
rohearbHli March so. tleorge Sluizuian and lion; Wimiucater, write TickHg nniv to those we know. 
■ ■■ . CMEt BKK (.EH,: Mnnagcr, 



»plendia bill lor RtPERTomt. STOCK OR OSE-NiaBT STAND COHPANIES. CuliIIUHT noting 
people lo cant. IWeiwrn aoutiri'tte, roniedv Jeiv, heroic lead, very btrong miu.) 

magnificent like of pil roniAi. rttiN 1 1 si- , by russelL hohuan co. easy tubus for 

IttLANOE of till, letton. We uumeroo. elective pi '.a neT*ri,eea lu nook or repertoire. 
Send 'arla'wtiw;. »rtii'i« HMOY BELMAR AMUSEMENT COMPANY, Katcier- 
tiooker Theatre Building, uoa Broadway, suiie c.u-;, New You city, 




Introducing some of tue leading headllnel. la rauderllle, ntanagomeut of KAFUAN THEATRICAL 
HINDIOATE. Kill Broadway. New York. 

AlANAOEItS-Uavo a Utile open time for New Eug'and and Middle BlatCi. 



Erery Instrument u tcattmi. Comedy strong, eetlliig elaborate.' 

. ,. «T W LANOLM V A V«.. < 111. 


id BxvasKitflBi oua compaaMes. -ik 

luatru ted Song Singer. tUat playw organ; 
JiigK'ei'H, MuglcUuii. Miidlcul ■ Artlsly nnd 
1'ilitr 'isrifiil pL-ui'j c tbat enu clmngc etten 
tutd work lu hl-is. >'n weak uerforoiorx or 
iJruukarUtj tvlomted. Statve Hilary titid ull 
yuii do. 

_ • n.vtu.wm RLiUiaxr co..-1'hnii.. Pt. 


A.BAIIH or HK.VVIb*!. 

Ability. Mluulllty iiud uxeolleiil u-unlrobe. 
Ilcllnblo oniniiueni only. Ciiu tain on wire. 
Aildrror UlioO N. rib St.. I'lilliliK-lplHii. Ph. 


WITH SPECIALTY, wire ion , n »l>ry. 
(10L. B. ft VA BSU, gggjgWd, Mam. 


Plnalng an 1 DuMia Comedian »ud Novelty Silent, 
f'erforuierwlth lioat llnuof Korulty Acts. SIdkhik 
audlDauclnfr bpecfaUiudHrid Hut comedy lu AuK 
Suber and H-ilab'.c. address VVM- J. VaEOBH. 
" Butt' innr liUi. W . Va , Itaudt-lpli Co. 


A-fe Ulborty. 

Character Leads (Oomady or.Euotlonali. r>ram- 
•tle Director. 
BOlflE, I U A BO, tien'l Delive ry. 

at uraKtv, . 

Manager or Agent 

"Uncle Joih ^ruwtby," ol wltiuhl wa« manager, 
«MMd MMM at T>Cn MOlOQd leb. 17. Would Tlku 
woik tor balance of leaaonwlm reai>ouslble peo- 
ple. Best of refcronvea- 
tt. A. DQDQt ;. maTrtbTjue Hidg., Chicago^ III. 



Flrat olata Uorn to 1>dqU1» Vloilp and Uib- [Tumi- 
uter to do ConoLTtTuru; uan also u^acu Baud 
I<e*derwUli B 140.1 & Bowara 1 Mlf»i»tre« at ouee. 
UEN LiOttSEU. oare ol Usaoti A Bowera 1 Uin-^ 
g trela ■■ ptr routa. 

■nnn »i, M ^ lt?1 s,nl111 «55 
J, muuu n M jtefer^uoaa re- 
q Mired. Alw attraotteua, aboot the 'ouutea, 
aoanlo railway, etc Artdrtn. ■ 

OSCAR 8EEWALD, Jacfciouvll le, Ha. 


wo inatriKt .on I' yon for tbo Rtago-Dy 
mall ; alio seoure yon an enu»tom*nr. Wrlte-for 
iiarlicDlan. or "' 
(•■"lib Belid, llbl 

lurlicolarj. OC SBallK HOBOOLS. 1' 



111 II 10.1 MICE HOT. 

tkree Seasens with the 

Gertrnde Ewlig Co. 

c. A. ULAHK. Sbnwnce, OHa. 

Heavy or Ingenue Woman 
and Child, Juvenile Man, 
Jew Comedian with Spe- 
cialty, Small Soubrette, 

for Meloil ama; -tier uaeful people State lowaaa 
aalary, by letter oaly. SAM. C. M 1 LLEB. care of 
A. O. lforoer. KplckerbocterTbeMtrc. N. T. " 

EMPIRE THFATRE, Ashtabula Harbor, 0„ 


Want* to Bear from Uoed Slock Women. Also 
"pociamea and A No. I fianlst. Write at Once. 

Wanted Quick, 

To streugihen lady Minstrel Co., balance of this 
and Hummer ttenaun. Udy Band and (Jrchetura. 
I,adyaDd(jL>ui Muakiaus, Vande»H l c AoimCome- 
dlana. Stater leanui: ail rroik In llnM part; Join 
Htouce: utatuIowent.Uw." pa'ya board. Joiiuson'a 
lady band, writ*. Addnese. 
H. A. JOHNSON. Klnlv. Ohio. 


Up-to-Dali Perforners for Medicine 60.; 

Also Piano Plajbr, Sight Reader, ruuat tranatwBt:. 
1'ar all you are worth. Most Join at once. ■ Ward- 
robe, ability wbrety eaaeattal. If you are not all 
ineeu you aHM ]»ot-h*re. Ainatacr* keep off. 
MODERN KKUEUr CO., •Wood B tCvk, Va. 

Wilis. Wg\ Class Beoklpg Manager 

For CUver C01 awmaf, pre*eutlutf etrou? ur or Gm 
.Soloa In cbaractiT ooauioie. coust.lTJ^i, *d6 
Venn cut Btaa futi-- t, Ooaton Masi>. 


lrtll. BEST <UH.CN.VL WOBK FOR ■PIlul'ES- 
SlONlLj. SOi WALNUT iST- Pblladelphl.. Pa. 

FFIKHM t-xmmrioy icinetoscope. social 
Luuun eA i,. loeiv.lateatuaiterni.lncumbf E ec- 
trlc Lamo, Bbe^tat and Swltcb, only ML Sam. 
wltn 1 ooofL of 3 B. Film, ouj- ael^uon. lu: 
_ HAR BACU A CCJ;, 880 Flioer t ?t , pbllfc. Pa . 


Showopeni March 19 in Augusta, Ca. AddreBi 
at! cornmnoJcattQiu to UOUO'ts & NASH, ell N. 
Main et„ SallvtrnfrTN. C. 

A 1st Glass Vaudeville & Burlesque Dramr 

(oon-unlonv. yearn of rxocrlence. dealt en outage- 
went. JACK uAL'.AlrUfiK,UJlN. tutb Ht.. PbtlB 
•diiiplda, !>. 


uouma ajci takeop device. 

Tlae Mod*m Hotl«n Plcttare 
FUJI' JMJpI v N OW AflP 1 !^^ * 

Our Fireproof Magaslnea and fare up Device 
will it any Exhibition Modenj Motion, PI cm* re Urv- 
chine. An entirely neifappararas bj which abso- 
Inteaafetyto tbe^fllm^from lo3B AS- 
80BED. Tae only derlce of lta kind wMch hne re- 
celTed official endorsement* from the Local An- 

Writi in CITlWfi. 

All of oar Apparattis la fnUy protected by United 
States patent* issued or pending, and infringe- 
ments will be vigorously prosecuted. 

K.POWEF, HM17KaaaanSt.,N.Y. 


"Look for me la cherry time 

. T Neatu the ^preadmjt chivtnut :ict, 

When the moonshine* on the PeuLadvanla hills 
Inthegoldau Aatuino tiin". my aweet Elaine." 
Thi SI Ides of tha above Songs are the most 

beiullful works of art ever thrown en canvas, 
Poor ere not cheap it any price— 

(jet the beet. 


1, Everybody Works but Father. 
81 sets Bold, 

9. Bant C mes 'Bound. 

8. Ill Be Back In a Minute but I've 
Sot to Oo Now. 

4. Annatieor Bush. 132 seta sold. 

5. What's In It for He? (New, very 
form;), and 

81 sets sold. Order quick. 




fOrlarinato" alt'omle .obk 


trie audience. K.tiiuntea rheer- 

rully given 




A line Hat o( Features and Short Subject*: price 

Eer foot, J eta. and tip, Moonnhluere, Train Rou- 
ery, 'fracked by Bloodhound*, Jack aud Bean 
Staik.. Life of tho American Fireman, The eere- 
naite,. Uoid-np <■■: the Leadvllie Stage and maDy 
otuers. Po^r aud Serpentine Sildea, richly colored 
and blocked oat; 30 cu». per glide. Send for list. 
U. !. BOLL A OO., 209 K. CTtb St., Chicago, ill. 



For B. and O. Long engagement 



Address, atatlog run [tarllculare, 

UAlT. PRICK. Spottevlllc, Kj. 



A lolalakeii Ideotlly, Farce Comedy in s acta. 

'Money Is the Root of E.viY 

A SofiiiailOual Melodrama inAauteaDdtiaceDea. 
C <mnlcte copyright 1D06 on botli playK. Call ur 
a.Ulic*= BKRNaRL) KLl.NU, 

Way wright, WT .lay St , Brooklyn, V. X- 


r> acta (or 1 male, l femal*; & acta fur'^maiei; 
moner order or i; tent stamps. Addre*n BERNARD 
KUI40, Playwright, UT Jay St , Brooklvn, N. Y. 



Sketches and Plnya written to order. Orig- 
inal aua gnaranu-d work, l'ncea rca mi »*>'». 


■raR 4 JENNINGS. Fropa. 
Jl. Clark 8 ., ror. OBiar'o, CIi Icago. 

Batea, to, g end g per day, jg to |e per weet. 


Jureallea.Soubrettes or Characterr-. Addreaa 

At Liberty, 

ULASIONrr.l). ANDO. Addreea ' w 

L A. -TKRUF.NDAOH. Liberty. led. 

FOB. S4LK-- I0WA 3iED«cEnsF. 

A vie) mauu Explyee Fe»'.:.l«n. Can nse 

Al BlDgle Dutch lomedlan. Mi. B. CHRISTY, 
iM Second Av*j., Cetltir Kapidj, Iowa, 

AT AalBBaTYa-Heavleii, Leadd, Characters. 


A3 Howard Street, BOSTON, MA88. 

■ iW EllftBIKD HKIULED mil 
Nil TV BvVftinV hev stuck CO. Kov-7. 
Kl»- t ADAH* » PH.. ia« #1 W.V1M >'<«« 


V.'orkingmen in all departments to whom the best accommodations and wages will 
b? given. 

WANTED— Assistant Bosses, Canvas Men, Scat Men, Grooms, 4, 6 and S Horse 
Drivers, Property Men, Cookhouse Men, Train Men, Scenery Men, Wardrobe Men, 
Light Men, Animal and Elephant Men, Mechanics, Harnessmaker, etc. Address appli. 
cations to the various superintendents of departments as follows: 

Saul. or stoik ' . . 8. DELEYAV C.raboo.'.YVI. RlnjT Stock ROBT. IXIE B.raljoo, YVla. 

8apl..rCaaivas JA8.B. WHALES B«r»t,oo, wl. 

flapt. or Tnalau ROBT, TAYLOR Baraboe, Wl.. 

■aqat .f Aalnal. CHAM. sniTU Barahoo, Wt«. 

Sapt. of EU.pttant. PEAHLSOIDER. Baraboo, Wla. 

pi. of Wardrob. YVSI ANDRKK Baraboo, YYI. 

Sapt, of Prop.rl Ir, 
8apt. of 8e.a«ry .... 
Kapt. orTrapplng. . 

lupt. of Light. 

Sapt. of Porter. — 

. CHA8. V. MILLER. . 




PALL t L'SMSOll \.V.. . 

..Reedaburg, Wi*. 
.Barabo*. Wl.. 
..Baraboo, Wla. 
. .Baraboo, Wl.. 
M aril. 00. Wl. 

Supt. or Mechanic. TOM PARKS Baraboo, Wl. 

Steward of Cook Heme A.Ij. WEBB 67S KoUta St., tlilcaf o.lll. 

Steward of Luaeh Car 81D RTJBEIV Baraboo, WtaV- 

SlewardofDlalngCoi. WM.H.PAY Baraba., Wlc 



The Best of the Good Ones. Headed by Viola Sheldon. 

atoudar. Feb. 10, and played to one of the LARGEST WEEK'S BUSINESS in trie HISTORY ut tee 

.rroaounced bT hotb. PRESS and PUBLIC to he one of tte STRONGEST BURLESQUE ATTRAC- 
TIONS overseen in Buffalo. 

Watch fortbe big enow, 'THE A91KOICAN MAIDS," next ueasoo. 


Tula ireett, CUBIXTHIAN THEATRE, noeheater, NY. '.'.'. 


Boom 407, 67 Clark St., Chicago. 

V. r. HENDERSON, Prop, and Mgr.i OU IS. II. BOUTRICK. .Vast. Hgr. WABTEB. Big Comeclj Acl,, 
Ooliiedr bietcli Teams, Real r entnre Acts. Can give anlita or recognized ability 19 consecutive 
veeke: all small Jumps Big acta having one or two opea ireeks near Chicago, write, tve can un 
tlie lime. MO ACT' TOO nit) FOR DM TO HANDLE. 



PARK MANAGERS, do you want an Up to Date Organized Vaudeville Uompaoy the cumlng season: 
M"iU famlah you plenty or speulal paper and an Al ehnw. A'ldreM, this week-, ■ ■ 

B. A. KEVBKUT. Mmnager, lllon, W. %'■ 


Angell's Comedians, 

J. S. AHQBM>, Burlington, Kas., Week 26; Reodosba, Ku., Taek Barcii 5. 

Til. Camp wltn the CUMMIN* wild yvkst will be brand now from A to Z. 
and the fln„«t ever ballt, owned by the company. 

WASTEII-Cmki, Wall.r. Head Waltera, Dlahwash.ra, M.B,.1Ie.« 
Cutter,, Superintendent Addrea. 

■ HOWARD YV. PAMO.V. Manaf «r. Ooaeva, Ohio 


The Laughsmiths 



Song and Lecture Trork. nsa* gf 
times, in perfect conaltloa Celt, f* 

sell, complete, ready lor work, ar »20. Calcium or electric attachments. A bargain tor quick boyrr. 

D AELur LEN C f 3. Lecturer, las E. ITlti St., Netr York. 


MAC and MAO °r£RZSSr 

wttieloM aa tlic VanJorllle Featnre, BennellMoolton Co., Marcli 8. Il»«e Hank 'a aad l»t" r 
Uuir eve- w rlt" or wire HAL' A HAO. Utnnlmrton. \t., week of Feh at. 










Tli- uDtttlaBa. comic bit* bj VINCENT BRYAN. TIip Inlc J. W Kelly saM: 

inoilipr, but von DVTfr hue J "wig '" prnl^i »f the 'poor ulit malt.' Tho best tliot n!\p liim i 
Work nut raihi -' 

DIT, or 
1C I'tVdl 


■ HT1 

"Thajr wrltt.IoTfljr soon about 

Over (lie Hill to tlie Poor Ilotmo.* or "Tup Old Man's tiruok AraIo' — *t.r don't tbej 

iLV,' Hryan baa taken Kpllr'* lip Ami ha* written a «odr; In prniitt' yC (ho "poor .jltl man 

_By VUfCaWT BRYAlt. 

-id uinn a lUMe iTi'dRV; Hryau boa takm Ktllr'* tip And ha*, written » tune I . 

If* a etgtiQtli> hit. a avrfam from start 10 rtnl»ti. Six more vprsca In preparatl<m. on it uqk-, 

Qo to 

■lv* tho 




The coon Fonc th^f nrr all Ulklnc about : a fnnnv Rona, with a lot of common wiw In ir fiootl for man or 
woman, ami never falls a* nn encore wIdiut. The vera? nouad* Mi.nrtMi.jr like tbe "Anvil Chimin" lu rnciltne. 
The clinm* it a swlnjzr, original melody, that tteia them whirling a* won nn Ibey benr It. If ynn want in ln» a 
hit. sine* a hit. this Is "It." 

■ — ^— ■— ■ ^— i i 

The "tloney lloyV prentest wnlti wjiic F.xtra. comic verse* by VIXCRST BStAX. Tills will be Ibe big Summer 
hit — It'* a hit now, wherever Rune, m (tet It while lt'it young- Von t-nn mak« pw.d whh It i-vi-iv wh.-iv. except In ibe 
lk>nf and Dumb Aaylum.. Easy to learn, easy to -ting, tn*y to make good with, nod msy m g*>i Write In or 
call. It's an easy bit. *: 


U> OKOItOg BVAHS, the Hon.)- Boy. 




IUIYAX nnd EDWAIIP8' creat bnllnd. There hasn't Iteen a winif like It sliiee James Thornton wrote "She Mny 
llnve Seen Retier Ptiyfc". A ballad with n heart InteroHt, j/rviit melody and a Hlmpte, touching aiory. . We nro 
settlnfr (be Ive^t slides for this minji that Hrntn* enn Invent, urnri h.-i'wuiiHkIi. The slides will be advertised wluni 
n-ndy. In ihc meantime lenrn the song — It duiA ronillv. nit,, niiyibtny In your net, and !■ a sure bit fnr yon. 
fall "or write. 

Professional Copies and Orchestra I inns free to recognized performers. 
spacious nftk-i'w. No waiting, an we bare enou«h pianists lo meet alt demand* 

Send late iironramme and stomps, Bar JsataajS. if In town, we will he (jlnrt to welcome yon to our 
All your loners will tic given prompt iittentlon If yuii'ra on tbe road. 


6 AA/. 28th ST. 

C%*/ VOMK OITY, N. V. 

2 6th 




Want for Spring Season, 



li All Rranehes of Circus and Vaudeville Business. 

■ Amy Act Suitable for FlrfttClfcisABdiance in RING OR OR HTVUE. 
Far** paid both ways. In wiiilag state lowest salary; alio Iryon do more' than 
one art, describe tiaa ■ ■.up. and aend p botoftraphs, If poaalble. Have yon. ?onr own 
urlntlnK ar'pnotoseaph for front of honaet If a family, slv« ■&;• of each. 
Tbroogh Train from Chicago to Mexico City Two and a Half Days. Dining Car Attached. 
Those who have written before k 1ml i y write agala; ftlve route anead and per- 
nameatt"addr««i. Address 

ORB IN BROS.. 47 West 28th St., If ew York. 

VOTE. -MB. HIED A. HUDGION will arrive In Viwisik on nr aboal H.rcn 3. 

AT l_!r3KRTV, 


WOMAS, or WIU JOIN GOOD I'AI'.TSKK who Is ih A ONE PRODUCER. I llnve tliree triinlu of swell, 
v.p to dale Wlesrme w.rilrobe, or will sell It. Fiber Hill Trunk tor snle. l"*ed one week. Adercss 

17 V.-ESDEI.I. ST.. i:hlo»fto, III. 


75 c - 





Sand 2c. : 



Latest tdittcort of lite Famous 

"Everybody Worlw But t'nther" 

(The Oonnine Words). 
"Colden Autumn Time, My 

Sweet Elaine." (Author of 

"Harvest Moon.") 
"Mllo." Untile Mcf'rce's Big 

"Mine Girl, You'll Do." (Sung 

by lO.OW VochIIhIb). 
"Evenlnp flrec/e Is Sighing 

llonip. Sweet Home." (Trim- 

rose .Mtiistrela). 
"StBea l-'fltber Went to Work." 

t Latest New- York Comic 

"Let tie Write What I Never 

Dared to Tell." &km Bal- 
lad Sueeess). 
"Robinson Crusoe't. Isle.** 

(Marie CahltrnHIg Winner). 
"When Father IjiM tbe Carpet 

on the Stairs." (Great Comic 

"Down Where Sllv'ry Molniwk 

Kiows." (Hnna; by all Min- 
strel Companies). 

34 East 2lil SI., Naw York. 



500 OPERA 

Must Be Cheap, 
Second-Hand Preferred. 



wa>'TRD— Two laily trombone playen*, not too 
'All. Tor Hit. DoTit'a Uautrliter bra*n Hand, for 
balance of bcuoii. Mn-t u* atile to Join at once ; 
muBlo rery ritmpie. wire lowest nalaryaod par- 
tloolars to EUGENE WELLINGTON, Manager. 
Devil's Daughter Do. 'iaytty Theatre, Voiing^- 
town, Ohio, wee* Feb. at 


Eisenbarth - Henderson 
Floating Theatre, 


Also Callone and riano riaver doubling brass and 
Hand Leader wltti food rep. or music. Address 

mhd»i«. CmCM0.lu_ 

$7 50 

PER 1,000, 
or 90c. FEB 


Samples Free. 
24f> E. Madison 



Teamed by any man or boy at boms; Bmall cost , 
Send to-day 2c, Btamp for p.trir tuars and proot. 
O. A. Smith, ltoz c. 'jotoKnosUito ATe.,Peoria, III. 

Repertoire People 

All llnca. Mne'cinna for B. anrl ' 

UBKSTKrt a BN'TE a, Corrlgan, Tex. 



Hust lie the beni, uliange nlgntiy and close In one. 
Very lowest salary, fml paruoaian &s to act and 
uppeurance almolntely tsaential. JanM.rrii:. Ail- 
dreaa CIIARLOTTK SIM UlLLL. Iliverlii:;, Mft-P, 

weex I'eli. i>>; FHcliborg, Mn a ?., week March b. 


He Arthur LGuy Minstrels 

Open for Summer Par n. 1;. anl 0, ifnreferred. 
Satirifacimn guaranteed. Address ARTHl'R I.. 
C, C V. iU M >lu St., SprlugQelii, M*si. P. S.— Carry - 
iBg8peciaiiicanery,coBtonies and electrical etfecis. 

Wanted, lied. People at Once; Sketch Teas 

that doea single* and can pnt on acts and uuin 

tltem so, aiao Comedian who dances. I wantpeo- 
plc wlio koou their btialneas. I pay all after Join- 
ing. Add. La>W EDDYd, llauager., Days Id, Neb. 

COINO, The Wonderful 

Coin pieced in borrowed liantlkerchief. Match 
applied, coin removed. Bandtercmef restjred. 
Great. \ ■ cents. 

EDN A, The M agic « ) oeen, Be ril nvlMe , Olilo. 


104 N.ErrrSt. Will sell at a bargain, lnvnice 
$2 10(i. Addreaa 
Mra. J. DAY. No. 104 B. Ervry ft., Dallas, Tex. 


Characters and Gomedy. Prereronepiere. Addreas 
CLVUK TKK3SKJJ,, it F. U. 1, Ada. Ohio. 

*a1V VTPII Etta MffNOLOfiL'ES, F.TC. 
tSjTa.MU ■ •OIlJsTi.CTs wnt.';ii 10 Order 
A No. l work guaranteed. Samples— I'erody and 
,1«, 10c. ; 3 Parodies and IB (fists* S3e. MahV 
E. PKOSI'KRT THAYER, 27b line &., Prov., R, 1. 


The World's Greatest Instructor of all Stylea or 
Step and Fancv Dancing, Aoroimtlc Feats ind 
Musical Acts. Write or enll for catalogue, giving 



An Automatic orchestra, Piano. Drums, ChimeH, 
SymbalB, a Set or Deagan's organ MM 
Chimes, braud new; One Set of <n otlmes, with 
two Taylor made tnints, used only two wee*B: 
One Deagan's Steel Marlmbaplione, S7 Lara, :t 
octaves, and One Xylophone, -it) bars. and f runic 
with these iwo instrumetus; One Ret of Heagan's 
Arcli Cells, Ptod; 2« Bells. i'lea«e write for price 
list. I loyal Photo-Optlcon. with trunk, 70 to xo 
Views and Canvas. Worth fc»i>; will take im 
Write or call for list. Over .■» of Hie flneBt 8. 8. 
Btewart and .1. B. Schall Baojoa, and other makes, 
with leather cases for same; will *clt at great 
milM Us) Also Hlelkh Bells. Ktatr Mas, Wooden 
xylophones, organ Piiiesand WireDnirnoer. 
' ■ _ If.' W. M AIM SON HT..CH 1QACO. 


Consisting of One Mft.R.T., with aft M. P.; lOft 
Wall; good condu on, poles and aiakes: no rag, 
Aino rair Mapine entrance, not io good; 7 lengttii 
7 Itler bine sent*, nwt foldlmi seat t«nclies for 
reserves; also I strrail tents, sleeping and eonk 
rents, dishes, beds, beddlug, etc., llgtits. All for 
*2cw will sell separate. Stamp Tor partlcoian. 
Above outfit too HitaUior me. \viiibnyt»ti B. T. 
with 30fL middle, 10fu wall. Also «ereop*ico:i 
with views and lllnsirap-d songs. DR. J, M. 
PRENTICE, fienersi Delivery, M.nneapMK Minn . 


With Fancy Dancers. 

iiRATlON. Bend 10 cents for copy. is. GER- 
TRUDE BALL. 51 Sargeant St., flprlngfleld, Mass 

Wanted to hear from an oparator with sufiicieni 
Alms for an entire evenings entertainment. Give 
rnli description of ninn, length, etc. fiuieHaiary; 
forrn.deugagement FKBU WALTON. 

Manager on the Bridge at Midnight Co., Wheel- 
ing, w. Va , care of Grand Opera house. 


New and second band, suit- 
able for Street snows, Merry 
(lo f Rnand, Bnootlnguiliorte. 
and Skating Hints. 

a. HINA, 
First St.NowYorlt 



PACE 70. 


Owosso Opera House. 

Newly furnished. Capacity v,u. Town of )iV»>. 
Juncuon point Tot M. C, O. A O. T.. A. A. A T. B. 
A M. Railroads. 8 .me good attractions booked; 
some poor ones tu tie canceled, want to hear from 
M*nugcrsot good aitracttunn. Otlierasave stamp-. 
BTtvijgjj .v BEAtti)8LKr,»i>nagerr'. 



Will G. Carver 


Cornlntr, N. v., Marcli C; Waulns.N. v., Uarcli 3; 
Hertinier. S. Y.. «»rrh K utile r'alla, N. Y., 
Uarcli H Jjlinslown, N. Y.,Karclilo.^ 


Oil Srove Park, Sajre, Pa, 

Some open time for good Stock aud Dramatic 
Companies. lB.ooopeopletodrafrrroin. 

jMSaWBB I aOBBM, WwrlT. B. T. 



One who can Read and Fake, play good 
tores; mont do straight Jo pUy;thla Is no m 

il Over- 
__ medium 

show; namo your salary and when you ran Join. 
t> efennce tJiHy stale Bans, CorrecUonvdtK la. 
/ddrers JACK UYLARD, Baiter, Iowa. 





Enormous Shows United, 

Qnnaiy EnlargeiJ, Bsorginlsed, Howly Bqulppod and Ferleoted into 

Tbe Worlds Biggest Big Show, 

Te which ti no* added Ihe Tremendous 1 1,000 Ohineler gpiotiol*, 



WASTED— Workingmcn in all departments, Assistant Houses Groom*, 4, ooncl 8 llorir 
Drivers, Train Men, Canvas Men, Cook House Men, Wardrobe Men, Animal and Klenhant 
Men, Uglit Men, Mechanics, I'ropcrly Men, S<cnery Men, Kire Show Men, etc., elc. The 
very best Camp and Sleeping Car Accommodation* provided and tin: highest wage, pnid. 
Address applications to the Superintendents of the vnrious department* as lielnw: Cunvns 
Men, JOHN DEVINNEY, Winter f,)unrters, Columlmi, O.: Drivers, Crnonia. etc., CEO, 
8TUMPI', Winter fliulrters, Columbus, O. ; Ring Stock, FRED H. UONNEAU, 546 Euet 
lOth'St, New York; Train Men, "BUUCY" STOMPF, Winter Oiiarters, Columbus, ().; 
Property Men, JOE MILLER, Winter Quarters, Columbus, 0.| Wnrdrolw Men, JAMES 
KINCA15E, Winler Quarters, Columbus, O. ; Cooks, Waiters, etc., GEO. U. CORCORAN, 
846 Grove St., Jacksonville, III.; Animal Men, Elephant Men, JOHN PATTERSON', 
Winler Quarters, Columbus, ().; Car Porters, FRANK Mi'CORMrCK. Winter Ounrters, 
Columbus, O.i Mechanics, PETER llElNTX, Winler Quarters, Columbus, O. ; Chandelier 
Men, TOM DIINN, Winler Quarters, Columbus, O. Others address tliuahoiv direct, 


MVKKl.K — ' - — — -"- — '— ■ — - llARBWt 

" Best ncrrorioanco 1 ever saw at papular pnccrt."-ruei> MAsoy, Uanaaer, Acaduaiy, Pall Rlvor, 


Good Reliable People In all Lines for Spring Stock and Next 

Season. Can Place Two Good Verisatlle 

Vaudeville Acts that Change. 

Wni, II. H.r.l.r, Fori land, M»,, fell, lift sroil w.eki Lev. I.aen, Marrh o una week. 
Pareaah for good nm( lilnr with lllms. ■*„ ' ,i .1. fur taulj'Mh piny. 



I'reaentlnti a Coiued|r Skolcli by 01YI.KS UrCAIITII v, 


Twanty-ll >-• ntlnatas of 4'oin«tl>-, Pathos, Rlana nntl Thrills. RriBsatlonal flnlili, 
t*V ntline af«ar April '4H. HMJKHTlf, lint Pprlngo, Hutch IS. 


Novell, HlDsle* ami Teams **id oren Time and stale 
lower nnlnr. Two pcrfurinanrfu .laliv. 

AlimnMlAM IIIBA'tHB. »'TI( A.W, V. 

IllPUT i'P I lllL'U'l I Klrlckli solw, Itol'sli.o aud KxaatM I. H«p. or lino Nlghl. 

All 1, II Al IllKriltll »'lll tt'ort oood Hop. on PercCDUga. Join .« Wire. 
aviuiat HI DllLFUllll J.I1.I1ROWN, O.npral Otllmir, Plulaj, Olilo, 




O n tbe Road, 

All llddlea .^luit llcHi'ti I N Mol Later 
Hum Monday. 

nigr.j—X. Y. 

,1 ' 

A.Jjum. Maude iClliltles FrohUian 

Clly SOI Indefinite. 
Allen, Vloln (Cliflrlss W. AT Int. nigr.) 

.V. Y„ 2(1 Murcii l|, WllliutUMport. Pa.. 0. - 
Anglln. Mnrraret iRhuoert Brusj., tngr*.) — 1'litv 

burg. I'»-. 20- March ft Cleveland. O., .''-10. 
Aldrleb. Chaa. T. (A. II. Woods, ragr.)— Xn 

Haven. Conn.. 202*. X. Y.-Oltr March n-lo. 
Augell's Comedian*. IK, IS, Nutt, mgr,) — Hut-til- 

JJS. Ind. Ter., 20 March •'!. ClevcliilHl, I'ltlit., 

.VI 0. 
Allison Slock (It. r. Valentine, nigr.)— MbHIu, 

Twin.. 20-28. Mound Clly, 111.. March I -A, He 

tilKltil 3-10. 
"Arlsonii" (David J. Uamugc iiigr.i-- Louisville. 

Ky., 20-Mareh 8, India Ha l*-lls. J nil.. 5-7, Ten,- 

Haute, -S. Muttuon. til., 0, Chatd-nilgti 10, 
*'Ail 'told In llii.- IMUu" (\Y. F. Maun, ingr.) — 

McKcesiHiM. f'u., 21)2*. Jolitiitown March 1. 

Sliantoklu a. Aslilun.l 6, Malioisty City 0. Ill- 

ucrsrlllo 7, Lunstonl 6, Royeraford if, I'lia-uU- 

rllle 1U. 
'At J'luey llldgw" (M. O. Hlgglus, nigr. )— Phlin- 

dolphin, I'u.. 20-Mircb It, Horsutou 8-10. 
"Ai Cripple Creek," K, J. Carpenter's— Los An- 
geles. Ciii., 25-Msrcb 3. 

"An Aristocratic Tiimir," A, Kllroy A Brltton'* 
t Harry A. Murray, mm, 1— Colamlilo. Pa.. 28. 
IMhleJicJU March I, York 2, Uoatesvlllo it, CDU- 
d-*n. N. J M 6-T. Wilmington, Del., 810, 
-An Aristocratic Train-*." B, Kllroy A Bilttou's 
i*. ft lister, jsjgr.) AJUMi Mlnti.. 28, Prince- 
ton Mmx'li 1, Ku nk Outer 2, I-lltta KhIIm a. St. 
'Ml. 1 4, WlllniMT B. Granite Full! 0, Appwton 
7, Montevideo 8. Truer <>. Pipestone 10. 
"Across the PncWc" IE. Kullrr. ingr.1 — Newark, 

.V. J., 2U-ii»icij 3, Philadelphia, Pa.. 5-io, 
"Arrivr-I of Kltiy" IC. H. Williams, nigr.)— Bntlt. 
N; T., 28, Mount Mtirrli March 1. Wcllavllic .', 
Hnlanianca 3. 
"Aruliaui Lincoln" (WlilUng Allen, mgr.) — Prorl* 

ik-nce. K. 1.. 20-Mnrch b. 
"At tlie World's Mercy"— Philadelphia, Pn., 
Mnrcb G-10. 

lUnm-lip Bates (David Uwlasco, nigr.)— N. Y. Cily 

20. Indefinite. ' 
llurrj-n-nre. Ethel fCharh-9 Frohinun. mgr. )— X. 

Y. Clly 20-MHrdi 3. Plillaih'lpula, Pa., B-17. 
Ilcnilmrdl. Mine. Woi-nli (Hliultcct flrof.. ttlgrn.) 

— Kiiiikuh Cli.v. Mu„ 2N, Mi. I>jul» Mnrcli I* 

Ut-lli-iv. Krrle H.lihli r A Co.. ioutm.)— «t. Joaeiih. 

Mu„ 28. Oiuauii. Ncbr., Mnrclt 1-2, .St. Paul. 

Mlnti,. 4-7, Mlniiraixdli 8 10. 

Itcii. IHitlij (iJniilrl V. Arlliur, mar.) — Uontreil, 

Ciin., 20 Mulch It, Iliimllton 8. u. 
Bluney. llarrj Way (W. W. W«HMk mgr. )■— 

X. Y. City 2'i-llurcli J, Wllojlimlwi. lie).. 0-7- 
HuiitliiK. liminii iKirl llunci-aa, mgr.) — Altoona, 

Pa., 20-Maa-h ft. U'llkeM-harrv C-io. 
Beinirtt-Mxiultoti i\V. \. mum ntgti— Iiotw, 

X. J.. 3<J-Marcli !l. HrM^lun 5-10. 
nciiiictl-MiHilloii iC. 11. Ov-uUwk, ni({r i --Hatli, 

HttJ 20-AlaK'll 3. 
Be tinoll -Moullnii 1 1 in K. Ni'ivim 1 1 , tngr. > — New- 

Imrxb. X. V.. Stl-Man-n ». 
Hrtiiii'il-Moiilloii HV, I!. McKay, oigr.i— Ik-imlng- 

ton. VI., 20-Moii-li J). 

IliMWii. Kirk (J. T. Miicanlcy, untr.) — Patcrbmi, 

N. J.. SH-Sloi-ch !t. Pmiglikt»|talf. X. Y.. ff-IO. 

Ilrtilitr'H ri.miMiluii' ( W. M. JJi-U'lu-r. mgr. i- - - 

1'itola. Kan.. 2U-2R. I'len-iuiil lllll. Mo., Mar.-li 

I -a. Ilotilcii &•", n'errnMoui-g M-10. 

rtivcki'iirhlp- Htoi'k tlCdwlii BhitIc. iiigr.l— Wll- 

biirtoii. Imi. Ter., ^U-SInn-li a, Tulin S-1u. 
llruadhriilgR Miock ill. K. fucliram:, iiigf. > - 
Stmufdii], Tex., 2948. Weullicrfm-d Man^fi 141, 
UHtHnt 4-7. 
llvnitelt'H Dig HJi^iv illllly ncimclt. mgr.)-- - 
stnticlitoii, Mahh., Can.. 20-28, Aieolu Marcli 1 
3. Manor A, (1. Uraimi 7-10. 
liiiii'iii'i CoinwlliiiiH ( pcrw It. Ili'ntoii, mgr. l— - 
Iltirtlifrlllr. Ind. Tit., 211-28, TuIhh Jlurth 1. 
Ukimilgif 2. MliHkoVK- a, Tiililiiiuuli frill. 
Bon Toil Cuimilj' Ih'i-Hti-r A SlrHowmi, mgrs.r — 

Nlln>. Mli-U.. 20-Miircli a. 
UubliT. 0. II. (Kt-jit ft KIiik, niyry.) — Ilviircr 

Maadonh. Pit.. 28. 
"lli-n Ihir" (Klaw A KrliinuiT. nurrf.) — Trm 
Ilailtp, IimI., 2U-28, Fort \Vnyiic Mhi':1i in, 
YouiijMfowii. <>.. 4-7. Krlp. Ph.. 8-10. 
"Bodfurd'H llntw," J.Iiil'uIii J. Carlcr'a — X. V. 

flly 20 Miuiii 10. 
"Hrovit of llarTanl" iHlmWrl Urua., uikw.*-- 

X. V. t'Hy 20. Hi.l.lliiUc. 
"Ilfforv niMl Afli*r" (Boucrt Hunter, iugr.1 — 
ItHltlmolv, .Md., SJ-Mercli U, Wellington. I). L'., 

Doone. Alien (Kemit-y A Wcslfall. Inrfw.)— *r«lx 
City, la., 2S, Uaialia, Ncbr.. March 1-3. Kaou* 
any, «o.. 4-10. 

Dudtry. Krank- -Poiifnr DlnfT. Mo.. 2Q-Mtrcl) ft. 

ParagutUd. Ark.. (VJO. . 

De I'W'Hiirdetie (Thou. K. t>r Ven, Ihtr,!—' 

rtuanok*. Va.. 2«-Marcli a. Wln«lcd-8al*m. V. 

I>arr, mgr. i. 

*' . Mil. 
1.*- VonoV, chtmar. Htoek (Pbll 

Young<iou-ti. t>., 2(1. March :t. 
"bar Id Hurum" (Jullui Calm, lugr.t — Kau-an 
City. Mo.. 410. 

"Ouk-r of Kllllcraiiklp" (Arrlile I.. Hltafiard. ioqr. i 
—Torrlniton. I'wut., 28, Derby March I. Wvm" 
point, R. I.. 2, W'Mtorlr 1 Woonnockal E At- 
ll*l»ro. Man*., t, Mllford 7. Marlboro 8. Law- 
reiiCfl n. 

"Dure Thornr." H. Rowland A aifTord'a tU. n. 
Hartrunn, iuii i -Klkhi". \V. Va.. 28. HiiKcii 
Mnrcli 2, lUui'tliiii a, I'ldoakl nii, Va., y, 
Hoon'.kp 7. MuT[i:iM»lllp b, I.yitcblHiri 10. 

"LVH-a Thorw." U, Rowlaud Jc Cllfford'a tfrc! 
Kii/th«. mar. I— Uoreui-I. Aria.. 28, Donglaa 
■MhviIi 1. hi dint- 2, TinulMtunc a. Uoitmm 4, 
Tovnon n. Tciuplr tl. Mean ", Pliu-ulx 8. Om- 
grcaa it. l'r.--cnlt 10. 

"Dora Tbomp." V. Itowland A GNNftV ih. K. 
Poml. iugr.1 — Knld, Okla., 28. Perry Marcli 1, 
I'oiica 2, Blackwell a, Poud Credt a, Okecne «, 
M'bioiiko 7. tlcary 8. Anadarko ». Clilckanba lo. 

VUora Tboru*.*' K, RowUnd ft WIffonl'a (W. T. 
Uaiklll, mgr.)— Hlrong, Kan., 28. Rnipnrii 
Mnrcb I, Marlon 2. Wlclilta ?,. Hiirllngatnc ft, 
llolden 9. Horton 7, Krankfort 8. Itluo llatldt 
». Hlawatba 10. 

"I>anjrern of Working Girls" f.\. H. Wocla. mgr.) 
— Clik-ago. III., 2tt-Marcb ;(. St. LouIh, Mo., 4- 

"Ueaerted nt il* Altar" IU. R. Flakier, wgr.l— 
Hlatliigton. Pa., 20. LaiiMford 27. PItletCHi 28. 
8benandooh Munb 1, Hhauiukln 2. Mount Onr- 
nivl 3. ilarrlaburir '•■'. LrUar.un 8, Xorrltton-u 
H, I'laltiarield. X. J.. 10. 

"lAMirer Rxprrwi" *!t. J. Rarencroft, mgr.)— ■ 
PraukHn, 1^.. 2(1. Jeani-retlr 27, Crowlar 28. 
Abbeville Marcli 1. 8t. Martlnarlllc t, La- 
taytltv 3. U|x>louaoa 4. 

"Uad'x Rent Ulrl" rconway A lllntilng. nigra.) — 
McOimw, X. Y.. 28, Krecrllle Marcli 1, (Jrotou 
2. HhAcn .1. 


Clllolt. Maxlnc (C. R. Lllllliisriinni. mgr. i--\cv 
Huvt-ii. Uoiili.. 27. 28, Hprlngiit'liJ. Mw-., Moicb 

1. Hartfonl. Cum.. 2. 3, I'blTadPlpblu. I'u., 0-17. 
Kir.cry, Kilwln T. -C. K. Cook, uigr.l— Mobile 

Ala.. 241. Mt-rldlin. Mbw., 27, Jackton 28, K*l- 
ma, .Mi„ March I, Montgomery 2, AnnlnlMi 1 
IH rm !n MM S, ltome, (la., 0. Atlanta 7-u. 
l-klliiue Slock (Ltoyd A Ocnter, mgra.)— Hni* 

MnttT. Tex.. 28. 
Emery Miock (A. C. (ircutt. msrr.t— Toledo. O- 

2U-.Marrli a. Port Wriyne. Ind., 5-10, 
Kill- Kloi-k n;.;ivml Kllta, mgr.)— St. John, X. 

R., 20-Jlmvli 10. 
"tfl M"llll*w, , * Lincoln J. Carter' i* — Camden, X. 
X.. 20-28. Wilmington, Ih-1.. March 1-3, Wa»li- 
liigton. D. Cm 5-10. 

i;i.vintii Hour," Lincoln J. Carter'*— Olnej . 

March 1. Mntloun 2, Park:;. 

Ic'iler ft Co. 'a — Altoons, Pa.. 

i. X. J., I, Bonlon, Maaa„'fl-10. 

'Eueu llolden" (WHIard ft I lor Ion. nigra.)— 0«B- 
ton, N. Y.. 28. I»w»llle Mart-b 1. Little Kulln 

2. L'tlca a. AnsHtfrdutii R, tfninvlllc 7, Orcou> 
rlllo S. Ik-Hnlnglun. Vl.. II. Itutland 10. 

"Krrkwl Roy" (P..I1. Siilllvnn Ainutw. Co.. m;r«.i 
— Allunln. f*a.. -H. March a. Itlniilugliam, ...a., 


"Ek'lit ItcllN." liros. nyrnc— Si. Paul. Minn.. 25- 

Mnrcli a, Mliiiicu|K>liii 4-10. 
"En«*t Ljinie," IliH^bcr ft Stanlpy'a iWnllcr I. 

Mt-Uoiiald. msr-l— Twuinwli, Okla., 28. 

J.irii/nui iiuur, I 

111,. 28, KBIUghim 1 

'Klernal Clly.* 1 Mel 

Mnrcli I. Trenton. P 

l-'lukc. Urn, illrtrrlnoii tirt-y Klake. mgr. i 
lltKtou, Ih.. 2. St. Lmil-. Mo.. S-lO. 

IWMHm Win. iLlelilcr ft Co., rugrn.)- 
Clly 20, liidennllv. 

(■'nnikMirtchi. Laura cLcon lillaun, mgr. 

N. Y. 


"Jlmicb of Kvya" Hivin UoUiucr. mgr. I— llllla- 
dalp. Mich., 28, llnltlc Creek Marcli I. LnnnlnK 
2, Bay City a. Srtgliiuw 4. 
"Itlg llcarlml Jim." Kllmt ft duuolo'* I Crank 
Oauwlo. ingr.t — Diiltliiiore. Mil.. 20-Mnrcli :\, 
"Itoanty Dtn:tor" (Tlwa. W, Prior, mgr, ) — Cincin- 
nati. C. lir-Mnn-ii 8, PorlmiKniili fi. Clitltlcolltc 
(I, HlrftvrTlltr, \V, V«„ T. Whirling H-10. 
"Hnnker'n Cbtld" ( Hurry Sliannoii. mgr.) — Mod- 
font. Olfln.. 2S. Pi'uUnly. Kan.. Murclt 2, StmiiK 
City a, lleilngluii ■">. SdIihiuhi I), Mlinietiiwll* 
7. lh-l|.hoH 8, Uluw'o W. Bclolt 10. 
"Ilitr«lai''s l)iin«liiH'" (Vance ft ShIIItiiii, hikth.) 

— rwoam HI.. iMMiiuHi :i. 
"Pi'IiIihI i in- Mick" i W. 11. l.utvrviicc, UIJ.-1M-- 
Pulladt'lulila. Po . Marcli 5-10. 
('nine, Win. II, tClinrlca Fcolunuii. uigr. '— Do»- 

luli, .Muhc. 20-Murrli a, Lynn n. 
Cni'ter, Mm. Li-nltc (Davtit llelaaco. uiyr. > — Ilun- 

ton. MnH4., 2tl, tiiiWtlnlto. 
Curvoran, Jane (AMpM ft HnxUr. nigra. > — Hpring- 
llpld. 111.. 28. Ttcvalur March 1. Danville 
iSuldleiV Homo) 2. Ailttnn. Midi.. 3. ('hniliani. 
(int.. 9. Ktratrord 0, (iuelidi 7, I) rum fun I .1, 
SI. Calhrrlm-ri ti, 1 hi mil tun 10. 
Cllller. Wlllistii ll'liiirlcs Krolminii, ingr.)-- 
ullkPii-UHvre, Pa., 28, Hcrunton Mnrcli 1. 
Mocliwior. X. V., 2. It. 
i'ulimi. tk<o. M. (Sum II. UiiitIh, mgr.)— N Y. 

city 2n. hidednite. 
Co'ik-Cluireli (tl. ft". Taylor, ingr.!— Ilntler. Pa.. 

20'Mnrrli ft. nJMgalm, it.. T.-tO. 
Cornell Ntoi-k (W. If. Cornell. iugr.i— Oi-ocutIIIc. 

U., Mureb 1-a. Mimlvlllp, Pu.. 3-10. 
Ctiaae-Lliilvr Tbciitri'. Soiilhorn (Clinu. Hnrrlsuu, 

uigr.l— Molwrly, Mo., 20-Mnrclt II. 
t'li-i«ii«*y.KoliT*'r tKrwl C. Clumner-y, ingr.l — I'nr- 

keMlmru. W, Va.. 2(l-M»n.-li a, 
Crinlnf-Nortlltf H%H 11. Xovlilc, mgr.) — Hrftiw- 

vllle, Iml.. 2iVMnri-li a. 
Carroll ttotiKity (Ion Cnntill. mgr.) — VnndrvgrUt. 
I'u.. 2rt-Mnn*h II. riiiuMiiinviicy ft-7, Kcynoldi*- 
rllle 8-10. 
Chicago Slock (Chin. ItwwKam, niur. )— IHngiiriui- 

ioii. X, Y.. 2U*Miircb 3. Pcckfklll IVIft, 
l'iv*i*nt Coim>dy l H. A. Bergman. iugr.»— Jack* 

iwirllli'. Flu.. 20-Mnreli a. 
ClniHi|>llii Stock K'hnn. K. ClmiupHn. mgr. i— ■ ilar- 

rUiir«. Pa., 2«->liircU .1. 
Cluntnn'i Slock (W. It. Claman, mgr.i-- XcnuiHH 

tlioiv, Xelir.. 20*28, ICIgln March Ml. 
Cnagruve Slock- HnrllugUiii. Vl., 20-Marcli a. 
"ColU'gi' Willow." Kaxtern i Henry W, Savaac 
inur.i-llrooklyti. N. V.. BH-MUfi ft. X. Y, 
City .'-10. 
"College Widow." Wenlf-rti illotiry W. Karaaa, 
niKi-.)~llluniiliiglini. 111.. 28. Akron, o.. Miin-li 
1, Tern' llniitc. hid.. 2. Lnfayclle 3. 
' •Clnvki-ra" Pilw* Klrke 1.n Khelle Co., micri.V- 

(Jhlcngu. III., 2f)-Mnn-li lo. 
"Clniifinnn." lldHicm (ilw. II. Hrciinaii, niKr. ■ 
— Newark. X. J., 2tt-Mardi 3, Wnehlugloii, L>. 
0.. BIO. 
"I.'lmipimiil," Wchiitii ((jco. II. Urciihiin, mar. i ■ 

— KannaK Cliy. Mo.. 20-Marcli D. 
"County (.itiolrnmn," Eiialcrn— Phlhidclnlitn, I'«„ 

20-.Marcli .1. 
"County Clmlrniaii." Western— Smi Dlnao. Onl., 

28. I ok Aiitrrlca March 1-3. 
"Crown ot Tlnirm" (Phil Hunt, ingr.l— Sew 

Haven. Conn.. 20-28. 
'■Cimfewdon of u AVIfp" IA. II. W.shIk. mir.)-- 
Phlhileliilila. I'll., 2(1 -March 3. Wnvblllgtwi. aA 
«?.. MO. 
■iiihli-r'n Lust Plglil" l Prank C. Hltotlri. mgr.* 
-Toroiilo. tint.. 20-Mari'li a, Itorkeaier, X. Y.. 
:■■". Syrnciiw H'10. 
"Cliinuluwii Oniitlc" I A. II. Wowia, ingr. 1 - ■ 
HllkiiMtt. X, J.. 2028. IIi.lKikcn Mnr>-h 1-8, N. 
V. Clly r.-to. 
'Ciii-M- of Drink" iM. lituhly. ingr.* — Itochcsler, 

X. Y-. 20--J8. 8yraniw Matvh 1*11, 
"Choir Singer,*' W I: SimkiMlile's—WaahlluitoB, 
l». C. March .1-10. 

Jir*w. J.ilm ii:iirv|n» rruhnnin. mgr.l— St. l.out». 

Mo.. 30-Marcb a. 
H'm-too-, Lawrence (Uaiiiel 1'nilimnii. nujr.l — 
Nnrui Adnnis, Mum.. .Miik-Ii 2, N, Y. (Ilv ft. 
Miily. Arnold (ShnUrl llnw., nigra. 1 -Clilcig-i. 

tfl.. 2-VManl. 10. 
|i|\>-y lleiliy K. IW. N", Lawrence. MfrJ - 
( o., SI Marcli J. 

torin. 11. *'., "Sifivvh 2. VancoitKr S, New YVeat- 
nilnster ft, Blolm-. Wnyh.. 0. HctllngbaiM 7. 

Krerett 8, Tacoiua 8, Ulymplu Itf. 
Fenberic Slm-k. l-UHicrn (Uco. M. Penbcrg. ingr. i 

— Norwich. Conn.. SEU-Miirch 3. Mlddletown A-IU. 
Fcnla-rt,- Stock, Wesh-rn (Will Dcslion, i-igr.)— ,- 

Duvet-, X. II., 20 March a. 
Fleming. Munilc 4\t. H. Ornecy. mgr.)— Jiiuiea- 

town. N. Y., yfl-Mnrch 3. . i- 

Fl*ke. May Uohn Cosgrore. mgr. t— lluriin-rton. 

VL. SU-Mareh ti. 
t-'lynii, Joxeiih J.. Slock (Itiiipli A. Wurd, nigr.) 

— OltMl, Can., 20-Mai-cli C 
I'"oy, K-lmi ifmaF & Wecvcr. ingnt.)— UiiawUrllle, 

. AI*;. 20-MoitIi a, T-awrcncehurg. Twin., 6-10. 
"Flaming Arrow," Lincoln J. Cnrter'a— LohIb- 

villi-. Ky,. 20-MHrrh ft, Clneliniull, 0.. 4-10. 
"Fnuat." Porter J. White's luiga Verne, rucr. l 

— Marlon. (»., 28, Crentllue Mnrcli 1. Uttawu 2. 

Flmlloy 11. C'liicuito Junction :., Rclleruc 0, t'p- 

[irr HaiiiJusky 7, Wanekoneta S. Dellefouioine t). 

SiirlnglMd id. 
"Fast Life In Xw York'* (A. II. Woodi-. mgr.) — 

Clneliniull, (I.. 26-Mnreh 3, Dayton C-7. i'olfdo 

"Kotul Wedding." Sitlllraii. llurrln A Woods'— 

llnrtierton. O.. March- A. Wulervllif «, Minmllcld 

7. Miirloii 8, Kenton 0. Llmu -10. 
"Klinn.v Sir. Iloule- " : (Fre.1 Rider, mgr.!— Ho. 

lwta-ii. X. J.. 2T-2S. Pliiliiflehl March 1, Bridge- 

i-ort. Conn., a, H. Phlludelphla. Pa.. & - 
"Faclorf (ilrl" ii'lmi. E. nianer. ingr.l — Coluni- 

bun, U.. March 13, Cliiclnimll 4-10. 


(Kllelte. William n'tiuili- Frobmau. mgr.)— 

PtUlmJelphla, Ph., 2U-Mnrch 3. 
G'mct ilcorge i Wm. A. Hrudy, mgr. l — Dareijiiort. 

In.. 2S. Peoria. 111., March 1. Uluouiluglvii 2, 

Siirlngtleld 3. Si. i.-m>, Mo.. 3-10, 
Onliund. U-'rtha (Darht Ikdaaco. mgr.) — Alln- 

in-aiwlla. Minn., ZO-Mnrch 3. 
tlray, Jall:i— Llnc-ihi J. Carter's— Peru, Ind.; 28. 

Wab-itb March 1, HttnthiKlon 2. Logunsiiort :i. 
(lullbert, Muie. Yvetln <CharleH Frobmau, nur.t 

—X. V. Clly 2U-Mnrcli x, Spilugflei-], M*«b.,.^. , 

Trenton. X. J.. iu. 
Onllailn, Alneria fSwcely, Slilpman ft Co., nigra, i 

—Fort Utllliu. Colo.. March 2. Ureeley v ., 

Cheviiim-. Vfyn.. P. Lariimic tl, llawliiw 7, Rock 

Springs 8. Pocittcllo. lilii.. 0, Holtte CIty.lU. 
Orlltilli. John iK. p. Ph1lllpn. mgr.) — Xonmin, 

likln., 1*8. Oklnlioiun City March 1. Enid 2. 

ihiihile 1 Skuwncc B, South .McAlester, Iu-1. 

Ter., 0, Muskogee 7. FayeHevllle, Ark.. S. 

Fort Smith 0. b>r tug Held, Mo.. 10.- 
(JlluHirv. Harney (llnvlln ft Xlcolal, uiyrn, i — 

Cincinnati. O.. sa-Marvh ft, UaAVliftle, Ky.. 5-10 
Crect's Players (IkiiJ. On-et, mgr,) — Cklc^gn, 

HI.. 26-Marcli IV. 
(5rs|KMvtn, CIi.ik I-;., ami Alma Chance (Friink 

lluwi- Jr., iii'.-r. i — Hniiilllon, Can., *J8. St. C'alh- 

crinev .Mnrcli 1. l-oiidon 2, SI. Tliunma 3, LouU- 

Tlllv, Ky., r.-io. 

G»".»il, Ailuni IF. C. Tm'IcIh-II, nurr. t — WoonniKkel . 
It. 1.. iM-Mn-.t'li a. Xcw l^ndon, Conn., .1-10. 

(JllTord-HaiTlng <.idol|ih UltTonl, m-ir, I — r.n ul-h -- 
ler. Wk, laiMareu 3, Fennliitoiv r.-io. 

tiitv Slock KSitK. \v. SIcrver. mgr.)— Uttcaitn', 
O.. 2U-March 3. Clrelcvlllc 5-10. 

Ollek Siwk (Hurry Click, ami ) f ■ I JgMlil Ky.. 
20-Mnrch 3. 

"illrls Will Ik- Cirla" iWm. A. Kradv. mgr.i- 
Ck*reljmd. I)., a. Detroit. Mich,, -l-UL 

"Oulloiw" i\Vi». II. lleynolds, mgr i — X. V. City 
20, tiidclliiltc. 

"(Ilrl of the Streetf." Iks-kcr ft Vcronee'a (fico. 
V. ln-lsoill. iiiar. i— Urantrnnl. Out.. 28. Lou- 
don Much 1. Ilitinlltuii 2. 3. Monln-al 3-10. 

■■U«venior*a Patilon"— t^ilmiibtlK, 0.. 20-28. 

Illmmch-tii'a Idcala i.lolm A. lllmutelclii. mgr.) — 
Pongiibeeualc, S. Y.. 20 March a, StbeuecUdy 
A- III. 
Itlnnm-kln'a Imtarlal Stock <R. F. Illinmelcln. 
mgr.)— t'ortauwiitli. U.. 20-Marcli 3, Parkera- 
burg. W. Va. 3-10. 
Harcourl Comedy <C.,K. Kennedy, mgr.l — l^iw- 

remv. .Maaa., 20-Mnrch 3. 
IHIImmi. Munb* IV. A. Dillon, mgr.t— lloek- 

himl. Me,. 20-28. Full River. Maaa., 5-10. 
Huntley Stock iJoltn H. Huntley. mgT.)— Berlin. 

X. II., 2(I-Miirh 3. 
Il-iald 8u.uure Stock i Hitter A Fanafaawe. tH|ra.) 
—Albion, ft, Y„ 2u-.Mat--.-u 3, Mlddlenort 5-10. 
ifllluan. May, Slock (Uosvuer ft Hcbnabel. nigra.) 

— Chanbeniljurg. Pa.. 2u-Mnn-h 3. 
UeiiderMii Stock IW. J. ft B. 11. Henderson. 

mgM.I— Srrmotlr. In.. 20-Marcti H.^ 
Ilundwortb. Hurry — Durla. lad. Ter.. 20-28. 
tVyuiiewootl .March 1-1. Ardmore 3-7, Paula 
Valley 8-10. 
Hartiet-Parkliiaoii (Roht. n. Harrla, nurr.) — Oh 

luiDbni, Ga., 20-Murch 3. 
"llumpty Dumiity" (Klaw ft Krlanger. mgra. )--- 
Itlchmond, va., 20 March a, liuUlujure. m<\., 
"Heir to the Iltwrnn" (TTie Klrke La Rhelle Co.. 
ingrs.i — Chattanooga. Term., 28, Xashvflle 
Match 1, Mc-mi-lili 2. 3. 
"Heart of Chicago, 1 ' Lincoln J. Car ter'a— Ply- 
mouth, Pa.. 28, Xantlcoke March 1. Mil ton 2. 
Wli'kmSpoM 3. 
"Ildhse of Mystery" fMlttcnthnl Broa.* Amuae. - 
Co., mgra.)— Montreal. Can., 20-March 3. X- Y. 
t'.Uy 6-10. 
"Heart of Maryland" (Durl-1 Beluaco, mgr.l — 

X. V. City 20. indefinite. 
"How Baxter Butted In" (Vance ft Sullirnn, 
gHHsVl — Phllaileliibla, Pa.. 20-aarcli 3, Xew- 
ark. N. J., n-io. 
"Holy City," Ewt, (k>nlon ft Bennett's (Edwnnl 
Taylor, nijzr. |. — L*conin, X. II.. 28. Konier- 
w«irth Mnrcli 1, Portamouth 2 Mnnchealer 3, 
notroke, Maas.. 3-7. PlttnHeld 8. Besnlgntoii. 
Va., P. Cohort, K. ¥.. 10 . 
"Holy Cfly," Went, Qordba ft Bennett's, (Henry 
M. Blackalier, tngr.) — Couucrarlllc. Intl., 28. 
lli:«livMle March 1. Lebanon 2. Franklin 3, 
West Baden 4, Viucennen o, Flora. III., 0, 
Central la 7, Auburn 8, Petersburg 0, WIu- 
ehenfter 10. ■ 

"Hotneni'ini Heart." Kiug ft Perkins' (Frank ti. 
King, mgr. i -- Sianberry. Mo., 28. Bethany 
March 1. MePall 2. Janieaport 3. (lallatin S, 
Miioiuer 0. Brunswick 7. Sallabury 8, .New 
Prunklln II, Moberly 10. 
"ilooslcr Ufrl" iGiu Cohan, mgr.'t-— Ironton. O.. 
2t>, Wellaton 27. Athens 28. McArthur March 
1. Jackson 2. Ctillllcotbe 3. Waahlngtou Court 
House 3. Wellington 0. Xorih Vernon. Ind., 8, 
S»-yo»our 0. 
"Human Slare" (Don Macuiillou. mgr.) — Cape 
OlraMi-uu. Mo,. March 2. Cairo. III.. 3. De Solo. 
Mo.. G, St. Churleo 0, Lltcfafleld. III., 7, Kd- 
wurdnvllle H. Ureenvllle 0, Voudolln 10. 
"Human Hearts " Western (Wm. Fruiiklln Itlley. 
mgr.l— Poi llund. Ore., 25-March 3, The Dallua 
5. Ln 'Irjiidc 0. Buker City 7, Welaer. Ida., 8. 
J.iiJw Clly t». PochU'IIo 10. 
"Unman ileum," Southern (Jay Sluima, mgr.) — 
Morgamown, W. Va., 28. Wheeling March 1-3. 
"IPs Father's Sin" Mod Carltvn. mgr.)— Deep 
It her. la.. 28, WtUii-mshiirg March I. Wnso- 
Itigton 2. btlumwu 3, Biiluvlu 3, FalrOeld 0. 
Eldon 8. KeoimjUH 0. 

"Happy IloullKan'n Trip Aro 1 Ibe World" (Joe 

PclllugHl, mgr. ) — LancualiT. Pn.. Mun-h ft, 
York tl, Allowiu 7, Johunluwn 8, Cotiuellsvllle 
ft, Cnlouton-n 10. 
"lj'x>lk-,iii In New York," France ft Browne's— 
Baker City, Ore.. 28. Welaer. Ida,, March 1. 
Boise Clly 2. I-ucatello 3. Ugdeti. I".. 4, Uraud 
-liim-tlun. Colo.. B. AsjH-n 0, Puehlo 8, Rocky 
Ford ft, Culurnilo SprlngM 10. 
"Ilucans In Hoeletv" (U. C. Kdvrardi-. tugr.l-- 
Willljmaport. Pa., 28. Tower Clt y March 1, 
Tuinn-piu r. , 

"Hooligan's TronbleK" IA. J. Ajieaworib. mgr.) 
— Fort Morgan. Colo., SO. Sterling 27. Ogalle. 
Xelii-.. 28 North Platte March 1, I#sluiio» S. 
Kpurney 3. Hnstlng« {.. Fairmont U, York 7, 
Croud Island 8. Central City 1'. Columbus 10. 

Irwin, Muy (H. B. Sire, mgr. )— Boston. Mass.. 

2'1-Mnrcli IU. 
Inn ■nmiluiiitl StM'k I Harris Lunmcrg. mgr. )-- 

Oneontn. A. Y., 20-Murcb 3. Yi-iikcrs ."-in. 
"It [Inppeiierl In Xordiiind" (W. R. Sill, mgr.) — 

Mlnueapulls. Minn., SiVMan-h 3. 
"Irlhh Pawnbrokers" iMuck ft S|-ears. incrs.) — 

Wheeling. W. Vu.. 20-28, Wuslitngloii. Pn., 

Muirli. 1, WlndUr 2. Altuvnu 3, Iteudlng 3-7, 

AllrntoWii h, Shemtiidoidi P, .Mount Cnriucl 10. 
"In Old Kcutw'ky" (A. W. Dingwall, mgr.) — 

Washington, D. (J., 20 -March 3, Baltimore, Md., 

Mirth 3. Atl«BU.,Oi.. ». 

7. Jacksonflfle. Kla.. 8, 

New Orlciui!, La., ! 
Oiluiiilnw 0. Mmcol 
Sarnnntb. 0*.. (>■ CAarieltoh. S. C., 
Mack. Andrew [KM k Unrrla, allft J "A I 

... '(Kick 
biirg, Pa;. 20-Mari-li 3. Ilaltlbiute.^ 


r* -■ • r#- 

itutsjoq. JBKjfft* (Llcbl*r A Co.. 

ilelt-Lla. ('k.. 96-Mireh lo. 
Ttdutr* .Hn«t,..(Klaw ft Krlanger. njgra )— > v 
"r3ic fO-MBrcnju. 

mgrs.)— phju- 

Maml/lAJUla, and Clora Llpnlail. (Shttbert Bros., KattJM Florwiw (K, V. Olronx, mgr.)—8in 

tugri.i— N. Y. Clly 2tf. Indetliiltc. Fmndaco. Cut., 20-Marcli II. mm " n 

Murphy. Timothy (T. ft Saundcra. gftnlftW Riys/'lhe (E. p. Btalr. *gr. j— Memplila. Tehj 

ton. Tex., 28. Beaumont March 1. New Ot- 2VM*rr-h 0. XaakTllle E&. , ' 

U-uiis. Ln., fl-10. . _ i4 „ , Ruatell Broa. (I). Frank Dodge Co.. mgra. l — h,,f 

Murphy. Jo«fph_/KenDey A W«U;aJl. n^J— " fftlfi^.'.Yj, W^ftrdi .?-. .. ■_ _ ., 

nrphy. Jutrpb (Kenney A Weatt.ll, WfTi.l--- JSgTJTS, 2051 arch 3. » J iw 

OiiiBlin. Xeh.. March 13. Kagaaa Cllr, Mo., 4-10 H ro „ ( b -n lel— Atlantic City. X. J., 20-Mareh ft 

array and Mack (Mack A Sjcart, mcrHj—Bed Blchmoml, Va.. 3-10. 

Bluff. Col.. 28. Redding March I. flalemYOre., Unule Tbuitrc ' (0. I). Hcwe, mgr.l— Blnghom. I 

William*, m 
Dayton. U., 


.. Poriiiinii 4-10. 
Mortonn, The Four (Percy 

Indiana lulls. Ind.. 20-28, 

1-3, Cincinnati 410. - , , tj*, 

Moriltner. Lillian U. L. icronee, nigr,)— Trwi- 

tou, N. J., March IU,. Brooklyn. ZVJr. 0-1O. 
Melv'lile, Rose (J. ft Stirling, .mgr. 1— Dayton, <>.. 

20-SS. Columbus March C*lfl. t..'.'. ■ 
Mong. Wllllsui V.— New Phll*d«lphU. O., 28. 

csllon Match l. Chicago Junction 2, Delaware : 
McAulifTe. Jem Stock (Hirry Katfcs, m«T.) - 

X-w Bedford. Maw.. 20-Match a. Inn A-iO. 
Mrrkle-Ilarder Slock, Kaanwta IW. H. Harder. 

mgr.l— Portland. Me., 2d-Mareh 3. Lewlstou 

Myrkle-Harth-r Stock. Weitern (Eugene J* Hall, 
nigr.)— Johustowii, Pa., 2(j-Marcu 3, Altooba 

Myrkle^Hnrder Stock. Southern (taUmore A LtJgu, 

mgw.)— Joplln, Mo., 23 -March 3, PUisburg, 

Kan., .*!'■. 
Murray A Mackey (John J. Slufrtir. mgr.L— tMb> 

era, N. Y.. 20-Mardi 3, Watertowu O-iO. 
Marks Htoek (Tom UorkK, mgr.)— Brtudoo. Man.. 

20. Indefinite. .' . ; 

Mark* Bios. (Joe Marks, mgr.) — Brockrllle, Can., 

26-Morch 3, IteHerllle MO. 
Murks Bros. IB. W. Mark-, nurr,)— Montpcllrr. 

Vt„ 20-Mardi 3, St. Albans S-lO. 
Myers. Irene, Bh; Slock (Will H. Myers, tngr.) 

— Satan. Msm.. 20-March 3, Newport, tt. L. 

Moore, La Verua. Block (Foster Hulchlna. mgr.l 

~ BHett" rllle. Ind., 20 -31 arch :i, StlneiTllle 0-10. 
Mitchell's All Star Players iD. Frank Mitchell, 

mgr. i— Haverhill. Mass.. 20- March Q. 
MetrcjiK-lltan Stock (CllrTord Kcefes. nurr.l— Alra. 

Oklu., 20-Marck 3. Harper. Kan.. '-10. 
Manhattan sto*k (Salluger A Dranaon, nigra.) — 

Auburn. X. Y.. 20-March 3, Oloferarllle G-lO. 
Murray Comedy— Charlcaton. W. ('.. 20-March ft. 
"Mrs. I^fflngweirs Boots" t Charles Fruhuinn. 

nigr.)— Harrlanrg, Pa.. 28, Yak March 1, Eas- 

ton 2, Trentou. X. J., ft. 
"Mlspau" (Charles Frobinan, mgr.t — Boston. 

Mi;*-.".. 20. iDdeflnHe. 
"Mr. Hopkltiabn" (Curren A lUckett. mgrs.)— 

X. Y. City 20. indefinite. 
"Mm. Wings of the Cabbage I'ateh" (LlcWer A 

Co.. nigi-s. i— Mobile, Ala,. 20. Montgomery 27, 

Sclnm 28, Binuliigliatti March 1, Atlanta, lit.. 

"Missouri (ilrl." Eastern, Fred Uaytnond's <(ieo. 
Beilee, mgr.) — Ironton. O.. 28. Woodstock, Vs.. 
March 1, Winchester 2. Mattinabtirg, W. Va., 
... Charleston 3, Bniuswlck. V .. 0. Alexan- 
drlu. Va.. 7. Warreutou 8. Ciilpeppej 0. 

"MUsonrl Olrl," Western. Fred Ituyirtond'sf Merle 
n. Norton, mgr. i — Fair* lew, L'UU. March 1. 
Proro City 2. Sprlncfleld 3. Grand Junction, 
Colu.. 3, Uleimood B-irlfigx 0. Salhl* 6, Flor- 
ence n. 

"More lo Be Pilled Than Scorned" (Cbaa. K. 
lfinin-y. mgr.) — Xrw Ilareu. Conn., March 1-3. 
Klisalietb. X. J., G. 

"Mi-Fadden'a Flats" iThoinas K. Henry, mgr. )— 
..cranton. Pa.. 20-28. Wllkea-Bafre Starch 1-3. 
Pittsburg G-10. 

"M'-vu-ihlner's Daughler" (Boy Kingston, mgr.l 
--Secltlc. Wash.. 25-March 3. 

"Mlilnigtit Plrer" (Ed. Auderson. mgr.)— Ro- 
chester. Pu.. 28. Sallnerllle. 0-. March 1. Canal 
Dover 2, Coshocton 8, Coming u, XelwinTllle (J. 
Alliens 7. Jackson 8. McCounellsrlllo 9. Cam- 
hrhlae in 

'M.i Wife'* Family." Kustoru (Frank Cuoke. 
mgr.)— St. Marys. Pu., 2S, Kane March 1. 
Monnt Jevrett 2. Bradford 3. 

'My Wife's Family." Western (W. McGovrnu. 
nigr. > —Fresno. Cal.. 28, Hanfurd Marcli 1, 
VlMulla 2, luikcTHtk-ld 3. Li.- Angeles 4-10. 

'MltlMHinirc Tmiiiii" t Fnil ('. TIsjIiihs, ntET.) — 
Bnrberton. «.. 28, MuiiHikdd March 1. Mount 
Vcnsjii 2, Newark 3. Coshocton 4, UhrirliavlllL- 
0. (irwksTllle 7. Colaiuhus 8-10. 
My Dixie Hlrl"-— Norfolk, Vs.. 28. Pcler-burg 
Mitii-li 1. tlisrlotlesylllp 2. Curluglon 3. Itv-in- 
nh. 5. (,1iii(liunsiga. Tenn.. 0, lilnnlnsliatii, 
7. Sdina 8, Monlgumery 0, MerTdlau. 

Roe. mgr.)— Scbrnectnd; . 




• 10. 

ii. a Womau'M Povrec" (E. C. Andrews, bus. 

mgr.l— McKresport, Pa.. March 1-3. 
"In Oay New Tort" (Lotiey Haskell, mgr.l— He 

bukeu. N. J., March 4-7. 
Jeffrern. Kills (Llehlcr A Co.. nigr».)— N. Y. City 

Jefferson. JuKi-jdi. tind Win. W. (Victor Hurmon, 

mgr. I— Bay Clly. Mich., 28. Gruntl lUpida 

Mun-h 3. Baltic Cm-k 5. 
Jeffei-K.ii, Thouinx (C. B. Jt-fTersou. uigr.) — Mln- 

ui-uiwIK Mink.. 4-7. St. I'uul 8-10. 
"Jerry froi* .Kerry," Palleu A lorry's. — Tiwon. 

Arls,.'2S, lilebec March I, Douglas 2. 
Kallch. Mine. Berthn (IlaiTlson lliey Fbkc. nigr. I 

— Wtislilngtuu, H. C, 20-Murch 3. Brookhn. X. 

V.. G-JO. 
Knoit. Ilusclk' iSwcely.^ Shlpmnti i C*. nigra. >■ 

Murion March 2, K<>- 
i 0, Huutiiiglon 7. 

ingi-s. ) — Newark. 

Mary Miintierlug — In- 
Dnylon. U.. March 1. 

Snv-igp. uigr. ' — 

llai-kell, .Imur. K.. i 

■IIuiiiiimIis, Jml., 20- 

CiiliimliiiH 2, 3. 
ItlU-ln-uek. Huyiiioiid (Henry 

X. V. City 20. indefinite. 
HruioM. Charh-H it. II'. La wr mice Walker, mgr.l 

—Salem, Ore.. 28. Kwrcim March 1, Wo-'illaud. 

Cal.. 3. Sacramento ft. Stockton 0. Fret-no 7. 

llmifWil S. Ylsalla 1>. BukersUeld 10. 
Uounnl Hall (Henry Plprson. iagr.1— Plillndol- 

phla, Pa.. 2U- Mnrcli 3 Newark. X. J.. 0-10. 
Harrlgiin, Etlwar*) (Shuhert Ilroa., nigra.) — Brook- 
lyn, X. Y.. Sti'March 3. 
lleuilrleks. Ik*n (Win. Gray, mgr.)— Madera. Cal.. 

28. Mcdesto March 1. Uill 2, Slocktou 3. San 

Jose I, 3. Wulsourllte 0, Mentcn-y 7, Mania 

Cm? 8. Gatos 0, Oakland in. 
Hamilton, Florence iGurlfliid Oailen, nyr, i- -ptrt 

Jenla, X. Y.. ft*, Mlddletown 27. Eaxton. Pa.. 

28. Alleulowu Mnrcli 1. leading 2. York a. 

Plsin.ieH. X. J.. 5. EHmIvIIi 0, Atlnutle Clty 

7. A-ihnry Park 8. PaterMin 0. 10. 
Hiuitlngn. Vie Four I Harry Dull, mgr.i --Mlchl- 

can Clly '-"I.. March 2. Benton UhiUt. Mich., 

".. timu'i ttnplilx 4-7. Buttle Creek 8. ijogaiis- 

porl, 1ml . 0, Fiunkfurl 10. 
Hunt Stuck iJI. A. limit, mgr.)— South Uaven, 

Mich.. 20Msreh 3. 
Hiiyt's Cmne-ly JH. G. Allen, ntgr.i—llnntttiR- 

l«n. W. Vn., Stt-Mnrrii -.*!. 
Harvey \ cagv — Lowlalou. Me.. Sil-Man'b 2. Ban. 

ana- .-.-in. 
Hi-ti-k-i-M<u. Maiuk- iJosenh Parent, mgr. i— Ma* 
■l-K-ketii. In., 20 Mnrcli 3. 

Frankfort, Ind.. 28, 
kouto 3. Lugunsiiort '• 
fori Warn lo. 

Kctiilull, (Llebler 
X. J„ •U-Murch a; 

Kcllar. Hie Utvut (Dtslley McAdow, mgr. i— Phila- 
delphia I'u., 20-Marcli 10. 

Kennedy, .lames it>. K, Wee. nurr.t — MerJdeii. 
Conn., 20-Man-ii a, Dniibitry ,',-10. 

Karroll, Ds> (J. c. Welah. ingr.l— GloTcmille, 
N. -Y., 20-Slarcli 3. Newburgh r.-lO. 

Kennedy Playera (T. II. Deleran. mgr.)— Mnrs- 
vllle.- Ky., 20-Murch 3, Zuncuvllle. O.. G-tO. 

Knlb and Dill— BoKtuu. .Muss.. 20-Mtircli 3. Mon- 

imil. rt,in.. n-io. 

Kerkhuff-I llllnmn 1 1 vuti KerkhofT, m«r. ) — Forenl 
Clly. M.^. StLMarrii 3, Stella, Ncbr., 0-7. Ne- 
braska CHy M- in. 
Kelley Siork (Jewell Keller, tngr.) — Sprlngilcld. 

Mo.. 25 Mnrcli 3. Kun-kii Springs. Ark.. G-10. 
"Klujr of Ihe Opium King" (Win, Roddy, mgr) 

— Boslun. Mums., 20-Murch 10. 
Lae^.iyr. Wlilon (Win. A. Brady, tngr.)— PIKs- 

liitn.*. Pa.. 20-Mnreh 3. Purkcrsliiirg. W. Va.. 

r. Chnrk-Hion «. Lynchintrg, Va.. 7. Xewj-ort 

"ews 8. Nurfulk !', Itlclunoml 10. 
Lorlmer, Wright (Vim. A. Brady, nigr. i — Louis- 

vllle. Ky.. 20-Mfltch 3. 
Ijor-ilne, Robert (C. B. Dlllhiglmia. niir.1— X. 

V. .Clly zU-Mnrch 3. Philadelphia. Pa.. 5-17. 
IwH. J, C. IU'. A. Junker, nigr.) — St, August hie, 

I'lu.. 28. Jacksonville March 1, Waycrot-s. On.. 

2. Brunswick 3. 
Lewi*,, Dorothy (A. 1L Block. rngO— Nlles. O.. 

20-Marck 3, Greenville. Ph.. r-io. 
Lyceum Slock (E. G. Groejcau. mgr.i — Palestine, 

Tex.. 20-March 3. 
]<ong. Prank I'... Stock— Dubiinne. In.. 2C-March 3. 
Lockck. The (Will II. Lo\-ke, nigr. i — llorton. Kitn., 

20-28. Saliethn March 1-8. l^aveuworlh fi-7. 
"Lion anil iln- Mouse." Eastern (Henry B. Harris. 

uikt.) — K. Y. Clly -tl. linlettnlte. 
"Lion ami tin- Muuae." Weslem (Henry ft. llnrrh, 

mgr.) — Oiicago. lit., 2(1. hulerlnltr. 
"Little Unjr Idttly" (Miiurlce Cnuipt-i-tl. rogr.) — 

Provldeuce, It. L, Murcii G-10, 
"IJltle Ontcast," ft J. Oriiciiicr's— Jauesvllle, 

Wis., 28. 
"Utile Johnny .Time*.'* Western (Snm II. llurrl*. 

mgr.) — ,\ nt ceii ilu. Mont.. 28. Spokane. Wash.. 

Mun-h 2. 3. Seattle 4-7. Tacoran 8. Portland. 

Ore.. 0, 10. 
"I.ltlle Jolnuiy Jones," I-Uislcrii (C. C. Sirumm. 

tngr, ) — Turoiiln, Can.. 20-Murch a. London 5. 

lliiinllti-ii II. 7. Kliiirstou S. Ottawa 0, 10. 
'Little llomealead" (Win.' MaYauley. mgr.)— To 


leilo, O., 2.1-28. Ypsilunli. Mich.. March 1. I 1 
Huron 2. Flint 3, Bay City 4, Saginaw 
OwiHso 0, St. John 7. 

"Lured from Home" IA. II. Woode, nwr.v— 
Omulia. Xelir., 28. Do* Moines. la., March 1-3. 
Chlcsgo. III.. 4-24. 

"Lyman Twins" (Lyman Bros., irurrt.) — Ashe- 
rllle. X. Ii.. 29. Spartaubiirv. S. C*. .March 1. 
Oreenrlllo 2. Ander«on 8, Athens, On.. G, Bonn* 
IluiHsvlIte, Ala.. 8. Fajettevllle. Tenn.. 0. 
Colmublii 10. 

"Lighthouse kg the Sea" f Vance ft Sulllran. 
mgrs.)— Chicago. 111.. 23-Marcb 8. 

Mcinsilehl. Richard (B. D. Steven*, mgr.)— Buf- 
falo. X, Y., 2H-2S. Rwhesler March t. hjirln,:- 
lleld. Altiss.. 2, Wnrre*ler 3. Ibmlon 3-17. 

Muntell. Itoi-i-i H. iWm. A. Brady, mgr.l— Ohl 
nafja 80 M an A H, 

MclliiMo aud Hrath ihlaw & Krlanger, nigrs.) — 

Murehlnf Through Gconcia" (Chas. II. 
mgr. 1— Chicago. 111.. 25-Murch 3. 
Xeihervole, Ul.i IC. B. Dillingham, mgr.)— De- 
troll. Mich.. 2d-March 3, Clucluuail, O.. G-lu. 
Xclson-lloluiun Comedy (Hdrry C. Netsyii, uigr. i 
— MneowK 111.. 20-28. BimIiUcII March 1-3. Dal- 
I:im City 3-7. Itoterllk- 8-10. 
Nelson. Iluruld (C. P. Walker, mgr.)— Maronette. 
Mirk.. 2U-2S, Kscaliubn March 1-3, McnoiulnH- 
"Nlnely and Xlue" (Chas, II. Young, uigr.^ - 

St. UsaJa, Mo., March G-JO. 
"Xi-l-thljirty XrlgbkurK" (Frank W. Naaon. uigr.) 
— Bruihbek. P«.. 28, Wdynesburg .March I. 
Wuslilngtoti 2. Jcannellc a, IjitiuLs* G, HuUlli 
Fork U. liMlbuut 7, Lvcchburg 8. Vamlcrgrlft it. 
OH Clly 10. 


Ok-ott, Chiiunce.r ( August us pi tun. uigr.) — M-ttn- 

plilrt, Tenn., 28-M-irch 1, XiuhTlIh* 2, 3. Culltui- 

Us, O.. 7. 

O'llnrn. Flske (AI. Mclean, mgr.)— Washington. 

D. C. 2i;-Mareh 3, Providence. U. L, C-10. 
O'Ncll. Nauee (McKce KuDklti. mgr.) — Spokane, 

Wash.. 2S, Murch 1. 
u-vuiim Slock Uohn Osuiau, mgr.) — KuoKtllle, 

Ti-nii.. 20-March 3. 
Oi|tbcuui Slock (Etlward Doyle, mgr.l— Akron. 

O.. 20-Marcli 3. JImbsDIoii 510. 
"Our Now Minister" (Miller A Conters. mgrs.)-- 
Daylon, O.. 28. Wujmkouetn March 1. Fostorla 
2. St. Msry* a. PortlaiHl. ind., 3. Frankfort 
(1, Knkomo 7. Peru 8. Elkhart !). Marlon 10. 
"Over Niagara Fulls." A. Iluwlnud A Cllfford'H 
l John P. Burrett. nufr.) — Uuelpli. Out.. 28, 
I'.erllii Munii 1. St milord 2, L'jtidu i 3, lV.nsl- 
atuek G. SI. Thonuim 0, Chulham 7, Port Huron. 
Mich.. !*. Sarnla. Uiit.. U. Pont htc, MJcli., 10. 
"Over Niagara Kails." B. Ruwlund ft Cllflbnl't 
(L. 11. Nevreolnb, mgr.t- — Albta. la.. 28, Ottunt- 
wu Murch I. Fulrlield 2, Burllnglon 3. Daren. 
IMirt 4, tMtaloosa G, (irlnnell 0. Newton 7. loira 
City 8. Bwk Islatsl, 111., U. Cedar UuiiM-, 
!«.. 10. - 

■(Hi ilu- Bridge nt Midnight." KuKlem, Kllmt ft 
Unnnlo'M (Fred WalLun, mgr.)— Jtunesvlllc. 0.. 
28. Cmul-rklgv March 1. Steubfiivlllc 2, Bel In Ire 
ft, Whei-llng, W. Va.. G-7. McKcesiiorl, P«.. 8- 
"On Hie Drldtre nt Midnight," Westeru. Kllmt ft 
(isMoltt's (Daniel Reed, lugr.) — PittNburg, Pa., 
2(l-Mnrrlt 3. Cleveland. 0-, 5*10. 
"Old Arkwtwaw." Fred Raymond's — OswiWalomle, 
Kitn.. March 1. Paola 2. Plceiiautou A, Fort 
Seotl 0. Glrurd 7, Weir 8, Rowland 9, 
"Old Hontesteiid." Deiuuan Thomiwon's — Denver, 

Colo.. 20-Msicli 3. Fort Worth. Tex., G. 
"Old Clot lies Man." Rowland ft Clifford's (Dave 
Seymour, mgr. 1 — Thomas ton, Coon., 28, Tor- 
i-lngtoo Morcrt 1, Derby 2, South Korwalk 3, 
N. V. Clly 5-10. 


Piitlon, W. H. (J. M. Stout, m-ir.)— Charleston, 

HI.. 28, Mil i loon March 1. Tcrrc lluntc. Ind., 

B. KvauHvllk. I, Lhilou 5. Bedford tl, Blooming- 

Ion 7. Csilauibus S. 

Pnniell. Kulbryn (W. D. Filigerald. nigr.) — Lau- 

cusler. Pa.. 20-.Mun.-h 3. l.-aalui. G-10. 
I'ayton Slaters (C. Suffonl Paylou. mgr.) — 
Lynchburg. Va., 2r.-March 3. Clifton Forge 5-10 
Phelnii Cuuieily (K. V. IMielan. mgr.l — Fall 

River. Mu-i„ 2(J-Man-li .1. 
Powers. Geo. A. (Win. It. Degupr. mtr.t — Goshen. 

Iml.. 28. Kcndallvllk- March 1. Auburn ft, 
Peters Players— Falrhury. N*4»r.. March 1*3. 
Plrkerls. The Four (Willis Plekert. uigr.)— High 

Springe. Fla.. 20-28. Tallahassee March 1-3. 
"Prince Chap" (W. X, Lawrence, mgr.) — Pitts- 
burg. Pa.. Murcii ."'-JO. 
"Partetl by Pate" | Frank C. Haas. ntgr. i— Trov. 
Pn.. M, Watklns. X. Y„ 27. Montour Falls 28. 
Polstnn, Pa., March 1, Blosburg 2. Gateton 8. 
Wrsldcld ft, Austin 0. Mount Jewett 7, 
"1'alr or Coanlry Kids" tO. Jay Smith, mgr.i-- 
Flat Biter. Mo.. 28. Farmlngloii March 1, Fred- 
erlektown 2, Char- cat on 3, Slkeilon ft, Bajajj 
Glranh-ait G, Jonesvllle, Ark./ 7, Paragonld 8. 
Murlmia 0, Newivrt 10. 
"Queen of the White SI«Te»" lA 
-MVilkei-Barre, Pa.. 20-28. 
"Queen of the lllghhlnders" (A. II. Woods, rngT.l 
. —81. IsiuU. Mn.. S-'.-Mareh 3. Knnsaa City 4-10. 
"Queen of Ihe CoiivIcIb" (P. |], Snllllviin, tngr.) 
—Demdi. Mich.. 25 March ft, Chh-ngn TO. 

W>2&, W&& Clly March 1-3, ^BfiiStiSf'uii 

Ju» Stock (C. J. V. 
J>\ Y., SB-March ». 

Hoc Couiwly— Utockton. Mass., 20-March 3 
Re-jtf row's JollJ Patliflrulehi U. X. . Rcnifrow 
mgr. i— Danville. III.. W-Msrcli 3. Lincoln 5 l-.' 
"tteOiklti" (Ww. A. Brtdy. mgr.)— ft tl fit 
S Itidennlte. ' . , "" 1 

"Itjnnlng for OflVe" (Charles lllugadort. bbh , 
— Aorlolk. Vn., 20-Marcli 3. Ltncuburg .". Bn. 
i»ke 0. Ktioxvllle. Tenn.. 7, Chattanooga {• 
ltomr, Ga.. t>, AlhetiB 10. * 

"Rornl Slave." North, Gordon A Bennett 'b iFmi 
Miller, mgr.)— Trenton. Mo., 28. Kahobd Main, 
1. Monroe City 2, Mexico 0, Centraltn 0, Mar- 
sholl 10. 
'Royal BtBte." Eaal, Gordon ft Bennell's (Cii 
O. YV. Roberts, mgr.)— CBrlcndal#, Pi., ■•« 
Port Jerri". X. Y., Mnrcli 1, Ellen vllle 2, Mld- 
illrtuwlt 3, Waldeii G. Walton 0. Oue-mta 7 
Mecbanlr? rllle 8, Coriiltli V. Biratogn Siiritigs lo 
"Boyal Slave." Wesl, Gordon ft Bennclt'u (FT T 
Stetson, mgr.)— Muskogee, Ind. Ter., 28, Chel- 
sea March I. Fort Gibson 2, TaJtlequah a. Wci.i- 
City, Mo., 4, Cnrthage 6V Neosho 0. Aurora 7 
Sprhnrrleld 8. Clin ton 9, Sedalla 10. 
Il-.ce for Life" (P. II. Sullivan Amuse Co 
nigra.) — Wilmington. Del.. 20-28, Camden, .*.' 
^-^Alarcli 1-3. Pflterson 8-7. Trentou 8-10. 
"Romance hi Coon Hollow." Eastern (A. C. Allen 
mgr.l — Jacksonville. III., 20, Board* town -[j- 
Viiglnia 28. Tatlm* vllle March 1, l'aoa 2. (V 
entar 3. East St. l^oUts 4. h>)ualllj .". Harrls- 
burg 0. Cartersrllle 7, Anna 8, Cape Girardeau 
Mo.. 0. - 
"Itotui-v ahd Juliet*' (Wilt Xeff. mgr.)— Wllllim- 
son. w. Va.. 28, Poeohoiitos. Vu.. March I. 
■mill ft. IV. Vq.. 2. lUdfonl; Va.. a. 
SoLht-ni, E. H.. aud Julia Marlowe (Cburles Frob- 
mau. uigr.l— Cincinnati, U., 20-Mrircb 3, Kuov 
vlTle, Tenn.. 0. 
Skliiher, Otis (Cliarles Frohnann, mgr.)— N. Y. 

Olty 20, liidcHulie. 
Hhbs. Tuoriuis E. (Nixon ft ZltEnjcmian, mgrs.l — 
Mluneaisylla, Minn., 25-M*ab 3. Milwaukee. 
Wis..' 4-hi; . ' i ' 

Sully, Daniel (William D. Emerson, mgr.) — Salem 
X. J., 20, Burlington 27, llrldgelou 28. Treulon 
Match 2, Pliu-itlxrille. I'u.. 3. CUealer S. Wil- 
mington, Del.. 0. Alk'ittown, Pa.. 7, Maucb 
Chliuk 8. MabBUo/ City 10. 
Sidney-. Goirgf III. W. HcriiiBh. mgr.)— Pllls- 

burg. Pa., 3, Bnlihnote. lid., G-IV. 
Stuurt Set (Hurry Hill, tngr.)— PhtladeltihU, Pa.. 

20-March sVK Y. Clly 5-10. 
Shaw-Gulloglier— Dell Rapids. S. Dak.. 28, Blout 

City. la.. March 0. 
SjMwuer Dramatic (F. E. Sl^oouer, nigr.)---Cm-ru. 

Irx.. March 4-H.i. 
Shaw Comedy (U. M. Brown, mgr.l — Plymouth, 

X. U.. XO-28. 
Shandey Tlientre — Sheridan, Wyo., 20-March 3. 

Livltigstoli. Mont.. G-10. 
"Shaduws on the Hearth" (Arthur C. Alsion, 
mgr.)— lulu, Kan.. 23, Otlawu March J. Sutlmi 

2. Abilene 3. Topuka 4, Junction City G. Man- 
hattan 0, aiarysvllle 7. BeairU-e, Xebr., 8, Liu 
colli !», IV. 

'■Sherlock Holmes" (Bothner ft Campbell, nigra. i 
—tit, I. -mis. Mo., 2G-Marck 3. 

"Sign of the Gross"! It. G. Cravrlu. wgr. i — 
lirocitvllle. Can.. 20, Kingston 27. Hamilton 
28, l.otiuou March 1. Pote'rsboro 3, SL Thuuiua 

3, Erie, Pa., 3, Akron. 0., 0, YVhcclrUg, W. Va., ' 
8. Stcubeiiville, v.. i>, GreeUBt-ur-r, Pa., 10. 

"Study ln Scarlet" (Keld-Plielpa, tngra.)— Karl- 
IMull, Minn., March 1, Ovrdtoniia 2, Waseca 3, 
New t.'lrn 4, Mankato 5, Albert U-a 0, Norlh- 
field 7. lied Wing 8, Luke City 8. Winona I". 

"Slaves of the Mine" IL. J. Hlevln, uigr.)— Man- 
hatiliu, Kali., 27. KllsMorth 28. Wilson March 

1. Huys Clly ft. Dearer, Colo.. 4-10. 
"Shadows of Mn"— Brsdenlowli. Fla.. 2B. Tami«i 

March 1, l^ikrluiid s, Ktsslniiuee a, lie i.ji.-l 
5, SunfurtI 0, TitusiIHe 7, Uaytouv 8. Palat- 
ini 0. 

"Skit* Tracked," Jule Wallers'— Dca Mollies, la.. 

"Striurde for Goht" (B'uod A Tlwmpwiu. iiigra'.i 
— XewuorL Ark., 28, llecbo March a. Morrill- 
luu 6. Fort Smith 0, Fayellevllle 7, Jupllu. Mo.. 
8. Nevada o, Aurora 10. 

"Sunuy Soolh" (J. C. Bockwoll, mgr.)— New Ber- 
lin, X. ¥.. 28. Wutcrvllle March 1. Hauilltou 

2, Utfonl a, Gwt-go G, Moravia 0. Curtlautl 7, 
Cutenovla 8, Cuuastotu 0, L'tk-u JO. 

Thurston. Adelaide ( Francis X. Hope, incr. > -- 

Ituh-lgh. X. 0.. 28. Norfolk, Va., Maa-h 5. 

Richmond T. 
Trescott, Virginia Drew (Joseph SblpuJail. aigr.i 

— ColitbibiiH. 0.. Rfarcli 1-3. Llmu 5, Fludlay 0. 

Bowling Green 7, Toledo S-lO. ' 
Tunier. Clora (Ira AY. Jackson, mgr.)— Peeks* 

kill. X. Y„ 20 March 3. 

"Title Mart" (W. N. Lawrence, uigr.)— X. ft- 

City 20, hitlefliille. 
"Two Little Waifs." Lincoln J. Curler'-i — Akron. 

O.. 28, Kljrla Murch 1, Nomalk 2. Sandusky 3. 
."Too Proud to Beg." Llucolu J. Carter's— Cleve- 
land. O.. 20-Murch 3. 
"Triangle" (W. X. Lawrcuce, nigr.)— X. Y. City 

20. Indefinite. 
"TeMiK." Broudhiirst A Currte's — Brooklyn', X. Y.', 

20-Marcli 3, Pltlsburg. Pa.. G-10. 
"Tracked Around the World" (A. IL Woods.- 

nigr.)— Port Wiyue, Intl., 20-28, Jndlauuuoll) 

March 1-3. Buffalo, X. Y.. GlO. 
"To Die at Dnwn" (L. A. Hunt, mgr. )— ITorton. 

Kuii.. March G. Osugc City 0. Paola 7, Usawa- 

lomlu 8. Glrunl 0. Carthage. Mo.. 10. 
"Two Merry Traiiiint'* (Mc\enti ft Vellcr. ■P9J.I 

— Tiillahotiui. Tenn.. March 3, MeMlniivllle G. 

Sbelbyville 0, Murfreesboro 7. South Plllsbtir,' 

S. Clereland P. Dayion 10. 
"Two Sisters" (Tlieo. A, Morossi. mgr.) — York. 

Pu.. 28. Chauiberahurg Murch ft, 1-oUsloien 2. 

Chester ft 
"Ten Xlgtiuj In a Bar Room" (John F. Stowe, 

mgr.) — Fountain Green, IL, 28. Moroni March 

1. Mautf 2, (jiiniiiN.ii 3. UlclnieJil f>. Sallna 0. 
"Troubles of Eight Twins." Crliinlau Bros,' (Will 

S. Bjeeelter. uigr,)— MarlliiBborg, W. Va.. 28. 

Iluneuek, Mil.. Mnrch 1, Cumberland 2. MeycM- 

(Inle. Pa., 3, Lotiaconlng. Mil.. G. Midland 0. 

DavlB.*W. Va.. 7, Hamilton 8, Bellngton 0. El 

ItillB id. 

'Two Johns"— Ellgabcth. ft J., March 1-3. 

"Under .Southern Sklea." Eastern (Harry D«el 

Parker, mgr.)— X. Y. City 20-MRrch 3. Fish 

kill. X. 1.. 3. Ht. Johnsvlllc 0. Oswego *. Ai- 

burn 8, Cauuudulgua 0. Ithaca 10. 
"I.'nder Sou them Sklea." Western (Hnrry Iwl 

Parker, mgr.)— Chicago. 111.. 2G-March 3. Oaa*- 

en. Intl., 5, ekindusky. 0.. 0. Elyrlu 7, Aiibta- 

liulu 8. Warren 0, Y'oiingstovni 10, 
"IJntler SouUiem Skies," Central (Harry Dot-1 

Parker, mgr.) — Somerset. Fa.. March I, Mry 

emlale 2, COjjnellsvJJle 3. Uulontowii », Scoli* 

ilnle il. l^troCe 7.- Irwin 8, Vandcrgrlft 0. But- 
ler 10. 
"L'uole Tom's Cabin," Al. W. Marlln's Us*. ^ , - 

Martin, mgr.l— X. Y. Clly 20-Mureb 3, Ne* 

Brunswick, X. J.. :,, Elisabeth 0, 7, Hobokca 

"Cncte Tom's Cabin." Stetson's. Central (Grant 

Luce, mgr.)— Wnlllngfonl, Conn.. 28. Banbury 

March 3, Norwich 5, Xew Britain 8. furring 

ton 0, Watprlwry 10. 
"L'nele Tom's Cabin," Stctaon's. Wealent (Wis. 

Klbhle, mgr.)— Port Huron, Mich., 28, Grand 

llniilds 1-4. Battle Creek 0. 
"Uncle 81 Haskltm" (C. S. Primrose. ingr.> — 

Anrora. Mo.. March 1. Sm-lugneld 4. . . 

"Uncle Joah Perkins," Western. H. IL 1'raice - 

(Harry Ln Mack, mgr.)— Toledo. O.. 2G-»*, 

Creslln March 1, Canton 3. Carrollluu 3, o«* 

llncfltle 0. Moncesen, Pa., 10. 
Van Dyke A Eaton If, Mack, ingr.) — Minicst-co. 

Pa.. liO-Miirch 3. Washlngiou 5-10. 
Ann Cleve xu?ck tj«y L. Van Clcve. bbW.J— 

Forest Grave. Ore.. 20-28. McMlnuvIlle March 

1-3. iDileiKViilniee 3-7. Dallas S-lO. 
"Vlrglulan"' (Klrke Lr Shelle Co.. mgrs. | — Clct^ 

tand. O.. 20-March 3, ('oluinbus 0. 
"Volunteer Organist" (Harry Marlell. mgr.l - 

Brooklyu, X. T-. 20-Mareh 3. Philadelphia, Pa.. 



Walxh. ninnehe (Wagenhala A Kcni|«r, m-r-. > 
Brldgepttrl. Cmin.. 28. vl'ulerlwre March I. ft** 
Brllitln 2. New lJ..u-n a, X. Y. Cliv 5-H'. 


rDmt www ?&&& m&ifffiL 


tftr % Indefinite. 
«-ii,lnn mS (CBarle* Frohnun, mpj— BrMge- 
■sKffluJ* Wetgrbnrt 27, New BtlUta2R, 

5Hi(S. ■- xTT--. =S. Da"* 10 ™* 55 Wrtlidrt- 

-10*?*? •&'<£-■*& K Moow miM-N. T. 

nif 2rt-M»K* 3, Brooklyn. X- t„ 5-10. 
wl Si Al H. (Sidney £ Elite. ra|r. I -Toronto, 

■SSu!mSTa t S j Hj " ! * CIURirt, ma**.)— 

t aaMnt-nvn; Md.. M, Cbnmr*r»d»urjr, l*a.. March 

1 Srllnto 2- MMawM 5 Wllllamaport 10. 
uiiilww. 5fi" (H. M. Wlichgll, mgr.)— Rich- 

mnwl Vn.. SC-Mnrch ». 
™,iT Nat M. (pHP*mt * Currle. mgri.)— - 

finlwl lUnlrt*. Mich., 2.V2B. 
Wii3I 1HP IE- D - »*«■*■ ■» I— nrookljn, N. r., 
Ww? "ioWaa— Omaha, Nebr., March a. 4. 
u-mianw and Walker (41. ». Raymond, mar.)— 

NY. Cltr 20. Indefinite. _ . 

u'nlfonl. Mamie Sheridan (E. L. Paul, mar.)— 

Wichita, Kan.. 28-March 3. Wellington 0-7. 

ft !tlwel! £■!'■'■ 
Warner Comedy «(B#dJ. B. Warner, mgr.)— Mteh- 
TEE Minn.. 20 March .7, 
winningM* Hro*.* ° wn (F«»* Wlnnlnger. nigr.}— 

Fdwar-NVllle, HI., 20-March 3, Attoo ft-10. 
wallaek'a Theatre .(Dnblnaley Brot.. nagr*.)— 

Pronhetittnwn. III.. Sfl-2», Mollne March 1-4. 
William* Comedy (T. 1'* I*e flnlTe-fly, nigr.)— 

fialmSflW*. Kin.. 20-28. -Ihiunellon March .VIO. 
whj-re Dramatic (O. P. Wbyie. mgr.)— Ai-nrintka, 

Okla , 20-2S. 
Winter Ptook -J, J. Winter, mgr.)— MliMletown, 

Dfi 20-2*. - •■ • 
Went "Comedy (Wallaoe Weat. ragr.)— Lawlmi, 

Okla.. i'U-Marcti 3, Maogavn 5-10. 
»*waj lmwn.Kaat," Ka*tern (Win. A. Itridy, 

mar )— B<*ton, Mn.ii. 2(1 -March II, Brooklyn, 

NY.. 6-17. 
■•Way Down East,"- Western (Wo. A. Brady. 

*«')— Seattle, Waah., March 1-3. 
"Way of the Transgressor 1 ' (Chas. II. Yule, mir.) 

— KanMJ City. Mo,, 25-March 3. 
•Wnen the World Sleep*'* (Mittenihal Bros." 
TEwe, Co.,*. >— Toledo, O., 28-28, Grand 

Rapid*. Mich.. March 1-3, Chicago, 111., 4-10. 
"When Women Lore". (Frank W. Naaon. ner. i - 

MePherMh, Kan., 29. 
"When London Sleep"" (James Wall, mgr.) — 

Chicago, 111.. 25-March I. . 

•■Wife's Secret" (Spencer <fc .Aborn, mgra.> — 

1'itereoQ, N. J-, 20-28, l'ti'ladelpbla, Pa., March 

•■Whr'Wwoen. Rln"- (J«k F. White, mar.) — 
Coiumboa, 0.. March 0-7. 

Ynnnjt. Kdwln, Stock-^SprlnBflcW, Ma**.. 2*1 
March 3. _ „ „ 

York*- -and Adanoa (B. K. Forrester, mgr.)— St. 
Paid, Minn.. 4-10. 

"Ywing Buffalo" (J. I«aaca, mjr.) — Boston, 
ilaw.. 2fl-March K 

•York State Folka" (Fred Wrljht, mgr.)— Au- 
burn. X. Y.. March 3. ■ 


Illattrelt, Mm*. Lillian (F. O. Whitney, ogr.)— 
t'tlca. N. V., 2», Scbeneotarty March 1, Al- 
bany 2, Tioy a, Montreal, Can., 5-10; 

Kemartl. Saai (Charles Frobman, togr.)— Phlla- 
rtoljihlu, Ta., 2«-March 3, Wabhlnirton, D. C, 

Brandt. Sophie. Opera (Kdwln O. Chllda, mgr.) 
— A'lhiim, X. Y., 28, Utlcu March 1, Troy 2. 
Albany 3, CoboeH 0. Aiuaterdim O, Olorerarllle 
T. Oswego 8, Geneva t>, I/>ckport 10. 

Bnroabee, Harry Clay, Oiiera— Tannton, Ma«s., 
March 1. 

Black Pat ft Troubadour* (Voelekel t Nolan, 
mar*.)— .MeKeexnOrr, Pa., 28, Scottrtate Mareh 

1. Councils vllle 2, Unlontown 3. PlrtaborR S-W. 
-Bahea la Toyland" (Hamlin, Mitchell A Field*, 

msM.'t— Mlkanke*. Win. 2d-March S, Cedar 
Rapids, la., 7. 

■■ Begfir 'Prince" Opera (Henry- Lea \>lle, mgr.) 
fOBuM. Fla.. 2». TltiiBTllle Morcli 1. Day 
t.-xjila 2, Si Talatkl 0; Bt Aqgnstfo* d-S.. 

■■l'.hf)i Crook" (Miller & Plohn, mgrS.)— Bnf- 
ft»j N. T., Mirch g'10. 

OaHill. Marie (Daniel V. Arthur, mgr.)— Phlbv 
.^lelpoln. Pa., 2o-March 3, Xorfolk; Va., 7, Ricb- 
ruond S., .. ■- v ,. .- 

Carte, Rlehard (Chaa.- mh :, gen, mgr.) — Birm- 
ingham, Aln., 28, ' Montgomery March 1. FtMfr 
coIk, Fla.. 2, Mobile. Ala.. fiT. 

fiana.iUn Jubilee Hineertt (W. T, Cnry, ragr.l — 
Akety, Minn., March 3, 4. Ycnttlnlc S, Fruee 6, 
Fanri. X. Dak.. 7, Cnitwlton 8, Hunter 9. Mav> 

Till* 10. 11. 

Pi-nieb), Frank (C. B. Dillingham, mgr.)— Boston, 

Man., 9I-Morch 3. 
TV Angetln. Jefferson (Sbuiiert Brna., msrs.) — 

Albany. N. Y.. March 2. 3. 
Deahna, Frank (F. 0, NKon-Nlrdllnger, mgr.)— ^ 

Springfield, 0„ 28, Plqua March 1, Marlon 2, 

Lima 3.. 
Knjtllah jOranil Opefn (Henry W. Savage, mgr.)— 

Aamcnnda. Mont.. 2"(. luitte 27, 28. Ucfena 

March 1. Forgo, N. link., 3, Duliith, Minn.. 

o; io. 

Frtwardcu. Paula (Shiibert Bros., mgfa,) — Olotera- 

vllle, N. Y.. 28j JobnMtoirn March 1, Amiiter- 

dam 2. Coboefl .1, Newark, SC J.. &-10. 
"Karl and Hi* Olrl" (Hhn>>ert Bros., mgra.) — 

N. Y. City SB-March 10. 
Vuy. KIrle (A. H. WondH, mgr.)— Milwaukee. Wis., 

2S-M«reh a, Toledo, 0., 5-7, Dnyton 8-10, Lntiln- 

fllle. Ky- 11-17. 
Fonl, Johnny, and Maymc flchrno (Uttlentlnl 

Bron. Amuae. Co., lagn*.)— N, fi City Mar.-ii 

O-lO. \ 
Craod Opera (Tlelnrich Oonrlcd, mgr.)— N. Y. 

Clfy 2D. IndeQitlle. 
fllawr, l.ulo <C. B. DIMInuhnnt, mar.)— St. Paul. 

Minn.. &t-Marcli 3, Omnlm. Neb., 0. 7, IfiBMn 

City. Mo.. 8-10. 
"nay New York" (Wnlter Moore, mgr.) — Trenton, 

N. J.. 20-28. poiemon MitrHi 14. llohoken 4-7. 

narrl«bnrjr. I'm.,- 8-lft. 
'■Oinjwrbreari Man" (ConTeme & refers, mgw.)— 

Milwaukee. Wia., March 4-10. 
Hopper. De Wolf (Sbnbert Broi.; mgrs.)— Phllu- 
, deiphla. Pa., 20-Mnrch 10. 
H*>uu, EmeBt (tteo. H. Harris, mgr.)— N. Y. 

City %»£*»■ ft. JerBey City, N. J„ 610. 
"HI* Maieaty" (Frank W. Lloyd, bw. mgr.)~ 

I'hlliulelphla, Pa., 20March R. X. Y. City *), 

"Hla Hlgbneai, the Bey'" (Walter C. De WJtt, 

rottr.l — Kokomn, Inil.. 28. 
"1*1* of Bong Bong" iB. C. Whitney, mgr.)-- 

I'lmvKnturney. l'a., 28, Du Bftla Moreh 1, Knne 

2. Klmlra. X. Y.. 3, Wllllumsnort, Pa., B. 
STiennndnnh q, Mnhdhoy Cliy 7, Ilailcton 8, 
Matted cbtjnli 0. Norrlatown 10. 

W« af Hnloe." Kaalern (B. C. Whitney, mgr.) 

n-Naahvllle, Tenn., 2(1-28, MflfllwifTllle, Ky,. 

March 1, MorganHeM 2, radneali 3. ixmiIitIHc 

.6-7, Khelhyvllle 8. Frankfort 0. Uxlhgton 10. 

We of Spice," We»tem (B. 0. Whllney. fngr.) 
—Canton, III,, 23, Kewanw March I, Bterlliig 
J. Cllnfon. In., 3, DuUnaue r., 1 ndenendeno*> (!. 
Batcrloo 7, Den Molnra 8, Boone 0, Kort Do«I«e 

J " n l". Wnle (Lieblcr A Co.. mgrn.)— N. Y. Oily 

..,;«. Indeflhlle. 

LmlcH Bawl iff. P. J. Power, mgr.)— flreenvlllc. 
ijnn., mnt..(ind BrUtol 2fi, AHhetllle, N. C, 
2i. nreemuio, H. C mat, and SnartnnhurB 
28, MnlLthury, X. C, March 1, Dinrllle, Ya., 
2, South Ronton ft. 

l-*nd of Nod" (A. O. Delanuiter, mgr.)— Terro 
Haute. Ind,, March 1, Anderwin ft, IndlanapollN 

,."• '• Harbin 8, ilnml Kaplda 0-11. 

May, iwinji (Cliarlea Frolmino, mar.)— Wanhliin- 
•io, D. fj„ 2fl-3Iarcli 3. 
5i«lCBJia'' (Whiihert Bros., aigra,)— N. Y. City 

, JK IndtAnKc 

«IW While" (F. O. Nixon -XI rAUnger, nigr.) 
-Cherokee, In., 38, Hiuiis rail*. M. Duk., 
SH* U Ahenleeu 2, Slous City, la., 3, 

„ fMiiaha. Nchr.-, A, 3.. 
Maid ani tha-JDintaiy" (Ohuir. Markii, sen- 
mgr.)— New orlcauM, La.. 28-Marc* S. 

xeMson, Allen (Chai, T. iterger. nigr.)— THkn- 

nJB&T Kb 2fl * 'nchnofi Mnrch 2, Meridian it. 

loilihla uiiniitiui (.ifera (J. K. pidlanl, mgr.) 

.„:- 8 «h Diego. Csl., March ft-iw. 
W •flfiflla" IKInir k Krlttugcr, ingr*,)— ' 

JPM HI., ml tndefliilte. 
,tJl , a " d J n " P'unnkln" 'Klnw A- GrlMger, 
mgr*.)— Chicago, III., 23M»rrh :i, Boatou, 
Mm*,, n-24, 

^HH or *'"•••»" (Henry W. Harage, mgr.)— 

SSSSRS M,L « 20-JlurcB 3, ItlchgWMid, Va., 0, 

.Norfolk 8. 
''■eggy froui ParlH" tjlmtuon Corey, ■at) 

LsSBS !■ v - 3**s". lehjiei March l-rs. 

HwW Wfc Pa.. 6, DU.Bota 8, BiltJer 7. toan«»- 

■JSIPk&.Pi P»! iWiijiw »• Mlrubentllle 10. 

PIff Pilt!! Poo* I!!" IB. C. Whllney, mgr.)— 

Ll*mg»(cm, Wmtt., 28. Boaeman Mnrch 1. Oat** 

DaS Anjcoflda li. Oreat Falla 8. Helena T, 
■•nSnH 8 - Wallace, Ida,. 0, Wartoer 10. 
Paul inBf«^ miera (John It. tl££H, m«.l— 

St. Loata, Mo„ 23-March 3, Buffalo, E Y.. 

••Pflralfal" (Martin A Emery, msrt.l— Kftiiaai 
City. Mo., March 3-7. 

"PrctfeW Napoleon" (R. Wade DaVU. mgr.)— 
Blnhlngfaah], Ala.. March 2, 3. 

' TBSkSSnC ( Eu ?*"* HpoffoM. gift, mgr.j— 
IlaltlMlmrg, filaa.. a* JarW* March 1. Vlcka- 
borg-:2 r Nutchea a, Ralnti tlonge. La.. 4, Al«. 
■MpiK HUM 0, ltiwiMi », Camden, Ark., 
8,-.'Plne.'BlnlT 0, Hot Spring* JO. 
■Unnswgya" (P\ itn; OonMioct, mgr.)— Brook- 
lyn. X. Y.. 2fi'March jL-Jamn Ctij. N. ,T„ 5-10. 

Seheff, Frhal ((:. B. luihughim, nigr.i— N. Y. 
City 3d. Indefinite. 

Souaa and hi* Band (John Philip Snuta, conduc 
Tftr) — numbnldt. But., and Jackann, Term,. 2S. 
I'flria. lual., and PaOtirah. tCy.i March 1, Clark*- 
Tllie, Teun., mnf.. and Hopklnnellle, Ky., 3, 
llendereon, mat-, and ()wen<<horo 3, LouIitIH* 
4, WaHliington. Ind., mat,, nnd FVan*Tllle C, 
Pana, ill., mat., and Becatur 0, Jack*on*ille, 
mat., and Snrlngllelil 7. Lincoln, mat., and 
HI romlnii inn 8. Peoria !l, IXtlcago, mat., and 
Jotlet 10. 7 

•Sho-atm" (Henri AY. Savage, mat. )— Washing- 
ton, D. C, 2U-March ft. Newark. N. J., fi-in. 

"San yny" (John 0. Flutier, mgr.l— Kaasaa City. 
Mo., 25-March ft, 

"Show Olrl" tB. 0. Whitney, mgr.)— Jemey Cltr. 
N. J., 20- Match .I. Trenton *»-7, Tuterunn 8. 
Orange ft, Kllanbeth 10. 

"Siillan of Rtilu" (Madlaon Corey, mgr.*— Mon- 
treal, Can., 20-Mnrch n. Syraenae, X, V., 5-7, 
Rocheater 8-in. 

"Simple Simnn- Klmple" (F. fl. NIxnn-Nlrdlln/ror. 
mgr.) — Johnatown,' Pa.. 28. Latrohe March 1, 
Morgantown, W. Va., 2. Fairmont 3. 

"Society fllrli" 'fleo. It, Hamilton, mgr.t — 
BraMetitown, Fla., 2«. Tampa March I. Lake- 
land, 2. KlfMlmmce ft. KanfoM %, Tim-flllc il, 
Daylona 1. Palatka s, Hi. Auguallne 0. Jac'i- 
Mwvllle in. 

Templeton, Fay (Klnw & Frlanger. nigra.) - 
Y. Oily 2HiMarch 17. 


■ "rctxierfnot" (Win. P. Cullen. mgr,)— Columhni, 

• )., 28, 7ane»Tlllc March I, Altoorut. Pa.. 2, 

Jiihmtown -1, HarrlMtKirg 5, l^lianon it, York 

7, 8, AtUntle City. N. J., 0, 10. 
"Tom, Dlek and Harry" (A. II. Wooda, mgr.) — 

Detroit, Mich., 20 March 3. Cleveland, o„ 5-10. 
"irmplre" III. H. Singer, mgr.) — Chicago, HI., 

25, -indefinite, ... 
"Veronlque" (Klftw & Erlanjer. mgrp.) — Chlcajo, 

HI.. 2fl-M*rcli S. 
'■Woodland" (lloory W. SnTaae, n^r.) — Van- 

cottter, B. C, 28, Whatcom, Waah., March 1, 

Tacoma 2, 3. 
"Wonderland" (J. L. Bnfonl. mgr.) — Baltlm^i-c, 

Mil., 20-March 3, Brooklyn, N. Y.. 310. 
"Wtaord of Oc" (Hamlin. Mitchell A Fields. 

mart, i — St. Loul-, Ma.. 23-Marcb 8. 
"WMtrfl of Ox" iKnmllfl. Mitchell -A Ftcld<<. 

ingrx. )■ — Madlwmtllle, Ky., 28. 

Bri«i,F;9«ii'i: and vunnviu.i:. 

American* il-ktwln D. Miner, mgr.) — Dearer, 

Colo., 20-March R. 
Arenne ttb (fleo. Hnle. ragr.l— Jiealtle. Waih., 

March 4-10. 
Alenaar Beoutlea (Chan. Taylor, mgr.) — Kanaa* 

City. Mo.. 93-March 3. St. LnuU 4-10. 
Brrnnf*. Harry O., Kxtravagaiua (John S. Ray- 

nor, mgr.)— Brooklyn. S. Y„ 20-Mareh 3, Pror- 

Idence, R. 1., 5-10. 
Blue Ribbon Olrls (Jack Singer, mgr.)— Scrinton, 

Pa., 2A-Uirch 3, Newark. N. J., 5-10. 
Botrery Burte^qnera (Joe Hurtig, mgr.) — Clefe- 

IbiiiI. 0., 20-Mnrch 3, Buffalo, X. Y.,,5-10. 
BolienilunM * Barrier Olrard, rear.) --Salt Luke 

City. 1."., 26-Mareh 3, I>enT«r, Colo., 5-10. 
Bon- Ton* (Btish- t Weber, mgra.) — FroTldence, 

B. I„ 20-4Iarch 3, Boatnu, Masa., ,'>-10. 
Bilearller* (Chan. Cromwell, mgr.) — Boxfon, 

Map*.. 20-Mnrcli S f Mr.inlre.,1, Can., •"•to. 
Baltimore Beaiillea (rtol Myers; mgr.)— San Pr,in- 

i-l*eo, C«l'., 2d-March 3. 
Broadway Oalety Olrla (JameH H. Curtln, mgr.) 

— '.'iiicliirinti, O. 2 .".-March S, Cleveland " " 

8 10 

Sni-ibgildd, Mas*., 


C'rflckei' Jacka (Harrr Leonl, mar.) — New Orleans, 

Im.,' 2fl-MarCk S. .... 

Caalnn- Olrl* (M. U. Theltfe. mgr.)— XuahTllle, 

Tftiu,: 20-MarCh aV New Orleans La., 5-10. 
Cherry , SloRfomk (M. Jacobi, lugr.)— Ki. I'aii!, 

i.(lnn.. 2Ti-llarch S, XHuDeapolIii 4-10. 
ColoUlal Bellea: ,(Clias«. Vug» mgr.)— Delrolt, 

Mich.. 25-Mircli .'..(Jrurid Kupltlft 4-10. 
California- fllfta •■(fl. : 11 Turner, tngr.)— IiulLilo, 

X^Y'.: Sfl-Marth 3,,netroit. HJtt., 4-10. 
Dfewk, sanC Own ((Id* Ltenlkg, mgr.l— for- 

Dainty Diichwa ■ f Rmgft A Webet, mgr*.)— Bos- 
ton. Mh-h.. 2fl-ihr:ii 3. X. Y. City 3-10. 

Dreamlnwt Bearttte* (Fronh Cnlder, ingr.) — St. 
I*>nls. Mo., 2S Hflr.'li !i, lmtUna|H>Hi. lml. . .VIO 

Dainty Pare* (Camntiell A Barnes, tngm.)— To- 
ronto, Can., 2tl-.Vurch 3, BufTnlo, N. v i'„ 5-10. 

Blxey'K Oohiedlana (Jame* DIxey. msr.) — Brl-iol. 
It. L. M'in-t: 111, Paxcoug 5-7. 

Umpire Bjrlewiuer? I J. Fenncany. mgr.) — Mln- 
neanbtlM. Minn., 23-March 3, pnluth 4-10. 

Pny Fot«t«f , (Joaenb Opreolurlmrr, mcr.)— Mon- 
treol,' Can., 29- Mnrch :i, Toronto 3-10. 

flay Slorulnf Olorle* tKanf A. Rerlhner, nigr.)— 
Bilffalo. X. Y., 20-Marcli 3, Hoche*ter 0-10. 

Gar Mgjupierader* (Sam A. Kcrlbner. mgr.) — Cin- 
cinnati, O.i 2u-March 3, KaabTille, Tenn., 5-10. 

Golden Crook (Jacob* A Jermoa, mgr*.) — N. Y. 
City 20-Marcn .1. Phlledelnhla, Pn., 5-15. 

nigh Rollers (A. >I. Wo«lhuU.- mgr.)— Albany, 
K Y„ 20-Mureh % Troy 510. 

Ilowenl, May, Kttrufngnnza (OeoTgc F. learned, 
mgr.) — Palemon, X. J., 20-Marvh ", Jemey 

city n-io. 

HlKh Sel«nl filrl* (Alfred Mayo, mgr.)— Port- 
land. Ore.. -5-Marcfi a. Ban Fruncl*m, Cat.. 

(MO. - I 

Irwin's Big Shaw- (Fred Irwin, mgr.) — Ilorhe*- 

ter, N. Y-, 28-March ::, Albany 5-to, 
IinrverlHl* (Je**e Burn*, mgr.) — 8eiiflle, Wa»h., 

2r, -March 3. Portland. Ore., 410. 
Innocenl Maida (K. W. Cbljimun. nigr.)— Indinn- 

apollM. Ind.. SdMnrvh 3. LonUrlllr. Ky., -1-10. 
Ul*nl* (Him Wllllanw. mgr.l— I'hllndelphln, Pa., 

20-Mnrx'li K N. Y. Cliy 5-10. 
Imperial Vaudeville (Edw. Werlly, ragr.)— Mlner*- 

vllle. Ph., 2(l-Uarcti ft. 
Jolly Girls (T, B. McCreary, mgr.)— Lool*vlile, 

Ky., 25-March 3. Cluclnuati, 0„ 4-10. 
Jeraey Lille* (Oeo. V. Hopper, mar. )— Philadel- 
phia, Pa.. 20-March 3, Baltimore, Mil., 5-l». 
Jolty Ora** Widow* (flu* W. Hogan, mgr.l — 

Brooktvn, N. Y„ ftUhwa 10. 
Knickerbocker* (Louis lloble, mgr.)— Kanaas Cliy, 

Mo.. March 4-10. 
Kentitckv Belle* (llobert Oordon, mgr.)— Brook- 
lyn. N- Y., 20-March :i, Boatoo, Mas*., fi-10. 
Merry 3lntdena (J. Lowry, mar.) — Slilwaukee, 

Wfa.. 23-March 3, St. Paul, Mian,, 4-10. ■. 
Ml*a New York Jr. (Hafrlo Pierce, mgr.)— Do- 

I nib. Minn,, W March 3. 
Majcetlc* (Fred Irwin, mgr.) — Reading, Pa., 20- 

Mureh 3, Beranlon G-10. 
Moonlight nlald* (David Krana, mgr.)— Toledo, 

O., 25- March .1, Clerelanrt 5- Ml. 
Mem Mo kern (B. K. Pallon ingr.)— N. Y. City 

Sd-Slftrch 5, Baltimore. Md.. (VIO. 
MawolU (-1. J. kfimahan, mgr) — Orand Hnpid*. 

.Mich., 23-Mareh 3, Chicago, 111., 4-10. 
Merry Biirlesqiwra (Wm. Ballauf, mjrr.)— Pilla- 

iwrg I'd., art-Moreh 3, Wattblngiah, D. C. 5-10. 
New York Hlnr* (H.At. 'PheD*e, mgr.)— Philadel- 
phia. Pa.. 2(l-Marck .7. Reading MO, 
New Ceninrr (Hrl* (Chn». W. Daniel*, mgr.)- 

Clilcngo, HI.. 25-Morch 3, Milwaukee, WR. 

4 in. 
New lx>Ddou Oalety fllri* (Cliff W. Hra&t, mgr.) 

— Washington, l>. C, 2d-Mardi 3, Baltimore. 

Md.. 5-10. 
Oriental* (W. B. Wntwn, lugr.)— J\aHM» City, 

Mo.. March 4.10. 
Orpheum Hhow, M^arlln Beck'a — MliuieapuU*, 

itliiii., 2d-Miireh 3, Chicago, IU,. 4-17. 
Parisian Wldofrx (Uuah ft WeN-r, mcr*.)— N. Y. 

Cliy 20-March a, Philadelphia, Pn., O-IO. 
rarffhn nolle* (Jnbu Orlenw, mgr. )— Baltimore, 

Md., 2fl-.Mnrch a, ['hllailelphta, Pa., n-i«. 
Beere**, Al.— 4"."hUngrt, til., 23-March ::, Toledo, 

0.. 5-10. 
Bote Illll Kiiffllidi Folly (tllce ft Haiimi, inter- > 

.- Brm.khn. N. Y., 2A-Mnrcli IP. 
Hentn-Bniitley tAhe Lentil t, ingri)--Xer*rk, N. 

J.. SH-Uart» «. X. V. City &-H1. 
KkN * Iiarton'a 'Hi** thtlety— I'lttKhurg. .!♦«., 2d- 

Mai^'li 3, Clii'-luiiatl. o.. 4-in, 
Ro«> Wrl tr i Rjudnu Belle* (W. 8. Catniiltell, 

mgr.)— Itoatou, Ma*K„ 20-Marcli 3, X. Y. City 

Rimnff'iy 'HrlM 4.1'eter 8. Clark, mgr. )— Boa ton, 

Ms-.. 5-10. 
Wtar Bltnw Olrl" (W. l->nne**y, mgr.)— IiHl1Iui.»rc, 

Md,, 20-March a. fntermn, X. J., 310. 
Trau»-Atlantlc Hirlemiurr* (K. JI. Ilo*eiithil, 

mgr.l— N. Y. Cliy 2'1-March ii. rirooklyo. N. 


Titer Llllea -(laiy Orodc, mgr.)— N. Y. City 

33-JJarcb 10, . 
Trocideroa (Chan. H. Waldrou, mft-)— BalUmore, 

Md., 2*l-Marth 3. PltWhurg, Pa.. D-lP. 
Thnroitghbfeda (L. S. Oberwarth, Mgr.l—CWre- 

land, f>., 20-Mareh S, I'ltiahurg. Pa.v 8-10. 
rinplan* (W. V. Jenhlnga. mgr. > — Phlladelpbln, 

Vi, - M-Mirch 3. K YTClty Kt t " 
VanllT Pair (llohett Mflnche-ter, mgr.)— Spring- 

Held. Him., 20-28, Holyoke March 1*3. 

World Beatcm (J. neThert lfawfc g«gr.j--S4. 

Ixnjl*. Mo., 23-March 8. Chicago. III. 4-10. 
Wine. Women anil 8nna (M. * jH&aPS^t" 

ICanaaa Cltr. Uo. ( Wp * St. lMft>» 
Waahlhgton Society Ulrln (Kernm ft. jratgwg. 

mgpt i— N. Y. City 2fl-Mareh 3. nrdoklyn. N, 

Yankee Doodle- Olria (t-mil*'.Harrf*. mgr.*— **M' 
Lake-City, I'.. March MO. 


Barlow ft Wllgon'* (Lawrence Barlow, mgr.l — 

High -"Point. ,N. C, -28. , (IreenMtttro .March 1, 

winnton-.Halem 2, Lexington », Cnnmrrt -i. 

TlirtmnaeiHe «. Minle**Hle 7. 
Beach A Bower*' iJ. II. Smith, mgr. I — Larsmore. 

N. Dak., March ", Cronkaion, Minn., ft. (Irand 

Pott*. N. Dak., 0, flrafton 10. 
Dockalader'a, Law (Chn*. D. Wllann mgr.)— 

Trenton, K. J.. 28, Cheater. Pa., March I. 

Newport New*. Va., 2, Norfolk a. Itlcimoi.d 

5. Lyn.-hburg 0. Chnrlotte. N.AV. T, Aahertlle 

8, KnoxtlH*. Tenn., tt, Naahrltle 10. 
Donnelly A HaJfield'a (1-MwaM Cnnaral. mgr.)— 

lt pkln*7llle.*Ky„ 28. Clarkatllle, Tenn.. Mirth 

t, ilii.*eilvtlle. Ky., 2, Bowling flreeii X 9ntnn- 

*ef 3,- Danville n. IHchmnnd 7. Wlncheiter 8. 

Mayatllle. 0, „ , , .. 

Fleld'n.AI, 0. (Doc Qnlgley. nigr. ) —Toledo, 0., 

28. Adrian. Mich.. March 1. Kalamitnn , a, Sooth 

Bend. ltd.. 3. Anrora, 111.. 4. Iloek laland 5. 

Molloe d. De* Molnw. la.. T, Cwlar llnnld* 8. 

Dtitawinc 0. Da»en(*rl in. ,,.„►. 

Oorton'a ta V.. Pearl, mgr.l— Brlalol, Pa.. March 

8. Newton. N. J.. 0. Marrl*to<rn «. 
Our RrVw. (<L II. nuy, mgr. t— Cati*n«htir»:. Pn.. 

as, Mi-Bonafd March I. Moiiangalielfl 2. New 

Kcntdnglou '!. ... 

Haverly'H (Chn-. II. Biighee. tngr,)— Polumlm*. 

(»., 20-28, Bellalh? March I. Wnynp*lnirg. Pa.. 

2, Wanhlngton a, „, . ,„ 

Itarkuea» ft Ml (R/.y nt Koa. mgr,)— Blylhevllle. 

Ark.. 20-28. Cumtlvev*vHle, Ho., March Id. 

Kennett 5-7. Maiden 8-10. M . 

HI Henry'*— llnclne. Wl*., 28. Milwaukee Mnrch 

I, Janeavllle 2. Belolt ft, . _ . 

Reraanibi', Billy (Geo. L. Barton, mgr.)— Read- 
ing. Pa., 28, Aaliland March 1, N«rrl*lown 2. 

rtirardvllle ft. Royer»f*irt 3, South Betbleliem 

0. Ijinatord 7. Mlnor*vllle 8, Wllllamntown 0, 

Tower City 10. . -^ 

Mahara'B (Prank Mahara. mgr.)— Cu*hlng, Okla., 

2H, Pawnee )lnrch l, Balaton 2, Stillwater -j. 

o-ithrle 4, Perry 5. Ponck L Blaekwell ■. 

Xewklrt 8. Wichita. Kan.. 0. Kingman !■*- 
Prlmmto'a (Oen. H. Prlmroae. mgr.)— Atchison, 

Kan., 28, 3t. Jo*enn, Mo., March 1. teitte-t- 

worth. Kan.. 2. Denver, Colo.. 4-10. 
Proctor'B (fleo. ■ H. Proctor, mgr.i— Nnlcheii. 

Ml**.. 20-March ft, 
Rlctiartl* ft Prlngle'* (Riu*-o ft Holland, mgr*.) — 

Kl PatPO. Tex.. 28. 
rnnel'a (John W. Vogel, war.)— Siinbnry. Pn., 

28. Berwick March 1. Plymonlh 2. « Hhe-- 

Barre 1 8. Pltttton 5. Olynhant d, Scnnion .. 

Preelafld 8. Beading 8. Allentown 10, 
MI SCI CLI. an nor 3. 
Crnlk^hank— Whitehall. N. T.. Mnrch I. 2. Riif* 

latiri. Vt.. 3. ■ 

Croter** Edncateil Hor*ea tJolin C. Patrick, mgr.) 

—Battle Creek, Mich.. 20-2S. 
Cook A nnrrli (B. A. Cook, mgr.)— Sherburne, 

N. Y.. 28. _, „ , 

Cooke Ounedy (Wallace Coot*, mgr.)— l-,ngtt*!i- 

town, N. J., 20-28, jRmeabnrg Mnrch 1-7, Crnn- 

biirg 8-14. 
t'ranklyn Comedy (Win. Frnnklyn. mgr. )— Pllden, 

Nehc. 20-March a, IMerce 5-10. 
Pltrt, Mr. awl Ufa, til. L. Mint, mgr.l— Jollei. 

111., 20-Match .1, llamaiond, Ind., it- 10. 
Una 1 1**** Untertalner* tBeo Hiinrley. mgr.) — 

Caiih'ion, Wis.. 20-28, Norwalk Mnrch 1-8, Wll- 

tnn 5-7. HlllHbnro 8-10. 
Helter-P^llROii'* Moving IMctiirw— Rarborton, O., 

March 1, Hclo K 
HelpM. ,Mr. nud Jlr*. (Harry Helm«, nigr.)— 

Little Chute* Wl*.; Sfl-ilareh ;t, Koilkauinl 5-10. 
lufcwl WW tV Wm. Franklin, tngr.)— Chippewa 
: Fall*, Wl*., 20-March H. Milwaukee 5- 10. 
Panllhf, J. 11.— Strarfonl. Can.. 20-28. Quebec 

March 1-10; 
Unpn,:Mr. ami Mr*. .(A, Rapp, ingr.)— Andrraon- 

vllle. Ind,, 2fl-.Mi*rci) a. , . 

S^veagal* (M'alter C. Mack, mgr.)— -Mlildlclowti. 

Pa., 20-March .1. Jeaariette 5-10. 
Shepanra Moving I'leture*. Kaaletn. (A. L. Khep- 

arfh-tngM— PIltHBeld. Me.. 28, Oldtown March 

lVNBangor 2, Boqklanil.a. ■ .... - •_ -.-.■' ' " 
Shepanl'* Mnvlrig Pldture*. Wwleru (A. L. Shop- 

nrd. mgr. )— Mobile, Aha.. 28- Penaneola. * In.. 

March 1. Balnbrldge, fla., 5. Thom*Hvtlle «, 

VuldrmtA 7, Wnyerm* 8, Ravnnnali 10. 
Varie. Harry— Nalchea, KB*., ftHftgRB ft, VlcH 

Iwrg 5-10. ■ . j^ 


nnffnlo. — At the HUr Theatre (?. C. Cop- 
rell, mnnnger) Klchtird .MHOwileld nppoorH 
-I'eh. 20-2S, "JJeh llur" add John nrew nre 
carl)* bookings Vlnln Allen met with fnvor. 
In "The' Tna*t of the Town," and HdM Alfly 
Old 'initp well week. 

IiTCPpm Thuatiik (J. r,iiie;blln. mnnngcr), 
— 'Mnrgnret Anglln. Io "Zlra. ' proveda ning- 
ncilo nntl mo*t nallsfnclorj hooking ln«t 
week.' The hoiwo I* dark nt prenenr. 

CnNVHXTiON Hali. (H. I*. Mcpeh. ru*to- 
dlnn). — The nntnmohlle ckov Inken place 
week of March D. Tbo concert mnnogcdl by 
Ixnil* W. Coy. slvon by the rituburg tlrgwfr 
tro and MeodplMohn Choir nt Tomnlo, torn* 
22, proved In he the Winter** great miiHiciil 
Htt-*t-e*n. the Vflfit linll holng lllcrnlly pru'keil. 

KHHa'r. — The Know* for week n 2rt ln- 
rlu-lo* : Uoho Hlahl and crnnpeiiy In "The 
i-lioniR Lndy:" Mme. HIiinuffHkl. .fulin lilrdi, 
Trnvolo, 'Polo, Frank Hliah, nnd Hie Two 
Sleern. IliiHlnen* 1h laixe, 

\cm< i:\iv (C. ti. Htflvens, nwnnger). — Too 
Jluflwl! HrotherH, In "The Ureal AffM My*- 
lerv," thin week. 'Tracked Around the 
World" week of March 5. •'When the World 
Kleepn" oron-jed the patrons to a high ten- 
xloii lard: week, and packed hoiipea riiiea 

liftrAYfiTTti Tiibathb (C. II. Bflgfl", man*- 
pert.— The Cnlirornlu fllrU 20 bH week. 
Tbo orgnnkatlon Include* ; The Four 1 Thor- 
oughbred*, HelflD lluaioll, Nellie Hylvemer. 
Curtltt and Aflamx, the Amaicn nod Little 
KoreatR Painty Pgree Co. next week. . The 
Cnlortlnl Bellea reaped n aitbothhtlfll harvest 
and RfttlHlled ln«t week. 

('liiI)f.n Thkathk (fid, J. fdfr, mnnngor). 
— l-*rrd Irwin 1 ** li!? Hhnt/ la the nili-m-tlon, 
2ti nnd week. Uny Morolbg (llorle-4 to fol- 
low. Black Crook Jr. did well, Krlday even- 
ing being observed a a amateur night. 

I.ivn'.h Mrsi:l-»i. — All nnd B>B Hn-tann. 

Hindoo nro/t., Carney nnd Plynn. the 
Siiirtiios. Moi'li* LnnillN, Jennie KHcIcnoii nii'l 
fieorgo Hnrrln. 

-net Tjiratkk (P. C. CflMtell, mntingpr), 
— *Tho Wotonn 111 I he 4.-i»ro>*1 llil« week. "The 
JHrtck Crook" nett week. "Tom; Dlek MM 
llfiirf" conrlilded 24. 

"M ttMB V — Mnnagev f'hnrle** McMnbon . la 
btnr booking for "pop" concert* and other 

vaitdevllh nntcrtalnmr-nt*; Mi 3I»j- 

Mil* for ICiiftlniul Mnrch ft; Thnmiii' 

ilenrn. utace ntnimger of f«hcn>. la feeor- 
erlng from n hrokcu ankle ...... 'lite KfiiuJt') 

Holler Rink Co., of which John II, Ilrowii, 
formerly of flmitli Ilend, Ind,, In lunnagiri', 
Is meeniig Tvltli uuirked niicccH-a nt It* ciiil- 

tmm flenrgi- -ftfttftflnm Of. the IlltfTn- 

lr. Ilane Ball Abi»*empiit Co., Is .In town for 
it Ci'W iIhvs pi'Utr in Du drpnrfiire for hi* 

plnutdtion til Ait»itHtn, till,. Th' 1 minur 

concert Ini II* li'-rc innler ofllelff] bnn me 
i'Io»,Hl. ■ 

i i. . ■ ».- . 

At linn t At the Htimlre (Klnilk Wit 

llniii*. reiiilfin uintiiiMcij, M'mduy night, Feb. 
1U, .InmcM K. Ifgrlctifi: nnd 51/try Mnuaerliig, 
In '•'tin' Wull* of Jprlelm," playiNl to one of 
tUe lnrgc*t iindleiire* <pf i];i« *cn*nn. 'I huis- 
iliir, 22, two |iefrormni)ce-« of "A 3le*snge 
fmni Mar*'* had bbmI ' bokMmi l4iwreiie» 
l»'(tr-.i>. In "'Hi-' i"iiil.r,s*v Hall," lmd n lino 
ltntiw 28, end the week cloned Willi two her- 
(oriiia-ieee, 24, of "Tin' College Widow.'' la 
ciipnrlly. Llllliiu Jllnmcli, In "Tile Hn*c of 
the Alliaubrri,'' March tf; H<)|ilile Urnudl, In 
"A Madcap PrlneeHu," ii. 

UahiiAscH nt.ur.cKfr.n Hali. at. II. Jacob-*, 
mahafterj.— "The Child Blarettof New* tork," 
reb.Tlf.2t, ftmit*ed good Nlted aliidleac-H, nnd 
'■City NOw York," 22-34, tilled IhP hoiwe at 
earh potfprffiance. Panla. Kdwnrde*. In 
"I'rlnces* tteggar." 30.-37. JriTerRon De An- 
gpll*. In "^nntflnn," .March 2, .% both at ad- 
vanced ptlCM. 

PhoiToh'K TttCATM dlovard Ordhnm. 
rea'detit mnnpgcri.— TIip vniidcrllln bill loat 

week plo.itrd groat orowils matinee gad 
nljrht, thoge receiving mom applaua* being: 
La Uomlno Hinge, Musical Avnto* and Sm- 
art name*. Hill for Feb. 2fl and weak : King 
Traney, Sid Baxter nnd Beatrice ' flmtthivtek, 
Toy', and i.'lark. Korri ind Dot Want, Jack 
Manon'-t Society Hellea, Major Doyle, Tnuln 
Sly tern, rht> I-'oitr Wel*on<4, and Itlchnrd Cold- 
en-; .*.'-. t ■ ■ 

Oiifttv Thkatkc (II. II; Nlehol*. tnanngeri, 
— Phil Hbcrlilan'* Clt> Snon-* detlghtenl bur- 
le^qiin Invert ifll last weng, cloning n nuci-e**- 
fuf 'engng-'DM'nt -wllh rmwdeil honaea. The 
High Holler* 'Jfl-Mareh ft, 

Num—llobL tl. Vlgnoln, »f "Child Hlnvea 
nf N'ew York" Co.. I* nn Altuiny i«>y. nnd hN 
many frlendM here presenied him will) n gold 
WA tell and i-hnln. 

'■>'■ ■■ '■ ■ • " '—— 

noelieatrr.— Al (he Ljiiiftftl Thentre (M. 
K, Wolff. Liaungfrj the Hot-heater Symphony 
Orcbenlrn flncnl), with Madame Jnle Hivc- 
h'liig. *oioil*t, gave Its second concert of (be 
preaent aeiifnn Feb. 19. to a large nnd tn- 
ilmBlnsfin gathering. The Tueaday Mimical* 
(local) had large ailandance 24. Felix Hon 
cber. sotoltt. Al. *i. Kleld'n Mlnatrela played 
to big hualnoas. nt two performitncea, 21. 
Hilly t'lark, "Doe" (jiilgtey, Dave Nowlln 
and ne#aa Pio-^er rnndi* Individual hit*. 
Viola Allen, In "Tlie Toast of the Town," 
played in ibree tnnnclty hoimefi 'J2, 2n. Tho 
Mar* tvork * tba l*rst Kite ha* pver alveu 
Iwre, her pnrirayal of Holly being prodncllva 
of -great* jtrnlse. PromlnenL In ber Niipimrt 
were: linnet Irving, lluH^aril short nnd c. 
Lealla Allen. Tin- producilon wan oxcellent. 
Ile'nrleti'n t'hwinan, In h«*r excellent i»ortruyal 
of Iti-H-nHnd, In "Am Yihi I.Ik*- 11," ti-iri two 
fine nndlent-on 2-1. Deaervlng uf mention lu 
her nunporl were: WUIIain V, Owen, Mft> 
wnrd Alackay, lldwurd It. AIbwhoi) and An- 
geln MeCoulf. Joseph Wheelock Jr., In "Ju*t 
Out of College," 20; Elks' Own Mlnatrrls 
(local) 27, Ilk-hard MnnstMil Jlnrcb 1, In 
'Tenn llrummel ;'* William Collier. In "On 
the Quiet." 2. «. 

Nation**!, Thbatiik (Mag Hurtig, mana- 
ger 1 . — "McFntldcn** Ftnt*" yeenied to havu 
lo8i none of it* old-time popularUy, idny- 
Inc to excellent return* Pelt. MI-21. Illliy 
Harry nnd .Marv linker acored heavily, Al. 
11. \MhjOn, In "'The Oerman Uypay," gave nn 
entirely xntlHfactory fierformance to good 
bnslnei* 22-2-t, JK* -utpport wa* uniformly 
good. The winging of the winr'*. awn com- 
posltlonn wa* a'PlI liked. "The Curae of 
lirlnk" 26-2*. "Peggy from Paris'* March 

Cook Opera Hotrm: (J. II. Moore, mann- 
ger). — The nitendanco here 1* nltvnvn the 
r-nmc — 8. II. O. Mnrthel Meymonr (former- 
ly a grent local atoek fnvorlit'i In n dnluiy 
-L'omedleita, proved to he a great, drawing 
card In lott week's hill. Illll 2U and week: 
Fntnt- rind Jen Mionn, O'llrian nnd llnvcl, 
Azru, lllllon Urow., Marlon Cnraon (a Ho- 
chonter girl). Lew Hawkln*. the Mnglnlcys, 
nnd klnetograph. 

HAKicn TiiiiATin: (J. II. Moore, manager). 
—The Uftaffi Stock Co., week of IP, preHcni- 
cd,. for the UrM lime on any *tage, a four art 
aoclety dnniia. liy Lorlng ('. llnrlleit (a 
UochCHterlun), entitled "Iter IIiiHbnnd'* De- 
fease." Tftfti In the play tliul won the $MH) 
nrlie offered hy Mauuger McCiitlom, In hla 
contCKt. held early Iu*t Frill. Cant : Richard 
Drake,' Rerlrato J.ylell ; J. ItcglDnld Fair- 
well; Arthur Hut ledge; Lhinver* Mldilleton, 
John II. Stunner; Franklvn Mn*on, Kdwln 
ft. PhlltltiH ; ldonel Wurd, t'hnrle* c. Carver: 
KhflOdy SlcViiy, Alexander Dale; Maclyn Mc- 
Phrr*pn.- Tommy .siienrer; Sherman Klla- 
wocthi William (1. I Tingle ; An Attendant, 
Kiimuel tlnrrl*: Morrlw, John (luidltter ; Mr*. 
nifluche Drake, lila Adnlr; Mr*. 1'llMwortll, 
Addlnrt- lluffeitfr ; Ludv iHinwell, lillxpheth 
Ho**;. Dorothy Diinwell, Alny HtOi-kmu : 
fttmen-v Alice llllllt. "Ilcr llushnnd'h De- 
feuse' ■ Ih n Btndy of American aaclelr life 
of lo-dny. A brief N.vnopai* follow*: A pol- 
|*t-ed nnd nt-heinlng blue-It uinilei- 'Fair well) 
apjjpiir* In r-ocleiy nnd liccotnCK a popular 
laole*' nlock broker. Ho neleetH u* n par- 
tlcoinr victim i\ Mr*-. Drake, wife of u promi- 
nent profnnfdoaiil man (Ulchnrd Dnikn). Tha 
hiiRhand hoH nuch cnnlldenee In hU wife Ilia* 
bo la blinded In her danger, nnd no the blnrk- 
maller linn Apparently an oa*y ihlti K of It. 
FjJenils of tho couple, oup Frnnklyn MUM 
nnd Lionel Ward, (bo toiler being Drake's 
nephew, oilehipt to Iniorferc nnd poi tho 
mrnnirei" to ronl before the wife'* name 
fniffei'M, and wllhooi ihn husband bncomlug 
IMH of Ihe ataln of alTalr*. They dl*cot'er 
a d(*lecllve (Mlddleton), who l* nl*o inier- 
ealcd In Ihn nffnlr, nnd the ihree, wllh oihera, 
join force*. Tliey plmi lo get the broker Into 
1 heir power and nirec nlm to rcllnittilHli hla 
hold on Ihe woman. Hut ibclr ilr*l movn Is 
dlRcovered by (lie hiitoiaml. and ho luiine- 
dlately cnhcludeH Hull Ihere In n ronaplrncy 
agaln*t hi* wife, Xor will Im henT explnnu- 
tloQH. hnl hrenk* wllh hi* frlcndn and order* 
hh nephew front IiIh hoiitte. HI* Huinumry 
action HlmoNt prrelpitnten a cri*i* In the 
affair. Matter* hare gnno an far Ihat with- 
out lot Media le help Mr*. Drake will be en- 
faAglvd llnan.'lnlly, mid tbo hotband'* cyen 
oit«ned. The rieteellve. however, I* not to 
lie tllwpn*ed of ho cAHlly, nnd holds hi* 
ground. He foree* lhi> Issue mid carrl*-* 
everything before lilin. pulling mailer* 
rlcarly before. Drake. When Hie miter bmh 
hi* true position, bo rlne* lo the ni-cnidnn In 
a manly way, and hi* defense cornea nt tha 
proper moment lo nave hi* wife'* onme und 
fortune. For n maiden effort, the author ha* 
Mit-civ'ltil wnuderftilly well, und ha* trrltten 
a decidedly Intero-itltig und pnanlhle story of 
1 resent .day life. Tile enmpntiv, us iiHiutl. 
did rnoHt credllabie work, (lie acting uf Iki- 
trnm l.ylcil. Arthur llulledge, John It. Hum- 
tier and Idn Adnlr being partlcttlat-ly good. 
Capacity Iioiiil'n ruled throitghotil Hie entire 
week. "The llrlgfon Iliirglitry" 2d nod wnek. 

criniNTuiAN TiiKA-niK (Henry r. Jncob*. 
monagpr). — The High Holler Hnrlem-piel'* 
played lo good liouws entire week of ll>. The 
show wa* up lo (be -good nlantlnrd <>t tho 
uotifte, and the eompaay entlrHy capable. 
in the- oflo Wlntera and lilftRctt »ivc one of 
lb* heat diin.liiB net* ever -Keen on ti local 
ntnge, and swiri'd a Iremendnim bit. The 
JUiict; Crook Jr. Co, *'fl and week. 

NdTMH,— The fttmriuy night "pop*," wllh 
local a* well n* prnfc*Hlonol fnlenl, hove lost 

none of ilielr tlrnwlng powflr-i Ileblnn'* 

Ililnd (IikihI) gave II* annual concert nt Ly- 
ceum Theulre, IH, to n packed limine, 
- — a i i . 

Troy.- -A r IVm-tor'* iW. H, (Iroliain, re*l- 
dent malinger) leat week the (hi dine** wua to 
rnpnclty. illll for 211 and week : lie Dnmlti" 
llnuge. Mllnhl Trio, Joe Morrt*. Mltchull and 
Mr-rrou. Ijiwrem-e mid llurrliiglon, I.nvlne 
nnd I.i'imiird, th" HbeiJuud*, niid Three .Mill- 

ittxi.'H oi'kiia IIoi-hk (If. T, Thoinpuon, 
mttnoueri.—Tlif' I1«m* 81*vk Co., In rnteriory. 
did lifg hualh' 1 ** nil week, ugcepi 2*1. when 
"Tlie ■ Collcgf Wldnw" hlflyed to (he lilaip'*! 
Iiohho of lb-* w-ttaoi). "The l'Inilin**y linll" 
27.. "I ten nf llroken How" Mnrch 1, "Tin- 
)lttd('n|> Prion**)*" 2, ""the U»nt< nf the Al- 

It'tT'i. (II. II. Keller, uiimiiuci'i.- -Viniltv 
Pair drew well. In*t Meek, city M|*irt* -'tl 
■Mid week, 

-V -«> ■■■■ ' — « *■ 

• lira.- At tin' Hiije*llc Thentre i Hliu 
iN-n JlniH., tniiungci-H) "Iluw Ibtxfei- United 
l|l" ittpir well KpI». 2I». "Tjie College Widow" 
bad n InrKi; iiUdlcnni *J\. uiwrflice D'Or*uv. 
lit. 'Tlic jjjjmggjii Hnl),", did well 22, "The 
HehhP.I'H Wife" fared nicely 2«. "Ilinoiiii 
lleurt*'' tliwed the week in good mtajiieas. 
"llnyv Heart* Are Hrokeo*' ft 27. Lillian 
IHf!iiVelt.2S, HOphle Dmridt Mnrch 1, "Khfii 
Hollen" fl. . 

OupHHt'M TiieAtan (Wllriiar A Vincent, 
mnnnger*),— uat weelt'n hill drew big, Hill 
tblr week* I'dwnrd Illohdell nnd' company. 
Mflitn* and JMftfti Iieory a. Peoi-I, Dick and 
Altre Mt'Atny, l lie fiolden flnte Quarinite. 
Joe Kane, enrnnn. and the klnetngmph. 
• DKnT.y Mukit* Ham, (David Harry, mmi-i- 

uori.— |iu*IOe*«f waa.gooil ln*t week. Dill 
(bin wnek: ilart and Hegan, Mamie Lewla, 
Unrn Martlere, John Pity, John nod lleaole 
Newman, I-;d|lh Man if lair and Tommy Ilynn, 
AMtimr.w. TnftATRR (II.- K. linll. mitna- 
ger i .— \'o i|(|eviiio l his week. 

JUrnejinii. — Al the* VWhlng Opern Honne 
i John I*. Kerr, inooaaeri "ft lli'ani'ni from 
Sunw! JWh' 21, .-"Jilnt (»ut of Collegp" 27, 
The. Mntrlnge or KUty" Mnrch l, Hnrr Mr- lecltire .1. - 

IttsTAtii.r TnufH (llrtrry A. iriirtlg, 
nmniiger).— "McKntblon** l-Tiil*," Keh. 2 , J-2H; 
came lo large linuee*. "lVgay from Purl* 
2H-2S, "The Curse of Drink" March I -I. "The 
Sulliiii of Mnln" Ti-7, "Tim Itiinnwiiy" R-Ki. 

tJ«AMi Oi-tiKA Itnr-HR (Chna. II. Plnmmer. 
liinnnger*. — Mill wrH>k nf I'eh. 2d: Mnreel'i 
living Mludle*. Sully Plimlly. sailih and 
1'iun-iiieli, ihe Iriiruc*. Kddlo Mock, Murphy 
and Andrew*. llo*e WVniworlh Trio, nntl 

■ ■ ■■ . .^ 

Jniiieatnwn.— At Hnmuel.* Opera limine 
tM. Mel*, manager i Virginia Drew Tresi-oti, 
In "When Knighthood wan In Klnwer," Peb. 
21, gnre one of ihe ilrnmntle iretii* of the 
senxon, in big lm*luf*.a. Rlk*' Uulv Mln.mrel* 
iliimie tnleni). 22, 2,1, fame |» H. H. O. 
"York Stale Po1k»" al, Mnmlo V'lemtng Co.. 
In i-eperh.ry, 2(1 March a. 

NoTK.-Murgnrei, Anglln. In "Zlrn." Ap- 
nea red In Warren Peb. 22. The houne wa* 
Mild out early In Ihe day, ihe audience being 
ihe lnrgc*i ever In Iho Library Tbenirp. 
— ■■ ■ ■■ '! ' ■ ■ ■ — — 

Aithuri). - ai Hiuiis Andllorlnm |R S. 
Nnwlnn, inntiiiscri Vlnln Allen, Keh. |". 
crowded I1i*> Imtu*.*. "A Me**nge from Mnr*." 
In, drew ii fnlr hoitsi'. "Peggy from Pari*" 
M, "A Madcap I'rlnceiw." wllh Hopbl* lirtindt, 
2N ; "York Hlnte Polka" matinee und night 
March '1. 

IliTk-riH Oi'rra IlnuHH IK. S. Newton, man- 
auerl,-- Knclael Qiianette, 2.1, gnvn excellent 
■-iillsfncllon. Mfi nli n 1 1 ii ii Htoek Co. week nf 

Hh> H ... — At the Ntono Dpera Hotiae 
(J. P. P.. Clark, managen I*iwreiine D'Oraar. 
hi "The l-:inlm*«v Halt," Keh, l», drew a larao 
audience. "The College Widow." 20, had H. 
It. O. "A Metwnge from Mar*," 21, drew well. 
•The Marriage of Kilty," 22. had n fnlrlv 
good audience. Stel*on'«* "Uncle Tom'HCnbln'' 
24, -The Prince Chap" •Jti, the Chicago Hrock 
Co. 'ji-Mai-ch :i. 



iiHitMimpniifi. At PngllnirwOpero Hoim* 
(Ail. i-. >,dler, mnnngi'ri Itonelle Knoll, In 
"When Knighthood Wna In Klnwer," l>b. 111. 
17, nnd Xaturtluy mntlnee, guvo nn nrLlntlo 
performance to verv good nunlneaa. Calve 
con«;crr company. 111, drew n very large house 
nt mlvHiiced prfcea. "Juht Out. of College, " 21, 
22, and Thiiixduy matlaee, nti*»d thetu up at 
every performance. Jumea K. tlncketi ami 
Mary Mnnncrlag, In 'The Walla of Jericho," 
St, 2H. 

(jkiimax HaoM TitKATiit:.— Alra. Pl«ke, In 
"Leah Klet-ctmu," 2'l, 24. 

P.hik Tiiratih: ilUckeoii k Talbot, mana- 
ger*). -Hose Melville, In "81* Hopkln-." 
week of Hi, at nod them up at every perform 
mice. "Dtenklng Into Society" 2U-2R. 

iIiianp Ofkiia iioi'hi: iHhnfer Klegler, mnii- 
ageri.— The Agonal Knmlly will be Ihe feat- 
ure week of 2n, anil World 1 * Coucdv Knur 
the egtro. aiirnctlon. Hallen nnd Vm*v, 
drown, IlDrrlMOn and Hi-own. Kern'* doj-H. 
Krcdrt ami Dare, Delititir HtM-affa, Hldiicy 
i ■nn) i and Ihe blortcnpo nil our the bill. Cool- 
gtajrj doga mid cnt* and a Mirong bill, week 
of 10, tilled the home rwtco n day, - 

Kiin id; TmiATiii; I Chun. -/Immcrmnn, man- 
n-Mf),-;-JoHy.. OlrlH.I-Uliaviignnwi Cm, tAted 
welt wr>ek of ill. Innocent Malda week of -jo 

Nmi-a.—Mnrle linll. violinist. appenrcHl ni 
Cable Mill* If nil JR i () a Inrae and npni-c- 

elnilvo niidlenec "Prliellm" wiib aung 

ni the Hrrmnn Iloiise, 22, by Inml in lent, to 
a full -limine. 

vim .*. ,\| hip .McJIiri*ey Tlmnlre 

(Pruilk ilrwii, iiloiniKoii, ivceh «if 1-Yh. IP, 
Die Hut lor*, liypiinilsfs, pleased, "The 
Kloventli Hour" 27, "A Wave of Paulou" 
March 1. "Tbo Holy (Tiy'Vn, 

i ' ■■ i ■ i i 

ICvniiavtll-f.— Al Hie (Irand (Pedley k 
lliirch. iiutiiiigor*) "Ihilie* In Toyland," Peb. 
17. played mm lix'e and nlglii, lo good hnitnr*. 
"Jiiht Out M College'- had a gtmd aale for 
2», Mildred Holland Mnrch 2. duw Hun'M 
MHi*irel* :i, So»*n'* limn] fl, ficmocrot Onora 
h, Ktoreiice HnVla II. 

Pwh'I.h'h iPcdley k Hureh, mnnngcr). — 
"Two Merry Tr-tni|w." Peb, 17, enmn to good 
liiiMiiie**. Kugenle Itlulr follownl If), In "(111- 
vcr TwIkI," it-nilim- and tdgbi, lo fair hind* 
oean. "A Hlnve of PhnmIoti" 22-24 with (Wo 
uiHllpee*. I'Yun-k Iicftlmn, In "The Offlce 
Hoy," 2.".; MArgnret NVvllle week of 20, "Tim 
MlnlNter'N Hon" March i, the Hoy* II. . 

Hi. me (litxi, Helllnger, iimnngiT). — A good 
Mil for IN und week Included : ('arson ond 
Wlllard, Wlllliim Wltidom, Pouter und Poh- 
ler, Cii*ir|lul und Hull, CViru Turner, Ihe 
Plt-riVH, Pii|u* and trick dog, und the kino- 

Tim HKATiMi Hivk (Harry Wright, mann- 
ger>.— Hlg biitdne* and new iittraidlon* of- 
fered daily, 

mam. — Manager Pedley han Jnnt re- 
turned from New York, where he mirrcedod 
In making *ome excellent booklnga, and aIho 
willed upon a rinie for Jlrae, llernhordL to 
I'lipeitr In Kvaiutvllle. Mr. Pedley ha* nlso 
been Ibrongh the Kotilh, louklng for new 
local loua fur cpern hotiMe*, 

, i ■« .— — 

Prniikiori. ,\t rhe llllnn (Langerbrnko 
and IlurTord, niannger*) "Hlinide Hlmon Klin- ' 
pie" delighted a large audience peb, 17. 
"The Toflem" 211. "When Knl lib t hood Wna 
Id Plower" 28. 

CiiYKTAr, (J, II, AinotiH, mnnager).— Addl- 
«on UvlngKlnu mid Mr. and Mra. Nick 
Ihiglie* opehed wrok of Hi to fnlr biiKlne**. 
Illll week of 211 Incliules: J, W, |.i*wl*, WiikIi- 
er Ilroa. and Jain Miller, 

H-ori Wfi>giev--Al the Temple TliciHi-e 
(Prank P. Htniidcr, ii)nniiui>r) n gnnd week'* 
biiNlties* cloned 21, wllh Hone and Heverns. 
.1. W. Hhei'iy, Petet Family, Kemp and Pearl, 
und the HHiider-l.a Velio Trio. Week of 20: 
The (iieni Marfviine, Cnnlellflt and Hull. 
Itoyer nnd Preiicfi, Oordon K hired, C. Haw- 
h-y and iiiinpanv. in "Held for Itnniuim," 
und Nina Hiu-lmfir,, lu llliiNlrnteil *ong*. 

Kirrin. MrimiAV Jolni'd V. «. Chirk'* Itmis- 
way Hli'IMN)., In Itufralo, Jan. 24, for Ike 
rent -of ; jmft aenaoii. 



PACE 70* 



Mabch 3. 





N. J. 

- $138,000. 

General Manager 




MA.1T 26, 1906. 

WAOTICD— Pl«urf» «, Carous*!, FVrrl. Whe*l, Old Mill, and concessions of Mil 
ktndi. Ot«r 400,000 people pahl udminlon from May .'U> to Labor I>a y W« have 
TO «rr«i of ■round, ■"■ rent (are from contra of clr v. -I lines of cnre pan (lie gat*. 
Woahl ilk f to from BUME GfMtU slDR SHOW KUTWTob percentage bach. 
Oar attraction far the opening will be OL1VK MV AB'.I E(U £> THIKNNK AND 
MIPFODKOHB, numbering Oil people, and 40 head or Address all let- 
ter* to Manager of <'onre»»ion« and Ainusoinea.s f 

HARRY S. HEALEY. P. O. Box 334. Newark, W. J. 



Character Msti,u?neral Bus- Wan. Juvenile Wurnan. Preference irlven iuose dolDir spec laities. If 
yon drink booze don't aunwer thW ad. I've had enough. State iuwest (t'sy own), and rrir.tiii.eryo'. 
Ml'STintkctiOiM), Write or wire, TIIOS. W. KKICNEl, Pierre, 1*. 1>. 




Man let Juvenile und Character Leaii*. Woman for .luveulluB and some uharactcr»». First Violin to 
double B-.reng atr^et cornel. Acton and Monlclann la alt, write. State all, iielitlit, weight, aire, 
loweitsalary. (Payown hotel), i-liow runsHll Slimmer. Peopl* doubling" brant or diilngBpecinltic." 
given preference. Address v: HAMi'SimiE ST., tjiilncy, III. 

Al Heavy &Ltat\* 

State all Mral letter and send photos, which will be retwrned. Would aleo 
like to hear from 'feature specialty Team, VAL.EHT1NE STOCK CO., 
ftilehard i". Valentine. mgr. Mania 1, S» and 3, Mound City, Ills; Mnirli 

.i|anrl %ve<*k, Da Uunln, lili. ____ 

Brooking AH Reoords ! 


LAWRENCE HA 11 LOW, Munnger. 

Turaetl pcopluawsrai 21 standi in Hie Carolines Mil* uionili. Wanted, for Summer tuigatt/meut, 

Trti.a. Trap lirmuiiiei , Ittrliouc mid goud Curuei : alao good RmgorH and specialty People. AddresH m 
par n tiio In Cu print. Permanent adiirc-s, c I Main sireei. lnwiMiry, Uonit. BAR LOW A- WILSON. 

\A/ A IM T 


For oar three Medicine Shows. Ton inouiliV cngagcim-nt imder canvas. Kindly stale age, all you do, 
xaiRiv, ind wiieuei you p)ey an loatnmieni. only ladles and gentlemen or experience ami ability 
wti| nke tins date. Ail )|vu lrOt"'<>fr, Tleketfi t*> tlioxo v<- know aud tboite wJio can t>how tis tiiat titer 
art rigid. llbl'KHCNCK: ANT HANK IN TKXA.S. TABI-KT 1IEKU CO , Bo* 931, Waco, Tex. 

Tom People of All Kinds 

-■'- n year. Actors mm Musicians i>r all klnde, white 
aud colored; Markr, rule. Turn, Lrgroe , Topsy, child for ivn, and Ophelia; people that do Cnn~ 
I'ert'i iirna. Suns and iiiliu "J'o«iu-. wiiiietr colored. Coed ast-m aud aitood Idilpoituip. Herurcnee: 
1st N. Iiank, Cortland, o. No. 'J Mmw forpaie; 12 wagons iitid bit equipment*, tt Shetland i'onle.s for 
Hale; tiiuTom l>og. Addrotp, c. u. FHlLLi is, Cortland, ciiiu. 




lUnisomo appearance, ple'rant wardrobe. Accurate study, vcais of experience with best 
attractions, bio t or one pltc '■ Address 1 is Ka« LOCUST Si., Tyler. Texa*. 

Male and feina'e lltdors, with or without Block; Tralumisicr, iio^s Proper iy Man, Hill Poster!*, etc. 
Coiielder t weeks' silence a polite negative. Ail res* ..... ... 

(•OLLNAIl BROS., Itaraboo, Wis. 



Sketchea-Moqulwguea-raroilles. Bond ODc. raw r/our rsurc-Qic lute parottio. Novi'liy hi t- a 
apeolHity. Term- rcaaoDnule. Address Mi DtSAKCultN' ST., Clitrigo. 


fMDST HAVK MEXICAN SLIT) and I'laun flayer. Itoth miiat be vIfmt, tMIKKR, lilil.lAllf.K pcoplo. 
To fliich we oifir* itctdy euga^eniont- Wewitl i»yall jou arowonii. Ktcrytiitng In itrat lettor. 
Conipam duo* :ujl c'.y.-i. Booked -olid over Fame lenlt'irj itexi r-.u-r n iryon t»- n/.e stid eait'tact 
don't write; youwoo'i <udt Uavc hid all we tv^tit, thank*. Addrc^ houds A TiiuMr»«.\, 
flfltrs. "A 8*rnsr.fle fur OoM" Co , lloclte, Ark.. March ;i; MornKon. Ark., March \\ Ft. Smith, 
Art., Marcli B, or im per mute in ui.i I'fKii 


To erery Btmber et ifce Theatrical ITofewion. Send NO stamps, Just drop us a postal card 
witb yonraddreea or rente on, and we will xahV toq Prepaid Onr Theairlml Date Booh at 

once. Drop as a pottai otrd at oooe. 



Y.n, W« Ar» llukKl-U||iln-Tlili Wr.k, 1'AnK CPBB» IIUVVE, Erlv, I'a. 


P. S. - ^1 «hted lo buy, a .Troupe »| Trained "Jen- Uotnedlans." MiiMt he broke to linndlr. 




Something Entirety Difisrent, Sure to Please Both Exhibitors and the Audiences. 





A WORD TO TMK WI8C- Ton bin hiiaU kinds of subjects, bnt gat next it Uu (act feat no 

film herelolore mad* las combined as many original and startling features and situation as tbe 

OHiiwieamv sweep, -tis sufpicient. 


204 EAST 3Sth STREET, 






** and Complexion St«amer 
Used and recouiiDotidcil hy Dra. Cer- 
tlB, Pierce, and other fsmoi:* special- 
istt ia the irca'incut or U at Toke, 
Singer'^ or speaser'BTliroatn. Aeth- 
ma, Broncliltls. orCaTurrli tit ttie Air 
Paasagey. 8cleatlflc,turc,«ttdiatls- 
taction goaraDtccd. Dm been tmod 
wltii great beoeilt byllm^h'ordlca. 
Write for particulars. 

8alle VUL 100 West 'AM »*., We^y York. 


MM A i ml off the press. Tbe brightest and 
HO. ft hen t Taudevliie material eTerp-it apaT 
■1WI %W a\Y PRICK. MonoloffTjes^retches, 
Farodlea, Eofl Gags. Croas r'lre Gagilug, etc. 
prick, aOe. Ideas Nob. b, ♦>, 7, 8, $l ». Any a 
bookt for $1 ; any 2 for SOc. QCS BAMK8, 

■ 'Jff» Pine St., ProTldepae,. K. I. 

An Auto? No! 

Peanut and Pojcorn Seller. 
Catalog s-how'em fS.o(l lo 
IUSO.UO. Oncat>ytemis. 
106 E. Pearl SI., Clnciinitt 


Apparatus. Deal HualHy. 

TObTA COMPANY, Wl fllbetl St.. 

(EsUbllalied is:o.) Philadelphia 

4ST Large Catalog-ue for Stamp. 


For t>A<aDce oi season and SumniBr. One with 
specialty preferred. Uanasers Id Umtern Pa , I 
n»ve week of fclarcli IB open. vr. i;. corskll, 
Mgr. A(Idrei>s Marcti l-'J, UreenFllle. O.; liarcti 
t-m. Mesdvltle. I'm. 


^Lt Liberty. 


.MKN. litiod wnrdrnlM'. lunif pxjHTien,','. Will 

l«ln rcKixHislldc HMRr Ml Mre. Aiidru^s 

■■ICUSK VILLA," Wllllnuiiin. N. V. 


Ono. Who Can Sing 1'rt'OrrW. 


Willi .Spfcllllllffl. 

Ml s,ii:iii!i.T ar l'iirV(. Stole all. Strnd 

photo. Join on witr. 

__MAJTU"'K gTUCg CO .. jtalsMgkja. g. _T. 



aukNt, riusr im.ass hand plavkii, 


.Ml Smium'r work under ,'Hiivuh. AiUIdwm 

iiAiiur sir.vititoeK. iwiwuy. in. 

Waalao. StartopHcos aid Moriig Pis' n re 

onrlTS, Miiif and Lei'lurr 8r», Kir. ,'.:h;. Fli 
^oq Phocr graph.. Must be cheap fur uuli. Cu.- 
t'luera' Outfll, l)3ii, lit and .oM. RICHARDS A 
dlRCB, Bl Ural Hlclilaui SI , DaliltH, Minn. 


%m% Street and Concert Band anil [ retain 

H to M I'lecca, for Parke, Carnivala aud auiniuer 
llesor.- fl. AdUresBl'AU L HKCKeR, Csscadejows. 

WT1RCBTV for First ula^Hed. Go, Ide 
ljlO£iD* I, ] rlBlli iiqlcIi, tube. Silly Kid 
ami U, face Specialty, Comedy or Straight, m 
aet*. (rood w»idroi«on and off. v: jear*' exp. 
Par , add., J. K llt.NTKK- K tliuntiHU). ni. 


Tauglit rerfeoUj. Ioptnictlouforbeii nnere ar-i 
^cj. A.KKhTSsTAB,4i;E.16tb|St,^y'<- k 



AM Act ti i muit lie aiilr toiloublc In band, and (hose doing tyecinlllrs prsftrred 
All Ha si clans must dellrer tn«s|oods, and double either xtnge or oreheslra, A Is* 
wist Ooad Irish Charnter lrVesaan.Iagenae and Soubrette. Both mast do good 
singing and denting sperialiire {Nlster Team preferred)- Trick Cycllit who !■ 
not airaAd to work. Salaries IfllJ f.r Maui me r season, but SURE. Lone MMM 
ta good people. lVrite qalck. Tell all In first letter. 

ARTHUH J. AYLEB WORTH, Mgr. Hooligan's Troubles Co. 

Hasuiife. Ne'>., March 6; Falrmouiit «'«. fork 7, Oranil Islands; after Marcli 14, Council Murf/d, U. 

Noiiv— Ttust u tlie Urljzlnsi itig Coined; saccess written by Mark E. Swao, and lias no connect lun 
whatever with small, Inft-rlor srtractloiM under similar titles. 



Pip., 30,000 

JOU BETH. frop. 

180,001 to Draw Prim. 

stock reoplp In All Line*. (SMI Leading Man: People with Specialties. Man with PU> 
Hire Machine. Two 1>|I)k n week, om- mm. Money gnrnraat <ad). Itefercuc-e. Iloiik of Brlle- 
vllln. Anna Marvin and iienple I know, address Feb. •JU-Mnrdi 4. Murphsboro. III.; Marco. 
Mt, Jefferson (Ity. Mo. Par. tddticn. tiarden Tlieatre. Itellevlllo, III. 

NOTK^-Want for fJarden, Coacter. Merrr-(,o-Uunnd. Bti'. You tan tct l he aWntf 
bere. as St. l.ouls Is dry on .••umlny. anil they never rioag here. It\ II. nana SiindHy ax- 
ejananaj |& the Ilndwlser. 1\im iwnlilsal aWfeii .IOMN MKTII. 1'iop.. UelU'vllle. III. 




Send ue $1.00 with jour cabinet photofrraph. aud 


we will return cabinet phoiogranli. together with 

LADiNlT PHUTUS, POST CIHlJS,«^0to8 : ^"«P«rtll0;Jl^"^| Ol .S^0.lJOptrl.W 
Bond Kegati ves or Phe-tos to ropy from. »«nd Mtanipa Ibr Mtaiples. 


and. Souvenirs, 


\V A Wpn| aBa Ml People dolnr Two m Strong Act* for lUnr.Man to do tjoniedy Hn<i 
* ¥ ** A * ■ mxmt r ttevolviog Ladder Act, who does other acts: Comedian dottb'.lnc i>ra«. 
who can clown; Keservc Seat Ticket S"ellor to double i»raaHordo turn in ring; Solicitor for Adv« 
tlelnc Banners. Wagon Show, best or accommodations, low, sure »alnrlc*. 



juvenile Lcadlog Man, Heavy Woman, g*nd Agent ind otber awful people. One piece. Salary niu'E 
i* low. pay your own. Siato are, lielghtand weight, ami send progrsnimc-* aud pbotM. Join na 
wire. Wardrobe and ability essential. Addreea KtANAUEU OPKRA HOUSE, souiflravotib. X. H- 


Wnold llkej lo locate for Summer, rientyot playn.ui^cialtlcw. paper, etc. A moil successful uiuun 
ao far. MHI booked mild aMer September. Address 

p. nj^i?ftff ft?;? tisi'masr"*' Km,,,r • T,, * B,ro m "*-' *• vo "" 



1.0U0 Faai UF FILM, $25. 

.fid Klliu. Old Subject*. Send fur Mitmuiolli 
Llal or rllm. Ill Imv 1'rlcs. IIAKHAC1I k 
W.. SW> KlllMTt Hlrwl. I'lilladelphla, l'«. 

B* lulc rattcriw. UDd Kltm. 
*«> KIlllBtl »l„ PIlll.l'Ol,*!.. P». 

S» »! *■!■» mutm apt a»» tan, pkhkurhekh write In for lmmodlale umo. bnlj »• 
1*73. TI loniylT miles ft.ulhnr ij,nrinn .mi |, a[ r way uetwMn lietrull an' 1 

S— Al nanbl 

.k„-... «X c,.: 7- Ttk. . , fc ' r »'™*"«<n«.K'» write inror linmcdlale ume. untj «» 
o,,Jl!: S " - Tbl "i';?.),".,' 1 J" T,T nllcaHoillllol LonHon.aoil Hair way belwM, l>etroll al 
Bnm "°- ■Aiiocst it Are, sim. I'.s-AiAuiisf.kiwwnic. 

M'ASOV OI'LNS APmi, ,1. 

lESSSiJ? R™ l!i- S' l!T ';?"• loi'UinMel'oa'iwiloiM or alfKlml^o W. WaLlert at all 1""" 
hoieltyanil leaturo Park Allnurttom. Tin Mooiyl, l,er e , codio ami (M ll. A. A. MUSKY, Manager. 

Intern atio nal Dancers 





Grease-Paint and Burnt Cork Removed Without the Aid of Cold Cream 

It easily, quickly and thoroughly removes all 
trace of grease-paint, burnt cork or any other 
make-up, without the aid of cold cream or 
without the slightest injury to Hie most delicate 
complexion, leaving the akin feeling cool, clean 
and comfortable. 







Used ami endorsed by the lending members 
of every brunch of the profession, 

We want every member ol the profession in 
the Vntted States, to test the meritl of Lava Soap. 

Send us yoar name mid address, And we will 




Al. Leading Woman (voiing), capab!> of plnring nod dressing strong Emotional and 

ie go._ 

DUDLEY, Mgr.. Poplar Bluff, Mo.. Feb, 'JO -March 3: l'aragould, Ark., March 5-10: Jones- 
bort, Ark.. March' 12-17. Hot Sprlnzs to follow. 

ferine' Leads ; Al Character Man, with wardrobe, specialty preferred. Would like to bwir 
from some good Specialty reams. Man and woman. Must Join at once. Address FRANK 
— Hgr.. Poplar Br*" 



The (rest mechanical novelty, Millar Brothers* | vaudeville Ptsgc. Scenes or London, reprodoc- 
famous Diorama, preaentlng original, startling tl n ns from great English aod American painters, 
■ud beiauful scenic and mechanical effect-, | with unusual mechanical additions In the way or 
BROUGHT THE AUDIENCE TO THEIR FEET and ( making the scene realistic, completed a really mer- 
ih,e applause given was well merited by ihe act, Itorlons act.— vrik (PA ) DtSPaTOH. Feb. », i&oe. 
which Is without doabt one of the best od the Address 4T w. Mh St., NEW yohk. 


Coney Island, 

The undersigned naafor rent a Magnificent Pavilion specially satiable for a Roller Hkatlng Rink. The 
location la one of the beat on Coney Island The bourn is coming this way. N'oconipetlilon. The light 
man can make big money tbia season, and aecare the ground for the future, for fall particulars 
apjjly to tie L. A. THOMPSON SCENIC AY. CO., 30'4 Braadwny, H. Y. City. 



Good ilgfit reader and fakir. Address all communications to 

. OLEAYK T. M ABOERl'M. Theatre Oomlque. Sd and Gajmo sis., Hemphla, Tenn. 


.Strong Comedy Musical Act, 

VJUC ElgUt tarse Koreltj Instruments. A Feature Act Mr An, Stiow. Address MCS10AL ARTIST, 
Bennett's TUcalrlcal rscbatge, coiner F.itillh aid DialtoiD .met,, (blcayo, 111, 

Sensational Outdoor Acts 

OF ALL KINDS for Parks and Fairs. Can place a nomber of good Vaudeville Acta over the Parka. 
Bead fall particular* at once to 

Jl. Y. VATDKVILLE CONTRACT Iff U CO., MOO E. lllh St., Hew York. 



WAprTOD-tlood Vaudeville Act- or erery description. Break yoor Jump between New York 
and Buffalo. Open Tear 'round. Address all communications to 
■ " FBANK W. MCDONNELL, Prop, and afltr. 


Gbaractar Comedian, Light and Low Comedy, Red I Sonbrettea, Ingenues. Boy. Parle, Light Emotional 
Hot Specialties; anytiiiog caat for. Paint aomo Leads. No Characters. Single Special ties. 
scenery. Book D«noer. 

No engagement too good for us. Single and double specialties. Would like to bear from one or thrc** 
night'iftudoratooklntbe city. Good wardrobe. Have worked r.r the beau Only managers that cat- 
pay. salaries need write. Addresa CODY, Oherry Oo , Neb., care pf ahow. . 


Bead Liners, this la the blggeFt 
hit of the Beaaou, the greater, 
sensation. A March Song that 

wni sweep the eonntry. Si Ides will soon be ready. Professional copies free to performers enclosing 

etaitp.wltn program. Orchestrations ,o cents. 




H. I. ■AtlDKR8,Mvermoro,KT..aiid ORV1LLEB. TAYLOR, Louisville, Ky.. Majr.. 

Companies rouud and booked In tiiobettt one and three night and beat week stands. Wanted, gou«i 
jywiaMBv Vaudeville. Minstrel aod Musical Companion. 48 weeks' wort. Also Vaudeville Acta ror 
. Park circuit and Winter nougea. Ugrs. send vour Open House Time, as wcBANDLEONLYTHBBKST. 


People for Parts who double spec laities or double brass, an Al Musical Team (male). Slide and ciario ■ 
™tt« for B. and 0. One show a dav. Send photo and fctato lowest salary. WepayslJ. Season opens 
.at Dallas, March so. Rehearsals start March 12. Musical Uaufords, write. Address 

JOS. J. CONLUY, Mgr., care or Car "Dorothy/' Fr. Worth, Trjtas. 

I i t - 

(Uncle Tom) 

•Murray flJH Theatre, thta w».*ek, with Al. W. Martin Co., and a 1th no other co. for past 
tire, seasons-^-* (though billed by etbur mauagera. 


.'.. ,-' BAND- Week Standi— ORCHESTBA. 

Cornelian, to pat on acta and make tneui BO. Performers and Musicians, doubling stage. Otliera 
write. Tit, Is no men. company. HATEB ,t MOKUOtlK 1IR08 , niton. M. H„ week M. 

You Sell Books, Try Mine, 

New Hatm Book. Illustrated with New Plates. Printed on Fine Paper. Attractive Cover. Will 
guarantee it to bethe best seller ever printed; t'l t>oj>er; tuc. par 100. Samples &c. All orders 
shipped MORPIiBT'S SCHOOL. 837 N. KU8U, Philadelphia, Pa. 

DALY arid O'BRI 


He .Dances on Ills Ankles. 

Booking bumiDnr Parks. 

Acrobats. Attention! 

. AT" H OERT Y— Trirk Tnmbl»r end Hand to Hand B«Uncer, 
W1U jolti « t t or prtrtner, Addr«as 

Weight, 118 lbs. 
A. TVfiHOS. Krankforrt. Phil*., Pa. 


Prom alt ages and cotinuiet. urgeat stock in America. Indian Relics, Curiosities from everywhere. 

■■"*$ pay iLM to fin for gold dollars. i«w Coin Premlnm Catalogue, iiiu-trated- -i pages, pout free. 
lu CBhTS. W. V. COIN * STAMP CO., tfC-8 Broadway, trt;pt. A, V. I, City. 



Deslrong of filling tbeir lime for 
next Mason will communicate with 



»T. JAHK8 BLDU., • 
B'dwar aum »6th »>.. M»w York. 



Th» Latest Nowaltr la Slot Hstchlaea. 

Name Plates In Bed. Blue or Green. Splen- 
did earning* everywhere. A few bargains 
left Write to 1IAKVIN & CA8LER CO., 
Times Bids-, New York, for free Illustrated 





Packed so It cannot become unsalable, and 
oar S and 10c. package candles will greatly 
Increase Itt value. Inform ns v*li*»ra 
you hold a conimilon and wc '.'ill 
send samples and prices. 







PACE 70. 



Fitz-O'Brien Fight Film? 

Full ci rounds; new; uted ouce. I loaned some 
money on ii t aud will soil It CIIKAI'. Addrcsn 
J. WKI9KH, Attorney, 
TO nest Ml. (.aim, t'eirott, Mtcli. 


rBSOKHTlON. From Cnvfrnment Auction. 
>o matter »oat you want ia that Hue I can 
auppf>- It. New or itevond Imod. Kend for 
catalogue. U. B. ABRAHAMS, 

ve: South St., Phlladolpbia, Pa. 


thorough but slnipl? metdod eiplalued In our 
buiikietscDt FRB«.:»ai), iv c will sell yourauugs 
and iquhIc to imblltibers for JO per c«ut lommh- 
ston. Vine today. ClIIOAOO INSTITUTION 
OK music, vjy.i Mitnlgnn a v «-.,t iiiiugu. 


Hand yoor negative to print from or a photo to 
copy. Future BuebaDd or wife Photos, white, 
black, visible or loviaibfe, %i per 1,oqo. Send tor 
aannrfa. wknivt. PhntA., nnavitntv w j 

Reading and Rccltailou Books". 
UMtaloguoB free. All drametlo 
pa|>t-ro nwlled. 

m Wsslttogtou St.. Oblcago. 



OiTAXOOCE, :5c; 8CF. CATAL., 5c. .Vuno 

tree. 0017 V. E. Agent tor Maoaima. 100. 
W. P. LBROT, 103 Court Bt., BoaUM, Mat,. 


Second Hand Films, song Slides and Machine* 
Bought, Bold and EmoT - 

Bought, Sold and Exohanged. aet Washington 
Room 41 Beaton. Mam. noo. Ailams RnuM. 

uaeinilHC' Books for sale, »i.:s a thousand- 
■ WOlUPAno Bend Stamp for Moiple. A NOJtKWS, 
MacU-liujf •mil ^. Beavroit St., I'JilIs^rrt&ja, fa. 



KeUii's Theatre Boston. Ma»s. .Colonial Ihcnlre i.nTvmtrr, .Mssa. 

Keith's Itfjou Theatre Buston, Mass. Chnsn'H Theatre Washlngion, I). O, 

Keith's Theatre Providence, it. I. KemotVl JUarylnnd Theatre. ..ItalTlmore. Md. 

Keitti'H Theatrt! I'awtueket, It. J. Shea* tlnrdim Tlientri! Hnffalo, N. Y. 

Keith's TlientiT New York City. ! Hltca's Theatre.* 'i'orouto. Can, 

Kelth'a New Theatre Plilladelpbla, I'h. Mitorv'a Tlieulro Uot'lieatar, N. . Y, 

KelfriS Prosni'et Theatre Cleveland. O. ; Temple Theuti-e Detroit, Mich. 

Keith's Royal Princess Theatre.. London, king, i Moure'H Theatre Portland. Me. 

Barry Davis" Grand Opera House, , Park Theatre Worrester, Mua. 

Pittsburg, Pa. (Jrand npem Honao HyruciiH*, N, Y, 

Bijnn Theatre Altonmi. Pn. . Suvuy Theatre Pall Ulvcr, utsa. 

Lowell Opera Honao Lowell, Mnss. 



•. K. HODODON, Booklnaf MamatKar. 
Booaaa S33 ,u HV* «t. Bnllillng. NBW Vonit CITIf. 


America's Oldest sad Greatest Indoor Eihlblllon. 


FUlt SKI'! 1 SKA, ON, 


Minstrel People in All Lines, 


Comedians, Slngors, Dancera, Specialists, Musicians. 

Address 1L. O. KIKLD, 80 K. Broad St.. Oolainbns, «.. or as u«r rout* In this 
paper. Esrnroan Agent, WILLIAM KVEHIIAAT. 401 Strand. W.C., London, aDnn. 

EGAN'S BAND, of Delaware 


Superior Concert Band for all or Part off the Summer 

Are Invited to correapond with 

All communications regarding Sept. 10 or later almultl Tie addressed to 

JUHH H. SUAfff, Wlltulngton, Oela. 
'esrnrdlna Sept. 10 or later alMiutilue addresai _ 
J. K. BIILKK, care of Kolth's Honking Ollliron. SI. James Dldg,. N, Y. OHr. 

Faoifio Coast Amuaement Co., 

Owning and operating so First class Vaudeville Theatres Hast, NurMiwesL ami W><st. 

at all times, FIRST ULAStt ACIS OF ALL K.IKDH 
that <:au deliver thognnrls. 
~ -k 

CHA8. WEAT, M Ueonj BlilK-, BeattH, Waal 
ARCHIE LEVr.lll Eitd, Bt., Han FraauUiw, Ual. 

{Ttiealrf . until At., near rark A.o., Nhw rorK Ul'r; 
.; onus. (), HltoivN, «7 H. uiark Ht., (llilwiu; 



Carter canvas, open Apill 7, Actors for all parts that tlimbio luasn (no drummer*): l.mly "itft brtglii 
CliUd for Mrs. llorgan and llar.y. Carsho'a. Stale KHiinsforall. Pr<>r«iren':e given totboso domg 
apeeitilLirB, Lowest salary flr>t it'Moi'. Can place ctntftly sltrtioMon for^ircet 
•: •■ SHOWN Ai ROMKHTS, 1711 .larhson Ave,, Hnoi. tile, ■Tenn. 



Long8aaaon: Etttof Ohio; to Open About April I. wHh Modlclna Co. 

. only eiperlencod street workers write. Oau use any kind of an ant that can work nit platfottr 

ragyn; must bo versatile. Can uh« Mome good colored perrormors turHo.-i Conipitiij. Want good 

mi vsntrlloriulnt and tiaojo jtittjt-n* that can -intj. .Salary sura; and If you can't fiand nmsperiM 


load veritrlioijulrtt and tiaojo piav^m that can -intj. .Salary sura; and If you can't Miaud prosperliy 
d-m'L write. iioo/.eflghi«rH? Never: n»n't take a chauue here; ke«p«rr. If you iiappen to he in 
Chicago UONT CALL; I'H NRVKlt UOMK: -u mi inc bear from y<m hy mall, and uooalder sllenco 
polite tiegst ive fur tin.- preaeut. State hii, name your liiwe«L, arid give your |wrjiHiiorirsd-lri!»H| as 1 
way want lo rra<:n you later. Addrets II. F. HPRMKH, 1017 Ssrry A\e., Uftloago, III. 



Tell, all ilrnt letter. Halsry low, pay your oirn. 

tellrlllP, Ala.; week March "•, Liiwieucohuif;. 1<;jhi. 

AddruMd;. ltl,l,I.V. tveeli Feb. :'«, Bua- 

A. -BS T X8 23 , 



A (toed Ladr Fortune Teller, to do Second Highi. win ir«uh you the act. Also a sister Team, and a 
(ktod Sketch Team, man aiid wifo, or any (rood Novelty Act for sldexiiow. can also place i>ood 
Freaks. Long season audgoot) trcutiuent- Audreys A- I,. HAM AM.. :m Park St.. South Oanamaft, Ont. 






Pur. aildnii -M HO VU\\ Kltsrrv ST., rKinlA, ILL. 


Bend ns a good poem, a good melody or a complete work. We have no favorite writers, All have 

equal chance. All letters answered pMrnptly. 

rioriB«BR ni"i(; vvnuttnlnv vunpAnv, vw n»nhatt«n : biam- * , iHrA«T > 


ggjjgj^ y^w r - irppg ci^ppjbr. 


and minstrel. 

EitoEirn ,WTiT *»D WIFE .(Catherine 

Henry), after n season ns' leading man and 
woman for 'Dlefc J 1 . Sutton, have f-ntprfi 
vaudeville, nnd are hiMt elevenlb nwk«m 
the t'onsldlnti circuit nppenrliig very iDr> 
eessfiilly In -'.\ H<flminoi*a Proposal.* 

W- I-. AUdt) rnuglclnn, nnd Jack ilcnly, 
block face comedian, \v r I r •* iimi they hacs 

{olnrd Ironds, ilolug a white and black fare 
nrlewpic; niiifilc :ti:i, which Is tan only act 
or lis kind before the public. It hag met 
with Hlli:ce*8. They urG working South, and 
hove good line bonked. 

Is.'t !■*. ll.\nniM(>.\, "Our Hebrew Cousin," 
has Joined hands with Lock Hendricks, Irlih 
(■omodlnn. They will, tinder their new* title. 
"The Wine Jew nnd the h'oollsh Mick,"' pro- 
duce .Mr. Harrison's original knockabout 
comedy net, entitled "When. Two mi 
Meet.'* The team will he known ns Harri- 
son nnd Hendricks, and will shortly be seen 
tn Hi"- fCflstern vaudeville theatres. 

Tub Willi I M. comedy Jugglers, nfter 
playing live wwok* in Colorado with Ida ruc- 
- opened on Ita coast, fur LovorTcIV " 

LuheNM, for ion wwiks, beginning Keb. ft, 


■aolved iHirincrslilp 01 Cleveland, 0., Jan. '21, 
Mis* THIson. going to New York, nnd Ben 
A. TIlNon going 10 Wnicrioo, in., in inks 
Jin engagement of six weeta, hi his Hinging 
specialty. Mr. 'I'llUon is hnvlng n new net 

WffUan. In which he will fcnLurc his bar!- '. CiUni.Kv Dm.t aim Kittib O'Rrirn have 
tone km 

Jbhohi: and MonmsoN ire In their eigh- 
teenth week willi the- World Heaters Co., hav- 
ing Joined- -in New York for the rest of the 

' Liixiu A," Joses planlBte for the Palmer 
Specialty Co., which has been touring the 
provinces for the pott three months, report* 
having closed with that company, And will 
enjoy o Itrlpf rest 'at h^r homp, previous to 
opening a Western engagement. Miss Jnne.i 
Is preparing 'n norelmad np-|o-dat* musical 
apceJaity, whleu she will mid («» tier other 

Ilixo, SNii U'ni.n\iji wrlie: "We opened 
lice, -l nt. ibc Novelty Thome, ftv-nver, snd 
this is our eleventh week, wMlmcil 11 tny off. 
We have four more week* In California, 
then open on ihe Sullivan tt Consldlne. cir- 
cuit with the Middle West circuit to fellow. 
It Is lole when we get The Old ltn.iAni.if, 
but It Is certainly a welcomed friend, like 
hear lug from home." 

Ilni.r.u IIi'ntkii, formerly of Con-well and 
Hunter, aod Jack l'lerre, lale of "Th* Olrl 
In the Clouds" Co., will be seen shortly In 
an artistic electrical Ringing novelty, the 
whole act being worked Tn one, wllh One 
wnrdrolie and electrical effects. They will 
carry all their own scenery, and two skilled 

Tim Uiisan <I>enny and Ontly) are at 
present .the npachil vaurtnvllle featitre with 
the Huntley Stock Co., cm' route, through the 
r.ew Kmrland .fttates, and report success la 
their specialties. 

.BiiEiiMA* akdBaclkt hsve been doing 
ennshh'rahle, lofnl work In Cleveland, ,for the 
paat iwo yrtirw. They have aecun»rt a bur- 
mbejm on "Othello," and have been pronilned 
aome time, 

Edw. Hexsiiaw and Jos. Mast, lata -of Ghaot "XtCKsojrr lyric soprano, is f> n *k» 
the -When Loodoo Sleeps" Co- have Joined Orpheum circuit, and reports meeilne Vt.h 
hands to do &n Irish comedy tnftlng net, and huccesi. / * w,,l » 

will mood bo seen un the Jtfoiart circuit. Ntit ? UMtj and DostAP-are in their tw*ifn. 
season .they go Into burletqpe. " '■ sv»ek With fhe Ethel Tucker Btbck Co Anilz 

]->]:mit. A-Nn Mother Jojrra, with the mn- thtlr newsglrl act nod other sperlniti'p* • 
ilenl pic*, ducks, ebb-kens and birds, npetiea Jobejt -Varrick reports nWrftiE a-ith •>« 
at the Itljnii Thenlre, /4a Crow, ff Is.. J^b. 5, cess .wlth.Us new act. Mr. 1'a/rVk !,.„ u. 
011 Hip Xssh clr.'»h. They arp playing return toems, opened up n new Mi ns |, p 1, Z,' 1 
dnlcs. _ lug Inlr. the .<wteal1efl<: realms for iie^r il , 

KfiflMfi i:«Mi7iT, noveliy chsr(u*rer ehnnga The siierefip that Air. Vorrkk tuid In LT 
act, wrlteB. "I MM played tlfteen week* In Jog '-The. Magic Kafrln" wnrrsnts hi,, ,1 

ihe Wesi. I openi-d ar the llowanl, Boslon, W nrk along IIioho lines. '• 

week or Jim. K, :uid am now pliiylng my Thr Starim write; "\V« were enlnrin 

(he coming' aeasan," which. 'lie staiea. will be> eighth week on ilie New Knglonrt eireim. I a. pleasant engagcrnent with IWive II. i^ijf 

iorger nnd lietter than ever, consisting of will open 011 the Pennsylvania circuit, March '!>. Jckyll *iid Mr. Hyde' Co., «. S2 

povcl comedy nnd dancing acts, ebb* 20- _ „ ... ' . 

raio aeenic and electrical effects, and the At* ntrnM reports meetlpg wlUi «eceu 

best vocal nnd musical talent obtnlQilile. with his roller skate dancing act, at the 

5ne entjrtninment will be stsged and pro- Howtni, Beaten. .week of Jteto. 5, and has 

duecd bv Sir. JTImrose pernonnlly, who prom- daiea in all the New England housea. 

laes tliat be will presiwt a mlnatrel show fUngm H. Wimkbs .w» TirojtAfl A. 

next season which will i«* Rf-aml to none. He 

has engaged os his m.i linger, !•*. J. Iiunne, 

ftiih orhi-fs In the New Amsterdam The- 

arre Itnlldlng, this city. The hitler Is now 

0*0. Primrosr'a MiffSTnTLS are on their 
Western trip, and will appear durlDg the 
Spring In Denver, San Francisco, and all 
the principal cities' In California and the 
North western territory, closing In the East 
about the mlrtdle of \in.r. Tni<« will termi- 
nate a season of forty Iwo ambR, ihey lisving 
ipened .on Jliilv .-S Iflsr. Ohe presa of f!lie 
cities la which Imey hare appF-nrwl have l>e,>i* 
(inanlmoiis in niHilng ibsi this U na nn> 
iinnnlly in«rIla>riom «>fllerinlnrn''Di, a venliet. 
which bus lnvnrlnhl> linn xiibsltiniluied by 
their jv<-tt|pts at the I»ok olllce. .Mr. Prliii- 
mufi. la now orgn nixing a minstrel ahoW f«.r 

i»r. rfcayii 4iiiu .11. iiyne- i.o., w j,p n « " 
Sidrr received word of her mother's asMh 
and we immediately left for our home i; ,rf 
Hope, Can/* * ^ rc 


OCR cousKsroN-nEST at Mobile, Ala -,i„ v . 
that Charles Carlos, clrcn.s performrr «na 
Bath Jordan, bnrlesoue actress, were BMiiUe 
In Ihnt dry on Dec. 1, InsL married 

CAl"r._hE*J.EB's ZiJITAVB QlRU left 


' ily 1 

sErr ure mill with the High Itotlers Bur- 
feariue Co., closing the olio, and are well 
booKed for Summer parks. 

Majos 0*1*1 tonus was made a Rasp- 
a (viae, wlilch will commence on bitrry. In Itiish 23, at Jluncle, Ind., week of ifAitar ilnirros will again be' on the roin 
J-eh. G. He la. In his third week on the .Sun during tiae conaing Snnnoer sesHon ii 1 I 
k Murray circuit 

J. 1:0 St. writes: 

City of Mexico Inst week, nnd expect tn >T 
rive In New Vork on March ?. . nr * 

i\t flll.Y AMD J.\M MS P, fjEOXARn 

iVjunre with the .Bafi'iiig N'eMan 
t c-.r-iirij', Jn thr!r latest iiud orlglniil 


lowed t hel r 

>eietved> eantraclR for sixteen weegs from 
the Western Vaudeville Managers' Associa- 
tion. They laid of In Chlc.-igo week of Feb. 
O f the first week's lay off they have had 

B| jpw iors inr me rest 01 lue *>§ i" K »""- wvwa my 
>etnon, doing -their apeclaltv und Dlaylng ainco thev joined hands. 


Atsruni Ma>'.v, trick plsntst, wrttes that 
he Is making n success with the Miller & 
May Comedy. Co. Ills latest feature Is play- 
ing a duet, using bolh feet and both lianas. 

Tim Ki;i.TM:nn, i:d. nnd Tansy, report 
meeilng with troMtsa In their new slnglug, 
dancing and (nlkfrtg; net, entitled "A Coon 
Servant and the l^idy." Tliey are working 
in rmldevllle. and have some good time 
honked After the first of March. 

Joxkb Asn. Hi;tton are en roiife with tiie 
Jas. Kennedy Co. They played New Urltnln, 
Conn., week of Feb. 10, with Merldea to fol- 

KnMsr.i and Law are ploying, the Keith 
circuit, with their German 00 aver sat I on a I 
"tnngle," "Mr. Auto, from Mobile," and re- 
port meeting wllh ureal .sin-cess. 


tire not with the Jersey |,|||cs Co., and have 
not been (or two months. ■ 4 

3*10*11 SitRniiAN, of Shermnn and J>e Forest, 
■ wrltrta: "J. have bought back from Scott and 
Wilson, the title ami rlghlfi of *ln a. juy 
Clnnis, ami will present nnmc next season 
ns a rnudevllle aci, under the nnme of 'Old 
Dan Tucker.' " 

The Wiirklidr Histuks closed wllh the 
Rmnnfa Slock Co., to accept nn engiigement 
with the Ferdinand Oralinme Comedy Co., 
plitylnic over the ICnstern circuit.. They re 
p6rt success (urniiKli the Sotilhern States, 
their act being :thfl Tentura of Die. MU. ■-. 

Titn Jlnos., comedy ncrobnts, who 
are one of the fenhirrH with Ihe Mind" Hiil- 
mon Co., have added a ni*w finish to iln-ir 
act. which, ihey Infona tis, has proven a 
great success. 

£ddif ,Mack; of the Bijou Comedy Four, 
and his wife (Miaau>:OnuvUiej are la tliolr 
tweaty-slxth week with tlio Snm Hevera Co. 
This U Mrs. Mack's second soorod with Mr. 
lievere, as leading woman. ' 

Vici.i, barrel jumper, has Joined hands 

Tub Kirn Noshkh will be a special at. 
Iractlon wllh the Nixon A Zimmerman Opera 
Co., next season. 

At a 8ocrAM.n GATiiRtiixi) of performers 
held recently In St. Louis, the greater part 
of the tlmo wna speat ainglng the aoiigs 
written by the intc lamented Paul Dresser. 
'Team were brought to many eyes when UM 
boys removed their lints and sang "On ihe 
Hnnka of the W11 bash" and "My Gal, Sal." 
It wasi a tender tribute, to n good fellow, 
und a great song writer. Among those pres- 
ent were: The Worlds Comedy Four, Wm. 
Conloii, Wilbur Dnhtw. Marty Ward. Jn*. 
Hayea. Fredo nnd Dare, Clifford and Bnrkc, 
elms. lieonnrd Miiteher. all from the Colum- 
bia Tbe:ilre; Jimmy Connors, of the Jolly 
(i.lrls- i.',i. ; Manager Shipmnn, of the Inno- 
ctflt Maids Co., nnd Harry Welch, of the 
Jnilnn JCohc Co. 

TttK MAr.VKi.nt's Mbaciiamh write: "We 
Here cqmpellcd tp ennt'et all Wcsiern time 
owlpg *■■■ Mrs. Mearaaoa hnving an aMJeuoa 
o,t. ,the poho and , eyes, but hotie to remum! 
work again by ftfcril 1. fre are In Pes 
Molnqs,' where Mrs. Kieocham is belnir 

F.nwi.v Brandt and wikh (f.'eorglne Hrati- 
dftn-Lnmourenuxl will celebrate the tenth an- 
niversary of their Wedding on March a 

John W. W n 'tiiit ,\ni» Mc.viu:i.i.- KiN'ns- 
ton report excellent suet ana in ihe. .'WchI. 

-WAJWR (J. ItitowN, of Bi-nwn nnd Wll- 
mot. was* made nn Bull of Aerie No. lit, 
Ut'- PoeaiellA, Ids , Feb. 8, Their net, (kef 
write, Is 11 big wicceRi, and they are hooked 
solid uiidl Attirnsi. 

T»F BiMr.pomiH (colored! wrlle Hint Ihey 
are now |n their ii<mh week with (he J. j, 
Flynn Stock Co.. ns a Mjieclftl vaudeville 
i(4i I ure, pre.ieriiliig ihelr original ant "A 
Hot Time tn Cooniown." 
; Tnr. AttlRWB (Wllllnm and Agnes), ncra- 
liats, write : "We hnve Just linlnhed h« suc- 
cessful weoks onjhe Oh Siir elrenlt, nnd 

__ Mttt, ... 

crentloh, ''Mnrgnn ntld pnckefellei 
Tun Tv-ilBt.i, Sisti:rs hove v 
cn|jBg«'in> > nt witli the Orrln Rros., In Mexico, 
and are re*! lag nt II »t Springs, Ark. 

Miu.v::v ash \V\i:i»i:. known as '"Hie Crazy 
Kid and ibc Daffy SnuUceite," owned at the 
Interniilionui Theatre. Clilcagn, Feb. fl, *" 
leiurnlnK from a very successful trip over 
1 lie Sullivan & '.'unsldlni ?«srcult, through 
the -Northwest' nnd California. 4*ne*S' are 
working the Kastern end of the circuit, and 
are booked for the next three months. 
.-• o.v Fripax ltkxiku. Feu. Ml, at Byde A 
Bcbninii'a Theatre, : Wm. E*. Slafer, leader of 
the orchestra , In honor of. his .blrthday.'iwAs 
presented with n hnadsome silver serflce, 
by members of the Brooklyn Marine Jtand, 
of which he Is director, inirlng the per- 
formnnce John P. Hill, stage mnnager, ad- 
vanced m the,fo:dllgfH8 and, sfier a com- 
plimentary speech, which was loudly np- 
pljui.Ied by Ihe audience, presented the gff:. 
After the performnnco tlie Iiand serenaded 
Mr. Slafer jtt his residence, afier which they 
went to Frlrken's Transfer Hall, where sap- 
pei wiia servinl. loiter on .Mr. Slafer arrived 
In. a cab and Joined Iha boys. Tonala were 
freely given, c. U. Haeaw acting aa lonsi- 
ni.isicr. The festivities lusted long Into tbe 
morning hours. 

'I have been !o- 
ccicd lu ridladelpbla since Christmas, ploy- 
ing cluhs. smokers* etc., and did working on 
nn average of six nights a week, and -noma 
nights have engagements at two different 

[iIoi-cm. I nlso played ihe Bon Ton Theatre, 
tere, one week/' 
Jack Ixai.tM. come<lInu, Blnger end gro* 
1, Feb. B| after tesquc dancer, haa joined hnuds with Nur- 

Anlomlhlle I^an the Gap act." Gettniiu 
Breton Will aJso < preHeot her blcydf. 1 P , n iU 
Can act. .,..,. p ,np 

Koppp. the Juggling comedian, In worsen* 
alone, at present- "* 

Tiih VrcmaRiAiR. with their movlnz ale. 
harm, ipn In their iweniy-sevenih wSk *» 
the Lyric Theatre, Clevel.iocl. O. at 

IfAVWAnn; Conroy ano II w ha tin irrii«. : 

joined bauds with Nor- "We have accepted, from J. J. tr-lg-V 
le Itlg ,T Minstrels, taking seventeen weeks on Orpheum. Kohl & n!ZS! 
ilnin. Week of Feb. 12-17 Anderson and lfonklns' circuit* t^.M. 


Kit. c. ruw le In his twenty-fourth week t0 fr ,,e eoaat. 

cross nnd ijimar, 1 1 

Hie place of I .con lllaii 

they were nt liathaway's, Lowell, Mass., with 

the Auditorium, I. you, Mass.. to follow. 

The 'I'vclino -JuamtAa, knockabout com- Jr.' Co., nt Buluth, _ 
*dy 'i-ycllsts, are in their twenty-eighth week closing the olio wllh same for tweniv-sev»n 
bb a special vaudeville feature with the Dot weojss. ,We have had-a very ■iuVm? m T'..** 
Knrroll Co. Afler the present season they 
go to lite Hippodrome, London, Kng., whers 
they are booked for six weeks, starting Stay 
7. Their ride down a thirty foot ladder; .it 
an angle of 45 degrees, two high, on a unl- 
cyclr, nt full speed, making an Instant stop 
nt the footlights, Is still the feature of their 

The Upsidr Bows Zkraldas report suc- 
cess with their net on the gulllvan & Const 
dine circuit, having been, the features' on 
every program- Week of Jau. lr. they were 
the feature act nt the international The- 
atre Chicago, where their Bet scored another 
hit. Week ot Feb. 11 they opened at the 
Family Theatre, Butte, Mont., on their way 

with ,Lew Engel and ihey will be -known as ? r0 5 n °J' r nrRt ffifeff rour - bA,n » "ooked After ihe show we hnd.n nice time I11 their 

with Hie tius Sun Mlimticlo, mid Kporta 
ii'eeiing wli.ji success. They are booked solid 
for the Summer seiiHon, 

Jknnii-: 1'eari.. of rhilsile nnd Pearl, 
mournx Ilie loss or hrr bmther, Alton I^iury, 
of Howard and Alton, who died In St. l/>uin. 
Mo„ rVtu 1 1. f 

Jim MtMiitAV, of Murrnv and Alden, writes 
that he U with Ihe Balding Neison> Show, 
mill tiling well. 

Laax a. Lusq writes lhat he has sold bis 
hotel, and with Deri. J. Nmtdn will arajaabja 
a comri.tny. lo b*- known ns Ixing A Norton's 
Vraadway Fnvorites. nod will stay the large 
MWib and small cities next, season. Jtert J. 
Norton nnd Klule |,lrden will not. run their 
vaudeville show under cnnni.% bat will piny 
parts, n«shied by UchnI.- Wnrd. The ■ irlo 
will ls> 'kninvn ns Norion. Ward and Linden. 

Opt AnoriiKirs- ifiKarrnciin Nnssv~\Va 

ore still packing I hem In, and Ihe show Is 
fdvlng the best of sntlHfnction. At. Mevnrs- 
fUile, Cn., the Angles bntifijht all the seventy. 
live cent seats .and marched 10 tbe -Opera 
House with our band, three hundred strong. 

VIola'.nnd I'ngel 

They report meeting with 

Qdioq, Mackbv and NioicrasDN have made 
changes in Ihe comedy of ibelr act, which has 
brought very favorable celticism, nod they 

t> people. Geo.AV. Cole, pro- I»alnt» Pa,ree Burle^uers Co., for the rest £?Jffl£ ?' ltu ^ ne facllle coast time on tbe 

maeer; Larry M. Davis, mu- »f this season. BjiBitan & Cocsldlne circuit, Mr. I.uvlna bav- 

WUHs P. Cole, advance, in The jnTa.W'tBti report surcesa wllh their [ D .ff Pinjed out there singly for the past year. 

Nearly every night the local utiuuig^r tells (formerly known us Lulu Kccgaii), Is werl- w!| lch is booked In 'the itrlncliwl cities tif 

' HI.™ eaiBlf |JQU her home In (his city. The Am- !!'.'.',. .V. '!','.!? .VlV? t ^.2 n !.V?' , V, l M,,, neU 5J* 'V the press otid"'puhil7as"'beiug'one^or , 'tue 

contemplale some addlLlobs to the musical 
numbers that will undoubtedly Improve the 
net, -ThfiV ure In llielr tweuly-flfth week 
with the World Beaters Co. 

Ttto Man MNo Tnio write : "We Just closed 
in Hie Kohl & Cusile houses. In Chlm'go 
tllaymorket. Olympic and Majestic), making 
a .big ,ldt- lu those hoiine*. ,We nrc now on 
the Hopkins circuit, doing finely." 


RTgpis.— We .laid over at Chicago last 
week, rehearsing n new .first part. ("eo. 
W. Cole and flffljr H. Clarke are our ehjrf 
fun makers. Mr. Clarke Is making one 
of .the Mis of .tbe show with his new song. 
We carry twenty — 
prletor nnd man 
alcal director; V 

the olio are : Allcott and Schuler, acrobats' . 
the Flying Brandons, Wilson and O'Uden, 
miielcai comedians: Billy II. Clark, singing 
and dancing * comedian ; Davis nnd TheRon, 
dancers, and Gen. Wood, wire walker. We 
nhched in ilnmmnnd, Ind., Feb. If,, nnd nm 
bonked solid until May. 

Till: TBUMJ Tiuiatiik, at Buffalo, N, Y., 
now nenring- i-ompletlou, will open on Mon- 
day, March «. prcHcnilng Jilgh class vutlde- 
vllle, nt iKipulur prbres, giving two perform- 
ances dully. W. I». Toggart-ls ihe manager. 

AncLH raarVn Ojm bended the bill at-.tbe 
' Grand, Tnromn, Waab., week of Feb. 5-10, 
meeting wlib her usual success. 

Son s vncM Dm Iti'ii lip.os.' Idrai, Uin- 
strkls. — We are still lu New Jersey, and 
continue to be greeted with pinked houses. 
It good press notices are any criterion, v/e 
s-lll always he welcome visitors in the ttlntc, 
," irly every itlgltl tl 
,n« not to lorget him when wo relur 
.way. aa we wll) surely do good business. 
The mannger nt FleuihiRton, N. J., said our 
show gave the best satlsfacllon of auv-mfu- 
•Irel Blmw he hntl pluyed, and lie bud man- 
aged ihe theatre for eighteen years. A. 1* 
Hailed, mannger nt Mouut Holly, booked the 
show for return date, at the drop of (he cur- 
tain «n the first )isrt. Our comtmiiy rcumtua 
the same and M are booked solid for ike 
entire season. 

Jok La Ckntka, of La Cenlra and La Bue, 
musical art, was compelled to cnticel the 
icnin's engngenteiit with the High Flyer i.'x- 
iirnvagunisn Co., owing to the denih of hla 
inolher. ","*" 

AVta'hTA Brit,, who played the UUou cir- 
cuit last Winter through Wisconsin, has 
juat dosed a twenty-two w^^a' successful 
engagement with the Denew & Burdelt Stock 
Co. and la now tilling time or, Ike Gus Sun 

J. MoNTfloMEtiY Cram: Ib working alpue, 
producing his operatic change speclnlty act. 
and reports making good on (he Western and 
Fast em nn t-k clrnitts. He is booked until 

Jn'Mirty. 1»U7. 

. Leonaid and I'ini.i.icM were recent 
pka callers, and sinled that tliey are play- 
lug clubs around New Yurk. The old firm 
of PbllllpB nnd Sharp ■laifllTrfl Marie Fox 

Sis joined Mr. Phillips, afier spending a 
olidny lu Ohio. They are booked solid, going 
Welt la March. 

GorodTif and Dtmr write that their iuc- 
cesa while playing the Middle Slates bus 
been excellent, while playing the Arcade 
Theatre, Toledo. O, In January, they re- 
ccifed splendid notices. Mrs. Goforth'a 
facial Impersonation 01 an up-to-date .lough 

flrl la a luugblug success. She Is hlalilng 
bree changes of wardyohe, and Mr. Gofoctb 
Is Introducing trick dmmmlng. Thcv write 
that they will soon appeur In the l^nsl. 

TltR MAnTlNETTR Tuuv refined niTobnli 
and pnntomlmlsrs. report great, succeaa on the 
Novelty circuit, from Denver- to Han Frau- 
clftco. They are now m the Kinr, In Tori- 
land, on the Sullivan A Cnnstdltie cthnll, 
and ore booked l h much (he Northwest lo 
the Family Then t re, New York. 

AftTiirn BaiNi'ts sailed for Kurnpe Feb. 
18, hut Will return (he coming Hummer for 

lu the beat vaudeville houses 
t ember, JOOfl." 

The Manhattan Tnio, Joe Lehmano, 
Wm. rinmond and Susie Howard, write that 
ihey arrived In Chicago on u Raturday morn- 
ing, gave a trlnl performnnce nt Howard's 
Then (re of ihelr new act, ''Wanted,, a Com- 
panion,' and. wepa Immediately booked over 
.the Siililvnn & Consldiue- circuit, and left 
at-nni-e for Minneapolis, Minn. 

Mr. and Mn*. A'.pkrii Ki;t.i;r produced a 
tew ahalata, entitled "Itrcwlng Trouble," ot 
die St, <'hurles Orpheum, New Orleans, La., 
Jan. 22, which, fhey tdfonu its. was an in- 
Miint success. They have also purchased 
another skeich from H. W. Collins, entitled 
■•The Honeymoon 1 louse." for which 1 hey 
will get special scenery for list production nt 
(he hcfllnnlng of next season. 

Qbvili^ an» Frank have joined the 

until Sep- Huh rooms. (J. B, has a big novelty 
for. next season for a first part, which will 
■S23 M r ■Wrlai card. We will carry 
:hlrty-nve jieople (.no more, no less), qs It 
will take ihl» number for the production. 
■migrans in well nnd happy. 

BAiLNRfl anu LRviNA, formerly of paroea 
and Home nnd Levlnu nnd Arlington, Writ*' 
"We hnve formed n pnrtuei , sHl)i, and are uow 
producing our original tiovelly act. written 
exurcKsIy for us by /.elleno, Hie Myotic, called 
'Ihe iramp nnd the Conjurer.' Introdudu? 
bur.esoue loiifllc nnd iuhimI.v Hinging, with up- 
to-date Ideas, and away from aaylhlng ever 
done lu this iiue. We Iinve.lieeii playing tbe 
pan three weeks on the Cnunlnghdin clrmilt. 
und ihe act was nn Instant uneons aneSsa 
and Mr. Ciinnlngbmn Isiokeil ns us a feature 
for Leavenworth, l<an„ week of l-ob. \i>. We 
have good bookings that reae-h way Into 

Fijihkx and Miu.rr write : "We have 
Just Mulshed ten very succcsaftil weeks 
through the Northwest, on the Sullivan A 
Connldlne circuit, and will plnv three weeks 
for J. Youne;, to Blah, ojwnlng at ihe Nov- 
eliy Theatre. Denver. Col., March 12. with 
the rcsi of Ihe circuit tn follow. Wn will 
then start on oar Fulfill tour, being our 
first ilme tn (hat locnIHy. Tho te:ihi .will 
hereafter be known as Flemeii nnd Miller, 
the llngHsh-Aineri.nns." 

-McaiBi. ItOHiiUT.s Is In her Ihlrd week at 
Lenn's* Mnveitni, nntTiilo, N. Y., where she 
has !.,-.-rerl a hit with her singing. Week of 
l-'eh. 1(1 she Is nt ihe (Jojiimhlii, Htjfil 

Jack Bu-iiakii. late or tbe Iib-lmrrt Bros., 
and Walter O-mulo, late of tho O^nalo 
Troupe, wrlle that rhey have joined hands 
lo do 11 ctimrdy Itoundlng tuhle ncl. 

ilMiniR lu: Uvno reporr doing well 
with their act this season, with the *tllf« 
ford & Hnerlng Co. 

Baulk Flynn writes lhat he left peach 
& Bowers* Co., to go home, on account of bis 
father's denth. After two weeka he will 
eater vaudeville. 

Patti Cw\s:\', for the past two seasons 
hpubrettp with the M,erry Moldens Co.. Is 1)1 
yltb typhoid fever In St. Mnry's hospital, 
Detroit, Mich. . ■ 

Cabbolton and Booran write : "After los- 
ing seven weeks" work on account of-,Mr. 

Anderson and Hopkins' circuits, ,„ 
Bfarch 5, at the Dominion rbestre, winnlnol? 
Can. We will close with Wlsa New- iuL 
"»'"*'■ Uin n ., .March t, attw 
,,« Same for' twenly-serei. 
..-.iks. V\e-havc had'* very aucreoafnl en- 
gagement. Irnnk J. Conroy. our new nsrt- 
ner. who sings his own songs, is n favorite 
und adds much Improvement lo (he art 
'Marriage Is Suhllme.' " "' 

Mador Daytrll and Iren Powers, also 
Julia Ankmn, non-prof esslona I. write- 
'•While hunting In Kprlngneld, III. on the 
Ankron farm, we shot ttalrtv-nlne rahMis 
aiwl eantured n young fox, af(er a chase! 
which sharpened our appetites. We sat dawn 
to a rabbit feast, mind you not a Welch rab- 
bit, but a good rabbit niipper.". 

Wall ami Bradi^y resort doing finely in 
Conodn. and will not return to Honolulu 
for sonic months to come. 

Bon .ivn BRirrttA Hstaa Writr: "We Joined 
the Dslnty Parec Co., nt Brooklyn. N V 
for the rest of this season, Peb. .1. Ou'r 
act goes well, nnd we nre pleased wllh the 
show. I-'very thing goe« with n snnn. and 
PMrnaj Is great. Our Olio is very strong 
end the first part and burlesnne nre n Ul 
from start lo finhh." 

ClinrJcM I'roJniHin'w Plnns. 
Charley Wotaml willed for London Keh 

20, arranging before he went that F.Uiel Bar- 
rymoro will play only a shorl time here next 
fenson hnd (lien go In London. Wm. CI). 
let(e will lie scan next Full in New York. Mr 
Frohman says of Ills London plnvs: -They 
will env.-r the work of hold American nnd 
English authors, ami Include the production 
with Arthur Hon enter, of 'The Fascinating 
Mr. Vanderveliii ;' n ne*r comedy for John 
Hare: Marie Tempest, - In •All-nf-a-Sudden- 
Peggy;' a newplny bv J. U, Ilnrrie; a rem- 
edy by II. V. Hsmond : n new musical piny 
for Fjdoa May ; n new musical plnv far Kiln- 
line Tcrrfcs and Sevmour Hleks. The fleaalj 
of Bath.' 'The Lion nnd the Mouse,' Ths 
Squnw Man' nnd 'Unfiles,* the Inst two -of 
which are mode in conjunction with Llebler 
* Co. If is nt Mr. Gillette's reuue^t that 
his new piny, 'Clarice, In not to lie dote In 
New York this season, but I shall present 
Ite Crane, In 'The American Lord;' Mr. 
P'Orsny, In 'The Rmhassv Ball." 

■■• nnd n neir 
Carrolton having contracted a severe cold p ,lslrn| production* My reason for not roaS- 
'■ Winnipeg, wcjiavo returned lo vnude- Ihgtnoro: productions In New.Vork thJB sea : 

Illustrated song" nfit. In blackface, and 
will go East next Simmer. 

Qfto. and Lmny Dan write ■ "■*■ h"— 
been ~ 

We liavc several good oifeVs froni"big produc- 
tions for the Kail, nnd all managers highly 
praise the net" 

Fonn and Wells, "the Bcnl German Em- 


vHlo.nnrt are mcctfng with our usual success 
In' our singing and dancing act, being re-en- 
NH at Yale's, Kniuutu City, for a third 
week, closing the show each vtofk. We are 
phiylng the llmlkln's circuit, and are hooked 
tolld until May l>. after " 

■ Bicu.iRn C. Maddox, -Blsmnrk's College 
Chum." closes twelve weeks with the Wai- 
lack Thentro Co., ns a special vaudeville fea- 
ture, on .March 5, and opens on the Crvstal 
circuit with his new Dutch act afSt.'joc 
Mo v April 8. - - -.'- ' - - 

Nrcdhau and Wood report success with The Jaatlee land. 

B^ M LId M n £Hl ty v•i leccptlon,,, nnd flre v rh.« Jwtlce fund.of the Actors' Society h« 

iSSL .v-n a""' 111 ' u , ^ ^e Q *«nth; fpcreased of late, and Is noe 

tt BSJSi ^n^ 2S°Z h&T l *& c,osed E" "P In ™e thousands. Tbe trial of George 

?-.l uc '^ a .LJ*? B P cl ?*. n !^ OTW , the .Kp |r * ^ lr - Hastings Is set for .Feb. 20. The Boston M«- 

son la hoenuse I have na'ftvullnhle room. I 
nave mnrte- this season (weuty-ilvc' produc- 
tions, and twenty-one have been siicce-ise*. 
I can 'slate thnt. Instead of my work here 
decren'dng, I have con muted for a great t 
numher of cnteiprlses in (his country ihaa 
erer- before. 1 shall wltMn the nett year 
give to the sta<*e several oeyv stars— play er< 
who I feel have hnnesltv earned this position. 
I have already contracted for twentv-sevea 
enterprises for neir Heason, nil my Indlvldnd 
venturea" . ..^g 

pertulttnig lie would like to hear front his 
friends, and can be addressed Box ICO. Ash- 
land, Pa. 
Liu: McN'ATTt, of the Amphlon Three 

two weeks In South liethlebem, Pa., Feb. 
'iuls attraction was one of tho best bur- 
k'Sipie shows .■ver seen In uuc nlglit stands. 
Mr. Koster Ik now lyhenrslng n new show, 

the Castle circuit lo follow. 


stuki,s.--V\,j ace playing two packed bouses 
every ulghl. over the John Cort circuit, 
through Muutaim. The show Is credited 

phlo'ii Trio were' tberefore"comiiell«r'[u (iiii- , ' 1 > ,l, ' ,, "»' title of the Metropolitan Bur 

eel nil time banked. aviHient. for the reat of this season. 

Mn. llirsn, of Bush aud Gordon, the "Hnr- «■ AIaji:»tw.' Tuio (rn)ored), under the rf - 

ly-Burly Comhpiep," wh|)s iH-rformlng nt tbe management of Mr. Sontherlnnd, write that management of J. II. Smith 

beat aod atroagevt seen lu this territory for won 
years. 'Ihe three Doumurs. musical net. »«'d 
joined recently. The bIiow Is under the able 

litistlu Fnrmiui and "The Virginian" Co.. 
$'13: David Wndield. ?10; Joseph Murpty. 
$HHl: iiouts James, *2~>; J. Ib-rnnrd Dyllju. 
St-Tt ; Kellnr, the mngiclnn. S1O0 ; Boston Sym- 
phony Orchestra, P&BD ; Cha&. T. AldrHi 
Co.. J3:t. Tony Pastor announced that he 

Id make up any deflcleuey (ho( was 


■ #*■■»■■ 

IIIJ011 Thentre, Philadelphia, received a Isld 
s|»rnln to one of his kitoes, nnd the team was 
unable to mi their engagement at lite faa* 
d,.ii and MIiiit'm Klglitb Avenue Theatres, 
with the Jolly ilnin* Widows Co., but expect 
lo resume work, week of Feb. iB. nt lite 
Pulque Theatre, Brooklyn, with the above 

Caui. Cookk. colored dialect comedian, for- 
merly In musical comedy. Is now devoting 
his atlculloii to magazine work in drumiitlu' 
lines for various publications. 

ant and Mrs. F.. J. Vukna opened at the 
Cr.vsial Theflire. Muukemiu. Mich.. Feb. 'It, 
for one week, ami wera held over for another 
week. 'They are well booked up for the sea- 
son In their new act, "The Dancing Dutch- 

(hey ana fust coming to me top. They nro 
on the 1'idl circuit, and are l»ooked solid 
until .November. Tliey start for the Or- 
pltcutu circuit In May, where Ihey have a 
run of live months. 

James Shaw Jr. writes: *'Idn May Chad- 
wlek. buck dancer, nnd Uurle Onlway Rich, 
while ploying nt the Empire Thentre, Pitts- 
field. Muss., met with un nccldent Keh. HI, 
while driving. The horse ran away nud un- 
set the sleigh, drugging Miss Itlcli. who hung 
un to (he nana, Fortunately they were not 
badly hurt. ' 

IlAitav l.vji.i.v. of the luiunna, writes ■ "My 
wife Is at our home In Lowell Mass., taking 
■ much needed rest, and 1 am playing a few 
vaudeville dates uutll the Spring an 
ojwns. We havo algucd — ' 

llauca and IB:ntii:uT closed successful en- 
gagements ever tho Sullivan ft Bell nd the 
&*%! "*E3?& *ito Pl»yed the Arcade 
Thentre. Toledo, fl., Inst week 

Jknni.vos and i;i:n!'i:i;iv, who write and 
slug their owu songs, report making nn ex- 
ertional hit on the Mozart circuit, and afier 
their opening their time was oxU-nded from 
three weeks to. seven. 

Williams ami Goudox, singing and talk- 
lug cuMcdluiis, and Herbert and Vauce. 
musical experts, played the BIJou Theatre 
Calumet, lllcb.. Inst week, and are booked 
on the snoie bill together for eight more 
weeks In Michigan and Wlscousli* 

UAHTPtt Will Raiim, boy cornettlst, will 


Jess Oootw. slack wire nnd balancing Ira- ""I •*■*, lo do our act hi 

peze performer, writes Hint after the coining 
tenting Fcnsnii he will oniv do his wire rtel, 
which he will make n feature, and book lu 
vaudeville.'AMnn and MelXTYin:. comedy ncro- 
hnis. will clone shortly with the ChauDcev fc 
KelfTer Co., wl(b which Ihey have met with 
success In ihelr new net. Tbev will be seen 
In vaudeville In the near future. 

Hun Wikopp ajw company: are lay- 
ing on* ni Ihelr home, sprlngileid, O., taking 
n rest nfler (orly-four weeks of work. They 
report uiccllue wllh very gratifying success, 
and will resume their tour Feb. 2d, nt. ffarara 
vllie, o.. for Manager Gils Suu, wllh tho 
rest of his circuit to follow, nnd are booked 
in Mar, IMT. onenlng on the Sullivan & 
( ouitldlne cIituII In Junp. 

CtiAfti.Ks \V. Popk, Dutch cnmedlnu, re- 
cently arrived lu Now York City from Sau 
FrntidBco. after a Jong Western lour.. 
# Atkis KitBi*To wll] return lo America In 
J iiue. after n successful tour of ihe European 


Tim LissAnn Bans, closed wllh Ihe Jnitw 
Girls Co., Saiiinlrtv, Feb. U'l. ni Imllannnnlih, 
Ind. They will nil in (he rest of (he Reason 
|n vaudeville. They were (went.v-alr fferks 
with Ihe above company, nbd report MMCom 

: , Spring season Join hands with Tommy lilckct ■ oomed tin SSSL^ffi " ,ld IL * J 1 "H rnnt =S 
»-lth Uie Pawnee to do n Binning ImSb ind eo.'ninn?mt?«5' JosP l ,h Jefferson^ and tbe former Ml 
in the side show cal act ncu Jensuii comical musl- spent ■ many del ghtful hours lu folio 

. One of the centres of Interest to profes- 
sional people In Mnrton, Mass., Is the «hj 
flllder Sludlo, which atnnua on the edge of 
Ilie deep wo»m!s lust on the oulsklris of Ihe 
little vlHuice. Here the famous artist '-""- 
tlnnnlly etitcrinlned audi men as Iionlh. Kwr- 
1'cst. Irving, and such women as ivmhiinii. 
Mrs. Drew. Flleu Terry and many olhers •»! 
note. To-day this snitic little village I « th<- 
Kunnuer home of ninnv now famous In let- 
ters aitd art, and In some Instances the vju- 
ter's hIiow <lnos not drive I hem sway. r« p 
Marion \i in no sense a Summer resort. 

Mr. Clevelnud mnde bis home hew m' 
many Tears, and B was here rhnt the late 
olio win K 

MAS SS. iaaSng/andl J*JP& 'SgVLSit 'SSttsS 

gg.g--Jl J*WaU coutortlon and hand «. They joined! ■|w.n-.i >U .^ 11 £***&**& 
balanc'ug.uct. _ plaj . Jg J ]lClil 

pent ' 
lielr 1 

their act. 


an engagement an the roof garden f the In the olio, with Ihelr chair and table pyra 
>lctorla Theatre, New iork City, mid act. 

u ™"l »iip«iw In tliclr ncilmtlunnl bicycle at-t 
M» Cu aWM mlto thnt they 'iVy ton i-iUlcd a numliiT or Sria Inal uEe 
rlo« <1 I MMM smsou at. thlrty-elght nnd arc booked solid ulitH Jutw it ir.iift 
•Wta w'tlt V*m&i Sm Solution.' they nrc pl«yI„ B „„ lb,' Si llfvnu A T-onil 

''•""''•"■'II™ P»»n-T wrlle thnl Ihey met tlloe circuit, nm r^n to nl,*, iVt'lnnd 

£ l,0l ?lr*,.J' milsv,1,p : -w * 1 " , w,tl * thP »*>'• Howarh Jackson did not break i,k flt -m 
market, ChIengo,«nd oiher time lo follow. •>• "•«'■ «««-»~< ^»5ff SLiWB" ■■ 

The llMfim: rincrii- co, has secured nn 
opilon on the slie of ihe old a & o. bntld- 
Ipg. In Baltimore, for S-iuu.nnn, A hur< 
Irsqne hoiise will he creeled there. 

Lnn OnUNti. who inlHv closed with ihe 
"Nugget Nell" Cn... wrlien (hat he nn« piny. 
lng 11 prnm1neti( part und doing his higgling 
ait. which was fen lured. He Is now pUv- 

- nuitanl hobby of llshlng. Mr. Jefferson 1 
liouie was but a short distance from Marion- 
abd ho could often. he mopii about the village- 
eliUer culling on some of baa old friend* ot 
coming In on *orae. sailing craft for plea^nre. 
W'nint OUI Marion," bft Jauu* P, •'■ 

— f-'row 

l» Pimr-Trach .VrW. for .l/orc/i-_ 

propositions for next aeaion, 






rndus ttfJava in (Wl: AppUeatieu. 

It doci not Destroy the Curling «bd c'rltnf 

Inc nild It l! the only prcpnrotlon wlilib fR 

,„ Intoctorlly ne»totei Bleacbcd. Gray ami' ■»'• 

will Into ri twit nt llielr home In Tnekvlln ™* "> «W nnturol alrade desired, »>V D *„., 

»»«n- betore Bolnj on tho Middle WM •>"! luatta to tlie Uhlf, leavlnK l.t io!t. i « 

clrsplt. ™ ""' ind cTcon. It la tbtmlos,, Pare. I"*™ 

- l "!P. ", n . KM "Port ncorlne roty •««*» Kor Bole «t teadlnir tlnlr DK»» 

now play, brevity In their nlnelbg and dnticlar net •». rKirurtfnent s:ore» ind Druptlsta. 

The, nine • r»h.. n J... <X — ,- g £ jj D j. n p i[,LD8I[UTKD BOOKI.ET (I 

WPBUsltro. CO., Est «SSBro»4*»J, »■«■ 

SnS jjEsrSu,** 1 '' dolne ibc "' h 

Si iicy play HMbnTSS there KTiS than 




3 «5T5! IKS, i>^; 

wim Ran *1T1.M, 

aad anow oitt TRkam 


IS Cents Re>r Foot. 

- - • $64.^2 
■ -.■■■ ■ 29.52 

- - - 61.36 

attWH' MASK. 

On* Quality. On© Price. 

THE DESERTER - ■ 541 Feet 

TIT FOR TAT, Hand Colored - - 3$b fttet 

LIFE WW PASSION OF GHIli$f,in p Pictures, 2122 feet, $*\$4?4 

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w« "4MRR ° ur ■•" " CA8 "flBK!MI!ITOi"«5aS. t * , &.. R ^31S^fTi4^W^ a «•"*"!■•» ln "»•«"«• ■** 

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42 E. 23d SI, 


Mr*. M«lvlun There** Klorenw, 

Widow of William J. Floruucc. the come- 
•Han. died at bcr bone. 831 West Forty-ilrtk 
street. New York City, on Feb. 38, nt tbp 
Ijr of seventy-six {Mn. She became very 
in last Dewmlier with Bright'* disease, and 
■iiiljyiiph she rallied In a remarkable minuter, 
the dhit*ae was only temporarily checkpd, 
For *>erera1 months past she had been totally 
Hind. Mrs. Florence wok horn in New York 
HG on April 1:1, IJWO. her father bei™ 
Thomas lTcy, an old theatre attache. Of 
his 'children, three girls wore destined to 1«- 
romc famous on the stage. Tiny wen Mrs. 
Florence, who was known nt one time ns 
Mile/ MnlTica, n dancer of grace and ability; 
Mrs. Barney Wll!lama"(tml Mrs. George F. 
Browne. Malvina married, wbcn she wan 
sixteen \«ts old. Joseph Lltttell, the bowery 
i»ttor. * who died "shortly afterward, leaving 
her ono child,' the actress .now known a* 
Mrs. Joxrpblne Shepherd, WUIbun Jernirri 
Florence itutl Mrs. IjIUcII were married In 
New York Oty on Jan. 1. 1SS3. Mr. and 
Sir!. Florence theu determined to enlcr the 
Held already profitably occupied by Mr. niul 
Mr.*. Hfli-iii.-v Williams, niul ou .lime W. 18.V;, 
at Piirdy'K ".National Theatre. New York City, 
the jDn}t starring tour of the Florences tviib 
iiiau'gii pit ed. the plnv bring "The Irb>h Boy 
and Yankee. Girl. ' They met with Instaut 
success hi thly cllv nud on the road. Mr. 
t loreuce bad composed many eougs of 

• popular character. Including "Bobbing 
Around," and these Mntfea were sung by Mrs. 
Florence. Engagements were filled by Mr. 
and Mr*. Florence at the outset of their 
Entering tour id nil tbe Important cities of 
thi? country, mid every where tliey met with 
honor.- On April ti. leoB, they nailed for 
Knfjjud. and on April 'JS, appeared at tbe 
Pruo Lane. Theatre,, London, where they at 
once steppe', ipto favor.. They played "Ths 
Irish linv and Yankee Girl." and remained 
at Hie Druiy Lane tlfty nights, later visit- 
Itig Manchester, Liverpool. Edinburgh. C-las- 
guw, Belfast and Dublin, nud reluming to 
America Autf. IT, \SZH. havlug ueuefllml both 
in purse 'and . in repute. They continual 
their tours here, and on July G, 1858. they 
opened at Wallnek'y fold) Theatre. New York 
i 'iry; for a Ktimmer season, prmluclng a 
number of burlesques, ini-lwcllng "Lslla 
ltookh." Later euanReinenta liens brought 
them forward 'n "Viraoge BluKHoma." n re- 
vlrnl of ''Pombey £'ftiri.''' In which Mrs. 
Florence * pljrred ' Suaan Nipper: und "KHy 
0"<_*o;uior. -1 Jn the Bunwicr- of IStJS the 
ilorvnct's again vleltcl Ifnglntid, i-emululu^ 
r«r three igftn.ths.''nnd ttfte-r their return 
here tjiey plityed In "Handy Andy,"- "Mid- 
niff« Ann|e,". "The Kclurned Volunteer," 
1 'Kathleen MflTouruecn" nnd." ''Tbe Ticket of 
I.eaT'-. Man.** 'T.hlch "llie r'l;>feiK:cp produced 
for the flrst Time in America nt the .Winter 
Oariien, ticw York Oitv, Nov. 50, UHL Mm. 
Florence intt n marked hit as Kmlly «t. 

Svremond, , aud Mr, Florence played Bob 
rlerly. In the original Americnif produc- 
tion of ■."Tim Ticket of Leave Man*' were, he- 
udea the Florences. A. II. ("Dolly") Daven- 
port, J. K. Uiigan, II. Bland. Vliilng Bower*, 
T. J. rfittCSfr* Hind. Mm. W. It. I'loyd, 
Mra V, a. Ohanfrau and TIioh. B. Morrie. 
A/tiir another vigti to l!!ugIond the Florencey 
•ecured T. "\V. . Kob«rtsou'» "Carte." ' and 
BMyea .'t for the llrst time In America on 
A.ic. r., I8fi7, nt the Broadwav Theatre (Wal- 
lack's old theatre), under the manuf;emc:it 
*f Barney Williams. Mrs. Florence ap- 
peared aa Folly Uccles. and won greut dis- 
tinction in the pitrtf "CORle" vn n greait 
»uct*«* in* the hand I of the I*loretiren, and 
later on Iher presented "Inshnvogue.'' "No 
Thoroitgbfare." tiuder the title of "L'Abime." 
;"n« KTcld of tlto Cloth of Uold," "llje t Col- 
leen Rawn" nud "CHeen Oge.'* Tln.Hr 
ireitesc success, however, was' achieved In 
"rhe Mlghrx Dollar," originally produced on 
Sept. «. i87K. nt the 1'nrk Theatre, New 
Vork City. This piece m written for Mr. 
JJd Mrs. Florence by Jtcnjahilu Kdwnrd 
J>oolf. In the nrlglnal cant were. iMildetj 
Mr and Mrs. FloreuTe. John O. Sarllle, John 
« Padgett. I, W. Rrutnune, W. J. Fcrgn- 
»>a. W, Qrant. Cliarles Vlllcrs. J. *'. Jiorrl- 
Jph, M»:idr Granger. l\ L;iu«.ey. Pearl F.y- 
tiuge, Atmle Edmoudeon and Miss R fw- 
mond. With "The Mkhty Dollar"' Mr. and 
Mri. Florence held their public secure for 
tuany yeara. their laier productlonB biclud- 
■ng: "Faiti, or. Ills LHlfc Hatchet," which 
•"■'■s igalu produced uuder (tin title of "Our 
'■oTcruor'' nnd '•On*- Gcrmut) Profiwsor. * 
Mr, Florrnfc dM on Nov. 10. 1891. but Mrs. 
Florence had mired from the ittage obmit 
true? yajtnfhijfarB that dote, her husband ro- 
nialniiig active 'n bla stage work lu nortnet-- 
fidn Willi Joseph Jefferson. Mm. Florence 
"J the year ift:ts. mnde a tour of the prln- 
'-ipti American cities, anpnriug la a reri- 
*al of "The "Mlghtv DoHnr." Bhe lived In 
rerirfment after torit aeason until oer death. 
On Jjn. 9, 181)3, she married Howard Cor*- 
n **y. an Ktigllsh actor aud playwright, but 

• bout three years later she secured a divorce 
[rvtn him, niul rcHiintcd the* nume of 'Mrs. 
M'Tctice. Besides Ibo duujrhter above rc- 
Kfferi to. sli.' |r survived by bor iMem Mrs. 
Innaeji VVMHuiuh. Mrs. (Veurue K llroyrne 

■nud Mrs.. i:dwnrd Murtln, who wns not a 

PiriLip tl. InviNo, formerly well known 
is wm advaucc ngenl, died Jo New York City 
ej Snturdny; Feb. 17. He bnd beeh In the 
;n*atHral--bu«lnrRa an advance agent from 
}W to 1SWI, when be retired. New York 
Lodge. No. L Ji S o. Elks, held eervJeea 
over the t>ody. Mr. Irving baring been a 
nr-nber of. .Hut order. 

Dick DOtuql s midget, nt one time with 
nnraum •* -Bailey's ClrruB, died several 
SEP? "go at Crawfordsrltle, lud„ aged 
Ufty-two years." 

AL«tsT*.(0*JS3W) UaJir, black face cotne- 

tllciiDC. nud well known ax Tojxy, lu numer- 
ous "rnelc Tom's Cuhln" companies. db*d 
early ou the morning of Feo. l*0. from nw ef- 
fecls of n full down a dark stairway In a 
negro rc-tinirrtut. wher<> bTM lunl gone to 
study negro chanieter. Her eurMMtalitas look 
tbe body to her room In a theatrlciii lionrd- 
Ing house, '_*«1 West TMrty-elglith Street 
New York Clly, where It was discovered by 
the lioltce. At ilrst the cskK looked like a 
iDiirdcr mystery, but erp lunations sbou Bet 
that report nt rest. The party.' which In- 
cluded Mrs. Hart, l£dward Murphy, a dmtc- 
log niaster. n m:in named Naden. and Blunche 
T«elgbton, : had gone to the Little tjnvoy. a 
negro restaurant and saloon mi West Thirty- 
flftii Street, nnd, after remaining a short 
time, started to go out. A little passage. 
very *i arrow, and somewhat dark, load* 
from thecafc to tbe front door. About half 
way nlong there In a little door whlcu opens 
direct to', n lauding of a cellar staircase, so 
steep that It Is almost a ladder. The party 
started fit, Mi-- Ran In the tend. Jnst then 
another party entered at the front door. Mrs. 
Hart wrs just be."ldc ibe eelhir entrance. 
Instinctively she stepped into It to let thcin 
I»r*s, supposing that h1i« wiim ste]iplng lu on 
a fioitr. She fell Istckwnrd. grabbed Miss 
Leigh ton. and the two women dropped about 
twelve; fcer. 3Ir«. Hurt lunded ou the bock 
of her head, cmshlug her skull, breaking 
the fall '.'ci i' MI'-s IjCbrhtou. n'lio \V9tt not hurt 
nt nit. Mrx. Hart, wlio w»s tiltout tlfly years 
old. hud played bhtck face wmbrelte roles 
ever since she was n little gtrl. Her work 
as Topt-y waa rnmoits aud sbo was always 
In demand for tliat character. Cudcr tno 
direction of Martin J. ldxon she had played 
many New York City engagements lu "Uncle 
Tom's Cablu,"* and the fast time she played 
Topsv In this city' was under Mr. Dlgou's 
direction, week of June lit, 2B05, at the Me- 
tropolis Theatre, tike had beeu on the road 
for ' a time this season with "The tldld 
Wife," hut the company dlslianded, and she 
returned to New York. Mnrtlu J. Dixon 
wan aranglug some stock engagements for 
he!- at the time of bcr death. 

Joseph Autiiuu. the pluvwrlght, whoss 
name In private life wus Arthur II. Smith, 
died at the Hotel Noruinndle. New York City, 
on Feb. '-H>, from Bright'* disease, aged llfty- 
six years. He submitted to an operation on 
Feb. 8. and rsllled ut llrst, but later ^suffered 
a relapse. F'vr more tbun two yenrs he had 
been In poor health. Mr. Arthur was born 
In Indiana, the son of n Methodist preacher, 
the iter. John C. Mini Mi. He left home ut nn 
early age aud appeared un the stagi> as a 
song and. dance man. Later be went to Bo> 
rope ,'and joined n- light opera company, slna- 
ing the 1 tenor roles, and then went to India. 
Drifting thence to [long Kong, he worked ns 
a reporter on an Kpglbh newspaper there, 
and then went to Ban Francisco. IIo turned 
his attention to writing plays about twenty 
years ago. but his first attempt was an utter 
failure. His next dramatic composition, how- 
ever, was "The Still Alarm/* which started 
the fonudalion or his fortune. "The Still 
Alarm" was produced by Mr. Arthur and 
Harry Lacy, who played the leudlng role. 
It was a big success. Later Mr. Arthur 
took the piece to London, where It repeated 
Its New Vork anceMi, Ills next play was 
"Blue Jeans." which scored a tremendous 
hit. and ran for u long time at the Fourtccutli 
Street Theatre, New York Clly. where it 
ihrHlcd thousands with Its sensational saw- 
mill scene. Among his oilier plays were 
"Lost Hirer. " "On liie Witbash," "The Cherry 
Pickers," "The Comcraekere/' "The Halt of 
the Bortb" and "Sdrlnc." While Mr. Ar- 
thur's plays earned him a considerable «um. 
be increased It by real estate speculations, 
andatitcame well to do. Fie Is said to huvo 
lost 520.000, however, in Joseph T. McCad- 
don's clrcns venture In Europe last year. 
He married Cburjuttc Cobb, an actress, who 
survives hint. 

LI.szf.i. Kintc LaMti an actress, died In 
Ft. Joseph's Hospital, Kumns Clly. Mo., on 
Feb. 12, from blood riolsoulug, aged twenty- 
two years. ' Up to wltbln ten days of her 
death she was a member of Blond In & Leon's 
"Itlp Van Winkle" (% Sjte was bom In (lot- 
ion. Kan., where the Interment took place. 
Her husband. L. L Leon, I ■=.- r father, mother, 
slater and three brothers survive her. One 
brother is Leo Blondln, a partner of Mr. 

GfcuiuiE V. Am::s. of the comedy sketch 
team Ames and Hasson, died in Tucsou. 
Arizona, ou Feb. .'!. aged Ihirly-scren yeors. 
lie went to Tucson about fourteen months 
ago for his health. Mr. Pcnnlugton. his 
hrotber-m-Ir.w, brought the remains to Utlca, 
lad., for burial, nnd the Interment was 
tu the town cemetery Feb. 9. Mr, Ames Is 
survived by his father, mother and two 

Sam (GolvbockI. of the team 
Ham and Kit tv Dliiuoud. died ut the German 
Hospital. Brooklyn, X. Y„ ou Feb. H. He 
was born on Sent. 11', 1860, aad made his 
Prat profeislonui appearance In Baltimore, 
Md. Later he uud lits sinter played the.hrst 
class vaudeville bouses under the tRam noun* 
of 8ani aud Kitty Diamond. This Wus 
Anally rhnnged, and Ihey bisnaie known as 
the Gulubocfts, HuHslou dnut'Crs. I'mi'-rul 
scrvlcfs . wore held on Feb. r». with muny 
members or Hie N. 1*. V. of A.. No. ."». In 
attendance. Mr. Dlumotid'n father, moiber, 
two brothers and three Misters sunlve him. 

Mas. tACTA 8. M. BrtiMos. professlunully 
known as one of the Sherlock Slaters, lea* 
sees of tue Towu Hall Theatre, In Saratoga, 
N. Y.. died from heart diseaae at her Clin- 
ton Street rest deuce la that place on, Feb. 
13. The Sherlock Hi^ur.s. Including Mrs. 
A. (I. Shcrlork, conducted the Saratoga. The- 
atre ttefore It was burned by Iho Arcade lire 
In 1902. 

Cumcso M. CnANr. an ai-tor, died at 
I'upblo. Colo., on Feb. hi, from pueinuuui*- 
-. II a i' D, SPKiAGUtt, treasurer vf tbe Ma- 

mhIc Temple Theatre. Ft. M'avar. lad., died 
In that clly on Feb. II. from heart disease, 
aged twenty-three years. For several Hum- 
nrers he wa« uinuniter of the ltohlnson Park 
llienlre lu Ft. Wiuiic. 

Mahir IiOi'jan Kuis«in, fornjerly n chorus 
plrl. who left the slage lo marry 'nioiuns A. 
Kdlson Jr.. abaut soven years ago. nnd re- 
turned to tbe profession about six month** 
later, died at her nnarlmPttts ln New York 
City on Feb. XL she wns formerly Mnrie 


rr.Olt OfB OWN COBDESP0.N'DE»t. 

American vaudeville acts arc ao scarce on 
the coutlaent at present that interesting 
news of them can hardly be sent over month- 
ly. M I bars formerly benn doing. Those 
who ate now.hej'c arc dotug rcry wet), but 
are not prosb+rliif ha In former years, be- 
cause tber lay off now and then. This, how- 
ever, la their own fault, because Hitiv never 
Iftiptlre as to how the Und lays ln advance. 
They will nccept a two weeks* engagement 
in towns where they ought to slas* a month, 
and It's Impossible to return to these cities 
only every second or third year. Then, 
sgnin. viuldevlllc performers who are ronllv 
a big hit have been so often misinformed by 
other iter formers, who keep wrPlugover to 
the iht'fttrlcul papers about the enormous 
•aluritis they earn or run receive: This has 
really done more damage to tbe American 
performer than nitytliliijr else, and I will 
way positively that die average act. over hers 
does not get any more salary than In Amer- 

:- There are about six acta (but have been 
very forlunule over here, one of them work- 
ing regulnrly ten months In tin- year, and 
getting from seven iiUudred to one thousand 
dollars a week. But she has made a re- 
markable reputritloh, orer here, and really 
■ the only vaudeville performer ploying 
houses on percentage. This performer Is 
Haliarct. and her wonderful success is known 
to every manager, performer or agent from 
America who .has been In Kttrope. 

There am two oilier performers over here, 
both men, whose salaries reach eight to Ian 
week (from five to sit 

thousand marks _ 
hundred dollars). 

Outside of tlilt, ojrnH 

other act guts from one hundred to about 
three uuudrea. dollars syces. ■ :•'■" 

If you a- good act you can get good 
money, but uo betler than In America, uulcis 
you make n sensation. 

At the Wlutergartbu. Berlin, during this 
month (February), Otto Itoutter, a favorite 
comedian ofOertiany, is the star, and Is in 
bis second month nt this Uouse, he and 
mlisrat being tile infer stars to play for 
two months. Other acts remain there four 
weeks. Among those from America who ara 
on the programme with Ueutler sre : Bob- 
bins, the marvelous bicyclist (his fourth 
time there, and, ns umiiil, a sonaatlou) ; the 
Motoglrl, who also opened on the same pro- 
gramme, and has scored ber usual bla sue- 
ess*, and Clnrk and Hsmlltoa. (he furmer 
of whom Is an American, who has been for 
years in ling-land. Imvc also made a big hit. 

At Clrruc Buseh I see Miilcmureiie si tbs 
■tir. featttrcil heavily. Thh act .1 bars 
never seen, but from the rcporta of tbe sen- 
sation It made last tnontli lu Vienna It 
must really be exceptionally fine. The paper* 
were full of him, and said that Us eiim! 
can not be found. The manager of the act 
Is Frederick Ireland, from America. An- 
other h.t that the newspapers seemed to 
have seized upon Is Hardeen's electric bal- 
let. Its equal never Imtiug been s«en over 

Bverhsrdt and bia charming wife are 
api'utjiiig their honeymoon In the Circus 
Sehumaun, Frankfurt, wtdle oa the sama 
programme, equally featured, Is llerr DI- 
rtktor Hardy's "Dfuna," In her grand dances, 
that have made bur a big tiumc-ovcr here ' 

Last mouth, nt the Wlnlergurten, Berlin, 
were: Lolo Hawthorne, of the well knuwn 
Sisters Hawthorne, aud llurkc. Frls'-o aud 
Andrew*, who make .their reappearance la 

At tbe Hnnss Theatre. Hamburg, Lola 
eullcr. who Is now appearing In the vaude- 
ville theatres over hvre, is the feature, aud 
Itadfoi-d and Vnlcutlnc tm American Jug. 
gllug act. are also on the bill. ' 

AT Tlrby's Vnrlelle, In Prtg, are Hie Wsn- 
) . , . It i RU ^mf§f Four, llelolse Til comb, and 
Hrdlnl and Arthur, our represents! Ives 
These I bare mentioned are about all tbe 
Americans I tun tlod at present emntored 
on tbe cuntlnfnt. 

At tbe Wiotergarlcu, Berlin, and also at 
Lleblck's, Hreslau. are two copies of nice 
aud 1'revoat's act, one called t:imo sod 
Hfpco, tbe other I'rh* anil Bcrost. Tbs 
orlgloat set certainly did great for lis aJwft 
time over here to get The Imitations so 

Mildred Howard Dc firey, the barefoot 
dancer has recently dosed In Ilerllu. and 
left for ber debut hi I^>iiduu. where I b«*r 
that sbf did well. The well known barefoot 
daitr-er, Isadora Ditneun, Iiuh run uBiilsnt I lie 
police In llcrlln, they Baring forbidden her 
school of children tu iirwear. She la still 
allowed to appear her*elr. .md bcr net bat 
rfra'lv ranght oil hnnrnwly. She Is from 
f.nllfoniln. and was lotrodticcd lu Oermaiiy 
by Loie Fuller. 

Clrcuj and Theatre Schumann baa opened 
bla magnificent theatre la Frankfurt, Ger- 
many, and It Is tbe handsomest bouse la 
Germany. It wtll play serer. moot hi or 
variety sod lire mnnibs of fsawwi nets, audi 
Is under the mmiftgeinenl of the popnliir 
Julius H"etb, long and wall known with Ibe 
great snlmal show, Seeth nml his tweutr-one 

Holiaret. who Is now plnytog Ibe Nntionll 
Tbeoirpb lu Ccruiauy, opegb fur tier amjual 

enr.agr-mi'nt March 1. lu her bitvh!»que, "The 
Kalscren die nihsun,** Nanpurtsjfl hr four 
leading nctors uud a wo ml erf til luiltntton 
camel. Sahani Ju*t rfnafd tlto tli-si tutd 
only Htt tsewta ful mwu gny nf vnudcvllle ]K>r- 
forniRr» that ever traveled (let-many, dirty- 
ing with lirr eight nctti. lududlng: Kotioran, 
Tnelnuel-, Brolhera Forrest, (leoige llaiter, 
T-abaknus. (leyrpc Schlndler, the Heroin, nud 
ihe Savins. This Is the Hrsf traveling 
vaudeville show (bnt ever toured Germmiy, 
and It packed Ibr theatros nightly. It will 
tie repsntctl again next, season Tor three 

Oscar llammorstcln's visit to Berlin and 
Vienna created u big sensation. I am sorry 
I mlcaed h'ni, bnt everUmdy is tfllklu= of 

"Chung Ling Soo" ( \\\ I", rt0blnsoTt) t well 
known Tor seventeen yeara with Herrmann, 
the (treat, Is booked to opsn ut the winter- 
carten, Berlin, commencing next season, at 
tbe largest salary even* paid to a magician 
over bore. He Is also to he paid Ills fares 
and baggage from Lnndoii and back, and bla 
supers on the stage every night. 

Ikr* Hose has resigned as exocutlra member 
nf the Artists' Lodge, together 
with serorol leading German members, 

Morris Cronln and bis compnhy of marvel- 
ous club swlugem are to make their reap- 
penrnncB ln Berlin In Attgitst. 

f 'l trot and Uornhatipt were over here re- 
cently, booking acts. 

Aujtln I wish to Impress upon nil who sign 
for Europe in he careful, ivlicn you sign 
see that every clause Is scratched out of the 

There Is said to be plans on foot to open 
a I. una Park over here In Berlin, by the first 
of June, bur It looks now as If H will not 
obsn. ' It la hard for an American to'earry 
through a new scheme orer here, because tbs 
police and the managers always fight against 

♦ »» 

Otlt LONDON' li;ttkh. 



if* t.'riiiit.Miirrie Street, 

l.clfiJtliT Niiunr*', 

Luaduia, tY. C. 

Feu.' 7. 
(Mtwttintiitul U Iter.) 

At a recent meeting of tbe London County 
Couucll the Theatres und Music Hall Com- 
ullltic brought up -recommendations' to the 
effect that, on nud after April 1, the chief 
officer of the fire brigade should 1m -r«siion>tl- 
hle lo tlie council for the biHptt'tluii of the 
electric lighting ami other mechanlciil «r- 
rnuBatiinntH ot theatres and other places of 
amuseiueiit licensed by the coum^ll. 

An Imporlnnt devtdnpinoni. Is Impending 
In '.connection with the A co demy or Drumatlc 
Art. which nas funnded by KecrlMtiuu Tree 
ln 190-1. Hitherto the entire responsibility 
bus rested ou Mr, Tree's sbvuldors, but on 
Murcli 1 tho ncudwny will he governed bV an 
executlvi 1 council, couslstlog of John lluic, 
Heerbobtu Tree, (ieorae AlcJundcr, Forbes 
Bobertsou. Cyril Maude, Arthur Uoiirchtcr, 
A. \T. I'lnero uud J. M. Barrlc, with Sir 
Squire natterofl us preMdent. It Is the in- 
tention of the council lo visit the academy 
regulurly. and to conduct Hie work of tb« 
more advanced students, nnd Ihey also 
propose to Invite the co-operation of dis- 
tinguished actors and ncti-essaH, oilier tliun 
those already on the stnlt of the ticadcuiy. 

At present there appears lo he a run on 
Shakespeare In Ilerllu. For Instance, this 
week there aro no fewer than live of Shakes- 
peare's pluys oil tlic bourds lu different Berlin 

theatre*. They are 'King Henry IV," ■•iilcli- 
nrd II," "The Winter's Talc." "King U-ur" 
and "A Midsummer NIsht'H Ureuiu." lu ad- 
dition to these the opein, "Tho Merry Wives 
Of Windsor/' \n being given, and "The Mi- 
kado" and "Tbe Uelsua ulso Ilgtire In lb* 
week's programmes. 

' Bninuou Tboiuss, whose "Charley's Aunt'* 
Is still among the successful druwfug imrds, 
bus written a new pluy, which will be put on 
by Jus. Welch, ul 'ferry's, when "The Heroic 
Mubbs" bus Uulslied lis run. 

-Mrs. Tliumas Burrusrord, inunageresu of 
Ibo Lyccuui, bus bought tbe Devil's Dyke ut 
Brighton. It Is u lot of ground containing 
two hundred acres uud Mrs. Burrusford In- 
tends to erect on same a very large number 
of side shows, Other open air features will 
also lie Introduced. 'Jim grounds, which will 
he opened to Hie public ut Buster, will be run 
■s a show all the yciir 'round. 

I'li' 1 bhigraph pictures of the Brill-Nelson 
light are belUtf exhibited at the Oxford every 
afternoon but Satunius uud those Interested 
In the linaaelal end of the show arc putting 
awuy some money. The upper parts of Hie 
hull are packed ut every exhibition, snd tlie 
esi'lleiucnt caused by the pictures Is most 

The directors of tlw Kmplrv have decided 
lo produce the ruuiuullc ballet of "Cop|si|lu," 
at Raster, This bailee one of the aarflesl 

'■nrii]m-r<] |»y Ln, I.J.jllfn-M. In 111" one hi which 
Mile. Once, inndc her llrst success', some feu 
years ago, ut the Itoyal Opera Mouse, 
Munich, aud she will resume her original 
part of Swnnlldn. It Is worthy of note ulxo 
tbnt It whs In this work thuL Mile, (icuce 
nrm'iired itefore the late (biceu Victoria, ut 
the opt-Tij House. Copculiugun, ou wbUh oc- 
caAhju the tjuceu expressed a buno that It 
would be given lu Knglaud. AL ilia I'tuplro 
it will be pluyeil, us ts usual on tho conti- 
nent. In two Vfiics, and wltJ ls> iirodticed 
by Alexander llctice, Hie nell kiiMWil di- 
rector r.f Imllel, who tins himself RMMMraa] 
several time* In II. 

Wllllntas ciini. ljrftw-n. v.1io aro In the pan- 
runt I mi 1 . "Ahuldlii," id Hir Cnuid. Nutllatf 
hum, dissolve purluershlji ou Mureh :;t,nfi«T 
buTlog t'.-cu togoUicr fur iwclru ycuru, Sir. 

Brown will double up with Fred Mnllcy. tale 
or the (I'MhII.vm. :ih<! tin' llriu will, from 
Anili L', he known us (.CMidly aud llrowii- 
Tlicv will nppi'iir lu n citiiiedv sketch, •■n- 
tllted *'The buy 1 Ciuno \lnvk,'" written for 
llleiii bv Joluitly Ihinvcrs. 

The siuci'HM of "Xciu," ut Ills Mnjcslj'n, 
linn Inspired llswsld Stoll with the lilcn of s 
tniventv, if. be cullcil "Snero: or, a Bomuu 
flunk tlolldny," which hit* been wrllten by 
Chris Davis, for production nt the Coliseum 
oh Monday uexi. 11 Is In two scoiich, aud la 
ti» coneluile with the hit ml in; of Koiim*, for 
Iho Make of Hie ln»iiriincc money. The purl 
of Hniu-n will Ik- pluyed by M. It. Murtiml, 
while Millie Hylton mid MHHcont Mnrsden 
will be Hie tafflgg llidh-s. 

The Maiihutluu Cometly Four produced a 
new net InlVariin, Austria, a few weeks ugo. 
a Imrk'sttiic on the prison mcciip from "i-'sn.-i .' 
and 'It was royally received hy tho ainllencr. 
Thi' local papers gavn 111* new net some big 
Kill Ires. They art at the Svca Thcutrc, Htock- 

llOllll, tills lll'llllli, 

Hi'nrv Itayiuotid. the Lymlitn dlblelet mati- 
iftt'r for the Slnll siiliiirluiii bouses, has re- 
slgtieU his position, uud terminates hut eon* 
tract on April ?. Mr. Unyniotid come lu the 
New Cross Kinplre as mnnnger, nnd whh up- 
pointed In Iho poHltlon ho nt prcseiit holds 
early tntd yesr. 

Nfachnyw. ilu' Itnsslan giant, who er ruled 
a s«'iiHiitl»n ou his ilrst visit to London »oiun 
inonlbs turn nt the lllpitodrotnc. Ih mooii In 
rot urn 10 thai hou«e. The next cluhoriite 
pcoiliietlou-nl the Hippodrome will lake pliuo 
early In and will be it striking uquuHc 
sm-cliirle, 'which Is being prepared by Frank 

M«l J liee und Hill MDIll me word lluil Ihey 
are getting aluug nicely and hope by the end 
of I&V wosk tuhavu regiilnetl tbelr old form. 
They un; playing Ibe Hdliiburgh IJuiplrc ibis 

S|r Kdivurd Mchs, I lie clmh-iniiil of Iho 
j toss Minpires, I, Id., will soon sull on 11 seven 
week*' cHilse. slopping ul Llslsm. Madeira 
and other tmniiy places, nud will jjo us fur 
as Hniiih Africa, 

ITIii'-n Kukln, the gifted .injimi'-c Juggler, 
now incelliig with great success oh the M. A 
L. lour, will -all J'-. 1- the Slatert early lu Mur-h 
for h Tevt weuks' visit, and will return to this 
country lute in April, Chit*. F. litillelli! und 
Mltfiioneue K./kln. who are Imokitl for lbs 
ji.,mA Stoll tour, opening on May T, will ■*> 
ruuipaiiy Kokln on the reiurn trip. 

Kleliurd Hnalllclil. funiu'rly of New Vork, 
bul who Is now milking Ids he ud<| tine If rs hi 
London. litis Just taken iho iuutuiK''ineitt of 
Mar Vohe. for Whom it speelnl skeldiis -Miiir 
WHiten by' rr:.u-'.- Itrookbelll, which will 
ham lis (ult 1*1, pprrorinuiiei! «r Hie htujee, 
MIhh Yolto jippctti-s at laps beginning of mater 
MrK iir'Hie'bftW review by Ivnn Caryll und 
George I-.'dwnrtlew. which will be feuiitn-d at ■ 
ihs "ft in 1 dreV I 'inn lold, The curlulu Tiilser. 
■'La Main," lh which Cmullb' D'Alberujiupde 
such a "grunt success nt the Waldorf iiiuMhe 
Tlvoll, mnv be Kelit lo America by Mr. 8Mil< 
field, who hus u nuec ycarh' couliucl with 
Miss D'Alls-rg. Thflt geiillciiuin hmi ilM 
eotithncttd for \i\>< AiiitIihii rights' of Frei|. 
erlrk Moiilllot's p.'ity. "Whut the lluller Sttw.'* 
which had a run of u hundred nlffbfs In 
London. 1 

At the pantomime In Bolton there Is a 
good Jol.e told oil lloudlni, nud wlilrh Ih n 
verv K'ind "nd.." In 11 way, for the, king of 
hnmlctilTs, The principal buy iipprnucho:< Iho 
lendliiL' coincide- 11 unit tiKks him (he follow- 
ing: * r l nm selling photogrnphs of the Creiit 
11'Midlid. Ibe i'.iiuniH handcuff king und 
prison breaker, who has escarped from fhe 
Icadlrtg Jails, after lining bound hand uud 
foot, would von like to buy one'.'" Come- 
dian "ays: "Whv, cei-titlnly." fin bauds lirr 
the nionrv and gets ilie photogrnph. wlih-h 
is wrapped up In paper. On oneulng .the 
parrel to have a look ot ibe ptiologruph he 
tlnda. miirli to bin surprise, that there Is 11Q 
phok'Krnph. lis nishos lack lo Iho vrlu- 
dpiil boy uud iii-ijijiiIiiIh her (hluii of Hi* 
fiud. They bolli Mnh at the pu|ier In as- 
tonishment, and. after fsw Meeonils" 1* 
Ipnce the couiedlnii remarks: "I'm blowcd If 
In* hnsu't csnttied ngulti." Dave Meier, who 
saw the pnnloruinic und gave mc tho slorr, 
-writes (but tho Joke wus the ulggdst tilt In 
Hie «hnw. ■ 





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Based on the Dramatic Masterpiece of Literature by the Immortal Charles Dickons. 

HOMELESS I— Oliver Twlet Is picked up by the "Artful Dodger." 

THE THIEVES' DEN I— Old Fagln welcomes Oliver and teaches him the new 
game of "And tho watch." Oliver and the boys go out picking pocket* on the 
streets. They are chased by the police, and Oliver Ib caught, but Is befriended oy 
the man whose watch waa stolen. 

OLIVER FINDB A HOME.— Kind hearted Mr. Browlow rescues Oliver from Old 
Pagtn's clutches. 

BECAPTUBBD. — Bill Bvkes drags Oliver back to Foglu's den. 

THE ROBBERY I— The thlevea plot to rob Mr. Browlow's bouse. At midnight 
they put Oliver through a small window, and by threats are forcing him to un- 
fasten the door, when the household Is aroused, and In the darkness Oliver le ihot. 

RETRIBUTION.— BUI Svkes and Toby Cracket are seen telling Old Fagln about 
their III luck. Fagln soys Nancy has betrayed them. She returns and 1b killed by 
Bill Sjkea. The police smash In the doors and windows and capture the thieves, 
forming a sensational and dramatic finish to a splendidly realistic and powerful 

Len gth (Witt Descriptive Titles), 800 Feet 
The Great Fire Spectacle, 





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NEW YORK, MARCH 10, 1906. 

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March 10 

Mi55 CKPF r '5 




ST1GB FOLK and Some times OTHERS 


" a. call at tte bos onic* window, throngs 
which tte ever-popuiar Wis Crosby issue* 
tbe blu of pasteboard tbst admits onloiM 
Joe Weber's mirthful company, Id "Twiddle- 
Twaddle," resulted In tbe acquisition for thli 
column, Of two or three amusing Incidents. 

A few dayi efter the drat production, tbe 
treasurer wis startled by en excited German, 
woo ruled op to tbe window and demanded 
to tee tie programme maker, uilng a dialect 
from which even Weber himself could get 

"Well, you'll bare to fo down town to the 
offlee of Frank V. Btraau. who pabltebea all 
theatre proffraoaiea," obligingly replied tbe 

Then, with another rich orerflow of dia- 
lect, tbe man lariated that strum wan not 
the one be wanted, but the one who made np 
tbe programme of tbe production. 

"What do yon want to sea him for?" naked 
the treasurer, at tbe name time explain! m 
that all bnalneai lnterrlew* were held with 
tbe repreaentatlT* of the company. 

At tali tbe excited visitor declared that he 
waa going to me the company for nulldoot 
carlcsforlng of himself and his honored 
name. Be went on to explain that tbe name, 
"Grabf elder," under which the little co- 
median, Weber, merrily carorted and ridicu- 
lously joggled with dialect, wan his own. He 
furthermore demanded that another name 
be aabetltuted, or he would sue for henry 

The treasurer finally crimed tbe angry man 
by explaining that pU?wrlghta bad a right 
to nee any name they saw fit, and should 
be hare any Just cause for suit, so would 
any other Smith, Jones or Brown, whose 
namea were continually In evidence on the- 
atre programmes. Half convinced by tbe 
argument, tbe defender of the "Orahfelder" 
cognomen grabbed up bis packages, which 
be bad dropped In the beat of Insulted 
dignity, and departed, muttering threats, 
however, to sue the owner of tbe show. 

If he only would 1 What a chance for ad- 
vertising space there would be In the story, 
and couldn't Charles Miller, tbe wily wlelder 
of the pen tbnt produces publicity material 
for the company, get In bla fine work I 

A few dayi ago n young woman of rural 
appearance approached tbe name ticket 

"How do you sell them by the aosenr" she 

"No reduction," said Mack Billiard, who 
aasleta the treasurer; "they're sold at the 
same price for a hundred aa for one.'' 

"What's that?" aaked the girl. 

■Two dollars for the best, dollar and n 
half and a dollar." 

"How many klods allowed la the doaenl" 
waa the next question. 

"That's for the buyer to decide," replied 
Billiard. "Ton can get a box, or take soma 
In tbe o r c h estra and some In tbe balcony." 

"I thought they always took 'em In a 
gallery," said the girl- 

"That la aa one prefers to call it," was 
Hilllard's answer. "The boxes are the beet, 
of course." 

"But I don't want to be taken In a box," 
was tbe girl's answer, that somewhat my itl- 
fied the ticket seller as to what she alluded. 
But box office treasurers are need to all aorta 
of queer questions, to which they always 
reply to tbe best of their comprehension of 
the patron's meaning, and let the matter pass 
at that 

"Well, yon needn't," said Hill lard, "the 
first few front rows are just as good take 
them," and the obliging rev resents tire of tbe 
treaeurer proceeded to point out on tbe 
diagram what seata there ware yet unsold. 
"There are twelve good ones, though they're 
not nil together." 

"But I most bare them all at once," In- 
sisted the young woman. 

"Ton can bare them alt at once, of course," 
replied Hllllard, at the same time thinking 
what a long time It took to sell twelve seats, 
"but I can't possibly give them to yon all 

"I don't understand what yon mean," re- 
plied the girl. 

"Ton want twelve seata for to-nlghfa per* 
formance, doa't you?" continued Hllllard. 
"I'm showing you tbe best we can do, 
«nd— ( * 

"I don't want no seats," Interrupted the 
girl, "I want a doaen photographs of myself 
like them samples you've got In the big 
frames at tbe door." 

"But this Is no photograph gallery," ex- 
plained the man at the window. 

"Oh," said the maiden, turning away die- 
appolntedly, "I thought It waa" 


Just before the matinee performance, last 
Saturday, a young couple, whose appearance 
proclaimed them to be back-country visitors 
to the big city, approached the box office. 

"How much for twot" nsked the man of 
Crosby, who was presiding at tbe window. 

"Four dollars." 

"Wbewl" exclaimed the man, placing the 
price on tbe shelf. "They come high, but 
we've not to have 'em — gl'me two." 

As he was about to band over tbe tickets, 
the treasurer noticed that tbe young woman 
standing back of the countryman bad In her 
arms an Infant of only a few months 

"la that baby with your • aaked Crosby. 

"Yes. l fi nine," waa the reply. 

"Sorry," said Crosby, "but no children in 
arme are admitted to theatrical perform- 

"Then si'me a high chafr with the two 
feats," esrlii Intra tbe man, "an* i don't care 

It seems 'twas only yesterday, but then 'twaa 

long ago. 
When people took some pleasure In n good old 

fashioned show. 

And went borne from the plsyfaonse musing 

o'er tbe things there said, 
Tbe playa were not tbe same with which 
nowadays we're fed. 

When "Maggie Mitchell" tripped tbe stage 

and "Fanchon" waa tbe pray, 
"The Hunchback" or "The Honeymoon," 

folks loathed to come away. 
Now silly farces are the thing and problem 

plays the rage, 

oe people quit __ 
should the stage. 

Borne people quit tbe theatre when players 

Now there was "John T. Raymond," who 

rive "Col. Sellers" fame; 
Burgess," In "The County Fair," por- 
trayed that quaint old dame. 
And "Desman Thompson's" "Old Home- 
stead." In which we all would drown 
Our troubles, and watch tbe bill boards to 
welcome him to town. 

Abl Where la peerless "Lotta" now, beneato 
whose magic spell 

and women weep. 
Our "Mary Anderson." sweet "Juliet," would 

ever charm our heart. 
And "Charlotte Cusbman's" "Meg Merrlles" 

waa aa matchless ss ber art. 

"Eats Claxton" aa poor, Mind "Louise,'.' and 

brilliant "Agnes Booth," 
"Rose Eytinge" and "Rose Coghlan" that wse 

acting, sirs, in truth. 
And "J. H. Stoddard," "Charley Thome," 

would drive away dull care. 
They were a matchless band at "Palmer's" 

"Union Square." 

And what Joy It was to see "Robson" and 

"Two Dromlos" like these we'll never see 

And dear, old Grandma "Gilbert" bas for- 
ever passed sway, 

In every part she essayed—her genius Mated 
tbe way. 

Then here's to you, a health to you, you 

merry, Joyous clan, 
Alas, our modern programme In rain for you 

we scan. 

Those were the good, old days, their course 

Is sorely run — 
So here's to kind remembrance — "When We 

Were Twenty-one," 

how much It costs— I'm ependln' money this 

At tbe treasurer's further explanation of 
the regulations concerning the admission of 
children, tbe couple turned to depart, while 
the man consolingly remarked to bis wife : 

"Le'e take a trolley ride, Heme ; they'll let 

us on the cars with a baby — then well go 

sad have an oyster stew; they'll give us a 

high chair at the restaurants." ' >■' 


After the performance of "TwiddleTwad- ' 
cue,' the evening of Feb. 21, the audience waa 
•low In leaving, aa the lobby was crowded, 
because of the pouring rain outside. A nam 
ber of people were stilt In the auditorium 
aa the uahere hastened to their usual duties 
of dressing the chairs and balcony In their 
night clothes. 

Aa the. lengths of white canvas were swung 
over the box railings, from above, two young 
fellows gaxed curiously at the process. 

"I wonder what they're doing," said one 
to tbe other. 

"Most likely decorating for tomorrow," 
waa the reply, "don't you remember that to- 
morrow la Washington's Birthday?" 

"Sure enough," assented the first speaker, 
then giving another observant look at tbe 
canvas fluttering Into place over tbe balcony, 
be queatlonlngly continued: "but I didn't 
know that they decorated with white flags." 

A representative of Frohjnan'ay named 
Friedman, who was formerly In charge dur- 
ing the So them- Mario we engagement, has 
recently gone Into the real estate business. 
Pnrsusnt with the methods of the business, 
he sent advertising matter to his former as- 
sociates In the theatrical business. Among 
these, to Wells Hawks, Frobman's chief rep- 
resentative, he sent an alluring diagram of 
choice country properties, with prodigious 
prices attached thereto, penciled In the mar* 
gin of the page, amounts from forty to fifty 
and Blxty thousand dollars 

Hawka considered this s Joke, knowing 
Friedman to be aware of the fact that he 
was not at present Investing In such high 
priced property, so he relnclosed the circular 
to tho sender, with the addition of a mes- 
sage, which be wrote on tbe opposite margin, 

"These are great weeks. When do you 
come to New York?" 

Charles H. Klngsland tells another story 
about the much-anecdoted local factotum who 
"runs things" at email places of amusement. 
Arriving with bis company at a New Jersey 
town shortly before the hour of the perform* 
sort, Manley, tbe masager, hastened np to 
the hall. Upon Inqnlry for the local mm 


The one hundredth anniversary of the birthday of the«iUngeJsh*d ^SSSf^JSSSSSH 
Edwin Forrest, wilt occur March 9, on which occasion will be observed suitable ceremonies 
in commemoration orthe event ; _ - Jr.. -..•.- .__ ■ " . A 

Few American actora haie been so universally honored, and ajgasj aestw. aSja m jjsft ^S 
mired. - A history of his professional career reads like fiction, tbe cotmterpart of which will 
Dot be found In the annals of tbe stige. 1 ft - ' *• 

While still In knickerbockers, he gave evidence of his talent, «d tte jwrformances 
given in tbe cellar of bis home, for tbe edification of bis young comrades, were tee. pre- 
cursors of a famous career. His rapid rise In tbe profession 4o stellar Jtonora was. phe- 
nomenal. When only fourteen years old he made bis first appearance on 4he regulsr stage 
at tbe Walnut Street Theatre, Nov. 27, 1820, as Young Novel, ic "Douglas, to a cast 
of fine old actors. His success was Immediate, and tb# one night opening was extended to 
several. On the occasion of bis benefit be recited a celebrated epilogue, In tbe character or 
a harlequin, and concluded by turning a somersault tbroogb a balloon. Soon after this be 
enrolled himself ss an actor, and after many vicissitudes. Incident to those dayi or 
the drama, reached New Orleans, where, as a member of J. H. Caldwell's Stock Company, 
be recelvedmuch encouragement from the warm hearted Southerners of toe crescent yty. 
It was in this seml-troplcai atmosphere that the brown eyed lad met bis first "romnace, In 
tbe person of the beautiful and talented Jane Placlde. Be found a strong rival in his 
manager, and the result was a bitter quarrel and a challenge to a duel from Forrest- Coming 
North, the loathful actor made rapid strides in his profession, and waa barely twenty/ when 
he was starring with 1 such great competitors aa the eider Keen, Cooper and Macready. pn 
eminent success and ■ masterful interpretation of the tragic "roles" of Skakespeare, is 
dramatic history. • " * . 

Mr. Forrest's endowment of tbe beautiful home for old, retired players, at Sprlngbrook, 
Philadelphia, Is a noble monument to bis memory. With each recurrlDg birthday anni- 
versary the residents of the home place on his tomb, to St Paul's churchyard, a basket of 
roses, In grateful remembrance of their benefactor. 

our blood to thrill, 
While "Conldock," In bla "Dunstan Klrke." 
onr eyes with tears would Oil. 

And peerless "Lester Wallack," wbooe lines 

rang strong and true ; 
"John Gilbert," "Charley Fisher" and "Harry 

Ah 1 these were names to conjure with, each 

played a noble part, 
And this another name to add, poor, genial 

"Tony Hart" 

Then "Billy Florence" and his wife played 

clean and wholesome mirth. 
And plays of "Knowlee" and "Bberl 

acted for tt 

jridau" were 
... their worth. 
How oft onr eyea would moisten or with 

pleasure glow- 
When watching our beloved "Rip," "Joe Jef 
fereon," ''Our Joe." 

Then "Edwin Booth" played "Hamlet" not 

Hamlet playing "Booth." 
And Barret played "Othello" — they were 

actors both In truth. 
"MeCulloagb" played "Virglnlus," bla like Is 

not seen. 
And we enjoyed "Kinj Richard" by match 

less "Thomas Keene." 

"Modjeska** then played "Boaallnd" till 

every heart would leap, 
And "Clara Morris'" "Camllle" made. men 


. — ■ ,- No. as. 

Cm. onr cartoon page tills week win h. 
found a scene from 7 The Gypsy m.i% * 
reeenj attraction st the Star Theati,: "« J 
Lotus' Mann and Clara. Llpman, who ar'ni., 
log an extended engagement In "Julio r«; 
bon,*^ at. FleWs' Tffeatre. Vaudeville ?#5" 
nrea>*re William Courtlelgn, who ETssS 
ing In a playlet, entitled "Under the fhiwi 
Degree," fn which he playi seven adgg 
characters ; the Parros Brothers, iH'niii 
brlsta; Lester, of the Hacker-Lester -rSi- 
Cherldnh Simpson, Dove Lewis, Elly Can- 
mer and Fred Roy, Edna Luby and Cmto 
Johnson, ail from , Proctor's Tessii llfii 
Street Theatre programme of las t week 


We went to laugh and cry at once when she 

plaved "Little Nell." 
And "Mayo'e" "Davy Crockett" would cause 

Seattle. — At the Grand Opera iiou* 
(John Cort, manager) Chaa. B. Hen fori ntZ 
seated. "Taming of the Shrew" Feh is 
20, scoring heavily. "Woodland" foil wed 
to capacity business. Weat'a Minstrels ■■"» 27 
" 'Way Down East" March 1-3. "Little Jobna* 
Jones'' 4-7, Pauline Hall, in * ; Dorcas," 1 io 

Seattle (John Cort manager) — \i\*\ 
School Girls bad fine houses Feb. is and 
week. Williams' Imperials 25 and week the 
Avenue Girls March 4 and week. Rem? a 
Woods Big Co. 11 and week. J * 

Third avenue (Russell & Drew, mana- 
gers). — "Human Bearta," presented by ■ 
very clever company, bad big attendance 
Feb. 18-24. "The Moonshiners' Daughter" 
2B and week, "The Whitecaps" March i-m 
•Scatty, the Desert King," 11-17. 


Among the great tragedian's most cherished possessions were his library and pictures, 
now the. heritage of the .home. The library, of which Tub Clipper gives a fine view, con- 
tains tbe finest collection of Shakespeare's works and Shakespearean a In this country. On 
tbe mantelpiece, not seen in the picture. Is a glass case, which holds the charred remains 
of the rare folio of 1623. Id the Iron safe rest a fine copy of the Shakespeare folio of 1632, 
and many precious manuscripts. Tbe busts, over the bookcase, are of Shakespeare and Milton. 
The character photographs show Mr. Forrest as Corlolanoe, Vlrglnlua and Metamors, On 
tbe side of the case hangs an engraving of Mr. Forrest made in London in 1886. The open 
door leads to the library annex, where two gloss cases bold the many swordB used by him ; 
also a Roman dagger, once the property of the great French actor, Talma, and the fighting 
sword of John Philip Kcmble. ' In the bottom of tbe. case lies the hoof of the famous racs 
horse, Edwin Forrest, and tbe wicked looting bowie knife presented to the actor by Col. 

sipfek ^ an 

KStS^ < ■ 

SSffir^mafe^ ^^' V ? * r - 


lfi# M & 

il^^# 3 ' "<M 

^SW^^ v~' >' lSSEr 


* ' - i , 

Bin . : ■ tUBttfilS 



"V' '**" mV 

■■I ■ M 


The above Is a good likeness of Emlle Sobers, known as "The Georgia Sunflower." who 
has been g.* eD S Re j* ^J,?" 1 season as principal comedian and monologrst with the Geo. H. 

ager, he was referred to a busy Individual 
who was doing bis beat to clear up a very 
much disordered stage. " *.., 

"I want to see the stage, manager or the 
property man," said Manley, "whose time for 
preparation for the afternoon waa short 

"No need to go no further," said the per- 
son whom he addressed, "I'm him. If I am 
a little new to my job. I'm the property 
man and every other man 'round here." 

"All right" exclaimed Manley, In great 
hurry, "then strike!" 

"What?" asked the new local man, show- 
ing that he had no Idea what was mean by 
the order. 

"Strike," repeated Mauley, "strike a 
stage 1" 

The pussled expression deepened upon the 
man's face aa he asked, "but wbat'll I strike 
it with?" 

Si >■ ■ 

Harut Cobsox Clajks, one of vaudeville's 
latest recruits from the legitimate stage, bat 
been remarkably successful thus fsr In the 
presentation of his sketches, "Strategy," "A 
House Divided" and "Tomkina." Mr. Clarke 
has won honors and pecuniary gain in ths 
West snd South with his plsys, and Is dupli- 
cating hlr hits ss a comedian In the vaude- 
ville lice of the profession. 


Little Rook.— At the Cspltal (Cnsa. T. 
Taylor, manager) Sousa'g Band did good 
business, matinee end night Feb. 20. 
Chauncey Olcott had the 8. B, O. sign out 
27, at advanced prices. Florence Davis, In 
"The Player Maid," March 1, the Aborn 
Co., In "Robin Hood," 8 ; "The Heir to the 
Hoorah" ft, Eva Teogusy 6. 

Hiaa School Auditoeick. — Dr. Eugene 
May, In lecture, 7. 

Sahah Bernhardt will appear In "Ca- 
mllle," 6, at the Forest Park Theatre, and 
everything will be sold by the mall order 
before the regular sale opens. 
»■ a 


,»2 kI ^ ,l0 t ,B .* CUr. — At the OverLolse- 
(Ed. Overbolaer, manager) Tim Murphy. In 
"A iHHaSV had S. R*0. In- 
dia Temple. Mystic Shrine, bought the house 
and kept things Wing. "Dora Thome," 21. 
pleased. 'The Banker's Child," 20, did 
falrlv too* Mahara'e Minstrels 27, Eva 
Tanquay 28, John Griffith March 1. 

Huou (H. A. Csrleton, manager).— BIU 
week of m 26 presented: The M .steal 
Adams, J, M, Benson, Effle Evens, Chas. and 
Hattle Verdler and moving pictures, to good 
opening business. 

6i gs 

nnriina-ton.— At the Strong (Cahn ft 
Grant, managers) Cosgrove Stock Co., week 
of Feb. 26, played to good results. William 
Collier March 9, "The Marriage of Kitty" 10. 


Stab (M. G. Wins took, manager).- 
week of Feb. 26: "Princess TrlxTe" trained 


horse ; Jesslka, the Tardellas, Roderick D:ck 
find Effle Guys, Pete Dunsworth, and mi>vlor 
pictures. ^ 

Obpheuu (E. J. Doneltan, manager) — 
New people week of 26: Kelly Sisters, All- 
man and Ellsworth, Lola Cotton, Moatel! atm 
Clifford, Varden, Perry and Wflber, Warren 
H. Stetson and moving pictures. 

Pant-ages* (Alex. Vantages, manager) — 
New people week of 2b: Three Arvelloe, Gil- 
bert oarouy and company, Leslie and I'erry 
Barnyard Comedian, Miss Marie, Arthur tii- 
well, Muller and Chunn and moving pictures 

Strand (Mose Goldsmith, manager). — New 
people week of 26 : Handle Johnson. Qui- 
sle Hamilton, ilertba Baker and Lillian 

Gaibtt (Fred Ritchie, manager). — New 
people week of 26 : Henrietta Franklin, Fan- 
nie £11 wood, Pearl Sbeppard and Gladys 

Pbikckss (Fred Davis, manager).— New 
people week of 26: Smith and Ellis, Varda- 
man. Marie Sparrow, Carnell Slaters, Leo 
Jefferson and moving pictures. 

Tacoma, — At the Tscoma Theatre (C n 
Herald, manager) Nance O'Neil, in "Flrea of 
St John" and "Magda," bad good bouses 
Feb. 24, 25. Charles B. Hanford and Marie 
Drofnah, hi "Ingonur," 26. Pauline Ball, lo 
"isorcaa," 28, March 1 ; "Woodland" 2, 8. 

Grand (D. B. Worley, -manager).— Week 
beginning Feb. 26 : Josephine Gasman and 
her pickaninnies. Fields and Hanson, Mary 
Laurens, Lola Stantonne, the Drolls, illus- 
trated song by W. E. Hartford, and motion 

Stab (H. M. Owens, manager). — Week be- 
ginning Feb. 26, Allen Stock Co., presenting 
Forrest Sea bury and Ethel Roberts, In "What 
Happened to Jones." 

Savot {Chas W. York, manager). — Colo- 
nial Stock Co., supporting Desmond Kelley 
and Russell Reed, In "Mistress Sell." Same 
company, in "Old Heidelberg," played the 
previous week (opening week), to packed 

Cbybtal. — Week of Feb. 26, James W, 
Coffroth's moving pictures of Brltt-Nelsoo 

OapHECM Thratbk has been closed. 

Note. — Recently are destroyed the Fhxnli 
Theatre, which Is being rebuilt at the present 
time, with free vaudeville In connection. 
a 1 1 


Lenvenvr ortb. — At the Crawford Grand 
Opera House (M. J. Cunningham, resident 
manager) "Quito's Cowboys," Feb. 25, snd 
"Nobody's Claim," 26, had good buslnefi. 
Primrose's Minstrels March 2, "Ban Toy" 4. 

People's (Chas. Cunningham, manaJrer). 
— Business continues good. Bill week of 
Feb. 28 Included: Lottie West Simons, Mar- 
shall and Erwln, Ahern and Baxter, the Mu- 
sical De Fays, and songs snd pictures. 
■ i a ■ 

Wichita. — At the Crawford Theatre (E. 
L. Martllng, manager) "David | II arum' 

& teased a large house Feb. 28. Mme. Helena 
[odfeska packed tbe house March 2. "Dora 
Thome" came matinee and evening 3, to 
fair business. 

ToLitt AnDiToaniM (H. G. Toler'a Sons, 
proprietors). — Mamie Sheridan Wolford flu- 
fabed, np a successful week 3. Ople Reed 
comes- 7. 

Bijou TRXATnc (C. F- Oleson, manager). 
—The people for week of are : Kemp and 
Wiley, the Three Levys, Mona Marshall, 
Ethel Massey and the bijougraph. 

Lyric Theatre (L. W. Wilson, manager). 
—Bill for week of 4 . Htll-Kdmond Trio, tte 
Alets, Emma Cottrelly, G. A; Kershaw, and 
songs and pictures. 

Note. — Nellie Donegan. ekatorlal expert, 
Is at the Wonderland Park Colllseum. 

Port Scott. — At the Davidson (H. C. Bfl; 
rich, manager) "Shadows on the Hearth,, 
Feb. 28, fared well. "81 Hasklns," 22, mati- 
nee and night, came to good business. OKI 
Arfeanaaw" March 6. "David Harum" &» 
"The Price of Love" 12, John Griffith 15. 


This clever duo of head and band baton era 
are meeting with well deserved success on 
the Sullivan & Consldlne circuit Mrs 7*- 
ralda accomplishes tricks in bead balancing 
seldom attempted by a woman. This, mw 
bined with Mr. Zeralda'a hand balancing. P" 
proven a genuine novelty, and away from a» 
other acta. . — •" 

mnKBSRB ©nKwiiig $mw *rw* 

*®S><$2> a 

louisMznn isJeinPoujol WH-Cwplep 
in 'Julie Bonbon'' - *s ,. , 

a> Fields Tfatre. Gyp,y T^ 

Irvind TfjoTWild 

H&rpiet Willard 

Impressions from The Gypsy Gipl" &t Hje Hew i>i&p TlpeaJpe . 

'Curs Lipm$n»sJul:eBonbon 
»t fields TAea/re. 

Mr Urter of %e HMkerlesterTrto* 

RarosBros - Equilibriste. 

Ms William GowpHeigl? and Company in "Under flpeltyipd Dege&t'. 



Fred Ray. 

:>lmi». sS****^ 5 Ed™ 

Glhnpsfes ofrpoctor 5 i&.SlreeJ Programme. 

Carroll Johnson. 

• Hi 




March 10 


6th Ave. and 81st Street, New York. 




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r o k> 





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befare Car tbia popular unnnmiit 
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out Injury to the surrounding/ akin or leaving a scar or the Bllgnteat deform 
atloo. ,-X/ BAZIN'S DMPILATOKY POWDER 1b abBolutely safe and de 
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I frfsAfft/W fVs//V///vG & r/raA'Aw/Vo 


f*Fl <X4MPtfJ 

I BOOK Of CuTtS to' 



Why handle rocky goods when you can handle goods that will eell themaelTea, 
Klectrlc Delia from SI per doa. up. Large variety to eelcct from. Electric Jars 
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*"*• THB B1EWBI0 APPLIAWPB CO., Hpxllnflton. Ban. 




Twenty-five Minutes of the Cleverest and Most Artistic Slolght-o.-Hand ever 
presented on any stage. All Agents. Keith's, N. Y., March 19. 


For Slock Companies, (or Repertoire Conpaiiis, tor Aaatun 

srourement, Negro I'luys, Paper, Bcensrj, Mr*. Jsrln* w«. 

('•(•loin, Free I Free I Free I 

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SAMPLE FREB-Fall Box 30c. By Mill 

EVANS and SONS, .11., 92 William St., N[W VODK. 

Invaluable to all who suffer 
from throat and lung dis- 
orders. Coauua Mthnuj kojurkm* 

Mllwanbe^— Bn*tMH held up JMB> 
ably well tbe peit week, BaMWflft the t»ct 
tbat llllwaokee ttwatrea took In. ajmoit 
150,000 tbe week preTlou., Mi*. Nftnereole* 
enaigemeiit at the D.Tlo»»n footing np to 
UM&O. "Babes In TojUnd" profed the big 
attraction ot the part week. Ifnado Mirfl. 
nettl etlll lead, the cart ag Alan. KathertM 
Bell, en Jane: Oene Limcska, ns Contrary 
Mary, and Albertlne Benaon, as Tom Tom, 
made op an excellent oat of principal;. Man- 
ager Snemnn Brown offer. "Tbe G ln*er- 
bread Man" Marcb 4-T, Robert Mantjll 8-10, 
and "The Lion and tbe iMou.e" J&-JT. 

ALHtMRBA. — Manager Jaa. A. Blgler had 
a big faiortte the plat week, la "Burter 
Brown." Eitra matinee, were glxen In order 
to accommodate the crowd.. Marter Bice 
scored a big bit la the title role. Bose Ce- 
celia Shay, In "Panl Jonea," cornea week of 
4, and "Knntaiia" week of 11. 

SHUREar J Edwin Tbanhaaser, resident 
manager). — Honse Is dark. 

Bijou. — EUe Fay, In "The Belle of 
Atoouo A," was a highly aatlefactory attrac- 
tion last week. Thorns* K. Bhea cOmea week 
of 4, In repertory. "The Ninety and Nine" 
week of 11. _ ., ' 

Pabht.— The Wachsner Dramatic Co. pat 
on "Danlela" Friday, 28 ; Sunday, 4, "Brader 
Martin." Manager Leon Wachsner bad the 
Thomas* Tneaday, Feb. 27, which 
drew full house. ' • ' 

Stab (Frank R. Trottman, manager). — 
The even tenor of this house continue* week 
In and week out The Merry Haldena, the 
past week, offered an especially big bill. 
The New Century Girl* come week of 4, for 
a week, followed by the Mascott Bnrlesqners 
week of 11. 

Crystal (F. B. Winter, manager). — Ml- 
zuno's troupe of Japs were the toplloers tbe 
past week, and scored heavily. Too follow- 
ing are booked March 6 and week: The Wil- 
son Trio, Avery and Pearl, Blnghsm, and 
the Rosalres. Business la to capacity, 

Oramd.— Manager W. W. Gregg oler* the 
following people week commencing : Dan 
La Mont, irained animal* ; Mill* and Lewis, 
Ellis Tlffey, De Nov., Mason and Flllmsn, 
Lou Bate*, Irene Harris and moving pic- 
ture*. Business continue, good. 

Notes. — Paul Benjamin, who ha* been 
making an excellent record as press agent 
Of the Davidson Theatre, resigned Feb. 28, 
to go In advance of Ulga Nethersole, Mr. 
Benjamin was one of the most populnr news- 
paper men of the city, and was given a fare- 
well banquet bv hi. friends at the Milwaukee 

Press Gub prior to hi. departure 

Ludwlg Krelsa will receive a benefit per 

formance at the Pabst Sunday, 4 

Raoul Puneo, the French pianist, will ap- 
pear at tbe Pabst March 6 Dorothy 

Tennant. the leading woman of "The Col- 
lege Widow"' Co., Is still at the Knowlton 
Hospital, la this city, suffering from typhoid 
fever, but 1* reported to be improving, and 
Is expected to be able to leave the hospital 
by March 12. 

4 ■» 

Providence. — At the Providence Opera 
House (Felix R, Wendelschaefer, manager) 
Benjamin Crispin's "Lincoln" received a 
warm welcome Feb. 20 and week. Grand 
Army men filled the house on the opening 
night "The Little Gray Lady" March 6 
and week. Frank Daniels, In "Sergeant 
Breu," 12-14 : William H. Crane, In a The 
American Lord," 16-17. 

Sruprbt Theatre (Tc. F. Boatwick, mana- 
ger). — The Boaton Cadets gave "Miss Po- 
cohontns," to crowded houses afternoon and 
evening .1. It was their first appearance 
outside of Boston. 

Empire Ttieitbe (Spit* k Nathanson, 
managers). — David Hlggins and company, 
In "His hast Dollar," drew good business 
the past week. "Mr. Blarney from Ireland," 
with Flake O'Hara, 5-10, Charles T. Aldrlch, 
In "Secret Service Sam," 12-17. 

Keith's Thsatb* (Charles Lovcnberg, 
manager). — John C. Rice and Sally Cohen, 
In "All the World Love* a Lover," head the 
bill 6. Others are: Willie Eckstein, the Six 
I'roYenceas, Senrl and VIolot Allen Co., Mr. 
nnd Mrs. Edward Esmond, Cooper and Rob- 
inson, Delmore and Lee, Harry- Leone, Anus 
Dale, Joe Flynn, tbe Carrlty Bisters, McNa- 
ince, Browning, Wolf and company. Murphy 
ond Andrews, and Rice Brothers. 

Wsstmwhteb TVEATBi (George n. Bot- 
(heller, manager).— The Bon Ton* pleaaed 
hat week. Harry Bryant'a Big Show 5-10. 

Note. — Anna McCaulI hsa been engaged as 
Ingenue for tbe Albee Stock Co., 1000 season. 
' i 

Wooasocket— At the Woonsocket Opera 
House (Joah B. Ogden, manager) "The Duke 
of Kllllcrankle" March 5. Adam Good Stock 
Co. pleaaed good aired houoea week of Feb. 
20. Gran's Vaudeville Co. Msrch 810. J. 
Flynn Stock 12-15 and 17. 

Hen Ttieatbe (Ja». w. Conklln, mana- 

f r) ^r F . r , n . B "'" Vaudeville Co. plays week of 
The bill last week dre wexcelleut returns 

• ' ■ •»+ 


w„. i, i, ,i B ton. — At the New National 
Theatre (W. H. Rapley, manager), this week, 
Sam Bernard, la "The Rollicking Girl." Lost 
week, Edna May, In "The Catch of the Sea- 
son, played what were announced as her 
llnnl performances In this country for several 
seasons to come, to packed houses. Wilton 
Uckaye, In "The Pit!," March 12-17. 

Columbia TaiATn* (Luckett h Dwyer. 
managers). — This week, "The Clansman." 
Last week, "The Sho-Oun" had excellent 
nuulncss. ,- . , . 

Bilabco Theatbd (L. Stoddard Taylor, 
manager).— This week, "Before and After.' 1 
Last week. Bertha Kallcb, in "Monna 
\anna, had deservedly good house*. "Prin- 
cess Beggar" 12-17. 

ACAnEMY op Music (John W. Lyon, man- 
ager J'-, Tn l?,, w Sf k ' **"> B »« Witness.'- List 
5H» .!?■ Old, Kentucky" bad standing room 
only. "McFadden's Flats" 1217. 

Majestic Thbatbbjf. r Sergeant, man- 
0Be ^' _ if hl " WM *' *>"> Choir Singer.'' Last 
week, FlskeO'Ilara had full houses, and 
?ave the best of satisfaction. "Hap" Ward 

— , .™"^L. :r,, " A ™ (Eugene Kernan, man- 
ager).— This week, Miner's Merry Bur- 
mSS2 <! ™~. L "."' w , cek u ,h . e London Gaiety Girl. 
bmS Bum business. The Thorough- 

ChasJ's TnaATB* (Miss H. Winifred De 
Witt, mnnager).-.BIIl thla week : LeorTMor. 
rls' Mammoth Circus Carnival, W. H. Mur- 
phy, Blanche Nichols and company. Bert 
IfJ'-.v? 1 "^"!! i" 3 A'hiey, Mme. SlapoB- 
sky, the Pcscbkoff Troupe, Mason, Hunter 
and Mnson, and the vltagraph. Capacity 
audiences greeted last wees'* (ill 
», » 

Portland.— At the Jefferson (Cahn A 
Grant, mnnagera) Robert Edeson, In "Strong. 
heart' 1 Feb. \t, proved one of the most at- 
tractive drawing cards of the seSBon, stand- 
ing room being at a premium, with dellahted 
audiences matinee and night. The Myrkle- 
Hardcr Stock Co. presented repertory 27- 
March 8, with specialties by lulle. • fiousa, 
Bnn-y Sloan, Ucci Amole, flarry Keldmdn 
Jack and Belie McSrecvY, nnd Bert Johnson 
Business was good. "Ihe Devil* Auction" 
Qkajst ,P, anl «'« », 7, Henry BarnaheetJn 
Cloverdell," 8 : We, H. Crane, In "The 
Amerlcnu Lord," 9, 10 i "As Ye Sow" 1217 

Pobtland (James B. Moore, manager) — 
The vaudeville bookings last week wore of 
much merit and drew big business. Bill 
week of 5 : Military Octette, Byron and Lang. 
don, Field and Wooley, the Ortaneys. Har- 
mony Four and Cardownle Bluer.. 




VOUR favorite chair— smoke 
ditto, a bottle of CLUB 
COCKTAILS, and home com- 
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made-in-a-httfty bar. 

of choicest liquors, scientifically 
blended and aged to perfection. 
The original brand. 

Seven kinds — Manhattan, Martini, etc. 
& F. HEUBLEIN & BRI)., Sole Proprietors 
Hartlord New York London»^ 

f JP I'lANDlNSTRUM K NTS ■»*-*■■ 

WtM IwlBdln for *'HOLT«N"lr\itrTimeii(4i, whir* sv y 
aalallolktra. If jou wMitLtot>«t,btij'»''Uu[,TOH" { 
-W yon wLU krnva wotiur make, wa h*To it tor ;« I 
sjfcaak *Mmni6u for bands. Dor oataloc sad |a> | 

pMAWHaLTpHfcCO^ m t fltaar. ■t<a.. ClIIMtt 


Btoai fiancen, PoBMn and OuU on hsntlforsdw 
<lBi«Tai7bruohortbeAmas«nentBaBlaeBB. Bendlv 


UaUlone (D) of Dmnifctlunnrt HhotTl-rlnLirii; 
OaUlogae <fl) Pair sad 0»rnlv*l PrlnUtiR', 
Qatalone (Hi Blllpostara, OommsrclKi PosUn 
HnMIBBl Prfnttng of all kinds, ^„ 



Liir.o list of New ProfcxIoasS 
nnd Amiiti'ur PIoib. VuudnviiJl 
flketohoo, Mlaslrd llMkfcOMr; 
•iUa, Mttslswl Pin**. BpssliJ 

■I Kn.rrt-lt.f.rnU, U«iUII«S, 

■Olms**, lt«il«n, DrtUs, ettw OalalstO' ■"** 
•-BLDKBlBiiif. PakUdiM Dnt IT. CUmm. tU 






racked bo It cannot become nasal a Me, aod 
ouroandioo. paokuge candles will groat iy 
tnorenso lu value, Inform m where 
yon hold * concoaalon and we will 
aend samples and prices. 




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MUOiB, soo. ideas Nob. s, e, 7. s. fi its. Any I 
books lor ii ; any 3 lor soo. GUS DANK S, 

200 Pine St., Provldenoe, K- 1^_ 


Beading and Recitation imU. 
Catalogues tree. All drstnstlo 
papers mailed. __ _ 

M WahlBgton BL, Oblrago.^ 

I CrmI(OtAnl*uuM*BdAbHaBleIyCsres I 
I Catarrh. Lid la IBS Bead, U CrlpPC E 
\ Dealaess and ringing In Ibe eara. InCA 

I'SolJ balMiMf tjmaUlittiali. | 
I F, C KEITH, Prep. CleveUad. OhioJ 

•a> 70.<ft<i<; a WatXifirfd '/Itmi 





«J«£ , .i. I 25 Bn writes: ""I am stags dt- 
lector and doing comedy roles, beside* r 

■•£ taS.?^", 111 " Cookb Comidt Co„ Aw Notes rnoir th« IIhilh I»tiimui. »»,..... -„ - « _*., 

\f SSiV^ffJ'SK' - ; 3"" '? J®'. l " tatf - "»— After an extended tour of Wisconsin. (Ml iIMIiI » »Hi1 H1sH<tt*r>l 

"My* ittle son, when about a year and hopes of, his recover,. ■. * Koster of coupany : Wallace Cooke, maoa- «»* *»„««».. _m .. .. -.. ."CI*!!!?.: 

, h'alf'bW, bepn to have sores come out .Jjjuw ^Wg> PJ" '»«f' ffi •J&^i^&Jffi'S',' jKScJiS 

en his face: 1 had a physician treat him, cotnedy fead ' pl * Ilns ■*■ "* ht Ejcts, and Qto. anil Clarlie Binfccr. We oreu 

-^^3:^ T /.:;^.sr W^^wpas^: &Sg&vszr£a& wsv-wrw 

. Hair* Died But for Cutleurm." 

Nous rsoit lira Al. Q. Field g hi: iter 
Mixstmu.— W, recently closed the tuoic 
successful tour of the South In the Bbow's 

comedy lead, 

but the sores grew worse, then they be- •■Tin Tbobshale Thcitic 

o'iii in rorne oh his arms, then on dlher regular Rummer season bIkiiil .., 

* \ r nl kie hndV and then one came on ™ m P nn y, will be under lhe management. < 

mrls of '"■v™ < Vi J" ,1!" „,•,"„■ tE-i »'«!», Vroimdalj; anil will feature Ulnti 

hit chest, worse. than the others, ihen 1 Remnley. nnpporKil by n strong nctiog con 

called another physician. Still he grew PJ-JJ- -A. "■— 

worse. At the entl.of about a year and a SStTm. «% .„ 

liaU of.sutTenng he grew so bad I had to repertory^ company the Tronsdales" hrniftcr mnjtr. Unfit "of i he" show' 

weeks more, before he can reorganize his career of twenty-one years. Notwithstanding 
company ocd start on hU ninth seml-summl 'he fact that thla popular orgnniratlon waa 
tour oE Wisconsin. It bus compelled him handicapped by quarantine restrictions, grow 

fart Ion, nnd return dates are about March I 

* ' forthcoming nil along the line We met the 
De Rih* Brni.' Minstrels nt Mnnasqunn. ntut 
witnessed their show, which mi tin to-dnm 

he wafi receipts tor ell engagements exceeded tb» 
HI June. IIi» records of all minstrel companies In that 
t his opening l»nri of the country. 'l'bi» Wold show of Insr 

number of specinl vaudeville >aetn 

icliis'liartds iti,cloth S ,at n.ghrto. keep P"**^ «»* BSjkRB- «^*nA»«*^ ^ 

, teapltiff .. *** CHAff. T. J^Arr-R* "Mgbthmiso Robbery" 

him fromscratchinf the sores and tearing tB ™ffiSJ n „ )man - ,;„ 

the flesh:. .-He- got to bea. mete skeleton, wllh extraordinary suecesn throueh New ~verlnrrom«~orT n s'rie«» n-'»"territnf;"''t"o 

•uld was hardly abl.e to. walk. My aunt Kngland. The show Is framed up ii please 13 IK™ in!™ .fflSf-lii.-!!!?^ 

in-vised mc to try Culicura Soap and Oint- fSiSF SUPSsiSi tUSSCHf- '""" 1"f ••Thot.innsinoa- 

cake of the Soap and' a box of the Oint- stead of presenting a lona frair net drama 

ment and at the end of about two months ",' ™B',£™. rnl " n< ' c : with one or two mew 

mcni, «m nt»v« _ t| Ju tI _ "^ __ _ ~j lien between acts, the manageroent deeldert 

..Co. .(Honthem), and for. a 
things were lively around tho 

cake~6f the Sftap and" a r box of the Oint- Mt &*&tiBntt .mrm'i*Ztom wSSStfivSi'm!. hiSSft ftnIn ' r °' n ° hi °' 

.Clara Mn.rr.n la restlnK for a few weeks 
at the home of nor friends, Mr. nnrt Sirs. 
Crittenden, "Rrerj;rpon ItAst,* 1 Rmrtlnj:, Mh-li. 
I.y'.ua KAum cIokmI a vt>ry Rtu*ceHHfnl-<niii- 
Bnn with flnrrton & Honneit'A "Thf/TollerM.'* 
on March 1. MIm ICnrle'H portrnynl of Kit- 
Brtj ...— — 1 — .» - «*■■« »»-»■ fa- iiiujb unwu iu a. v<:ry mmri/ nore Kontlcroj wan nronnunrecl clever tnd 

remedies, my.precious child would have rtrnmn. Ins cad of ' long and tedlon's ones, nate I. winning ' her fnvornbie ."mmenis 
iliod from those terrible sores. Mrs. Eg- 1 i l "...V""". l , ./ ra «™.f'. for Tuesdny nlghr, from pre*« sort pnMie. 
"-■■'» * ~."«e- . „r_.,..-„1 und "I utterson.'' for We.lne.dn. nl, Wm. II. Timiirsox has cloned hi* season 

In "The Rlshop." Itnhenrsal* liave n|rendy 

.he sores; were all well He has never had {ffi ThT'Sa.foV^^f^X KBS 

any sores of any, kind since. He is now ns roach vaudeville as drama,- and no he 

strong and healthy, and I can sincerely m ?"" R " l „i?„ 1 f 1 ,T ", "!™ "6 and eight nrst 

...» «Vil. fnr vmir nuut - wnnilvrfiil rlll ? s v *"<l""le feature* between ihc aits, 

J, fn 

I'"'.' cijj„- , e n M« t Wnnit^iti^ un o "Nan ratterson,' for We.lne.sdnv night, 

hert Sheldon, K. 1. U. NO. I, WOOUVllle, h,ye broken all records this season over the! 

Conn., April 22, 1005." 

Wild of Players; 

tory. The Maude nillman Co. nil-; fw>afton 
lias 11 very atronfr lint of vaudeville features, 
Inrltidlng: Bnkep and IIonriton,.yodHng dtio: 
Yarkley and flnnell, mimical noreliles: Mil- 
ler llro/«,, acrobatic act; tho rastnro Bron., 
mystic wondent; Wllllnm A^ Dillon,- the ronn 
wllh a tTiou.qnnri noogp, nnd Harold Crady, 


T P I>« GaDTerelly, manager, — The; fifteenth 
■aMOfl of thlHXoropnny hns been lt<> moat sup- 
-rnt«fni'ODe.- -Hoalness tbroiiftjh Alnbamn, Oeor- 
gla Ha Florida han been the beRt we havo 

t.JlV P livani'e. .'oiir park tefrl < tory J 'u' > well 'bnfltoire.siani.Ker IS lion" 'myn'thii he'lins 
bookedTin Into late Summer. The entire •*£<*« '«" n«t s^nRon two of tho highest 
SSnuutWfcn weok, spent nn enjoyable v!nlt P*"' c ,«- vaudeville nets In America. 
o^'jov : KArm,-. hiintlnff, Oshlng and a aen- Notbr pros, tub Howt.Asn i* Oi.tFFonn At- 
r-r-nl alrliifl- "down on the farm." Mayblos- TitAcrtosH.— Dave Seymour has BPcured,for 
iJi'm wnWLRtf continues to be the magnate the rest of the tour of "The Old' Clothes expect to remain out all Summer." 

if the ^company. Xho Musical lwrnorests score Sf«R 
nlfliily with their novelty musical act. , We 
ar* to " (nr'Bome ■ time In Southern Florida, 
after which -we have several return dates to 
fill In, the territory recently played. 

Nfrti,s."rj.OM ANCBi.r.'s Comrdians, South- 
ern, Krt, 'C. Ntttt, manager. — Business con- 
tinue" big. and the show baa made many 
frWl»-W Ita firrt trip South. .We. recently 
added- jf«m B. rarker'B 'Tor Homo nnd 
Honor"' and "Weddert, Hilt No Wife," to our 
r*-r»rtr.i t v. i Bert Alden han again Joined for 
prhu'lnid comedies, also I.lttTe Etfle Kraft, 
for tpeclAlfJes. The compnny does not close, 
but goes nnder canvaa May 14. 

B, L. PltiL wrlte« : "I shall feature Mamie 
SherloAn wolford. In a well known play, fur 
» s ytfflir" t*°" of P'gl*t ' weebR, heglnnlug 
April™ The ' repertory show will remain 
oiit mull June HI. and will bo under the mnn- 
agcinent'of Jflr*. O'Leary, Business hns been 
IM4 since' oil c' opening, Aug, SI. 


Co.'-— amfralDI Is ready for the opening, 
April -#j; .Kverytlilng Is all new. this year. 
Hcenery from Kansas City Scenic Co. The 
cars, jut' been In shape for' five weeks, and 
ha'vM'Wen overhauled with new steel wheel* 

ajf been in shapi 

«*mi overhauled' vt. .. 
Jnr IW Western trip In tho mountains. Mr. 
I'ruin'Kty and. .Theodore Anderson and two 
Mil poafcru will ho in chnrgo of the advance. 
0. Q; SetcltMl Is the sole owner, and W. *3. 
Dickey. mariaR-cr. 

Iti^.r. V- A^r> ICu.F.Tt' Hv.mhky are (n their 
(JntKHP .week with the MurKnritH i-'IkImt 

•he . 

weeki. - 

Oaklnnrt fo^gHtimmer stock. • They intend to 

go to Monem.ii, II. I., after a short Summer 

; doing -cbnractern and specloltles hetwepn 
neH>*nfKur have been Id Ktireka. f<ir eight 
ks, ahAi^Jiifly, four more, 'then open nt 
.t.-itul Tii;* J Atuini!ier qfork. ■ Thev intend to 


I -j-i a. \v r Idx'iii:, who was Injured In a 
rallruaq accident, Im Hpendlng thn Winter at 
'JVinrkainip'Trx. Ife wan oo tho dlsnhled Hat 
for elgnteeQ montltn, hut reports a steady Im- 
provement In bis condition. 

Wflanu flicniCKR, for many yoars conduc- 
tor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, will In his singing specialties, 
reRljgn that position at. the cIoho of this sen- nnd having a frond time 

the bantam weight boxers, Danny 
Dougherty nnd Kid Sharkey, who In tho 
arena scene In the Inst act, wherein Is shown! 
the Interior of the Columbia Athletic Club, 

Cut up n bout that bring* the audleace to the 
Ighest pitch of enthuslnnro. Joseph I. Sul- 
livan has resumed the heavy role which he 
created Cameron Clemens hns been cngnjred 
for the part of the Done Fiend, opening with 
the company in Newport, It. I, 

Jambh Kf,nnept Co. N'otfs. — Business 
with this company ban been phenomenal the 
entire season, taking Into consideration the 
fact thnt this is our llrst season -through New 
England. Onr young stnr. James Kennedy, 
hns nmde n tremendous hit Mr. Kennedys 
pupportlnp company Is exceptionally strong, 
while each and overy piny Is given a compleie 
production. Our busincKS nt New Britain,. 
Conn., week of l*>h. 10. wan a record breaker, 
nnd< Manager I.vnch was so nlensert wlih the 
company nnd thn business that he gave tbo 
entire company sn elegant sprend on Satur- 
day evening;, which, needless to say, - wn« 
thoroughly enjoyed. Our roster: Spitz & Nn- 
tbnnson, proprletora; O. & Wee, mn anger ; 
II. B. Bussing, ndvance: Jnmes Kennedy, 
David Walters, Danny Bngnell, Hnrry H. 
Coleman, Wlllnrd Dyer, J. A. firlffen, IT. Q 
Uiissell, F. A. llemfck, M. M. Phis, Alfred 
linker, Jones and Sutton, Molly Snylor. 
i.i.iiIhi! Price, Kathleen I'limir, Kdylhe Man 
Hamilton, Fsalo Pilne, Helen Itcmlck and 
Llltlo Edythe Wltham. 

' 1 .rri r.i.i: RTF.nMNo In playing the. lends 
with the Davis- flood win Rtork t.'o., which Is 
now touring; the Southern States, 


CO.-^We have Just completed our seventh 
week since the collapse of the Cnllmelte" 
"Wanted, a Wife," Co., when we stnrted out 
In the cold without n dollnr. We have been" 
very siiccensful, turning them away every 
week, Nelletta Burke has been a fenturo In 
her new ektrt dnnrp, and her new Indlnn, 
>:on£ nnd dance, which she does In Indlnn 
costume Mr. i.lnilnny Is nlso making a hit 
Wo nro all well 

son. Howard, nfe with his parent 
nonn, Minn. i 


—We now have two cars and two tents, mm 
In reserve in case of h it[ow down. The 
roster remnlnR the same, nnd the "money 
genera*' nro nlwn.v* busy. A band nnd or- 
chest ra will be> added to our one nlttht at- 
tract Inn, but our repertory company will 
not carry any. The post senaon hns been 
the largest In tho blslury of the show. The 
flrst'of -ApMI we celebrate our tirty-Mccnnd 
week, under ennvns-one solid venr. 

At tiih AVIlIlnmNburg (l'«., Opera n.msp. 
]■ en. L'8, a gnMollne tank, part of n store- 
optksM exhlhltlon, expleded, nnd In tho 
nnnlc which followed twentv people, four of 
them women, wore badly Injured, some it 
wijoni may Ale, The opera house, which 
wn» n frnmo bulldliur. togetbor with the two 
niljninlnc Rtnicinres. were lotnllv destroyed, 
wllh a Joss of $tif»,noo. 

Max hns Klgned with the Cook and 
nnrrntt Showt. i 


"Tim Tr\ij, Wiuxkf.rj." Is theViimn ' of a 

new attraction nt Drpumlnml. t'onev Islni'd, 

N. \., for the coming sen<*on. On 11*10 Mlio 0' 

i>renin!ands big ilro show of last year a 

,.,,., hMHIngly realUfle representation of the 

A new piny I* lielng written for her, (bo tkle BSff °. C Qn o^rlanrt train by a band of 

of. be announced shortly. Western despeniiloes will he shown. Hrldces 

•Pbkii w. Kunnfpv writes: "i Jnlnprt the will be blown up, 11 IrHHlire safe will Is- dy- 

'Reuben In Now York' Co„f''eh-. V>, ro do Flip. ■ff* l 23l fl ", •"*!■* wI11 idtinge Into it river, 

tho iKKik agent, nnd my trick nlnnrt playfng Eft ty^lrH *■ wwie l»y « posse of cow 

Fpeelnlty. I'm making good In Ibe part; -uid l0i ' f * ? [ t,,(! Imperiled pahsenKcrs. who huvo 

my specially Is going well. We are cov- bceji wrcetl 10 disgorge ihelr vnlunhlps, »w«» 

orlng Iowa, IlllnnTs, , Indiana and Ohio, and " r ;'? e captured rolihera will he, strung up 10 

n-w^t to remain out all Summer." *", w V*tP P oi(> - Nothing that will add 10 

Tub Doiiotuka Sistrrh have closed a sue- HIS 1 »i»rUlng realism of the show wl'l lie 

: Maroh IS, Mr. nnd Mrs. Huntley nnd season made n great imprcMsluu, autl the pp... 
nownrd, are with his parent* at Wl- P 1 " turned out cm BMMue Oils season. The 

< ftbn & Ornnt circuit for Tuesday nnd Wed been started by him, In Money Pniks. 

nesdny nfghtR. Mr. Dillon In preparing for -Hay Mowut. of George Sidney's "Bw« 

next, season n yery strong organization, to Izay's Vacation" Co.. writes thai she was 

be headed h/- himself, Miss Illllrtirtn to leftd recenlly eoinpeHed to stop- work. 'owing 'to 

the other attraction over her regular lerrl- IHnesx, hut Is Improving rapidly and will 

ahorlly rejoin the company. 

fonBJMrn O.u-u. signed a- contract. last 
week -whoreby she will star under the roan- 
ncement of Kenney & West fall next season, 

press mid pettple'H verdict this Mens. in Is Ih'il: 
the production of nmr.ti cellpHcs anviblng 
Mr. Hold has offered In the public. At tin- 
close of the Southern tour, intention bus been - 
given to the Fast, previous ... a long tour of 
the West, t'npnelly has been Ms keynote In 
the KiiNt, and tbo Al. (.. Field (irenter Mln- 
strela Is looked upon as tho strongest inln- 
Ftrt-i orgntilKntlon of thin season, 'the Hani- 
ern engngements wilt he closed In Iwo weeks. 
Flnnl tours rill.i.e plnyod In the far West. 

Tiik B,w(s,:m,h write- tbtit they nn- meet- 
ing win, favor In (lie middle Hlales. At 
brraeni tltoy iff playing a three weeks* en- 
gagement In St. Louis, 

Iu'.i.maii ami DoxtRI dissolved partner- 
ship after llnlsblng fourteen weeks at the 
Orphciim Theatre, und two weeks nt "the 
Sinnihii'd Theatre. Davenport, la. Mr. Dex- 
ter will continue In vaudeville nlnne. 

Non-.a wom tub lentils I HUN i'n, — We 
have Just llntshcd n six weeits" rngngprnent 
over the IntorHtnto Vaudeville circuit of Ma 
Jesilc thenires, presenting a high class dra- 
matic skruh, employing four people. Mr. 
Deim niuile a distinct personal success, mid 
was necoided wnrni rei:eptloim nightly over 
the entire circuit, being a big ftivorlte In 
Texas and the South, lie is iu»w m lilt 
wife's home In Tyler, Tex., Tor n iiiueh needed 

.Ion S. Aixiion reports sueeess over the 
Nash fjrflll. Up closes on Nash time April 
1. nt Mhiiieiipnlh, and opens S, on the Itnon 
clrnili, nl O'hkosh, Wis. 

Hotm nun any niton, minhtuelh. — 
l.njiles nt Cnmeron. \V. Vu,, gave us a ul-t 
Imnmiei after the show ami 111 tended In n 
body nt the nerfoi'iuatice. Onr bund innrcl.ed 
uhend of ivn'i hundred birds from their lodge 
room 10 lb*; Oihtii House, Fob. !!-*, 

Harm mom run imf-mia-, vamibvillo 
Co.- -Wo are now la our 'eight en nth week. 
njoytnu good health uud 

flp-WoN^Ho Mohawk, who la at present 
appearing with great success In England, pre- 
senting, with the support of her company, 
her own play. "Wen-Ton- No- Mah," Is receiv- 
ing lengthy Interviews and general pntcS 
from tne.nrltlsh press. Some, clippings, 
whlrh have Just reached ihla otllee, ihcluding 
one long Interview given the little .ndlaa 
actress In thn ftrarhormtfth J'nttt, of England, 
spenl! In the highest, terms of her work nnd 
the manner in which she hns captlvnled the 
people over there. ' This Is lie* second tour 
of Knglnnd under the skillful piloting of Mnn 
agor Chnrlep. 

If.wtitY A. STKvrxa writes, connernlnjt '.he 
Slovens Comedy t,V.. and "A I levll's WMf* 
i'o.: "Business conilniies good with my nl- 
trncllons." , .... 

M.Mtir. Thmffst hns made another lilt in 
the 'title role of "AH of n Srtdderi 'peggiV 
Krnest Denny's comedy. In which she ap- 
peared nt the Piiki) ot York's Theatre, Lon- 
don. KOf» I'eb. 1!7. 

MlfR, KeiLi'MAN.N-nniN'K has Iteen nwnr.lcd '"^.""w itiuler enwuraellnn. CMhkeKh Is a 
Ihe custody of her three, eldeHt sons, who "fidlng rem re for tirie.-n or twenty town*, 
wilt accompany her to this country. Tbo *•'» « dr-iwlug popultitlou of IfiOrfMO, 
courts have also n warded her Ihe fortune of ( iiA.iiiKitstinio, J'a,. Notks. — Willi tbo 
her lute husband, llorr He-Ink, on the grinind m " Ht m-poriani. nrriiitgi-menls for Ihe irntis- 
that It was enraed by her, formation 1 of Wolfs Luke, ChnnuVrsburg. lo 

Kino for a 1>av" will He produced al tho "'* known hh -Dreji inland.*' alrendy 

. -jnuv n real holdup 
1 rank .Inraes and Cole younger. Over four 
hundred persons and Jlfty horses will ho n-teil 
lu the production. A real rnllrpnd crossing 
n real river on n high womlen treslle. wlfl 
bo shown, In tho background will ben wild- 
ing mouniala troll up which thn bnnillts will 
retreat, stubbornly contcsilng the ndviiuie 
of the mistlly-levled posse. One Incident wll 
be the plunging of a wounded horse with !lM 
rider from n height of elgbly feet down u 
preclpli-e' Into tlie river, 

Tim: WiN.vriiAoo Ami si;Mr\T Co., of Osh- 
knsh, U'ls.. nl IN llrst ineetfug, I'eb. HO. p|ec|- 
ed tho fnllnwlng o/IIcits; J, rrnncls Miller, 

prcfildrnt nnd geiieml nnger; K. II. Kirk. 

vice president, nnd S. ,\|. Itoiherinel, scire- 
tarv nnd treasurer. U was voted to expend 
fllOAum fur buildings and general Improve- 
ments r>f the new park, which will be Known 
as the White City. & hcomIc railway. Ilgme 
niplds, eleetrh: Iheulj- 

elffbt; shoolliiK the 

ulnulHt; Hurry Mnrkwiiod, Hinge manager; 
Mabel I'a liner, soidiretie; Hchwnrlst, inu- 
glclnn : Ari Hlitora, singers und dancers ; 
Mnrkwood. Hurt nnd Mnrkwood, the electric 
trio; Wiley's picture show, Wcrtlev Chil- 
dren, coiiietllnne : Antil .Mucin y, Cnlltns nml 
i'lelds, litih'li comedians: Idn Neul, loe 
uanceri nohby Kuy, blm-k raea comrdlnu ; 
Prof. John Dorwnrd'a Dog mid l»unv Show. 

"I'iiij I'j'Mti'i; Down" /mui.tiAK Inform us 
that they opened at the new Washliigtoti The. 
litre. Spokane, Wash.. Feb. Ill, os the pig 
spechjl fenlnre, nntl their «cl wns the talk of 
the city, espceliilly Ihe work of Mrs. Zercldu. 

KorfsM mil nn: htainu* Vtiuwi Co,- -VV.: 
are niecllttg with niuvchs evervwhere, Al 
Soul ii Norwnlk. Conn,, ihe three perform- 
ances were to eaiMcJIy, tho Hist time the S. 
It. o, sign hml heiin umiI for 11 long lime. We 
plfiycit W'Kiusot-ket, |[, | week of Teh. I'll, 

Ni:\vi:i,i, Avn Nnu.u closed an engtigpinrtit 

dog nml nnuikey circus, dancing iiavillou, nntl oT I ■»« , weeks on the Intersinlc elrciiTt,"nt l-'t 
"Twenty Thnmmid Longiies Under the Sou" Worth, Tex.. Feb. 10, The tilth Hock Tin 

P 1 

Court. Square Theatre, Sprlngileld, Mnns., 
Mnrch 'JK. , 

% T. Hotrk, manager, writes: "Tho nue- 
cess of 'The Convict's Daughter' Co., through 
the 8011U1, has been phonomennl. During our 
enKngenienl. nt Macon, tin., we turned hun- 
dreds of people away .for lack of room. The 

plcicd. Illroi-tor M. II. Welsh Is fusf el using 
the Icsftcr details, With iimplo siemn mil- 

toiyl and e| siiiTi Irnvel. n bright fu 

ini'i- Is iii'cdli'ted for the new venture, C 
tnges will be erected for the convenience 
visitor.-.. Tbo general nmusciuciilH will I 
inrgn scale, lucnted on the- mid way 

sllll being In prorCHH of erection the. 
IIIIpiI In Die week I hut they hml huokeil there 
at Hopkins' Theatre, .Memphis, whore their 
Ucl met with lis iisniil jinci'i'ri-4 

S'I'ai'M'.ti.n anp triiANiiv write Hint nfler 
closing 11 successful nix weeks* engagement, 
on tin* (.■i-.vHlnl circuit through i.'.ilnviido. il|ev 
ois-nert Feb. It), at Minion, hid., on Hie J. if. 
Amnions t'rystjil circuit, for ten weeks, 
.1. W, liAviDHON, who has been directing 

•ol. nnd singing ihe 1 nl cutcNiiliimciiu <•? 

nt the It. I 1 , o. I'lks Ihrotigh Indlmiii and Ohio, 

0VuVd"6pVrn'ni)iise, , 'o"r 'Mncor\,''ls*ono"*of .t.iie) * I'lke, nnd will consist of lending fei'ii 

ores, along with up-io-ilnte side shows, eb 

me- IlMfNi:v AND ItAHi'.V RFjWLEY llUVf! 
!>lgjii'd .with- Bnldwln-Melvllle Stork Co., nt. 
Now Orleans, Li,, Miss Barney for leads and 
Mr,'- Ikwlsy ' for speclnltlea. 
. WWfflf ,FK0M "TllR Cl.AY Bakbu" Co. — We 
WW - jjiut ed nearly one htludred nights lu 
niiin ffftflf Dent, 1, De Witt Franklin, ot 
Newark, o., Joined the eonumny at Limn, O,, 
Feb. |K to replnce Dave Murdoek. 
Katji/sKKN' TaytsOii writes thnt sho haa 
, Jolnetj J A. Q.' Scammon's "The Village Fool" 

, Br j - 

lT is ktati i> thai F. F. Proctor has bought 
tin' plot <j( ground on the Northeast corner 
of tlobokep: nnd Summit Avenues, Jeraey 
. cjtj, andwlll erect a theatre for vaudeville 
there.'-- TMev property extends 1S5 feet on 
Summit Avenue and 105 feet oa Hoboktn 


sincr- the opening of Ihls company, bcglnnini; 
wllh the new ypnr, we have find more grati- 
fying results, nnd nn It Is nn entirely new 
territory for us, wo are more than 

handsomest: theatre. In the Hulled States, 
with n seating enpnclty of 'J.tHMi. Our IhisU 
ness at Mobile and Montgomery, Ala., was n 
record breaker." 

Mnn. Nrtii,T,A IIowfiir (non-nrofesslonal). 
wife of Will IL nowers, hnnil lender and, 
clarionet player, dlod suddenly In Indlanuiio- 
ik Ind., an Feb. HI.. 

Nnxr hkakon Anna Day will lm Beeix'ln 

Ihe stellnr role of n massive production of 

with onr treatment In every respo<:t. Tletnru '-when Knighthood Wns lu rTower." Miss 

engagement a have hern bonked, nnd it will j My ) in s frenuenlly nppenred In this part.' 

be the policy of the management to uphold flnj j fVPn whon pflmpnr,,,! w llb (ho work ot 

the reputation Ihls compnny Is fast making noselle Knoll, hns received ihf highest 

for Itself. Our three night sIawIh have pnbw, Hbe will prolioldy nflftn her keiiAon' 

proven an niuleithied bhccchs, nnd wilt con- \ n Nc w ICngland, and tour through the' 

flnee to be our syslora. The persnne of com- South nnd West, where she hns woS grcnt 

C«.; ro-TiTny*1ho Ingenue lead, owing to the pniif. luchidlng our Imnd nml orchCHtrn, »«">- 1 popularity. 

eloslpg of ""The Hoy from the West" to. bers twenty people, under the able direction Maun 

»-.".„c-.-. — ^.1 .. .. „..__.-„ L _. ^ — ..,. s| Messrs. Crnv/^ord aurt ItoHelelgb. The ros- '— • 

ter: Jack Boselelgh, director; K. W. Crnw- 
ford, manager; It. D. Crawford, business 
malinger ; Raymond Crawford, leader of band 
and orchestra : Tbeo. Charlton, properties; T. 
M. Ashton, electrician ; Tom Magrane, Bud 
Nairn. Hobt. Humbert. Sterling Jones, Euiil 
Crawford. J. W. Standlsh, M. F. Merchant, 



Mi-xjh[,i,R D. Raymond hns Jtiat arranged 
fti*SSSJ*l B f* k i nMt season, .the Oornians' 

Minstrels, and capable people In this branch 
of theatricals arc being engaged. It Is Mr. 
nAynopdfa Intention |o aurround the <3or- 
miiasl wHn'-a'n adequate production, In which 
many, pojeltles will bo produced. 

•"J'nu4,t$ARt*nH OF, A MAN" """ 

'JtOlM |rom mi J.iXa Tkmpest Dramatic 
t0 — V,e are now closing our twenty-sev- 
enth -weak, the nbow la making good every- 
where on -doing good business. Tnrc Ot-D 
iirj.nKix |n n rcKuJui' visitor. , 

11 "• J. RAvBscnoFT writes : "We are park- 
lag thctfdlPln the best one night time In tho 
■ !i< i ll ! n ' P 'The "Denver Express.' and as 
we ore afiked for return dates in almost 
gg J Wgm we must be delivering 'the 
sooas,; ;, 1 wo, have. three more weeks In Loula- 
JHOi 1MB, start North through Arkansas and 
Missouri. We are booked solid to June IP 
and *"• * 
1,. 1 

Velma Whitman. Josephine Ritchie, Marlon, elchtecn fieopl 

and Mamn have just closed a 
twelve wi-ekrt' enyugeincut with Hie "A Foxy 
Trump" Co., doing soubrettes nnd comcily, 
and will rest, at tbclr home In Portland, Ind., 
until Spring, 

'Ci.Aifi.'NCi; AiisiciNOH writes: "I have Jnat 
arrived In Cannda to Join thft Tom. Marks' 
Stock Co. We open nt Smlthfnlls. Can.. 
March 17. This. season Mr. Marks will carry 

trlcal exhibitions, Ferris wheel nnd olbe. 
nnuisemenls. A special advertising. car will, 
he employed, the only 0110 In Mm coiiiilry 
owned hy a pnrk uninngomcut. ihoronghly 
lillllriL- the oiilHldn terrll'iry within rt mdlus 
of 0110, hundred miles of Ctiamli'*rsburff I lu 
every dins-lion. Tho cur wilt bo under Ihe 
illrciilnii of V. Woodwiinl, fiHHlHled- bv- ten 
bill posters, while ibo press work will 'lie in 
charge of C. .\|. Newton. For ihe conveni- 
ence, of ,iiu> people taking part lu the run- 
ning of the jiiiiK, ihe miinugcnu-iil hits erei-led. 
a r.iii.-i:iini;ii coiicrele hoiel. The- park cou- 
rulrni Iwo IiiiihIiviI iii-l-cs of hiiil, unit every 
Inch of spneo will be uecupbsl when the open. 
Ing of the imonBO occurs. May ".'H, 

CitAni.Rfl "1 ioiibiio" rankr, who recenlly 
closed forty-two consecutive weekn with Ihn 
Fonda Concert Co., Iiiik returned to bis homo 
:ii Oneouln, N. Y„ for n brief rest. The roin- 
pnny closed 11 highly Mitcccssfnl sen sou 1<VI>, 

Tiu: eonHlriicllon of buildings In Fairyland 
rnrk, Memphis, Tenn., |irogresscs. The theatre 
bulldinir, which covers u spnee of 'Ktxl-tOfl., 
JK of (lie 11M Colonial slylo, with, four big 

Anderson, Plevltn and Dot Hmytbc. Our 

lending lady, MIm Whitman, Is receiving 

much favorable commendation. We are not 

turning any one away from the theatres, but, 

have repeatedly tented the capacity of aonio 

- good slued houses, and our third night has 

;,'.- "SSaT" iffl not yet failed to bring our receipt* up to the 

Arthur and J. Fred TW $.\ nn ,tch. MIsh Whitman, as (.'Ignrctie. 

and Mr, Roselelgh, In the role of. Bertie. In 

our feature bill, "Tinder Two Flags," have 

won an enviable reputntlon. 


Ids will make my second pillars, forming a ten fool gallery nt thn 

n,.An* iinl.AhA. j,f f It.t I l.i.i, I ■■■. rP|... I I... 1, i ,, Ml 

soiisoh with him ns agent. 

CoAntu: Brown, business manager, writes ; 
"Mrs. Jnnc Mauldln Fclgl has selected the 
following enst for her forthcoming prodni- 
llon of "The ttirl Palsy,:' Mary Ryan. 
lle De Vatix, draco Cnhlll, Amelia Mnyrsirn, 
Olive Hrlsuoe. Henry C, Mortimer, Jack 
Drumler, John .Morris, John Siitherlnud. 
Blrhard Clarke. W. Cllntn Humllton, Robert 
Wagner and .Melville Alexnnder. Thn first 

RresenTOllon will be nt the Hyperion Theatre, 
cff Haven, March IU. After n prellmlnnry 

entrnnc*; of tlie theiiire. Tho theatre will Amusement. i:n., nml Marie It, Nr. trinlre Im 
seat 1,200 people, ami Is Intended lo bo Ihe J'diiod bauds, nnd will shortly produce a now 

nod in Now York Feb. "II. He him Just 
eaiuplehil n chnrnchT ehmige act. for the 
Misters licnver, which Ihey will .shortly pro- 
duce In the lending vaudeville houses. 

TUB Wikup Buns, urn In llielr eleventh 
week with Ihn Clara 1'nriinr Co., as lliu 
spednl foil 1 11 re net. and rejmrl. niiccohh. 

KKXVNhV amp Wyiii.i:, singing nnd talking 
comedians, |u K t duseil n Nucci-i.*rtil engnge- 
taenl wllh lite "Bnl.tllng" Nelson Vniulevlllo 
Slais, and Join ihe same couiiinny whoa II, 
Inki'M Hie rond ngiiiii. 

Koiii.iiii ami .MAutfiv write: "Our new act 
was the bit of the bill nt tbo American Tin- 
aire, llllcii, on Mumlity. Feb, 911. Wo had 
to lake two cticr.roM, und sit bows, and have 
conllnue.l to do so nl every iht formal ice. 
Our Lino Is nearly nil (Hied, W» huvo re- 
ci-lyed 11 large mmihrr of nush-ers fnuu our 
'ml' lu be Annlversiiry, m „| ,,„ 
dntihl will icrelve huudlS'ilM laoro." 

TIIH Imdiui'K ItttMH, have ch»scd "a nuceess. 
fnl 1 wen) y live weeks' engngoiuoiU oa tho 
Hnlllviiri-i.'oriKldlno circuit, nud open March 
n, on the Orplieuiu circuit, with a nine 
weeks' contract. They report: hiicciish. • 
.ARUM has returned from Soutli 
ATricn, whom slm was very suceoHKfiil. Week 
of 1-eb, 1^ I" she was at tllnsgoiv, Scut., vvltli 
Manchester, 10ng„ lo Tollow. 

MAI.'K ANII Wa|,HII. lUlO Of Hie Boston 

museiiifllit Co., and Marie H. Ht. fflnlre Inivn 

,...1.... .«■■... _-.....„._ -. .. - ;,,- w iiiih-ii, .111, hii ,i>. jiiirr 11 iiii'iiiiuiri rv 

have Just closed our season In Canada, to a, tour, thn piece comes to New York, where, n 

good business, making forty, weeks, with only Broadway opening hns already been arranged 

one week's day off, and that wna to store our f 0r< * * H u 

canvas away last Fall. New Year's wo, lewi« Tnoas*. musleal director, pnd Ber- 

showed In tho Indian Reservation, thn first tan Thorn, versatile leading nod henry 

show that over plnyed there. There are somo wemnn, are In their thlrty-tlrst week wllu 

twelve hundred ludlans in the rnervntifm. the Kmmn Bunting Co., under the manngc- 

nnd they all turned out to sec the show, rho nient of Earl : urgess. Miss Thorn li plny- 

rosler remains tho same,, ns follow^: Cbos. \ nf a H troug line of heavies, ' They report n 

Fonda, MB*. Foadn, Blllle Ferrell, Chas. 

inmBi" Rame cflflt *hat we opened with I > 0M( | O , perry nnd KIlIlo Diamond, and Mttlo 
ir nffPftTV , B follows I n - J- Ravenscroft, ]>„„ nlir mnBC ot. Ail are well, and the "pile 
BlJtJ£BN£&&& *,<?.»-. -V- J%Wi. c : }• face man" nnd Tun Ot.o Kkliahlh have not 

face man" and Tut. .. 

missed a week. We open under our canrna 

tho first week. In May. ■ iin ., 


Iron seventy-sixth week, and tho shew la 

HavenaArofk; TnoOi t'.'Rolfft'W. Karl fiuthrle, 
mMr ■ SBWnJhn. ' Crystal Vlxsard, Ulancbe 
RJi^TOiifr Rni1 * 1 - H^OflvloTe Poolson and 
rmru P '; * u, 8loess stntY : It. J, Ravens- iff ;M!r 

ffiiVi*Hr l P r * e,or i an(l '"inneeri Freeman Bt j|j meeting with big success. Ned Nelson, 10 Denver, lo arrange for next season, when* WHS* 8 ''eptesentatlve; Geo. W. our BtnffP manager, has takea a short vaca- he will be scon with his own compaay, pre. 
■gQl. atage manager; Thos. L. Rolft, U on for a much needed rest, but Joins again nentlng "At the Old Country Store.* 1 

largest "Hummer theatre" is tho South. The 
singe will he equipped with Ihc full assort- 
ment of stock scenery, together with all elec- 
trical equipment, to give the best j'esults. 
The chdmouNP, which Is being eroded by tho 
Memphis brewing and Mailing I'nmpmiy, pat- 
terns after ihe snme style of architecture,- 
and In -nv/.M'i. In size, affording mnpto fu- 
HllfloH for 11 high class buffet utu\ resliiunint. 
wl|lch will ho In charge of the papular Doe 
I tot tn in. Tho "figure eight," or "roller 
coaster," la being Installed. It will ho 
one of the Inrgcst coasters In Ihe Hulled 
Stalen, occupying n of IOftt&M)ft.. with ,. 

■ trackftge of over l.UOOft. The newest &**■■ lorn Hmllh uud Prof. Arthur Murk. 
fttylo mm will bo used, nud Ihe oitUH will j l,p mirloHmie , "NemPslH." producctl hy U-s- 
bo n credit to the enterprise of the park rami- W I ''' w " r !' " ,l1 ' '"" " , '"'' < oopmORy, scored 11 
ngeineai, A slock company, » bo known as hit with the patrons of Hie house. 
Fairyland 'Amusement Co., ban been Incor- ,,, n f ,l, WJ. KTBA ' v,, ',°' •■'■M "■" , HI rand, l« 
[M.raterl, with James L. Hloss ns president "■ "} Chicago, and expects lo undergo a snr- 
nnd 'geiienil manager: Will Van Size, busl- (tlcal (tp«irai,ioa Monday. March ri. 
ncHftuinnnger. The company Is liicnrpornted . , ""• I ahaoon Tiuo Iiiih closed ; with the 
.. nnikV the Taws of Tennessee, with 11 pnld up frrnaer ( oniedy Co., and Intend going to their 
for next season, playing Bridget O'Klanlgan, capita) of Mrv.nftfl. Arrnrigemeuts arc being Summer, hoiae, to propnre n new net for the 

In ', ill.,,,. '■ . L —...t*. s ...i.ii.i _■ 7..». , . 1, r-ritnlnrr imr-l/ ui>„u,,n . , 

sttiillvd "Mhlllit." wrlllrn misvlnlly rnr 
limn liv .lurk Kuller, lnlro.lii.lim tnlrlls' nui- 
Mle nml mii»le. Tliey urn well Imokeil up In 
New lork Hlnle, nml i,|ien itn i| M , Wiwlorll 
elrrnlls Mnj- 7. fur Iwenly weekH hi Mm rimsl. 

.IMII Wl'.'lUTA. K\X., llf-WHIMtllOrs iTIflll 

I.Niinn Oil rely will, lu-l,iic imr i,I tin, |,i,„ r . „„ 
terlnliiers ever neen In Hint elly, 
run nii.Miwiini werniiu Hie I,m „l llnnne's 

I'nlnre Tlli'..lre. Nyi , N. V„ week nt I'V'li. 

lill: Lester llownnl, .Inliiiny Miniiliv, Cttunc 
nml mi™, Lurl i.n itinn.1,, Jean MnivlHs 
,.,ln i,<'..i,i, Hvn MeKlnnnn. Manretl l.n- 
Villlfriln, Mnn l-emli'l), .li'SHln I 'I Ifi r,n I'lill 

very nuce^snful sensnn. 

.M.vri.n li.wis Uahron Is Inlier twcatT-Ilftb 
week will) Hen llenilrlck's "Ole Olson ?n,: 
now plnylng Isllf.inilii. nnit lius licen eugSKe 

In "Ole Olson. 

HoiiKST Htradeb, HUIW of the Kllllsn 
Douglnss Comedy Co., hns elnsed una gone 

™?»fW,of trnnsDortntlon I W. Earl Outhrle, 
'!'%«■ ' We-bnve) Ove feature sneelsltles : II. 
;';. luivcnscroft,. songs nnd sayings! Oeo. W. 
JM**I; Isrlc. tenor; C. C. Knvenscroft, track 
,i» St! d "ncer ^ W. But, Outhrle, fancy 
'inne«r thd , Impersonator.'^nd 'Tho Denver 

h« B n ww: 

Stock Co. Notbb, — Biifllness haH 
Oil season, though so far we bare 

1,",' ^"^.fl*. ot-nrtuii, nuoogu ho iar we uavc 

EPStliff one houBe record, which was ot 
flit mJriiP* -The roster of the company 
loirowsi Thon. IV. Keency, owner and man- 
BS faPI - k « !- »*R«m£ Carl Brown, Chaa. 
(SMH Car * Caldwell, Geo. E, Bronsdou, 
JJ5J ^jjfffy- March Uawtho.-ne and Man- 

.„ two weeks. Our roster ,1s as follows 
Jobnnv Oolvln. Kiln Oalvln. James Orady, 
Irene 'Drew, Dick Harry, Ned Nelson, Jaoiea 
llnrrls, May Morris. Lucille Norman, Hen- 
rietta Olbeon, Bralth Browning, Josln Alberts, 
Dolly Harry, Marlon Shaw, Lillian St Clair, 
Margie Stewart, Vivian Maxwell, nnd Anger 
nnd Hanley. ■ 

Notes raoir Eiier's "Rip Van Winkle." 

The big show ban been out under canvas 

all Winter, and business has twen big. The 
Mexicans all like "Rip Van Winkle." 

Notes pbou Y. C. Ali-bt's "Cvmna&tA? 
Co. — We are doing a nice business down 
.sVuth, and our aianagers, Casino Amusement 
Co., are aot "kicking," so we -guess every- 
thing Is O. K. We are delivering the goods. 

:ry G 

in Culgary,. 

Vkiina Mav la Hcrlously 
Can., N. W. T. 

lsAii,;i,n; TtiHNKR, leading woman with 
flordon & Bennett's producllon, "The Royal 1 
Nlavc" (Northern), was compelled to leave 
the company on account of Illness, Hhe wld' 
go to her Lome In Chicago to rest until o*u' 
senson. MIs« Turner has been featured 
throughout -the W:st in flrat class produc- 
tions. Rncbei May Clark will piny the Coup, 
teas the rest of tho season, 

Ciiaa. II. UoHSKAir. manager of the Chi- 
cago Stock Co,, writes: "Our leading lady 
was not shot at Linton, Ind,, ns has been 
reported. This company hns never plnyed 
Linton, nor were we even la Itfdlanafor the 
past three y.ars. There la no other 

coining park season. 

Tun Font La Ppaiilh nro lu their eleventh 
week with the Jem McAnlitTo Big Stuck tin., 
being featured with tludr casting net. und 
meeting with siiclchs. They Joined In Bend- 
ing. Pa., for tho rrsLof.tlm seasun. They 
Hns long held mi euvlnble position among tho will pluv pink* next Hummer, 
moot popular stnra of this country, nml dtir- Ci.irrwtii and rin-pii hnve just finished ten 

I tig big atelliir earner he linn, presented many weeks In the Must, Tliey were well received 
plays, okleily from the pens of Ainerlcna lu their net They onen on lha Kohl & Casllc 
plnywrlr/hts. Ho has Invariably been sue- circuit nt tho New Mnlcstlc Tltentre Clil- 
cotwfiil.- a fact due lo bis personality, und cngu, und huvo the entire circuit to follow 
more than one piny baa won -favor by bis '" 
npiienrlng In it, which would doubtless have 
fulled In the hands of players less fortunate 
la tbo passenslon of that uaexplalnHlile 
nihility, known ns "temperament." l.Hst sea- 
NOR Jk> starred very successfully In "HusluesH 
Is Business," nnd he Ih adding to his repu- 
tation this season In "The American Lord," 

II piny written for him. 

for additional ground; ntul when 
1? secured numerous attractions nevor liefori 1 
seen In Memphis will be duly Installed . 

WILLIAM II. ciiam: 


inn Mm. I-,.... j lion. We have a great surprise for msnn- 

«?ii l aEi 1 * ">elr tioate.for a few weeks, gers next year. 
l^dm heen with Blondln & Leon's "Rip Tom WATrns, In "Neighborly Neljibborr," 

Vft.i WWhr Co., which closed on account of Frank W. Nnson. manager, wrlles : "BowOMi 

^odMrtCol Mr. fveon's wife. Addison Aulger la big with pur return date*. Bbow lo Ibis 

■HoWHf'w »t>e wift 1 leiWB'o Wfc H ...... d ■ 

Managers Bay we have the best musical ahow Stock Co, and the manager at Linton, Ind., 
playing there, and our limit Is 6,000 popaln- says there has been no such attraction at his 

- place. It seems that some one Is trying to 

BinNBt Brooks, of ttw Two Brooks, writes: 
"I have taken an Interest In connection with 
Hnrry, J. Dill, In building his original death 
defying dome, nnd ex]»oot to have It com- 
pleted by May 1. We will bo known us 'The 
Dare Devil Dills, In tiie Death Defying 
i- < . IiP, m ^' "J"' 1 Tl 11 ,, , ,ft ordinary bicycles to do fine with us. and there Is no renson why ft 

m^SEaV. 8 V e * •■oraRR ihow and pleased this daring tide, depending on onr own -kill should not be. as we have the largest and 
W'WVP , ... »n4 fpeiit 7 ' ■ ■ twit hfcow w« evor carrfctL. 

hurt the reputation of this attraction. 

Uepotith from Pittsburg announce that 
"The Srnnrt Set." which played In that city 

They arc hooked by the Western Vaudeville 
Motiarrers' Association until July,, when thev 
reiurn Fast ngulu for llfteeri weeks. 

il.ujii: anp lli:mii;ii'i' nve at home before 
stnrfltig out again. They write Unit while 
playing nt the Amnio Theatre, Toledo, (>.. 
ihey purchased n beautiful homo 011 Nevada 
r.treet. They play the Htur Theatre, Unmll- 
run .'in., week of Mnrrb 8, wllh other time 
to follow. 

Shaw anp IU.akij. singing nnd talking 
net. hnve dissolved partnership. 'Iliey .-md 
work hooked nhend In the Weit. but have can- 
celed It. Snm Shaw wl|l work single for a 
few weeks. ■ ■ 

Beach and Bowhrh Noteh. — Business h 



CniflTAL Rkm, writf.H thnl kIio Is nultln; 

■ auccMa wtth b*r fongn and riolne fap.f orti- 
lotl wooden «bnc dance.* Sim *.i! open.- nt 
the Caur JVAkoe Thtta'U'e, Sjji.kiiue, Waalt., 
March 12, for four weckn, 


optn la ChlcnRo April -i. Thar hnve not loit 

■ track since plavlng tlio Woki. 

Will ami may Kbnh wilie that I hoy 
I'lnycd Hi.- Oranil Theatre, Milwaukee. WK, 
n-cek or Feh. ifU. vrlili Kl-iuhIih pud Ititclac 
Wig., to follow. Taw nre havlnj ••» net 
written for ■ hHn l>r Join. .1. Sully, entitled 
'•'J'lie Man ftoB! tilneyvlllp." 

Tiik cherry sisrniiK. Addle and 1,111c. nrp 
nrnlm in vaudeville, buvlnj hesa taken up It/ 
NlanajtL-r Jnkc Itosmllm I, of the Hljnil The- 

aire, itiibunue. la., F«r il> na«t two week*, 
In Diibuijtia mid iii: DfiK Mninfa, Miry mn 
RtroDft (liHwinc card". Tlicy nrc litioketl hj» 
inio i lip Snrlny and Htmiiner imintliP. 

IIowahu ami lituvAuu wrllo : "'t'lie week 
hefore lust, on tfatunlny imil Hundn v. we trxi'c 
The Empire CMy Quarotte'a ituice od the trill 
nt Proctor'a Fifty-eighth Street, and wei« 
on of the hits of the nhow. I'iPtty goad 
for a new net. We have looking* up to Feb- 
ruary, 100T." 

THB HaIini;i.i.s oppiinl a two weeks' «B* 
gsgeraeDt ftiurcb n, w-hh the RuDkalMUndtri*- 
aoa Htock Co., at the Broadway Theatre, Kiist 
St. I ,oi) U, furnJihlnc their novelty r.ct to- 
tween the acta of the playa. 

OAitiKHit am* Sioim-iRii arc once more Mast. 
with tliclr offerlnjj, "Vaudeville Frlrolltlei," 
nod are .hooked solid until .time. They are 
under the direction of .tuck J.rvy, 

Gkobob W'AitNHn write* : "After an abscurc 
of ill yearn from the stage, mr wife will 
toon be nble lo travel ajjtiln. Hue iiaj .neon 
In a aaaltnrhitn, and bau two rcry difficult 
ntieratlonH performed. Am muklnir prepara- 
tions to leave our home In August/' 

BOBINEBH MASAdniL Jaiikh IJ. IIl.n:: v 

writes : "The Mealllur Knmlly Tutmtrr, nt 
MLUvllle, N. J., In doing n fine bualuc>i n , draw- 
log crowded Iioiibch nL uIJ tloies. This lino 
or entertainment lm« ni'-t the approval of 
the citizens here, ou they like good vaudeville. 
The bill for week of Feb. If) was: like .tnd 
Walter!, Kitty UnfTmnn, KIHott Bros., Mar- 

toIoub St. Julian, Henry, Vnmig and flanttri, 
moving picture and DoroUiy D. Young, Illus- 
trated songs. Mnunger Hchllfer, of ltd* imi ■■<-. 
opens h new family theatre in conjunction 
with this house, at PhlllljiRhurK, N. J., about 
March JU, with myself uh resident and busl- 
noRH manager." 

HoWAao MKr.vtl.uo, who wnx former iv 
known aa "Tiie Man with the Dog," will 
hereafter be known aa Bert lloxa. 

The MimtcAT. IIolrhookm were very anc- 
cesoful at the Howard, Boston, week of Feb. 

Mas. Mint A. Itaiy/., profeasloally kaown 
aa Mamie Forepuuab, iuforma 11s that abo wni 
planted a divorce from John (;. Ileluz, of Ilia 
BlneH-Klmball Tioupe, on Feb. H, In the Court 
of Common I'loau, tit I'hlladctiihla. 

Mayth and Mi;umn k IIruh., comedlaui, 
report meeting; with Bucccaa, and) atale that 
the nreHH and public arc unanimous In praise 
of the Bhow. They nrc buoklng return dates, 
wtth their time moat all filled. 


that tbcv arc In their twentieth week na tlio 
vaudavlllo featuro of Mnrka Broa.' No. A.-1 
Company, .Toe Mark*, mnnngor, and report 
m i ocean with their net throughout the Cana- 
dian provinces. They oxpeel to reiunln in 
faiinda until .lime und will then co to their 
little farm In the Mohuwlc Vnlley, N. Y. Th<7 
have worked coutliiiionflly, playing the iirln- 
clpal vtiudevliJe houeitn it ml parka In tlio 
stntcH alncc last June, lowing only one week, 
and that In tnircl. Jus Ci'ii'i'un in Hiimu- 
Minea hard to got up here, even l|i *ome of 
thu larger towua, but ilicro uro uiiuully two 
or llirno landed crorv week. 

NUTKS PKOU Uh ItllB BlIOH.' Ml N r,"i i: i; r , I . 

— rucked to iin> doora for two ninre uolld 
weeks la (ho hnpny niying of creryhody widi 
our company. Nobody here will over forgot 
our icitiii record hroaidui; busiitcss, and iiouo 
of tlio audiences will uver forget ua, Jtidclni; 
from their npuluitse ami press uotk-ea galon*. 
Wo played Tilrrylowu Feb, 21', matinee and 
nl'ht, lieltic the third mlnaticl show this hcu- 
koii, and the iioLlren read, one of the Uncut 
idiowB over here. We broke the houae record 
At Cornwall, Hnlurdny, l>'oh. -'4. und again 
lurnetl them nwny. lOverylliing 1m nearly In 
rcadlnesfl for our next Hcnson'ii tour, mid wc 
will leavo no atone tititurneil lo make Ihla 
ono of the llueut cijulppcd mlnslrel ithowa oa. 
the rond. 

■Foiin J. KnsMir, of Ivenucy and Ilullh, 
wrltee; "Mr, llolli* has left for Itoaton in 
bury Ms father. Wj nru with th« Broadway 
finlety Olrla Co. Tlio older llollls wna pro- 
prietor of the old filobc Theali'c at Co. In Itm- 
ion (now torn <ht\vii>. and nt urni time wim 
lomiccted with ih» McCuul Opurn Co. ■ Mr. 
llotllB' brother is now In Kclth'n Theatre, in. 
Boston, and hua boon there for tweuty years 

Cax.pwhi.1. and Wk.vtwoiith played tin 
iilyinpic 'J'lurutrc. HynicilhC. N. i., wenk of 
Key. IV, with tlio I'ulm Unrden, SyracusB. 
March 5| the Amurk-un Thcittte, IHIcn, nud 
the 1'AlniT, Sclieniictndy, X. Y.. to follow. 
'Chair novelty wuuilcn hIioo duuelug is meet- 
ing with biiccesx. 

sotks ritust Hon ash Kva MiUinlkt. — 
We havo been out aince Oct. UX pluylng 
mostly return dntes ibrougli Minnesota una 
\oi Hi Dnkutn, to ejicellciil • misliicss. We have 
covered nearly Ihrei' tlinusiuid in lion. During 
tlio holldu.v« we nnjoyed ouihoIvcs at llittn)>- 
ilcn, tin. 1 giiCKiH of Mr. nud Um, C. K. JlW' 
ton, nmnugei of the Opcrn IIouhc Kxt:bun^c. 
Many nrmontH nnd vonKi-iiuihuloiiH were ten- 
dered. II. A. Wind joined us ill lUllu, X, I)., 
dosing with lUu&eM "U. T. U* 1 l!o.. at Jloom-. 
In., uiiil at Church'^ Ferry, .1. N. Nlm/iir 
Joined us «m lender of bund ami to play POT- 
net; solos ou ittugc. Clniidc Woods, from New 
llarmouj, lnd.. Joined hk nt (irand Hantds. 
!,e/r.tle ItoNklns Ih slltl with us as ii rng limn 
hluger, duueer nud illuKtrulcil aongK. Wo 
fnrrv our own pluau with the show. We ore 
booked up to June, playing ouo autl two idght 
lu wenk stands. Mmitigem nsk, its for re- 
turn dines. Tin* Winter baa been Ideal. 
We get Tim Ot.n IIki.iaiu.m regularly. Hvcvy- 
hody Is happy. 

KnwAiin llv;f.ut.\ti. formerly of the Bonnlr 
t'omrdy Four, and .Inn. t\ Tcdrowe. formerly 
of the Air.t'ricaii Newsboys' Quartet, hnve 
lolned with their wives (Mniulu tulbing and 
Anna Tedrowo). ittUl v.'lll be known li"-roaf tor 
as the Chlaifto NeweboyJt , (jmirlel. They uro 
booked soIUi for U.'ii Sunmier und will open 
lu the West about Mnrcli 16. 

Sn.l.v a:h PinbVri returned Hast, nftev n 
two yen nt nbseuce. mid will open again on 
i ho Western tour In Anrll. 

L'ttAXK Wc.i.iams r.nd AdelU rallmaii re- 
port meeting with kuccosji with tliclr fiiuny 
coniedv, "Arc You s bohr-terV 

UAitpNKii and (Jui.DKN are returning ISsst 
after spending two success fill yours over the 
Western circuit. 

Ninnn axij lionnnrux tit form ns tluif I hey 
■ Mil n»t o|| iv the linn Ton til Pldludelphlii, 
Ta., week of Fob. 10. n« they were with 
.tuner* merry jtin-l«mwrH, m fleveiaud, 0. 

Haiihv asp Maiii.h, who uro play- 
ing out In C'all font hi. report lUaceu with 
i heir wv him, "The Limber Lady and the 
I whiter." Mr. Marline, while playing Los 
AngelcH. week nf P'eb. 1*-', was ninde it roer- 
her of T/os Aitireles I.oOrc. No. ML T. M. A. 

Maiuu IjA Jli.ASirnn. who hna Joined Hur- 
tle k Senmon's Tmtia-Allanllc Uurlesque Co. 
for the rest of the season, as an extra ndded 
.-U traction, will begin ber Hummer season on 
Decoration Day. with her sensational "ride 
for life." for which sho has already secured 
Tim AEOiAt. Btuauts are booted to No- 
vember. 311(1(1* 

.Ir.AKcrrK Vn.: BUMDHM nOIH with the 
■iVrk'M Ibid Hoy" t'o.. nt Adrlnn, Mich., on 
aeeannf of lllnesx. nnd will rentalu at tier 
■'Dine in (ile-ucealer, Mn '■■«., ittitll tlm hitter 
PMtt of ^torfb. when nhe lutendf* t*> vt\>tk with 
per coualn, May;Voa.Brapilort, n i alsier 

J. W. COFFKOTH'S OBIGINAI (Copyrighted) 



The Greatest Drawing Attraction of the Season. Broke AH Records for the Past Five 
Months. Playing to Crowded Houses Everywhere. There never was anything like it. 

Summer Parks, Fairs, Carnivals, Etc. 

Addreai all communication* .. 

EDWAKD 8HAYKE, Goneral Booking Hopreaentativo, 1368 Broadway, New York City. 

Km \Vksio.\. wlfo lately dlsaolrcd partner- 
fdlln with AI. Kcruer, hua joined baodr with 
Kddle Smith. Titer will do a refined double 
Dutch tdnghic, talking and dancing; act. The 
team will be tnuwn aa Weston and Smith. 

TilH Jackson Family write: "Wo are 
mcellnK wlilt the biggest kind of success na 
the hemlllDo foaturcii. The Hartford napcra 
nay: "J'hc .lachdon Family of bicyclists are 
la ii cIush bv ibcmKclvCB when it conies to 
Hbowlug what can ua accompllahcd on a 
wheel. They go tbroiifh I he most Intricate 
flgurefi, alnely and collectively, ana they do 
If all aa gracefully us if they were doing the 
BloinleHt Kind of tricks.' " 

Tun atttnn.N Oath Qdintijtib; In their 
comedy Hinging nnd dancing act, write that 
they are nt III umlilne a hit on the IVIlmer & 
Vincent circuit. They will open on the Poll 
circuit March 12. ., 

SiiorFARi) and Winn hare Just finished tWe 
weeks ou the Proctor circuit. , -. 

Lulu Watts writes that ahe has been 
Tery succcuaful trver the Jones fc O'Brlcu 
circuit, and la booked by the Westera Vaoda- 
Tille Association. 

fin vollowiso MOTH appeared at the 
recent Tnnuevllle given hy Newark Lodge of 
IClUa: Trorolo. Paul Bornen, Hheppard nnd 
Wnrd, Three Duniontd, and ltaycs nnd Wyne. 

Al. Ii. Tynui.i. wrltea that hn la meriting 
with aucccES as principal comedian of John 
W. VOMVl Minctrcls. 

Suj.mvananii JTAUHcuand Jeiinctte Fflimco 
openod at the Star Theatre, Springfield, Mo., 
week of Feb. 3 8, and report blgauccens there, 
iho malinger lmmmedlatcy engaging them for 
another week. They havo Juat closed twenty 
successful weeks through the Southern 

Mat Brtant writes: "I waa granted an 
absolute dlTorcn from William 0. Humphries 
In Chicago recently, and am given the cuk- 
tody of my son, 'William Moreland Hum- 

Tun MAtiQUANns, alack and tight wire p?r- 
foimoni, report big nurceta In their act. Wo 
Imvo. they write, added many noveltlea to our 
net. Including bicycle and unleycle rliUug on 
light and Hlnck wire. Mlas Mirnuand Is the 
Hcst nnd only womaa to nccompllsli the fear, 
of riding a unleycle on the tight wire. Wo 
huvn also added a aovelty In the rlinlcss nul- 
rycle, of which we are the originators. Wo 
opeu on Gorman's park circuit In i\ay, nod 
go with one of too wheel burlesque shows, 
as n feature net, next seaxon. 

i;i.i;m;v ii i.v* -in, of the team of Scott and 
Ilownrd, ntouiua the. ios» of her mother, who 
died lu Toronto, Can., Feb. &B, after a lin- 
gering nin"- 1 '. 

.Ilnnniij llAtLn WnyrH, who was Injured 
recently by slipping on the step of a church, 
ha<« recovered, nnd la playing clnbs and entei-- 
iiilniiKintH In and luound New York City. 

i'im.i: and Ci.emkns haro just closed a ten 
weeks' oiigngement. over the Knalern clretilt. 
They closed thp> show last week nt the Star 
Theatre, Iiutullloit, Can., and have been 
hooked up until May 7 by the Western Vnude- 
vlllo Sliiiiagera' AHsorlntlon. They will be 
Neon next seuson lu (heir new uct, entitled 
"The .luukuiuii." which wna written for them 
by Joseph, Mitchell, of "The Funny Mr. Do&- 
ley" Co. 

llABX Tir.UKiiVj mother of John X Tlcrney, 
Irish cooicdlan, died lu Baltimore, Md.. Fell. 

Tun xiit linus,. comedy jugglers, tro at 
their home lu Dayton, o.. arranging time for 
noxt senson. They atate that tliey have 
some uew comedy tricks that are "knock- 

iiaim'T Jack tiAituNEti appourcd In hit pop- 
uliii- black face net recently for the Press 
Club of Toledo, 0., which city la aotr bis 
permanent home. 

Mauiun ami) lican write that they are 
having a moat uucceusftil tour on the Kohl 
& Castle circuits, with their new version, of 
- ihelr old net, rewritten, "On the Avenue," 
nud -we re, featured with the big acts at tlio 
Olympic Tlicnlre, Chicago, week of Feb. 10. 
Aflvr finishing Ihc Western vaudeville huuscs 
they wilt return Knst. about the middln of 
April, to piny tliclr Knstera time. Bflrt 
Marlon nnd Arthur Uloodln are rewriting 
"Tiie Chalfeitr nnd Ihc Lady" Into a three 
act fnicu cnuicdy. which they are preparing 
to nut out next aeusou. 

ltoNti Ju\NMniTi;. while traveling with her 
hncbiniil. Sum llrooks. has doroted her time 
lo writing skctclu's. and i-ccently completed 
Ibe folIowiiiB : "Too Much Brot bcrln-law" 
and "-V Slster-ln-law lu Niuno Only." 

lll.'MIAll's ;;i)iu A'Jl.:n OOATH since rfi-tum- 

lug I'^iiKt from the Pacific const engagement, 
hnve only lo.sf. oue week, making four weekH 
i ii.-. t In the last sixty,' The act la booked solid 
until Noveiulior. ulnyltig parka and fairs In Uto 
Hnmiiior and Fall. Mr. Duitbnr will return 
to the fouM next >Vltt1nr to ail nn eaguge- 
ntrtiil; of thirty-five weeks for tho interna- 
tional circuit 1 , being booked by Chris O. 
Urown. the Chicago agent. 

UMitK Voii.NO an'ii llRotmm wore Cmppuk 
ciillerH Inst week and report having Just re- 
turned from ii aurcCMrnl ten nrtenr engnffc- 
ini'tit; with t.tio Orrln Circus, In .Mexico. AfU k r 
a tour of tho Proctor circuit they open with 
iho ultigllug Bros.' Circus, uh ono of the 
fe« tines, 

Ltj Itov Axn BmtKB write: "We' closed our 
Tiiuilevllle dates at the Natioun) Theatre, 
Kansan City, nud Joined O. H. Mentmcn's 
'Kusl LaraHH 1 t-o., I'rb, n, at Utnahn, Neb 
We uro dolujr our Bprclully between neia, aud 
It* goes Itlg every ulglit. Wc close tlio arn- 
Hon April 1'2, then .wo will rehearse ft new 
net for the parks." 

LtAiuiY (in ay ., Mrs. Rnrry Gray and Pans 
La Tetre have signed for twelve weeks with 
Manager lidward Stanley, of the CaBlno The- 
atre, Itlorn Park. Youngstown, O., commenc- 
ing May i!8. The trio will kfodaea one of 
Mr. Gray's original cumcdlcn eaclt week, aud 
atno their several specialties durlug\the bcii- 

SABjri ||ili> writes: "I have been trans- 
ferred to the Smart Set Co., which Is doing 
a very big bttstocsA. Wo are-nt the Bijou, 
Pittsburg, this week (Feb. 10-24). and turn- 
ing Uto m away at every show. I will stay 
with this company, us manager, tor ibe re- 
nin I tide r of the season. My wife, Anl 11 It 1, 
will play dates, t She will ba tbo special at* 
traction March C, for one week, with the 
'Mciradden's How M Plats,' nt tbo tMJbtt The- 
atre. . Pittsburg. I bare tvro years' booking 
In London anil til continent; train Ssplcmljor 



If you want to accumulate wealth quickly, start a penny arcade and 
amusement parlor. Edison Coin-Slot Machines fascinate aud draw the 
crowd and the pennies. Run automatically by electricity. Write to us 
to-day for full information. 

64 Lakeside Avenue, / Orange, N. J. 

Johephinb SjIbel, who Is winning distinct 
triumphs In Fnrlinid, la booked for two years 
In Europe, bnt will return to America In 
July next. She recently received the imd 
news of tbo death of her father, X. O. Do- 
main?, of L:iwitiii.'c Maaa. 

Howard and Cameron are In their fourth 
week with Harry Hastings' Black Crook Jr. 
Unrlesnucrs. Tney write that their act la 
going big, and that it la the only acrobaUc 
comedy sketch In tho business doing twelve 
minutes In one. 

James and Datis have canceled all vaude- 
vllio work, owing to the serious lllncns of 
Mr. Davis, who bad n acvere attack of pleuro- 
pneumonia. Mr. Davla is now on tbo road to 
recovery, and hopes to be out again In a 
short tirna. 

Billy DroNicKnn, well known la Taudc- 
vlilo as one of the Nelson Bros., bag punchers, 
has retired from tho ntnge, and, In conjunc- 
tion with his uuclc, Chas. Woern, has opened 
a rostaurant and saloon In Boston, Mas*. 

Dave Ranzrtta, of Rumetta and Lyman, 
wrltea that be Is in no way connected with 
the team of Bonzetta and Belnlr, who are 
now with "The Devil's Auction"' Co., as he 
retired from that company on Jan. 13, at 
Toledo, O, . 

flap Diamom> Comedy Konn aw ia the 
mlddlo West. They play Lincoln; Neb., for 
two weeks, and then go West. They report 
doing finely In the West for over one year. 

Tub Donovan, Aunold an» company re- 

fiort making a big success with the original 
dea, "Twenty Minutes on Broadway." They 
are booked solid until June. 

Adair and Damn write tltat they are meet- 
ing with favor over the Kohl k Castle and 
Hopkins circuits, and are well booked up Into 
the Summer. 

Jas. MuniiAT, of Murray and Aides, writes: 
"I filled In last week at the Howard, Bos- 
ton, with great success. This week we play 
our third engagement thin season at l'uw- 

.HAnNica and Edwins will start Eaat, play- 
ing parkri uud theatres with their truvc*t.v, 
**Ttm inw Tenant," hy Bob Watt, about May 
1. Tbey are booking some of the beut tlmo 
In the Weat and middle West, 

Cham. B. Midulhton Informs us that be 
will open with a company of lirccn people nt 
Belleville. III., nt the Warden Theatre, Deco- 
ration Day. Tho theatre in located tn the 
bciirt of in*' city, la owned hy the Anhemnr 
BuRch Brewing Co., and run by John Metb, 
proprietor of tbo Budwlescr, at Belleville. 

S t m m riNH and HinniH wrl to : "We are 
down In .Texas, doing well, and business ia 
good, Tbo weather la warm aud bright." 

James A. and Cp.cbi.ia Wblch report meet- 
ing wlUi mcMI In their new act, entitled 
"Tim tfjaulgan'a VlU'taUoD," written by Fred 
J. Beam. 

CLAitnNcn, high diver, has nigned 
with tbfl Ted Sparks Amusement Co., of 
Kansna City, Mo., for a period of fourteen 
months. The Sparks Co. Is having made a 

f'Otfoctly appointed set of high dlvlug ladders 
or Mr, Tiller. 

Jessib Trot, contortionist, presented Jack 
Hunt, of limit and Troy, wltb a diamond 
ring, while playing Danville, Ky., with tha 
Ottek titock Co., of which they are the vaude- 
ville feature*. 

Mas, A. M. BunnotOHK, mother of Besslt 
nohiiur. of Clint and Bessie Itobhlus. died nt 
Foud dit Lnv. Wis., on Kcb. 2. She wna well 
kiiowu In ibe professlou. A son uud two 
diLUtbtcra aurvlve her. 

Whom la BOSTON and Ton Wish 

tm Replenish Your Stock of 





(Opposite Hotel Toumlne). 



GoarBBteed Not to Become Bnactd tad Coa- 
Ulas Neither Lard or Tasellae. 

l-2lb. Jtr 3b Cents. lib, <»r 60 Cents 

Meatloa CLIPPER When Wrltlnc. 



Allen's Foot-case, a powder'. It cures painful, 
ftnmrtinj, nenroua feetund lusrowintTnallF, aad 
inntantiy takes the ni\ag out of corna and btinlom. 
It's tbo grente!tt comfort discovery of tho age. 
Allen's PooM£hso nuken iiglit or now shoes fesi 
eaay. It la a certain cure tor awcatiaa;, callous, 
swollen, tired, aching feet. Try it today, bold by 
all Druggists and Blioe Stores, by mall for 26o. In 
atinvjrt. Don't accept any substitute. Trial puck- 
ago (TREK. Address ALLEN S. OLMSTED, Lo 
Roy, N. Y. . 

I i; \ I I it i; FILMS WANTEIl-TllAIN 

nnd iti nk Robbery,. Train Wreckers, Lost 
Child, Ye^gmeu, Undo Tom's Cubln, etc., 
etc. Many fine films for sale low. 
LfAlUIACH & CO., BOO filbert l'hlla.. Po. 
fliiiHit; ouoipuaKD aivjd aiiha m;h;u 
for any lnitnimeot. or number of instrumeuta, 
aongi, words and munlo, sketohes, etc. Semi itamp. 
OHAS. L. LEWIS, 42B Richmond St., CI ticlnnall. 0. 

FOR WALic .on i' mv. FlatUar, A No.l con- 
dition. Price $3. r i0, oo tracks, ia flavannah; Ga. 
OiiorrosaOttgc, price jlOO. Haroes?, Band Suits 
and Small Tents, Msn,ue. Address 


1,000 FEKT OF FILM, «2R. OLD 

Kllms. Old Subjects. Mend for mnmmoth 

li^t of ill iv. ^ nt low ptlcen. 

HABBACH & <:t>.. Hon Mlbcrt T'blla., Pa. 


iioi tuulty for nfow Aninleiir-, tuiilu nnd fcninlc, 
by ruliiiUi! iiKuiiicnr. Tiio^o iIoIhk specialty |>r<;- 
forrcd; sianwcoknnd expanaea. WrlW at 
once. I'. Ijoinbard.-Wtfr.. ftWI Arolt Ht.. pwta.. I'n. 

TO TitK PltOKKHSIOK. . Do vim wuiiL a 
PKUFKCT' lOM-K for Speaking or SliifflliB? 
A clear, slronir, pum toned yokof Avotuo tlmt 
run be hoard dlstfnctlv all over Iho finite tvifliotit 
any eirbriou voarnartr No taHhwrnaaortauKUe 
cvi'iuiftcr limin of MiciiklnRnrslnpliiii. 1 jrunr- 
iinloe lodo tbisoif<)iti , tt$10o.0fi, No modicino, ■ 
simple, nntiirnl treatment; somethiitfr iliiicient 
from all ot!n*r volet; tmiliiu'iil. Villi course, with 
Biiiirantce. «.,.«o. W. TllOMI'bON, M. D„ Station 
"(),'! cindnnail. Ohio. 

ai.i.msi hi'irltlniiitc Stili^lltulc fur Slot Ma- 
chine. Sells for om< dollar; sells on Night; gwod ler- 
rliory open; partbaUif. Cislm Co., Anderson. Inrt. 

Attts, Single ttomuu. 4 to i-Mvci:kf. Tlioonhcafo 
In Murium iilayliiit while Auirilcaii nets, Tmitf- 
p.trwtinit otic W*v. AURHMO DIAZ, Mgr. Cufo 
of Viirii'dudeu, fit Ihinnif, Ilavauii, CuIhi. 


l'rouL nud Back Ponding: cncli nick Hlimtrated, 
J*(Vo. Motphct'n School, 83T N. IZtlt St., riilla., Da. 


IN THU MORNING. RootBB, t!u l-ts. Address 
O.J ARJ .PIT, 211 Monroe It , Brooklyn. N. .*. 


SC0PI3 or Cliioocraph wanted: also Films. 
UAUUAC1I ft t'tt.. son Kilberi, Vhlli.. Vs. 

. old TRUNKS, strong Trunks, Theatfa 
(Trunks. Bargaina alwava. WYKR3, 014 N. 10th 
} SL, Philadelphia, Hi l.'i years here. Buys or 
( pqIIh any quantity, cash. Trunk and bag hard 
> ware sold. 


BbpyjIirbn.SdtffBTont bonu. loo. All kinds acts. 
ORPHET'S SCHOOL, B8I N. iiiih St., l'hlla., Pa, 


qalflm tsugbt. Trial tGSsnn and full partlculaislOc. 

PROF. LINGHRUAN. 70SN, fitliflt.. Phlla.. Pa. 

910 Mi:r a ii.ii s t< in. i : 1,1 :<;s. m.nn. 
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HUOWFlUPiTINQI All kinds of Dodgem, Har- 
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tfiovivci pioturr srjppbrandRKNTAL. 

J lima, Haoluiios, Stcrcopt icons, Cnmoras, Leueei, 
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(IIJT OR DEAD JIJ\lv. Ilollon Picture Sup. 

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1.13 Third Aie., neHr ». llth St., N. T. 


rerformertJ wahlcd at flll tlruea. 

Dtt. B. TANNBK, Marlon Wla. 
John Lenard. wrlta. 

»IO l:t,l;i:iltl( STKH150PTICON, 
only V-~> (new). Hone Elllilra ncdnced. 
11AIIHAPH & CO.. am Filbert. Phlla.. Pa. 

Half Sheet Portraits 

From photo, ss.oo ror ant 100. Also Reproduced 
Orajoo Portrait, lor the lobbj, Baluplei to any 
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OTTAWA PHOTO CRATDBK, 00., Olt»»», 111. 

AOIUorjUllfll "'« f roOIS ; J»«lara and 
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sale calalon of tlio latest rnzzles, Novelties and 
POctct Tricks. USIVERSAI, SUPPLY 00., laLa 
Salle St., Chicago. III. Rstahllaliod JKH). 


0. BHINDHULM, 118 W. 
2Btb Bt.,N. Y. The lip-lo- 
MAKER. Bend atamp (or 
g> Prlea Llat. tam out 


Cliooolalo VendlnaMaohluo: one hundred, allglitl. 
used, at at rach ; all or part If InkeD al once. 
EXKCUTOn. im Gales Ave.. CrooMTn. N. V. 

March- io 

.» O ttf BV,* 

_i»rfty2. Emnlnj sji"'' 

Dit Id Briaico praient, lor tho 3d yttt UK j 

WftnF!ELD MiiMo Mm 


I 111, ST., M.;tll THIIII) AVE. 




ChaduJck Trio, WWlainaaiidMeibLr. 1 

The Harrows - Johnson and Wells . 


Whalen atnl Wert. Bertlna and flKtckwsr 

RoRcrs and Burke, J'lcrce and upp. 

F. O.Itarrcll, . The Tllsirspj 


Of High Clan VanaeTllle Theatlna, 
All Appllcatlooa for Time Must be Addresstd 
to C. !■: BRAY, Booklna; Manaatr, 

Ma]eatlc Theatre BulldlDK. Cklcato, ill. 



i:. iffiih st. 





Ill tines LlVlN?) PRODIOlll, 
Trained and rare aulmals, norelttes of everr ds- 
urlptlon tor uurlo Halts and Theatre. Adams 
J. H. ANURRRON. Uananr. as am,. 


T HU.oniniSAi. BiiXB irtmfeii riirm. 




Are working this Vnili with iho Dainty Parte Bur* 

lesiiuoCo.,ot Ihc i.«rnvrity Timairr, nuflalu.N. T. 

Ami no tn Mt:s. nitvi l.l.i:. 

Harry Thomson, 

"ins Etnxoic Tin; ItlAVOR." 
_ WjOTf HT., Hnwklyn, N. X, 


Big Danoioff Hit. " 



HtNUINO lOOHBDlaUrarB. Very socCcMfnl. 
111J0U TIIEATRK Jliirclt f,. CA1.UME1 , ,,MIUI1. 



Per.tnl..!<0Cl.HVT O IV.JOHI»STOW»I.A .Y; 

Tho Arlitooratlo Tramp Juonlor- 
Neit weak: open. Address yuRTI. ASD.fa .^ 


Ed route wltb HISS NEW YORK JR. CO. 


47. W. a JtU ST., NEW YORK. 

A. 1st Class Vaudeville & Burlesque Drummer 

(non-union), joarnof exparlencc, tlealioa cnuaitfl. 
luonr. JACK GALLAtJIIER, 201 N. 10th St., PhiV 

tlel|tlila. Pa. 

MIJU1TAH"V And Concert Dana lu uuotl alami- [ SocoDd Baiirt Fllma 
IM marfOMlWVUawBUnt Artrtrwo _ fj 

•iuuh sx. ikiUDAiiii. awtt curraW. 


Second Hand ninu.Bdnj midca and anVohUiM 
Bought, -sold and-flichansod. in irashliuKon 
at., Room u, Boitoo, tun. op p. Adn'ta. Bo w«! 




It T lUla 0AHDEK, BOW Tort, 

BHtli St., asar ThM A»«> 



Richest Actor In the World. 

ADGIE and Lions. 

onniM nitoK.' emeus, cuy of »•»'«■' 

u Id WEEKS, (J OMMliXUINf^DKaij; , 


cniiAToiis op nuin lauoi". 

Kp route wltlt Hjdo's Blue Ribbon tuns- „ 





FEB. It DNItjUK, EA n UI.AIRE, J*_l. 


I'estuilna "ToTlroain To"c Rich la l'« v ",'A°| 
lt'« n- Vfhnn You Wake Up." Written for me w 
Mr, CBorfoJI, Aloaandcn __ ,„ — 

CARSS g .S- 

Beialn tnd Altaratloiui Made. 


Wanled, Sfereeplicon and Moving Pic'tif 

ODTHTS, Sour aud Leclltre Seta, Etc. *'"}■",. 
son Phouoaraplis. -Jluat t»c cltoap foi casli. '^ u . 
tiraera 1 Onttn houalit and sold. PJonAm'H,' 
Binoa, «;i Yrca«MlSlUSu8k.SliliiUi>^l(h}iir . ■ 





flrat performance of Wlllard Spencer's new manaier) Vonel'i Minstrels Marco, T, "Mrs. U to be tho Klolat with the Cincinnati Byni- 

opera at the Chestnut. It It ai yet unnamed. LeOnrton'a Boon" 8. Hadley's plcturea 8. phony Orchestra at Richmond, Inn., 13, and 

vkiladclpaia. — fflre plays, new here, . A cliarter has been granted toe Nlion. ,a A alessan from Mars," 8, came to a good Detroit 14 Borneo Gorno presented 

ii wSipy tie attention of theatregoers th» *™«emtnt * BealtyCo., which cootemplatea house. Wm. Collier irn, well recelMd 1. Neva Remde and Alice Mnjoewskn, In 

Till occupy 

"y!?Hine W flreV~at"tb» Walnut, there will 
& .mi for tne I™ 1 tlm * '«■"» i "<*«< 
K.rr«lae In "Man and Buperman," at (he 
rCtnut Street Opera House : "Just Out, of 
rXaSS? at tbe Chestnut; Ethel narryraore, 
^"■■Alice Slt-bj-tbe-Hrc." at Ihe Harriet. 
ind Msilne Elliott, la "Her flreat Jlntch," 
.[the Broad. 
Wi'.ntiT (Frank Howe Jr.. manager) 

In addition to the premiers erecting a 11,000,000 amusement enterprise 
■ la Atlantic City. The Incorporators are 
Samuel F. Kllon, of Nixon a Zlmmermnn : 
John A. Conly, of Boston ; Frank E. Mood, of 
Baltimore, and Norman N. Kelly, of- New 
•York. The project will consist of an Im- 
mense structure lo be erected on Ihe Board- 
walk, nt the foot of. Arkansas Avenue. I'hei 
building will be designed by John !>. Allen, 
the Baltimore nrchlccct. nnd vlll be of Iron 
and concrete. It will mrer na Immense area 

Acadfmv (A. J. Duffy, manager). — "Child piano recital Iva Boon, _who appeared 

Slaves of New York" B-7, "At Wney Rldae" 
810. "Queen of the White Slaves," I* 
had good bouses. 

' Star (Alf. O. Herrlngton, manager). — 
The New Majesties week of Ii. Blue Itlbhon 
(lifts, last week, had good houses. 

The Chimes of Normandy" nl the Scot- 
tish Itlle Cathedral, under tun direction of 
Mrs. William McAlpln. In lo go to New York 
and study for the operatic Maw, . ... .Fred 
Htrnutmnnn hns been promoted from hend 
usher at the Columbia to assistant treasurer 

7L1 ~~.» ...i„ «.™«^i» k- u,m v'*o« reie. il will co?cr an 

^J^U^SSL^rSt & »"« will contain a restaurant. 

gOf,-. . 

FaViI.a' (n*n K. McCoy, mnnager).— Th* «f the Walnut Street Thontro. 

Sllvortor-Ollver Troupe nnd Naldn week of , ■ — » » .... 

0. Wislne/M continues line, ihe 9. II. <>. sign 
being frequently wn. 

Noti:.— Nana Pnrk (Frederick Ingersoll 

"Tlio OrJlce Boy" filled the house to capacity 
!£& "His Hopkins" March ;i, Chaimrey Ol- 
cott, la "Edmund Burke," 0. 

I.tckitm (One Sun, manager). — "T.orn In 

the Blood" hnd ROOd ..i.«!ncm Feb. -■]. "A 

Hot rime In Coon Town" Mnrch it. 

<iriii m m (Uiir< Hun, manager). — Hill for 
week of March l". : Mr, nnd Mrs. Archie lloyer, 
WlckhofV und company, Lee Tung l'oo. otto 
Weaver, Mnrlfl lleelinv, Al. H. \vestnn tmil 
new pictures. 

1" %££•? 'r*viar~ Nleli H? H,, "\"«}i ,w *iC. ,wr " ftntll, ,K *Wi ■»• Sum- press representative nnd eieuralon manager. 

Bates, |BE!tlTB5Stfla? Y.i«*Jr ■ ph-miK P™ r * __ In , wln . ie . r this space will he converted - ■ 

M te ^^."'r-^W^^rl^.S'St,^: Minore. will be a roller skatln; 

Brit p ai Maria. TJWrT^HMlMjw -BmII. Wajpe mer# In w , nier tMn S 

Arey. Robert Wtnriek, ^^Ctojg Into on Ice rink. The architect will shortly 
Korah Lnmlson, Helen 1»™W,^»4WW '"viire estimates for the work of construction. 
Hall and Edwnra M. Dresser. His Mu- - ■■ 
Mtr- concluded a three weeks* engairem&iit 
I : t'The new additions to. the mnt th*»; ~ 
vioas week brlpttrncd the show mnterini 

Wtlkr.-Karrr. —At the Neflbllt (H. A. 

»« liJ S Tl8W °{ Vhealfe' U m"bi"5ree?e1t' S 'H^' lS3"^S«.He« ho°„«7j?we?k. JSd' 

--■ juiy l a tnentre w to ihj erected on i\n,.- d-«„.-- .„ »» ii,,.,.,^ r,.. %*«*■ •• 

ft } C or f r?,'v B'Sj.jSWjfi 'r«w a P f°n "h'ou'i. \wiT5Uw5j March 

!" r, J capitalists, represented by Felix Ismnn have 

aid last week. Beginning", J™ "f •"* concluded negotiations for a plot US by lttfi 

,rospecta of foa tinning thejilg J"endnr.ce fwt , ,„ ,„,, rmT ot ,„, „„„'„,„,; now V,,, 

hit hss greeted the shoyeincpitj opening plotter!. Plans nre being drawn for Ihe new 

ilent. Paula Edwnrdes, In "Princess Beg- nlnvhoilse. The contract will he ...ri.s 

LYiiy7Me'»sw: SdbuWrf, rnanagers) .-^Ile :„■„"( 's'treetV" Phllndefnbla "nnd New York 

WAif llonner. In Hnppylnnd, is in his third nan u n ii.« n ■■■■■■ .■*■! v.. r,-„- , l 

ind Inst week, beglnntng^lv, v wjth the^ best 

■Hat, Paula Edwnrdes, In 'Princess Beg- playhouse. The contract will be" awarded 

gar." 12-1*. «..„.--- /Mt*. nn m. 9i™ within a month. It Is expected thnt the 

CHESTNUT te am TllMTM (Nlran ft ZIni; , hratr( , wm g re „ d f ^ | D „ i„ October 

merman, managen).— Jnat Out of College „„ t who Bn „„ ( . t „, th ' „ » atIon M „ |rt 

makes Ita local debot 6 for a two weeks not ^ umrnO, but 

of the operation could' <"* «*/ ^nje bllsfness Feb. 20. "Messiah." 
i'i i»l It Is rennrrprt thnt thn hy Ptor Charles E. Knnuss nnd his Orpheus, 

Say! During the last fortnight Marie C«- thealro w I bi under the manngemenr a! eajoyed excellent flnnnclnl success 27. Flo- 
Mil. In "Molly Moonshine. " pleased goo.1 sized «Sm% Brtnnger fWha SS "»«• BandltaD, In •The Senator's Wife, 
bouses. May Irwin, la "Mrs. Black Is Back," „ r ™ d Vrect. It Is estlinaSlThat the Hh " P'^o* "> folrt J f°°} *«»'?«», S?i^ 3S 

try Mannerlng IP. „„_,. B afion and tte clneroalogranh Fva eh«™ In he preneat plan of procedure .hit- 

BBssnts ESSB&nS i3^BKUE&s 


OarrIck (Frank Howe Jr., manner).— 
For two weeks beffinniDK 5, F.thel Barry- 
more will be seen In "Alice- Slt-by-t he- Plre." 
with Uonel Bnrrymore, In "Fantaloon." As 
the star Is a great local favorite the outlook 
1.4 encouroglne for big business. Eleanor 
Bobson, Id "Merely Mnry Ann'* and 'The 
Girl who Has Everything," had an excep- 
tionally nroBperous week ending ft. 

GuifiTNOT Street Opbra BBera (Nixon 
i IJaOTWaPMh.' managers). — Bobert Lomlne 
rnikch'liis local debut 5, In "iMan and Super- 
man;'' Tor a two weeks' engagement. Sam 
Bernard, In "The Rollicking Olrl." added 
crcatly to his popularity, and drew a.Biic- 
eepnon ot. crowded houses during; the two 
wr'ckri cnJlnir .1. "Forty-flve Minutes from 
Broadway" 10-31. nt . % 

Bno^u (Nlion * Zimmerman, managers). — 
Local audiences will have their first view, 5. 
nf' Elliott, In "Her Great Match." 
The engagement is for two week*. Wm. Gil- 
lette, In "'Clarice," hnd a fortnight of good 
huslnei*, ending ". .lamps K. llnckett nnd 
Mary Mannerlng lfl. 

|..i.L. I'D C tlrnr 

r>. -.'"With "several new illuBlonB, arid Paul 
Valiadonl the sleight of hnnd expert, the 
Plibw drew big last week. "The Sultnn of 
Suln" 12-17. 

Grand Opbiu. Bonn <0. A. Wegefnrth, 
mrmncer).— "Behind the Mask" 5-10. "'fho 
County Chnlrraan" proved the strongest 
"drawing ^ard seen nt this house this season, 
plnylW lo capacity at every performance. 
The KUM ol Maclyn Arhucklo nnd WIIIIb P. 
Nweatnnrd wns om dally to the liking of the 
big audiences. "In Old Kentucky" 12-17. 

liiHAsn Avbxiib (Miller A-. Kaufmun, man- 
agewl.— "The Volunteer OrganlBt" 5 and 
we*V- "At PInoy Uldgfi" pleased big crowds 
tlic'nrev.OHr. week, •'llnnpy Hoollffin'sTrlp 
Around tbo World" 12-17. _ 

NAtiosAL (J. at Kelly, mnnager). — "Tbo 
Funny Mr. Dooley" r»-10. "TholSmart Set" 
nlaved to overflowing business nnd c&vc 
complete ristWfnctlon Inst week. "HUna- 
town Chnrllov 12-14. 

Pbotlb'sH (F. 0. NIxonNlrdllngor, mnnn- 
B P|.),_»A(. (he World's Mercy" 5-10. Haw- 
nnH-llall, ln-"Tho Mllllonnlrc Detective." did 
nri)»ncroniilv Inst week. "Queen of the White 
HlnvV' 32-17. 

BuNBVfi,Ar.Cn Strbpt <3I. B. SchloRsln- 

' "'Across the raclflc" plays 

lfl. "The Runaway ttoy" 

did nicely the previous week. "Young Iluf- 

fnio" vtaip 

Uaht's Nkw TiinATnn (John W. Hart, 
mannaerj.-V'A Wlfe'a Secret" Ir the nttrac- 
tlon for week of C, following "How Baxter 
Butted In" which enjoyed a pronperous 
week. "A Crown of Thorns" 12-17. 

FoRnr^Ufln'R (Miller & Kaufman, mnnn- 
geTs),—.The stock will be seen Ti-10, In "The 
flrcnf Diamond Ilohbery." "The World" nf- 
forded IwrMoftk excellent opportunities, and 
was enthualnstlcally received by big Iio.ihph 
Inst weak". la preparation for 12-17, "Kob- 
llt Kramat." 

■8,TASnAtii) (Dnrcy & Speck, managers). — 
Tbo Htocic offering for 5-10 Is "Hearts 
Adrift;". Tho tribulations of the heroine in 
"Why Girls Go Wrong" drew team to tho 
female contingent, who turned out In big 
numlKTH last week. "After Midnight" in In 
rehearsal for 12-17. 

Kkitii'S) (II. T. Jordan, mannger). — Anna 
Kva Fay, tho telepathic marvel, II the hend- the hill week of 6, Other cards nre : 
Krtliryn IMoodgood, Mr. and Mrs. .Tlmmy 
Barry, 'Howard and North, Oamaraa SlBters, 
lVtrhlng Brothers, Brooks Brothers. Basque 
Qnartstreit Baby Owens. Moahcr, Houghton 
and MoRher, and tho klnetograph. Business 

estimated that the the- 
atre will cost *2il0,000. 

3. "Mrs. Leftlngwell's Roots" 0. William Gil- 
lette 13, "Simple. Simon Simple" 17. 

(ituni) OrEttA HoiSB (II. A. Brown, man- 
ager). — "MeFariden'R ltow of Flats" had S. 
ft. O Inst week. Rmmn Bunting On. r.-l<). 
— i " ■- i 
Ea»tan. — At Ihe Able Opera llanso (W. 
K. Dctwlller, manager) the Coloretl Minstrels 


good hitHlnesa 28. "The 
bounty Chairman'^ March (L VofrePk Min- 
strels 12, 'The Tooderrnoi" 13, "King of the 
Kogups" 14. wiinnm Gillette i«VMrIntyre 
antl Heath 10, "Uncle Tom's Cabin" 17. 

Plttabnr«r. — At the Nixon (ThOs. P. 

SllSih ii iT^ff^SKiV US^J^Etotf! WlllUina.port.— At the Lycomliig Opera Foqufred '"f"o? lire nrotect Ion." "including iho 
March o-io, la larlce. # T h« a ^PI>orUng ii ou?? <l, J. Flak, mansger) ^MfcHf^™"?: nsoestos riulaln. The house. preaenta quite 

Vonng»tnnn.-At the Park Theatre 
(Ijec Norton, ronnager) llackett and Mnn- 
uerlng and a good rompnny gave an excel- 
lent production of "The- Waifs of Jericho," 
Fob. 24, to a tilled house, and received 
several curtain calh. Week of 'M was elosod 
by the Chester De Vonde Co., lo very good 
business. Booked: "Ben Ihir" !,•". "Peggy 
from I*arls" 8, "Tho Jolly Baron" I), "Under 
Southern Skies" 10. 

Guano OPfiftA Hoi!«n (T. K. AllKiugh, man- 
ager). — Anna Kva Vny ettMfd her two weeks' 
engagement March 3. and drew big. Her 
entcrinlnment; was very Interesting, nnd 
grenilv enjoyed by all. Cook-Church Stock 
t*o. week nX b. "The Darling of the Gods" 
plnyed to good business March 1. 

UAiF.Tr (Jos. W. Wess. manager). — Scrlb- 
ner's Jlornlng Morten, Inst week, drew vnry 
tnlr butdnenis, Hurtlg k Seamnn's Howcrv 
Burlesquers R-10. Kuropoan Sensation IL'-lt. 
riiis hulidlnx, form-orly the l,n Itey Skating 
It Ink. lorateil on S. l'helps Street, hns boon 
remodeled nnd converted Into a theatre, tho 
lessees being the New York Burlesque Co. It 
Is under the management ot Jos. W. Wen*. 
with Chnn. It. Brown, treasurer and nsslstntit 
manager, and Maurice Adh^ranr. director of 
orcbcidrn. The sealing capacity I* about 
l.ftOO, the gallery running the full length of 
tho building on both Hlden. Thr manngement 
has compiled with all the laws of the State 

Day ion. — .\t the Nnllonnl Theatre (till 
Burrows, innnnger) popular Homo Melville, hi 
"Sis llopklitt*," played lo cnpai-lty luwtnosN 
Fell. VH'J.S. The 'Four Morfons, In "nn-aklue 
Into Sorii-ty," drew well March 1-3. "Fast 
Life In New York" It-", ICIOe Fay, In 'The 
Belle of Avenue A," 8-l». 

ViCTont.v TiiRA'rnn tt'. <;. Miller, mnnn- 
per j. —.Inn. K. llackett and Mary Maunerlnu, 
In "The Walls of Jericho," were well re- 
ceived March I. Chnuncey Olcotr, In "K.I- 
inwMi Burke," n. 

Sominm' Homo TitrATttP. — "Our New 
Mlulster" attracted a good crowd .'eh, 9& 
I'mnlnc: Allnn l*a«*knrd, rnrliKuilHi, March tt. 
— ' • ■ 

Akron.— At the Colonial ilJIy S. HIM. 
tnniinn-en "The Mllllmialrc Tramp" coaie* 
l-Vh. «, "Tw.i Little Waifs" did well 'JM. 
"The Sign of the Cros*" March (I, "A Hunch 
of Keys ' 0. "The Virginian" lfl, "Tho Tor 
tune Teller 12. "itufi.« UtiMtis" H, "In flnv 
Now York" 1«. "Tho Midnight. I'lver" 17. 

f.Mgrr. TlIKATHt: t/clillle I'lllllnn, mntii- 
ger). — The Orphcum Stock Co., In reperiory. 
plenned big houses week of Ken. St.. The 
Vhiiplre Stock Co. cninr*s WVtk of Mnrch ".. 

cast la very strong. Last week, 'Wilton 
Lackaye played to satisfactory business, and 
presented "The Pit" and "Trilby," Viola 
Allen 12-17. 

Brlascoi (Geo. W. Sammls, manager). — 
"The Prince Chap" B-10. Last week, Mnr- 
guret Angtin, In "Zlra," parked the bouse, 
and gave an excellent show. "The Man on 
the Box" 12-17. 

Grani. (Harry Davis, manager). — Tho 
usual good vaudeville In presented week of 
r», including;: The Kadettes Woman's Or- 
chestra, of Boston, a musical orgaalzatlon 
Which hfln appeared here on several occasions, 
and is always sure to pack tbe house; Pat 
Hooney and Marlon Bent, Wilton Brothers, 
Nina Morris and company. Linden Beck- 
wlrb, Peters nnd Green, Julius Tannen. Car- 
Hn and Otto, Avery and Hart, Coin's dogn, 
Mllier-Brownlng company, Saooa, Ashley 

lln Co. continued to draw Immense houses nn attrACtlve npnenrance. The opening' nt 

for week ending Feb. 24. "The Heart of trnctlon was Irwin's Big Burlesque Co., Feb. 

Chicago" March 2-4. vaudeville fl-8, viola m and week followed by Scrllmer's Morning 

Allen 1». Forter J. White 10, "Tbe Onrllng Gtorlea. Sam flcrlbaer was liere with hln 

or the Godn" 13. "Simple Simon Simple lo, company, nnd left. I'I, for New York, leaving 
Pnn Sully 16, " 

trier J. White in, "The Dnrllng Glories. Sam Scrlbaer was 1 
r 13. "Simple Simon Simple 15, company, nnd left. I'I, for New 
16, Havcrly'a Mlnatrela 17. i.itgct» Wellington here In c 


^Si^oKHrsn^ """'iffi .ff^S'lSK^i^'SHr.-^ai'K: 


charge of bis 
Auker, Chester Do 

< «> 

Kt. Worth, — At Geenwail'a Opera House 
(Phil W, Ureenwnlt, tuanuger) Harry llere.<- 
lord, In "The Wnmnn Hater." bad a good 
lioime Feb. 2«. freston Clarke did well 27. 
t'nntno Theatre Co. as, "The Ynnkeo Con 
snl" March 1, Crcab|n Clarke :', "Tho Old 
Homestend" fi, Mmo, Modjonka C, "Olivette ' 
7, "II oollgf ill's Troubles" H, (.'naliio Co. 10, 1 1, 

Majnstic tt'liiiH. It. Flxcher, niunngcr).— 
Bill week opening Feb. 2tl was a plcntdug one. 
nnd Included Mr. and Mr*. Gene Hughe's, 
I'njit. '■»'". Auget- nnd hU company, In "Jack. 

« 'in. t ii n* < i . — Midday F^enten services 
aro to be held at the Columbia Thpfltre 
every weekday, save Saturday, commencing 
■March Si That announcement came while 
the dlacnsulon of the possible curtnlllng ot 
tho Sunday performances wns In progress 
The ruling municipal powers are not In sym- 
pathy with those who are la favor of mich 
action, anil as Governor Pattlwm la really 
critically HI there in little likelihood of any 

cdy. "The Clreun Blder," appear here week 
of March 12. They are sure to bring out 
tbe patrons, as they were favorites while 

E laying with tbe Hnrrjr Davis Stock Co. 

Am-in (ft. M. Gultck A Co., managers). — 
"Texas." a real Western ploy of western 
life, opens Monday, 3, for the week. Last 

Opera House was for a time occupied Sun- 
day mornltitfB by the People's Church, with 
the Intc Bar, R. II. Moore as pastor. Since 
that time nnd until tho present use of the 
Columbia no religious survlces hnvc been 
held In any local thea-tre. 

Grano OreitA Hovsr (Henry Itnlnforth 

week, Andrew MaVk played To »«tT»facto7y »£<*» SSCT!?fc l, S?!WVli2l^W l te 

business, nnd pleased. "Peggy from Paris'' sole open 8 March \ In "The Labyrinth, and 

j ■! I "" ' 1 ' ' I ' 

Bt.TOt (It. M. Gullck & Co., managers).— 
"McFndtlen's Flats" fl-10. I*nst week "Busy 
Inu'l Vacation" gave n good performance, 
una wnn liberally patronized "iTie t'onfCH- 
alons of a Wlfe ,r 12-17. 

Ga\etv (Jbb. E. Orr, raanflBer).— The Tro- 
endero Hurlesriuers, [i-10, nre giving the pa 

during the week will put on "Hnpho, I'he 

Hecond Mrs. Tanqueray" and "Carmen." The 
engagement of K. II. Hot hem and Julia 
Marlowe, lu a revival of Shakes nearenn 
plays, wan signally r.neeesafttl. On several 
evenings tbe house was entirely sold out. 
A weakened ankle at one lime gov rlae to 

advnnce sale _. 

menced Mnrch I. nnd Indicates good bind- 

oess n. J. Itellly. In advance of "Peggy 

from Paris," was In the city Feb. 27, nnd on 
a wager with Manager Lu Norton, pro- 
grammed the house m Dfl Voude's matinee, 
Feb. 27. Mr. Norton lost nnil tunde good, nnd 
Mr. Itellly pushed on to the next town. 

1'oltuninm. -At the (ireot Southern The- 
ntre (0. M. Ilelfner, mnnngcri "Tbi Tender- 
foot" drew fairly well Feb. 28. Jan. K. 
llackett and Mary Mannerlng. In "The Walls 
of Jericho," entertained crowded housea 
Mnrch 2, It. "The Virginian" II, Chnuncey 
Olcott 7, IIowc'h plcturen 0, lfl, "The rol- 
lege Widow" L't. 11, Olgn Nethersole" 10, 17. 

Km nut Theatbb (Priewlly HorrUnn, innu- 
nueri. — "Glittering d'orlu" wan pre-mnted by 
flie Kmplre Slock Co. during Ihe pa-it wii>k, 
and was well received by fairly gwid honor*, 
For week of rk "Jim, the rcnirmti." "Hroitier 
Ofncers" 12-1 ,. 

GKAxri OrtntA Hoi'hh (W, \\. PronHcr, man- 
sger). — ilaverlv Mntitodon MliiMtrelK enter- 
tnlned good houses Feb. 2t\-W. "When 
Knighthood Was lu Flower" drew fairly well 
March 1-JI. Week of ft. "Sis Hopklm." Km- 

the fear that Miss Marlowe might not be able t . S t ilngnn nnd his company, who drew cn- 

trons a aftad ihow (he olio hShw enneeif.'i.v tto uppear, hut desplle thai handicap she podty nouses on their foiwr engigemcni. 

The KSt're of ihe ollr? iJ^frhin dl(1 «flmlmlilT. "Taming or the Shrew. W piny n return date IB-It , t , „ 

}??, l*: ai ^ re _ ! P*. oll ° |B . Hr,nn - ''Twelfth Night, I'he Merchant of Venice" Hum Anion THMTttN tVtm, W. Harper. 

and "Romeo nnd Juliet" were nil presented manager,!.— "The Governor'* Pardon" played 

lit a manner thnt will mnrk u new epoch In i,, fair hoitsei I'Vb. 2U-2S. "The Fnctory 

the staging of the legitimate In Cincinnati, tjirl' drew good crowd* Mnrch l-.l. "V\by 

' McLnuglilln, Women Hln -V7, "A Milllonnlre T'amp" K- 

ger,: manage^). — "Aeri 
a return date ft*10. 


acknowledged to be one of the most sensa- 
tional Jugglern hefore iiie public. An added 
attraction Is llm Todd-Judgp trottpi^ of acro- 
bats, hast week Rice & llarton's BIjt Gaiety 
packed the house, nnd gave about the best 
burlesque performance of the season. Tbe 
Jersey Mites 12-17. 

ACADRMA' OK Mt'ttlC (IT, W. Will lmm, Jr„ 
manager). — Carr'a Thoroughbreds, one of the 
Htronpesi: Durlcsrpie organisations en tour 
thin season, nre here 6-10. Tho olio Is 
strong, and the burlesques very funny. Last 
week the Merry Rurlcsqnem did well, and 
"Vuntn" appeared an an extra attraction. 
Proadwav Galetv Girls 12-17. 

Kmpirh s ■■:. J. McCullough, manager).— 
Dlack Pattl's Troubadours, now In the tenth 
year of popularity, piny .in. most of tint 
old favorites appearing In the cast. Tho 
singing Is one oi the fenturen of the show. 
Last week "On tue Ilrldge at Midnight" did 
well. "OIr Hearted Jim 1 ' 12-17. 
» „ ., — , — 

Aiioona. -At the Now ajlsbler (I. C. 
MlHhlcr, manager) "Tbe Isle of Hong Kong" 
drew an Immense audience Feb. 20. "Sim- 
ple Simon Simple" bad a big house 27. "The 
Eternal City" March 1, "The Tenderfoot" 2, 
"The Irish Pawnbrokers" S, "Rig Hearted 
Jim" r», "Happy Hooligan" 7. "Mrs. Tem- 
ple's Telegram* 1 8, "The Real Widow Brown" 
10, "Hufus Rantus" 12. 

Ui.rvrkth avf.nih: on-: ii a Tlovan (I. ,C< 
MIshler, maoager), — Emma Bunting and co. 
pleased large audiences lant week. My ride 
and Harder A and week. 

Notes. — "The Isle of Bong Bong" close! 

at Llaiini.'N. X., March 3 Col. Wm. 

Maxwell, of this city, and s. Litbln, of Phlln- 

Rowland Huckstone, Millh - 

T. b. Coleman and Malcolm Brndley were m, "Kn»t Lynne" 12-11 

a quartet who largely aided in the nrtlsile r0 w" lft-17. 

Interpretntlon of old favorites of a school 

that will live as long art the drama Itself. 

B..8. Willard 11. 

Walnut Hthrrt Tiieatrk (M. C Ander- 
son, mnniKor). — Th« Four Mortona, Hnm, 
Clara, I'aul and Kitty, In "Breaking Into 
Hoclety," 4-10. Last week "The Remit y 
Doctor, a utelodloim hodge podge seen here 
before, enjoyed a prosperous return. Claire 
Grenville was n shimmering M. 1) 
Hope Gage, Dan Moyles, Will 
Mnrlo Hymnds and Jnmes it. Wlaters, gave 
ail color neceasary lo a Bueremdiil protlne- 
Hod. Charlew Grapewln, In "It's Up to Vou, 
John Henry," 11-17. 

Hobinhon'h Oitra HousB (George F. Fish .., 
ft L F. Fish, managers). — Tho Forepaugh pr»parn(loii for Ihe Keiison 

Stock Co. puta on "The Wife" 4-10. "Too . • — — 

Proud to lVg" wiih staged ln*t week, with 
Walter Kdwarda, the new leading mini, cist 
an King Robert. The players gave the play 
a most strenuous plrrn. Jenai«Hne mmniTi 
was dellahtfui as Perpetna. LoiiIko Kent 
made n pleitBlng Lycnbette. Harry Feawlek 
was cast well an Hllderhrnnd, and Lnurii 
Plerpont war received with the uaunl murk* 
of favor. Buulnesa was good. "Vlrglnlun" 

The Flaming Ar- 

Noma. — Roller skating crane hna hit Co- 
lumbus with all It* fury. Two rinks are In 
operation, nnd nre drawing large crowd* all 

the ilme O. P. Ilelgi'l, manager of (bo 

Knelld Avenue Rink, nt Cleveland, litis the 
lease <>n the Columbus Audllorlum, nnd I* 
drawing capacity continuously. . . .Hirllth ft 
Murphy, Ihe well known Inenl dancing 
mii*torn, have bulli a rink nt their Summer 
ml with psrk, nnd nre meeting wllh so much success 
I'hllbrlck, that they are a-onientplntlng doubling their 
Moor naif i ■ . .Miutiiger Dimenliury, of olen- 
taiigv Pnrk, hns nlurge rink In course of 

construction Hoy Fidlns. nsalstiint tnitti- 

nger of Ihe Sell* Bro*. ft Fori'iniugh Circus, 
arrived during llie imihI week to iH'gln active 

Cleveland.— At the Opera House (Harry 
p. Kline, mnniigur) .Inmc* K. Hncketi and 
Mary Mannerlng, week of March ft, in '"Hie 
WnllN of Jericho." "The Virginian" drew 
well Inst week. "Tho Kduentlon of Mr. 
l'lpp" 12-17. 

Colonial (I>mw ft Campbell, mannger*), 
—Margaret Anglln, In "Zlra," tVW. Ileiiry 
K. Hlxey, lu "Tbi! Man oil tin* Box," Inst 

11-17. Mm. Flskc, In nmtlnee performanceH WPPk buned receipts." Arnold Only' 1IM7. 
of "Iledda Gabler," 12, 1.1. Lyi:ki:m (Geo, .M. Todd, inHnageri.T^'^le, 

Ws.Chlg last week, pronounced hits being WWhMlS.$!^KW^^iF8& S K 

made by Clifton Crawford In a now mono- K eventh Avenue, and will convert It Into- art i>| 

login.'.Vifl IMirnhv Wchola and company, In amusement resort In the form of a theatre. lUrrin nnrt Brown, Sydney Grant, und-FredO 

tm^^^^^wS^maSS^ pagwBl m$» mOhn_ W&LWm and Dare. " 

Columbia Tiifiatrh (l£ C. Auderaou, mnn- 
a » er ), — The Agoust Family of aerobe ta will 
hare. 4 mud week, the compuny of such 
entertnlners ns Fred Hallen nnd Mollle Ful- 
ler, In "A Modern I'lunger:" the Tlrm-corTls, 
l>lmore Sisters, Bailey nnd Austin. Brown, 

Iihii and I" week of a. "Girls Will Bo 
Girls" drew crowded hoiwes last week. Black 
IVittl's Troubadour,, week of 12. 

Clkvki«.n'I> (Geo. M. Todd, mnnnger). — 
"On I tin Bridge at Midnlghl" week of ft. "Too 

ley and Sterling. Ilatdlo Laugdon and llie 
mn.lc4togrn|ili. Bill week optMiIng March I : 
Chaa, Forester and Jane tourthnno, Lniuoni'K 
curkntotis. Myera nnd Ko*n, linmm Brnx., 
Herbert Mitchell, and Bert nnd John Hwor. 
Good bunineaii eontlnueH. 

Chows (Kpsieln ft Son, managers). — Hey- 
■uoiir and Blnucbaid prc*cnlcd "Kit CurHon" 
na forerunner tor a good bill week <>r 
Feb. JU. The olio Included: Joe Fox, Lhxle 
bilker, Cora Wlmloll, Alvlu Dnshlngtoii, Key 
incur and Hlntichnrili. itira HiuiiiKin, Bnct. 
i.nre mid the ciownoncope. lltiHlnesH i* 

ST..n fR. N. lUnwIddle. mgannxer).— 
".Inck'H Wife" wns the curtain raiser week of 
l!fl. I'l'dpli' : Chirk mid Hmnions, Rose It. 
Mitchell, Cns, llney, Ida Carrico, tlold'e 
AIny, Rewnle La Monde, Baby Oil, Nellie Wll 
llmiirt nnd Jack llvmlugton. IIiihIiicnh Is liiniiii- 
Ing. T 

STAMiAtiu (Frank Be lto»|ue, miinaser). - 
Bol> llewlette pencilled hi* bui'lcM(|ue, "Faust 
uml Mephlato ,ir.," week of '.'il. In the- olio: 
I'hil nnd Thelnin Klngsley, Monroe mid Hi. 
(')nlr, Joe .Mills, Unrlo Trio, Vera Miller. 
Fay Delnuir, Three tie Lorn Hose Mcnd»l. 
Lulu Be Miir. Frank GlhtmiiH, little Collon 
and Lulu Lnwtou. Business Is big. 
■■■ ■■ ■ ■• '■ ■■' ■^ — 

HooMtoi*. ,\i thn HoiiMtim Tlienlre (Mmi- 
rlce> C. Mli'hnel*. uiniiager) Alice NlelMcn, In 
' Hon Fasiiipuil,' 1 Feh. 'j\i, 'j:i. hnd Iwo bL* 
and I'liilniHiiiMtir Iioiimpm. "Brown's lu Town 
21. Tim Mtn-pby mid Ihimthy Hhenntl. 'JM. 
revived "A Texas Steer," lo a fair house. 
Will* Musical Comedy Co. March I, ,l, "The 
Mn hi mid the Mummy" 7, "Tho Vaukee Con- 
sul" N. Muie, MiMljeska Hi. 

Ma.ikhtm* (F. K. Hliirgls, maimgor). — 
IbislnesH loallniies to I he enpacliy. I'l-ople 
uii to March .'i ; Dlxnti nnd Field*. Hlmmou 
tiad llurrl*, Ilullecbilre BriitherH, I'nitlo mid 
..tirlow, ijivliilii ])■• Wilt, Arlington and llcl- 
atoii, uml the nuiJcHtugriinh pictures, 

Nothm.— -Manager Michael h electric park 
and Hummer thenlrn meet with such lining- oppiisltbiti from Ihu fnsbloniilile 
in'lulilisirhiMid. where lie hnd coiiteniplati-d lo 
hulhl, thai lie wit* rcluclntitly compnllcd lo 
u.Hcontlnue his plans, sell the grounds hmighl 
inr .Id* ohjeet to hi* opiHi*orn, nnd In now 
busily trying to Uml n localhiit ns aiivtin- 
tngjetniH In some other part of llie clly, 

■- •'■■ aaa aaaa a — . 

Mnn Antonio, — At Gin Grand Opera 
House (Hid. II. U'Hh, manager) Tim Murptiy. 
la "A TeniH Steer," playeil hi H. R. I). Feb. 
21. Wills MiihIciiI Comedy <*o, lift mid 
H-e i' It. 

M a.ii:mth- (10. II. Fltxluigl), innnnger). — 
The following proved one of Ihe best bill* 
ever rendered nt till* pluyh,iu*c, '.Ml and 
week, and drew very well Indeed : Iniiiiiii 
RrnH., hand and head linliuulug: Illustrat- 
ed aongH, Swor Brnilicrs. lu nunwl Lu- 
mont's ciK-kiiiiirin. Herliert Mllehcll, song 
nnd Miory : Myern and Rusn, disc mmil|iu 
Inlors-, June Conrlb(i|m and conipntiy, mid 
MnJes|ouro|ih. Rill for week iH-glnnliig 
March 4: Hlxon nnd Fields, German rawi 1 * 
ill una ; Mlmmotis nnd llarrl*. In sketch ; Bell- 

„ EmvBNTii -STnBCT Ot'KnA House <Fnu.k jhowH. . ■ • -J h ni ,t, py , 'Si n J i£ k'5 f 
Dumont,, manager).— Duraont'n Mlostrela put between J. ^'p'^WS^'f 
on a new mirRsqtie the current week, en- W*& «»&% 98l^^% 2F&B 
titled "A'donted Into the Tribe ; or, Joining 
the Red Mm." The other aklts, "Alice's 
\V*drtlnL'"i and "Count Borle Do Castellalno, ' 
o« ■continued.- In the Grist part new songs 
will ho wilrbled by the vocalists. 

CasIno' (Tlllns, Koenig & Lederer. mann- 
Rera).^-The Golden Crook Co.. with l v bllnriel- 
oMp JQck O'Brien aa the added feature, 5-lp. 
The Now l'ork Stars drew big last week, 
the Jfirint throwing not of Will Rogers being 
the feature. The Dainty Duchess Co. 12-17. 
m Rlstni: <G. W. Illfe, manager).— Parlnlnn 
Belles Q-jjO. Wtlllams' Ideals gave a dl 

the Old Mountain City Theatre, Is not fully 
settled yet, and will not lie until March 1. 
wbeu Mr. Burke's option ejplres. The option 
Is for a ton years' lense. providing Mr. Flack 
has the building remodeled and fitted up as a 

drHt class vaudeville theatre gUMftr 

Mlahlrr announces thnt next season the Elev- 
enth Avenue Opera House will be conduct cd 
strictly an a vaudeville Iheatre, with two 
nerformancea dally. Booking arrangements 
have nlready heen made with lending vaude- 
ville agents, whereby It will enable him to 

— "gttractlonn from Sew \ork, Phlln- 

Maiinger Mlnh- 

v . Business Inst week wns great, H 
usual, with such clever magnets aa Martha 
Florrlne and her trained Unas, pumas, 
lenpnrds and Jaguars : trharjen l<eonard 
Fletcher, and Out Williams. 

Hirrii'M Ol'KtiA HoiiKH (lleuck, 1-Vnuest.y 

A Btalr, managers). — Caroline May. In "Thn 

Factor.- Girl," 4-10, llnraey Gllmore. under 

John 11. Havllu'H mnnagement, played to 

Manager splendid huslnesM Inst week. In "A Rocky 

i»ah.i t,, IleJ' nrnvnil In l»e nolle n ilrawlnir NliinM : Hlmtlions uml IInrrlH, III sketeh ; IU'11- 

msonit las t we,', "whv lirls Leave |?ome h «-« »'■'"*•• >fo»» 1 '" 1 "" « n(1 M|K Marlow. 

magnet last week. way «nris Mn uome UwMn lh » witt ro rnelllst, and Arlington 

•amSllf ... ... . _„. -„,| Halul-n,, 

Kk.tii'h (IC A. Daniels, manager).— Bill "n* Helntm 

reek, New London Gaiety Girls 12-17. UL.™ . I ? l :i- TEL a.'«™ii«. Th-«ire in John*. 

Kelly, of the New Family Theatre, in Johns- 

Saw London Gaiety Girls — 

Iatbi'm (John G. JermoiL manager). — 
The rarbdna Widows 310. Lunt week, the 
Jersey Lilies bloomed upon good nlted au- 
dlnneei,- London Belles Co. 12-17. 

TRflbAtiBBO (Fred Nixon, manager). — 
Sam Oevere'a Co. is here for the week be- 
Klnnlbg R. y.The olio Includes: Andy Lewis, 
ICtiene, tho comcrty Juggler; the HcbrodeN. 
"td the UoRu Comedy Four. Tbe Utopians 
enjoyed a woek of prosperity. •'_._- 

v ;Bok ,Tos (Lillian Tyson, manager).— The j Iarch , ti „ad the usual big buBlness. 
bill for „wcek of 5 consists of Montgomery MW R ttrnctIons announced are: Ihe Ten 
nnd.ttil.ter, tho Llftoms Lorcnc. the Durants, dRr f 0rt t" 5, Atlantic City Elks* Mlnntreln 8, 
Vcr ,Valin:nnd Robinson, Jewel T. Hevener , „ |ft nen ent of the charity fund of liar- 
— Ho Won 35m5 I^dg« N«- 12. R. P. O. Klkn; Shep- 

Read to Dahlia." Frank iJivarnle. John D. 

Grlffln, Mlna Shirley nnd Emily Green were 

clever In support. The Ancient Order of 

Hibernians and their families crowded the 

house one night. "Sherlock Holmes" 11-17. 

lUtCXBX Tiicatbb tHeuck, Hiuir & Fen- 

nessv. managers).— "The Flaming Arrow" •*• 

10. Julian ltoac was seen last week, In "Fast 

Life In New York," nnd bimincas was big, 

., Francis Hone Cntueron. leonine Withron, 

towo, which will open next season, and will Harry Welch nnd Avis Mathls are clever In 

be booked In conjunction wUh the Altoona slip po r t. "Marching Through Georgia" 11- 

• — Htakdaud Thbatbb (C. B, Arnold, mana- 

., - - — 4t **.« i ,,,.»■ mil Theatre gor).— Rice it Barton's Rig Gaiety tixtrnva- 

HarrlMtiiirv.— At Tie "'yceij™ ..J*"^ 5 HnZ a Co. 4-10. Sam Herlbner's Gay Masnue- 

<M.„ f^JiP^SlJ^^Jn^^SS. B nut up n ciltterlng songful front Ej 

Tate and company, Klta Ben/al. Kmmet Do 
Voy and company, /n/ell nnd Vernon, und 
the Three Mitchells. 

Lmtc (K. It. Lung, tnnnnuer).— Btll week 
of 5 Includes : Herman Weedoo, Mr, und 
Mrs. Diiiinv Mnnn, Faust Furully. Wills nnd 
Barron. Fred C. Styles, and Vlclorelll. 

Htaii (Drew & Campbell, inanngers). — The 
Broadway Gaiety Girls week nt ."•. The 
Tiioroughbreds hud line hunlnes* lust week. 
Jollr Girls Co. 11M7. 

Rhpiiik (Chfta. W. l>eur.lnger, manager). 
— Kuropenn Hensatloa RurleHquers week of 
.".. The llowery llurleso.uers had good busi- 
ness ln*t week. Al. Reeves' Rig Bemity Hbow 


Gray'ih AitMOiiv. — The sixth of tbe Kyin- 
pliotiv Orchestra concerts wns given night 
of Feb. L'u. The I'lt.tiiburg Ordiest rn, as- 
sisted by Henri iMnrtenii, vIoilnlMt, gave a 
very entertaining programme, to a very large 
■"Mat — 

roy" bad fair toSSjam Feb- "M. """«"! "J 
ilngwell's Roota" drew a Rood houso W, and 

anil compaajr, la ths nlaylpl, "How 

Her, '. anil moving pictures. al ,y H plcturea 10, _ 

Bljiii Stvmvtt (C A. llrauenbnrKB. man- m \j£JZ Hocais.— The Chnrlm h. Cliamplln 

art.— In tbe curio hall, week of, * are l 8foct 0c , hr „ tc ,„e. rMnrih for Wiiawa, 

•Wrl.— In tbe carlo hall, week or, a are; gfock 

pam llussall,. sword ewnllower; .lamcsilaad.i, -iihf. oomrmnv scored a M(t lilt on Its ilrst 

ron.liullrosn (second weekl : Normaa Orcen, '.'Jj, htT i -'Desertwl at tbe Altar Is duo 

»» OR skeleton (seeonrl week) i Herbert mil- - , „ nn ..(j n7 >- ew york" 8-10. 

flclaii; Porrlno. trained dogB, and Alfonso, '\i 0TBB _irrank Wlnsteln. musical dlreclor, 

liutntin..o(trlch. In tie theatre arc : jkwan ( or 'mcrlr o( this city, was hero with the Shep- 

Homcr, Allen and Dalton. J. H. JlOlchol. '"J iSSrlBI picture csmpaay. and was warmly 

Miller and Hopkins, Bradley and Hay, Karlo SJoSed...., . .Charles K. Cliamplln, of the 

and I)arl)o|t, and Lubln'a clncoaraph. , rhamnlln Stock Co., during Ihe performance 

NOTEN.—Artliiir Rubinstein, F- -"" ta '- '« "' •"--.--.- ••-— - 
» "cltal at the Lyric on tbe 
Mareh -n.,i ...Vvefte Oullbert ... 

tores matinees at theBroad March II, R arid Jjfa ^ lr . cbamplln enterlalned 

.. ' w av_-« uniril natlSB 

be pianist. In 'f IXrioca Holmes." 1. was presented with lie Conns, of the 

afternoon of , r h Sme sl°i urabrelta by the Sberlo.* their WlDter nun 

Is book"! for {hand some . On Uw menlag liners of the Slln 

>rch II, R and HflPa. rhamnlln enterlalned tbe club. . ... mdwlg I'ulita. I 

""""Vrederlck lipoid IreaSrVr of The «'J: T g 7^nl manager of the , M. the guest of the flem.n Lllsr.ry Clui here, 

"road. K» "fftiei a one art dram". ■»* iSfjlJini a visitor here Feb. 27.. .•, . . and attenrled. 4, a gala performance of one 

tled-TbelnSsn' which will shortly be nr-j- K,? 1 ^' ffion, musical performers, en- of his best, eomedles, •'Jugendfrennde^ pre 

mm Virginia Hennlngs Is a new nddl- " "A'fned tbe members o( tbe loeal lodge of 

Upu ,to the Ko?epaugb Stock. . sousa's tenaii 

new 'oner* -"ICImw fn. a TIbt." 

. . . SouBa's 
new •opcra',^'King"foVaDoy," will be seca 
at toe- Chestnut Street Opera House on April 

.......April 23 Ii toe date selected for tbe 

i,w.tom.-AttheLrceiiin(a,'j. bu»7. ««»«" "*'"• 

rndors nut up n glittering songful front Inst 
week, and proved to poknobs ii remarkably 
large and agile chonm. "The Advltwr ' and 
" "Way Tp Ye«nt" both went well, mnn 
was good. . TrocartfTO Bur|enquem 11-17. 

Pkoplb's TifRATtiK (Hubert. Ileuik, man- 
atdt). — The Jollv tlirlH, lln, succeeded 
the Broadway Oalety fllrls, wlio put on 
"ttlirterintt Hylvla" Inst woek. The olio jm 
enpeclnllv atrong, and the ras-Me-Ui Trio, 
with their Ciihau olcksnlnuy. Runshlne, 
mnde a tremendous hit. The •Melrose icaui 
of acrobats, flret-n Blwters and John Weber 
u-cre others who were bettcn than well re- 
ceived. Dreamland Bnrlc*o,iier* 11-17. 

flosaip of tiik Loimv. — James H. Howell 
haa redlffoed as assistant treasurer <>( tbe 
Oolurabln Theatre. His succesnor Is Charles 

tichweltKler, of the Walnut Street The 

He Coinn*, of the Rlngllng Show, who make 

lnrtern here, were Ihe h*nd- 

Dners* rirciis nt Detroit . . . . 

be Herman playwright. Is 



tented nt the Grand by the Ocrman Theatre 

Co Mayor Dempaey baa Instrurted tbe 

chief of police to stippjeis. all speculators in 

and appreciative fltidlenre, 
Nor?.— Walter <t. Needs, 

for years thn 

popular lender of the Htar Orcheatrn, died 
ufrer a olion IIIuphh, on Sunday, Feh. -.">. 
■ ■■ i 

T..1tM]».- At the Valeatlae (Otto Kllves, 
mnnnger} the benefit given for the Press 
Club, reft. 'J3, won n big hucccsh. "The Walls 
of Jericho" wan presented to the linen! houHe 
of tbe KpiirM»ji 1!0. Kelcey ami Hhotitton 
Mnrcb 15. 

' T.VCBfw (Frank Hurt, lusnnger). — "Joah 
I'erkiut*" drew good nttendance Feb, WWiK 
"The Belle of Avenue A" IV7, "When Kulgbt- 
hood Was In Flower" 8-1M, 

KuriBH (Abe Hlionlro, manager). — Thn 
Kuropoan Heusatlon Co. drew fair biiHlnexs 
last week. World Heaters in and week. 

IIcrt'ii (Frank Hurt, maunger). — "The 
Mttle Horacstesd," Feb. 2fl-'JH. was well re- 
ceived. "Two little WntfH" Ti-T, "Fast lit* 
la HUT York" «-!(». 

AltCApK (II. II. Umklti, niaonger). — nil! 
fi and week: Max Smith lino, Nellie Fields. 
Qulglev Bros., Preas Kldredge, Hrhepp'a dog 
and [May ctrcua, (.'anlleld nnd Csrleton, and 
the vltngraph. 

HfirinarAr-ld. — At the (iraml Opera Houso 

A lint in. — At Hnucock'H Opera Houso 
(0m, Walker, uinnageri Creittoii Clarke, Feb, 
'2'.\, lii "Moiitileur llcitu'iilrc," on account of 
iMimeroiir, other enieiliiiaiiieiilH. drew u 
Hinull limine. Hue ; "Tli't old HoiuesLead" 
Miireh i:i, "The Ainerlrnn Trump" l-l. 

r.ftlvrKtou — At tbti tlrmitl Opera Hoiino 
(have Wols, manager) "Jlrowu'H In Town" 
pleiiHcd twn fairly good nl/.ed Ikmimcm Feb. I!.",. 
Ilarry Beresroru T, "The Ynnkeo Onuui" li. 
"The Heir to the Iloorab" Hi, II. Madn.uti 
Miidjeskn 1'.', "The Old Homestead" Id, 
4i * 

Atlanta.— At Hie Oruad (II. U & * h 

I> Olve. munagerw) Jninen O'Neill, la 
"Monte Crlsto," Mnrrh I. Hlcbard Carle 
iileiiMi'd Inrgu uudlcucva Feb. -ti. Ul. "Mi> 
WlggH, of Ihe UtMBUW 1'Klcb." March It, IJ, 
Mclnlyre and Heath :,, Alice Nvllwn T. 8. 

Bmoii ( Juke Wulis, kiiiiiiiic'I) . — Billy B. 
Vim, In "The Krrand Hoy," wiih a decided 
hit Feh. IV-lf4. Mary Murble, In "Nancy 
llrown." ia billed March fi-I«. 

Htaii (J. II. Tbuuipnoti, manager). — Thli 
limi nn continues to proaper. The bill Feb. 
•_'ii nnd week lueludcs: Tlio Cules, Oolden 
and Collins. I'eurl Ncllson, Mjirtyne Klstem, 
Haviumid Sinters, Bulay l^owiniin, Alk-o Bil- 
lon, Lllllini May. Florence Wrugland, Mne 
Keniin, I'eart BMidcll, Ooldlo Ismail, V«rna 
Sawyer. Curl Copelanil, Lew Oolden, John 
I'. Ilurko, Hilly ntJMMrt (producer), and 
moving plcturea. 

IVAciiTiittti AiioiTOititiM (J. II. Anderson, 
manager j. —The. Taggnrtu, lu their ucrobntb: 
ucl, Feb. 1,'I-Mnreh :T. 

Noten.— J. B. I'honipaon, manager hnd 
owner of the War Then ire, Iimh nccepted 
iilaiis nnd let. contrnein for a new theatre. 
lo bo erected uesr the heart of the city. It 
In to be the home ut slock couipnnluM, nuil ' 
will have n seating capacity of nlRiut 2,000. 
This new houre Is to he ready for huxIncHri 

some time In June Sarah IlariibnrdL, 

tumble to sernre a theatre in this city, will 
lie seen nt llie I'enchtree Auditorium March 
17. Tills house Ik being put In londltbm, 
and, when completed, will neat about ;.,<hj<,. 



M'AKCH 10. 


C L. S.. Rockland. — I, The player to the 
right of the dealer I* obliged to cut tbc card*. 

i»;> »■'■■'■ '■ ' *T : *. ;. ;■ » «■' M M M then; must .lie an many cords 

•u.. ii;, „ • ■, from clthor top or bottom of puck a»» codhM- 

THE FRANK QUEEN PUBLISHING, Mi " trick B Hi. p.,™ i»-C "">«" il. 

N». 4. No. 


nviir j.vosik, 

KitiroHlAL ami Ilt'NiNi:HH MANA<:»:a. 


AilvcrlUruiriiin — *J.*ll |«r IlllU. «lll|le mi- 

.Vlv-rllaewenlK act Willi bnrtlcr, 10 ii«r 
cent, extra. 

51IIHI Hli'Tlo.v. 

One jear ii ailvanro, Mi >l* uiontlia, f 2 : 
taree iiiomli e, fl. Itrclgn imalaitc enni. 
Single eopltti will be sfnl, iwHIpnlil, on re- 
ceipt ot 10 renin. 

Oar Terma are Caalt. 

TUB 1» InnuMl ererj Wldueal'-ij 
mbrnlnj. lie laat four (adrcrtialliz) p«gi!« 
<IO TO PlIBDH on Saturday nt 11 a. m., rina 
tie other para on MONDAY and TUESDAY. 
The Forma CloalrtB I'romlitly, T»e«- 
ei>>. Hi 1» o'clock A. H. 

J'leaee rtmtr. by capreaa. utouiy order, clieca. 
P. 0. order or regl«ter«l lei ler. All ctili u- 
cloaed with letter l> at the rlak of aender. 

*ddre»« All I iiii>liiM>ili'»llmi« lo 

47 Weal 'Mm Street, Xcw Yort. 
ZleoUtcied Vatle A l t * T ea , •' AmtloalTr." 


ot ,THb: CW^ftl'u hi located .at Itoom CO*. 
Aahlattd lllotk, flilcnpe, "William F. Btynn, 
manager and eorreapundent. wlierc udrertUe 
meat, and siilxcrlptloni urn recelred at our 
regular rates. 


tootled at 48 Cruubouruc St.. l.o.tdoh, W. C 
John H. Carney, manager* anil corrcipondtiil:, 
where ndvertlaements nnil subscrlptloni are 
received itt our regulni rales. 

tkt Ci-nTKH cm m vattAvtm, whole- 
sale ano hetaii., ut mir agents. Hreuluuo'a 
news depot, UT Avenue Uc rnperu, rails, 
Ifrauce; M. Ullctitha., Frederick Straiwe 
101 (TeroHnas lintel), Berlin, X. W., Uer- 
many; Diamond News Co., It' 1'rado, Ha- 
vana : Manila Hook and Stationery Co., VJJ8 
Kwolta. Manila. P. 1. : Albert & Son, 187- 
1311 King St., Sydney, Australia. 


A. V, Columbus. — He cannot. He must 
him an extra king nml mieea of trumps In 
•mini to roolft -io truinim iifier t(> Iihk mrtiled 

I.Vi tr'.iilijio. 

I*. Howth unkniu.— II. must riww l.i- hand 
If rc'iueafwl to do an, 

mil i iiliih, iMioi., i:i< . 

M. K. C... WAIrCmr. X. V.— .V did not In- 
cur rt forfeit nn thir Hlrukri, n« dem-rlbed In 
your .juery. 

^IfiTfllif r it TMIiTf 

\V_ W. I*, Tiiiiiil«ii.-.\Vc Iihvi 
»t Hie iirniil. 

I. C. II., Hvruiilon. — WclwUri 
fullr ckiiltilox lhi> uininitiK "f 
Alujorlly. In tut' .■j,,,.. 
Mil- Jlauros Kent UK. 

■mi, iriiifh bmhbmIl 

iiihI for liim over the combined voles MM 

for IiIh oppouenu. 

■ ■ ■ 

ot'H i>ii\nr» ijittkk. 

kh<»m on: hkh OHM hi*uMii:.NT. 



of the IrfHt. TUe tttnrr ilraU nilli Hie nml- 
den i-onrRndou of tbe iirime ndmleter of « 
Tory .ndtnlnlrttratlon. Hlr Jolin- AbipoUford. 
from a Conner native tn a Radical. 'I"- '-. 
rhaoito In )H>IItlcnl Itelief In hrougut about 
In it Klrangtt niiinjipr. TIi<: iiremlcr.- fnlU ott 
tlie nJnbiKalcr HLiiIrrarto. wlilcb be erectnl nt 
n U'u I'nxl. in his botiiw on Uronvennr Ht|itare. 
TIr> doctor wIki nttftubc Mm. diTlaren tlinl 
In* ban exjtvrtrpi'ed a lealon of iht* bntltt. 
Sir Jnbn hlmwlf dfMcrilx'M ill- wtixiilltm an 
"( Hie opening of a dour In lilx mlml lulo 
r!n' Unlit. He nt once h.'iriu- to denounce 
llm Hmmii of wlikli In* In ko exulted a mem- 
ber, talk* of Hi-' KroKrineini of ibe Idle rlcb. 
■ if ihe iimI for the Kprvod of Iho ultra- 
Hndlrnl Idem, and nielhodx. and •■« lie ltnR 
n »KlftM<«r. In fh<? drawing room lu *Im per* 
-"ii of IiI-j nnii dniigbler. lie ttmU »vtrij<n(liy 
In the pfrformoilCti of bin in.Utli-nl Mtiiier- 
eaull, .iltliiuiKli compnlled to fare tbe opi»o- 

the mule member of tbe duo, and tbe singing from the MubJc HaJL ArltUU* Hallway A^o. 
nml dftuclng of the lady were very good, aiid jffl^.U^TRerli^ eMl A<Hetf Um fiK 

gtwit nceptluu accorded tbefr turn wbb " 
nn evidence of the audleoco'N approval of 
rnme. Pat nafferty. TrlaU comedian, wny 
one niinic and "tie pntnewll 

^^^SSrS&wt In '-Molaring." wnt deteatca "tVtiib. lUo w^'mVle li 
exlra well and Mi" act lived up to i e^ <i|n reprtMiitliiir uciirly .10,iX»0 perform- 
mp-Ttn ion of k-lng one of the mopt erP,;d«lro twpectfufly to call tour attSitl?.. 

.7T. ._. il. ^- -*^ dli«i 'i.-ilni- ■ imr>rn t Kill <>; Itin Siri-lin, ..!•.. , 

Xer^lcrs jUiwciatldu nriti the Uraod tird r 

of Win ttdu, * lilcli bave Joined handi f >- 

_ tlie t>urtk>8e lh view under Ibe title of It 

rngp^aSutU wng, and. be Variety AM lata' l-'eilehiflon : "Toiir mcmoriii 

- latter pwujr. l-ta. In conrerence n^einldnl. Mm3E ^f 

* IllMicr liiircaii. 

•IS < riililM.iiriir- Strci-1. 

Leleeater Sa«, 

London, W. V. 
KUB. Sd, 
•The AJuIiiikIim- Utalneail."* doui> nt tbe 
I'oinwly 4in Wi-dioi^diiy. by ,lubn Unre and 
ciiniimiiy. ned Nat C. tfoodwln'it rerlvnl of 
"An American Clllzeti," ut Un> HbwftvtilHiry, 
nn the follonrlOK sight, worn tlie ruont proinl- 
neht liuiineulngri of the wei'k closing to-iilgUt. 
Hpritie-llKu weal her made li« appearance 
iitrly In tbe week and helped fill up many of 
the vacant scat* nt the tbuatrca. 

Again the riuuor vomeH to my car>t tbnt 
we arc to receive a tialt from Uauiya Cuhau. 
who, by tbc war, U referrwl io by uu Kag- 
llr<li drnmnth: wriier, rk "tbe Keymuur flick* 
uf.AmerliTn. fho SprlnK Chicken" coin- 

[luQ'y. vacHttng tbe .hileiy hi tbc late UprlnK. 
eavr<i> in i>i>euing at one of the moat hoc- 
cemrftil <>t the London JioiWr,, iiud It Ik iwld 
that Ucorgo EdnrnrdcM In urruDglnx to H1I the 
gap with nn American production. nml that 
rbe -Ihiiv In likely t<i lie one of Uio Colmu 
brand. Tbe youtlifnl builder of -such prullt- 
aiile playn 1h nlnm>>t nt well known mi thin 
Hide an be la hi Amvrlai. I.'uduius are 
ntiXlouH to an the "woudci-ful" youngster, 
and wlien tbey do, I predict thvy wou't be 
dl earn >o I n ted. 

"Tbc Utile KlmnKcr" Ih tbe uamc of n 
new three act force, bv Michael Morton, 
being played nt the Crlterloa. It, '.■* not n 
greut phi), but It xfrven tn Introduce n 
child, Ufleen yearti old, endowed with the 
Mtugecraft nnd uciluir iiccompllHbnicott'of u 
man. llouaeit of gooilly alxe have nt tended 
the luilgblng nh«w Uins fur. Story: Tlie 
youngKler, n nori of modern Tuck. 1- hwus- 
gled Into the Iiuumo uf a -rbannlng yonug 
wife aud mother, n-ltb n view to curing her 
of her mania of Mptrltualluni, demoralizing 
her lioiiitehold, uud nllcuHtlng lier hunbnud'H 
nffectlon. One of tbc trick* played by the 
little Imp Ik to hide nvny ibe family baby, 

nttlr one edition, ttnd (but la dated left ulonu for ibenioimml by Uu nurse, mid 

# »« \ n .» \n-k t"* 10 "" I'bicc In the cradle. Found there. 

f rdm New Yoek 


>,. Repllea by Mmll n r Telesraph. 

AniiBKsuLS ou wiibubaboi;th not BTO 

CUmOt l'OST OmCtt ALL LKTIZHS vm.t, 

m u/rmamb an *■■■ «** g ™ 




U U.. Km Claire.— We buvc no kiiorledKr. 
..f the urevnit wbereaboiita of tbe party. Ad- 
dreH«« a" letter In oitr earu anil we will ailter- 
tlw It In Tub Curi-wi loiter Hat. 

h\ D. B., Boslou. 

M« M. II. U.. HHIauowi, 

.1. F„ Brooklyn. 

M J., Cldclunatl, 

M. J. McC, Xew York. 

Mias M, L. mwvdUmk 

lr. M. I*. Otlnmwu. 

I). Bao**. 1 ('«»., Columbwa. and 

C. C; O., liOndoli. — See auawer to l- It.. 

" N. A. II.. Muc»ii.—Klnw »V Krlanger. SM. 
Went Kortyaecnnd Htreel : Stair A HkTttl, 
Uil Ilromlwav: Wiuberl Brolbem. I.yrlc 
Tbeatro, all Xew York CUy. 

(iii.i;Ka. Xorwalk.— Advertise your want* 
In Thk Ci-iwkb. ; , 

M. V. K.. Houtli Bsfl tow.— I*cller fan been 
forwarded. „ , 

■ K. Cm So-illi Jk'iid.— Mrs. i arter doen. 

K. C. It., Mertden.— Addretw Milton AlwnL, 
1440 Broadway. .Nov Vork City. . 

N. It; lav, Los ..DgeteK. — If uli article or 
story U copyrighted nnd ."»U. right** are re 


tugged out In ber lnfanlV gamienlM, by the 
mother, the eUlsfs erratic conduct, snpiwsed 
t i a>ault from u Kplrltutil migration of some 
■aurt, redncea not only tbe mother, but ber 
btiHlumit, family utirKe nnd butler Into it 
hmtM-hohl of iledluiulteri. Iu»teud oi (lie 
nuli.r'a cry or crow hIiiiik le^uen from tbe nnd when tbe boltlr of milk \n of- 
fered. It Is pushed) ojdile. a. whUki.y and soda 
belug not only elalmMl, bul drunk by the 
I'trauge brat, l«Uecn the imiSh of « clgurcttc. 
S'\ ri:i] other worldly pleiuturcM arc Indul^ccl 
In by the Itaby in amis until th<> mother Is 
cured of her K.ilrlluiilUilc oiaiiln, .-.nil' the. 
curtula fulU as her own child U reijtored 
to her nriUB. Tin* play Is a soft of one man. 
or. ratber. one boy nhow, uud the clever 
little actor In uameil Edward Chirrntt. 

Tbe end of "Tbe Hemic tttulibV at 
Terry'i*. la lu tdght, Jameg Welch, the man- 
age.', linviuj. made the uiilionucenient that 
(ho Juuert play vlll he xucceedM very Hbortly 
by a new llitve act pluy. by llriiDdon Thomaf, 
unlhor of "Charlev'rt Aunl.' ? entitled "Tlie 
Judge's Memory." The new play may be ex- 
pected In u fonnb'hl. Mr. Welch will bg 
-;'.--;■. lu the leudlug role, uud will l*c iir^iHird 
by 'Ilea trice Terry. Sam Sidbern. Kdwnrd 
l>ngimll and Mtk. ItrovkK. 

Late biMl week, Kvn Currlugtou. >vho haa 
lieon appearing lu "bluel-ell. ul ibe a\ld- 
n-Ich, became the wife of IJoyil l»e Cllffunl, 
ef Ireland. Mlns t?lltTurd baa been a mem- 
ber of Seymour Illi-k«' rimipiuy for ibe past 
BUM yearn, nnd was sM af the Ulbsiu tilrla 
lt< "Tbc Cnlc'i of tbn Seiimin.*' It la asM 
(hat tb* k couple met boil September lit iMib- 
Hii, when Mtsa Cnrrlugtou wiih jilnylng In 
Ihnt elty In "Tbe Catch of the Season.*' She 
wuk ii notable figure on the atitgo. uk slie 
Is over Mix feet lu height. On Monday hud. 
In PnrU. KranceH UnnnHly. a former "Floro- 
dora" jslrl. lmt lately h-ndlng womon for 
t'hnrlcM Hnwlrey, wiih umrried to Lord A*h- 
burhtn. Mba IhiuneUy'r, bomb name wan 

and explaloH that Knulnnd never will be 
happy until the count ItuencicK elect the best 
men without butbcrlng aiKmt party, nnd the 
UotiKeof Comaionn nomluntex tneirovernment. 
Tlieu he -builds hand* all 'round, antl tbe 
final ruit.ilii falls. The tiluy ends *m sud- 
denly nnd atraugcly that few think It really 
orer. ArtlHtlcaily the jibtv roliMc* being a 
mui:cvm by n wide nuirvln. Tboxe hi the. 
prominent p,irt» nre : John Hare. I<ollle 
Yeone, A. K. Mathea-<f, Arthur I'layfnlr. 
EMN Faher. Sybil Carlisle aud Uaaj Gran- 

I>jii In X. I'arker baa llulshed I he ploy 
which lie was c"imi]t».<doned to write tor 
Kieimor U'iIhiuj. who la to he seen In II both 
here and lu Xew Vork. although tlie exact 
date of eni-h eveht In not known at iireaeui. 
Mr. Parker will shortly leave London for 
Home, where he goes with the view of wrll- 
Ing n new pleee. of wblrb he has Already 
aketcbeil out the full Hccuurlo. 

Tbe run of "Xero," nt His Muj-siy's. will 
In* Interrupteil 'ti April by Die Hhnk>-K|.eurrnn 
( 'orumeinonit inn Week Eta I Mr. Tree an- 
nminced lust Fall. The plays to he done 
during the .p-:!:il week nre : r 'The. Tempest." 
"Mueh Ado Alwut Xntblng/" "Hamlet." 
"Twlflh .Night." .Inllus Ca»sar." and "Henry 
IV." part I. * ; Xen." Eh drawing plioaomeuu] 
houses, hundreds belup rt-fused ntlmisulOu to 
many pnrtu of the house. 

Ilobert Courtueblge has nrruugi-il R'lth T. 
II. luivis'. mumiger of the Apollo, that wheu 
"Mr. Popple" nnlfdies his- career nt lhat 
luiiis.' hp will there produce a ucw nundcaj 
pluy. entitle*! "Tbe UalrymaluV." ibe au- 
thors of wblrb are A. M, Tkouips<)u nnd Mr. 
Conrlueldge. nml the composers, Paul Hubeus 
and Frank Tours. The piece Is lu two acts 
and three sccae*. these being a model dairy, 
tbc 'sasn room of a man of war. aud a lsmrd- 
Ing school. Some lltpe ago It wiu slated 
that "Mr. Popple" would lie sttuplauted by a 
pluy. Ibe book, lyrlca and lnualc to be done 
ny Mr. Itulieari, but nothing more has been 
paid about It, ho It must have fallen through. 
E.rciJlium Ilnutock and Howard Talbot 
li .■!■,■(• nearly tlblabed a new musical pluy. to 
be prodmred at AYyndbam'tf, at Eaatcr. Tbe 
coiupuny hniudes: Hnydeu Collin. Isabel 
Jay. Millie Ijegarde, Marie Dalnton, I*nv- 
rencc GroaMmltb uud Horace Mill*. Tbe 
emit might be justly called uu nil slur one. 
nnd wtll be fdrong enough hi Itself to pack 
the bouse, shuiild tbe vehicle fall to be a 

At the Duke uf York's, curly lu March, 
"All-of-Suddi'ii Peggy." a new coniclv. for 
which Krnest Denny Is responslbK will have 
Its Jlr-u perfnrmmice. Alluu Aytlesworth. 
Krlc L«wls, Florence Wood and Alfred 
bishop will lie In support of Marie TenipcHt, 
who will a«uume Dm title ride. 

The rote of Arialldc. lu "The Little 
Mk-hus." which has Iteen ployed by Lout* 
llrndtleld. who left tbe Iluly show tor "The 
Little Cherub." at tbe Prince of Waled, In 
now Id the haudu of Henry A. Lytlou, lute 
of "Tlie While Chrysanthemum" Co. 

Arthur Boitrchh-r siules that he will make 
a tour, of the chief provincial cities next 
Fall, ami that, nltliougb several. propoKuls 
hnvc been put before Iilni. he lms made no 
plans ret for tbc uurrlck during Ids ulwem-u 
from l^n don. 

Becibolini Tree Is going to tuke out "Nero" 
next Fall on a tear of the principal provin- 
cial cities, llefore leaving fsuidou early lu 
Scplcinlicr Mr. Tree will produce at Ills 
Majesty's, although be will not appear In It, 
"A Winter's Tale," and for that production 
be bns '.'oncluded uu engagement with Bllcn 
Terry to appear utc Hermolne. 

Tbc i-evlval of Mrs. Kyley's misj nfhj "An 
Atnerienn i^ltlzen, - " at Ibe Shaftesbury, on 
iliursiluy, by Nat C. UikkIwIu uud enropauy. 
received a most friendly welcome l'rom u 
large jiudlelice. It Is huped that l his pluy 
will have a longer nnd more prosperous run 
than "A CHded Fed." villi which Mr. Good- 
win, beKJui lils sen nun nt the Shttftwdmry. 
The mi ■ -ills.; bodeu well. 
' Actlnif on bebnlf of Kdwnrd Garrett, the 
dlinluutlTe boy. who plays the name part 
"The Little Htrnntrer." at the Criterion, 
Hrm of London wlkitors has issuwl 

niniulni. aklta «n the variety utagi! to-day. 
Tim per/onner who played rhe rota of the 
i iiroiioriaie aiot.iHsf wa« a capable undcr- 
Miidv f*ir Mr. Tnie. who, at present. Is In 
pnnl.nilme. Ilii fc a fl .iM.iiin C».. In Toe 
little C'mrvvomnn." prescnied n abetcb almw* 
lug tlie cleverness of I he mi-mi"*rs '»f Hie enm- 
mnv hi man*- w.-.ys. CidlHis nml Hnwley 
ilan'c-'d unlll ;hev were almost exhausted, 
the nudlencc calllnjr for more ufter lliev had 
responded to many encores. Amy Uevere 

The military spectacle. "Amerlai s Lad* In 
Blue." cloned tbe stMK Tlie Inteteitloff 
production of American methods <>C 

IH6. iHmrBiion ot (he hsri-ibg fjgnji 
iiiupIc hail contractu, which, in its reeaatlt 
extended fnha. If* InflicHiur u gre Jt t nmMin'r 
of hnrdahlii mi js-rfoniierM, XniwiniHUnd- 
lug the vast hici'cnsc In the iHipulnrliT ,,r 
mualc hull entertainment Mite, hi Mime n'tens 
lire, voitr meniorln!iats subnilt. to i)u- worL- 
of ike fprtflMtaeTra toeBiselve^i. aud the crcjit 
i'lhll'lon to the nuihlier of variety Uaaufa. 
the pfulHou of the iwrfcirmer bus sutTere.i 
great deterloratlou. Wlierwj*. a few years hzu 
performers were called upon to give on It 4x 
or sereb* per week, th?y are 
lionr reunited, under tbe two-houfte-per'-ntzh* 
tyateni, to play twice lhat number f aud in 
some caaeK, tinfartnnatety; mntlneea In addi- 
tion.), but except' In a very few Inbtaor^ 
t'lev bare to give thette twelve, thirteen 

-incc WW Hit on nC ..metican Bseusaas <»l v ,r '. "**•* AV* " 's v w "»7' »ii .hub, 

SEty SSS our nngllah MlM as much tmm& *mM& mWmm for the mm 
a . 1S*m£Z ■™,„im 1 .r.ii Hilary ibe.y_ rece1\ed for Ibe six or seven 

as my own countrymen. 

I wlah to express my thanks to Uanks 
Wluter for many picture post cords received 
since be returned- to the States. 1 have 
watched with great Inicrest the phenomenal 
bit bin daughter. Wlnmm, lia* lieen making 
In the various cities the Orpheum Show has 
vfsltcd rbls neaanit. Sh*'a n clever performer. 
nnd has exceetled the expcclaiJona of her 
trlenda on this aide. Slie relnrna to England 
next Seiiteuiber. to fuIUII coniracls lxioked fro 
l bo M»MW 4c Stoll tour. 

Arthur Prince, the clever ventriloquist, 
who has only Just returned from AaMnri, 
opens at Ibe Palace and Puvllbm ou Mon- 
dav. La KHtelllttt. a new HisinlHh dancer ui 
Iaj'uiIou, but very favorably known lu the 
Slates, commences no enjnigejneot at the 
Palace on tbe same nigh I. 

Martin Deck landed lu Loudon <-u Snuduy, 
and left for Paris on Tuesday. He saw two 
or three shows ou Mouilay. He will bo on 
this side of the Atlantic for n few weeks. 

This has been souvenir week at the roll- 
scum. Kvery ircrson attending the show 
has received a specially designed souvenir, 
depicting the "mythical adventures uf the 
iVilisenm stnlT and performers, and also 
other atnee ceUbrities, nt the historical Coli- 
seum In Borne." h 

Horry Brown, now tut ike Moss & Stoll 

or eeveb 
hltherin. To these altered conditions ther 
have submitted In the Interest of the pnj. 
■detail, but now Hieprorlaloba of ibe. bar- 
ring clause arc lielng as rigorously etlforcctl 
as to Indict u great addltlouul hardship uud 
heavy lltuiuclul Iosk to performers who ore 
out of work by preventing them . accepting 
contracts when engagement* are offered. Your 
memorialists do not deny that n limited bar- 
ring cliiusc iuay i>e necessary for tbe prot?>. 
thai of proprietors, nor do they ask for any- 
thing unrensonohte or unfair, but tbev ma!t>- 
tnin that Is not eoultiblc that a pcrforiner 
should be prerentei! from performing wlUiln 
many miles of a town for eighteen mouths 
or two years from the time of signing a con- 
tract, or until Its fulfilment Cases have 
been brought to the notice? of your metnora)- 
IUU where performers have been reduced to 
aiHQlnte want as a consequence of being pre- 
vented from accepting sorely oceded mime- 
dlate dates because they already held a con- 
tract some too, twelve or eighteen months 
ahead lu the particular town or Us vlclnil.*' 
for which the Immediate engagements were 
offered. Your me.n.orol!stH img, therefor?. 
that lu nil existing uud future contracts you 
will be content with n barring clause of fire 
mllis and six months In the case of provln- 
lal halls, nnd of one mile nnd three mouth* 

Introduced his new song, entitled "No- In tlie ease of London and suburban ball 

In conclusion, your memorallsts woull 
respectfully point out lust they only auk. 
on bebnlf of their brother mid sister perform- 
*:TH. to be allowed tn pursue their calling nu- 
tramclled by undue Interference with the 
rights of free labor, and they venture to 
assert, that by granting: their request, wlthlu 
the liinlls bereb staled, you will, without 
Injury to the euterprlses you so ably control. 

irienced In America Home few yeafa u.u, 
n the managers refused to lake uoilce of 
the White Hals demand. All are very much 
Interested as to what the outcome will be. 
Xearly nil of tbe American perfonnerH "ii 
Ibis slile of tlie water are members of Ibe 
Music Hall Artists' Hallway AuHociatfua. 

boily." recently, and be writes me that the 
bong is a big hit. 

I huve liefore me a programme of a con- 
cert given .Tan. IT. on Ismrd the K. M. S. 
"Orronn." ls)und for Australia. Alice Bay- 
mood und .lolin Kurkamp took u very promi- 
nent part lu tbc rut attain me nt. 

"Senator" Frank Ikdl has Jiutt concluded 
a successful round of the halls on tbe Alosa .. 

& Htnll circuit and at present is vacation- do an act of justice to u body of men and 
lug in Paris, where he will remain for a women who have ever shown their wi Hug- 
couple of weeks before returning to Amor- M lu meet your wlsucs. ami so Oswraw 
icn. that cordial good fcellug which lius hitherto 

At Liverpool, lust week, the Hroughton existed between proprietors and performers. 
Theatre Syndicate. Ltd.. Manchester, xnm It Is hinted In many circles that If U)b 
nwarded «S"r. damages against Ada Beer?, memorial la not looked own favorably bv 
a well-known Kngllsb actress, for breach of the proprietors of music lialls. there I? likely 
contract. It was stated that Miss Reeve to be in this country trouble similar to that 
was engaged twelve nighta at tbc Victoria experienced In America Home, few yeafa uxo. 
Theatre, at Brouehton, last Christmas, to when f 
piny hi "Wlnnio Brooke, Widow," but that, 
securing a Ivetter engagement In the Hli-mlng- 
lirini pantomime, she broke her engagement 
at Brouehton. It was arranged Ihui tbe lyn- 
illcnte slionld retrelve thirty is*r cent, of the 
receipt*, while a minimum of W.r.uii was 
snurnutecil to Miss iiiey Atpecled 
Sllss Itecve would lie si» big a draw. that the 
gross rcceliits would Aiaount to **,00u. and 
ibnt they would be entitled to about *2,-iGU 

W. F. Heeler, of Heeley aud Meelcy. Is 
coutlned to bis hed. aud was oliliged to post- 
pone an engagement at the Lyceum this week, 
also engagements at the Palace, Glasgow, and 
"ivlllor *' 

* 10 



the Pavilion. NewcuBtle-On-Tyoc. 

After a long time nway from I^ndun, Man 
uliifi's Kntcrtuiners' came nearer town on 
Mouday. us they *iiksii on that date an eu- 

T%*esterii Bureau 
of the New York Clipper. 

Huuni 5114 Ashland Block. Chlci K o. 

Onlv three chari«B will occur at the down 

town theatres this week. In three of tn- 

gngcmeul of llic Bmulro. Hollowuy. 
An lntdrlm dividend of ten per 
the half year ending Dee. U. lw": has been 

lecldied by the directors af the. Manchester 
lllp'podrome und tbc Ardwlck Ktiiplrc 

Irfo Masse, the London representative of 
IL B. Marine]!!, leaits shortly for Xew York. 
to assume charge »>f the office in that city. 
Il will be his lint visit to Now York. 

Mnson and Kceicr nre in their fourth nnd 
last week at the Palace. Manager Butt 
offered the clever sketchlsts a two weeks* 
prolongation, but the olier was not accepted. 
As stated before, they leave In three weeks' 
time for Australia, to be gone until October 
next, wheu they return to London to play 
six weeks at the Palace and Pavilion In con- 
junction. Early In January, 10O7, they 
commence a yeor'a booking In America, the- 
most of tbe dates being In New York. Xc- 

In gotlatlons nre now pending for the pt-esenta- 
„ tlou of "Hooked by Crook 1 ' In Germany, toi- 

playhoiisea where the attraction remains thr 
same there will be changes of bill, Iio".l'-. 
Arnold Dalv, Robert B. Mantell and tlu 
Greet Players are all offering differeut pr- 
een L for grammea. At Powers'. John Drew replaces 
"The Lion nnd the Mouse." Ellis Jeffreys 
follows "The Pearl and the Pumpkin," ut lie 
Illinois, while "Robert Emmett" Is the offer- 
lug at the Ureat Northern. Five productions 
hold over— "A Yankee Circus On Mars." at 
the Auditorium: "The Prince of India., at 
I be Colonial; "Coming Thro" the Bye.' at 
Urn Chicago Opera House:" "Umpire.* at Ibe 
hn Salle, and "Checkers." at McVickera. 

Illinois Tiieatrr (Will J. Davis. ■—• 
ger).— Rills Jeffreys and her compHnv co-ue* 
to this house Monday. March ii, in "Ibe ra«- 
elnatlng Mr. Vandcrveldt" "The Pearl nnd 
the Pumpkin" closed Sunday evening, 1. " 
Ftny of two weeks. _ 

fowEcs' THEAtnn (Harry J. Powers, umii- 
ngcr). — John Drew, in "De Unccy, ooeus 
Monday. 5". "Tbe Lion and the Mouse, which 
closed here Saturday, March S. broke dl( 

served," ve'u' cannot legally take a play from Knuu-ea Uelmimi. Besides ber "Florodoru 
■si obtaining IL« conamii of the r n;i Hnwtrey eugngemeiiiv she was ideuUiled 

li wlihoul Ursl -.- „ 

owner. With Ibar consent Ibe copyright uf 
the pluy holds good. 

W. II.. Chicago.— t. Frmu *i» i»r week 
nit. U. 'Piere Is always room for u glum 
act of anr dwwTlpttau. 3. We uevor ipiota 
salnrles ot js'rforiuers. 

G. P. P.. Keadlug.— Address Hio . (airly tor 
the lufortuullon yon desire. 

J. A. K., Brookljii- — She is n member of 
Die Metropolitan Opera House li... Hils city, 
where she on be iiddresKwI. 

Bl,ATn:.Phlludelphln. -F-.r Jfi-ii/fiou'H ltu»l- 
'irt Addrera U J. K. Hell. I4n4 'llilnl Avenue, 
New York Chy. 

U K. W.. Now Vork. — We do not know 
who" the niilhor Is. Wo can ouly ndvlsu you 
io rend Tm: CLWPO coluruns. 

W, S. Bn«A * Co.. New Vork.- His MM 
iu private, life wns tlninnluan. 

J. K T- Idiwreni-e.- Address !■'.. K. Street, 
to Brook Street. Hurl font i.'mni. 

Mas. S. L. W.. SenlHe.— Floyd 10. Wllsun 
died l'*eb. L'l. SI Paris. IU. 

It. 1*. C. CD tWCr. — Both iaiwIhts of tbe 
original team of |flnn and Ward are alive, und 
Hie. team Is this week piaylng with Crunk 
DaniourR Mlnslre.s, at Hie Eleventh Slreet 
Opera House. Pblbulclpbln. 

P. H. Mlllertou.— John L. Sulllvnn did play 
Ittele TnM, 

A. K A.. Home. He never did. 

S. T. It. iwNtisas City. — Address the V:u 
lerprlw Music Supply lu.. M West Twenty - 
ilgblli Strei-t. New York CUy. 

Mas. II. i» P.. Suvannnb.- -See rout*- of 
Wr'gb' lA>rhiicr In this issue. 

II. C. It. Worcester. --Wo «re iiUKbh* lo 
advise you as we nre tn total Ignorance as 
to your i.ipuMUtk 1 -. 

C. C. Ti.. UaWiteyfeUer.- A list of the win- 
ter otiarters of tented shows will Isi found 
in Tim Cijmtn detei I'eli. in, IlKiij. 

Ni:w YtiKKnu.- The Iniag liai-e Theatre 
Is not sllualfd on Hie slie of Irving Hull, 

It. D. I... HeHcroiilaliie.— Address lilB* W. 
Grant, M enre of Ibis aftee. 

T. Q„ l>ewl8lon,— Address Frank Howe, 
enre of llie Isjudon Theatre. New York CUy. 
for full pnrtlciitnrri. 


K. J. G.. Knnsiis lily.-- No. Il nin s*.| be 
melded ill three luillib'd lilliocllle. 

G. A. S„ Ifctvi-r. — 1. The queen start* u Rear 
play nnd uolbiua is pexged for ll. ".'. Yes. 
.'!. It wam no pair as an S was plnyeil between 
' (he two P's. 

0. Uh Xatlounl MHllnry Hoiiii-.-Y^. :*.ihi 
iiluiK'hle cnu be melded nfler uvldlu_ uu 

trey eiumgemeiiis ... 
wttli other American musicnl pnslm-tloas. 
'Hie following renresentntlves of the matajn 
wen-, ladles of the since: liowager Mnrcbl- 
oness of Ailesliur>. Isilly Tester: Countess 
of Cl:tuear*y. IJatfe Hilton : Cyuntes* uf Ork- 
ney. Connie Gilchrist; t'ouniess of Uossjyn. 
A nnu Hobinsoii ; Murchbuiess of lleadfort, 
ltusle BaHitc, and laulv Francis Hope. May 

It Is snuiiunwil that the pro w iieu hmisou 
of II. It. Irving. In some of his father's well 
known pluvs. at Umry Ijiie. If off. Xo 
reason Is given for lln< abtimhmmeiil *if ibe 
season, but It Is thought that satlsfactory 
arratigeineiils could nol Is* ngretMl to by Ar- 
thbr Collins und llm Shulwris. under whose 
niNUagement Mr. Irving Is «t the present 
lime. However, this reason Is not authentic. 

Martin Harvey has u new pin v. entitled 
"Tlie Hnppnrec Tl ia M e r . " br it St. Olx and 
E. G. Sutberbitid. 'llic MM of the story 
Is In tbe seventeenth centnrv. und tin* hero 
Is n iKilsleious young Irlsbuiuu. wmm ferry 
had Ibe play llrst. but be let It go. and Mr. 
Ilnrvev took 11 up. It will tie produced in 
April, lu the provinces, and will then lie seen 
ut a West End house. If the try oat b* suc- 

Cyril Maude revived, a few* ago. ul the 
Wiildorf. GuldKiuilir* "She Stoops to Coli- 
»pier." with the greatest of success. Mr. 
Mamie and Winifred Emery essay tbe roles of 
Ilurdcastle and Miss Hnrdcustlc. Paul Ar 
I htii' Is tbe Young Markov, lue love for 
lh*»se plays that have held tbclr own through 
lunot' general Ions, shows no id an of ex- 
haustion to-*lay. II Is six years uow stMee 
•'Kite Stoops to Conquer" was revived In the 
West End. uud ou Hint occasion II hud a run 
of eighty-live performances ut the Huyniarkel, 
where It proved to ts» a great success, ar- 
tistically nnd financially. 

George Edward"* Is back lu town after a 
vtsll Io Ylcniia. Aiiere lie went for the pur- 
ih'S"? of seeing uu opcrcllii Uow being pluyed 
nt (he An DOT Wien Tbeatn-. entliled "Die 
I.nallge Wllwe." Mr. Kdwantes descrHiw It 
H lieltur the liesl niusleal piece be hus aeH 
on the conllucut for years, and he not ouly 
secured the English right*, but ni>u cnguged 
for (he Londbti prisluctlun the prima donnu. 
MIkzI GunUier. The piece, he states, has a 
well coustructcd. en|i*rliilulug love slory. It 
Mill '■'- produced lu Lomlou under (he uumu 
of "liie Merry Widow," 

Taplnln Hubert Marshall's uew play. "Tlin 
Alubnsier Sialri'ase,'* which had lis llrst 
performance at the Comedy, on Weduesduy 
tast Is a political one. und being such, lis 

tor libel against tbe proprietors of 'for 
fnm The iilleged Bbcl Is sul . lu be con- 
tained In tbc criticism Xullowlig tlie llrst 
performance of the play. It is stated Hint 
neither Frank Curzoii, iessd? of the Cri- 
terion, nor Michael Moriou. Ibe author of 
"The Little Stranger." Is a party tn the legal 

A revolutionary movement In the supply 
««* cheap umsle hus been quietly Inaiiua ruled 
in l.i'i'ilon, and the plrute who surrcotlthmsly 
hawtad smieu gtsuls. vilely nnd often Incor- 
rectly printed 'ou tlie cheaper:! nnd nastiest 
of pHpcr, litis ntiw to compete with ii legltl- 
inulc Issue of copyright iaipular songs nl n 
price so nesr lhat of the pirated editions Umi 
the public have no lunger any tempt til Ion to 
purclinse tbc pirated copies. Autbeiitlraled 
copies, well prlried and openly and cleunly 
sfitfl In shops, can uow be obtained for less 
than three km fslx eeiiis). the pirate 
pi'lc'.' belug two pence (four cents). Tlie 
prices have Is*ju cut lo comhut piracy. 

Frank Parker, the producer nt the inpu">- 
drom**, and one of the best, liked men con- 
ned ed with the Moss Empires, celebrated 
Ills hlrlbdny anniversary Inst w»*ek. nnd 
received a very hnuibjoiiie gift from the 
members or the house Muff aud the perform- 
ers on the HIptuHlrome bill. 

Gufc Leonard, the odd mnglcluu. Is ut the 
Palace, Glasgow, this week, uud is doing 
nicely, so be writes me. Ills giving away. 
In a friendly wanner, uf several conjuring 
tricks, wins Mm much applause und laughter. 

I made mv first visit to the Holborn Em- 
pire, formerly the old Royal, one night last 
week. Without any exaggeration or stretch 
of Imagination on my part the house Is one 
•>f the most bemttlfnl halls In Great Britain. 
II is u modern house lu overy way. ami will 
hear comparison with some of the best In 
ibe States. The color sebemd Is white, gold 
nnd a delicate shade of rose. Tlio business 
since the house wag opened a fortnight ago 
has been enormous, uud I was obUttM lo 
stand In line some tweuly minute* before 
■ he doors upeued. and then bad difficulty In 
getting a seal. I review ibe show, not as the 
mis made their appearuce on the stage, but 
as they were arranged on the programme. 
Haekctisvbuildt. who has been m:uperath'g 
for ibe oast two months frnui h breakdown. 

topped the bill. He gitve his usual wrestling nnd l-ovnPua'rlv I w-iMinii'i.-f 
exli.biilou, i browing Vo men.wtthont muvfl Staring blankly " " ' 

records for business at this house, the man- 

lowing Ibe Palace and Pavilion engagements, ugciuent being compelled to give mulmev* 

The following • from Andy Aniauu, of everv ibiy lust week and three performances 

Auianu and Hurtley, this ^veek at the Em- Saturday, one In tbe morning, a matinee uuJ 

pi re, Newport: "We opened here last night, night show. 

and went splendidly. Wn nr*' headlmors ArniroRiru fMIIward Adams, manager) ■ 

ibis week. We started mi Hie lour lu small — Thompson A- Dundy's "A Yankee Circus 

lelters, fben middle. Isdtoai. and now at the on Mars," the Immense production from the 


Carter and Binford. I uui Informed, come 
to this country uext Fait They open in 
Uvorpool on Sept. 34, 

An luiiMirtnnt decision was rendered ta a 
l.oiithi]] Court lu cverrullng u tlecislon of n 
Liverpool Count v Court, lu the case of I«i- 
rette vci-sus Collins, nml uidiuldlug the de- 
cision of the Westminster t'lty Court In a 
similar c**e, Collins versus Collins, in which 
it was held lhat the plaintiff, an itelur. wu 
eulltled tu recover Ills »silury. notwlthsiund- 
lug uu assignment of the theatre lo another 
person. P. l.'oUlus proprietor of the Slokc- 
upon-Treiii irip|>odroiue, hud employed M'lss 
i-ai'iiiU' for n week's performniice, iKglnulng 
Mnn-h it T.Ki.".. On Jan. 10 Utc Ilippy- 
drome was closed, uud on tbe following Mon- 
day It was reopened by a Mr. Edwurds. A 
clause In the contract Willi P. Collins speci- 
fied that on due notice the proprietor would 
in''. In tbe event of closing, be liable for 
niiy "prospective salaries." nnd on that 
agreement the proprietor, he belug Hie de- 
foji'liiut in both actions relied for release 
of his lliibtlltlcsr It was said In tbe course 
of the urgumenlK that the decision affects 
some thousands of dollars. 

Stlna and Eva us opened at Ihe Oxford ou 
Monday, nud have mat out rather neat lu- 
vltnlton* to nianagem. ugents aud the press 
to he present on the occusloii. 

1 nm In receipt of the following from 
Frederick Melville, iiupressuriu. "l.n Muto- 
glrt" under d-ite of Berlin. Jan. lu: "The 
siiecbil ninllnee was held yeslerday at the 
Wlnlergnrten. uud we bud tbe greatest 
honor pnld to us thnr It Is possible tor any 
perfoncer b» r*H-ulve, and this Ir It. Just be- 
fore *\a Motoglii' went ou. tbe erowu urluco 
expressed I desire that 'La MotoglrT" be 
brought direct lu ihe t vrrace, where the 
royal box Is dlliluled. so thut he could 
*iew ihe Impersonation closely 

New York Hlpiwdronie." begun Its second 
week here Satunlay. March Jt The big sprr- 
tuele has Rcored uu ungual IHcd success, boin 
nrihileallv nud ftuauclally. Especially Is t'" 1 
circus one to pleuse th*i children, und so nr 
they have turue*l out lit large numliers. 

McYjcKtm's TUiUTKH tOco. C. Warren, 
miidugcrt. — '^Checkers" will be seen here 
for another week. Its eiigHgcmcnl iu Chlcu«y 
ending Saturday 10. It haa been playing i" 
nnterajf business for llic past two wecK-. 
t'biuiucey Olcoft w'glns u three weeks stay 
11. In "Edmund Burke.' " 

Colonial Tukatiib (George W. Lederer. 
nmungerl. — With the uunouiH-eraeiit^ ihi 

Klaw I Erlitngcr's production of "The 1 rjni-C 
of India" wlir be given on Sunday eve"""' 
during tin: rtunalnder of Ita slay tat 

lie given on Sunday evening* 
uualndor or Its slay here, ir 
Is uiiderslood tliat Messrs. Klaw & Lrlnngrr. 
and Muusger ImHWM enine to tlie (roiicluslun 
that tl.ev could stnnd out no longer nguin-t 
iDsljleiit doniand that tho play be given o» 
Sunday ulgiits In order to enables WMIM 
of iieoplc who caunot attend tbe theatre* 
on any other eav, lo enjov this offerlog. 

CfticMa On:«V Doc*. (Lyman H. Clover, 
iouangcr for Kohl & t'astlcl .—■■Coming Ihru 
the Bye" enters upon Its 'fourth week Mon- 
day. ... The ihlef fun-mnkers are: Slr'ia 
MoylM'w. Frank I-ulor. Jilllee Taylor, WW 
Hatch uud Frank Doaae. "The Snn-iw M«u 
Imrlesqut- continues lo be one of the bits M 
this nm-lc:: 1 cumodv. ■ 

GAuniCK ThKATiu: ( Kuui P. GeriWii, IB* 
'tgerl. — Tlie season or Bernard Shaw p.a>> 
at thltt llu'atre. as Interpreled by Arnoiu 
Daly's »impany. Is n pronoumwl suei-ej'*; 
Despite ibe success ol" "You Never C'au Tell. 
Mr. Duly will present "Candida" oa Mon- 
day evening aud Wednesday matinee, w* 
gluuiiig Sunday, 11, and for two weeks, ner- 
iha Gullund. lu "Sweet Kilty llcllairs. 

STfPCHAKKl! TllBATlu: (R. K. llurniejer. 
Pluyera beg n li/ 

r . At tbe June- manugerl.— Tbe Ben Greet Pluyera beg n "ii 

lure where we go into tbe audience, two nut- -ant week of their stav Mouday night, fc 

ronued nttnehes wnlkeil liefore us nnd eon- Hood business has ruled. "Tbe tolk-p 

ducted mys'lf nud 'Tji Motovlrl' to the prince Widow*' follow 

exert we on his part. Curl Hou-ard. <"crnav 
i^»b hirer." did mauy tricks Halt amused the 
aiulicuce. Bosanquet. an excellent violinist, 
played two or three clusslcnl Kelrectfoiie ou u 
vlollu, which h.iil aaorl of patent arrangement 
to carry the sound. He also dlanlavod pic- 
tures of Ihe composer* of Ihe Heiectlous he 
played. Raslus dud Batiks, uui- t-ulored 
friends f nun Auicrlcn, cntue aillilu mi aw of 

otarlng blankly in his face. 

ml she. 
went througb 

recepLlon at the hatdj uf tbe critics wag uut stopping Hie aliow. The ucrvbaUc work vt 

:«r .uovements, tlulshlus up with her stbr 
I'utonmHc bow. that made quite a hit wiih 
ids stnfT. Tlie entire audience of four thou- 
sand persons rose lo tbclr feet to see what 
the crown prluce would make of 'La Moto- 
girl. At tbe conclusion of tho act tbe prince 
nad staff applauded liberally." 

A memorial In the following Icrins has 
been sent to the proprietors of music bulls 
la this country by too delegates Belected 

OfclSP OrmiA Horsr fllarrv Askln. ■»■■ 
ager).—Rol>crt It Mnntell and bis cuuip* '.' 
is-gln their second and last week •■- if 
bills will be: "Hamlet." "Richelieu.*' "Otkrl- 
!o." and "Richard IU." Kyrle Betlew. n? 
"ttauIeK," follows. 

I^i S.u.u! TiiEATiUi tM. II. «lngcr. mauji- 
gerl.— "The Vmplre" entered Halanhiy. e. 
oa Its fourth monUt The oue hnndred sua 
tlflleth portormanco will be given o. «"" 
UMi UMl i footlmlls will he given t" &** nl " 

March id. 

THE .Nifciw: YDHir OI^XPOPKB 1 . 


. ■ t kt NoitrirenN,TnniTBE ( Frcil C. KbentB, 
„. 'nlcrii.-^-Uobcrt Kmmel," Lbe pomilRr 
ra nli orlrtil tlmroa. Is the nttrartlon It-re, 
fir -one mS etn-flmenetoir. with We Sunday 
.i.tin.e A Tills will Is* presented under ilm 
SSS 3 **• Vnit«l Irish MoHctlPK "Fader 
Southern *Bfc"H> elnajd ft week's engftgctuent 

^Cma ttsipi."-' (Elizabeth Schoher, roana- 
-S l I»Hinil«," with Adelaide Kelm In the 
fn U ''of Ihp MM « Demntrt, will Iw the 
« traction bere for a week, beginning with 
,, a Monday matinee, March ft. The various 
!£Lfin« the Flayers Stock Co. Are Mid 
STTi enrrrlnjr the under tallai- with an 
•mpit soJflt. fie«rge AHlsoo. hen Jonnpon 
nS ntllPr-fl will is* suitably cn*t. . "What lUp- 

n»rd i<» Jon**"- WflB "*' WPok " SHi n " rt 
gSr fiwd bonwB. "A UMalitfit Bell" Jli 

'iuttOU Tueatiif. (Jamc* II. Itrnriie. 
mii*iiB»rl.— -WhMi l-undon Kit-epa'' week of 
? IJIIIaa Votkroan will huw onn of Hie 
iVfldliK rales. "The llurj-Uir'a IMoEhtvr' 

i„.rril a ft"**! drawing card here last week, 
!«£■ of the ronvlcta'^week of 11. 

ARJMWI (William Jloehe, manager);— 
•■Thft' (iflWBor'ii I'ardon" 4 and week. The 
riat will BSSt: Marie Ifl BraHy. J. Arthur 
xSLm. XmU» ScoVllle .ami others. "Dani-en, 
,.f' tt'nrklnc t!!rl»" played to <-nnd liiiraneM 

J., \ZX. For March II and week. Knf-enle 
Kir hl-lA-n-ynne-flnd "Oliver TwW.- 
1 1 or TriKATiiK t William Kovhe. mnna- 
-J l_*'|,arwl friini Home." . with Alma 
rkmUT In tbe leading female role, week of 
4" "UgblhnitKe by Ihe Sea" lost week. ".No- 

""SnUtSSS Thkatbk f Weber Bma.. mnnn- 
„„>._»\Vl,en the World Sleeps" i- the af. 
ferine week of 4. Last week. "Shadow** of 
J Sreni l Vlir." Week of 11. "The Itur-flar'a 

^ulirsTic Theatre (C. K. Praper. mann- 
er "for Kohl k Castle).-— A line vaudeville 
t.iu «riii presented last, week, and HMlnOi 
m MOt. For week of n. March. Heck's 
Srnhenm Show Is billed. ThLs nrRnnl»itl-.n 
u one of tlie strongest on the rond. and flu 
%™r lU.dea: £ .eMmtal Septette, Wb 
nrnin Winter. Mcrlan'a dogs. Jnles and Ella. 
,;irrbon. Sisters and Urol hers Ford, bdgnr 
Kt-tev Canmbell and Jnhnsoa, At water Sls- 
jpH "Marlon and Dwine. TSk ■M.Keever. 
Clifford and Orth. Klllott and Ilolii*. Ihe 
Trinity Trio, Hazel Hnyes, and Spoor'* klno- 

01 TMric Theatre <AImj Jneohs. mnnnser 
for Koht & C**ltf. Tniallf Is good. Ilia 
hill week l»Klnnii)tr will. Ihe ' Monday ■ttftrt- 
nw "i ■ F.mmort Oorrlptin and eompnny. r-ould 
-inrt Surrat, Frevdo Hros.. Kennedy MM 10>o- 
lier Willi n»d Mnrrla, riunkeit and company, 
lolinnle Cnrrlil. Mtislcnl Simpsons, the Hold* 
worths Howard and Rutherford. Wolf nud 
Wilson, Marvelous >elsonn. ilet'oy Trio, and 
I'Jmdy and llnnaen. 
' ulruARKCT Thkatbe (W. \\. Freeman, 
manager for Kohl ft mullet.— 1 llfrwl Cliirke 
iiihI cimpanv were the headlines licit lint 
wfek, and cawu-lty houses [ire vailed. Urn 
hill weak of S Includes: Kdwln Siryens 
Thome. :ind Carleton,- Koy and Clark, bltxa- 
beiti H, llurrny. Kv« AVesrrolt and company. 
Marvelous Frank and Uttle..Bob. Tom Brrtw-i, 
Howlev and IakUo. Gloss Btok. SI Stehl.njs 
Millard Bl-ns., Bulloy Bow. ami ne UMMWK 
bKHUMIMOUBi THEATUK t W. S. Clevt-land. 
MtMCeT).— The bill week of ." Includes : l.e 
liomln.i hoiitv. I-*lgW llncllsli shntlamla. Mny 
Wnnl. LluMJarnellos. Moireh nud Ueely. and 
MagRle t'llne. Six Miislrnl diilju. and Her- 
IM Allison will remain for iinorher week. 

HoWAiii Tiikatri: t1»aniel ltiwsell, mnua- 
» cr >— Thh house has been Utrned over to 
Sir Kuwcll hy Ihe International Theatrical 
Comnnny, and lie intends to make h a high 
<-lasa vaudeville hous*?. offering ihe best 
novelties and specialties obtainable. 

'TtocAimto TitiiaTBK U- M. U'elngarten. 
manaserl.— The World Beatora for 4 MM 
week. XlUlo and Spencer, dancing wonders, 
have been engnjted to strengllten the olio. 
The New Century Burlesque <"o. was the at; 
traction list week. 

Fntxr Thbatcb (John A. Fenneasey, mnn> 
anV| .-■•'ph? Mnscotts will open a week's en- 
UMJlHri Sunday, 4. "Two lrlrfli OarldltV 
h the tllle of one of the mirlenques. "A Jeal- 
nun WUmian" Is lite ollrer. There Is a long 
Ibtt of jfneclflltleB In ft* show. New t*pq- 
tury OlrU lust week, and Barry and »ol- 
ford were the hit of the olio. For 11 nud 
kMK. tut* Cnionial (tlrls. 

r»XD0N TntE iu?HH!M fWIlHiun Sweeny, 
manacer). — The following hnvc liwui Iwioked 
for the curio hnll for week of 4: Chief Off* 
lallft. Are Iiidlun village, l.ulu L>el Fu:,nio. tot- 
KHxd- woman; Kiwlu Oarnello, one woman 
kind; rJcirtenberp. human pin cushion, and 
\"€no. the mHgiclun. In the theatn;: Marie 
Le Mar, All Hiu-r-fln. George Slieiin>nu, »nd 
Iji Belle Nona. .. ., ' 

Clai'.k Btbect Musri;u (Louis M. Hedges, 
manager), — Chicago women wrestlers are in- 
vhed to meet the Bennett Slateiu In n con- 
test thU week. Other features:- the I'U" 1 "" 
engine, electric dancers, nnd tan I0115 haired 
woman. In the theatre will be: Wallace and 
Heaeli. Belle and Fav Ue Tjors. Keating aad 
OoDdwto. and Miss Le Toy, the girl from 

Afteiimatii. — l^ney Ifnskell. manager oT 
Uurtlg A Hfltmnn'a *ln New York Town 
VU In town htsl week, and stales tint MWr 
ness wllh above ci»iablimlloii Is ttanutli 

Walter Mn'ullouKh and coauwny playi-d 

the Uarrlck Tlientre, St. FxhiIh. SMu uwt 
wirk. and from press clliiplnss. etc., were the 
hit of tlie bill. Mr. .MrCul lough's newerful 
rolce was menlloTieil In every criticism ol 
the local newspaper men. Th<: sketcii. 
"Scenes from 'Humid* and -Boinwi nnd Ju- 
liet,*" was the talk of the town, lie Is 
now arranging for a tour of the Kohl * 
Caitle and tirnlioum circuits, after which nc 

starts KiHt Ijeni Welch Joined the stoi-k 

cnmtinnv nt Euson's Thentre last week, and 
tins made a verv favorable impression on the 

nudlencci of that house Princess t bin- 

ntillla and Kd. Newell wen- COTMM Itunvu 
eallen Frh. 28. They have Jusi returned 
from Xew Zealand, where Ihey have been aj>- 
pearlng for several month*. They report suc- 
cess and a plcasaut- encagemenr. . . .Saj^e 
Mhlgeley, who Is with "The Pearl nnd the 
riimpkln" Co., now nt the Hlluols '1 heal re, 

whs a Ihirenn caller Friday, "J Minnie 

Savnu. of the Snvans. In rompellwl lo retire 
from the vaudeville stage for the rwt of the 
season, owing to Illness. Mr. Rnvna will tlo 

11 alnule siieclalty Arthur Klterus. of 

Khcrns and Cole, was n Bureau caller Satur- 
day, March "J. Klterus nun Colo have played 
the Orpheuni, Kohl & Castle, and luterctiilo 
clroultB, nnd will shortly start Kast lo play 

time at the principal vaudeville houses 

Harry Corson Clarke will shortly return 10 
Chicago with his rautlrrllte xketclt.. . . ..«. 

Ai Ttionpsou, manager of the Krviucr Music 
Co.. wlU ni with Ihe Wetgmid Show BMC 
week, anil remain \rltli this organlzntl-'U 
lotig enough to iHnnilnrl'/e sutnc of tin- bits 

■d his llrm William O. IM1. for nWC 

thirty years In tlicilimlrlenl world, nnd a 
tew years hco known us lite KCealesl bare- 
hack rider In the world, and known to Hie 
old circus men as "Somersault Willie, tins 
been appointed treasurer of Hie BlJou The- 

alre Harry W. Askln, manager of Ihe 

•Ifud (jpem lloiiw. this city, hru ■HtaM 
'He richts or "nte liaplrc" which Is wj* 
UlaylnR nt the Im Snlle Thenlre.. . . . -The 
llamsey HMers have lieen one of the blggcn 
hll* over the Kohl & Castle. Orplieuni and 
Interatate clrculh- of suy xMer act booked 

this season The Palace Hotel, whirl 

ii one of the most popular In Chicago witd 
the (hmtrlcnl profession, has been recently 
redecorated, nnd Manager Humphreys has 
added a restaurant to same, which is im 
talk of the town. 


Capt. L. Ii. DuetrwjU writes: "I hava 
sighed to mnnatre the Herflld Sqitsre Opera 
Co, ai;d wtll Join in South Carolina.- My 
pquatlc- tour-will. commence Juae-.lf>.' 

MASSArilt'SKTTS. Hnnbury, musical artist: llatry Blake, aoan 

■■ — king, and 11 novel contest. Stage : Sutter and 

Una ton.— Several Interesting changes are Warren's Burlesque Cu., in "The Woman's 

shown In the hills* for ihe current week. Club." olio — lluxh Connelly. Edith Calvette. 

Hlchurd .Mati«lle)d begins his anuuul engage- Bliuidi Lorlag, Itogers Sisters, Belle Mc- 

fient nt ihe Colonial ;■ Kieauor llobkon Is at Carron, Alice Mslvin, Sadie Adams, Ethel 

he Hill!!.-, Street, and "The Ponrl and the Irving. Alice Raymond and Dot Harris. 

I'unrpklfl" Cnniers to the Boston. Other uetr Notes. — Sttndav concert bills 4: Button 

bills are: "The Eternal Cltv," at the Glolw; Thrnlre— The Military Octette. Frank Mc- 

"The King of the opium nih-f." at the Otand Nhh, Clarence Ulsters, Paul Do Voe and 

OperB House ; "When We Were TwentT-one." company, the Lipplncotts, the Brsdforda, 

at the Empire: "The Fatal Card," "at the Maxwell and Ford. Balancing Deavcs. Uar- 

Casttc Square." and "New England Polks," tis and Nelson, and Savoy Comedy Four. 

at the Bowdoln Square. Mrs. Leslie Carter, 
nt the Tremout ; May Irwin, at the Park, and 
'•MizTMih," nt the Mnlevtle, are continued nt- 
irHiMlons. The Paul firlenoff lllisstan Players 
will liegln. ■">. a fortuiubt of fcpectal mnilnees 
nt ihe I'iirk. In repertory. Omul rtverdxe IiihI- 
iic-i nilAtl lasl week. 

Comimaij tChns. Trtdiman, IHeh k Ilnrrls, 
mniuiKeni). — Uichnnl Mansfield begins ■"- a 
fprtnlgbl's engugemem in repertory, the llrst 
week to be devoted 10 "Hon Carlo*,'" "TV 
Misanthrope." "The Si-hrlet letter,*' "Hr. 

Ji ok Join Square — Kostn, Norton and Nlcbol- 
*on. Katie Roonev and company. Aerial 
Smiths. H*tr|-er. Hesinond and Harris Harry 
La Marr, Cnrdownle Sisters, Chas. aad Jac. 
Abearn. Prof. Heed, Mile. Neleeto. WllJmu 
and Mae. Mettloln and Sintlh. and Mons. 
Forher. flfw nud J/a|»s/lr- lllce and Pre- 
Vo-tt. Il«l Haven Carets, t'.uyer and Stun*?, 
Samolsc Arabs Cenlpry Comedy Four, 
liirhy ''rale, Carroll and Baker, Jean Ar- 

deli. nnd Burton Moore 'The Pipe of 

"t*eslre.'' a one net romantic grnnd opera. 

Jekyll' nntl Mr. Hyde, "The Merchant of by F. S. Converse, will be produced at Jor- 
yenli-**' nnd "A l-nrlslan Uomance.* "lieiiu dim Hall. *i. ...Vvette (Jul! hart will npnear 

Hrummel" and "KIdr ltlchsnl 111" a>-e In- 
cluded In next week's repertory. On Satur- 
day night. ::, Frank l>nntels -Jenafifsl, uftcr 
two wifks or splendid business ior "snanrtt 
llrue." '.'... ; .... 

lluM.i-* Srm:r.T (Isaac It. Rich, manager). 
— hteanar itobson ll nere for a fortnight's 
slay, offerlnp -Merelv Marv Ann" this week, 
and next week, for the rfrsi iline In RokIou, 
"1 ne Girl Who Ha* F.very thine." Wm. II, 
Crane, in "The American Lord, closed ."., a 
pwsperous two weeks' visit. 

Boston iLawren-v Mccarty, mnnnger). — 
"Tbe I'enrl nnd the I'ntupkin." which was *o 
successfully Inunched In (his city last Sum- 
mer, ojiens n three weeks" sojourn at tula 
house. Monday evening. ",. Among the many 
new features lidded Is' the Trecoli'-Arbisa 
irou]>e vf Cnstillan dancers and iroiibadours 
"'Wiiv Down Kast" nttneted gissl crowds 
Feb. llt-Mnrvh 0. t 

' Ti:i:mo.\t iJba, B. Schoefffl. manager). — 
Mrs. Leslie Carter, In "Adrea." Is now In the 
second week of her <rngngement. The play 
was. erilbnslastlcally" received, hy cajmclty 
bouavi last week. The concluding fortnlahl, 
O-ZL will be devoted to "Zazn." This 
house will be occupied on Wednesday after- 
noon. 7. by the Fii-st Corps of Carlers, in 
"Miss' Pocahontas." given as a testimonial 
10 It. A. Hornet, the author of all their suc- 
cessful productions 

P.\itK it'has. Frohmanj Rich &. Harris, 
mnD«gers>). — The henrtlesj kind of a wet- 
come was extended to Mny Irwin Jasi week, 
ou her relinn with "Mrs. lilnck Is nack." 
and another week of packed houses seems 
MRlNti. She will be followed. IS, by Wil- 
liam Collier. In "On the Quiet." Paul nr- 
lenefTs Russian Players In special matinees. 
will this week present "The Chosen People," 
"Ghosts" "'/mm" and "Peliy Persecution." 

at the HollU Street l"ti, ?1 and J:i. ni spe- 
cial matinees during the llrst week of the 
enrngomcni of t 'has. Frohmnn's comnany. In 

"The Rollicking 4'lrl." Geo. ft. Ales- 

aiuifr will to-t ihe bill at the Howard week 

or !*.» Henry IV. Savago will offer a 

lien- musical ppxlucllon nt tbe Tremont for 
an nil Summer run. 

! louse." was a scream front' start to flu hit. 
teMrlce llathaway's Burlesque Co. Is cntur- 
:i Inlnff this week. ;* 

1 Ani-vm: iGeo. w, Carey, manngi^r).— this!- 
hesg Is good. "The ShooLnwuy" Is 4lraw|ug 

aIention.— The Kovnl Italian Bnnd comes 

So Associate Hall il James Bice, of 
lice, and Prevost, Injured bis foot at the 
lathnway last week, nnd was obliged to n;st 
or the' remainder of the week. The Valvono 
Irothers took their places successfully. . .. . 
I'hoinns F. Cnrroll is resting at his home 
ere, nfter a MKv-syful tour of the West 

The Lowell Orchestral Society pleased their 

fiany friends In Temple Theatre, I, Kmll J, 
lorjes, director. , 

' -■■■ • ■ ' ■-■■ ii1 
L> r V n. -At tiio Ijina Theatre (FTank O. 
Harrison, manager) the Heury Clsy Bariin- 
Ice Opera (.'o.-appoarwl March 'J. In "f'lover- 
1 ell." to n fair audience, and Hohert Kleson 
iresonted "Slrongheart" lo big autllencen :l. 
Vllllam H, 1 ,'nirii .1, In "The American," 
4hd dere McAnlllTe Is on for the remainder 
of the week, under the management of Harry 
Knixes. A big troupe of Japs Is offered im 
n social feature, llttrcuiirt Comedy Co. !:!• 

Worcester. — At the Worcester Theatre 
fJaw, F. Rock, resident manager) Benjamin 
ciiaplu. In "Lincoln." March ti. 7. The Swe- 
dish National Hnncers ana Stagers 8. Robert 
Kdevin. In "Stroiigheart," tt ; Frank Imnlels 
In "Sergenni Brue," 10. Richard Manstlcld. 
in "Itcim Hrummel." appeared to S. It. »».. Ii. 
CiNreun 1 Ihiudvslde, who wns formerly .1 
metqlier of the New York Players, ihe Sum- 
mer stock at fhe Worcester, played the role 
or the Prince of Wales, and received a cor- 
dial welcome. The audience were very '' n- 
tluisiasltc over Mr. Mansfield. 

Fbanklin Sqi-akb TliKATnK (J. F. Rurke, 
resident manager).— Week of B, Malcolm 
Williams and his stock compiiuy. Includtag 
Florencc Reed, wHl produce "Tin* Climbers' 
nnd matinee and night. ."», for the benefit of 
iidd Fellows* Home. Ijist week the eompnny 
produced "Soldiers of Fortune." Ben Grn- 
jiain, as MacWIItlanis nnd Mr. Jarrett, as 
Cant, Burke, did exrellent eharncter work. 
Week of IX "The Henrloita." . 

Park TiiEATRn (Alf. T. Wilton, mnnngert. 
— Week of "»: Thos. .1. Ryan and Mury ttlch- 
llelil. In "Mag Hnggerty's Father:" I tan 
Xhtinlan and Kellar Mack, in "The Traveling 
Datrtut** 1 Have ("eanro i:nd Bay Bailey, "*n 
•A Cigarette Cine:" the Tnod Family., tirace 
Iri-onard. Voungs and Brooks. Chas and Jar 
Ahen rn nnd the klnetogmpli. i:\rellent 


HtU'H Tin:\TitK (Chas. W. Fonda, real- 
M-Ui'STir iStalr & Wilbur. ninnager>). — fient manager 1. — Week of S : Katie Harry, 

"Mlxpnh" Is now In Its' fonrlh ornsnernus 
week at this hou*e. with every Indication of 
continued good- badness, durlug the rest- of 
the encngenient. which ends 17. 

Glo«i* > (Stair k Wllhur. msniigersi. — Jane 
Kenntrk la fer.tliied hi "Tiie RtrtfMl CHy." 
which Ih Hip nttrnct'on here, opening Mon- 
day aflcruoon, .*». and succeeding a week of 
good business i',.r Kolb and Hill. Id "I. ti, 
V." Next week. "Hen tit Ilrnkeii How." 

GUASli t>»*t:n.\ IloisC (tieorge \V. BfgMt, 
iiiaingri-). — l-'i.i- Hie week of .*». "The King 
t«r tiie.nplum Ring" will eniertaln lovers of 
the sensational al this popular uptown house, 
keeping up tin' exulting pace set by "Voting 
Buffalo, King of the Wild West." which 
t'loftx; n prosperous week's engau' 1 meui 8. 
•The Curse or Brink" 12-17. 

EMPliu: fLIndsav Morisou, manager). — 
Tlie Kntplre Stock Co. will offer as this 
week's bill "When We Were Twenty-one." 
Howell Hansel nnd Mary Hall, the lending 
plum will be seen n the chief roles. Our-. 
fng" the pnsr week "Rosedale" was presented 
In a capable manner, and attracted the usual 
good, business. Nexi week. "CamlHe." 

Castlk SqrAUK (Boston Stage Society, 
miiDngerst.— "Tlie Fnlul Card" is Hie. slock 
company bill here .for the en r rent week. 

lied fin ven Cadets, -Italy's Pixie Herenndern, 
llnrrv l«i Rose and company, hi "Tile Sailor 
{■lid the Horse:" tindfrey and Henderson. 
IVkhofT and tiordon. chnsslnn. nnd ihe elcc- 
iroetapli. BnslncKS Is heavy. Vlrslnln 
Ijtrl and be r Jobnnli 1 * were ihe drawing at- 
traction weMI of Feb. *■'«. 

Pauu---: TiiBATttK,— Week of March ;*: 
Green 11 ml 'Weathers, Han Collins. Felix Mar- 
tin. Kurle Altmeite, shldons Bros., and the 
burlcsqii". -Sklilo.1." John Mi-Gntth nml 
John t'urran will meet In wrestling Itont .. 
Wrestling 8, .-il*o. Tlr* lo<-al "JoneM 1)1- 
b-mn'tt" cotaiiany will make lis hill in I vaude- 
ville Hppenrnm-e K. Business Is (M-mL 

Sprlmtfleld. — At the Court Square Tlie- 
nliv MT*. O. , Gilmore, managerl Blanche 
Walsh. In '"The Woman in the Case," Feb. 
"fl crenied n most favorable Impression. 
A largo audience of music lovers was attract- 
ed for Ktibellk 28. Maxlne Elliott March 1. 
Richard Mansfield 2. Anna Km Fry G-1». 
lecture, bv Burr Mcintosh, 1-: hnlnk 
Oanlels 1">. 

Nbw Gn.MOuK (P. F. Shea k Co.. mnna- 
gersi.— The Kd. Voung Stock l,'o.. week of 
Ki'li. 2d. -mloyed llberul imtroniige. jireaeiii- 
"A Runaway Hoy 

patrons turned out la goodly .._ 
week, and were well pleased with "search, 
lights of a t;rcat City." Next week. -Tbe 
Wlcklow Postman." 

Kkith's (B. F. Keith, manager).— Harry 
Hmidlnl, "the handcuff klug." royatllied nil 

show. i^tnrk'H Runaway Girls played n re- 
turn date Mnrch l-JI, mid duplicated . tlielr 
former sucecsn. New -Bongs nnd acts In ihe 
olio were strong features. Phil Sheridan s 
Ctty Snorts March f»-7, the Slerrymukeiu 

Hmidlnl, "the handctltr king, mystiiteu mi • «?, f.'.'-f.' pollers 12-14. 

l^^olders last week, and ho jta . jgw •» fg ""ft ntSPlSS^mm Guy Brothers 

headliner for another week. On Friday night 

he was challenged by 41 large department 

store to escape from a specially constructeo 

v tailed home from Wheeling, £■**■» 
l»v ihe death of ihclr eldest brother, William 
lleiiry liuv. wlib-h occurred Feb. '2*1 He 
was with ills brothers In the mluatrel com- 
pany until two years ngo. when he WM 
tdillged to retire on account of falling health. 

"The Woman with 11 Heart" jailed to 

iiiiiU-rlnllze nt the New Gllinnn* Theatre hist 

half of last week Vvclte Gullberi. who 

whs to itpisiir nt Court Square Pltentre .1. 

euncHtsl Robert Slnmns and Morrla 

i-oughlln left Pel-. 2» f<»r Chicago. Ill-, when- 
ihey have occejiled nosilions at the Aitdlio- 

rium Marc K!aw was an Interestril 

speetator al on- of the perform* nee* of 

"Llnruln." Feb. 22 Tlie three cub beam 

which were born at Forest Park tWI •p 

were recntlv shlppeil in J. T. Mitchell. lh'H- 

tou Tlietitre, who Is 10 use them theatrical y. 

John T. Webber, of "Our New Mllils- 

o.. has been rating his uncle, who 

ill at l/'Pda Mnnnger Mdllvan 

paik-Ing ense, and he succeeded In elglilceu 
mlntttes. Other cards this week: Marcels 
Bns Reliefs. Kdmund Bay and company, 
Fddle Clark. Carter mid Bluford. James llar- 
rlgan, Hobby Xorih. Mnreenn. .Nevairo and 
Mim-ena, Schiits-rt Qiwrietm. Harry . Kileson 
anil dog. Whltiima and Hsvls Kittle Stevens 
Hie Sawadus and new inotl-ii pictures. 

Uutt-\Ri- tCarl 1». Lotln-'tp. business nan- 
oaeri-— Tnhv Ly*ms Is the star ntitl on an 
excellcn. Mil l&b w^k The Tenji TnjMB, 
Flllc Musical Four. Gavin and Plall. Mnrphj 
„., VfSS. Will La Belle the He-Anos, 
In lealr. Kvana Trio. Wilson and M»ran 
Jlamv Nearv. the I[»wnrilseo|s-. and the 
ilaivard Hurl.wpi.M-s, hi "All the Money, 

M piSS Wi. H. Waldron, managerl.- . 
Clark's Runnwnv Girls return lo town to ter 

llellrs. suHlnliiwl 1 
pntorlfllnmi'Ut. iiml 

HMfc ' . 

I'fUi'MRU (IHrry X. Knrren. monniwr). 

Jrlwil* 1WI« ""I IHUl.VII.IWlW 

i»k ..r iiIm«ii« ni. liw i» 1 «•"««" "f wW' 

1I1N lutii.r l«mw«, «"k »f *■ TI..- llrlen- 
,li,v« .■njMvf.l llni' Ih.sIhp«* !..»., *"-k. ™ 

!iu" ".•ii.IIuj; IMurr, 111 |.iw«.nt«ll<...» «t ~' 

"'/[.rru ifi. II. Uotclifllpr. manORfrl.— Jlarr 
f , r i;.l „f r.. flic lb.11 Toil IliirloMliiorK.lii ,. 
11 lit., in-l nlllHlfi.l tvlil^.I 

ton*-. Tlip lwlmy M 

"\,st.v * S,w,:M «nr, t.V D. WM* ffilS -T1.R. El'h.,ICIt,>-," loWlf b».|nj... 
AlST & urn.! „,,,„,,!„„,.,,„, ,,rrU™ira I«ll*'l 

"llo™ Sj.l..|"'B l/>nrt..n nf 11..- C<.lr.i.lnl Tl,"i,tre. 1'ltl.llrl.l. U I. la 
licit nwitnllon lor Hue rntulMrllli-. nnil lr Uv niMvlmrnl pruw <»•• 
I , irai-tm cx.i'll^nl l.usl- Ikr |»v)).l.' .ii» of KUdi ■ >•'»»'•, «• 
<1iiik« 1* iiuinni:»r will nrronco for UKi" 

i.i.iKiiii". for lit*' ri'iaulml^r of the wuuon. 

I.uirHI.— At the t.oroll Omm Hon., 

fruhn & (irnut. mannKeml. InKt week. "An 

Ye Son" lilnvnl to one of lite mont proHper- 

liuslliPKK* weeks In the MWIJ ft| 11 

1 U tills MIMIIfMl IV.^KS in ....' mmnmf «. •«■ 

•A liollm'. Tlie eoraliniij- wn» well IMlniiml null 
Ihe nlnv Kan well received. I»ue : "Lincoln 

1 _ March I".. lloherl KiIc«oii II. Wllllnm II. ('rf". 

j In t Kn.nk DtinlclK H. "The Imke of Kllll- 

l,irwiil"«lw*wS Jm?\. nuTAtiyirdVlll ..pel, « «-«1 

ilim 1". an nu ej- cntmlteiiienl of Silnrtiiy concerls A. 

letelter received a royal welcome 

towe MalH'l UH-kban. little BlHlirhari . 
m.v 'I'.bslo. I'enil Irving. Harry BMHk 
hurley Cork Charley Farrell. Alnsley S,-oif, 
I ,V iwrliii and cte,., F.wler. the M-.-tleys, 
'jlirKeever ninl Sundry. Iitirkhart and Berry, 
-■■ni Kennedy and Wybl". 
\V\h in's MiKKt" 'I- »■ Walker, maim, 

-MlleV tllffonl "W..H swaH-JWel', holds 

linger 1.- 1-anl iveek's bill was up to the 
usoiil high standard, nntl big hindtieas ruh*d. 
rurr.T.1 : Patrlre, hi "tllorla :" NefT aud Mil- 
ler. Gllrnv. I lay nea aud Mnuignuery. Iftrtier. 
Hesiuoml and Ilnrrls. Foster and his dog. 
N011.111 Jncoiies nnd, as nu special fenture, 
lairras Brothers Sunday concerts drew ca- 

Bmtob (J. H. Tebhciif. manager). 


Ai'itiToiin'M (Harry Knixes. managerl. — 
Lust week was tlie biggest of Hie sen-«»n, 
ttundriHls of p« v o]ilc being minble in get llck- 
cik. This week Tout N'nwn and .iimiMnv Is 
playing n retain engagement, and Henry Tay- 
lor nnd company are milking lltelr last ap- 
pearance here ba ta t a sailing for F.uroue. 
Others on lite bill are: The Three LHghlnns. 
the Musical Bennetts Reno, Richards and 
company. Cuntllonx, Munroe, Mack and Lmw- 
tflH, nnd the vltugrapu pictures. . 

. Gkm [Chartn W. Shenfe. manager), — Busi- 
ness itiiillnues big. 'Ibis week Ayolte Bros. 
sod Ihinioni are the MtrMtttohK ihlmrs on 
the list are: I'tnvy ami Phillips. Hum- and 
Kitdle Ihily. Innmil. Flossie La Vau anil the 

Sai/km Ttt«\THK. Salem (fienrge II. (Tlieet- 
liniii. manager!. — The Irene Myers Stock Co. 
played " -O big business last week. Robert 
Wnaa, In "Striuiglunrt," evening of o, and 
William II. Crane crimes 7. 

Notk.— Knhr, Jk Gnait, of New York, les- 
sees of the Salem Theatre, will. It Is said. 
lorn ihls theatre Into n vaudeville house ar 
ihe rln-" of ihe prccxm season, itud 11 new 
theatre wl.l lie bull) for dramatic' pucposes 
on the site of old Aleehnnlc's llnll. 
i- ■ ■ - 

Fnll Blver.— At the Academy of Music 
(Culm & Grant, inatuijters) the pfieinn St.tck 
Co., with Raymond <!..- Bond and Beraice 
I'rince hi tending, roles. -Hnn-d lo fair- btisl- 
EMrri Feb. 2i|-MiitcIi It. Specialties hit rodnccd 
by Carter aud Taylor. Fred 1». Woodbury and 
t'arl llefaen were all well race! red. Maud 
Hlllmnn-Co. .VJd. Hobert IMesou. In "Strong- 
heart." 14: Florence lliinillton 17. 

SiiKKuVa iC B. t'aok, mnnagcn.--rbe 
Iroglniilag- Of Lent seems lo have uo visible 
effi-ci on the audiences bore, business lulng 
excellent. Bill wek of H White and Stuart. 
A. O. I'lincnii. the Village Choir. Blinnlie 
SI.Min. Van and .Mdln. ihe KIlls-.NWllli Trio. 
Ireue Lee. aud niillsisipc. 
- Hay*-/ (Al. liny lies, nmnngeri.-- Bualnegs 
lint wts'k, with l>elln Fox heading the hill. 
was rale. Hooked .1 and week: Adelaide llerr- 
1.1111111, lledfnitl and Winchester, Kdwnrd 
Grav, MeMfllfUi and Chappelle. Lillian Se- 
ville. Mr. nnd «n», Liieler, tin- Watermelnii 
t.lrls. nnd Ihe klnerogrnph. 

R0MT0N tChns. S4-hlesslnger, niniinger). — 
Wick of Mnrch ."• : t'lms. Ilnmllloa. Helen 
Jewell. Acme Trio. Nellie Hartford. Hell HIm 
t.-rs, end Ibiniiy Hrlgbi llurlewuiers. Hnst- 
i;eis go-Kl. . 

\'l.Kt:uiliKON (M. F. O'Brien, manager). 
- -Htisiness WHS good Inst week, Willi « 

pip-ising bill. Onenlmr r. : I'aichen and Clif- 
ford, IHIkes nud 1 dikes Win. Beverly, Clay- 
Ton SlAtcrs, Bessie DtikcH, mill optistope. 
■— . . ■ m — -■ - ■■— — 

Vorib AiIrsim. — Al tlie Cmplrc Theatre 
(John F. Sullivan, mnnngeri -"llie Little 
Gray lJUly." PA 27. gave an excellent per- 
formance ' to good biislnoss. Lawri'iico 
Ji'tirwtv. In "rite Kiubassy Hall." one of Iho 
la-st plays nf the season, hail generous pn- 
titmage Mnrch £, llafB -Turner Co., In 
repertory, .1. 

Uicmiusn (W. V. Meade, nuiiuiceri.— 
Business lust week was excellent. "Buster 
Kcaion. or the Four Ken tuna, tleseKes ineti- 
Hon. Week or & i "The llrlekels" Three Hel- 
tons, Clinrlntle Coates, Mallle Loeketle. Mil- 
son nud .Mae, Mr. nnd Mrs. Perkins Fisher 
and Ihe vitiignipb. Jefferson He Atigelh -ip- 
nfdntd In "Fantnmt," in S. It. *».. 1. and gnvn 
excellent KUllsfucilon. Aran I ear night e»n- 
tlnties 10 be a fciituir each weak. 

Notk. — While preparing for her net nt Urn 
Richmond Thenttv last week. Miss Tnlbol, 
who nss'.sts Klmldn. Ihe llhmluniit. fell from 
n table In which an enclosure was plnn-d, 
and suffered severe Injury to her right ihlgb. 
She id now at the hospital In this city. 

Xvw Itedford.— At tlie New Bedford The- 
litre Jere MeAullffc Co. cam.', week of Feb. 
20. to good business. Phclan Stock Co. Murck 


Hathawav's (T. B. Baylies manager). — 
Thf bill for hist wifk gave gtsul Haimfitcilon 
t.i big bouses. Bill wei>k «f .". : Kml Harno's 
London Comedy Co., Atlalr. Irene Fmnklln. 
Great Mnrselli.'S Black ami J.mes tllrnrd 
uatl West, La Vlni'-C 1 Trio, and vita- 

''"saviiv (Hurk k Barry, managers).— The 
atock ciiinpauy presented "Womuii's l-.neiiiy. 
la gtMMl business, last wi'ek. For week of 5, 
"The Power or the Cross" 

Notks— J. Fnitik Hurke. leading man nt 
the Savov. held a reirepllnn on Hie singe r«b, 

2N. which was Inrgely attended L. cor* 

itiler, of Woodford's Aniraals, was In town 
fur a few dny w last week. 

bawrence. — Al the ClM-ffM Mouse (Grant 
A Calm, iiuinagers) Die Har.'oitrl Coemdy ( o. 
held the hoards lo good business week of 
Feb 211. Sln-pard's moving pictures drew 
fair business Mnrch t. Including miitlnee. 
Booked: "Cloyerdell" :., *"I1ie Aiuerlcnh 
\4tUl" 0. Robert l^leson 7, "The I hike of 
KtlHeraskte" it. TitKiTRK (AL Haynes mnnn- 
geri. --Rig hriwhieim was the rule al this 
Rouse last wt-ok. BtKiketl week or .". : Daw 
Fo\, lllllr Link and Wllletle CbiirlehJ. Geo. 
II. Alexander, Buyer ami Stone, Somen* and 
Law. Jena Afdclle and Iter lukv Pinks Six 
Silmols Troupe, aud klnetograiili . 

Holyoke. — The Opera House (Lawlor 
RroK., mnnagers) was dark week of Feb. 26. 
The following vandevljl.j hill la booked for 
week of March 0: ToiirhLllon, Pearl An- 
drews Charles Mhchell, Huffy. Snwtcllc nud 
Puffy, Hentjcii and Jiintes, Mullen's tktgs, 
Wood nud Ward, and Xtmm Slshrs, 

KueiRi'. IT. F. Mnrrnv, manager).— this 
bouse was dark Feb. 2H-2n. The Vnnlly Fair 

Hlirlet.qU.TS Mil fell l-'I, •■lime lo irfljiuelly. 
Ib.nke.l: 'The Hub; t.'llv" -V7, Hit Sports 
HAM "Th" Two Jo|hih u 12-lt, lb" lHgb 
Rollers Ifi-ll, 

■ -■ ■ " 

Tnuittou.At Hie Taunton Tlientr-j (Culm 
k cross, mntiurji-wi "Cb> vet-del I." with llcnrv 
ciitv HnnialMi', *-iiiik- March 1, lft a fair audi- 
enci*. The llotr Coih'edv comes ■«**•« of :,. 


Newark. — The Bp|ienr«nce at the Newark 
Thrntre (Lee OtloUugul, nuinagef) of "Thn 
HhnGtm,'* with John 10. Henshnw, Ago«s 
Cain Brown, W. C. Weerten and Mny T#a 
Broeck In tbe enst, occurs week of March 
tt/ "The Clansman" created considerable 
cariosity and fairly good taftUMM last w.-ek. 
"The, Prince of I'llsen" Is booked week nf 

F.MPtnr III. M. Hvnms, manager).--. Paula 
l'dwardes, In- ' Winsome Wlmne," M the 
curreut nttrnrtlon. and parMmlnr Interest 
attaches to the ilmt npnenmn.-e here of the 
pfere dud star. The house was dark Inst 

PiinrTon's (F. F. Pmeinr, mntingori. — 
Novelty nnd merit are well cxuinplltled in 
the lull arranged tor Ihe current week. 
Richard Golden heads tho hill, nud l^eslle 
antl Palley, Kitty Trulncy, Wm. McCart and 
coniniUiv, John nnd Bertlm Gleeson. and 
Fred lloiillbtm. Klnnor Fnlk, Frencellt nud 
t^wl* and Pnrros Bros lmlnnce the offering 
ncceptnhlr. Tho usual good business pre- 
vailed last week. 

ttu.t'wiiiA (M. J. Jacobs, manngeri.— 
Ulfferlng widely (mm Hit* usual uicindramn 
nlTered uere. Sblney T'oler niiis-iirs here thlfl 
week In "How Baxter HiilPed In." with good 
cirtertnlnmeiu. "The Choir Singer" enter- 
tained good houses Itisi week. "The Old 
Clothes Ainu" Is rt*M wti-k or 12. 

'Husk-Ii (J. II. Huekeu. mnnngeri.— 
Howard Halt, In "The Millionaire poiectlve," 
ihls w»-ek. "Across the Pad lie** enjoyed 
fairly pond 1/mmtmi list week. "The Funny 
..,(■. jthHt-v* rnrarm w-t-k of 12. 

Walumavn's iW. H. Clark, miinngeri. — 
Blue Ribbon Girls step 0111 of the ordinary 
nt this week, and offer a stroiiK oils In ad* 
tlltlnii to iwo IturleOns The World'H Trio, 
Itvan. Wowl and Ryan, the Slibmlnns tho 
Austins A1lnu.1t nnd Mrew, StolUi lltltnnre. 
Harmonious Four and Olgtt Allle offer gontl 
s|ieebiltict. Tlie Itcnlz-H.intloy Co. negotl- 
iiletl the average business last week. Mil* 
unties 12-1 1. 

Notes- The theatre nt New Brunswick, 
N. .1.. will be entirely rebuilt, nntl the nudl- 
It rlum 'Htwam to the level of Liberty Hi rest. 
tvmirnciK bar* been awarded. . . . .Mnnugei- 

I <s> Otioleitgnl'K annual benefit will occur 
Monday night. April HI. when Lew Fields 
appears in 'll llup|)entsl In NnrdlanuV 

» . ■ 

I'nierinii. — At the Opera Boiise* [John J. 
Goetschln*. inansgen Kirk Brown Htock Co, 

II fair houses Feb. 27-Mnrvh 5. Book- 
ings : •llnllroad Jark" fl. 7. "The Show fllrl * 
S. Florence llnmllloti ii, "The Prliie-) of PR- 
sen" M». 

HlJ.ui (J. II. Ihtwioy. manager). — May 
llnwnrd Rurles.ine Co. drew crowded houses 
hi*I week. Slur Show Ulrls week of ft, Jolly 
ttnum Widows 12-17. 

Kupi'ir. 1 A. M. Bruggeinaii. manager).—- 
BimlttcHs last week was. big. Hill mr week 

III ft: Four Ltikeim, Itavmond and Cnverly, 
Klngslev and Lewis it. K. Halo, MM Tlrt«j. 
Julian,* Klllel Itoldnson. Twa l"in*ks . Jnrlt 
Miisolis Five Society Belles and Hie klpe'o- 
graiili. „ , 

Fviill.v (G. S. Thinhtr, mnnngeri. — llnsl- 
pfes last week was Tab. Hill for week of 
.*i ■ Leo H- evens ami LHIhin Keeh'y. Mnm. 
l.hiil ned l»*nIdo, the Ureal Hi iy On- litis. Mil- 
lii-etl (illhnorc, Jo-eph Sohmerit nnd the clne- 

XflTTrS.- l/ical N'». 2d. BUI Punters nntl 
Fillers' hull, which wits liehl Feb. 2'J, wns 
a big silt-cess. 

Trenton. - At Taylor Opera Hotisa 
( Montgomery Moses, innuageri Lllllait Blnu- 
velr. Feb. 24. nlmnsl tiled the house, iwick- 
stnOer'a Mlnstreb, BR, had good UnHlnejw. 
Daniel Sully. Mnrrti l.dld fafily well. "Tlin 
Klcrunl CRv" X "Mrs. Lelllngweirs Hoots 
R, Vvelle Gultlierr 1«. Antlcw -Mack III. 

Ktatr BTBMIT TiiK.vniK t Friink Hb>\V. r ,T^- 
malinger). -"Gay New gaAV"* JMf 
hiltl Immense business "No Mother to Gnhlo 
Her." March 1 :t, laid rotlafartory business. 
■The Show Girl" ft-7. "A Rn.e for Life" H-IH. 

'iStKNT (Kdwnrd llenion, miinager).— Hill 
for U ir:. 1 week: Ned Nye and his American 
Girls. Archie (lord and company. Alhnmhrtt 
Sextette, lieu. W. Wllwm. Hlhel Robinson, 
\a'h Sn roses. Kd. Blondell nnd eompnny, nnd 
the hhtgi'uph. 

■ ■ 

Jerary CHy.— Fair laislness prevnlled 
nl the Aenileiny durlng.the sbty pf/'llit- 

VM ■^*A , «S"Jirti ^™-ariSi*r. hBE ' llosTov (J. H. Tebbcits. managcrj.-An- 
,._ Mile. Cllffonl. ^'"^ .^(''T otuPr excellent bill nlnyed to Ihe usnni m- 
r m 1 ib- &■*"■; J"" .* .^.'.■"J 'MViVrU *"" l m " ,l >' »'""««"" 1 * 'i'he Fltidmmons O'Brien 


„„!«•« electric 1*1-1 L5JJL-. ■».„-'" JiuT nilnTlVt; «froli|rc«t mqcnet» ever noon here. Far • 
nnd Imtlle m "J"";" 1 * •,';'"• 1 „w ■ \ na »nrt week: '11.0 Ounri.. Ln Firsr OrotlMn 

SftiU5%i5S5k 0.10*1-;..^.™!"° ui- ««-«*, !»3?ftJw3 

.11. H KOJ. — 

JEW HAMPNIllllll. 

KTS r Vliientu. Kiima Tlwm'ii.. nn.l Ihe Itoslon liUncone ,,I.Mure« 

;i-. n .u^nrn.^Vinr> l» l*in IiiS of Mnnt. C'nHo. The lionw t« not Ura, 

.lorilnn. Hw f* fVgJS%ffc^i VS eno„«h to hoU lb. s.inilnr «,ne», .xowdv 

\naersoii. ISUncli Anilrew 
Held. ,„ 

XiCKi:i.ra>roN I"". 
rarh. hall »'M k 

I'librLr't; illarlT A. IMMgKI 

rlierrr. I nnteri.— --Ilurlcsn.l. Is the "Irons hMUR nl thin 

„: will orrlnslon-. hou»nn.l ihe S. n. O. .Ian 1. out nt nearly 

Cu ; i.™ qoLStr to. Borkh.rt, klw of all o( the evening performance,, llacry 

in. r SeorS 3Sn coatortloalst ; renrj Burns and. Li., but ewe, "A Nlgbt lu a -Bug- 


.iinnoiii'.KT At Iho Opera Ilonej (ft 

XT. HnrrlURloil. mmtHl lloberl ,l--1e>»1. 
March '.'. In -Slroniilieiirl.-' l.lnvert In H : . II. 
O. Keerj- .eat »»» wild. "The llnlr t Hy .1. 

PiiiK (.lohn Klllc manngeri.— Tlie tl'in- 
any (llrln, I'eb. «SsS dime In ejcellent 
limine,.. ■The Brew Ulrl" March I* The 
n.mimnv l« hivlna hit here, imlnji in III. .';'«• 
Ion. llln»M of iho leaillna lady, Horn kem|i. ; 

Noll:. — Dame lltimoc lin« It that the Opern 
Houv will be added to the Keith circuit nut 
■eisoa, vaudeville being. In. evidence. 

Show lllrl." week- of IVI.. al.' '"Al till- 
WorldV Mcrcv"' nlwi hn.l fair reaullH lit the 
Itllmi. mid llie Hiime emiiltlloiw raced Ham 
lk»CereV Own i'o., nl Hi. 'Ion. 

AfAiii'.MV licrnnk K. Ilen.leiuoii. ninimgerl. 
— March r.-in. tleorge ICvnns. In Ihe HUH* 
iiwaya:" •ilehlnil Iho Mnak" 11M7. 

Iliioii IJohn W. llolnien proprietor).— 
Urucl llmtnn. In "llllfnu nimtlu," S-10; 
-'AcroHH llie l'nellle" 12-17. 

Hon- Ton (T. \V. Dlnklna, mnnagerl. — 
Mnv Ilownrir. BxtrnvaKanwi f-'o. r.-lll, rho 
Klnr Show l HrN next week. 

Vini:. — Klla llenl/.. of Knin Devera a Co.. 
rel.-lirnt...l llie nliiilvemitry .if her l.ll-lh at 
the Hon Ton. I'VI.. -'7. l.y n Kfiu-roliM Inyoiil. 

l-:vervl.oilv < .ii'eled Willi Hie luuiw and III.' 

niliipuiiv Mid niii|il.' JiimiI... in. her iriie»m. 
l'1'.-.f.lli. w. re llllllieroilK. 

RIlMlieih.. The i»'itli.iilng of I^nl li»" 
rniieed a fulling off In the alleniluntn nl tho 
local I belli re*. 

l.vri:rii Thhatiu: fMIroy & llrnke. nmnn- 

•crKl.- •'l.'hllial.iwu (linrlln line Ken. 211- 

5.1. openlUK big. The |ilny m« a now- .me. 
Iinvlng oiicneil nt llnrllnglon. .V J., 24. 
II. Kiniiix |H.lnl. deal nllli a yiiuiig man 
who Im led n»lriiy liy a nnle cumin nn.1 
liiuitht 1. 1 lino iipluni In ITllnatriwn, In 
nnler III. ciUKln inlithl nlln Ibn chancer 
of the l«.v hi Inherit hla fnllior'n mnunv. 
The ac.'111-M nrc laid fllioill. and In Sew York. 
The »iicre»h of Ihe play de|.t'n.U on IH win- 
.ntlnnnl nccnlc ciriula. 'llie i-nat wan argc- 

and nccepialile in ih dlcine. ax .'vlncd 

hv Ihe a|.plaii«e e«j.eclally. The piny «r«« 
wrlllen liy Owen Iliivla. and prnduce.1 l.y 
A. II. WnndK. 

.Ili»iim'. — ITockalndera Mlnalrela leli. 3T. 
"Tlie Heniilor'a Wife" Mnrch II, 7. 

Tim.- Thn f'lly I'ouncll hna paaaed an 
nrdliiiiiici' i.rohlblllng glrta under Iho ago of 
ilxtcon In oi*\tr Ihnolrea nt night, linlena 
accompnnleil by par enta or l.«nl guardlnna. 

■— Al the l.yrh- (II. P. Hovfllor. 
maiingeri "The .ftiuny .Mr. Uooijjr anil 
"I'hliiatown fharlle" illvldwl a falrry proflt- 
nlilc week eu.lliw iMnrrli ll. "(lav New Wk 
4 7. Al. «'. Mlirlln'a "l.nflo 1'nm'a fabln" 
a. in, "No Alolher lo (lulde Her" 1 t-H, "An 
Arlat.lcrallr Tralllli" in 17. 

KMi'iur. i A. M. ilniiomannii. prniirletor). 
—HIM week "f Alnr.'li .. : Hilly Van. Hniedloy 
Hkelch flub, l-lckeriunil Dm nrMMM fnpi- Knur. Archer'. Five ruiiillw tllrla. Sill.'. 
Ijillini, Klein and fllfl.m. 
Hil.llico. Ii leind. . 

. — ' . ■»« » 


Yloltilllila. -At III. New hycclini Thcntr. 
ll-rillik may. Immeel "Tiio l.lly and Iho 
ti'lncc" cniue, l-'i'li. ail. lo very fair nttcild- 
mice, nnd cvcrylaiily wa» lilcuaed. ..WJeaV; 
lliliiil.nflemiMin nn.l nlglil. 2.. plnycd to 
rpleuilld iiiiliM* Hiery niiinh.r «-a» bearlliy 
Seared. "Edniuti.l llnrkf" «aa iire«ented by 
I'liaiincey geVJIgfeh 1. to good blial- 
i"". t'omlug: "The IVItartl »f On' Mnl-h 
r, 11. -nohln floo.1" 7, K. i:vn Tadguay 0. Hi. 
Hotlicrn and -Marlowe 111, let, 

HnPKl.N«' (A. II. Jlorrlaon. mnnnger).— 
Illl.ln.aa lll.l wi'ek Ma Mlllfarlnry to llie crowde.1 hoimrs prevnl lug. 1 he 
r..".ra,..m.' I.ulllde.1: WIMn Trio, Pnul 
Klein. Vernon. Dorln Trio. DHoll nnll Ang'l, 
John Zluiulcr and the klllodrobie. 

llijoi' (llenj. SI. Htnliilnick, manager).— 
Tbe Hnya, JBMM aud Johnale,.ln "Down-thq 



March 10. 

Pike," played tne entire past week to packed 
bouses. Tbe performance pleased la ever/ 
respect, "frighting Kate" 6-10. 

Clia.tnnoojm.— At New Opera Houic 
(Paul It. Albert, manager) tllchard Carle, 
Feb. 24, came to good business. "Tbe Heir 
to tbe floorah" 'JH, .lames O'Neill March 3, 
"My Dixie <;irl" 0, Sothern and Marlowe 7, 
"Running for Office" 8, Lew Docks Lflder 12, 
"SI Pluukard" 18. "The Wizard of Oa" U, 
"Hunter brown" 13. 


packed the house at every perform- 
' "Marching Through Georgia" 


/Detroit. — At the Detroit Opera House 
(B. C. Whitney, manager) Olga Netheraole 
played one of tbe most BUcceasful engage- 
ments of tbe season last week, wltb packed 
louses at ever? performance. Wrlgbt Lorl- 
mer. In "The Shepherd Klug." March fi-10. 
Iaceum Theatre 'E. D. Stair, manager). 
— Itfckel. Watson and w rot he. In Tom, Dick 
and llnnv,'' offered the patrons a first class 
entertainment, and drew good bouses laat 
week. "The Woman Id the Case" 4-10. 

Lafatktte Thkatre (Dr. Campbell, mati- 
*ger). — The Livingstone Stock Co., In "Tbe 
Octoroon," was seen to good advantage, and 
the attendance was large last neck. Tbe 
aaioe company, in "The Holy City.*' 4-10. 

Wuitskv theatkb t R. f>. Stair, mana- 
ger). — Selma Uerraao. In "Queen of the Con- 
victs," packed r 
ance last y:eek. 

Tf.mti.e Theatre (J. H. Moore, manager). 
— Broomttlck Witches and the Groat Kauf- 
man Troupe were the lending features of last 
week's well balanced bill, and tbe attend- 
ance was up to tbe usual standard. At- 
tractions for week of ." Include : The Navajo 
Oirla, May Durrea and W. A. Mortimer, 
Harry Atkinson, Shcnn and Warren, Dora 
Fclletler. Smith and Campbell, Wolpert Trio, 
A- W. Asra, and the klnetograph. 

Atence TiiEATitii (Drew & Campbell, man- 
agers) . — The Colonial Itel leg gave a very 
{:ood entertainment, and the attendance was 
urge last week. The California Girls 4-10. 
CnrsTAL Theatre (J. J. Noah, manager). 
— Last week's bill was unusually good, and 
the attendance large, afternoon and evening. 
Attractions for week of 5 include : The Great 
Zera nnd company, tbe Carncllas, Flyulg Du 
Bell. Jennie Jtentley. Summers and Winters, 
Oliver Wllber, nod the klnodrome. 
. ' '■ * ■■ 

MnnUtcc— At the Unmade]] (It. R. 
Ttnnisdcli, manager) "Itudolph and Adolph" 
did Immense business Feb, 20. 'The Land 
of .Nod" March 13, "When Knighthood Was 
in Flower" 1«, "Hearts uf Oak" 2:i. 

Grand Unpins.— The New Power*) 
(Harry G. Sommers ft Co.. manacera) baa 
been dark for ten days. Coming; The Jeffer- 
Konfl, In "The Rivals:" "The Land of Nod" 
March U-ll, Blanche Walsh, In "The Woman 

In rlio Cn an " 

ILLINOIS. ;: ; .t 

pecatnr. — At the "Powers* Grand (J. T. 
Given, manager) "Tbe Fortune Teller,' 1 Feb. 
2(1, had a good honse. "Tbe College Widow," 
27, and "Tbe Gingerbread Man, 28, both 
turned people away. "Pretty Peggy." March 
1, also did well. "A Romance or Coon Hol- 
low" 3. "Tracy, the Bandit," 5 ; m>usn and 
his band 0, Bluebeard Jr. T, -moving pic- 
tures 9, "Too Proud to Beg" 10. 

JiUotJ (A. Slgfrlcd, manager). — BUI for 
week of Feb. "Its: Seven Mimical Bvronn, 
Hose and Sevcrns, Zanfrctta and Mansfield, 
Lena liurtt and the klnodrome pictures or 
"The Train Wreckers." Business was great. 

Note. — Virginia Vnrco, a Decatur girl, and 
a member of "The Fortune' Teller" chorus, 
made a very favorable Impression HO, her 
first appearance in this city. 

— , . . — .« — ■ , — 

Peoria. — At tne Grand Opera House 
the Four Huntings. In "Tbe Fool House," 
bad a fair house Feb. 25. Mrs. Flake, in 
"Leah Kleschnn," drew a good house 20- 
"Davld Hamm" fared well 27. Grace George, 
in "Tbe Marriage of Wllllnra Ashe." drew 
a foil house Mnrcb 1. "The Gingerbread 
Man" matinee and evening: 3, "Reuben In 
New York" 4, Eugenie Blair, In "Oliver 
Twist," C; "Sherlock Holmes'* 6. 

Main Btbbet Theatre. — Good houses all 
last week. Bill for week of March 4: Rose 
and Seeverns, Castle and Collins, King Rol- 
lins. Znnfretta and Mansfield, Barney First, 
Chan. E. Hoey, and klnodrome. 

Weast Theatre. — BUI week of Feb. 20: 
Ed, and Rolls White. Eugene Henry, La 
Renos, Sprague and Mack, Wagner and La 
Conda, and moving pictures. Fair houses. 



HTJmrs K V ROPE A N HOTEL, 148 Dearborn 

it., and OXFORD UOTKL. Canal and Adams. Bates 
o profession. FRANK HUNT, Prop., CHICAGO. 

PALACE HOTEL. 101 N. Clark St., Chicago. 
CnropeatL u per week; with private bath, $r. 
rttralsb Batti, too. H. B. HUMPHREY, Pro p. 

Prop.,3l.East Newton St . Franklin So:., cor. James 
St. American plan. Conveniently located. Unex- 
celled table. Every modern convenience, ti o'clock 
dinners. 7 to M per wk. Tel. 21114 Tremoni. Quick 
lonch connected. 


Lafayette Chsmbfri, J7 liny want PI. 
One minute from all theatres. Theatrical rates, 
%& per week and np, single; M and up, double. 

PRUDENTIAL HOT*; L, 4a and IS Bank St , 
Sewark, N. J. H. A. GREENLAHD, Prop. 

Sure pew an d American Flan. Fine Room* . 

"WITfnSOR (Intel, Minneapolis.— New manage- 
ment, aew equipment throughout. American or 
European. Rut <.--•> to prnfes^lonaU. tlperdaj and tip 

S. Clark St., cor. Ontario, Chicago. 


tam. to, ■ ggl ti'pw d»y. ta to taper wwt. 

The LBoecker Organ & Orchestrion Go. 

.how Room. *3» Kort Hth SI. U C UU YOPK /»|TV, 345 Aieono A. IS B WW I Vila VII T. 


Bnltders ol Orcans and Orchestrions to order on plans and designs furnlihed to ub. a.'io Kew 
Cylinders and Cardboard Music made to order for any instrument; latest and up-to-date tunes, th 
import new and best makes ol sllcnti; used organs and orchestrions. 

A ftps' line of Organs and Orchestrions of all sizes for Merry-Go-Ronndj, 
Amusement Parka, Skating Blnlu, Carnival Com pa pica and Shows, 

Qnincy — At the Empire (W. L. IJuaby, 
manager) "Over Niagara Falls" had good 
business Feb. 25. "David Harum" 23, "When 
We Were Twenty-one" March 2, Mrs. FlBke 
3, "A Hot Old Time" 4. Lewis Morrison 5, | 
"The Clancmau" l», "When Johnnie Comes 
Marching Home" 10. the Bowman Co. 11, 
12. Al. Xi. neld'a Minstrels It, 

Buoo (Patrick & McConnell, managers). 
— business Is very good. Bill week of Feb. 
2«: Musical ForrestB. the Probst Trio, Ben- 
nett Sinters, Orvlllo lleece, and moving pic- 

Thss Hof-brau Mouse 

107-109 S. Thirteen! h f t.,P h Had el phla . 

K. Plan. Booms n per day np. Special rates to 
the profession. Within walking distance of all 
principal theatres. CHAS. PRA. Manager. 

Canton. — At tbe Grand (F. B. Powelson, 
manager) "Her Fatal Sin," Feb. ai, drew 
a fair bouse. "The Isle of Spice," 26, had 
n good house, and was well received. £4 
Hot Old Time" March 3. "Ueubcn lu New 
York" G. 


imiiannpoiis.— At English's Opera Hoiit 
(Ad. F. Miller, manager) James K. Hack* 

in the Case." 

Ma.testic (Orln Stnlr, manager). — "While 
the World Sloops," 1-3. drew lightly. " 
ing: The Four Huntings, In "Tli_ 
House," 4-7 : "The Burglar's Daughter'^ 8- 
10: "Lighthouse by the BM" 11*14. 

GttAxn.OPKttA HorsB (Churchill & Davla, 
munagci-F).— Vaudeville attractions for week 
of 4 Include: Aucln**l, Bryant anil Savllle, 
Murray K. Hill, KstWIe Ionise Mann, l'eter 
J. Smith, and Rtelncr Bros. 

Smith's Oku Hol-kk tftam. w, B. Smith, 
manage:). — Tills house continues doing an 
excellent bus) tics*. The Colonial Utiles 4-10. 

Bay City.— At the Washington (W. J. 
Daunt* mnnager) "Itudolph and Adolpli" did 
a good butilncss Feb. i'5. The Jeffersons, lu 
"The Rivals," were well received by a good 
house 28. "Bnbea in Toyland" March 7, 
"Pcck'B Bad Boy" 11, 12, "Two Little Waifs" 
13. 14. . 

Buon (J. D. Pilmore, manager). — The Mil 
for week of Feb. 26 Included : The Helm 
Children, Kreatore. Dean nnd company, Chi- 
nese Tnmson, Truman Seymore, Jcunre-Klls- 
worth, musical sketcli, nnd the olograph. 

Note. — Samuel Marks, of Saginaw, fans 
leased the Hurley Building, In this city, for 

and Mary Mannerlng, In "Tbe Walls 

Jericho," Feb. 27, 28, gave an artistic pew 

_ formauce, which was the source of much e*n- 

Com- Joyincnt to large and appreciative audiences." 

The Fool The Land of Nod" March 6, 7, Cnauncey 

- Olcott 8. 

Pabk Tiieatbd (Dickson & Talbott. maitnv 
gers). — The Four Mortons, In "Breaking into 
Society," Feb. 20-28, filled the house twice a 
day. "Tracked Around the World" Marclr 
1-8. "Arizona" 5-7, the Rays, In "Down the 
Pike," 12-17. 

Grand Opeba House (Shafer Zlegler. man- 
ager). — The Agoust Family was tbe feature 
of the bill last week, which drew very big 
business. Bill for week of March I: Fanny 
Bice, Macart's monkeys, Keno, Walsh and 
Melrose, Charles Sweet, Esmeralda Sisters, 
Clifford and Burke. James F. McDonald. 
Adair and Dnlin, and the bioscope. 

Empire Theatiie (Chas. Zimmerman, man- 
ager). — The Innocent Mnids did a fair h\\*[- 
ness lest week. Dreamland Burlesquers week 
of March 5. 

Note. — OBtendorfs concert orchestra of 
thlrty-Qve pieces, under the direction of Thw, 
Itosenburg, formerly concert director of Theo- 
dore Thomas' Orchestra, will open the Sum- 
mer Beasou with a six weeks' engagement .a,t 
Falrbank Summer Garden. 

TRAFALGAR. 11S-117 E, 14. N.Y.. nr. Keith's, 
lead, of Mnslc, Dewey. Rooms 50c.. T6c„ $1, 
tLaoday: $2.S0to tj week. y.D.HANyiQAH,Prop . 

AAlfTIUr liril VVibasli ft Madison. CHICAGO, 
•111 sUN h °- c - Vaughan, frop. Strictly 
'luH'IHl (llflL American Han. $3-15 single; 
$7-12 double. Taudevl'le paironiae Invited. 

HOTEL ST. OEMS, 138-138 West Market St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. Convenient to all theatres. 
Seat Little Hotel In Indianapolis. Acton* Rates. 



and Complexion Steamer. 
Used nud recommended by Drs. Cnr- 
t :-. Pierce and other famous special- 
ists In tbe treatment of Lost Voice, 
Slnsrrs* or Speaker** Tiiront*, 
Asthma , Bronchltis,or Catarrh 
of the Air Passagea. Sclentldc, 
sore, and satisfaction guaranteed. 
Has been used with great benefit by 
Mint. Nordics. Write for particulars. 
BiiHe 463, Wo. 40O West 23d St., t, Y. 


Barry Gray's 
Bulletin No. 1 

Contains new Songs, Gags and Monologues aud 
great Parodv, "Everybody IVorks Father." Sam- 
ple copy, 10c. BARRY CRAY, 

705 Vine St., Phlla., Pa. 

twenty years, uud will have the same con- 
verted Into a popular price theatre at once. 
Manager Marks hopes to have the theatre 
ready for opening In ten weeks. 

Kolnniitxno, — At Ihu Academy of Music 
(JJ. A. Uush, niuungcrt Win. Owen, In 
'■Othello.'* hml | hskJ hulise Feb. 1*7. as did 
"Hahes In Toylnnil." March 1. Field's Mln- 
sircls, '2, hnd the house sold out lu two hours 
dftcr the box oillco opened. "What Hap- 
pened to Jones" 5, the Jeffersons, In. "The 
lllviils," 0. 

Iluou (YV. S. Butterflold. manager).— This 
house continues to draw well, the night per- 
foripnncc alwuys tilling It complmelv. 

Palace or Amv^umkkts (C. W. Plckcll, 
malinger)-— VMt place, which -bus enjoyetl a 
Kliccossfiil season of polo unci roller Hkating, 
will close fur those amusements, aud will 
offer Dorothy ' Denn and company week: of 
March S, iind prohably u short aetison of 
vaudeville inter 

.. Keys 

March -J, "The Little Homestead" 5, 
"Shadows of n Grout City" tl, 7, "BabDij lu 
TDjrJnDd" 8. "The Laud of Nod" 10. 

DtmtlHI T]ii:.rnn: (Snm S, Marks. m:m- 
ngerl.— Hill week of Feb. lit included: Kva 
jfUn Miles Mctrarlliy and compauy. E- 
Frcderlck llowley nitii couipany. Mlzuno 
Jnp Troupe. Opok uml Stevens, and Walters 
and conipiiny. S. It. O. was the ruh> at 
••very perforttt'incr. stctKou's "Undo Tom'a 
Oubln" March l-;t. North llrothers' Come- 
dians 4-1 U., 

Kvansviiie.— At the Grand Opera House: 
(Pedley & Burcu, managers) tbe Crndoc-N'e- 
vllle Co. opened, ut popular prices, for week 
of Feb. 2U. commencing with S. It. O. Mil- 
dred Holland, in "The Xily and the Frlnce," 
March S, had a good sale. Gus Sun's Minstrels 
3. Souse's Band 5, Democrat's Opera 8, Flo- 
rence Davis 9, K. of P. Lodge 13, Grace 
George 14, Eva Tanguny 15, "Robin Hood" 

People's (Tedley A Burch, managers).— 
"Hans an' Nix" drew two S. R. 0. houseB 
Feb. 25. This company certalnlv made good. 
"Tbe Minister's Son" March 4, tbe Rays 11. 

Bijou (Geo. Sellloger, manager). — Good 
business U t'.ie rule at this hoime Bill 
week of Feb. 31 Includeil :Prof. Fred Macart's 
trained monkeys, Brvnn and Nodlne, Mary 
Newton, Ln Zoe nud Lu Zot, Kalacratls. Bln- 
pey ' and Chapmau, Harry Jacson and the 

Note. — Owing to late trains and no chance 
of making connection within time to reach 
Evnnsvllle to show his trained monkeys. Prof. 
Fred Macart's troupe of animals had to use 
a special train, and In so doing the time 
record of the L\ k T. H. R. R. was smashed. 
The special run of 103 mites was made, In- 1 
eluding stops, in 103 minutes. 

Frankfort. — At tbe Bllnn (Laugerbrake. 
& HinToi'd, manugers) "The Tollers played 
to good business Feb. 2<\. "IBs Highness The 
Bey" March 2, "Our New Minister" 6. the 
Four Huntings 10, "What Happened to 
Jones" 13. 

Crystal (J. H. Amnions, manager).— Bill 
week of 5 Includes : "Dlda," Joan Miller, 
and Elmer Howell. 


Park Theatre, 


Good Rep., Opera, Vaudeville or Minstrel Co.'s 
booked on liberal terms. Write for open time. etc. 
New theatre built In finest park In the South. Good 
st; fy service. Address TOM ST/CART, Monroe, La. 

N. II.— The Spooner*, OttoKrause and Renfrows 




Will Report for Rehearsal at Cincinnati, April 1st. 

Acknowledge this call by tetter at once as follow? : Performers to Bdward Shlpp, Cincinnati ■ 
musicians to C. Z. Bronson, Cincinnati ; animal men to Lorenz Hagenbtck, Cincinnati ; canvas meu 
to Tho?. McAtov, Cincinnati ; grooms and drivers to- IV. IV. Scott, Cincinnati; trainmen to Ernie 
Houghton, Cincinnati ; property meu to J. L. Buck, Cincinnati; cooka and waiters to W. W. Gillette 
Cincinnati: sleeping car porters to B.N. Thompson, Cincinnati; wardrobe people to Mrs. C. '/, 
Hronson, Cinclnnstl.side »how people to B. L. Bowman, Clnclnnstl ; chandelier men anil elcctriclan-i ' * 
to L. Marshall. All others address CARL. H A K MI EC It SHOWS, CINCINNATI, O. '' 



AND NEXT SEASON. Singing aud Dancing Sonbrette, Strong Light Comedian, 3 Comedians who do 
specialties. Make salarr low. Week stands. Send programmes and photo-. Other good fsrc 
comedy people, vrlte. Address "MANAGER." 228 A St., S- E-. Washington, D. C. 

Wanted, for Emerson, Taylor and Griffin's Imperial Negro Minstrels 

People lu all line?. Comedian?, Singers, Dancers and Specialty People. Musicians to double 
band and orchcst.a. Also Ladles for Singing. Dancing and Cake Walking; must be of good oppear- 
aace; send photos, which will be returned: state line o[ work and lowest salary iu first .ettcr. All 
correspondence answered. Hoozcrs, knockers and kickers save stamps. SHOW OPENS MAY 5. 
George Thomas, write. Address IURKY TREMDLE. Mgn, P. 0. Box, Parkcraburg, \\\ Vs. 



Moving' Picture Machines 



CFJAS. E. DRESSIER & CO., 143 E. 23d Street, HEW YORK. 

AT 1.1 




Jaehnuii.- At the Athenmum (H. J. Por- 
ter, rcsmVui mimngcrl "-A Hunch of Keys.** 
Feb. ^K, plensed, us did Wm. Owen, In "Otnel- 
lo." 'JS. The Jcffcrsans, lu "The UIvols." 
March 1 ; "Hahes In Toy loud" 1 Hownrd- 
DunfM Co. week of 5, "A. Millionaire Tramp" 
1J. "FaiitiiHtna" 17. 

BUOO iW. S. Butterfl.chl manager).— BUI 
for week of Feb. -2tf : Cllnetoscope, David 
l'nrrlsh, Kugoifl Melds Lynch, West and Ben- 
ton, lid. IIIfsIur. mid Citrolluo Kelly McCord 
aud cuiupauy. 

Dnttlr Creek.— At the Poet Theatre (E. 
It. Smith, ibttmser) "The Vlrgtnlnn" hnd a 
good house I'eb. T& Crocker's Horse Show 
plcasod yt»-::s. "A.Uunch of Keys" had a 
lair sized house Jlnrcb 1. "It Happened 
to Joik<s" T. the hour Huntings, in "The 
Tool House." S : Stetson's "Uncle Tom's 
t'nbln" t). -'Tlic Im'UhI of Not!" 14, "The Lit- 
tle Homestead" 15. 

Buon (W. S. Hutterilcld, manager). — Hill 
for wo«k of 5: i'oricr and Harris, novelty 
uymunsls ; I'rank Keep, tlHist rated sougs ; 
L>aly ami Murphy, cotivemilloititlisls : Ade- 
IJ'IL wooden shoe dancer; Jvunrc nud Ells- 
worth, singing mid muslcul novelty, and 

i '■■■ ■-• ' ' 

l.nusliiKt— At Unlrd's Opera House i Fred 
3. WllllaiuM. nituiUBt-T) "Uncle Tom's Cabin" 
jruve two performances Feb. 24. to the usual 
Knod business. *13aat Lynne" came '26, to a 
fair hoiiHC. Due: "A Hunch of Keys'* March 
*J, "Peck's Hnd Hoy" y. 

Duos 1 1>. .1. lloiwon, manager). — For week 
of Feb. Stt: Tom Hefrou, the Del vinos, Paly 
nnd Murphy. t;oio, .lapiniese Juggler; Scy- 
lliotir « 'liililreii. Ilex Mlnkley mid luuvlug 
picture*. IMg MHW rule 


Seats. Blues and Reserve?, Lights. Stake Puller* 
30 Indian Costumes and other Wild West property. 
Also ran line n few more all aronnn people. 
HKiOS AMI'SKMKNT CO., Augnstn, fin. 

FOK SALE— Coiutilele Outfit. UlgTo|i,«0.\lU ; 
4 Small T'.'iils, 1 1 iL-nglhs BNtetS section.- r'lub, 
StaRo and scenery, Oruii.liedditijr. SiodRCis.staltC'*, 
Warn. HQTaU Kma, DveaB ami KaHn. |H Ml, 
Addnftw BH.LT DbMACK, Andover, Knn. 

leed work. Si'ini Mmnp fur reply- Sitiiiplcn. 
Paroilv nud ft f.Mfff. Hr.J a I'aiodlen, II Viiri*, i'Sc. 
_ F RAyK "KR»KftT,. -JIBil HiiiHd St., 1'rov., 11. 1. 

hand uniforms tOijilitly used, Klyle mid eolor repu- 
Intlun nrmv itltlfnrm, iwiuis lin.vellow stripe Jilonp 
tlie Ick, '14. "'ii racli. Will scud L'. 0. I). Applv or 
address PAUL WEISKH. 1044 flth St., Reartlne. P»i 

CnuiEa K-BWVDV h to stnr Certl Spoon- 
er in a new pjuy. buvlnj; her under coutrncl 
for leu years. 

For Hand nnd Hesd Halniielnp;- Summer booked. 
State all In llrst let! or. Arid re sa L P., 

CMcaifo CMPPKIt Offli-e, MM Aslilnnd mock. 

Protect Your Audiences and 
Players from Fire. Get Out. 
Fire Proof Doors, Wire Glass 
Windows. Write for estimate. 

'4T Pmt 2«tl Kl.r.t. 


AT i.uu iirv 
For Bal. This and Summer Season, 




Years of experience with (he best. Excellent 
wardrobes. B your show Is u frost, dou't cora- 
nmnlcaie. (Joint onlv). 
CKX. DEL., Muucle, InOlana. 

lEHfi VII 

1 5 Pictures to tbe Set; Per Set, $ 1 .50 

All Interesting, clean and original. For Ma. 
chines used In Arcades, Parks, etc. Send for list 
RALPIU.f;OLSE^•,T!and7^^VallashAve.,Clllcago , 

MfA l»i T I 

Two Attractive Young Palmists. 

Steady work the year round. Good salary. Send 

Walker's Museum. 3 Bowdoin Sq. , Boston, Mass. 

T. B. Butler's National Stock Co. 


Good Leading M'oimui and Leading Man. Must 
luive rood Diodern ivardrobe. Address T. B. 
BUTLKK, Xcwton, MUs.. week 4; rhlladelphlu, 
Mis>., week 12: • - ; 


colored aud Mocked out, '.'5 cents per ullde. 100 
"it>>jccLs to r- L'leet from. Send for li-t- . 

5 L. IWl.h A t'O., S*1 E.STIh St.. Ch'eajro, 111. 

Wl\TFII— Noyel " Perforne s. Sketch 

II .1.1 1 UU Teuinn, Comedian!*. XottekeK 
No lliuli to the rlplit people. Mmt Peter*, write. 
UU. THUS. II. 1V00D, Lathuiu, 111. 

AT LIBERTY, HAL DENTON, Light Comedy or 

Hearts*: NELL di:mh.>. Heavies, Juveniles 
or Kouch Souiirettei:. Address 
HAL DKNTOX, 4V> N. M\\ St ; , Philadelphia, Fa. 


SlON'Al.S. noiWAl.Xl'TST.. rMMeV 'h. 1M. 

carouselTfor sale cheap. 1W0 ROWS 

Fur travellnir. at Fred Uulle. Oirnnsrlis aud* 
Manufucturt'r, Little Coney Island. Box im 
HuiMm llelclits. North Hergen. X. J. 


Business Manager at Liberty 

For Summer and regular st-amm. JOSEPH W. 
LEIGH. 4ii Gold St., Brooklyn. N. T. 


Iiitremie. juvenile, come souhrettes. 

DOHA SWKAIUNT.HN, Kalamazoo, Mich., care 



Tlir Tntklnc; Comeillnn Who Can Slug. 




Just closed 21 weeks wit h Ya le's Devil's Auction Co. Managers wanting a good laughing act for 
vaudeville, address RANZETTA AND LYMAN, week of March 5, Boslou Theatre, Fall River, Ma ^s.; 
week March 12, Boston Theatre, Loreil, Muss. P. S.— Why don't you do your own act, not others 


Can Use Two Big Feature Acts, 

Address C. »'. THOMPSON, Mgr., Hotel Liirkinon. I liirliumll, O. 





Man to play St. Clair and Harris, (rood Woman for 
Tonsv, itccolo Plaver to double iliitc ; other Useful 
People In all lines, write. ED. S. MARTIN, Mgr., 
Urfc Tlicatre. H»i token. N. J., March t. 0. lu. 



One and two ulght company. Booked solid. A 

mouey maker. Very' small capital. Handle it 
yourself. Address 

MGR. M. P. CO., 14 Rush St., Clilcairo, 111. 


CABIN EASTERN CO.. Plauo Player who double* 
barltoue to lead orchestra, Colored People that 
elng and cake walk; both mule and female. Ad- 
Urc-> March 6, New Britain, Conn.; March 0, 
Torrhifrtoii, Conn.; March 10, Wuterburv, conu.; 
March 11, Berbj, Conn. 
GRANT U'CE. ManaRer. 



JuvenlleB and Heavies or Gen. Bus. Age 25. 
heiRlit Mt. (Jin., welarht 1301b. Rvllahle mgrn. only. 
Address .. CITY HOTKL, Jolipsiown. Ohio. 


new. Tlz., KITCHE.V. CIT 1V0OD and it PALACE 

PIECES. Cost $»o; win bcii for tan. 

R. W, CROSBY, 1015 N. Clark St.. Chica go, III. 


From 4 cents up. Also fine list of Feature Flltua. 
C. h. HULL A CO., 200 E.STlh St., Chicago, 111. 

Slot Phonographs 

Closing out liig bargains. Rc*>t ererbullr. Write 
CO.. -Hi Harrison St.. N. Y. 



AT l_ I B E R T V . 
AddWWi care CLIPPER. 


Medicine Pettonucrs uf All Kdulo. Address 

A. RAILKY. Harhertoii.ViiinbrlaCo.. Pa. 


S. and 1». Skeich Team. Uoth Slrftlc* and Dnu- 
blCf«. Change tor week. Haul or :uke plino. Add. 
OBN.PKL. 111. HdK I'd. 


prnpoMtlon. Ii'd a winner and cheaper than 
rental. Miscellaneous nud Lecture Sol* cheap. 

C- I- HL'LL .V t.U.. -v,i i;. .",711, <-,. Llii'.'uLfH. 111. 




General Del., IndlanopoUt, Ind. 

Attention, Band and Orchestra Leaders! 

Do you witni to I^emrn tu Compost" Hiid 
Arrange 3Iualc1 If so, send i<- stamp for 
trial !F>_".>|]. ATotlifng to nay until vou nave 
been taught Lessons 1,2 and 3. If Ml lessona 
do not convince you that this la Strictly Legit- 
imate, then They are Free. Don't write uu- 
le*.- you have a thorough kuowledge of the rudi- 
ments of ir.nsk'-. anil Iteatt Buiinev*. 

C. IV. WILCOX (Harmonlit), 
1S39 Broadway, X. X- 

A-fc Liberty, 


Light and Character Comedian, 

gagement Ranch King Co.. Eastern. Mgrs. that 
pay salaries address 5trj BAY ST..Hitttk'*hnrg. Ml^ 



Single ladles and Slater Act preferred. We- give 
two to tliree tMJp| contracts. .HERMAb. Oeui ra 
Manager, COS UEDARD, Booking Mgr. Wire ur 
write quick, GTMNASE THRATRE, 

1873 St. Catherine St., Montreal, Canada, 


Al .-. A D. m, .\t: 


That con put on good acta, red hot >>ingluc uud 
dancing Sonbrette, good Sketch Team. Prefer 
thoi>e doing inu-n-ai act. State lowest salary, age, 
eeud phoio, etc., In first letter. Must join on wire. 
No time for tickets. Work vear f round. "Colby" 
write. M. C. HAYD'KS, Iteardstowp, 111. 


vi r_r \j u WWVW . - 

1 ,„ - GOODWIN aid 600BWIH~»»i' 

Versatile Singing and Dancing Sketch ArllBts. 
622 AVKST LOMHARD ST., Baltimore. 3fd. 

nnBs rnn aur tuht muie fox Tcrnnj 

UUHO I VA BAIur-brrtrii « 1> 
mliiute hcI: tlie»n. A tine French Corded Poodle. 
l> mouths old lutilrnlnedi, *16. ME11LE TKOLs- 
IULR, 41.1 K, M St.. rMTton, Ohln. 


FIAXISTE. one lu double * Waruant Hare Wr 
fern-d. MuuforLevirton. Address. M. Lvl'Oliri. 
iii'uokrtlon. Ind.. Jlurcli W; Munuii, Intl.. Muruh 1- 

DODGERS, 4x12, SM., $1.80. 

■ 80WORUS. 




Vc .ell, hity anil exrhnng-c. 

«.'. L. DlLLi CO.,5tWE.5!tll St., Chicago. '"■ 

Maboh 10. 





uua'cltPDer', Atieakrtes. Etc.. ..........74 

Wait wfwcr. Tweolr^nc-Po™. ..:..:.... 74 
S5 B S i w T ^ ^ * •"••"•-■' '"' 74 

T^fjra^teOWwn 2enij«« .'. '.'. 74 

Knrarw of me Weekly 6bi>»— lllu,rrattoc.s. . . 70 
BttW&H .'..'.,...77,87 

OSa" «<> Mlaatrel 77. 78. 87 

our lonigb' Letter ....... 

Oar CllloMm Letter. 

Unfit br Tele*"!* .-- 

KSA noute Liat | 

nS, York city..... ...« 

Our Anitrallan letter 

neatS to the Piofeeelon 

Coder too Trots • 

taipper Post Onto) vv-- '■■•/• 


Arkaaaaa ,...,........,.- 

o ktoteo a:., 

Vermont • «.,... , . 


IUKKM UljeJ..-" : •• 

nutflct cf Ooloama 

itslH.. •••• ••• • 

t-L'UluylTAIUA ../.... 

.... 74 


. 70,03 
.... 70 


. 7»,S0 
.... 7» 
.... 78 
. 7». 80 
.... 81 
.'. .. SI 
. 81,80 
. 81, SO 

. 83.83 

at tlie Xew National "The Clansman," 

at tlie Columbia, bed a packed hctite. .-,.', , 
"Before and After" bod a blj Uoneo at tie 

Helasre "Tbe Confession, ol n Wife" 

bail a full house at tiro Academy "Tlie 

Cbolr Singer" packed the Majestic 

Morris' Circus Carnival beaded a splendid bill 
at Chase's, with capacity audiences after- 
noon and alghL Minor's Merry Jlur- 

Icsqner* Mini the Toccata twice. ■ • 

Kaxsas Cits, MtecuC— "Parsifal" opened 
a four nights' eogafeuieal at tbe Willis wood 

.Monday night, .1. a good home. All 

tbe Sunday openings enjoyed their usual 

prosi>etlty..: ''lhirld Hanim," at tho 

Grand; vaudeville, with Bert Cooto aa Iho 
beadllber, at the Orpheutn; "Queen of tho 
Hhliblndens.',' at tbe Glllls ; Allen Uoone. In 
"Kerty How," nt the Audltotlum : ReMo's 
KalckerDoOcorB, nt the Majestic: Watson'! 
B-Irlpsqaers, at tho Century, and tbe Fulton 
Stock Co., In "The Belle of Blcumonil," at 

the People's lltfutre, Kansas cllj, Kan 

Lulu GlaBer comes to tho Willis Wood 8 
« ■ » 


. raou ots own cOuBEafroNDuxx. 

... SO 



.............. 89 


Monday Mlffht'a Ojte.ilnga In all the 
1 : : . -Biff Show Tonni. 


Kfporta of Bawlneae From tbe Coaat 
Are Still Eric oa raffia*, Despite 
the Advent of Lent. 

Special Dl&patcliea to The Nett Yoek Clipper. 
.'■Sjflt Francisco, Mareli 0. — At the Colnoi- 
Mi ffils la tbe second and last week of Flor- 
-n«- t Kooerts. 

MJUfiBTic— "The Bold Soldier Boy" ly the 
•jurceat bill 

>:M,iw2St.\. — TUc HteU School Girls are 
tcm this week. 

;fl£AN!> Opera Hodse. — "Tlie Sleeping 
B*Sl)ty and the Beast" opened Sunday, 4. 

frtw CfiMRAU— This ■ week, "A Tale of 
'PTToCltiea** is given. 

AtrCAXAii. — Current production Is "The 
LUtft Pflneeea." 

Ai.HAMuiiA. — "Hamlet" 19 thfa week's play. 
. Tm>U- Otura Uoo«e. — Tills In the third 
week' pi "The Isle of Spice." 

Oa-Uti'M. — Bill for this week, opening 
Suiidif , 4 : Agues Mabr, Mile. Chester una 
■toy. : ffc IMccoTo Midgets, McCue, and C'alilll, 

Sberpmn'and De Forrest. Al. Carleton, Ml- 
fcu |Iurkhnrdt and company, the enchanted 
ycut'Q, and tho blograub. 

C'atTty. — BUI for this week, opening o : 
Ethel Whlteshles, Mrs. General Tom Thumb 
and trtiupe. Browne's Gaiety Girls. In "The 
Merry' Strikers," the umoes, Nellie Moat- 
ffomery. W. A. Speedy, high direr, and the 

- ; ■; ' ' 


!f^ Decline la Baalneaa Reported. 

FHU4DELPHU, March C— "Blue Grass," 
ti^e nttw ru'.-luff drama, had Its premier at 
His -Wsluut. to capacity, and scored a big 
hlt.fjjMu Ethel Barrymore, In "Alice Slt-hy- 
tbfr-Flfe, 1 ' ut tbe Garrk-k: Bohert Lorraine, 
!U "Msu and Superman. 1 ' at the Chestnut 
Str«f Opera House, and "Just Out of Col- 
U»- a; the C hermit Street Theatre, all had 

crQXded Uoutes Marine Elliott. In "Her 

Crent ; Match." waa greeted by a line audi- 

raw al'tbe Broad "Happylaud," at tho 

l^ri-a tipd Kellar, ut tbe Park, held drer, to 
mg; BMH, .... .Keith's, the Grand Ouera 
Uaua; tbe Glrurd and the other comhluutlon 
MU' Vutlesfjue houtsca, had geuerous patron- 
♦fft ^ v,* 

CHltioo. March a — Only three changes 
a; ... down town houses occurred this week : 
JplinADrew, In "I>e Lancey," at Power**', re- 
ylaccs ■, "The Lion and the Mouse." opened 
WK Jltmduy.; Ellis Jeffreys, at the Illinois. 
t"olli>w*j "The Pearl and the Pumpkin.' 
• ■ V. r-.wBobort Kmraet," at the Great mrtkr 

;rn. Jiad a Sunday opening "The 

^ajkju Circus,"' ut the Auditorium; "The 
rrliidn yf^ India," at the Colonial ; "Coming 
'hra'l lt>e Uye." at the Chicago Opera House; 
Rtf>m Mantel], at the Grand Opera House; 
tlie Gmet Players, at the Stadebaker, and 
"Die Umpire/ 1 at the La Salle, are hold 
oyer 'attractions', being patronized liberally- 

U09WN, March 6. — Good average business 

'J lid ]u !abt night's openings nicharJ 

TOIHft openea In "Don Carlos," at the 
'.uftQlct ; Eleanor Robson v&s seen la 
"Mcrefr Mary Ann," at tho Hollls Street 
and »'|hc Pearl and the Pumpkin" started 

at the Boston Tbe week stands were: 

Jtorlftcrnil City," at tho Globe, and "King 
oj the Qplum Riug" at the Grand Opera 

Oat* Mrs. Leslie Carter, in "Adreu." 

ttf the Tremont; May Irwin. In ''Mrs Black Jg 
Jh^k; 1 *: at the Park, and ''Mlipab." at the 

jjjjjgjjj Route D$t 

ThU Hit It «*dr op as ne»rly *e- 
ciir«te «a It la poattble to make ■ UM 
of vanderllle booklava. To laaare l»- 
■ ertlon In thia department the nat 
of the theatre or park, m well «• Ikn 
elty or tows, MUST •coriritB**? e«eli 
b coif In a; seat at. 


Jwu were the continued altractions 

1*10; plhcr. houses offered uew bills to good 

CiqciNxATi, March 0.— Olga Xetbersole bo- 
faa.^iiit Is sure to be a tremendous week, 
V pretfintlnfr "The Lohyriuth," to hlg bunl- 

uew, at the Grand "Breaking Into So- 

<- , reu , l " lo which the Four Mortons made their 
«•■ premiers us starn, drew tremeudous uu- 

dlettpss, and wou much favor Carolluo 

May, r lQ "The Factory Girl," wa* cheered by 

fVVMfftu houses at llenukV "The 

1 ndM Arrow" repeated former successes 

>t the Lyceum Tho ForepaUKh Stock 

Co,, -in- T T.'be Wife," was given much ao- 
proyal by large audiences, at Itoblosou's. . . . 

,riie Coltimbla'h bill pleased hlg turnouts 

■fee Ay Barton's Big Gaiety ISxtraragauza 
to. . afave,u bright, ensp show at tbu Stand- 

llt, to 'big business. ... The Folly Girls 

2£Rr r 4% crowdy to People's Ludwlp 

'•'".da received u great oruilon at tho Gramt 
■Hirm German Theatre Co. put on hie 
NW "Frlcndri of Youth." 

■ LQVinviufr,, March 0. — Sousa'a Band gave 
<£tit pefformance at Maeauley's. to a good 

Haire "The Isle of Spice'* opened 5, 

^L 1 **!? iatteu danco. ....."It'a Up to" "ion, 

JQno Renry." opened at the Masonic, to a 

-ii ■ Stdnbv, Feb.. 0. 

"Quality Street," the engaging domestic 
comedy of J. M. Barrio, with which . the 
Hrough -Fleming Co. began Its return season 
in Sydney on Saturday night, at the Criterion 
Theatre, la very delicately constructed, and 
its first two acts, employed by the author \p. 
describe tbe atmosphere of the piece, are ho 
quiet that they may he disappoint lug to those 
who like Vigorous life and omphalic move- 
ment on the "tage. . The play becomes strong- 
er in the third and fourth acts, but, alto- 
gether, It is n fabric of gossamer — beautiful) v 
wrought, but so light and elegant that ft 
will ■ probably ilnd Its warmest admirers 
among those who are able to appreciate theMQ 
qualities at their beirt. The performance 
was 'notable for Beatrice Day's .consistent 
portrayal of Susan Tliroascll, the acting of 
itobert Brough, in the last two acts, ami tho 
artistic touch 'which Bessie Major brought tu 
her Interpretation of tho role of Putty, the 
eerviug maid. 

"There and Back," a farce, sparkling with 
good nnmor and merriment, was presented 
with great success by tho Strand Theatre 
Corned;- Co., it the Palace Theatre, on Sat- 
urday. evening. It is one of the best things 
thst this popular company has yet produced 
lft Sydney, which is saying a good deal' for 
It, Mr, Dallas, as Lewson, Infuses a full 
measure of fun Into the pemunutlon, and 
iioreuce Lloyd and Maud Chetwynd extract 
Plenty of humor from the parts or the adven- 
turers, Marie and Mrs. Lewson. As a cur- 
tain ralBer, Mr. Dallas and Maud Cbetwyad 
engaged In a musical skit, "The Bazaar Olrl," 
which was in every way a success. 

. Audri Messagei's; dainty opera, "Verou- 
liiue." with Its charming coloring. Its pretty 
music, and its exhilarating spectacle, at- 
tracted another crowded audience to Her Mil- 
Jcsty'B Theatre on Saturday night. Mar- 
garet Thomas, Florence Young, Clara Clif- 
ton, George Luurl, Ualgh Jackson. C. It. Unu- 
tock'and those associated with them lu tho 
leading characters, hove ample opportuui 
1 ues for distinguishing themselves, and In 
ito sense fall to meet the demands made upo/i 

The poBstbllttles of pantomime are beyond 
all speculation. William Anderson's Co., 
performing at the Theatre Ftoyal, In "Sin- 
lad, the Sailor," are continually liudlng new 
sources of fun and frolic, and by thia means 
the second edttfcm of tbe Christmas frivol- 
ity is made palatable to Its aiauy lmtrous. 
The two performances given ou Saturday 
were both largely attended, Marie Camp- 
bell, Bert Uulley, Maud Thornton, Mr. 
Qucaly and the host of people associated 
with them provided a particularly bright 
and pleaunt entertainment, lu which there 
Is humor, spectacle and music. 

'There were several first appearances at 
the Tlvoll Theatre Saturday, the new-comers 
combining with the former strong company 
In presenting a verr flue programme. A trio 
of trick 'cycllBts, Lotto, Lllo and Otto, bud 
a remarkable reception, uud retired/at the 
end of a brisk ana captivating exhibition lu 
rounds of boisterous applause. The .turn is 
full of snap and go, and is aided by a flue 

Slece of comedy work by one of the company 
1 the garb or a policeman. Mile. Cerho", a 
serlo-eomlc comediemie and character- vocal- 
ist, also established herself In public favor. 
The Sisters Warner, another brace of new- 
comers, also achieved an artistic success. 
Post Mason sang two songs, of. which the 
public never seemed to tfrc ■ "The Bundo- 
tiero'" and "Would You Care," and was 'gen- 
erously upplauded for each. Harry Biok-, who made his reappearance for a short 
season only, was applauded for his contribu- 
tions, "Give Mv Love to Leicester Square" 
and "Tbe Best World." 

.la Melbaune, "Utopia, Limited,' as pre- 
sented by Williamson's Gilbert and Sullivan 
Co., has had a successful ruu at tbe Prin- 
cess Theatre, uod Is now lu Its last weefe. 
Tlttell Bruuc revived "Sunday * at Her Ma- 
jesty's Theatre ou Saturday night. In tho 
presence of a crowded and appreciative audi- 
ence "The Lights of London" Is as popu- 
lar as ever at the Theatre Royal, and at the 
Opera House, the two eccentric - cnuindluaa. 
Oflmmluu and Gore, and tbe Eight English' 
Promroses, are the star turns. 

»i» " " 

: . IT AH. 

salt Lake City— At the Salt Luke The- 
atre (Geo. D. Pyper, manager) "Parsifal 
did good business Feb. S3 The Rose au 
Opera Co.. la "Tlie Mikado." "The nohemlaii 
Girl," "Kl Capitan" and "Fra Dlavolo' did 
MM business B* ..... - ' 

Ou-VNU (Robert J. Rlddell. maiuiger).— 
Theo. Lorcb. la "Michael Strogofl" djdfiood 
business 22.24. Georgia Harper, n "Niobe 
and "Slagda." played to good busJaess week 
of 2S. Coming : "Human Hearts" March 11- 
14, "Jessie James" 1&-17. 

Lend (Mr. Moss, manager).— Week of 
Feb "i, Miner's Bohemian Burlesiiucvs phiyed 
to good buslut'ss. Vomtug week" of Murcli 10, 
tbe Baltimore Beauties. 

Oanmni (Jules V. BIstes, manager).— 
Week of Feb. adr ThoB. Kcogh and company, 
Fernando .May Trio. Dlonne Twin Sisters, 
Bonnie tiny lor, the Great Lc Pages 1- red and 
Annie Pcloi, tho Unooroow. Bill wejfc^J 
Mareli- li ! Dooh-v, Brenuer oud Rose. Mildred 
From, Busch Family, Do Orau Trio. O'Ronrke- 
Huniett Trio, Hurt and Richurdson and Vlno- 
drouic. , < - . ...' i_ 

B,»v TON (J. H. Young, manager).— Meek 
of Feb a0: Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hume, tbe 
llenzllt't Trio, Sig. Urol, Mile. Julia Bro- 
ciard. uud Evelyn Kllsworth. 

. ♦*♦ ■ 


Laneaaler.— At the Fulton Opera Bouse 
(Chas. A. Yecker. manager) Katbryn Pur- 
ncll and company, In repertory, bad very 
good bmlueas Feb. ad-Marih «. except rob. 
57. when "Mrs. LefllugwreH's Boots* drew a 

"Simple HI11100 Simple 1 ' Ift. x . . 

FiMiLY nuill taa* Mozart, manager . 
—Current attrantlow* Include : ■ Wohrrty s 
trained poodles. Cherry and Bates. tbeTbree 
Graces, Will Palean, tbe Ader Trio, Da uod 
D's, and moving pictures.